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. It's Not Always Size Which Matters

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Nasty Wives Collection, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Nasty Wives Collection

    Nasty Wives Collection HMFIC Administrator



    Sometime ago my husband contacted a man, through a contact magazine, who was extremely well endowed. Ten and a bit inches and as thick as my wrist! Even when his cock was limp, dangling between his legs, it was longer and thicker than my husband's.

    Like most men my husband was obsessed by cock size and he thought that to make it more exciting, watching me being screwed by another man, it needed a man with a freak cock.

    While my husband sat in a corner watching and wanking, Dick, aptly named, and I started to make love. I really liked him a lot and so it was I who made the running.

    I undid his trousers and brought out his cock. I'm sure my eyes must have been bulging out of their sockets as I watched his cock growing longer and thicker until it was stretched to its full incredible length. With two hands clasping the base of the shaft there was still enough hard cock uncovered to match most men's entire length. It was so thick that the tip of my thumbs and fingers didn't meet.

    I was both scared and highly aroused to hold such a huge cock in my hands. I looked at my husband and saw that his eyes were bulging out and he was red-faced, furiously pulling at his much smaller cock.

    I licked the huge cock from top to bottom and back again but when I tried to take the head into my mouth I found it too large, even when I opened my mouth as wide as it could get, so I had to be satisfied with licking it and taking a small portion of the dome between my lips. It wasn't all that satisfactory but as hard as I tried I just couldnnt get more of the head into my mouth. A great pity really, because I know my hubby would have enjoyed seeing it squirt into my mouth.

    What made it even more frustrating was that he was clumsily fingering my pussy causing more pain than pleasure. Later he confessed that most women fled when they saw the size of his cock and he'd never had a satisfactory love affair.

    I liked him a lot and decided that the least I could do for him was to teach him how to pleasure a woman. I taught him to suck my cunt while I licked his cock and balls but I didn't manage to get his cock all the way inside me. The most I managed, to get inside my pussy, was the knob and that was so painful that I had to ask him to pull it out.

    In order to obtain some satisfaction I learnt to ride his stiff cock as if it was a horse, trapping it between my thighs and rubbing my pussy along its length, while the knob rubbed against my clit, until I climaxed.

    It was pleasurable, especially when my clit rubbed against his shaft, but it left me with a feeling that I was missing something.

    I wanted a hard cock to fill my pussy and feel spunk splashing inside me instead of having it blasting against my bottom. Having large breasts I also tried tit-fucking which was far more pleasurable for him than it was for me. Eventually he went home and my husband and I made love which was wonderful.

    Now he let's me choose my partners and the biggest cock I've enjoyed was eight inches. His was much better, as I was able to take that one in all my orifices to the hilt. Hubby also liked watching me taking sperm in my mouth and pussy so that he could lick me out later.

    He's encouraging me more and more recently and he's confessed that really huge cocks excite him most. He's told me that he wants to watch a black guy put me through my paces, especially if his cock is even bigger than Dick's.

    Maybe one day perhaps, but I still prefer my eight-incher.
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