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Is it normal cuddling with this woman my employee ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stella1976, May 25, 2018.

  1. Stella1976

    Stella1976 Member Member

    I am a 42year old heterosexual woman. My husband and I have been married for 17 years and have a 15year old daughter! I am a small accounting firm owner. I'm struggling with a husband who isn't comfortable with affection. It's a real struggle with me. I have decided to surrender it after years of fighting about it and praying about it, but I still struggle with it. Additionally, our intimacy level has reduced dramatically due to career reasons. I really long for more physicality in my marriage but think that will never happen. I am 5ft10 tall curvy hourgllass shaped attractive brunette.I I like dressing well, and looking presentable. I don't dress slutty at all.

    My breasts are 32 f bra size though and I do have a big butt. My hourglass shape is unique and i am tall, and I appreciate that.If you are curvy, tall and busty, many clothes tend to look sexier on you than on a thin person. So things that fit properly that are relatively conservative can be suddenly too revealing and sexy when you put it on. This happens to me a lot.I wear almost always my satin and silk blouses fully buttoned to the top combined with a satin skirt or satin pants. I prefer wearing satin pants and a little shorter satin skirts, always above knees, sometimes even quite much, but not any miniskirts anyway.

    I am always on high heels and full make up on.I am always in tight form fitting satin and silk clothes. I am a stylish person.I usually stay away from anything too revealing.I am describing myself because i want you to know the complexity of the situation. I am dressing like this since i graduated college and got my first office job.It is my whole wardrobe.Its how i like to dress myself and that is my style. Most of my outfit are satin pant and skirt suits satin coats and satin and silk blouses.I am always on high heels and full make up on.Being tall and curvy draws attention on its own. This can be both positive and negative. I tower over plenty of men and women. Alot of people ( females in general) pre-dislike me, unto they get to know me and find out that I'm a not stuck on myself at all.I'm the kind of person that only speaks if I have something to say and I keep my business to myself.Four months ago I hired this 55year old skinny really short like 5ft3 wrinkled face thin lips green eyes grayhaired masculine woman to work with me. She does her job and does it well. She is highly competent. She is smart, confident and strong willed. We just understand each other extremely well, she has voiced things she has experienced that I thought I was entirely alone in but it turns out I wasn't. I talk to her all the time about my marriage problems. A month ago I was feeling pretty bad, just inexplicable bad, we were sitting on a sofa in my office and we where talking about something not related to that and she just looked at me and was like no, we are talking about what's wrong. Then I started crying a little bit (which always sucks eww) and she started hugging me and pulled me closer to her on the couch and then we just spent the next hour cuddling and she played with my hair and kissed my forehead. It was really nice and comforting, so I thought she was just trying to cheer me up so I didn't stop her.

    Since than on every work day she does the same things and I'm not even upset, the hand holding, cuddling. On every work day she comes in my office i lock the door and we just cuddle. Is that wrong? Sometimes on the sofa she gets on top of me with her head resting on my breasts (just like laying down hug..) and just hugs me. When we hug, it feels comforting, and that's it. Definitely not sexual at all.There is no doubt that touch has incredible healing power. We do hug often and she always rubs my shoulders and back. Often she talks to me while she is holding onto to me to reassure me. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the emotions it taps into because I was never hugged in my family ever and it feels good to feel cared for and taken care of by her.She will just hug me for 10 min at a time sometimes! Sometimes i will sort of rest my head on the top of her head (i am tall, she is really short). She's just very affectionate physically and I'm extremely comfortable with her.She's an amazing human being overall. She said that because i am much taller than her, the hugs make her feel very secure and cared for. It's really nice, and we both enjoy being able to be close without it being romantic or sexual. I like cuddling with this woman my employee because it's comforting and it feels good. It's nice to know that there is someone who cares about me and trusts me enough to be that close to me, and it's nice to let my guard down every once in a while. I also feel like we can just cuddle and exist and I don't have to talk. But we never kiss or anything else! thats gross and would neverrrr do that! I am 100% straight.I've never had any desire to do anything sexual with a female. In all honest just thinking about possibly kissing a female makes me cringe. Also this woman my employee cuddle buddy seems harmless to me because I am physically stronger than her i am 5ft10 tall well built well endowed and curvy.She is like 5ft3 tall skinny.I am always on high heels she is always in flat shoes.Standing next to me she looks like a midget.For the past month we cuddle on a daily basis when she comes over in my office, usually on the sofa. It's the main activity of our "quality alone time," as awkward as that is to say.Also she always rubs my shoulders and back (in my office so she'd be standing behind where I'm sitting at my office chair) I am worried that other women my employees(all female workplace) would judge us. I do know that some of my employees think that we have an affair because we spend hours locked in my office together. Also this woman my cuddle buddy puts her arm around my waist when I walk in the hallway. Also she often hold hands with me when we are leaving work walking to our cars.Some of other women coworkers notice our behavior and they have a confuse look on their faces. I am considered by most of other women my employees to be very serious, arrogant, and stuck up. Also one woman my employee is always commenting on my clothing saying that i am always overdressed in satin and silk. Is it okay to cuddle with someone other than your husband? Is this cheating? Cuddles are therapy for me!

    Me and this woman my cuddle buddy, we are cuddling on a daily basis. Mind you- it’s completely non-sexual.We are always fully clothed. Thats the time when we talk. Have those heart to heart conversations about everything and anything under the sun. Our fears, problems. Things that scare us. And cuddling is our way of telling the another that we are there for each other.

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