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. It's Not Cheating at Disney

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by dwriter123, Dec 5, 2016.

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  1. dwriter123

    dwriter123 Member Member

    It’s Not Cheating at Disney

    First let me tell you a little about my wife. She's 5"6' with big brown eyes and long brown hair. She has a petite frame, small but firm breasts and an amazing ass. She's always felt inferior with her small tits but knows to make up for it by flaunting her ass. We're both pretty heavy drinkers and most of the time Sarah is "sexually shy" unless she's pretty well lit. On the other hand I've always had a high sex drive and enjoyed embarrassing my wife with sexual talk or situations. We've been married 10 years (we're both 35) and I've recently been fantasizing about her sleeping with other men. The other important thing to know about this story is that my wife LOVES Disney. Disney is her "happy place" and we'd just landed in Florida to spend the week on vacation.

    My wife and I had just arrived in Florida and spent the day at Disney (specifically The Magic Kingdom). We did the normal vacation hoopla and had just got back to our hotel. We were both exhausted after walking all day and decided to indulge at the hotel bar. I had a couple of gin and tonics and a couple of beers. Sarah started right into a bottle of wine and just kept drinking. After more drinks (Sarah was about half way through bottle number two) we realized that the lack of food probably wasn't the smartest idea as we were both beginning to feel really tipsy. It was a couple of hours into our relaxation (right around midnight) that we heard the final call and noticed another couple rushing up to buy another bottle of wine.

    As we still had some of our drinks left the couple came over and asked if they could sit with us. Their names were Kevin and Karen and they were in town for the night and leaving on a Disney cruise first thing in the morning. Kevin was about 6 foot and well built and Karen was about 5"6' (same as Sarah) with bobbed blonde hair. We were happy to have some company and Karen sat next to Sarah and Kevin sat next to me. As the night went on, and we all got significantly more intoxicated, the discussions got more rambunctious. Sarah and Karen would comment on how good each other looked and I quickly got the idea that our conversation wouldn't be appropriate for a hotel lobby. I invited the other couple up to our room to continue drinking and so that we could let our conversation take whatever course it may.

    No sooner had we got into our room than the flirtatious talk began to ratchet up. The girls were talking about their most attractive features. Sarah was talking about, and wiggling, her ass and Karen was squeezing her C cup tits. Kevin was wearing Khaki shorts and a black shirt. I was wearing grey dock shorts and a t-shirt. Karen was wearing beige pants that were tight around her ass and a black deep cut shirt that showed off her ample cleavage. Sarah was clearly the most festive of us wearing a purple little mermaid shirt and green yoga pants. The green of her yoga pants matched Ariel’s mermaid tail and gave her an innocent and playful look.

    The girls sat down on one of the two queen beds opposite Kevin and I. We sat on the two seats opposite the bed by the window. As the two girls continued to flaunt and flirt, Kevin and I just sat back and watched with grins on our faces. Finally Karen looked at me and said, “Are you trying to show me something with those shorts?” I had been sitting with my legs open and the short inseam of my dock shorts showed my dick pressed tightly against the fabric. I took the joke in stride and said, “If you want to see, I’ll show you.” I pulled up my short leg so that my dick popped out.

    Sarah, shocked and laughing, fell off the bed and on to the floor. Karen reached over and gave my dick a couple of quick tugs. I looked to see if things were about to go too far for Sarah and Kevin, but neither protested.

    Karen turned over and helped to get Sarah back up and on to the bed. Once on the bed, Karen straddled Sarah and began to shake her ass in a “twerking fashion.” Laughing at this, I said, “That’s no way to give a lap dance! Sarah, show us what you’ve got!” Sarah and Karen switched positions and Sarah began to gyrate on top of Karen. Kevin protested, “That’s not fair. What about me?” So Sarah got up and walked over to Kevin’s chair while Karen began to walk over to me.

    On her way over, Karen stopped Sarah and said, “You can’t give a lap dance with so little skin showing.” Without hesitation Karen pulled Sarah’s yoga pants to her ankles. Sarah wasn’t wearing any underwear and without a seconds delay, she stepped out of her pants. Kevin and I also removed our shorts, but we sat there in our underwear trying not to force what would happen next. Sarah, naked from the bottom down with her neatly trimmed pussy for all to see, sat on Kevin’s lap, facing him. Karen did the same, but she removed her shirt, bra and pants (now only wearing a black thong).

    I buried my face in Karen’s tits and would occasionally pull up enough to keep an eye on Sarah and Kevin. A couple of minutes later I saw what I was hoping for as Kevin’s dick was out of his underwear. Sarah continued to grind back and forth on Kevin’s lap and I hoped that his dick would be inside her shortly. Slowly, but deliberately, Sarah positioned herself so that Kevin’s dick could just slide in her pussy. With a quick thrust upwards, Kevin’s dick was buried to the hilt in Sarah.

    With a sharp gasp, Sarah looked up at the ceiling. Her eyes and mouth were open wide in a shocked look. Slowly Kevin thrust in and out as Sarah began to grind back and forth. Sarah’s expression slowly changed from shock to pleasure. From my vantage point I could see Sarah’s ass clench and squeeze with every forward movement. Sarah and Kevin were now passionately kissing and I could just make out her saying, in a hushed voice, “yes, fuck me, oh yes, fuck me.”

    With the sight of Sarah and Kevin fucking I quickly fished my own dick out of my underwear and pulled Karen’s thong to the side. I also buried my dick in Karen, but she didn’t seem as shocked as Sarah that we were all going to end up fucking. After a couple of minutes of Karen being astride me, I picked her up and laid her down on the furthest queen bed. I stood on the floor and fucked her missionary so I could watch her tits bounce up and down. Karen was moaning loudly, which helped me to lose track of what was going on with Sarah and Kevin.

    After a couple more minutes I noticed that Karen was looking off to her left with a sheepish grin. Kevin had picked Sarah up, turned her over, and put her on the bed so she was on all fours. He had a hold of her hair, like a makeshift ponytail, and was pulling back with every one of his forward thrusts. Sarah’s face was a mixture of pain and pleasure as she grunted with every tug. Kevin was holding nothing back pulling almost all the way and then slamming his dick back into Sarah as hard as he could. Sarah’s ass rippled with every hit.

    Karen simply laughed and I quickly grabbed my phone and told Karen I had to check another fantasy off my list. I handed her my phone with the camera on and walked over to Sarah’s face. I wiped my cock all over her face and then shoved my cock in her open mouth. Karen continued to giggle as Kevin ferociously pounded Sarah and I fucked her face. Karen took a couple of pictures and then Kevin, Sarah, and I stopped moving to make sure we got a great shot my wife’s double-team. All of us looking at the camera and smiling.

    Sarah’s tag-team continued for a short bit longer, until Karen came over and bent over next to Sarah’s face. I withdrew my cock and quickly put it back in Karen’s pussy. I thrust into Karen at a slower pace making sure to hold out for as long as possible. A couple of minutes later Kevin began to increase his speed. As he approached his climax, Kevin pulled out of Sarah and pulled her by her hair to be level with his cock.

    Kevin began to cum as the first glob hit Sarah’s right eye and then her nose. Sarah opened her mouth for air but Kevin took the opportunity to thrust his dick hard into Sarah’s mouth and finished cumming down her throat. I couldn’t hold out any longer and pulled out of Karen and started to jerk off on Sarah’s messy face. Karen laughed calling Sarah, “Slut, fucking whore, cum-bucket.” Sarah sat there, on her knees and ass, on the hotel floor, face covered with cum and choking from the face-fucking Kevin had just given her.

    Tired, we all climbed into the two queen beds, Sarah and I in one, Karen and Kevin in the other. The time was about 2 a.m. and we all nodded off to sleep. About an hour and half later I noticed that Sarah was no longer in my bed and the light was dimly on. I slowly opened my eyes and noticed that Sarah was now in the other bed on her back. Kevin was on top of her, missionary, with Sarah’s ankles on his shoulders. Kevin was again pounding Sarah relentlessly. Sarah’s face was looking my way, but her eyes were closed.

    I wasn’t sure if Sarah had drunkenly stumbled into their bed or if Kevin had decided he wanted more and pulled Sarah over, but they were deep into another session of fucking. Kevin was fucking her without remorse and Sarah did not at all seem to be awake. Kevin fucked Sarah missionary for a couple more minutes, then flipped her over onto her stomach. Sarah lay prone while Kevin spread her legs and continued to pound her pussy. After a bit, Kevin pulled his cock out of Sarah and said, “fuck it, I’m going to wear this bitch in.” Kevin grabbed her hair and pulled back. Sarah’s face was again visible and her eyes were still closed. Kevin took his cock and aimed directly for Sarah’s asshole.

    In one thrust, Kevin shoved his cock all the way into Sarah’s ass. Sarah’s face turned to a mask of pain as she whimpered, but her eyes never opened. It was then that I noticed a flash and saw that Karen was sitting at the top of the bed with her phone camera. She was also naked and fingering herself while taking pictures of my wife being fucked by Kevin. Karen continued her usual giggling and said, “fucking slut. I bet she loves it up the ass baby. Wear that bitch out!” I began to sit up and rub my dick while Kevin continued to pound Sarah’s asshole.

    Kevin picked up speed and said, “I’m cumming in this bitches asshole. Take it you fucking whore!” He pulled back harder on Sarah’s hair, lifting her chin off the bed as he emptied his balls deep into Sarah’s bowels. He then looked at me and said, “she’s your bitch, have a go.” I climbed off my bed, walked over to theirs, and mounted my passed out wife.

    Sarah’s asshole was pink and puffy and gave little resistance as I sunk right in. Her ass was warm, gooey and unlike anything I had ever felt before. As I thrust slowly into Sarah’s ass, Karen began to slide down from the head of the bed. She got on her hands and knees and backed up to Sarah’s face. I grabbed Sarah’s hair, lifting her head off the bed, and shoved her face into Karen’s ass. Karen started to grind up and down on Sarah’s face saying, “I’m going to get off on this bitch too.” From my vantage point I could see Sarah’s nose alternating from being ground into Karen’s asshole and Karen’s pussy. “Fucking whore, lick my asshole you dumb slut,” growled Karen.

    After a couple more thrusts, I came into Sarah’s asshole, adding my load to Kevin’s. As I dismounted Sarah, Karen rolled onto her back and grabbed Sarah’s hair from me. Karen ground her pussy hard onto Sarah’s chin, mouth and nose as she continued to get herself off. Karen began to pick up speed as she got closer to climaxing and Sarah’s face continued to get wetter and wetter from Karen’s pussy juices. “Lick my pussy you fucking cunt,” Karen repeated over and over as she used Sarah’s face. I couldn’t tell if Karen’s expression was more of anger or dominance, but she wasn’t showing any mercy to my sleeping wife.

    After a couple more furious grindings Karen began to cum. She quivered as she pushed her pussy hard onto Sarah’s mouth. Still in her slumber, Sarah instinctively put a hand on Karen’s thigh to try and get some air, but Karen wouldn’t relent until her orgasm was complete. Done with Sarah, Karen slid back up the bed. Sarah’s face, previously covered with Kevin and my cum, was now glistening with Karen’s pussy juice. Kevin helped me move Sarah back to our bed as well fell back to sleep.

    The alarm went off at 7, which was quickly snoozed. At 8 I got out of bed and noticed that Karen, Kevin and Sarah were all out of bed, but not within immediate eyesight. I could hear Sarah gagging and got up out of bed to investigate. As I rounded the hallway to the door I saw the three of them. Sarah sat naked on her knees by the door. Kevin had his pants around his ankles with his dick sliding roughly in and out of Sarah’s mouth. Karen was fully dressed, standing next to Kevin, with her hand on the back of Sarah’s head. Karen was pushing Sarah’s head down onto Kevin’s cock making her choke with every deep thrust.

    “One more time for the road, bitch,” Karen said as she leaned down and locked eyes with my wife. Kevin tapped Karen on the shoulder and said, “now.” Karen grabbed a fistful of Sarah’s hair and pushed her down to the hilt of Kevin’s dick. Kevin’s hips bucked as he emptied his balls down Sarah’s throat. Tears streamed from Sarah’s eyes as she was forced to swallow all of Kevin’s cum.

    Kevin pulled up his pants while Karen came over and gave me a quick kiss. “Thanks for the fun. Enjoy your slut while you’re on vacation,” Karen said as they walked out the door. I looked down at Sarah and it occurred to me that she had to be 100% sober now as she looked at me with her big brown eyes.

    I grabbed her by her hair and made her crawl to the nearest bed. After a couple of hard slaps on her ass, I drug Sarah onto the bed and laid her on her back so that I could look her in the face. I slowly worked my cock back in her ass as she held her legs spread. I alternated looking at my cock stretch out her used asshole and the look of pleasure and pain on Sarah’s face. “You were drunk last night, but you’re sober now. Do you like being used as a slut?” I said.

    With every thrust of my dick Sarah simply grunted out, “It’s…Not…Cheating…At…Disney.” I knew this was going to be a good vacation.
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