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. Imprisoned by my wife's fantasy.

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by SiaLowen, Jun 28, 2017.

. Imprisoned by my wife's fantasy. 4.5 5 11votes
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  1. SiaLowen

    SiaLowen Active Member Author!

    "She likes what?" Xavier rumbled above me, his muscular legs splaid out on both sides of my head.

    "Being a prison bitch. It's her ultimate fantasy." My wife Lexi said, giggling as she nestled closer to her boyfriend on the bed. Our bed, in fact.

    My wife Lexi was in her early 30's, but had the same drop-dead gorgeous body she'd had through college. She was a blonde haired, petite 5'5, 125 pound woman, but had very impressive 34C breasts that were entirely natural. I wasn't bad looking myself, but my insecurity over how tremendously hot Lexi was had originally birthed my cuckold fantasies.

    Lexi was tolerant of them, and after some cajoling, indulged in them for me. But it wasn't until we invited the man who would be our third Bull that Lexi found something she loved. Unlike the other men who had generally ignored me, Marcus dominated me just as much as her. It had made her very, very wet to see me submit to his orders.

    Lexi hadn't been sure whether she should press the issue however, until the morning after. She came down to the smell of me cooking breakfast for all of them. Lexi saw Marcus sitting in my chair at the head of the table, reading our morning paper, and telling me exactly how he liked his eggs. She'd watched with quite a bit of interest as I complied with Marcus's orders and gave him his plate first, then Lexi's, then lastly, mine.

    It was small thing, maybe. But in Lexi's mind it was permission to begin making me serve her boyfriends for her own enjoyment. In particular, she was obsessed with me making myself more submissive and effeminate in their company. She loved to draw contrast between their masculinity and my lack of it. And I began enjoying it as well. Lexi had drawn out submissive bisexual fantasies that I didn't know I had.

    At first it was little things like changing my exercise regimen from one heavy on lifting and developing upper body strength into one focused on light cardio and flexibility. Over the last two years, I hadn't lifted so much as a 5 pound weight. As a result, any muscles I possessed had melted away. Besides using the treadmill, my 'workouts' were limited to doing Yoga and Brazilian butt lifts. Combined with the new vegan diet Lexi put me on, my weight dropped from a fit 178 pounds to a very slim 138 pounds. Lexi had joked that I could quit my diet when I was the same weight as her and not before. Although I'm not altogether sure she was joking.

    The fact that I had lost so much weight had meant my clothes no longer fit. Lexi had updated my wardrobe with women's slacks and blouses, which meant quite a bit of humiliation for me. Everything besides the tight women's jeans she had bought me were in pastel colors or a snow white. And even the jeans didn't help, as they showed my pantyline quite frequently.

    Lexi had also bought me plenty of skirts and dresses, as well as a collection of lingerie that rivaled her own. But she tended to reserve those outfits for when she had one of her boyfriends over.

    The short, dark brown hair I had before was gone as well. My hair had been bleached blonde and grown out. It wasn't the natural blonde that Lexi possessed; rather it was more bimbo-like. And it had grown long enough to have been styled into a cute bob. It wasn't as long as Lexi wanted it to be, but it was plenty feminine.

    Thankfully, Lexi had inherited a very successful business from her father and made more than enough for the both of us to live comfortably. So I had no professional responsibilities to worry about. This let Lexi push the game as far as she wanted. Which was turning out to be very far. Far enough that we had discussed what fantasies either of us still had at this point. And that was when I mentioned my fascination with being a 'prison bitch'.

    My thoughts were pulled back into the present as Xavier laid his hand down on my head. My tongue had almost come to a stop and I quickly returned to lapping at Xavier's balls before he gripped my hair. But he gripped it anyway, as though to communicate that I was on thin ice.

    I blushed deeply at the way Lexi casually spilled my deepest fantasy to the man who'd been fucking my wife for the past month. I could express no displeasure though, for two reasons. One was that I did not have the guts to be anything but pleasantly submissive in front of Xavier. The black man on the bed didn't just tower over me and outweigh me by 60 pounds of muscle, he was also a police officer.

    The second reason was a bit more concrete. Xavier and Lexi had just gotten done with a long sex session in our bed. After I submissively licked Lexi's pussy clean of his cum, Xavier ordered me to lap at his balls until he was ready to go again. I had hastened to obey, to the deep amusement of my wife, and now couldn't speak a word, as my tongue was quite busy. The only time my tongue wasn't on his balls was when I noticed that a drop of pre-cum had appeared on the tip of his half-hard cock. I would then stick my tongue out below until the pre-cum dropped, swallow, then go back to licking.

    "It is, huh? Well, it's not far-fetched. She'd be on her knees sucking a brother within five minutes of being in there." Xavier said with a deep laugh.

    "Ooo! Michelle cums immediately whenever I talk about it. I think it's pretty hot too." Lexi said, watching my submissive lapping as she touched herself idly.

    Michelle was the feminine form of my actual name, which is Michael. Lexi uses it obsessively, and has not called me Michael for the last six months.

    "You do? Hmmm." Xavier said thoughtfully, looking at Lexi.

    I knew from experience that Xavier had no interest in anything I found sexy. But he never hesitated to fulfill any fantasy Lexi might have. Xavier noticed Lexi was rubbing her pussy, and his cock hardened to his full length right in front of my eyes.

    Xavier lifted my wife up easily so that she was straddling him. I had a bird's eye view as he settled Lexi down onto his thick cock. She gasped at his size as she always did when he entered her. It was an constant reminder that Xavier's cock was almost twice as long as mine, and about twice as thick.

    "Keep licking, bitch." Xavier said to me roughly as he started bouncing Lexi up and down on his cock.

    "AH!... 'Bitch'. AH!... I like it!" Lexi said, in between sexy moans after each bounce.

    The order was unnecessary, as I had never stopped. Xavier's large balls had expanded as his cock hardened, and my tongue had to travel further to go from top to bottom or side to side. Experience had taught me that Xavier's balls would continue to expand as he got more aroused, and only when he was ready to blow his load in Lexi's pussy would they rise.

    My own penis twitched in excitement at Xavier calling me a 'bitch'. He generally ignored me when he wasn't dominating me for Lexi's enjoyment, so I took what I could get.

    "You want it to happen, babe? You want little Michelle to get a taste of the inside of a jail cell?" Xavier asked her, slapping her ass occassionally as he picked up speed.

    "AH!...AH! What...What do you mean?" Lexi asked, out of breath.

    "I mean you could put her out on a street corner in a hot little outfit. Then I could have one of my buddies pick her up. Prostitution's illegal, after all." Xavier said with a laugh.

    "That's...AH! That's so hot! Would...would she really go to jail?" Lexi asked, her voice shaking with excitement.

    "Well, we tend to round up hookers and release them after an hour or two. But the justice system can be much tougher." Xavier said roughly, now thrusting upwards with his hips and making it harder for me to keep my tongue on his balls.

    "How...how much tougher?" Lexi asked, seemingly trying to keep her head clear even as Xavier fucked her harder.

    "12 months in prison." Xavier said simply.

    Hearing them talk was making my head spin. My penis was as hard as it had ever been, despite the fact that no one was touching it. The thought of being sent to jail for prostitution, for a year, was putting me on the edge of cumming in the tight panties I was wearing. Evidently my wife shared my excitement, because she started to cum.

    "Yes! YES! Do it! Do it!!" Lexi shouted as she gasped in utter pleasure.

    The fact that Lexi was, in her mind, condemning me to be a prison bitch was enough to make my penis spurt in my panties. My lapping slowed as I came, but Xavier didn't notice. I felt his balls rise away from my tongue, and saw his thick cock throb every time it spurted another jet of cum deep into my wife's pussy.

    My orgasm was long over, but theirs lingered. My wife was just coming down from her dizzying orgasm, and Xavier continued to pump his semen into her. The sheer volume of Xavier's cum always amazed me. He could have cum half an hour ago and would still be able to shoot a load that was three or four times as much as I could produce, even after a long period of denial. But he certainly had the balls for it. Even spent, they'd be twice as large as mine were at their fullest.

    Lexi raised herself off of Xavier's softening cock and cum quickly began to flow out. She waited until my tongue had plugged her pussy before leaning forward to kiss Xavier. Their post-coital makeout session was a ritual that was between them, just as cleaning her well-fucked pussy was a ritual between us.

    I slowly lowered the back part of my tongue so that Xavier's thick cum would flow out of Lexi's pussy and be funneled into my mouth. I swallowed the salty, bitter fluid again and again until the flow slowed, then began cleaning her pussy with my tongue.

    "So, do you really want to do it?" Xavier asked. To Lexi obviously, not to me.

    The fact that Lexi's mind was no longer lost in a sexual haze made her not answer immediately, but I noticed that she didn't say no. My own mind was relatively clear of my sexual fantasizing, which meant I quite nervous about the question. But I knew it was really up to Lexi now. At this point, I would do whatever she told me to.

    "A year...that's too much." Lexi said, finally.

    "That's the maximum penalty, but they'd never give that to her for a first offense. The most she'd get would be a month, the absolute most." Xavier said, with the deep, calm tone he tended to use when he wanted to persuade Lexi to do something.

    "That still seems like a long time." Lexi said, shaking her head.

    "I'll tell you what. She'll get the usual treatment, a booking and then a release. But maybe her paperwork gets lost. She'll have to spend a day or two in lockup with some of the brothers." Xavier said, moderating his proposal.

    "A day or two..." Lexi said thoughtfully.

    By now I had finished cleaning Lexi's pussy, and she turned around to face me.

    "What do you think, 'bitch'?" Lexi asked me with a playful smile. But her eyes were quite serious.

    I didn't know what to say. The fantasy was still hot, but I was quite scared about making it into a reality. Lexi expected an answer, but I simply had nothing for her. Lexi looked at me for a few more seconds, then glanced downward. I blushed as I realized she was seeing proof that I had cum in my panties without any stimulation at all. It didn't take a genius to figure out why.

    "Yeah, let's do it." Lexi said, both to Xavier and to me.
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