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. Hung Up On Her Evil Ex (Part 1)

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Oct 4, 2017.

. Hung Up On Her Evil Ex (Part 1) 4.8 5 9votes
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  1. White Extinction

    White Extinction Well-Known Member Author!


    Author's Note:

    Hello there, lovelies. :) Always happy to contribute stories to the Dark Wanderer. I have been perusing the site since 2000 through its many transitions and I am pleased it still remains free - a tradition of the old internet where it was founded!

    I did want to tell you folks about something wicked I have been up to with wicked eroticist Sophie Moon (http://the.lonelysophie.com/)

    There is little audio/video content for the extreme end of fetishism I write, so we produced an audio enhanced 1st person book. This is an experiment and I'd love to see how you guys feel about it. She did an excellent job narrating the wife's perspective.

    Please keep supporting my content and I'll do my best to make plenty of free content too. ;)


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    Hung Up on Her Evil Ex (Part I)

    by Fatima X

    Sasha had dated Jared through the second half high school, the sophomore falling in love with the sadistic hockey player from the get-go. The cruel man was two years older than her and ditched her when he went off to college. It is not like it mattered much to him, always abusive to her… Always bending her and making her do terrible things for him. The Christmas before he dumped her he even did something so terrible to Sasha’s little sister Jenny… Something that made the cute little punk girl both ashamed and wet.

    The tall lithe girl had short pink hair, but was still so much shorter than the muscular and aggressive Jared. Men that were kind to her weren’t real men in her mind, the girl choosing a meek pretty boy named Daniel as her boyfriend. Sure, she was fond of him, but the relationship was almost passionless. Sasha demeaned and even struck him, but the boy never stood up to her making her respect him even less. Jared would prevent her from sitting comfortably for a week if she even looked at him wrong from how hard he’d lash her thick heart shaped bottom with that leather belt.

    Sasha had enrolled at Jared’s college… The only one she applied to. The woman was still obsessed with him, checking his Facebook every night. The boy long since stopped talking to her, only calling her once when he was home for Christmas for sex. He made her drive to his parent’s house to violently use her and then just kick her out of bed when he was finished. She cheated on poor Daniel without a second though. There was no guilt… Jared was entitled to her body. The day she received her acceptance letter the corrupted girl cried tears of joy. She’d be near Jared again.

    Still, Daniel was a nice meal ticket and crutch for emotional support. The boy had a nice trust fund that would allow her to live off campus. With enough brow beating and guilt trips she convinced Daniel to decline his acceptance at the best school in the state for his major and instead follow Sasha. Making her happy meant everything to him.

    Somehow, the liberal girl coiled around Dani’s weak mind. He was so easy to influence, the boy willing to trade his soul for a handjob or a little affection from the cold girl. She had convinced him a month into the first semester that monogamy to her was misogyny. That loving her meant an open relationship. The truth? She was already back in Jared’s bed and she was tired of concocting excuses for going out to cheat on him. The meek boy was exhausting her with his simple needs.

    Another month into the new ‘arrangement’ and Sasha was only home a quarter of the time. She spent all her free evenings with Jared or at his frat, the cruel ex-boyfriend making her sell her body to the boys there for extra cash. The girl offered herself as a party favor just to please Jared, coming home leaking cum from her tight little cunt and ass… Her face sometimes caked with it smeared into her ruined make-up.

    Her boyfriend’s birthday came. As Dani opened his present, the pretty boy so happy to be with her alone for the evening. Almost every other night she was over at Jared's frat. It has been over a month since she told him how it was going to be... Sasha made it clear that he wasn't going to 'nail her down to one man' like she was 'property'. Merely accusing the weak-willed Dani of being misogynist was enough to shut him up. When she came home she was always worn out... Used... Sore. After a frat event Sasha was in bed for two days from the coked-out train that was ran on her.

    After blowing out his little cake in the Livingroom of their apartment the trust fund having pretty boy smiled brightly. Sasha would be happy now, right? She had a lover, he had all his body hair removed, and even began to grow his hair long... Suddenly, a loud knock came at their door, the drunk Jared hollering. "Sash...? Where the fuck are you...?" The tall dark-haired male asked. Wearing jeans and a dark muscle shirt he wanted to cum.

    As soon as Sasha heard Jared at the door she bounded out of the room and headed to let him in. The look on her face could only be described as giddy. It hadn't even been 24 hours since the last time she had been fucked over at the frat house and he had been particularly vile to her, but she was still beaming just to see him again. She let him in with a broad smile and leaned into kiss him deeply. Grinning impishly, Jared came in and kissed her back. Leaning down he pushed his larger tongue into her little mouth - the taste on his cheap beer on his breath.

    "Hey, babe. Come on in…" She said playfully, any thoughts of her Dani completely gone. With his arm around Sasha, he was led into the livingroom where Dani awaited.

    Dani's heart sank, his eyes downcasting. "Heh... 'Ey, faggot... Been a while. Last time was when you tried to pledge and ran out crying when I showed that old video of me fucking Sasha... Took that after Prom before she got boring. Can you blame me for showing it...? She is really fucking good at sucking dick..." The vulgar college junior said, his arm around her still. Sasha never had went down on Dani's little cock... Telling him she thought giving blowjobs was 'too degrading'.

    Sasha kept up her huge smile, even as Jared humiliated her pathetic little boyfriend. She knew this was wrong. She knew she should put a stop to this. Jared was a monster. But, she simply couldn't help herself. She knew what was in his pants and she knew that she needed it. The corrupt girl needed to watch her lover destroy a beautiful boy like Dani. Even the sad look in Dani's eyes made her heart happy.

    She ran a hand down to rub at Jared's crotch. "It took me for fucking ever to be able to deep throat you, baby."

    "I'll just leave you two alone..." Dani began to say, the short male no taller than her stood up to leave the room.

    "Sit." Jared hissed, locking eyes with him. Grasping the back of Sasha's lovely dark mane of hair he pushed her head downward. At that point she was trained to know that meant to get on her knees, take him out, and begin sucking. "I'm really curious, faggot... I want to see why Sasha likes me so much better. Take off your clothes... Now."

    "B... But..." Dani began to retort before Jared narrowed his eyes.

    "Need me to fuck you up again, fag?" The alpha growled.

    Trembling, he began to slide out of his t-shirt and pants... His lithe feminine body was exposed, his tiny 3" member fully erect and twitching. The only meat on him was his cute bubble butt. His eyes stared at the floor, scared to even look at the superior male.

    As soon as she had heard Jared's voice, her panties had begun to soak. But, hearing him berate the worthless faggy boyfriend just made her drip more. With his large hand she knew to sink directly to her knees in front of him, she looked up worshipfully at him for a moment before undoing his belt and tugging his jeans down. His semi-hard cock was already triple the size of Dani's pathetic sissy clit. Her head began to bob up and down, listening to her real man explain the world to Dani.

    Jared grunted, a soft growl of pleasure coming from his lips as the expert little cocksucker went to work... After taking every type of virginity she had he had made her into an amazing oral toy - no longer needing to push her head down unless he wanted to fuck her throat. Her gag reflex was taken from her brutally long ago... Dani's eyes began to get wet as she obediently (and delightfully!) began to pleasure her alpha male.

    "Look, faggot... I want you to watch... I want you to see why you're never going to fuck... Aah..! Never going to fuck Sasha again... Mmn... Tell him, slut... Tell him how it is from now on and... Aaah... Make him watch you take all 10"..." Jared snarled.

    Sasha slowly pulled back from Jared's massive cock, thick strands of saliva still attached. She gave his throbbing dick an affectionate kiss on his fat mushroom head and turned to Dani, while stroking Jared. "Dani. Look at me, faggot." She got him to face her. "Look at this cock. This is what a real man's cock looks like. This is the only kind of cock I want to have fuck me. You are a pathetic little wimp and Jared actually makes me cum. Now watch this." With that she turned and slowly took all 10 inches of Jared deep in her throat, just barely gagging.

    The tears began to pour, his little cock twitching and aching as Jared groaned. The giant member in her mouth throbbed, almost fully swollen as he stared malevolently down at the poor boy. "Aah... Heh... He needs a closer look… Come here. Now." Jared ordered, pointing to the floor next to her.

    Hot tears rolled down Dani’s pretty cheeks as the pale blond 'boi' slowly came close, trembling like a leaf. His knees began to weaken, buckling. Kneeling beside her he watched her take him all the way, her nose poking against his rock hard lower abs.

    She breathed in the intoxicating scent of her lover as he filled her well used throat. Her tongue was out to tease at his balls. Sasha desperately wanted to finger herself but she knew Jared liked to control all of her pleasure. She still thought she might cum just from sucking his dick alone. Drool dripped from her lips. She slid off of him and looked up at Jared. "Hey baby," she cooed at him. "Maybe Dani needs a taste of your cock. His little clit is so hard just watching I bet he'll squirt if you give him a taste."

    Snickering, her sadistic ex looked down at Dani. Fear was in his eyes as his beloved pulled away and insisted *he* continue. "You heard her... Show me how much you love to suck cock, fag."

    "I... I'm not gay..." Dani said, just above a whisper as he looked up at the alpha male.


    Jared slapped him hard, knocking him over. As he regained focus he quickly returned to his knees obediently, a red hand imprint on his pretty face as the flesh began to swell. "Never, ever hesitate when I tell you to do something."

    Leaning in with his teary eyes his little pink tongue came out to touch at the saliva covered head. A thick drop of Jared's precum formed at the tip, giving Dani his first taste as he whimpered.

    "Teach him, slut... I want to cum soon... If I don't it goes up his ass." The evil man threatened, sneering at them both on their knees before him.

    Sasha quickly and obediently got to work. She placed one hand around Dani's throat and another grabbed a bit of his hair and quickly guided him down onto Jared's cock. She actually seemed embarrassed and a bit offended that Dani had hesitated to get his first taste of real dick. She began to force him up and down over Jared's slick cock. Deep down she felt like a monster, but she was already feeling herself on the edge of an intense orgasm. Sasha loved being an extension of her cruel lover.

    Dani's eyes went wide, the wet tears falling as he obeyed Sasha. He didn't want to dare risk her being upset with him... He feared displeasing her. Struggling, allowed her to push him down on the member. His head forcibly bobbed up and down, hot drool leaking down his face as his horrified eyes glazed over. His own little cock was throbbing as he took a third of Jared's large superior member.

    Growling in pleasure Jared grunted out softly. "Aah... Make the faggot take some more... Mmn... Than get behind me and... Aaah... Lick my ass as your reward for the blow job, slut..." Her ex snarled out, sneering. Instinctively Dani's head was beginning to move on its own a bit. Jared's powerful fingers grasped his lovely blond hair and cupped the back of his head, forcing him down and making him choke as he ordered her to change positions.

    Sasha gave Dani’s head another push down, enough for him to experience his very first real gag before letting Jared take over. She excitedly began to crawl around him, leaning down to kiss his feet as she did. When she got behind him, she spread open his cheeks and got a good loving look at his asshole. She remembered to first time he had forced her to rim him. She told him no and he hit her so hard she saw stars. Now Sasha did it willingly. She pressed her tongue into his ass and then began to take long deep laps from the base of his balls to the top of his crack, making out with his asshole.

    Dani whimpered, vibrating the member in his throat. Jared grunted as he brutally began to fuck the poor boy's throat while Sasha's talented tongue licked at his tight pucker. Bright red, her boyfriend had a broken look in his eyes as he was used so cruelly...

    Jared was a monster. She was using her talented tongue just like this as he deflowered her 15-year-old little sister... After getting her drunk and letting her smoke weed with them he stole her virginity bareback, pumping her full of hot cum, traumatizing the poor little girl for the rest of her short life. Now Dani was their new victim...

    Minutes passed, the poor blond becoming more and more hazy as he lost oxygen. Finally, being pushed all the way to the hilt his little nose pushed against Jared's public bone. Reaching behind him he pushed down on Sasha's head. His shivers devolved into violent shaking... With a deep groan of pleasure his muscles tensed. Erupting in Dani's tight little throat he began to pump more and more thick cum inside of him before pulling out intentionally and bathing the beta male’s face in three thick shots of his alpha seed.

    "Fag..." He breathed out, snarling. Breathing hard, his member was semi-erect now... "Both of you, lick... I want to be hard again so I can hatefuck Sash."

    Sasha quickly stopped licking at Jared's tight asshole when ordered and crawled back in front of him. His fat cock was still throbbing, strands of cum still falling in an inviting puddle on the floor. She grabbed Dani's pretty cum covered face and positioned him across from her. With tongues out they both ran them along his cum and drool slicked shaft. Sasha was nervous. Even by Jared's standards he was being especially aggressive and abusive. The last time he told her he was going to hatefuck her he had very nearly put her in the hospital. She stopped licking just long enough to spit in Dani's pretty broken face, smiling evilly at her broken boyfriend.

    Dani did not respond to her spitting on him. He remained on his knees stunned... His eyes glazed over and the taste of Jared's superior cum on his tongue... The warmth of it bubbling in his stomach... The degradation of it leaking down his face.

    Violent Jared grabbed Sasha by the hair, giving her a hard slap. "Take your clothes off and bend over the couch..." He snarled, pulling his belt from the loops of his jeans. Looping it into the buckle he was going to slide it over her head and tug as he fucked her... When he did that he loved making her pass out. Sometimes he came closer and closer to killing her doing it. She'd usually wake up to him still fucking her or another guy who took his place after he came. Whether she was a semi-conscious moaning slut or a dead weight he never... Ever... Cared.

    Every time that this happened she was sure it was going to be the time that he finally killed her. He had joked about it. He loved to let her know how little he would care if he did. This time was no different. Shaking with both fear and anticipation she got up and quickly stripped down, bedding over the couch and spreading herself open invitingly. The belt slipped over her head smoothly and tightened around her throat, nearly completely cutting off her air. She leaned back and looked up at him, eyes pleading that he not snuff her tonight.

    "Heh... Maybe this will be your boyfriend's present? When I snuff you out for good...?" He tormented, holding the base of the throbbing member up and down her wet little cunt. Pushing the large domed head inside of her he roughly rammed his hips forward, giving her no time to adjust to his girth. Tugging the belt he'd allow her blood flow and some air at first... It would build. In under a minute he pushed passed her cervix and into her womb, his tip kissing against its wall before their hips finally met. "Aaah... You're so tight for such a little whore, Sash... Aah...! Heh..." The intoxicated brute said, beginning to violently fuck her. One hand gripped the back of her head by her dark hair, pulling it back to rut her as the other hand tugged the belt to tighten it more and more. Dani watched in fear, his aching and neglected cock dangling between his legs. "Aaah...! Tell... Tell the faggot who you love... Do it..." The monster growled out.

    It was still shocking to her how tight she was considering the things he had done to her over the years. His cock was just so large that no matter what, it still felt like he was splitting her open when he fucked her. She looked up towards Dani and with a cockdrunk intoxicated expression uttered, "I love Jared. I belong to Jared. Jared is my God."

    Sasha had not felt this terrible since she had watched Jared rape her sister. Jenny had spent the next two years in and out of institutions before finally killing herself. Just the thought of that was enough to push her over into her first orgasm, writhing as she squirted violently.

    Dani stared, hearing her words. He felt something snap in his chest - so painful. Her words and expression told him that he was *nothing* to her compared to Jared. The cum covered boy was so humiliated... Shamefully, it was too much for him. With a soft whimper, his little neglected cock began to spurt. Two pathetic little shots came out, dripping lewdly onto the hardwood floor. Jared tugged the belt tighter and tighter... When was he going to end up killing her? It wasn't a question of if he would, but when. Grunting like a beast, he buried every inch inside of her gushing and vise like little cunt. After a few minutes, he was pulling the belt tight for twenty seconds before releasing it for half a minute.

    "Aah... Going to cum... Mmn..." Releasing her hair he reached under and began to rub her fully swollen pearl as he hatefucked her. "Aaah! Beg me to snuff you out... Aaah... Heh... Do it... Mmn... Thank me for snuffing you and your whore sister out..." The evil man demanded, the belt tightening and giving her only a few moments to comply before he likely ended her life forever.

    Bucking backward, her blood and oxygen deprived mind were in a perfect high. She was cumming again and again, losing track of the number of orgasms her God had given her. She was happy she pleased him by giving him Jenny. She was happy she pleased him by giving him Dani. She was happy she’d please him by giving her life to him. Jared was everything. Her tight little sex squeezed and suckled at him, begging for his cum to fill her. Usually she was more frantic, knowing that Jared would only stop when he came… Not now. Sasha was at peace with dying, praying that he’d be there in Hell someday to abuse her more.

    Jared’s muscles tightened, deep beastly growls coming from him as he arched those powerful hips. Muscles tightening, he erupted inside of her… Shot after shot of his Alpha Godseed filled the completely broken female. As he came he released the belt, not knowing if she was alive or not.

    As the perfect heat filled her everything was going black… A powerful orgasm striking her as the peace that it was finally over covered her like a warm blanket. As blood flow and oxygen returned it was not enough to keep her from fainting.

    Staring down as he breathed hard, Jared was already bored. Sasha was appearing to breath again, collapsed over the sofa. “Aah… Heh… Hey, Fag. Get over here and clean up my fucking toy…” The dominant male hissed. The submissive beta swallowed hard, his mouth watering as he kneeled behind her and received his first taste of his future.

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