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. Husband Sets Wife up on a Special Hockey Date

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by tustin92614, Sep 26, 2016.

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  1. tustin92614

    tustin92614 Member Author!

    This is a story about a loving husband and wife that enjoy and thrive within a long-term hotwife lifestyle. He loves setting her up on dates, where she enjoys a wide variety of extra-marital sex acts. Sometimes those dates are black. Neither is into humiliation or cuckolding, and they find her dating enables a deep and compassionate communication in their marriage


    My husband of nearly 15 years, Jim, is a huge hockey fan. He's had two season tickets for years, and has worked himself over time to where his seats are really good. I guess they are considered prime seats, and they sure are not cheap. Only one problem. I really don't like hockey! I go to a game sometimes, but he knows it's just not my thing. So, Jim spends a lot of time seeking out another hockey fanatic that he can sit next to! Which is harder to do than you might think, since we live in southern California where surf is more popular than pucks!

    When the team is away, Jim goes to a nice upscale sports bar near our house, and has a couple beers and keeps one eye on the game and one on the fans. He tries to find someone that really gets into the game, but is still reasonably sane (not all hockey fans are!) If he finds one, he'll buddy on up to him, and see if a friendship can happen. He's made some great friends this way, and they get access to some really great seats for home games.

    At the start of this season, and all his "buds" from last season had moved away, or got wives or girlfriends that don't want their guy going to hockey games without them. So, he was alone, or stuck with me. But, the first 4 games this season were away, so Jim had an opportunity to spend some significant time finding someone new. And man did he find a good one!

    For almost 4 weeks it was nothing but "Darin this" and "Darin that." They not only went to the bar together for every away game, but Darin went with Jim to all but one home game as well. I know they met for lunch occasionally, and they even joined a bowling league together. So, Darin was seeing Jim more than I did!! But I am not complaining, Jim and I still have lots of time together, and I love seeing my husband have such a good friend. Especially one that means I don't have to pretend to know what 'icing' or a 'blue line' is!

    Well, a few months back our team was on the road in Colorado, so I knew Jim was going to head to the bar with Darin to watch the game. He came home from work at about 5:30, and seemed a little sullen for a hockey night.

    "What's wrong, honey?" I asked my husband. "You seem down."

    "Not really," he replied, smiling a little. "Just a late change of plans."

    "Why's that?" I asked.

    "Darin has other plans for the night," Jim said. "You wanna go watch the game with me? It is against Colorado, so we might be able to leave early."

    "I'd love to," I said with surprise excitement. "It's been awhile since I've watched a game with you. Just give me 30 minutes to shower and get some makeup on."

    I took a really quick shower, did some decent makeup, and got dressed. Dressing is easy for a game, as Jim has bought me all the team's stuff you can imagine. Team leggings. Team jersey. Team socks. Team boots. Even Team panties. So I was just all decked out as a super fan, and I must admit, it's a pretty sexy look! At 5-5, 119 pounds, my body looked really good, especially my butt!!

    "Damn you look hot!" Jim exclaimed as I walked down the stairs. "And it makes me very happy you aren't wearing a bra!!"

    "Well, this jersey feels really good rubbing on my nipples," I laughed. "But no one will notice the nips though with the game going!"

    With that we got in the car and headed off to the bar. We chatted the whole way there, and it seemed like no time before we were parking. I was actually looking forward to spending a couple hours with my husband, even if we were watching hockey.

    "Why are we parking here at a hotel instead of in the bar's lot?" I asked. "It's like a half mile to the bar."

    "It's not a mistake. I have a surprise for you," Jim said with a devilish smile. "I know how hockey is not your thing."

    "Is this what I think it is?" I said excitedly with an uncontainable grin coming on.

    "Yep," Jim replied, his smile turning into a big grin, too.

    "Fuck yeah," Is all I could say. Over and over. "Fuck yeah." As I pounded my feet into the car's floorboard as I did a little happy dance!!

    It has been almost a year since Jim has set me up on a date, so I just started trembling with excitement and anticipation when I figured out what was happening. I could see Jim trembling with excitement too. Whoever it was I was going to be seeing, I knew it was going to be good!! If you read any of my past stories, you know that Jim and I live a sporadic, on again - off again, hotwife lifestyle. From the looks of things, we were hitting a new "on-again" phase!!

    "I can't believe you are taking me out to meet a date tonight," I said excitedly. "I am soooooo ready for this!!"

    "I found a real special guy for you, too," Jim said calmly. "I know he is going to treat you really well. Hopefully he will treat you several times!!"

    "Oh, this guy is in for the night of his life," my voice squeaked out. "He better have some good stamina!"

    We walked briskly into the hotel, practically jogging to the elevator, and we rode in silence to the fifth floor, which seemed to take an eternity. My body was already fully aroused, and my nipples were protruding hard through my jersey. We walked down the hall, and stopped in front of a room where the door had been jammed open with the security door clip. I could hear that the hockey pre-game was on the TV in the room. We both stood silently for a bit looking at the door. I knew that whatever was behind that door was going to make Jim and me very happy tonight.

    Jim looked at me with a cute sheepish half-smile, and I put my arms around his neck and gently kissed his forehead. Jim gets a little shy and skittish when the time comes to commit to turning me over to another man. Although he almost always goes through with it, he's backed out a few times at this point. It's at this point that his nerves and emotions are most exposed and raw, so I need to speak and act very carefully until Jim comes to his own decision.

    "It's OK if you don't want to go through with this," I offered honestly. "It's been awhile since we've done this, so I understand it is a big step. I fully support any decision you make. I am OK with walking away and going to the bar to watch the game with you."

    "You know how I get," Jim said softly. "I just get these little pangs of jealously when I think about what this guy will be doing with you in 20 minutes. I will be excited again as soon as I get over this hump."

    "No matter what happens behind that door, you will always be my husband," I said softly. "Behind that door is just sex. I will never love him. You are the one I love."

    "You are right," Jim said as he quickly snapped out of his mood. "Its time to get you laid."

    "Thank you," I whispered in his ear as I let my hand slip down to the front of his jeans. "Damn, you are hard as a rock!" I exclaimed softly. "Do you want me to take care of this before I open the door and take care of his?"

    "No," Jim replied in a near whisper. "I am soooooo horny thinking about what you are about to do, but I want to save mine for you until we get home tonight."

    I squeezed his head and gave him another quick peak on the lips. "Love you," I whispered in his ear.

    "Love you, too," Jim replied as he pushed the door open and pushed on my butt to guide me into the room. "It's time."

    "Let's do this," I said as I passed through the open door. I gasped an audible "Wow!" as I laid eyes on my date. "He's gorgeous," just blurted out of my mouth.

    "I'd like you to finally meet Darin," Jim said breathlessly. "He knows all about our lifestyle."

    "Hi Amy," Darin said while standing up from his chair and extending his hand. "It is really nice to meet you. Jim has told me so many good things about you. And you are beyond gorgeous."

    "It's nice to finally meet you," I replied, gazing up and down his body. "It is great that you and Jim have such a good friendship."

    "I know. Your husband is such a great guy." Darin said respectfully. "But I must say this hotwife thing you two have going on caught me by surprise. I just can't believe he shares his beautiful wife with other guys"

    "We don't share our secret with many," I said softly. "Jim must really trust you. And, yes, its true. From time to time Jim will find a date for me."

    "Is this a date?" Darin asked. "I wasn't really sure what to call it."

    "Well, it's what we call them," I explained. "This will be fun and new and exciting like a date, and you will get laid like a date. But then the analogy ends. I am not looking for any emotional attachment or even a friend. I am married to Jim, and will stay that way forever. With you, this is just sex. Good sex in a nice hotel. But just sex."

    "Well I am good with that if your husband is!" Darin grinned. "It just feels too good to be true! I mean, Jim paid for the room and wine, he made all the arrangements, bought a box of condoms, and even brought you to me. And then I get laid. And then I go home. And you are drop-dead hot. This is a man's wet dream. Wow."

    "Yep! Thats what it's like to date a hotwife," Jim jumped in. "All I ask in return is that you poke her good. Really good. I want you to be on your 'A+' sex game tonight!"

    "I haven't had sex in two weeks," Darin said looking seriously at Jim. "And, like you asked, I haven't even jacked-off in 4 days. So I am horny and ready."

    "Good job," Jim said with a smile. "Amy is going to report back to me how you did." Jim picked a bottle of wine out of a chilling stand, and poured some into the three glasses sitting next to it on the counter. They were big glasses, and filling them emptied the bottle. Jim handed a glass to me, to Darin, and he took one himself. "I'd like to offer a toast to start tonight's festivities," Jim said happily as he raised his glass. "In a few minutes I will walk out this door, and I want you, Darin, to do everything in your power to sexually satisfy my wife. Repeatedly. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy her. Enjoy the rawness of the sex." We all clinked our glasses and had a big drink.

    "And Jim, my husband," I said as I raised my glass. "A toast to you and the strength it takes for you to walk out that door and leave me with Darin. I love you. I will make you proud." We clinked our glasses again and had another big drink.

    "Thank you, Jim, for being a wonderful friend," Darin said lifting his glass high, choking up a bit. "I will do my best to make your wife happy." More gulps, and we did a little group hug. We all downed our glasses quickly in a brief moment of silence.

    There was a knock on the door as we finished the wine. As if on command, a bellman brought in a second bottle, this time a sparkling wine, and 2 fresh glasses. Jim opened the bottle carefully, but the cork popped out loudly and the creamy foamy liquid spurted out the top. Jim quickly handed me the bottle, and I put my lips over the bottle rim and sucked the escaping foam into my mouth, swallowing it in noisy gaspy gulps. "Amy's gonna be doing that to you in a few minutes!" Jim laughed as he smiled at Darin. "I think you'll find that my wife is a grade-A fellator."

    "I plan to be a grade-A fellatee," Drarin chuckled. He just grinned as Jim poured out two glasses, and handed one to me and one to Darin.

    There was a second knock on the door. It was housekeeping, and they dropped off 3 additional pillows, and a couple extra white bedsheets. The housekeeper gave a quick look at us, and the room, and smiled. I guess she figured out what was going on. Although she probably thought it was going to be a threeway; she might still have been surprised to know I was on a sex date that my husband had set up.

    Jim and I have been married for almost 15 years now, and we have been enjoying this hotwife lifestyle for at least 10 of that. Having my husband send me on sex dates was a little weird at first, but it didn't take long for me to fully understand just how much joy and pleasure this brings to Jim, and how it helps us respect each other and communicate better. And yes, going out on dates is always a thrill and brings back all those teenage butterflies, and yes, the date sex is really amazing. Jim very carefully vets my dates, and makes sure that I am only with the best of the best sexually. Looking at Darin, I fully appreciate the effort that Jim makes in arranging my dates. In the 10 years of married-dating, I'd guess that Jim has set me up with about 15 different guys. I think only one was a one-timer, and all the rest were repeat dates. I dated many of the guys for years, and often would see more than one guy in a week. A couple of the guys became close family friends, and we would even take them along on trips.

    Generally, most of my dates are like this one. I meet up with the guy (or he comes to our house,) we do our thing, we split, and then Jim and I do our thing. But, every once in a while Jim will have me do a sleep over. The last sleepover date was about eighteen months ago. Jim had gotten me and my date a really nice presidential suite with several rooms. And, not to be wasteful, Jim wanted me to do the cute guy in all the rooms! So he set up an over-nighter, and per my husband's request, my date did me in every room of the suite (and more than once in the kitchen and bedroom!!). The next morning my date and I woke up to Jim coming into the suite (he always keeps a key). I came out of the bedroom to see him carrying a bag of groceries into the kitchen area. Jim gave me a kiss, and then told me to go back to bed (but to leave the bedroom door open) while he made breakfast. So I went back to bed, and had the most amazing athletic sex with my date. This guy was just so turned on knowing that my husband was 30 feet away, and that he could hear us doing it. I generally don't make a lot of noise during sex, but my date had the bed REALLY rocking and squeaking that morning!! As soon as we finished, my date and I (still sweaty and gooey from our sex workout!) went into the kitchen area where Jim had set out a nice breakfast for us. Jim is just so thoughtful and thorough when it comes to my dates. Just like tonight.

    From experience, Jim knows things are going to get messy on my dates, so he likes to get the room ready for easy clean up. He took one of the spare sheets and carefully draped it over the armchair, and took the other one and unfolded it over the padded bench at the end of the bed. Jim went to the bathroom and came back with a several hand towels. He put one on the nightstand, one on the armchair, one draped on the headboard, and a couple on the bench.

    "Well, that should help contain any mess," Darin said with a laugh. "But I will be using the condoms you bought, so there shouldn't be much to clean up!"

    "On that," Jim said with a twinkle in his eye. "I took you to the clinic today, and you came back STD-free. Your jizz is good to go. So you can nix the rubber tonight and let 'er fly!"

    "Fuck yeah!" I blurted out as Darin grinned. "Love that skin to mouth and skin to slit feel!"

    The pre-game was on the TV, and while Darin and I stood impatiently sipping wine and glancing at the commentary, Jim finished setting up the room. He took the comforter and heavy blanket off the bed and folded them neatly into a stack next to the nightstand. He fluffed the pillows, and tossed 6 of them randomly around the bed, and put the 7th on the floor in front of the covered arm chair. Jim moved a little table next to the arm chair, and put the wine bottle on it. "I want you guys to be comfortable," Jim said. "You can pour yourself a nice glass of wine while she goes down on you, and the pillow will keep her from getting rug burns on her knees." He moved the hand towel from the arm of the chair to the little table. "Just in case there is any spillage from Amy's blowjob you can use this to clean up," Jim said with a smile. "Although Amy is pretty good at getting it all."

    "I don't need to micromanage your evening, so this is completely up to you guys," Jim continued matter-of-factly to Darin. "But you have quite a backup going on, and probably need to get that first shot out soon so you have time for a couple longer bouts with Amy later. So I think Amy should fellate you just after I leave, and then you can recover and have a better and more relaxed sex session later."

    "I'm good with that," I jumped in. "And I accept the challenge not to miss a drop."

    "Fuck," Darin tried to speak. "Yeah, good for me too."

    "Ok, the room's all set," Jim said with a big grin. "The bed is ready with plenty of pillows for positioning. Towels are set around for easy cleanup. And the chair has a protective covering."

    "Oh fuck," Darin said. "This is just surreal."

    "So here's the plan," Jim said a bit more seriously. "I am going to head up the street and watch the game at my bar. I won't leave until it's over, so if you leave the game on, I'll be back about 15 minutes after the final horn. I would appreciate if you were done screwing and dressed by the time I return. Like I said, Darin and I went to the clinic this afternoon, and we got his STD clearance. So, he's good to go."

    "Fantastic!" I blurted out rather too excitedly. "I won't waste any of Darin's jizz. You will be very proud of my work!"

    "Finally, Darin," Jim said seriously. "Have as much fun as you want, as many times as you want, but no anal or aggressive oral. Amy loves a nice mouth finish, so feel free to do that, but just give a couple-second warning. And for now at least, unless Amy wants it, no pictures or video."

    "Got it," Darin said with his voice cracking. "I will treat her well."

    Jim grabbed me and gave me a big hug and kiss. "Have fun," he said looking deep into my eyes. "I love you."

    "I love you too," I creaked as he pulled away. "See you in a couple hours."

    With that Jim left and quietly pulled the door shut. I turned around to look at Darin.

    "You sure you want to do this?" Darin asked sweetly. "You and your husband seem so much in love."

    "Yes. I want to. And Jim wants me to. We are really good with this as a couple." I said as I moved closer to him. "Now let me strip you. I haven't had a chance yet to really get a good look at you. And so we don't disappoint Jim - - let's get you blown. NOW."

    I slowly stripped him, starting with his shirt, shoes, and socks, and then his pants. Darin had an amazing body. He was several years younger than me (yeah!!), maybe 28 or so, and built like an athlete (yeah again!!). Lean, toned, but not too muscular. He was nearly hairless, with smooth dark skin. Actually, very dark skin as he was black. I stood up from taking his pants off, and gave him a nice hug with some back-rub action. He was standing in just his boxers, and the front of them was stretched and tented out. He softly cupped my left breast over the jersey, but I gently moved his hand away. "I want to discover your body before I get too turned on," I said as I let my fingers drag along the length of his penis. "I want you to relax and really enjoy what I am going to do to you."

    I gently pushed him to stand directly in front of the chair, and pulled my jersey off over my head. "Oh my god your breasts are perfect," He said as he instinctively cupped them. "They are just the perfect size and I love the perky little nipples." I pulled his hands off my boobs and dropped down and knelt on the pillow Jim had set out, and before I even touched him, Darin let out his first little "oh fuck." With both hands I grabbed onto the bottom of his boxers, and very slowly started pulling them down. As the elastic band lowered, inch after inch of his black shaft appeared. Dark, firm, and thick, and it just seemed to go on forever. My hands had the bottom of his boxers below his knees before the pinkness of his rim and head began to show. Well, more correctly, he was uncut and his foreskin was stretched tight over his rim and head, but I could plainly see the shapes and a hint of the color. I just couldn't wait any longer, and gave his boxers one final tug.

    He sighed deeply as his massive penis sprung from his boxers, and bounced up and down as if it were a diving board. The shaft was long and black, but the head, with just its tip showing, was a beautiful hue of purplish pink.

    "Am I your first black guy?" Darin asked. "Just wondering if you've seen one like this before."

    "You are NOT!" I said as my fingers traced up and down his shaft. "I am quite familiar with the size and taste of the African American penis. And yours is very nice indeed. Although I do need to get familiar with an uncut penis again. It's been awhile since I've had one of those." There is just something extra cool about a black dick. So many interesting colors going on, and I love the contrast it makes with my light skin. Parts of his penis are really dark, parts lighter, and then a bit of pink and purple tossed in toward the top. Of all the color dicks I've been with, my favorite to suck is a black one. And this one was going to be a lot of fun to suck off. Oh yeah. Did I mention,it was really big and hard!!

    I pressed him harder against the chair, forcing him to sit down. I pushed his knees wide apart, shimmed closer to him, and put my hand firmly around the base of his shaft. He was so thick that my fingers could not make it all the way around, and even gripping him with all my fingers, I bet there was 5 inches still waving around. With my other hand I gently ran my finger up and down his foreskin, feeling the firmness in his rim, and pulling it down to more expose the head.

    "Where do you want to finish?" I teased as I moved the foreskin up and down over his rim.

    "Your mouth," he said in a whisper. "I want to cum in your mouth, just like Jim said I could."

    "I want that, too," I said with a twinkle as I looked into his eyes. "And yes, my husband wants you to cum in my mouth, too. I just wanted to hear you say it out loud." I smiled and leaned back a little, and lifted the bottle of wine and topped off the two glasses. I took one and handed the other to Darin. It was so quiet I could hear his heart beating. He looked at me with huge longing lustful eyes that followed me as I lowered my head and gave the tip of his penis one slow romantic gentle kiss. I pulled up, and lifted my glass to Darin. "Here's to Jim, the best husband in the world," I said while clinking my glass to Darin's. "I dedicate this act of fellatio to him."

    "To Jim," Darin said somberly. "And fellatio." I took a sip and put my glass back on the little table. A huge drop of precum had appeared at his tip, just where I had kissed him. It glistened in the room's light, and grew as I watched it. Darin and I both watched it grow until it broke free and started sliding down the side of his head. I used a finger to capture it, and put it in Darin's mouth. He was sooooooo ready to be blown.

    Fellatio is a very flexible sex act for me. Sometimes I like to play and tease and give a long fun sucking, and sometimes I just want to suck hard and gobble my gooey reward. Tonight was definitely the latter. I put my hands on his knees, and spread them as wide as I could. I used one hand to press his dick against his stomach, and cupped his balls with my other hand. I bent down and gently kissed them a few times, and then licked and sucked them firmly. I straightened up a bit and let his penis flop free. It was long and hard as a tree branch. I lowered my mouth on to it, and sucked him no-hands for a couple minutes, but he was so huge that my mouth quickly got tired, so I added my hand motion. It wasn't long until his hips started driving his dick into my mouth, and his breathing got deep and gaspy. His soft moans became a steady, deep groan, and his hands moved behind my head. He was driving harder into my mouth, and I sucked hard to get my cheeks and mouth to give as much stimulation as possible to his head. Suddenly his hips stopped, he threw his head back, and let out a deep guttural "I'm cumming." A couple seconds later I felt the hard hot splash in the back of my throat, and his hips collapsed into the chair. He released the grip on my head, and I lifted my mouth just off him. I opened my mouth and gently stroked him as I looked up toward him. Spasm after spasm shot at me, some going into my mouth, some on my lips, and some landing in long ropes on my cheek.

    "Fuck yeah!" I laughed as Darin's cum continued to splash into me. "Drain those big black balls!!"

    I was able to immediately swallow the cum that made it between my lips, and then used my fingers to push the white ropes on my face into my mouth. "You must have a very good diet," I said as I licked his goo from my fingers. "You taste pretty darn good."

    "Oh my god you suck so good," Darin sighed as the big spasms finally stopped. "You have such a lucky husband."

    "I love him, and I love that he wants me to enjoy your jizz," I said while playing in the velvety white liquid still slowly oozing from the tip. "Knowing that I sucked you good will make Jim very happy and horny. So let's tell him now!"

    I stood up and got my phone from the nightstand and knelt down and put my face right next to Darin's still cummed up dick. I put my tongue in some of the goo and looked into the camera as I took a selfie. "Jim will love this!" I said excitedly as I texted the image to him. "He doesn't like to be in the room during my dating activity, but he likes to know what is going on."

    I reached up to the arm on the chair where Jim had put a cleanup towel. I carefully cleaned my face, and gently wiped Darin's penis and thighs. My phone chimed, and Jim had answered my text. "Great job, Amy. Proud of you. Looks like a fun one to blow. Bet Darin liked it! Hope he gets it up again soon so you can have that big black pole in you. Love. Your husband."

    "That was sweet of Jim," Darin said with respect. "And I suspect I will be back up very quickly."

    "Nice job on your shots, by the way!" I exclaimed. "Not one drop of cum on my chest or leggings!"

    "Hey, that was all about your good aiming and swallowing skills!" Darin retorted. "I loved how much you played with it, and still managed to not spill any!"

    "Well, practice makes perfect," I said with a laugh. "And I hope Jim sets up more practice sessions with you!"

    Darin stood up quickly, and in the same motion lifted me to my feet, turned me around, and pushed me into the same chair where he had just gotten his blowjob. While I sat he stood and yanked my leggings off in a single quick tug, just like a magician pulling a tablecloth from under the dishes. He knelt down on the pillow, and easily lifted my up with one hand while removing my panties with the other. He tossed them on the floor as his eyes grew looking at my cleanly shaved slit. He pulled me to the edge of the chair seat, and lifted each leg over an arm, until I was open fully wide.

    Without a word he first fingered me and then went down. He was soooooooo good at this. I squirmed and gyrated and moaned and dripped to his every lick and suck. Every moment felt better than the moment before. It seemed to last forever, as he slowly let my anticipation grow. Finally I came in scores of hard spasms that rocked and electrified my whole body. My body finally went limp, and I sagged as my brain let the orgasmic fog drift over me.

    It was almost an out-of-body experience as I felt myself being lifted out of the chair, and carried to the bed. He had me face-up on the bed, with my butt at the edge so my legs hung down toward the floor. He put a couple pillows under my head, and lifted my butt and put one under there too. He picked up my legs by their ankles, and pushed them back toward my head so my knees were up by my ears. He had me spread as wide open as he could. Like a big V. He stood holding my legs, his dick fully erect and rock hard again. It looked harder and bigger now than when I was sucking it a few minutes earlier.

    "Looks like I'm about to get fucked." I said with a smile. "That is one big black dick you got going on. Jim sure knows how to pick 'em"

    "Yep," He grinned back as he looked at my still dripping slit. "You are going to get the best fucking you have ever had."

    I could feel his massive hard penis set against my slit. Waiting. I remember looking up to him, and feeling his pure animal lust. I love that look in a man. When they become instinctive and are consumed by the need to plant their seed. There was no reason for him to hurry. He had me where he wanted me. Submissive. Open. Ready to take him. Darin relished in the moment, enjoying his conquest, and scheming how to maximize his pleasure. My hips squirmed trying to get him inside me. But he was in control. He was gentle for awhile. With his hands still holding my ankles, he stood and eased his head into me. It stretched me completely, and the inches just kept coming and coming. Finally, he hit bottom, and I reached up and felt that there were still a few inches that hadn't made it in me. He quickened his strokes, and grunted in time with his thrusts. "God your pussy is so tight," he blurted over and over. He pounded me deep and hard, moving me around like a little toy to have my body pleasure him more. The bed rocked and the box spring creaked out in joy. My pleasure was so immense that I completely lost the sense of time. I don't know if he fucked me for 5 minutes or for 20. His body was just consuming me. Every molecule of my body was aroused and reacting to him, and ached as the tension reached a fevered pitch. He let out a guttural yell, and I felt his sperm lashing about deep in me. It was like a firehouse had let go inside of me. I felt his fluid pumping out of me with each stroke, and the streams of liquid splashed on my thighs. I was so caught up in his cumming that I almost missed that I was spasming too. He pulled, out, and collapsed next to me.

    We laid there in silence for a few minutes, and could hear that it was almost half way through the second period. We were soaked. A pleasant combination of sweat and sperm. And oh so satisfied.

    "Oh man did your dick deliver," I said to Darin. "That was utterly amazing. Just unbelievably fantastic sex."

    "Why thank you," Darin said with pride. "Its easy to be good with such a great partner."

    "Jim is going to be very pleased with your performance," I said as I laid my head on his lower stomack and licked at his penis. "No guarantees, and it's completely Jim's discretion, but you may be asked to do a follow-on date or two."

    "I would love that!" Darin said excitedly. "I still can't believe I just fucked my best friend's wife."

    "Yep, and you did it VERY well," I said calmly. "And my husband will not just be OK with it, he will be ecstatic about it!"

    "So what does Jim get out of me doing this to you?" Darin asked hesitantly. "If it's not too personal to ask."

    "That's funny," I said laughing. "I have my head resting on your stomach and I am licking semen off your penis head. So I don't think this is the time to think of anything as being too personal!"

    "Good point," Darin quipped back with a smile. "I don't want my questions to interfere with what you are doing. But, what does your husband get out of this?"

    "Several things," I explained. "First, it's really a turn on to him to find the guys, set these up, and make it happen just right. You saw how much fun he had setting this room up for us. Second, he is going to get laid extra well tonight. I get turned on doing this, and he gets to benefit, too. And finally, it helps us grow as a couple. We really have to talk these dates through sometimes, and a lot of nerves and feelings are made raw and exposed. But we communicate our way through it."

    "That is so cool," Darin said. "I had always thought of this type relationship being humiliating to the husband. But it doesn't seem to be."

    "It is not at all," I replied as I continued to gently kiss his head. "It takes a lot of strength and control for him to let me do this. And I respect him so much for that." Darin seemed good with that and just relaxed in silence as I continued to slowly and gently lick his balls and penis.

    I let my mouth and hands get a bit more assertive, and I could feel him firming up to my touch, and I watched with anticipation as it grew and straightened. With a little more oral coxing, it soon was fully erect.

    "Nice job getting it hard again," Darin said with appreciation. "I'm always good for two shots in an evening, but three is hit or miss. Since you got it hard, you can call the position."

    "The game's looking good, so let's watch it togehter," I said. "So get behind me and do some doggy."

    "Love it," Darin said. "Great way to end the date."

    "That's funny we finally got you to call this a date," I laughed. "Now date the hell out of me. And, I don't think I can orgasm any more. I am totally spent. So make this one all about you."

    "Fuck," is all Darin could mutter.

    Darin slowly jerked himself to stay hard as I got into position. I shimmied on my knees to the middle of the bed and faced the dresser, where the TV was. I got on all fours as Darin shifted to get behind me. I spread my knees wide and felt Darin move in close. His finger double checked that I was ready for him.

    "We're up 3 to 2," I said as I felt Darin's penis flop onto my back. "Nine minutes left. Hope they can hold on.!"

    "Me, too," Darin said as his hips moved away from me. "Looks like we missed a good game."

    "They are good on the road this year," I said as I felt him put his tip at my opening. "Although I don't follow that closely."

    "They sure are," he said as he moved my knees farther apart. "They are having a great season so far."

    Darin eased into me, and started thrusting in a steady, deep, and rhythmic fashion. I was glad that he was a little gentler this time, as his big thing had really stretched and used my pussy hard. I had cum so much that I was worn out, but I did feel a couple little spasms as he got closer. But, it still felt great, and I always enjoy making a man feel good. With 2:06 remaining, he let out a soft "I'm cumming" and I felt him release deep into me. He finished with a few shallow pumps, and then slowly pulled out. He gave my butt a soft pat, and got up and stood in front of me, his penis just in front of my mouth.

    "After all that you want a clean-up, too?" I asked with a smile. "You are quite demanding for a first time date."

    "Darin asked me to do whatever I wanted," Darin quipped back. "And watching you do an oral clean up makes me happy."

    "As you and Jim wish," I said as I first kissed his head, and then licked the shaft until it was shiny clean. "All clean and ready to be put away for the night."

    Darin scurried to the bathroom to clean himself up just as the game ended. I toweled off, and did the same after he was out of the bathroom.

    Darin and I were dressed and I was sitting on his lap in the arm chair as the door clicked and unlocked. Jim slowly opened the door, and started to peek in.

    "The coast is clear," I yelled out to Jim. "All dressed and ready for you. The game looked fun!"

    "It was," Jim said with a smile as I got up to hug him. "We won, and it was fun thinking about you two. Hope you guys had fun. I really liked the bj picture!"

    "Oh god yes!" I exclaimed as I kissed Jim. "Darin is fantastic!"

    "That's a nice flavor on you lips!" Jim said with a smile. "Who am I tasting?"

    "A bit of both, I would guess," I said matter of factly. "I just did a little post-doggy clean up on him a couple minutes ago."

    "Very nice," Jim said as he looked at the huge wet spot in the middle of the bed. "Looks like the bed got a good workout!"

    "Twice!" I blurted out. "Darin is just a perfect sex machine!!"

    "Well I see the machine leaked a big spot in the middle of the bed," Jim noted. "Looks like he spouted pretty well."

    "Oh my god, he did," I said with admiration. "And that was his third. I consumed the first one, and the second one ended up in a hand towel."

    "Nice work, Darin," Jim said. "So number three was the doggy you just cleaned up?"

    "Once again you are correct," as both Darin and I laughed. "We both wanted to watch the final few minutes of the game. Both Darin and the team finished strong!"

    "Fantastic," Jim said enthusiastically. "It sounds like you made my wife very happy tonight."

    "You are one lucky guy," Darin said with admiration. "Amy is beautiful, smart, and has a great body. I feel so privileged that you chose me to date her."

    "That's my wife!" Jim said proudly. "She always give it her best."

    "And on that topic," I said turning to Jim. "Let's get going so I can give my all to you a couple times tonight!!"

    "Wow!" Darin exclaimed. "I can't believe you can even think about sex at this point!"

    "Darin, you were amazing tonight, and I absolutely totally enjoyed everything we did," I said seriously. "But you were just an appetizer for me. What we did tonight makes me want my husband even more, and it turns him on so much too."

    "Oh man Jim, you are a lucky guy," Darin sighed. "If that was appetizer sex, you are in for one great meal."

    "One great life," Jim corrected him. "Sharing Amy like this makes us so much stronger as a couple. Both emotionally and sexuall."

    I walked over and gave Darin a kiss on the cheek and a soft pat on his dick. "Take care," I said. "Ya might want to leave a tip for the cleaning staff regarding all your mess!"

    Darin was still laughing as Jim and I headed to the hotel elevator. Soon we were in the car headed home. This period right after date sex is really some of the most special time we have as husband and wife. Jim's emotions are sensitive and tender, and all his fears and emotions are bared for us to explore. This time is the core of why Jim has me date. Although there might be some stress and even some regret during the process, the way it enables us to grow and connect cannot be duplicated.

    "How ya feeling?" I asked quietly. "It's been a big day for you."

    After a bit Jim responds, "You know how it is. I just had my wife have incredible sex with my best friend. It just takes a few minutes to work through it. Did you guys have any emotional connection?"

    "None at all," I said flatly. "Just sex. He was very nice and respectful. But no emotional connection or chemistry at all. He was really fun in bed, but that's it."

    "Oh good," Jim said with a sigh of relief. "He is such a nice guy I was afraid you might start liking him too, or that he might make an emotional move on you."

    "No, nothing like that at all," I said. "I think he understands that all the fun stops if he crosses the line and wants an emotional attachment with me. And I feel nothing for him, except for what he can do tome physically."

    "So what was the most fun thing you did?" Jim asked, now in a much better mood. "And don't try to spare my feelings!"

    "I think it is that his penis is uncut with alot of foreskin," I said thoughtfully. "You, and most of my dates, have been circumcised. Once he got hard and the head was exposed, it seem he was more sensitive and reactive to my mouth. It was really cool feeling and hearing how he reacted to what I was doing."

    "You are being too kind!" Jim laughed. "I have seen him in the gym shower. I know he's packing down there."

    "He is. Man is he ever," I chuckled. "But you seem to set me up with alot of well endowed guys. So I guess I just expect a big one now!"

    "I like knowing you are getting a big, too," Jim chuckled. "On another note, it will be interesting to see how he is when we get together next. Sometimes it gets weird with them after a friend dates you."

    "I hope you guys stay good friends," I said. "He really likes you. I'd hate to see a little casual poking get in the way of a good friendship."

    Jim just nodded as he turned the car into our driveway and waited for the garage door to open. As the light from the opener shined into the car, I could see he was looking at me intently. I could see the lust burning in his eyes. It was going to be a wonderful night with my husband.
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