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. If You Play, You Pay

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Apr 4, 2019.

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  1. EroticWriter

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    Jacqueline was still holding his peter in her hand, and for the first time she took a good look at it. The shaft alone, without counting the head, was longer than her husband's penis was with his head included. And on top of that this penis was so wide.

    Jacqueline shivered, 'So this is a black cock. This fat thing is going to hurt me for sure.' Yet, she felt a strange excitement beginning, more in her thoughts at the moment than between her legs.

    by EroticWriter

    Wow. Sorry readers. This story is posted twice by accident and the admin did not catch it. I tried to delete this one by using edit, and it stayed on. So go ahead and read, makes no difference. EW

    If You Play, You Pay

    At the age of twenty-four, James was somewhat of an expert on having women do his bidding sexually! He brazenly took all sorts of chances, as much for the adventure of it all, as well as for the sexual satisfaction. What really turned him on was getting to women who were, shall we say, untouchable!

    One day James was strolling through the mall, looking for likely prospects. He had one in sight, a cute little brunette that looked to be maybe 20. He had begun following her around at a discreet distance when something changed his course. He was going down on an escalator, following the brunette, when all of a sudden there 'she' was, heading towards him and preparing to step onto the escalator. He was at the bottom of the down side, and he immediately turned around and stepped onto the up side.

    She was already started up, and this placed him about six feet behind her. He kept his distance because he was now three steps below her as they went up. From here, James was at the eye level of her legs, and he could look up at her ass. What a view this angle provided. She was wearing a rather short skirt, not a mini skirt, but close. There were people who might be with her, but she was in the rear. As a result, James had an unrestricted view of her great ass.

    It was almost five full seconds before James took his eyes off her beautiful legs and ass and raised his head to see the rest of her. At that exact moment she turned her head to look around as the elevator made its ascent. She glanced back and down at him, and James immediately averted his eyes, but he had enough time to see her face.

    She was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, in James's eyes, if those kids and that man in front were with her, she was not alone. If he wanted her, he would have to invest more time than just attempting a simple pickup.

    They reached the top. Yes, they were all together. When she and her family turned to go right, James lagged back until they drew ahead and then followed, as the popular term goes, at 'a discreet distance.'

    Apparently she was a housewife since she was with two small children and a man who was undoubtedly her husband. They were shopping together, having a good time, occasionally giving each other a hug or kiss. It was obvious that they were very much in love, and totally devoted to each other.

    Seeing the signs of affection between those two would have dissuaded most men, but not James. From outward appearances, she looked to be untouchable. Based on her apparent devotion to her kids and husband and under normal circumstances, this woman would be unavailable for sexual adventures with a strange man. James decided he wanted her, but would have to wait to see if maybe they would separate. James followed, hoping for a break before much time had passed.

    It took a while. James waited patiently, watching from a distance or waiting on a bench as they went into one store, and then another. Waiting was not all that bad, there were other women to look at as they went by. But James had set himself a goal. James had followed wives with their husbands before in the mall, and he knew that quite often the man and woman would separate, even if it were just an opportunity to use the toilets.

    James had managed to pickup on one woman that way. The mall had a hallway behind the fast food area, and those that did not have to go waited in the hall for those who did have to go. The man with her had remained at the food court, eating with their child, and James had managed to catch her just long enough to get that number and a time to call.

    Turned out that the woman was having marital difficulties, and the man with her was her brother. The woman had been in just the mood, and James had caught her at just the right time. Meeting later, she had fucked him passionately, all the while laughing about how "if only her husband knew what she was doing."

    More than twenty minutes passed, but James still followed patiently. This was normally more time than he 'invested' in a strange woman. Finally the husband went into a toy store with the kids, and mom went off to do a little personal shopping.

    James was close enough to hear her husband tell his wife that after they had left the toy store, he and the kids would head for the pet store. He even added that he "would keep the kids entertained as long as he could." That will be great hubby, thought James. I'll have more time to work on her.

    James followed at a safe distance, and tailed her into a department store. It was a large store, one of those they call an anchor store at one end of a mall. The mall they were in was a two-story or level for most of its length, and this store at one end had an upper level that was one-half the store in size.

    Luckily for James, she stayed on the lower level, and went all the way to the rear of the store where there were several racks of dresses. They were both isolated from the rest of the customers and sales help. This was even better than he had hoped. She had gone to a part of the store where they would be totally alone, for the moment. James acted as if he was lost and just wandering around so that he could get close to her. .

    He was about to use one of his opening lines when she surprised him. "You've been following me around ever since the escalator, haven't you'"

    Shocked, James was at a loss for words. Embarrassed at being spotted, he simply nodded. Then he regained his composure and said, "When I saw you headed up that escalator I thought you were so beautiful that I just had to stick with you just to see if I could get a chance to talk. If not, just looking at you would suffice."

    She looked almost as if she might laugh. "Even though I had a husband and two kids with me?"

    He was his smooth-talking self again when he responded with a big smile. "Well, that 'would' tend to make it a little harder'" He left the sentence hanging there, giving her the opening to come back with something that would either encourage or discourage him.

    "And what did you hope to accomplish?"

    Might as well come right out with it, he decided, since she had been the first one to speak. His intent must be obvious to her. "Well, if I can maybe meet and seduce you later, I'll go for that. If that is out of the question, I'll settle for whatever you might like to do right here."

    Her next question caught him a little off-guard, and then he realized why she might be asking. "Do you live anywhere around here'"

    She was worried that he might know who she is, or have some connection that might come back and haunt her. He didn't usually have to lie, but this time he did. "No, I live in Jonesboro." That was about 25 miles away. Hopefully that would make her feel safe.

    "You don't know anybody that might know me, or my family then?"

    "It's not likely. In any case, I would never say anything that would get a lovely little housewife in trouble." This was going well, James thought, as he waited for her reply.

    She thought for just a moment, and said, "An affair is out of the question, but you mentioned doing something here. Isn't that also out of the question? We're not exactly all alone in a bedroom."

    This was unbelievable. She was making it so easy for him and had used the word 'bedroom' The word 'bedroom' left no doubt as to where her thinking had gone. Encouraged, he boldly laid out his desires. "You could jack me off and I could touch you a little. A little fooling around is better than nothing." James, of course, wanted more than that, but if she went for some touchy-feely now, it might be easier to get her to agree to a later meeting.

    She might have been shocked at his suggestion, but her face did not change. It seemed to James that she was thinking along the same lines as he. She looked around to make sure they were still alone, and nodded. At the same time, she glanced down at his crotch and back to his face. "I haven't got much time..."

    She left the sentence dangling, as he had done earlier.

    There was no time to waste. He unzipped, pulled out his stiff cock, and grinned. It was her move. She looked down at him. James hoped that he compared favorably to her husband. He thought he saw her shiver when she saw his erection, rather from fear or excitement he didn't know. She was still three feet away. She closed that gap in one second and wrapped her right hand around him. Her hand felt so nice, nice and warm.

    As she proceeded to give him a nice hand job, he reached under her blouse with both hands. The blouse had sort of a stretch bottom. If he pulled it up above her tits, it should stay, so James raised her blouse so that he could see her tits. Leaving the blouse pulled up, he slipped his fingers under the bottom lip of her brassiere, pulled outward and slid it up over her breasts.

    Just as quick as that, he was seeing her tits! There they are, fully exposed, a lovely pair of tits that definitely did not need a bra for support. She had nice tits, not super firm like a teen's, but not droopy either. They were a good handful. He cupped them both while she stroked his penis. Yes, quite nice tits, with light pinkish nipples the size of quarters.

    "There probably won't be enough time for me, so you go ahead and cum."

    She was being generous and thinking about his pleasure, but he wouldn't feel right about his taking and not giving. "I'm going inside your panties, so you give it a try. I'll see if I can hold back for you."

    He was excited, she was excited. Despite that, he could tell that she was quite nervous because she looked towards the front of the store for the third time in the past two minutes. At any moment she might chicken out. No time to waste. It was time to go under, and he moved his right hand down. She wanted it and did not protest as he went directly for her snatch.

    He went in from the side. Her pussy was mostly dry, and James started working to get his finger in. He did not have to tell her. Somehow she knew and opened her legs further apart to give him greater access to her vital areas. James pulled his finger out of her pussy for a moment and used one hand to pull her panties away from her body. He took a peek to check her out. The hair on her pussy was darker than the light brown hair on her head.

    Now that he had actually seen the vital areas that he was fondling, James stuck his finger back into her and began fucking her with it. She was totally wet now and moaned softly. He had little time but wanted to find out all he could about her.

    James asked her if she had ever cheated, and the wife and mother replied that she would never do that. Then their eyes met, and they both smiled. James spoke first, "You've never cheated you mean, until now?"

    "Yes, that's what I meant to say." As she spoke, she squeezed his cock in the middle of a stroke. It was a squeeze of affection, and James felt encouraged going on.

    James then asked her if she had been fucked by other men or boys before her marriage, or done anything else sexual. She replied never, and using the same 'f' word he had used, went on to say that she had never fucked a boy. But when she had dated in high school she had played with a couple of dicks and let those boys feel her tits, but no other part of her body.

    James was surprised that she had used the f word to reply. He had expected her to use a phrase like, 'make love,' or 'had sex with.' James was working on holding his orgasm back as they conversed. He asked her if she had ever had an orgasm before marriage by playing with herself. She replied no, not by herself, but she did do "it" with a female roommate in college.

    James's peter grew harder, and he asked her what "it" was. She replied that it was playing with one another with hands and kissing. James asked her if she had climaxed, and she smiled and nodded her head. When he asked her if that was the only time, she replied 'oh no, my roommate and I did it all semester.' Was she ever curious about other men? Yes, sometimes, but not enough to want to cheat, at least not yet.

    "You mean by going all the way cheat?" She nodded. How did his penis compare to her husband's? She wasn't sure if she should answer that, then decided why not, he doesn't know who I am, or my husband. She answered honestly. James was thicker and a maybe a little shorter, as best she could tell.

    She had said that James was thicker, but maybe shorter. Inwardly he smiled. He could live with that. If she was like most women, she liked thicker. Building on that, he asked: Did she think it would feel good in her pussy? She knew that wouldn't happen, but the excitement level was building.

    This was all like a fantasy anyhow and she responded, "Yes, most definitely." She sighed, then continued, "If I was single, I would love to feel you fucking me with 'this'." She looked down and gave his penis a nice slow and full stroke.

    James wanted to fuck her in the worst way, but this was not the place or the time. He was getting very hot. As much as he wanted to make this last, he had no choice but to let it go. She was so lovely. Her telling of her sexual history had been very stimulating. He looked down at her hand as it stroked his rigid penis.

    Even her hand was lovely. It looked so delicate, and it had the prettiest red nails. Her little hand even made his dick look larger.

    He was still finger-fucking her. "Can you come when I do? Are you close?" He didn't expect that she would be able to come this quickly and under these circumstances, but it would be nice.

    She surprised him. "Yes, I can come if you keep using your finger just like that."

    He wanted to sound knowledgeable of a woman's inner workings. "'Inside' is all right then, you don't need it on your clitoris?"

    "My clit is close to where your finger is. I can feel you good enough right there. Just keep stroking and talking dirty and'" she paused, "and keep saying 'fuck'."

    That was great. She was the kind of woman who could come without a lot of work and concentration on the clitoris. It seemed that his use of the f-word had aroused her even further. He suspected that it was a word she normally never used, like with her husband.

    "I want to fuck you so bad with my 'thick' cock." James placed emphasis on the thick, since she had made the comparison. She moaned softly, and James continued. "When I start to put it in you would moan with pleasure at how good it feels. As I fuck you, you would compare it in your mind with your husband's dick, and get so excited.

    A different man, a strange man with a fat cock. I could make you come so easy when I'm fucking you, over and over with this thick cock. While I'm fucking you it would stretch you so nice, and tug at your clitoris, and you would come harder than you ever have before."

    He was saying exactly what she was thinking and wanted to hear. She moaned, "I believe you." It was working. She had closed her eyes, and was pumping faster on his cock. He stroked, and her tightness continued to grip him.

    Even wet, her walls were able to wrap around his finger and create friction. He was pleasantly surprised by this. She had birthed two children and was still tight enough to grip his finger. If only he could fuck her, she would feel so good around his dick. His orgasm was approaching, and he stiffened.

    Surprisingly, she was even closer than he was. The questioning, the talk, and the forbidden nature of what she was doing had excited her tremendously. Also, this was fulfilling a fantasy that she had carried around for years.

    "You're going to come. My thick dick is doing it for you. You're going to have the best orgasm you've had in years. No, better than any you have ever had with your husband. A strange cock fucking you, a thick cock, just for you."

    James was laying it on, and it was working. She closed her eyes, quit stroking and squeezed his dick a little harder. She began groaning as her orgasm hit. It was a good one, and James never missed a beat on his in and outs. She seemed weak when she had finished and held onto his shoulder with her free hand

    She sighed. "That was wonderful." She paused, sighed, and said, "Now you." Her hand resumed stroking on his harder than hard dick.

    "You had better aim it past your skirt if you don't want to have a mess," James said, barely able to speak. She twisted sort of sideways so that his penis was not pointing right at her. Now things were ready, and he said, "Watch it come baby, just like you did for those boys in high school."

    The entire incident was actually over quite quickly. James came within seconds, his come shooting forward several inches and onto a couple of dresses hanging on a rack. She giggled when his come started landing on the dresses and stroked faster. James responded with still more spurts. He normally didn't say much when he achieved orgasm, but did so today to excite her. "Ooooh damn. Your hand is magic."

    When his orgasm ended, James's finger was still buried in her cunt, and it had gotten quite wet. While she was still holding his semi-rigid penis, James removed his finger, and to show her how much he liked her, he placed it into his mouth and sucked off her juices. She smiled, and he hoped that she understood his meaning, that he must feel very attracted to her, enough so that he tasted her juices.

    Maybe she felt the same, attracted to him, because she had not let go of his prick. Placing the hand he had just licked onto her tit, he took one last squeeze, then reluctantly pulled her bra back down to cover her tits.

    That done, he asked her to kiss him. Will she? She had achieved her climax and might be cooled down now. She might even be feeling guilty already. James wanted to kiss her badly. It was the final conquest to accomplish standing in a store.

    He wasn't disappointed. He bent down and she looked up. Then she did a funny thing, considering all they had already done and how much time had elapsed. She took a good look around to make sure that no one was near. It was like she was more afraid of being seen kissing a stranger than what was happening below the waist. Of course, their heads could be seen from across the room, and their lower parts couldn't.

    Having performed her safety check, she moved her head up and near his. She was still holding his softening penis and gave it a little squeeze as their lips met. Her tongue met his, and James realized just how hot this cute little gal must be in bed when you could let it all hang out. Her husband must be fucking her all the time, he reasoned. If he isn't, James thought, then he should be.

    The kiss was too short for him, and dangerously long for her, running almost 20 seconds, but as they kissed, James could feel his penis going down, and he felt a blob of leftover cum running out of the end of his dick.

    What the husband did not know could not hurt him. Lucky man, her husband. James had just taken some small samples, but the husband had her for his personal pleasure anytime he wanted. She still had come all over two fingers of her hand when James asked her to tuck his penis in his trousers for him. She managed to keep the come off his trousers when she guided his still mostly erect penis back into its home.

    Then she shocked him as she raised her hand to her mouth and ran her tongue over the two fingers that were slimy with come. She did not take much into her mouth, just running her tongue over enough to allow him to see that she was tasting him. He returned her smile with one of his own that was even bigger. "There's more where that came from."

    After she had zipped him up he asked her if she would like to fuck him sometime. He knew her answer would be no, but he still had to try. James knew that she would never think or feel that way under normal circumstances, but in her present state, all they had done might have left her horny for him. She took one last opportunity to use the f word, something she never did with her husband.

    "A fuck might be nice. I am sure that you would give me a climax, make that several climaxes to remember, but you know I can't do that. Let's just be happy and have our memory' of this." She paused like she wanted to add more, but said nothing.

    James then asked what her name was. She responded truthfully, "'Jacqueline', and that's the most you need to know about me." She asked him to leave first and to please not hang around outside while she joined her family. He nodded sadly and kissed her one last time. This one ended up being lip to lip with no tongue because he could tell that she was getting nervous.

    It was a weekday and things were quiet in the mall. They had been very lucky that no one had come around and interrupted them. James grinned as he was leaving the store. A young female clerk at the front glanced at him, and he smiled at her. She was a cute one for sure, but after the gal he had just played with, this one couldn't even begin to measure up. He kept his word when he left the store by leaving the mall.

    As James headed for his car, he couldn't help but think about how lucky he had been. He had just scored with probably the most attractive housewife ever. And thank goodness, no one had come into that area of the store and interrupted them. Great luck!

    After wiping her hand on that same dress, Jacqueline left the store two minutes behind James. That same clerk gave her a smile, and Jacqueline smiled back. Jacqueline was nervous. Did that clerk think anything suspicious? Her smile had looked sort of like a question. Also Jacqueline was worried. Had she taken too long? Was her husband looking for her?

    Jacqueline need not have worried. Her husband suspected nothing when she joined up with him and the kids, but unknown to her, she would soon have something else to worry about. A security guard had caught the entire affair on tape!

    YOU PLAY, YOU PAY Part 2

    Charles could not believe his eyes. He moved the lever and the security camera zoomed in. That guy just took out his dick and she grabbed it. Charles's mouth fell open. It looks like that broad is jacking that guy off! Charles made sure the recorder was on. Wouldn't want to miss getting this on tape! Now the guy is lifting her blouse, and Charles could see her tits. Nice ones too, and Charles was zooming closer and getting a good shot of them.

    Thanks guy. Keep up the good work. That chick is gorgeous, and I'll take any view you want to show me. Charles laughed when he saw the guy lift her skirt and pull her panties away from her stomach. It was obvious to see that the guy was taking a look at her snatch. Unfortunately, from his camera angle Charles couldn't see down into her panties. It seemed like that guy had never seen her body before by the way he was checking her out.

    Charles had spotted the gal on camera when she first entered the store. He had several screens to watch on both levels of the store, but he had clicked on camera one, hit record and followed her with it to the rear of the main level, then gone to camera four when she entered the lady's dress section.

    When the guy had appeared and went close to her, Charles thought that she might know the guy. The guy was out of place in that part of the store, and had he been alone, Charles would still have been watching him.

    They were talking, and as he filmed, Charles glanced around at his other screens. Keeping watch, and doing his job. When the guy had whipped out his dick, the gal had reached out for it almost right away, so they must know one another. At that point he had zoomed in, all the way, and gotten a shot of her hand and that dick from what equated to as close as three feet away.

    Charles saw the guy's hand go under her dress, and he zoomed out again. Now seeing them from the vicinity of their knees up, he continued to film. He could tell that the man was fingering her by the way she was squirming around while she jacked the guy off. "I wonder what that guy is saying to her? They both are talking up a storm."

    Already desiring the woman for himself, Charles wondered what the woman would think if she had her hand on a dick as big as his was. Although some of the guy's dick was still hidden inside his pants, Charles could see that the guy getting jacked off had a smaller dick than his own.

    Charles had a really thick cock that ran all the way out to nine inches. That nine inches was now throbbing in his pants as he watched the couple making out in the summer dress department. In a few more seconds, Charles had it out and in his hand. The security cubicle was locked from the inside. No one would catch him.

    Zooming the camera in and out at key moments, Charles continued to watch, stroke, and tape. It looked like she was coming. The guy was fingering her and she was almost bending over. Her other hand was grasping the guy on the shoulder like she was trying to keep from falling. She was coming for sure. It was almost over so Charles came with her, shooting his come all over his desk.

    Now it was the guy's turn. Charles shook his head as he filmed the guy shooting come all over a couple of dresses on the rack. They would be leaving the view of his camera soon. While the couple was kissing again, Charles quickly squeezed his dick as if milking it and wiped it with a tissue from the box on his desk.

    "Well, that was really nice. I get paid to catch people stealing. I wonder what the boss would say if I told him I made some guy buy a couple of dresses because he came all over them?"

    He watched as the woman licked her fingers. She had come on them, and Charles could even make it out on camera because it looked shiny on her fingers. Now she's looking around. Now they were kissing and the guy was saying something to her. After they had talked for a minute, Charles saw the guy move quickly away, and he continued to watch the woman to see what she would do.

    She just stood there, looking lost, and then all of a sudden she looked down at her hand and got a funny look on her face. She looks really disgusted like she never saw come before. What is she going to do with it? Now she is looking around. Now she is wiping her hand on one of the same two dresses.

    Charles watched the woman head between the dress racks and towards the front of the store with a look something like panic on her face. "Wonder what her problem is," he thought? "She was sure enjoying the action just a minute ago."

    Charles did something that he normally never did unless he had taped a shoplifter in action. He left his post and went outside the security room. He watched as the woman headed towards the North end of the mall. She had only gone maybe thirty feet when he saw her meet up with a man and a couple of kids. They were smiling now, and she seemed to be acting normal. Charles smiled.

    This was going to be even better then he had hoped. If she had been single, his plan was a maybe, but now it was almost a sure thing. Meeting up with her family had answered all his questions. This woman was married and had just done some cheating on her old man.

    Charles watched as the couple headed into the parking lot. He didn't even have to exit through the mall doors because they were parked almost next to the door. That was a break for Charles, and when they pulled around the front of the mall door with their car, he noted the license number.

    Charles had a friend who worked at the police department. He planned to find out who she was, and when the time was right, he would approach and tell her what he had seen. If she doubted him, he would tell her that he had it all on tape.

    Charles returned to his little cubicle and after wiping his desk, he removed the recording. As he stuck in a blank tape, he secured the used one in his lunch bag. Wow, what a day. He would have worked for nothing today. He had seen the pretty little cheating housewifes' tits. Then he had seen her playing with about a 6-inch dick and getting fingered, and soon Charles was going to have her lying down and squirming under him while taking his nine inches of thick meat.

    He would pin her to the bed with his dick, and make her beg for mercy. Then, in her most passionate moments, he would get her to kiss him, and do it willingly. A hot chick like that, who played when hubby was away, needed someone to take care of her, good care of her.

    One week later.

    When Charles had first called Jacqueline, he had confirmed her identity and then asked, "Are you alone?" This strange voice sounded secretive. Jacqueline had almost hung up, but remained on the line. Puzzled, she replied that her husband was in the next room. Actually, her husband was away but she did not want the person behind the strange voice to know.

    Charles quickly said that he wanted to discuss a certain incident involving her and another man between some dress racks. Charles heard her suck in her breath. When she said "Wha...what are you talking about, and where?" He named the store. Jacqueline was silent, and Charles knew he had her.

    He then asked when was a good time to call back? Jacqueline suddenly felt her heart leap into her throat. This person either had seen what had happened, or had been the person who had left the load of come in her hand.

    Scared now, Jacqueline lowered her voice to make it sound like she did not want her husband to overhear. Her voice was trembling, and she stumbled over her words. "Wha...why are you calling me? I...I have done nothing wrong."

    He did not mince his words. When Charles mentioned that he had seen her jacking a guy off and getting fingered, Jacqueline nearly died. She denied it, of course. Being blunt so that she would get beyond the denial stage, he added that he had seen the guy lick his finger after being in her and had also seen her lick cum off her fingers.

    To that she had remained silent, but Charles knew that she knew that she had not only been seen in the act of cheating, but in intimate detail.

    Then Charles sprung his surprise; he had it all on videotape. Hearing only silence, but knowing that Jacqueline was still on the line, he asked her to meet him at a motel that he knew was within a few minutes of her house. When she hesitated, he suggested that it would be to her advantage to do so if she wanted to see that the copy was destroyed.

    Her voice shaking, she agreed, told Charles when she could get away, and Charles said that he would get back to her with a room number.

    Fortunately for Jacqueline, she had a convenient out for finding a way to meet Charles. She worked out at a gym three nights a week and on Saturday afternoon if she happened to miss a night. Dressed in gym clothes, she drove along the interstate on the edge of town. Jacqueline had passed these motels many times, but never had any reason to use one.

    Explaining why Jacqueline had first cheated.

    The reason Jacqueline had agreed to fool around with James in the mall went back to her high school days. During her sophomore year Jacqueline had been at a party at some boy's home. No parents were around, and they had set up kissing games. Each girl had drawn a number out of a hat, and the boys had done the same out of a separate hat. There was a matching number, one through six, in each hat. Nobody knew who had what number.

    When a number was called out loud, each person holding that number entered a bedroom and closed the door behind them. The girls, and only six had been willing to play, remained in the master bath. The boys had remained out in the living room. As each side entered the bedroom, the lights were off, and neither person knew who was in the room with them.

    They were to be given two minutes, and then time would be called. As it turned out, in the dark, two minutes could be a long time for many of the girls. For the guys, two minutes might not be long enough.. By secret agreement, because they had agreed that they would try for feels, or more, the guy who was to time them with a watch told the guys that he would drag it out to two and a half minutes.

    One girl went in, and after a long 'two minutes', she came back. When her face became visible to the other girls, she seemed embarrassed, and her face was red. All the girls gathered around, asking what had happened. The girl mumbled, "we just kissed, that's all." Maybe she wasn't telling the whole truth, but all the other girls giggled nervously. "Could you tell who it was?" "No, he was taller than me, that's all I know." Their turn would soon be coming.

    The girl, being the first to come out from the darkened bedroom, had been too embarrassed to admit what actually had gone down. She might end up being the only one with a story, and did not want to be singled out as being 'cheap.' by the girls.

    The boy she had been with in the room had been kind of rough, too aggressive actually. This was the first girl he had ever been able to kiss, other than on the cheek, and he wanted all he could get. Not knowing or thinking about using his tongue, he had clamped his lips against hers.

    Then he had grabbed at her tits as soon as they started kissing, and when she tried to pull his hand away, he had immediately changed it to under her skirt. She had clamped her legs together as soon as his fingers had ran across her pubic area on top her panties.

    So, being rebuffed down below, he had gone back to her breasts, and this time, in order to keep his hand up here, she had allowed him to fondle her breasts. She had recently moved up to a B cub brassiere, and was still developing. He had been given enough time to go under her bra and get good feels of both breasts, and more specifically, her nipples.

    Without her knowing, he managed to use his left hand, unzip himself and pull out his penis. It they had been doing this with full knowledge of who the other person was, he probably would not have made this move. His penis was small, smaller than average he thought, but she didn't know whom he was, so why not?

    He grabbed her right hand with his left and placed it onto his erect penis. Surprisingly, she allowed her hand to stay. This was a first for her too, and since he was fondling her and they didn't know who each other was, why not?

    As he fondled her breasts, she sort of, gently, stroked his penis. Based on what she had heard from older giggling girls, it didn't seem very big, barely longer than her little hand was wide, but being a virgin, she really had nothing to compare it to.

    She had been more nervous than aroused, and was thankful when she heard the word 'time.' But she had something to remember. A boy, her first, had fondled her breasts, and she had felt his penis. She didn't know who the boy had been, and really didn't want to know, that is, unless she could know his identity without his knowing hers.

    Another girl went in. The girls who remained in the bathroom were busily laughing and speculating about how their turn would be, and no one seemed to notice that the two- minute sessions seemed kind of long.

    Jacqueline was the third girl whose number was called. Jacqueline had entered the bedroom almost blind. She had been in the brightly-lit bath with the other girls, giggling and having a good old time. When her number was called, the lights went off, and she had no night vision.

    Besides, that bedroom was totally dark anyhow with the blind pulled. After a few seconds her eyes began to adjust. She could see the window outlined around the edges of the pulled blind, but that was all.

    "Here I am baby." They were not supposed to talk to aid in their identity remaining a secret, but apparently he didn't care if she knew whom he might be. But Jacqueline didn't recognize his voice. Besides, a couple of the boys playing the game she had never heard talk before. The boy had been waiting right inside the door, and he was up against her instantly, touching her shoulder to confirm her exact location.

    He wrapped one arm around her and kissed her. Knowing this was what was expected, she allowed it to go on for maybe ten seconds, but when he stuck his tongue in her mouth, Jacqueline pulled away in shock. He stuck his tongue in my mouth! What is he doing?

    "That's all, one kiss and we are done," she said nervously. She could tell that he was tall, and slim. She had not wanted to speak for fear of having her voice recognized. Realizing that, she resolved to say no more.

    "No," the guy replied, giggling. "You have to play by the rules. We aren't done until he yells 'Time.'" The boy kissed her again, and this time she allowed him to keep his tongue inside her mouth. He placed his left hand on her head and pulled her tighter against his lips.

    She could feel her body burning, but more from shock and embarrassment rather than any kind of pleasure. And that was when the real shock came. He placed his right hand over her left breast and fondled it for a few moments, then grasped one of her hands with his and lowered it onto, his cock!

    "I can't do that," she almost screamed, and pulled her hand away!

    He laughed and gently placed her hand back onto his penis. "The girls in front of you have already felt the cocks on their guys, so you might as well play along."

    She was shocked. The first two had done this? Why didn't they admit it' Then she knew. If it had been her she would not have said anything either.

    He had it out of his pants, and he was hard. He must have opened his zipper as soon as he had entered the room. A penis, a boy's penis was in her hand. She had changed her little brother's diaper, and had helped a girlfriend change her little brother's diaper. And that was it.

    Until tonight, she had seen but two dicks, and they were little boy ones. A couple of times her little brother had gotten hard while she cleaned him. She had been alone with her brother at that time, and she had giggled and even felt his stiff little rod out of curiosity.

    Now, suddenly she had something big in her hand. She had never seen, let alone touched an adult or near adult penis. She still couldn't see it, but she sure could 'feel' it. She again pulled her hand away in horror, and he placed it firmly back around his penis. He kept his hand over hers so that she could not pull away, and placed his lips over hers again.

    She could feel her fingers around him. He was almost large enough that her fingers could not touch. Her forefinger and thumb could touch, but just barely. He kept kissing her and tried to get her to stroke him by moving his hand back and forth, guiding her. Afraid to let him think that she was willing or might be a slut, she did not do it on her own.

    Jacqueline wanted to protest, to say this was wrong, but the more she talked, the more chance there was that he might be able to figure out who she was later. So she remained quiet and used token strength to "resist" his hand, which was holding hers over his cock.

    He kept his right hand over hers, forcing her to fondle and stroke his penis. With his other hand he explored, managing to slip his hand inside her blouse and going under her bra. Reaching across her chest sideways, he squeezed and cupped her entire left breast, including several feels of her nipple.

    She no longer seemed to be resisting with her hand, so he slowly removed his right hand. When she continued to hold his dick, he wrapped his right arm around her hips and began feeling her ass. In a little over two minutes this boy had learned more about her body and shown her more of the worldly ways than all the other boys she had known combined. She was holding his cock, but not performing the stroking movements. If she had, he would have shot a load all over her skirt.


    She had her escape, but strangely, she wanted this to last for just a little longer. Using token resistance, she pulled away with her body, but he kept his hands on her breast and ass. She was still feeling his cock. "Feel 'that '," he asked? "You can have some of that any time you like. Just tell me afterwards, outside."

    Jacqueline did not know who he was, and did not plan to know. She tried to respond through clenched teeth, like she was mad, in a hope that he could not recognize her voice. "No. And I can't believe you did that."

    He removed his hand from her ass and placed it over her hand on his cock. Again he forced her to make the movements. Her hand was centered on his shaft, and he went back and forth, maybe two inches in each direction. Her hand was hitting up against his opened zipper when it went towards his body. As her hand went forward, she thought she was hitting something wider than his shaft.

    That must be his head. Her hand was hitting it, but not going over. It seemed like he might be long from front to back, but she couldn't be sure. His hand released hers when the guy outside yelled 'Time' for the second time. They had been in the room for almost three minutes.

    When Time was called, the girls were turning off the bathroom light again. She felt her way to the door and back into the darkened bathroom. When the door closed, the light came on.

    "Hey, you were in there pretty long. You never came out right away when he yelled 'time.' What happened?" All the girls giggled.

    Jacqueline had her eyes closed because of the sudden brightness of the light. She responded, "He started kissing me, and I guess he liked doing it because he wouldn't quit."

    "Did you kiss him back?"

    Giggle. "Well, you know, he was using his tongue, so I sort of kissed him back."

    More giggles. "His tongue' Wow. Did he try to sneak a feel?" another girl asked. Jacqueline knew that this girl was one of the two whom had gone before her.

    "He did, but when his hand started roaming, I put a stop to that." The girls were all giggling and cracking jokes about the goings on, but Jacqueline never told anyone about what had really happened with her.

    Apparently all the other girls had done to them was just kissing, based on how they talked. When Jacqueline decided to admit that they had kissed with their tongues, the girls acted shocked. Then, slowly, two of the other girls admitted that they too, had tongue kissed.

    Those two girls would not meet her eyes with theirs, and some of the other girls seemed strangely silent. Jacqueline figured that they too, had been fondled, and maybe had felt a penis.

    Outside, later after the kissing games, one of the guys, whom she did not know because he was a senior in her school, approached Jacqueline when she was alone. She saw him coming and shivered. That might be the guy, he was tall and slim. He was nice looking, and wearing one of those football jerseys with his letter.

    "That was me in there with you."

    She reddened, prepared to deny all. "Well, I'm sure you were with somebody, but it probably wasn't me. There were six girls playing."

    He smirked. "It was you all right. I was number three. You're the only one here with a ponytail, and also you're short and you have big tits. I know it had to be you, and I was just wondering if you liked what I was showing you'" He glanced down at himself.

    She reddened again and started moving away from him. "Whatever you're talking about, It wasn't me." She looked around. "I see another girl right over there with a pony tail."

    Silently, she kicked herself for not thinking to undo her ponytail before going into the darkened bedroom.

    "Yeah," he smirked, "but she doesn't have tits like yours."

    There was no doubt that he had the right girl, and she knew it. Unable to defend herself, Jacqueline could only respond, "You're vulgar." Jacqueline said it with feigned disgust, and walked away.

    She had never come near him after that. Fortunately, he graduated just weeks later. Still, as the years went by, she had always wondered about him. Suppose she had agreed to meet him? If she had, he would have expected sex; there was no doubt about that. If she had gone all the way with him on a date, would it have been good?

    She didn't even know how long he had been, only the width. As a matter of fact, she had only felt his shaft, and had no idea what his head might have been like. She had always wondered, but was glad that she had saved her virginity for her wedding night.

    On her wedding night from memory she had made a comparison between her husband and the boy in the darkened room. She recalled how her hand had moved back and forth on the boy's penis, and it had been about two inches in each direction without going over the head of his penis.

    Her husband didn't seem that long. When she placed her hand around his shaft, it only could move back and forth maybe an inch or less before she hit bottom at one end, and head at the other.

    And that was much of the reason why Jacqueline had done what she had done with the man in the department store. She had noticed him following her from the time of the escalator. Expecting him to give up eventually, she had continued to make the rounds with hubby and kids. But the young man had persisted, hanging on and continuing to follow her at a discrete distance.

    She had deliberately chosen a location where they could talk if he had enough nerve to speak to her. And when he had been close to her, alone, well almost alone, she had been thinking about the boy at the party. And then when he had asked her to jack him, it was like she was once again experiencing something from so long ago.

    When the young man had climaxed and shot his stuff all over that dress, it had been like fulfilling a dream to her. But, it had gotten her into trouble, big time trouble.

    Now here she was, married and going to meet a stranger in a motel, and he had a tape. Jacqueline had agreed to meet Charles under duress, the threat of exposure. Charles had said he would bring a copy of the tape to prove to her what he had seen. Jacqueline knew that Charles might be telling the truth about the tape.

    Charles had chosen an older motel, the kind where you could park your car right outside your room. Under the circumstances, this was the best way for her. There would be no lobby or clerks to see who came and went.

    To aid in making her feel safer about someone seeing her car, he had picked a room in the rear. When Jacqueline found his room number, she was afraid to park right in front of the door, so she parked twenty feet away, on the other side of the travel lane.

    She wasn't expecting this!

    From the window of the room, Charles saw what she had done and came outside. Her eyes widened as she stared through her windshield at the man approaching her car. She looked surprised, and scared. Charles laughed inside and thought, 'That's right, baby. I'm black. Surprise surprise. I know you weren't expecting me to be black.'

    Charles was meeting Jacqueline in the parking lot instead of having her come to the door. Charles held out his hand to her by inserting it partially through her opened window, which she had rolled down only a few inches. "Hi, I'm Charles, and you are Jacqueline, I presume."

    Her heart pounding, Jacqueline looked up into his face as she timidly placed her hand into his and acknowledged his greeting with a gentle handshake. She looked at her hand within his. His hand, partially because of his long fingers, looked to be twice as big as hers.

    But his coming out to her car made it easier for her as Jacqueline had been terrified at the prospect of knocking on a door and not knowing who waited within. But this man was black, and he looked big, so big that he could easily overpower her.

    Charles smiled and acted as nice as he could outside, helping her to gather enough nerve to go alone into the room with him. "You're less likely to have anyone see you if you get out of the car and come on into my room."

    She hesitated. "Shall I bring my purse or leave it locked in the car."

    Charles smiled. "You can bring it in. You might need it for re-doing your makeup or for a hair comb, whatever. Roll your window up and don't lock yourself out by leaving your keys inside."

    She had caught his meaning when he had stated she might need her purse for re-doing her makeup. Now there is no doubt as to what he expects. Nodding, Jacqueline nervously hit the button on her power window and after it had closed, she removed the keys from the ignition and reached for the door handle, but Charles beat her to it and opened the door for her. "Th...thank you," she stammered. She hesitated, afraid at first to make her move.

    Heart pounding, she reluctantly made her decision and climbed out of her car. She was wearing a pair of light gray sweat clothes because supposedly she was at the gym. As she stepped out and up from the car, their difference in height immediately became apparent as she looked up at him, way up. In what seemed like an eternity for him, and too quick for her, they walked from her car to his room.

    He held the door open for her, and Jacqueline asked him to step inside and away from the door so she could 'look into the room first.' Smiling, Charles stepped inside the room and stopped a few feet away from the door. Jacqueline stepped partially into the room and took a good look around. Of course, from there she could not see into the bathroom.

    "We're alone, right,” she asked? It would be the first time in her life that Jacqueline had ever been alone in a room with a black man. She wanted to be alone, yes, because of what she was about to see. But on the other hand she did not want to be alone and friendless, because of what she might be about to have to do.

    Charles understood. "No tricks. Just you and me," he hesitated, "and a tape player."

    She nodded. After a slight hesitation and one last look back around the dimly lit lot, Jacqueline nervously entered. She knew that once she was in that room and the door was closed, that he would basically be in total control.

    A Motel, a Man, and a Bed.

    The atmosphere seemed to change immediately. The entire wide-open world closed down around her. It seemed quiet, dead quiet in the room because they were way back from the street and its traffic. A bed, a queen sized bed sat in the center of the room. It was huge, inanimate, and seemed to be waiting just for her.

    Now alone in a room that was strictly a bedroom and with a man who was not her husband, Jacqueline avoided his eyes and took the time to check out the room. Deliberately avoiding even the appearance of looking at the bed, she slowly walked to the bathroom and peered in, making sure that no one else was with them.

    Then she peeked into the closet, which had a sliding door that was open. Charles knew what she was doing but said nothing. She wanted to peek under the bed too, but knew that would look silly.

    Jacqueline walked back to the center of the room, stopped beside the bed, and stood awkwardly. Charles knew he needed to get her to relax. He offered her some wine from a bottle that he had placed in ice. Jacqueline shook her head and Charles said with a smile, "Well, maybe later."

    Charles had already set up a VCR player that he had brought with him, and the only way to watch the images on the TV monitor would be by sitting on the bed. There was a round table and two chairs by the front window, but no room for the chairs to sit near the TV.

    For that, Charles was thankful and this seating arrangement was one of the things that Charles had checked out in advance. She could not watch the TV unless she was on the bed. Clever thinking, this. He could maneuver her into position without her being forced.

    The motel was older and had not yet updated to flat screen TVs. Charles turned on the TV to let it warm up. Then he sat down on the edge of the bed in front of the TV, and motioned for Jacqueline to join him. He had left room for her directly in front of the screen.

    She hesitated. Charles grinned and said, "Don't worry, I won't bite, at least not yet. I want you to see this footage first."

    His words penetrated her very soul. 'Not yet', he had said, and 'see this footage first.' She trembled nervously and thought to herself, 'Yet, first, and then what? What happens next?'

    Jacqueline wanted to see it too, because she could not believe what had happened to her. She had done all that, and all the while it was being recorded. She had quickly left the store and joined her husband and kids, but the memory had haunted her. It was as if she had been in 'The Twilight Zone.'

    Then, two days later, had come the phone call. During the entire day in advance, and on her way to the motel, she had been hoping that Charles had made it up and there really was no tape. But now it looked like he really did have her on tape.

    Rigidly, she sat down on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor and directly in front of the screen. 'At least he's not too close to me,' she thought. But that changed instantly as Charles slid twelve inches over and stopped beside her, very close. His weight caused the mattress to sag a little, which caused their bodies to slide down and touch at the hips.

    Charles leaned forward and hit the button. As they sat together on the queen-sized bed and watched the video tape, Jacqueline saw herself heading to the rear of the store. This guy had spotted me right away with his camera, she thought, resentfully.

    She watched herself on screen, making conversation with that man, and remembering that it had been she who had made the first contact by speaking to him.

    It was strange seeing herself this way. There was no sound, yet she could put the words into the mouths of the two people on screen, because she had been there. Then, a couple of minutes later, she saw herself placing her hand on the strange man's erection, then having her body being exposed, fondled and fingered while she was jacking him off.

    "Oh my God. You can see it all." Jacqueline could not believe how much, in detail, Charles had recorded.

    "And up so close..." she whispered as the camera zoomed in for a closeup of her hand on that cock.

    "That's right baby. Got it all and keep watching cause I'll bet you get turned on again, just like you did that day."

    "I doubt that." She said it, but knew better because already, she was feeling that familiar tingle.

    Taken from the higher angle of the camera, it was all so detailed, up close and personal. It was she on the screen, but it was like watching someone else. 'How could I have done that, in public?' Jacqueline knew what she was seeing was true, but it was beyond her comprehension that she could have done that.

    Charles wisely was remaining quiet, but he hoped that seeing herself being revealed on tape and reliving the incident would arouse her. "I...I don't remember doing that at all. And I don't have the slightest idea who that man is." She had lied, and knew right away that it was a dumb lie. Of course she remembered, unless she wanted to pretend to have been sleepwalking.

    Charles, of course, did not believe her. "Well, that's you for sure, so no use trying to deny it." He was right, of course. It was her image on that screen. When Charles had called her and mentioned the tape, she had figured out that he must be a security guard.

    Now Jacqueline knew for sure. She could possibly file suit against the store and this guard, but she would never in a million years be able to explain this to her husband.

    This man, this guard, had her. Anything he wanted, she might have to do. "What I meant to say, what I did say, is that I really didn't know who that man was, or is."

    "I understand," Charles responded, wanting to ease her feelings. "It was an adventure, and you got carried away. We all do things like that."

    "Yes, I guess we do," she replied softly. She knew what was coming on the tape, her coming, and within the next few seconds. Not quite ready for that, she needed a break. With resignation in her voice, she asked, "Could I have some wine, please?" But it was too late.

    Charles immediately stopped the tape during the part where she was starting to come. His VCR had the kind of pause that froze any slow-moving frames with a sharp, not out of focus picture unless the shot happened to involve fast-moving action.

    It was a great place to pause, because the picture on the screen was of Jacqueline, with her eyes closed, teeth clenched and looking like she was about to come, which she was. You could even see her gripping the dick in her hand. To a casual observer, seeing this scene as a still photograph, the viewer would probably think she was squeezing that cock so hard it would break off.

    He laughed. "Stopping it here means we are prolonging your orgasm. So enjoy it."

    While Charles climbed off the bed, Jacqueline stared at the screen, remembering. It was good timing on the part of Charles, because she had time to stare at herself in the middle of an orgasm, and it was affecting her thinking. Slowly, she was transitioning from a sense of fear to a possibility of having sex with a black stranger. And this time it would be total sex and not just with two hands.

    Breaking the seal in front of her, Charles poured some wine into a glass, handed it to her and then poured some for himself. Charles winked at her. "This will help you to relax." He took a sip and waited until she drank a little.

    Seeing her look down into her glass with an appreciative look of curiosity he said, "It's white Zinfandel. I thought you might like it because it is so sweet and goes down easy. I heard that women, especially, like it."

    "Thank you. Yes, it does taste good. I'll have to remember the name." She took another sip, a much larger one this time.

    Wisely, Charles rewound the tape to the beginning and started over. This would give her that buildup he wanted her to have. She made no comment at his going back to the beginning, and Charles wondered if perhaps she did want to see it all over again and from the beginning.

    With his left hip once again placed firmly against her right hip, Charles watched her face as the tape began; she was holding the glass up, close to her lips, and she looked entranced by the images on screen. Her eyes seemed to be shining, and her lips were parted slightly. Her lips looked wet, and very kissable.

    Jacqueline took two more sips while she watched. This time she knew most of what what was coming on the tape, and how much showed. That as a given, she was able to concentrate on the details that were more important to her. She took another sip. This would be her only glass, she figured, because she still had to drive home. But maybe it would help her to prepare for what she knew was to come.

    Beside her, on the bed, was the man who had filmed all of that, and she knew that when the film had ended, that he would be expecting something from her. It might be money, but more likely he would want her to do what they were seeing. She hoped that if it was sex he was after, that maybe he would settle for a hand job like they were watching on screen.

    Strangely, seeing the image of herself being fondled on the monitor was affecting Jacqueline's thinking. 'When that guy had his finger in my pussy, it felt so good. And look how I'm squirming under his touch like it feels good. It did feel good too, really good. And even on the tape that dick in my hand looks larger than my husband's dick. Not by much, but enough that I can see the difference.'

    At that point, while she was mentally comparing cocks, Charles placed his left hand on her thigh. Outside of a brief handshake, this was their first physical contact. Even though he was just touching her sweat pants, Jacqueline felt blood rush to her head as she stared down at that big hand, and she felt slightly hot, and like she might faint.

    With Charles's hand on her thigh, she involuntarily sighed as she watched herself coming, and then her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open as the tape continued. Charles's hand was gripping her thigh a little more firmly now and he was moving his hand up and down just slightly.

    She had no idea that her face got all screwed up like that when she was climaxing. She watched herself as she told the man it was his turn.

    At that point, Jacqueline remembered, she had felt so weak that she was barely able to stand. 'My God,' she thought, 'look at that, he's coming all over the place and you can see every squirt on screen!' Charles had been glancing in her direction, waiting to see her reaction to the come shot. Her look of surprise was what he had hoped to see.

    "Look at that, Jacqueline,” he said teasingly. “You really made him come. His jizz is shooting all over those dresses. Shame on you!"

    Just like that, with a few seconds of footage going past, Charles had for the first time been able to interject sexual talk and words into their meeting. With her cheeks red, Jacqueline glanced over at Charles, and saw that he was grinning at his own joke. Somehow she did not feel it was funny, instead, she felt fear at what might be coming. "He told me to aim it away from my skirt. I didn't mean for it to..."

    She paused when he laughed. "Yeah, I know. You didn't mean to hit the dresses. If I felt you were to blame, I might have ran after you and made you buy them."

    Jacqueline looked shocked. "Would you have done that? It would have been so embarrassing."

    He laughed. "No, that I would not have brought into the public eye. After all, it was your first time with him, and you had no way of knowing how far he could shoot."

    She looked down and muttered, "Thank you."

    Charles grinned. "Of course you could have squatted down and caught his cum with your mouth so that the evidence wouldn't show."

    She had her mouth opened wide as she returned his look. "I've never done that, swallowed cum, I mean. And he shot so much out, I could never have gotten it down." With those words, Jacqueline had also entered into the phase of talking with Charles about the dirty details of sex.

    "Yeah, he did cum a mighty one. Can't say that I blame him, getting to play with your body and having you touch him. Just look at that tape." Charles had paused the tape when she had glanced over at him, and you could see a string of come shooting across the screen, looking several inches long as it hung suspended in the air.

    Jacqueline stared in disbelief. The tape was paused, and the shot of cum looked almost like a rope going across the screen.

    Then Charles made a comment that hit home, because she was thinking identical thoughts. "All that cum going to waste. If he had been able to shoot it into your pussy, it would have felt so good to him, and to you also, far as that goes."

    It was an embarrassing admission for her as Jacqueline answered with a shake of her head, up and down. The wine, the tape, his touch and the conversation were affecting her, in ways she did not want to admit.

    "Tell me, when he was coming, or later when you thought back on all this, were you wondering what it might be like, or might have been like, to fuck him?"

    There it was, the 'F' word, and this time from still another stranger. She was staring at the screen and that string of cum going across the picture. "Yes, to tell the truth, I was thinking that, but I would never have done it for real."

    Charles started the tape again without saying anything. The string of cum suddenly disappeared off screen. She continued to watch the screen as she kissed the man. 'Yes, I kissed him, but I wish now that I had never seen him.'

    "Nice touch," Charles said, laughing, as the guy who had just removed his fingers from her pussy visibly placed them in his mouth and sucked. And then, when she was seen tasting the come on her fingers, Charles added; "And equal opportunity." He laughed, and despite her embarrassment, Jacqueline giggled softly.

    Then, as the stranger left her alone, a few seconds later Jacqueline saw herself looking down at her hand and seeing the come on it. Yes, she remembered that, what a mess. He had shot on that dress, but there had still been a lot all over her fingers.

    For the first time in her life Jacqueline knew true fear, not from the man sitting beside her, but from knowing that she had seen herself doing something that was absolutely incredible, in public, and it was all on tape.

    Thankfully, Charles made no comment about her wiping her hand on the same dress that the stranger had shot his load on. But he did crack a joke, when he said, "I thought you might lick the rest of him off like he did you."

    Jacqueline shook her head. "Well, there was a lot more on my fingers than he had on his!" She sounded defensive, then softened. "By then, I was pretty well cooled off."

    To which Charles added, by asking, "And satisfied?"

    She nodded and made an admission, which took courage. "Yes, I was satisfied, then." Inwardly, Jacqueline sighed. She had just admitted that she had achieved satisfaction, and orgasm, with a strange man in the middle of a store. Now, anything she might say to claim innocence simply would not fly. Whatever this man wanted, she would probably have to comply.

    Still, Jacqueline felt that she had to say something, anything. "I want you to know, I do love my husband, and I've tried to be faithful. I always have, until now, I mean until then!" As she added emphasis to the word then, Jacqueline visibly motioned her head towards the screen.

    Charles smiled at her, taking his eyes off the screen in order to look her directly in the eyes. "I am sure you mean what you say. But I think you might have been wanting more than just what we see up there on the screen."

    She didn't reply. To deny what he was saying would be pointless. They were here, in a motel, and alone. He already had his hand on her leg. Soon it would be more, and it probably was not money. When the tape had run its course, Charles rose and stopped it and then started it on the rewind cycle.

    Jacqueline sat silently. If only she could just 'grab' that tape and run out of the room. But he had said he would bring a 'copy'.

    Charles sat down beside her again and gently told her to disrobe. Jacqueline sucked in her breath. It was to be sex. She hesitated, until now she had not known for sure whether he wanted money or sex, although an invitation to a motel had been a strong clue as to what he had in mind. 'Obviously this man, this black man, expects me to fuck him.'

    She loved her husband dearly and this was something Jacqueline would never have considered under normal circumstances. Yet, the possible alternative was worse. Charles told her that he would see that her husband came upon a copy of the tape.

    Blackmailed by a black male.

    Still, she hesitated. "Please. Don't make me take my clothes off."

    Then Charles went further. Jacqueline had no doubts that Charles would and could do this when he told her where her husband was employed, and his hours. Charles had done his research in advance.

    With her mind racing, Jacqueline studied Charles while trying to decide whether to run out of the room or go for it. One problem with attempting to run, Charles was between her and the door.

    Charles was not all that attractive to her. If she saw him on the street, besides moving further away if there was no one else around and it looked like he might be able to grab her, she would not give him a second glance except for his size. He totally dwarfed her because he was tall and quite heavy. His gut hung over his belt slightly, and his hairline was receding a little.

    He might be 35, she estimated, and working as a security guard so he probably wasn't a real go-getter. He was probably one of those types that still lived at home with his divorced or widowed mother, Jacqueline figured.

    Actually, she wasn't that far off. Charles had lived alone with his mother until she died the previous year from cancer. Now he had a home in a mixed and coming up neighborhood that was paid for. The security job he did mostly because it was easy and he had voyeur tendencies.

    The hours were steady and allowed him time to work on his hobby, which was electronics. Also, Charles was just six credits away from his bachelor's degree in electronics.

    Jacqueline tried to bargain. "Would you settle for just what you saw on the tape? I could just...play with you'"

    She looked into his face, and when he seemed to be shaking his head slightly in the negative, she added another concession, "and you could touch me, like he did." Charles laughed. "Baby, I have already played with myself while watching that tape of you in action.

    All the times I have watched it, I wanted you so bad I could taste it. You've even been in my dreams. Now that I have you here, I need more than just a hand job." And then, as if remembering her last offer, "and if I was touching you, I would want you even more."

    He studied her face, and continued; "Besides, after finishing up that way, in the store, it seems that you might like to do a little more exploring, by seeing what it might be like to go beyond the 'just playing with hands stage.'"

    This conversation was getting very intense. Jacqueline knew they would soon be fucking, but she felt a need to cool things while she thought this out. "How did you find out who I was?"

    "That was easy enough. You were parked right beside the mall door and I saw you drive off."

    "You took down my license number, I guess."


    YOU PLAY, YOU PAY Part 3

    Jacqueline makes her decision.

    'She held out her glass. "Could I have a little more wine, please?" He filled her glass almost to the top and as her hand shook slightly while holding her glass, Jacqueline took a long gulp. That was all Charles needed to see. By her taking that long drink of wine, he knew that she was going to go for it.

    Reaching out, she sat the glass on the dresser beside the TV and VCR. With no other choice, Jacqueline rose and turned her back to Charles.

    She glanced at her watch; "We have about an hour, no more." Her voice sounded unemotional and resigned. She has to fuck a strange man in order to save her marriage. To top it off, there was no guarantee this would be the only time.

    Worse, she had decided for some reason, that this man would have an average size or smaller than average penis. He must have, she was thinking, or he would have made a comment when the other man's penis had been revealed on the tape.

    Charles was elated. He had expected her to say words like 'quickie' and 'get it over with'. Instead, she had allowed an hour. "We can do a lot in an hour, a whole lot."

    The excitement was obvious in Charles's voice, and she trembled. 'Why the heck had I suggested that we had an hour''

    She shook visibly as she slowly removed her sweatshirt by pulling it over her head. Then she bent forward and pulled down her sweat pants. Strangely, she thought back on that time, with the high school boy, and her long two minutes in the dark.

    Charles admired her as the clothes came off. She was wearing a white brassiere and panties. From the back her ass was fantastic, and he continued to sit so that he could stare at it from the same level. His peter, already tingling from sitting beside her and knowing she had been seeing herself performing sexually on film, was now firmly erect in his trousers.

    Did he ever have a surprise for her, a big black man's surprise.

    Jacqueline was extremely embarrassed. Even if she had been willingly meeting a man that she was attracted to, even a white man, this would have been difficult for her because she had virtually no experience with men outside of marriage. With her face burning, Jacqueline folded and placed her sweat clothes on the dresser and waited for further directions. Her head was hanging as she stood with her back to Charles.

    Telling her that she had made the right choice, Charles stood up behind her, unhooked her bra and lifted it away. He sat it down on the dresser and then from behind reached around with both hands to cup her breasts. His forbidden touch caused a shiver to go up her spine. This was different from when James had fondled them. There, in the store, she had some control over what happened.

    Now, here in this room with the threat of exposure hanging over her, it could go as far as this man wanted. She glanced down at her breasts with the hands that now covered them. His fingers were long, very long black fingers and the thought hit her, 'I heard that men with long fingers have...' She shivered at the thought. 'Big cocks. Is it true?'

    Jacqueline stood with eyes closed as he squeezed them, causing her nipples to become achingly erect. He pulled her back against him and held her tenderly in his arms while both of his hands teased her throbbing nipples. His right hand slid slowly down her stomach, and as it did so Jacqueline shivered.

    His touch felt like electricity on her skin. He ran his hand over her panties, which felt good as he tickled her pubic hair through the panties. He was leaning down and had his face close to her neck, and his warm breath seemed to add to the intimacy of his closeness.

    His other hand released its grip on her breast as he knelt behind her and slowly started pulling her panties down. She felt him plant a kiss on her beautifully rounded buttocks as the panties reached her ankles. Jacqueline slowly stepped out of them and waited. She sighed, loud enough for Charles to hear from his position near her ass.

    Rising, he told her to turn around and as Jacqueline turned to face Charles she discovered with a gasp that he had opened his fly. He was already erect and it was poking out through the hole. Even with some of it still hidden inside his pants, she could see that his penis was huge!

    He smiled as she stared, then looked scared, embarrassed, and quickly looked away. Charles reached out with one hand and placed her hand on his dick. "No no, don't look away. No need to be afraid of it, baby. I promise that it will be good to you."

    Dejavu. Once again, for the third time, she was in a standing position and being offered a dick to handle by a stranger. But this time it was different. This penis totally filled her hand. Her fingers could not touch one another unless maybe if she squeezed tightly. She did not try for fear he might think she was excited.

    She gave his penis an exploratory stroke and held on to it as Charles loosened his belt, undid the button at the top of his jeans, and dropped his drawers. Jacqueline had her eyes down so that she did not have to meet his eyes with hers. Of course, by looking down, she was looking exactly where he wanted her to look His gut was not all that big now that his trousers were down.

    She looked up and watched as he pulled his shirt off. His chest had some hair, but not much. His pectorals were immense and he had huge arms, his biceps bulging. She asked him if he worked out, and Charles said a little, not that much now, but he used to be a football player, quite a good one actually.

    Jacqueline was still holding his peter in her hand, and for the first time she took a good look at it. The shaft alone, without counting the head, was longer than her husband's penis was with his head included. And on top of that this penis was so wide.

    Jacqueline shivered, 'So this is a black cock. This fat thing is going to hurt me for sure.' Yet, she felt a strange excitement beginning, more in her thoughts at the moment than between her legs.

    Jacqueline had never really thought about it, but now she knew. Ever since feeling the strange man in the store, and his constant mentioning of what he would do to her with his 'thick 'cock, Jacqueline had been harboring a fantasy of being with a man who was large, especially the thick part of large. And now it was happening.

    Charles seemed to sense her thoughts. "I bet you're glad that I've pulled a big cock out of my pants. It might have been a letdown for you if I had turned out to be a little guy, especially after seeing yourself holding one on the screen." Wisely, Charles did not use the term 'black' or make any comparisons to 'white' in consideration of not appearing to be trying to put her husband down.

    She hated to admit that in a way she was pleased. "A small one would have been a let down, you're right about that. I don't know how it is going to feel, but you'll be different, that's for sure."

    Again Charles was wise with his answer, avoiding any mention of race. This was a married woman, caught up in a situation she was probably hating at the moment. "I'll be different baby, you can count on it. Not only in what size I am packing, but how I use it on you."

    She had to let go of his penis for a moment while he dropped his underwear and kicked off his lower garments and laid them on the chair next to the dresser. Seeing them for the first time, his balls looked big too. An image flashed through her thoughts, of lying on her back and feeling his big balls slapping against her ass while he fucked her fast and hard.

    When Charles resumed fondling her breasts, she gently stroked his penis, and felt a strange tingling begin in her pussy. The thought of lying under this huge man, not just his penis, but his entire body, was strangely inviting. Jacqueline hated what she was being expected to do, but now that the inevitable was about to happen, she was becoming aroused.

    Telling her to 'hang on,' Charles slowly led her to the head of the bed while she held onto his rigid member. He paused and told her to lie down and spread her legs. When she had lain down with a pillow under her head, she opened them, but not far enough.

    Smiling at the sight of a fantastic pair of tits pointing up at him, Charles reached over her body and grabbed the other pillow. She knew right away what he planned to do with that pillow. As if it wasn't bad enough that he had a dick that would penetrate all the way to her stomach, he wanted to go all the way to her throat!

    He asked her to raise her hips, and as she did so by digging her heels into the mattress, he placed the pillow under her ass. As her body lowered onto the pillow, Jacqueline slowly allowed her legs to drop open. Charles stared. Wow, raising her hips like that really opened her pussy to his view.

    The pubic hair was parted nicely now, and he could see her entire slit. The lips were sort of stuck together at the moment and he could not see inside. No, not yet, but soon.

    He climbed onto the bed, and instead of getting between her legs, he laid down beside her, on her right so that he could use his right hand on her. Putting his left arm under her neck, Charles placed his head beside hers on the pillow and began caressing her gently, starting with both her breasts, and after several seconds, moving down to her pussy.

    As he began playing with her snatch, staying to the outside at first, he moved his mouth close to her lips, but she turned her head slightly away. He knew, she wasn't ready yet to be kissed, and he planned to change that. He knew that they would soon be fucking, but he wanted more, a lot more from her. Her kissing willingly was a major portion of what he was craving.

    He caressed her clitoris gently, and when he could feel her hips beginning to move slightly as if encouraging his touch, he slowly slipped his forefinger into her pussy. She was wet now, but he was surprised at her tightness. Her gasp as he went in up to his second joint confirmed what he was thinking. 'How can she be so tight after having two kids?'

    Again he moved his lips close to hers since she had moved her face back to center and had her eyes closed. Again she turned slightly away. Charles began to finger-fuck her, being gentle but firm in his movements. Her pussy clasped his finger tightly, and as she moaned softly, Charles saw her mouth open as she tried to suck in more air.

    Jacqueline was enjoying his touch, and at the same time hating it. 'Just his finger feels as big as my husband's penis,' she was thinking. 'He'll kill me with that cock of his.' Mentally, Jacqueline had already placed the two penises that knew and would soon 'know' her into separate categories, 'penis,' and 'cock.' So far, neither of them had made any mention of race.

    Deciding that she was as wet as she ever would be, Charles raised his body and moved on his knees to position himself between her legs. Jacqueline had to open wider to accommodate the thickness of his hips.

    Her pussy seemed to be looking at his cock in welcome as he walked forward on his knees and placed the head of his dick against her lips. He began rubbing her lips, using the head of his dick to touch her as he used his hand for guidance.

    Jacquelin moaned, and involuntarily, her legs opened still wider.

    For the first time, Charles noticed a thin red scar running from the top of her pubic hair towards her belly button. It was so well done that it was almost invisible. He looked close, and discovered that there were two scars. He asked Jacqueline what they were from, and she told him that because her pelvic area was so small, that she had cesarean operations while giving birth to her two children.

    Still rubbing her cunt up and down with the head of his dick, Charles cracked a joke. "So the kids came out of 'there'," he commented as he nodded towards her stomach, "instead of down 'here'," he emphasized the lower portion as he rubbed her lips harder with the head of his cock.

    "Does that mean you still have your tight pussy?" Jacqueline replied in the affirmative and asked Charles to be gentle with her, because he was far bigger than what she was used to.

    Charles promised her that he would be gentle, because he wanted her to enjoy this and come to see him willingly in the future. His dick was dripping pre-coital fluid, and he had managed to slick her up a little at the entrance. That should help some.

    "Do you find that exciting, the fact that I am larger than him?" Charles knew one thing for sure; he was excited at the prospect, 'very' excited.

    At that moment Jacqueline had been flashing back to thoughts of her husband and what she was used to. So when she replied, she said, "Him?" You mean my husband? No," she corrected as she thought about it, "you mean the guy on the tape. Yes, you are larger. Way larger."

    "But does that get you excited'"

    She was trembling, and nodded in the affirmative. Then she seemed to think it over and said one word; "Scared."

    "And what about your husband? You said I am far bigger than what you are used to, so I guess you meant your husband. How does he compare to 'this?" Charles wriggled his dick up and down her slit with his hand.

    She sighed loudly, sucked in some air, and answered. "That other man was close to my husband in size, maybe a little bigger around. You're bigger than both of them."

    "Good," Charles said, smiling down at her. "It makes me feel real good to know that I am about to give you something you've never had before." Again, no mention was made of color by Charles, only an indirect reference to size. But Jacqueline had the thought in her head. 'A black man. I'm about to be fucked by a big, black, man!'

    Charles knew that he should take the time to prepare Jacqueline, but he wanted her now, in the worst way. Still, he knew he should do something. Using both hands as he knelt in front of her, he opened her lips so that he could see inside. It was so little. "This is a nice little snatch. I'll try to leave it undamaged so that your husband doesn't suspect that it was used and abused."

    He was joking, but she took him serious. "Do you think he will be able to tell? You're so big'" She left the sentence trail off. Twice she had told him that he was larger than her husband was. She had never thought of her husband as being small. He was too, especially compared to Charles. Her husband had even been a little smaller, widthwise, than the man in the mall.

    Charles laughed. "You might want to hold off on giving your husband sex for a day or so until your pussy pops back into shape." He was being funny, but Jacqueline was actually worried about it. 'Will my husband be able to tell? Will I be stretched out?' Her husband often commented about how snug she fit him, and how much he liked that.

    He had even said that he was happy, afterwards and all was safe, that she had given birth both times by Cesarean and that her vagina had stayed snug. They had never talked about it, but now, thinking about it, she realized that her husband might feel a little insecure about the size of his penis. But she had never really thought about it that much.

    Sometimes, when she was making love with her husband, her mind would wander, and a few times it had gone back to her time alone with the boy in the dark. It seemed like the boy had been larger than her husband had turned out to be, but she couldn't be sure. After all, all she had felt was the middle of that boy's shaft.

    The fit between her and her husband was pretty good, and Jacqueline had always been able to feel him when he moved in and out, even after she became good and wet. She agreed with her husband that the fact that she had not delivered her two children vaginally had kept her nice and tight. Will having sex with this man and having his huge cock within me change all that?

    Sincerely worried, she asked Charles again, "Really, do you think my husband will notice a difference? I don't know how I could explain that, if I felt different." She paused.

    Charles was laughing inside, but he tried to sound sincere by acknowledging her concern. She unwittingly was paying him a big compliment by talking this way about how he might stretch her out so much that her husband would be able to feel the difference.

    Charles didn't know if her pussy would feel different, or stretched out. It seemed logical that the way her pussy felt and how it might fit around a dick would be changed after having a big cock stretch.

    But he had read that women were flexible, and their pussies popped right back to where they had been before. But he was enjoying this conversation, because the emphasis was on his dick, how large it was, and how it was going to affect her pussy.

    "He might be able to tell if you went to bed right away with him, just after taking me. I think that after a few hours go by, maybe a day, you will feel about the same as before."

    She still sounded worried. "I hope so."

    Charles smiled smugly. "If he seems to notice anything, and mentions it, just tell him that you are very turned on, and about how he got you all wet and so on."

    As Charles climbed between her legs and leaned over her by keeping his arms stretched out, Jacqueline had never felt so dominated. This man was so much larger than her husband, in every way. He placed his lips on her nipples, first one, and then the other.

    They stiffened and stayed erect as his lips left each one. She could feel his cock, that big black thing, touching her down there. Somehow, all by itself, it had landed on top of her hole but maybe just a bit high.

    Charles was looking into her face, and she knew he was waiting. She reached down to guide him without being asked. Facing the inevitable, Jacqueline felt a strange excitement mixed with fear as she placed the head of his cock between her vaginal lips and released her grip. It was directly over her hole. All he had to do was push.


    "Please be gentle and don't hurt me," she begged as she looked down between her legs while her body shivered. Jacqueline's words were genuinely from fear. She was afraid not only of being 'stretched out,' but of feeling pain in the process.

    Thoughts went through her head, thoughts of the boy from high school, and the man in the mall. She had not screwed them, but had fantasized about it. Now, from out of nowhere, she was about to realize her fantasy of having a stranger, but this was reality, and reality was a black stranger and his huge black cock.

    Despite his excitement, Charles wanted to delay his entry as long as possible. All this talk about comparisons with her husband and stretching her out was very exciting. She had aimed it for him. That was a good sign that she might be getting into this. Wanting to ensure that she was wet, Charles used one hand to run his dick up and down her slot while using the other hand to fondle her breasts.

    As she looked up into his eyes, her legs opened even further in response to the erotic sensations that were shooting through her cunt. She remembered how the boy in the mall had stuck his finger into his mouth, his 'wet' finger.

    Then she shivered and a feeling of fear took over. She wanted to delay this for a little while. It took a moment for her to gather her nerve and ask, "Would you...eat me first, for just a little bit?"

    "Later baby, I promise. You look so good lying there I just have to sample some of that pussy first. Don't worry, I'll break you in gentle."

    She was disappointed to hear that he was not going to eat her. She wanted that, not only for the possibility of enjoyment, but also to help prepare her for what was to come.

    He caressed her lips some more with his most intimate flesh. "You're all wet and ready, I can tell. While I'm working it in, you can talk to me and tell me how it feels. Like if it hurts, tell me and I'll back off a little. Aim it for me again."

    His penis, of course, was already there, but it was especially erotic to have another man's wife aiming his penis. So with his hips he moved the tip of his head slightly away from her hole and watched as she grasped him and placed his penis right at her hole. It was time.

    "Do you have any Vaseline or anything that we could use? I'm afraid."

    Charles was loving it. She wanted him, he was pretty sure of that. But she was afraid of his size. Inside, he was laughing. "I have foreskin baby. I'll just reach down here..." Pausing, Charles looked down between his legs, grasped his penis with one hand and ran the foreskin forward until it completely covered his head and went a little beyond.

    "Now I'll put it against your hole like this..." he pressed the tip of his penis against her, and pushed.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She gasped as the huge head of his penis slid all at once past her outer lips and lodged partially inside. He paused there and grinned down at her. "See how that worked? My foreskin acted just like a shoehorn being used to fit the heel of your foot into a tight shoe.

    The skin stays to the outside, against your lips, and the inside slips right on through. What you feel is my size stretching you, but that skin acts just like Vaseline. It doesn't hurt all that much now, does it'"

    Jacqueline was trembling. Her eyes were closed and the look of shock on her face was slowly turning into a smile. "No. It didn't hurt going in like it was dry, just like it was too wide, but it seems better already."

    "Well, just to show you how that worked, let's do it again!


    She tried to protest, but he wasn't listening. Charles eased back and allowed his penis to come out of her hole, almost turning her inside out in the process. Then, reaching down to grasp and hold his foreskin once again, he eased forward into her, going a little deeper than before and once again making her gasp.

    He repeated this four times, still not making full entry with his head, then he paused on the outside of her hole. "How's that?"

    Charles had told her to tell him how it felt, and used the possibility of not hurting her as an excuse, but actually, he was hoping to hear her tell him how good it was feeling. Hearing something like that from a 'faithful wife' had always been a fantasy of his. Smiling down at her, he again held his foreskin forward and eased his hips towards her. "It's time I went all the way in."

    Jacqueline groaned and closed her eyes. Though Charles tried to be gentle, she bit her lower lip and gasped as his thick knob slowly pushed the rest of the way through her tight slit. "Wait! Wait just for a second." Charles paused in response to her request, but his head remained between her lips, and the stretching continued.

    Her vagina was pretty much in the same condition it had been when she was a teenager. Only her husband had been in there, and she wasn't even sure if he was normal in size.

    Jacqueline sighed after a moment and said, "Try again."

    Then it was, "Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh gosh!" Charles was stretching her so far it almost hurt. Besides that, because she was having a strange man come between her and her husband, she was not completely turned on yet mentally.

    That was partly why she had wanted Charles to eat her. With tears in her eyes as she began taking Charles deep for the first of many times to come, Jacqueline slowly raised her knees and placed them beside his hips.

    "Please be gentle with me." His head had penetrated well past her lips now, and he was going deeper. She groaned and placed her legs a little higher, going around the back of his legs as Charles eased forward and back. She was getting quite wet now.

    "Is it feeling good yet?" Charles's voice sounded hopeful, and she didn't lie when she answered, "Yes."

    Finally, after almost a dozen short strokes while she let out little 'ohs' and 'aahs,' the kind of 'aahs' that sounded like enjoyment, Charles buried it, eliciting still another gasp from Jacqueline. He laid quietly on her, unmoving and enjoying the feel of being all the way into a woman, who, in his eyes was almost a virgin. She felt like it too.

    As he started teasing her earlobe with his tongue, her arms went around him. He could tell that she was waiting for him to begin pumping, but still he waited. Her pussy was growing wetter by the minute. Now somewhat adapted to the hugeness within her, her legs went higher and wrapped around his ass. Her arms tightened, and Charles could tell she was ready to begin some serious fucking.

    "You're getting used to it now, aren't you?"

    She sighed, paused, gave him a little hug and said, "I...I think so. At least it doesn't hurt now. It did at first."

    When he began pumping with almost full-length strokes, the pleasure took over. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. When she excitedly raised her arms higher and grasped his head, he tried to kiss her, and again she moved her head away, but not so far this time.

    He gave her several more slow and gentle strokes and again tried to kiss her. Their lips met for the first time.

    This was a big step for her, and for him! Charles knew what this meant, and was elated. She was kissing him, kissing a man not her husband, a black man to boot, and she was doing it on her own. That was why Charles had not eaten her first.

    Some women did not want to kiss a man if he had her pussy juice on his lips. Now he could give her the big test and see if she would kiss him after he had eaten her.

    He stopped pumping. She waited, and when he did not start pumping again, she moved her hips slightly under him to encourage him. Still, he did not move and finally she opened her eyes and looked into his face. "Why did you quit? Is something wrong?" She was still trying to move her hips under him.

    He smiled down at her and said: "I wanted to tell you something." He paused and waited until she looked up into his face, wondering. "That's why I didn't eat you first before I put it in."

    Surprised, she stopped moving her ass and looked into his eyes. "What do you mean, 'why?'"

    "I didn't want to have the taste of your pussy on my mouth, because I was afraid you wouldn't want to kiss me. I wanted to kiss you, and have you kissing me back almost as much as I wanted to fuck you."

    She nodded, letting him know that she understood. "Well, I would probably have kissed you anyhow, once we got going." To prove her point, she moved her opened lips to his and kissed him, responding strongly when his tongue entered her mouth. This kiss she wanted him to enjoy, if for no other reason than to prove that she would have done so, pussy juice or not.

    "Enjoying yourself now?"

    She smiled as she made her concession. "Yes." '

    Jacqueline goes from innocence to wanton slut.

    'Almost twenty minutes after they had started, Charles was rolling his hips from side to side and making his cock twist and hit the inside walls of Jacqueline's pussy at an angle. At the same time he was rubbing back and forth across her clitoris.

    Jacqueline was moaning and Charles switched to in and out and increased the rapidity of his strokes. He was still being somewhat gentle but his balls could be heard slapping against her ass. They were both sweaty, and the sounds of wet flesh added to the mix.

    And there were more sounds. They were both extremely excited now and the sounds of slippery juices could be heard as his thick cock tugged her lips in and out. No longer afraid of his size, she was craving all he could give. With her hips thrusting upwards to meet him and her fingers digging into his firm buttocks, Charles groaned as he came into Jacqueline for the second time.

    He continued to lie on top of her while they rested for two to three minutes. Their bodies were dripping in sweat. This little bitch was one hot number. She had come several times to his once during their first fuck, then, making noise all the while, she had a really intense orgasm when he had gone down on her.

    Best of all, she had kissed him passionately after he had gone down on her. He held her tenderly, cuddling her in his arms. This seemed romantic, and that was what Charles wanted her to feel.

    After she had taken a quick trip to the bathroom Charles laid sideways with her and kissed her while he caressed her body. Then he placed her on her back and they were off and running once again. This time she came two or three times while Charles climaxed once. He sweatily rolled off after almost 15 minutes of continuous rapid humping. His penis was 'dead', or so he thought.

    But she had plans for that cock. Jacqueline was a changed woman now. She had been able to come more than once a session with her husband, but only on rare occasions. And never had she come more than twice. Jacqueline wanted more and boldly sucked his soft and slippery dick.

    She even milked his shaft and swallowed the little blobs of residual come that oozed out of his tip from his orgasm. In only a minute Charles was rigid again. Giggling hysterically, she climbed on top.

    "You've been fucking me like you can't get enough of me, and now I'm going to fuck you like you can't take it anymore!"

    Once she had enjoyed easing her body down over him very slowly, Jacqueline took charge and told him 'don't you dare come' as the sweat poured off her body and dripped onto Charles. She joked about how she was 'getting her workout after all.' She kissed him during the entire time she was mounted.

    "Do you love me?"

    That came out of the blue from Charles. Jacqueline was shocked, and it scared her. She stopped pumping. "No, I, how could I love you? We just barely met."

    "Yes," he replied. "But I think I know you in bed more than your husband ever could. I could easily love you, if I let it happen. How about you?"

    "That's true. You know me in ways I never knew about myself in bed, but I'm happily married and don't plan to change that." Despite what she was saying, Charles noticed that she had started pumping again. Not as deeply, not as fast, but she was taking him in.

    "O.K." he replied. "But if you ever feel like saying it, you know, like in the throes of passion, don't be afraid. I won't take it seriously. I just feel like, when you are really really into it with someone, sexually I mean, that you are in love at the time."

    She hesitated. "That might be true. I've been sort of feeling that sometimes when we are, you and I are doing it and kissing. But if I ever say the "L" word to you, take it in context, O.K'"

    "You got it. Feel free." He pulled her down and kissed her firmly. She responded, but Charles could tell that she was afraid to let it go this time. She resumed her pumping, and the sweat continued to flow.

    After coming again, she rolled onto her back and asked him to hurry if he wanted to come one more time because it was almost time for her to head home from her "workout."

    Charles tried kissing her a lot during this final fuck of the night. Jacqueline did not let herself go with Charles when it came to kissing this time, despite the powerful urges within. She kissed him, but held something back because the subject of 'love' had been broached.

    Charles had planted thoughts into her head, thoughts of love. A love affair was not what she was seeking, although being fucked by a strange man not her husband was turning out to be fun. This intense pleasure was something she had not expected.

    Her fingers dug into his ass when he suddenly began pounding into her for the first time. His balls were hitting her ass in a regular machine gun rhythm. If a pussy was ever receiving a workout, it was like what was happening now. It felt good, but she caused him to pause when she jokingly said, "I thought you promised to leave me, 'it' I mean," referring obviously to her vagina, "undamaged so that my husband would not know."

    "I guess I got carried away. Do you want me to stop?"

    She squeezed him with her arms. "No, don't stop. You're tearing me up inside, but it feels too good. I'll just have to try and keep my husband out of it until it pops back into shape."

    Charles laughed. What a change in attitude from when they had first started. Now she was able to freely discuss her sex life with her husband, make jokes about it and make comparisons with Charles.

    This woman was one hot number. He went back to banging, and she began groaning. He gave her a gentle kiss, much different from the other end of their bodies that were being slammed together.

    "I love you." She said it softly, she said it so soft that he almost didn't hear, but she had said it. That was a start.

    "Ooh baby, I'm coming!" When Charles stiffened and groaned in her ear as his final orgasm hit, Jacqueline was right there with him. He also mouthed the words, softly, but she heard him. "I love you, baby."

    He went slightly soft immediately, and as Charles rolled off to let her up, he flopped down beside her. Huge amounts of come dripped out of her pussy and landed on Charles's stomach as she crawled over him to get to the bathroom. Her legs were so weak she could barely stand.

    She almost staggered as she walked to the bathroom. Talk about being well fucked! Jacqueline had never experienced a feeling of total satisfaction quite like this with her husband, even after their longest sessions in the beginning of their marriage.

    On the toilet, Charles poured out. He kept pouring out and knowing how deeply he had placed his come into her she decided that she couldn't wait any longer. Let him drain into the shower. She stepped into the shower and adjusted the water to a nice warm temperature.

    As she washed her pussy, Jacqueline could feel tenderness all around the lips. Oh dear husband, don't ask me tonight for sex, please.

    Charles opened the door to join her, but Jacqueline said she had to take her shower alone to save time. She did not miss the opportunity to take another, this time loving glance at his cock and seeing how it hung down so far.

    He helped her to dry off, and then after they were dressed Charles walked her out to her car from the motel room. She had his phone number now and was to call him when it was convenient for her to see him.

    Seated behind the wheel, Jacqueline asked him how long it would be before he would give her the tape from the store or let her see him destroy it. He said maybe two more times and he would destroy the tape in front of her, and she would be "free."

    Jacqueline glanced around the parking lot, then reached her head up and kissed him lightly as her hand groped his soft bulge. Jacqueline smilingly said that once she was free, she might be inclined to keep meeting him, but only on an occasional basis because she really was expected to be at the gym and couldn't risk missing many workouts.

    There was truth in her words. Now that she felt at ease with Charles, Jacqueline had made her decision. If Charles kept his word and destroyed the tape after two more times, she might keep seeing him whenever possible.

    She mentioned that sometimes her mother would babysit for her so that she could get out and about on her own at times during the day. That would be a good time to get together. It would be safer than having her not showing up at the gym. Charles mentioned that she could come to his house. A sure time for her to call and reach him to arrange things was set up.

    Watching her drive out of the parking lot, Charles all at once felt a deep sensation of loneliness. He wished that she worked out in a gym that was closer to his house. It would save money if she could come to his house, but it was too far out of her way from the route she had to take between the gym and her home.

    Now though, it looked like she could come during the day. Charles might have to take off work, but it would be well worth it.

    Charles went back into the room and removed the tape of Jacqueline in the department store from the VCR. She wanted to see it destroyed. He smiled. Sure, after a couple more fuck sessions he would keep his word and destroy the tape of her jacking the stranger off. Why not? He had another copy, and besides, now that he had fucked her, that tape no longer had great value to him. Besides, he already had a new tape of her.

    Charles had cleverly concealed a video camera in the room before she had arrived. He had placed it between the extra blankets on the wire rack above where you could hang your clothes. He had carefully zoomed the lens in so that the bed filled the entire viewing area.

    No matter what position he had placed Jackie on the bed, it should all show on camera. And he had been careful to place their bodies so that the genitals would be visible from the angle of the camera. The tape was capable of recording for two hours, more than enough to get what had happened tonight on film. After removing the tape from the camera, he placed it into the VCR, rewound it and started to watch.

    After two minutes of watching the two of them together as they sat side-by-side and viewed the tape he had placed into the VCR, Charles stood up and removed his pants. When he sat down again, his hand went to his erect cock. This tape was turning out to be even better than he had hoped.

    Reality hits home on what she has done.

    Jacqueline was getting close to home, and her nervousness level rose. Had anything happened? What if her husband, for some off the wall reason, had decided to come by the gym to check on her? No, he wouldn't check on her because he had the kids to watch, but he might come by with the kids to see how she was doing. He had never done that, but there could always be a first time.

    Guilt was hitting her now, now that she was again facing reality of what she has just done.

    She pulled into her driveway. Her panties were soaked, she could tell. Despite her shower, come had remained, and now it was coming out. She was going to have to get into the bathroom first, before her husband saw her.

    You Play, You Pay Part 4

    Charles was watching his latest tape. Wow, what a hot flick. The images had come out perfectly, and the sound, though not perfect because of a microphone on the camera that sometimes was too far away, was pretty good as well.

    If not for the fact that he had to respect her privacy, this tape would be a good one to put on the market. Charles would never do that though, for the only thing he wanted out of this was to experience Jacqueline as often as possible, for as long as possible.

    When he had made his initial penetration, he had turned their bodies so that their lower halves were towards the camera. He had been careful to raise her legs high so that everything would show. It had worked to perfection.

    He could see it all in detail as his penis worked into her, stretching her so wide. And her groaning was easily heard on the tape. 'Did you like that black cock working its way in, baby? I know you did.'

    He watched the tape all the way through, and listened carefully to see if he could hear her say the L word. It came out, barely. She had said it softly, but the recorder had picked it up. Next time she met him in the motel room or in his home he would treat her as nice as he knew how.

    He would have the camera set up again, and this time get her in some different positions, like doggy style, that they had not had time to do the first night.

    If she came to his house, he could set up more than one camera. His bedroom was large and old fashioned. There were lots of places to hide cameras. His ultimate goal was to get her to say she loved him on tape, and mean it, like when they were just talking and not humping madly. Despite her having drained him in bed, Charles found himself with a hardon the entire time he watched the tape.

    He rewound the tape to where they were really going at it, and she had said the L word. Then he jacked himself to orgasm just minutes after having the actual woman on screen in the very bed where he was now. When he headed home, Charles had not taken a shower before leaving the motel.

    He wanted to keep as much of the feel and smell of Jacqueline, sweat, come, saliva and all as possible on his body until maybe the next morning. As far as using the films he managed to tape secretly to keep her around, Charles didn't plan to. At least, not yet. After all, he was in love.

    Thinking of saving herself for Charles.

    Jacqueline was lying in bed and dreaming. Her husband had hinted that perhaps they could make love tonight, but she had indicated that she was 'a little tired.' In her dream Charles was on top of her, his marvelous cock was stretching and stroking her pussy so nice, and his mouth was on hers. 'Oh Charles, maybe I really could love you.'

    Fortunately, she was only saying it in her dream, because while she was sleeping, her husband, after gently fingering her pussy, had crawled on top of her and was slowly slipping his penis in.

    "Ooooh! What are you doing'" Jacqueline had awakened to discover that the good feelings she was dreaming of were real. Her husband had managed to fully penetrate her while she was asleep. Of course, she had been dreaming of Charles doing exactly that.

    Already she was aware of the difference.

    "I'm really horny tonight baby. I don't know why. It's just that you seemed to be glowing and looked really sexy tonight while we were getting ready for bed. I kept thinking about that even after you said you were 'too tired.'"

    He gave her several strokes, and Jacqueline especially took note of how much smaller he seemed than the man whom had been within her not that long before. 'Penis, cock. I can feel it, but I hope he can't feel the difference,' she was thinking. And then, as if he had heard what she was thinking, it came.

    "You don't feel as tight tonight, baby. Maybe it's because you're so wet."

    Sloppy seconds.

    'Is he feeling cum from Charles? Charles put it in there so deep.' Her husband had ended his sentence like a question, and she quickly tried to explain her stretched out and soaking pussy as best she could.

    "I was dreaming of making love to you, and then all of a sudden it was real." She wrapped her arms around him to show her love for him, and was relieved when he accepted her 'explanation.'

    "Maybe that's it. I think maybe I'll catch you when you're sleeping and dreaming once in a while. You're so wet and I like how this seems to have you all turned on."

    "That would be nice dear, but not too often. I need to get my sleep sometimes. Now let's f... let's make love so that I can get some sleep. I really worked out hard at the gym tonight."

    Jacqueline shook her head to herself. 'I almost said 'fuck.' At least he didn't seem to catch it.' In their years together, neither she nor her husband had ever used the word 'fuck' to describe what they did together in bed. It had always been 'make love.'

    He was lasting longer than usual. Jacqueline encouraged her husband, pumping her hips up at him to encourage his actions. Still, not matter what she did, it just wasn't the same. Charles had seen to that.

    Afterwards, Jacqueline was lying on her back with her husband's arm under her neck. Because she had been turned on before her husband had started 'making love' to her, Jacqueline had managed to reach an orgasm almost simultaneously with her husband.

    It had been good, but now that she had a basis of comparison, it had not been great. No longer would her husband's lovemaking be categorized as 'great' in her mind.

    She had heard the whispered stories, some of them, about black cock, but mostly in relation to those cocks being attached to black men. I would appear that the stories were true.

    'Is it possible to love two men at the same time,' she was thinking? This thought was keeping her awake. Still excited, about Charles, she was idly playing with her clit. Not trying to come, just daydreaming in the dark.

    Her mind returned to that video. It had been so vivid, and revealing, and she was thinking, 'I wonder what it might be like to do a video with Charles, in bed, and watch it together later.'

    Now, past midnight, Jacqueline was still awake and looking at the ceiling in the darkened room. Her mind, though wandering, was still on Charles. 'From now on,' she was thinking, 'I might fuck Charles a short time after my husband, but never again the other way around.'

    That had been a close one. The last thing she needed to have was a suspicious husband checking on her. Not now, not after having found the man of her dreams, even though she had never before dreamed that the man would be black.
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