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Is it weird?

Discussion in 'Cuck Discussion - Why do we love it? Can it work?' started by Blackcuck, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Blackcuck

    Blackcuck Member Member

    Hey new here but long time reader. I have experienced several bull situations where I cuckhold a husband in front of him. I still see several of these wives off and on. I have a woman and have for 4 years now. She's likes girls and often helps me with them.
    I have a old friend who ever since I met my girl has been trying to hit on her behind my back. Recently it still happens and now I cum thinking of him fucking her without me knowing.

    Is it weird that I want this? Ps he is bigger then me. I'm about 8 he's 10. I'm thicker he's longer. Should I make this a reality!?
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  2. Admin

    Admin HMFIC Staff Member Administrator

    If it feels good do it... make sure he's not gonna try to steal your girl tho
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  3. mwc4bbcmd

    mwc4bbcmd Member Member

    Sounds like you know the answer. Set it up and watch it happen. Nothing like a live show from a big cock

  4. pete

    pete Member Member

    I have simmular fantasies abt guys fucking my wife behind my back
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  5. Blackcuck

    Blackcuck Member Member

    I haven't done it yet but my friend took things into his own hands when I passed out the other night.

    We were having drinks and I was telling him that I'm ok if she wanted to fuck someone else. He swears up and down he would never do that to me as we're old friends. I again explained in ok with it. I also added that in terms of them two it's totally up to her and she says she doesn't want to play with my friends as its too close. I think he took this as a challenge and as soon as I was asleep he crept upstairs and into her room.
    She says he sat on the bed and laid next to her. She thought it was me for a sec until he put his hands under the blanket. He touched the top of her vag above the clit and she knew it wasn't me. She let out a soft moan and then stood up. She had nothing on but a top and he got a great look at her amazing ass. She said he commented on it and said I'm a lucky man with an ass like that. She left the room to get ready for spin class. He followed her asking to hook up. She said no and she's getting ready for spin. He tried again and this time came from behind and pushed his dick into her bum. She had tights on at this point. He also grab her breasts and squeezed them hard. She said she again let out a Moan and and admitted to me she got wet. She pushed him off and he pulled out his dick and said to her it's soft can you make it hard. Basically asking for a blow job. She declined and left for spin. He has not said a word of this me and probably won't. I don't like that he's not being open with but I do wanna see or hear about him fucking her it's so taboo I guess. It's a tough one. I don't want him to have one over me but it turns me on to think about it.

    Meanwhile I just cucked someone last night it was a lot of fun. This guy was into creampies so I saved myself all week and when I left he was just sitting down to his dessert.
    Last edited: May 4, 2016
  6. sliplover00

    sliplover00 Well-Known Member Member

    I have tried to get my wife setup for this and been working her to a point where she maybe ready to let a black cock into her. I am hopping I can get her hooked and just enjoy leting others use her incredable body
  7. srxwat4

    srxwat4 Well-Known Member Member

    I have only ever shared her once,we were at a party and she had been drinking,which she would not usually do.She was getting flirty with this surfer dude which was also unusual for her and I suggested she have a dance with him,well she just strode right up to him and said "c'mon lets dance".I sat back and watched to see what would happen and pretty soon I seen his hand dropping down to her ass.I got a boner right there and then and decided to see where this would go.So after another dance she comes back to me and I notice she is flushed and out of breath a little."Did you enjoy that"I asked and she replied ÿeah".So I plied her with more drinks and after about an hour I suggested we should go soon,but she wanted to stay and have some fun for a change.So I suggested we should go home but ask surfer dude if he needed a lift,this was done and he came with us in our car but as his home was past our place I suggested he should sleep it off at our home.Well she surprised me when she suggested he should sleep in our bed as we didn't have another bed ready.I quickly agreed and we all showered and slipped off to bed.I don't know why he didn't find this arrangement a bit strange but he just acted as though it was the most natural thing in the world to be doing.At first we just lay there with my wife in the middle so I started to caress her body and soon found myself bumping into his hands all over her as well.One thing led to another and before I know it he has her legs up over his shoulders and is about to enter my wife's beautiful pussy.I leaned over and asked her if she was sure this was what she wanted and she just said Ït's too late now"and at that moment he leaned forward and rubbed the head of his cock along her soaking wet slit.Another thrust forward and he was half in her and she was moaning like I never heard her moan before.His cock was a lot thicker and a good deal longer than mine and I knew he was going to be going places I had never been before.I swear when he pushed all the way in I could see by the look on her face that she was close to her first orgasm."That feels so good "she said and he commented that this was a nice tight pussy,tighter than many he had before,I knew what he felt because my little dick was the only one to ever be there before that night.She came a couple of times before he unloaded in her and he seemed to cum in her for minutes.When he pulled out I seized the day and went down to eat his cum out of her stretched and inflamed pussy,leaving my arse in the air and open to attack,he didn't need an invitation and pushed his big knob into my virgin arse,man it hurt for a while until he had that knob past my sphincter and started to push his length into me.I was in Seventh heaven,a face full of cum ridden pussy and an arseful of cock .It wasn't long before he deposited another load in me and I had the same look on my face as the wife.Before he left in the morning I sucked him to full size again and watched on jealously as he pumped another load into my wife.That was the most exciting thing I have ever seen,watching her pussy lips being spread wide and that lovely cock pushing all the way into the hilt.<br /><br /><br /><br /> Sadly we never met him again and there was no repeat performances( I think when she sobered up her Catholic upbringing caused her a lot of guilt),but I will always have those memories and I have bought a lifelike dildo to slip into her when she gets a bit tipsy and remind her what a real cock felt like.
  8. Holepleasr

    Holepleasr Active Member Member

    If I were you, I'd go for it. My Mom always told me that my cock was as pitiful as my Dad's, and that I will grow up to be either gay, or a cuckold. And she was right! Nudist, incestual family, swinging parents, of course today, and especially after the first time I watched a video of my Mom being triple teamed by a room full of black guy's while Dad video recorded it and Aunt Carol acted as the fluffer, I am a happy cuckold. But, on the third day of my first honeymoon, I was spreading my brides ass for the black bartender she invited to our suite, amazed, and about to shoot my load, watching his fat, black cock disappear inside her tight pink asshole.
  9. CumSlurpingCuckold

    CumSlurpingCuckold Active Member Member

    Just be honest with her. Explain how you've been the Bull in the past, she won't think less of you. Just ask her if she finds him attractive, or if she would like to try a dick you happen to know of thats bigger than yours. If she helps you with girls, why not make the same offer to her?
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  10. Aussiecumslut

    Aussiecumslut Active Member Member

    Not weird at all and do not let anyone tell you it is if you and she are comfortable with it and to answer your question YES you DEFINITELY should make it a reality for you both . Love Mich XOX
  11. Rozy

    Rozy Member Member

    Depend on your metality.
  12. AllenJ

    AllenJ Member Member

    I came close to cucking a guy years ago, he was a very annoying little fellow. Brought his girlfriend to our club and we were standing around chatting, soon, she was standing next to me with my arm around her, letting me move my hands around, even up her skirt. Frankly, I had to stop and walk away because it was just too damned easy and I had a regular girlfriend.

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