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. I cuckolded myself

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Woreout, Dec 28, 2016.

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  1. Woreout

    Woreout Cuckold of my own doing Author!

    It's all 100% true.

    I married a true sweetheart of a girl. She was eighteen and I was twenty two. She is five four and one hundred pounds, thirty four B cup tits, blonde with blue eyes. I'm six two, two hundred and twenty pounds, Auburn hair and green eyes, my dick is only four inches long rock hard.

    At first everything was just dandy. We both worked and we had sex an average of five times a week. Then it got to four times and later three and then almost never. I knew it was my fault, she couldn't orgasm from my little thin dick. She never said anything about it though but I knew what it was.

    One day while doing some four wheeling with a couple of buddies we had stopped for a beer and a piss. I was pissing beside a tree when Keith came over, he was fumbling with his overalls trying to get his dick out. I finished about the time he started so when I turned to go back to my truck I caught a glimpse of his cock. I called it a cock because it's bigger than a dick. He had over four inches hanging pasted the four fingers holding it. And it was flaccid. I couldn't get the size of his cock out of my mind all day.

    That evening after I had cleaned up from my mud ride my wife and I were eatting dinner. I said to her, baby I saw Keith's cock in the woods today. She kept eatting. I said did you hear me? She said yes, so what. I said it had to be seven inches long soft. She stopped chewing and her mouth was almost hanging open. I looked her in the eyes and YEAH I know. She giggled and called bull shit. Then continued eatting.
    Since I felt strange talking to my wife about another guy's penis I dropped the subject.

    The following week in ran into Terri ( Keith's wife) while at the grocery store. I don't know her real well but she recognized me so I stopped to chat. We talked about mud ridding and stuff. Then she said she needed to get going I said me too. She pushed her shopping cart ahead of me and I walked behind her. She had on leggins that fit like pantyhose. Her legs are thin and she had a thigh gap I could lay my hand on and not touch her thighs. It looked absolutely sexy as hell. And knowing she probably had a nice loose pussy from Keith's thick cock made her seem even more attractive.

    At home I mentioned that I had talked to Terri at Kroger. My wife bearly knew Terri also but she said that's Keith's wife right? I said yes, then I told my wife about how I had pictured Terri's pussy from all those fucking Keith gives her. My wife said I shouldn't do that. I said do you think you could handle being fucked by a cock the size of Keith's? My wife stopped putting up the grocery's and looked at me, why would you ask me that she said. I shrugged my shoulders and said I don't know, I just think it would be hot if he was to lay that big fat cock on you. My wife said it'll never happen. I was in danger of over playing my hand but I asked any way. Why will it never happen ? Is it that you wouldn't do it or you think he wouldn't do you? She kept putting away the grocery's and said he wouldn't ever do me.

    After we had finished with the can goods we sat on the couch to watch some TV. I felt like it had been long enough to bring it up again. What do you mean he wouldn't do you I blurted out. I went on to tell her that he has made lots of comments on how sexy he thinks you are. Bull my wife said. It seemed to me that the subject wasn't closed. I told her that Keith had tried to get Terri to bleach her hair blonde like yours. What does that prove she said. I said he told me that if she did he could pretend he was having sex with you. ( It wasn't true but I got carried away) . Didn't that make you mad she asked me. I said no, in fact I kind of dream of you having sex outside our marriage. Really, is all she said.

    I had planted the seed I thought to my self. Now to figure out how to actually get him in her pants.

    I came up with a plan but I wasn't sure if it would work. I waited untill one afternoon when my wife was wearing her tight shorts and a real loose fitting tank top braless. Her dark tanned tits could easily be seen through the thin white meteral. I called Keith and asked him to ride over, I needed some help on my truck. Just as I was hanging up my wife saw me on the phone, who was that she asked. I said oh it was Tommy he needs me to help him for a couple of hours. She said OK when will you be back? I said about nine o clock. She said that's to late to fix dinner. I said I'll eat something when I get home.

    As I drove off I started laughing, yeah I'll eat your pussy when I get home. I drove straight to Tommy's that way I didn't lie. He and I shot the shit for a good two hours. My mind kept racing back to my wife and Keith. Just before nine I told Tommy I'd better get going.

    I eased down our road Incase Keith was still there. His truck wasn't there so I pulled up the drive way. I hurried into the house. My wife was in the kitchen starting some water to boil, I came up behind her and took her waist in my hands I leaned in to kiss the back of her head. Her ass flew back pushing me away. What's wrong sweetheart I asked. You think you are very smart don't you? I said what did I do ? She said you called Keith over here and then drove off hopping he and I would have sex. I was busted. I begain to apologise. She said shut up. I did just that. I was about to walk in the den when she turned around to face me, look at this she shouted. I lifted my head to see she was pulling her tank top to one side exposing her right boob. What is that I asked as I begain to move closer. It's a fucking hicky she said, your buddy Keith sucked a hicky on my tit while he plowed my cunt with that wonderful cock of his.

    My mouth must have been hanging open because she said close your mouth , your plan worked. I was in shock. You mean you and him actually did it? She said yes and I have a pussy leaking his cum right now. I began unfasting her shorts and pulled them down. She said he took my panties with him. I picked her up off the ground and carried her to our bed. I tossed her on it and dove between her legs. She protested saying don't put your mouth there his dick was just in there. I covered both of her pussy lips with my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. I ran my tongue up inside her as far as possible. She had in fact been fucked , her clit was swollen and puffy. I worked it over real good with my tongue. I pulled my pants down a tried to fuck her myself. She was so loose and wet it was no good.

    The next day was Sunday and I had planned to just be lazy all day. My wife came in the den around ten that morning wearing only a night shirt. I asked how she felt . She said I feel fine. She sat across from me and pulled her legs up Indian style. This made the night shirt raise so I could see her hairless pussy. I said are you airing it out as I pointed to her expose lady part. She glanced down and made no move to cover herself, she said I'm actually about to ask you to call Keith and have him come fuck me all day. Wait, you want me to ask him to fuck you? She said yes. He knows you set us up we laughed about it after we had finished . What about me can I watch I asked ? No, you will go away somewhere and I'll call you when your snack is ready.

    Well Keith has been fucking my wife regularly for over two years now. Lately she has been hitting about adding another of my friends. Today she is happy , I'm happy and Keith is happy.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2016
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  2. errolflynn

    errolflynn Member Author!

    Very good
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  3. sexyboots

    sexyboots Well-Known Member Member

    That's the way to get them to do it then! Good on you. Keep it up!
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