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. I've Come Out of Hiding

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Nasty Wives Collection, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. Nasty Wives Collection

    Nasty Wives Collection HMFIC Administrator



    I seem to have joined the hundreds of people who like to see their wives making love with another man. It happened quite by chance.

    We decided to have a conservatory added to the back of our house. Two young lads came to install it. One was white, the other black. Winston was always cheery and very polite and he always complimented my wife and I noticed that she went to great trouble with her appearance each morning when they were due.

    One morning, only Winston turned up, Jock had the flu. When Winston packed up for the day he asked if he could take a shower as he was going out and had no time to go home. My wife laid towels out for him and came back down. but I could see that she was somehow on tenderhooks and a few minutes later she said she had to do something upstairs and I heard her climb the stairs.

    Intrigued by her furtiveness I climbed the stairs very quietly. My wife was standing in the bedroom looking through the open bathroom door. She was biting on her knuckles. Still creeping, I managed to position myself so that I could also see into the bathroom.

    Winston was showering and I could see the reason for her state. Between his legs hung the longest, fattest prick I'd ever seen. He started to soap it and it grew in his hand. I heard my wife gasp and I could see that she was trembling all over. I'd never seen her so excited.

    He finished soaping and rinsed himself. His cock was at half-mast but even then it was bigger than mine at full stretch. He looked up and for the first time saw my wife standing there. He smiled broadly and stepped out of the shower and towelled himself, never taking his eyes off her. His heavy cock swung from side to side as he dried himself.

    He came into the bedroom and I ducked round the door jamb in case he saw me. I don't know why I did that, instead of stepping into the bedroom and hauling my wife out. I heard a gasp and some rustling noises and then the squeak of bedsprings. I cautiously looked round the door jamb and nearly gave myself away with a gasp.

    Winston was lying on the bed, still naked, and my wife, minus her clothes, was kneeling between his legs and had his huge black member between her hands. It had grown even larger and she was looking down at it as if mesmerised. The contrast between her white fingers and the black cock was entrancing.

    I couldn't believe my eyes when she started to lick round the huge knob and then took most of it into her mouth. Her lips were stretched to their fullest and still she had not taken the entire knob in her mouth.

    I'd never seen anything so sexy as her ruby lips stretched round the purple-black knob. My own cock had sprung up and I gave it a squeeze. My heart was pounding and my stomach fluttered. I kept telling myself that I should break them up before it went any further, but somehow I just couldn't make myself do it.

    He sat up, grabbed her and lifted her up so that she was dangling over his towering prick. I saw the wet knob brush against her vulva. She moaned as he slowly lowered her and I watched her pussy lips begin to ease over the black dome. She was shuddering as if feverish.

    He stopped supporting her and her natural weight forced his dick deeper into her. She was moaning and groaning as if in pain, yet at the same time I could see that she was pressing down, fully intent on taking that huge cock inside her. It took some time before she managed to swallow all of it inside her rather tight cunt.

    She paused and I could see her eyes rolling under her eyelids. Then she started to rotate her hips and lift her bottom up and I could see the shaft emerge from her pussy. I appreciated the contrast of her pink pussy and his black shaft which was wet with her juices.

    Having established himself in her cunt he started to heave his hips up as she came down, shoving his tool so hard into her that each time it drove the air from her lungs. She had gained some momentum and was grunting and moaning as she went up and down his pole.

    He grabbed hold of her jiggling breasts and pinched the erect nipples between his fingers. She was riding him like a possessed jockey. She was perspiring and her mouth was agape. She let out a shrill scream and I knew that she was climaxing. He pulled her down hard on his cock and gave every sign that he was flooding her cunt with his thick, creamy sperm.

    She collapsed on top of him and he stroked her white bottom with his black hands. I discovered that I had come in my underpants and I went into the spare bathroom to take them off.

    When I came out they had already gone downstairs and both of them were fully dressed and she was bidding him goodnight. She looked flushed and her eyes were shining brightly.

    As soon as the door closed behind him, she lifted up her skirt. She wasn't wearing knickers and from her cunt trickled a steady flow of his seed. She leant back against the kitchen table and opened her legs. I did not need a second invitation and I whipped my cock out and rammed it straight into her pussy without any preliminaries. That was exactly what she wanted and we had a wild and primitive fuck.

    Later she told me that she had seen me watching and that it had greatly added to her excitement and she thanked me for being such a wonderful husband.

    Needless to say that Winston is a regular visitor to our house and that now I don't have to hide to watch them! Its great to be able to watch and wank from close range as he drills her with his monster cock and then to be able to sink into her spermy hole after he has finished with her.
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