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. Hudson Rendezvous With The Church Lady

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Apr 14, 2016.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Hudson Rendezvous With The Church Lady

    by EroticWriter


    Date 1949. Location Along U.S. 54, a few miles west of Wichita.

    James pumped hi-test gas into the spotlessly new 1949 Hudson. It was a big car, a four door with brown paint and whitewall tires. The 49 Hudson was an eye catcher with the new 'step down body' design first introduced in 1948 that made it sit and look so low and which would ultimately be setting records in auto racing.

    James knew the driver of the Hudson, not personally, but he had seen her at church. She would usually sit in the front, on the left side with her husband and two little girls.

    James knew her by sight because she was strikingly beautiful, and he had really begun to notice her after seeing her at a church picnic last year. She had worn tan colored Bermuda shirts to that picnic and she had beautiful legs. Even at the young age of seventeen, James knew great legs when he had seen them.

    James didn't think the lady recognized him as a member of the large congregation of the church she belonged to. There was no reason for her to be aware of his existence, after all, he was just a teenage kid fresh out of high school and she had a life of her own, raising kids, and taking care of her husband.

    It was like James was invisible as his customer was combing her curly golden hair while looking into her rear view mirror. After filling the tank James checked the air pressure in the tires at all four corners of the Hudson, and then began cleaning the windshield on the passenger side. James spent extra time on the glass; thankful for the summertime Kansas bugs.

    James was thinking that the bench seat in that Hudson looked wide enough to sleep on lying down, or to fuck lying down. Just then, and seeming oblivious to his existence, she stretched completely across the wide bench seat and opened the glove box to open a makeup kit and take out a tube of lipstick.

    James's heart leaped into his throat as he saw her legs spread wide, pulling her skirt high over her left thigh as she reached. As she straightened, she remained seated with her legs spread and skirt hiked up while she began applying red lipstick while looking into the mirror. James wished that he had been on the driver's side when she had reached across that seat and thrown her left leg way out. What a view that would have been!

    James switched to the driver's side of the windshield as she blotted her lips on a tissue. She still seemed unaware of him as she checked herself in the mirror. She stretched again, reaching to place the tube of lipstick back into the makeup kit, and return it to the glove box.

    Since she was looking away, it was safe for James to stare. This time James was on the correct side of the car as he saw all the way up her skirt, past the tops of her nylons and garter belt and actually to her white, lacy panties.

    This in many ways was more erotic than watching women as they sat over the holes in the outhouse. Here, James could see a face attached to the crotch, and this time he had some knowledge of the woman he was seeing.

    James quickly looked away from her as she straightened up and began to pull her wallet out of her purse, but she still did not seem to be aware of him. He busied himself with bugs, pretending that he had never looked through the windshield. Her legs had closed, but only partially, and the skirt remained high on her thighs.

    Finally, reluctantly, James had to finish with his wiping and get on with the business. He stepped to his right and up to the driver's window. "I was able to get right at ten gallons plus a penny into the tank. So, that'll be $2.60 for gas, ma'am. Your tires are all at thirty pounds. Would you like me to check under your hood?"

    "No, the car only has 400 miles on it and should be all right. You've been very kind, especially all that work on the windshield." Her eyes met his, and James wondered if she was aware of how much he had seen during his diligent cleaning.

    "Do you have a restroom?"

    James's heart leaped, "Yes 'ma'am," as he pointed to the rear. "I'm afraid it's only an outhouse, but it is for women only and it's roomy and we keep it spotlessly clean."

    "That'll be alright. I don't mind using an outhouse. I still have to use one of those when I visit my parents. Do you mind if I pull around to the rear?"

    "No 'ma'am. It's best that way because you don't block the pumps, but we don't get much business on a weekday morning anyway."

    She handed James two dollar bills and three quarters from her purse. "Don't bother with the change. If the restroom is as clean as you say it is, I might even stop in again, since the service is so good."

    She smiled at James and drove to the rear of the station. James gave her a minute as he waited for the sound of the spring on the door being stretched as she opened the door. Knowing now that she was going inside the toilet, he looked around once more to make sure no cars were approaching, and headed towards the rear of the station.

    James felt safe leaving the station unattended in front. The cash drawer had little in it this morning, and was locked. He could hear any vehicles coming down the highway, and would be able to tell from the sound if they began slowing for a stop. There was also a rubber hose across the gravel that would ring a bell if a car drove across it.

    The Hudson was completely behind the station, parked with the driver's door between the men and women's outhouses. The door on the women's outhouse was just closing as James peeked around the corner. James knew why she was just now allowing the door to close. She had held the door open for a few seconds to let the small room air out to get rid of some of the smell.

    James and his father were conscientious about keeping the outhouses clean, but the smell was always there.

    'She's going in to sit down and I need to get behind! James hurried.

    He quietly sidestepped through the bushes behind the lady's outhouse and quickly squatted down, and was happy to see that he had selected the right hole on first try. Though there were slats below the outhouse to let air flow through to keep down odors, James had drilled two peepholes, one under each hole for better viewing.

    Like a photo in a frame, James could clearly see her above the hole cut into the wooden seat. She had lifted her skirt up, and James was able to see her white lacy panties framed by a white garter belt just as they were coming down.

    Panties now out of the way, she slowly began to sit over the hole. James just had time to get good, but all too brief peeks at her entire ass and some of her pussy in the light of the outhouse above the hole.

    She seated herself, and squirmed around a little until she found a comfortable fit over the hole. Then she lifted herself on one side, and James saw the fingers of her right hand go under her upper thigh, up high and close to her butt cheeks, and pull out to the side as she seated herself once again. She had just arranged herself over the seat so that as she sat, her crack, both cracks, would be held open by the wood at the edge of the hole.

    Then James was delighted to see her do it on the left side as well. James knew what she was doing. He had done exactly the same thing himself, many times. You get seated over the hole, then raise your rear and thighs on one side and then the other as you pull the skin of your thighs and ass out to the sides.

    Then, as you sit there, everything is held opened for you. There is less chance of getting pee or poop on your body as you let it go, and also, as James had noted in the past, it kind of feels sexual to be spread as you sit, especially if there is a little breeze blowing through from underneath.

    One thing for sure, her sitting in the spread open position was providing James with a better view than he had expected. James had caught a flash of her pussy lips spreading a little on her way down.

    Now as she was seated she (thankfully) was keeping her thighs wide apart, allowing light from above to show through her pussy lips. In addition to the light from above, these slats under the outhouse allowed enough light to shine under the seats and illuminate body parts.

    Now James knew for sure that she is a natural blonde, and her pubic hair was short and curly, except at the bottom of her pussy. This was the part closest to James, and he could clearly see that her pubic hair was shiny, straightened out and stuck together by the dampness of her pussy juices.

    James wondered if that dampness was the result of her maybe displaying herself in the driver's seat on purpose, and her becoming aroused as a result.

    "Ha! I should be so lucky, to have a woman of her stature and upbringing deliberately display herself to me." James knew that for her to do anything counter to a faithful marriage was unthinkable."

    Her light brown asshole and pink vagina were reasonably well illuminated from below and James was hoping that no cars would stop at the station while he waited to see what she would do. Of all the females he had viewed here, this was probably the one he most wanted to see.

    Piss, shit, or both? If she pissed first, there was still a chance that she would shit, and then maybe piss again. James had observed that women often pissed twice. Watching a woman piss or shit didn't really turn James on in a sexual capacity, it was just that it was so personal, and reserved so exclusively for him.

    In seeing a woman piss, or especially, shit, from his view underneath, James was seeing something that even the women's husbands had never seen in all their years of marriage.

    What James liked to see most, and what turned him on physically, was when they wiped themselves. When wiping their butt, women often used their other hand to spread their cheeks while rising a little off the seat in order to better clean themselves.

    Some women wouldn't rise from the seat, instead just leaning their body to one side and raising one buttock. They would wipe in this fashion. Either way they chose to wipe, to James, this spreading was somewhat sexual in nature.

    Better still was when they wiped their pussy. Most women would remain seated; a few would stand and bend over as they wiped. Either pose usually provided an excellent view as they stroked the paper over their lips, spreading themselves and sometimes letting James see inside their vagina.

    This was almost like seeing them masturbate, but James knew they probably received no sexual stimulation from the act of wiping.

    Once, during the last week of his senior year, James had watched a young wife masturbate over one of the holes. Her husband was having their car repaired by James's father, who was under the car in one of the grease pits. The husband was also under the car, and his wife was wandering around the station. Fred, another worker that sometimes worked for them was watching the pumps, and James had just been dropped off by the school bus a few minutes before.

    James sat in the station and watched the young wife closely, but discreetly. She was quite pretty, about 25, with short brown hair and firm, medium sized tits. Dan talked to her briefly as she drank a soda, and in the course of the conversation she said that she had just returned from a visit with her sister, who now lived in southern California.

    When she asked, James felt that usual leap in his heart as he gave her directions to the outhouses in back. James waited for a couple of minutes, then went around back to see if she was seated over one of the holes. James slipped through the bushes, and was shocked to see her staring at him from the other side of the opening behind the outhouse!

    James stood frozen as she stepped into the clearing and stopped just three feet from him.

    "Were you looking for me? You didn't expect to find me back here, now, did you?"

    James was speechless at first. "I.I was just looking for my cat. I thought I saw it run around behind here."

    "Your cat? Let me re-phrase that. I think you were looking for a pussy," she said, grinning.

    James was shocked. This woman was talking to him in a manner he had never heard before. His face turned red, but he stood his ground.

    "How old are you?"

    "Eighteen, I just turned eighteen in April, " James stammered.

    "You're eighteen? You look a little younger than that. Even so, I'll bet that you're old enough to get good hard ons."

    James could not believe his ears, and he stood staring with his jaw dropped.

    "I know about peepholes like these," she said, stooping down and pointing at the ones James had drilled. "My older brothers put one in ours, and used to watch me sitting on the hole. Sometimes one or more of my girlfriends would sit there also, and they'd get a good looking over by my brothers. O course I never told my girlfriends what my brothers were doing.

    I never let on that I knew, because I used the peephole to stare at a couple of my older brother's friends when they came over. Usually they just stood up and peed down the hole, and I didn't have time to get there and watch them. But when they sat down, I could see their cock and balls dangling down through the hole while I watched them do number ones and sometimes twos."

    James was dumbfounded, "I never knew, I didn't think that a girl would like seeing something like that."

    "Yes, at least I do. Now, I'll make you a deal. You go around and sit over this hole in the ladies outhouse and pee for me so I can see your little peter and balls. When you're through come on back here, and then I'll give you a show."

    James stared at her, not believing his ears. "My peter and balls aren't little," he sniffed self-consciously."

    She grinned. "I know, it's just an expression. Go on, get in there, and be sure to sit," she said, pointing at the outhouse.

    James hesitated for only a second, but his mind was going ninety. She wants to see me naked sitting on the toilet seat! She had even said she wanted to see his "little peter and balls." James didn't much care for having parts of his body referred to as 'little,' when he was eighteen years old.

    If she had made that comment a couple of years ago, she might have been right. He was eighteen and had started his development late. She has a husband. Whatever she is used to seeing, I hope that she will not be disappointed in what I have to offer for her viewing.

    James snuck around to the front, made sure no one was around, then slipped into the lady's outhouse and latched the door. 'I sure hope no woman comes around and tries the door now. If she does, I guess I could say that I am cleaning.' He went over to the hole closest to where the outspoken woman had been standing. James noticed that his heart was pounding as he dropped his drawers, and turning, sat on the hole.

    That had been three weeks ago, when I had sat down on that very same hole. James's thoughts returned to the blonde church lady as all her lower glory sat displayed before him. She was beginning to pee. He watched her vagina spread slightly as she pushed and the golden stream flowed outward toward the front of the outhouse and away from James.

    Like most women, her urine went almost straight out to the front, and if she had not sat a little ways 'back' on the hole, she might have peed on the lip of the hole. James could even hear the hiss as the urine exited through her urethra, the golden stream highlighted and framed by her golden blonde pubic hair.

    James was excited, more than usual by seeing her urinating. He knew who this lady was. Seeing a parishioner from his church in this manner was almost sacrilegious. He hoped that she would defecate because it would extend the viewing time provided to him. Her golden stream dwindled to a few droplets, and ceased. James could see the area around her urethra bulge outward slightly as she pushed, but no further urine flowed forth. She didn't immediately begin to wipe herself, a good sign!

    The gorgeous blonde sat for a moment, and then James could see her anus begin to bulge outward. She's trying to shit! Her anus bulge receded, went almost back to normal, then she pushed again. This time James could see a turd breaking through the tightness of her rectum and slowly sliding downward.

    It was fairly large in diameter and probably a dry one because James could tell by the sound of her soft grunts that she was struggling to push it on through. Her anal sphincter muscles were stretched wide and were being pulled downward almost an inch by the turd.

    She was still grunting softly as it oozed downward, and she paused, the turd dangling. She began to push again, a little harder, and the turd began sliding a little faster and was beginning to narrow as the end neared. The first half of the turd had looked sort of dry, but the second half, being further into her body, appeared to be somewhat shiny as it eased downward.

    James could see her anus close slightly, the stretching less severe. Then it was out, and James had just enough time to see that it was about six inches long and medium brown in color before it hit the pit below with a splash.

    She had produced a turd that would make most men proud. Dropping your shit in one lump is always better than when your shit is soft. If it is soft, it keeps coming and needs lots of wiping to get clean. James had seen it fall and heard a splash as it hit the pit, but he had kept his eyes trained upward and had been provided with a brief glimpse of the inside of her anus before it closed.

    It was pink inside, and looked completely clean. It had been the kind of turd that saved on toilet paper. Mostly firm and dry, a turd like that usually needed only one wipe to check, and you were done.

    She is so much like an angel, so innocent seeming, that even her turds come out clean! James knew that wouldn't always be the case though, even for her. It actually had been sexually stimulating to watch her shit, he realized. Her turd had been the size of his cock, and he could almost visualize himself stretching her anus in the same way.

    She did not immediately lift off her cheeks on one side in order to wipe. Maybe she had more to unload, James hoped. With extra time allowed for viewing, he continued to stare at her beautiful, blonde covered pussy. In the area of her hole, it looked larger than many, probably from having two daughters. He thought again of that time just three weeks ago, and the woman who had caught him.

    James pushed his penis down into the hole for the brunette to see, while leaving his legs spread wide to provide a highlighted view as well as the illumination from below. He didn't really have to pee as yet. James hadn't had his usual morning Coke in a glass bottle from the station yet. His father still treated him like a kid sometimes. His dad permitted him two a day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon, but only if James put in a full day at the station.

    Knowing that the lovely brunette was watching, James sat quietly and trying to pee. Maybe in a minute he could do it. He was pushing his penis down through his dangling testicles in order to give her a better view and it began to stiffen. He encouraged it, rubbing up and down. It was hard within seconds, and he pulled the foreskin completely back so that she could see the head. He held it that way, shoved down, and began to wave it back and forth.

    James knew it wasn't much, about six inches at best. He was hoping for more, and that he might 'keep growing' until he was 19 or 20. He knew that his penis looked longer from the bottom, on the scrotum side as he had looked at himself in a hand mirror placed on the bed between his legs. That was on his back though, with his balls hanging down out of the way. In his seated position, with her viewing him from below and behind, his balls would partially block her view of his penis, and make it look smaller.

    He placed his left hand around his testicles, and pulled them to his left and away from his penis so that she could see the full length of his shaft, and kept stroking with his right hand. After another minute her heard her sigh and say, softly, "O.K, now come on back."

    James wanted to come now. He wanted to stroke it just a few more times and let her see as his jizz shot out and all over the place. But this was not the place. Some woman might come and pull on that door at any time. James pulled up his britches and excitedly returned to the rear of the outhouse. "I'm sorry," he said sheepishly, "I couldn't pee, and then it got hard.."

    She smiled at him, "I understand, and there was no way you'd be able to pee through a dick that hard. It looks pretty good for a young man your age. I've seen older men that had one smaller than yours. To be honest, I'm married to one that's about the same size as yours, and he's plenty big enough for me. I'll bet that you grow taller and your dick gets longer before you're through."

    She had stroked his pride, and James beamed at her, his smile wide. "Yes ma'am. I sure hope it does. It didn't really start to grow until a year ago or so."

    "Did you ever get to put it into a woman, or maybe I should say, a girl?"

    James was almost afraid to answer. If he said 'no' she might think he was unattractive to women. But on the other hand if he lied and said 'yes' then she might not feel as special as she might currently be feeling.

    "No ma'am. All the girls I dated, the few girls I took out, all said they had to be married first.'

    Understanding, because she had been there herself, telling boys they had to be married first, she smiled back at him. "Now, stay here, it's my turn. I'll sit on the same hole as you, that way I'll feel your body heat on the seat."?

    His mind flashing back and forth from that last wife to this one, James watched the golden angel from church above and in front of him, waiting to see what came out next, front or back. His thoughts had returned to the present because out of a corner of his consciousness he had heard a car slowing on the highway.

    "No, please don't, keep going!" The best part was still waiting to be witnessed, when she wiped herself, rear, then front, and stood up, bending to pull up her panties.

    The car is stopping. "Damn!" She was still sitting there, unmoving. James could see her anus starting to bulge outward once again. 'After that big turd, she is probably going to defecate some more, but I won't get to see it!' I won't get to see her wipe her pussy either,' James was thinking as he quietly started to the front.

    The bell from the hose rang as he reached the front corner of the station. A stocky man, about 35 years old was sitting in a black 1947 Ford coupe. James quickly pulled a rag from his rear pocket and began wiping his hands as if he had just finished working on something. Trying to show a smile, James approached him.

    The man was a fast talker, like a salesman.

    "Sorry, kid. Didn't mean to make your bell ring, I know that I probably woke you up. Do you have a restroom? Then I'll come back and get some gas. I've gotta go on through to Springfield, Missouri before I stop for the night."

    "Back there," James pointed, "and I wasn't asleep, I keep myself busy."

    "Sure, kid, see you in a few."

    The stranger drove around to the rear, and James went into the station and sat down. "Damn the interruption, she was almost ready to give me the best part of the show." James had seen plenty though. He had never imagined that he would see the golden angel from his church performing at his "turd theater."

    Lazily, James leaned back in his chair. The warm sunlight was beginning to shine through the plate glass window in the front of the station as the sun rose higher in the sky. He watched as a few flies buzzed around in the window, trying to fly through it.

    Sometimes they would land on the display ledge below it, where they would climb on top of each other and begin fucking. "Even flies get to do it," he thought, "I wonder how old I'll be before I get my first girl. Shit, every girl I took out wanted to get married first." He thought back to the other woman, from three weeks ago.?

    James watched through the peephole as she entered the outhouse. He saw her raise her skirt as she faced the hole giving a view of her pink panties and white garter belt from the front. Then, she turned and bent forward, farther than normal, and slowly pulled her panties down.

    James watched, breathless, as her ass crack was revealed, inch by inch. Her anus came into view. It was light brown in color, with a few tiny hairs around it. He panties came all the way down to her thighs, and then James watched in astonishment as she completely removed them.

    She continued to bend over and her pussy opened as she spread her legs wider. Her light brown pubic hair sparkled in the light from above. She squatted lower, just inches above the hole and reached behind herself with her hands.

    His heart pounding, James gawked as her red tipped fingers pulled her pussy lips apart; opening the hair covered cunt completely to his view. He could see deep inside her. He had never seen a woman opened like this. She was dark pink inside, almost red, and her pussy looked very wet and slippery.

    This fantastic woman seemed to sense what he really wanted to see. She held her lips open for several seconds longer, then let them close, only to open them again with her red tipped fingers, complete with engagement ring and gold wedding band. She held that pose for a few seconds longer, then slowly seated herself on the hole.

    While keeping her thighs wide open, she slid back on the seat until her asshole almost came in contact with the rear of the hole. This left lots of room for additional lighting to show through from the front. As light from above made the diamond on her engagement ring sparkle, she pulled on her lips with her left hand, and holding them open, began to masturbate with her right.

    She's playing with it! This is a first! James hurriedly rose, pulled his jeans down to his thighs, and squatted again. Shoving his arm down between his squatting legs was almost impossible so he reached his right hand around and under his right thigh and began to masturbate. It feels good this way. He discovered that sneaking up on his penis from behind made it seem as if someone else was jacking him off.

    She was masturbating rapidly now, and pushing against her clitoris with more pressure. James didn't recognize her clitoris for what it was. At his young age he didn't know the significance a clitoris held for a woman's pleasure, all he knew was that her lips were being savagely shoved first in one direction, and then the other.

    James had never masturbated at the outhouse peepholes before because the women never lingered long enough, or James couldn't stay long enough. He used the visual memory of them during fantasy masturbation later.

    The pretty housewife above him asked, "Are you playing with yourself, are you ready to come when I do and shoot it?"

    She knew! "Yes, I'm almost there, I've been waiting." James was breathing loudly. The woman was stroking her pussy more rapidly now, and her voice sounded strained,

    "Don't wait any more, I'm ready to come, do it with me!" She moaned, and James saw her vaginal area begin to contract as her orgasm began."

    James saw something even more fascinating. She had pushed her ass back hard against the hole and the edges of the hole were stretching her cheeks wide apart, opening her asshole about an inch as a result. James could see every contraction of her sphincter muscles at her anus during her orgasm; it was as if all her orgasmic feeling had been channeled to that one spot, for James to see.

    She was groaning loudly, and her anus was opening and closing and pushing in and out with each contraction. The throbs were easier to see at her asshole than at her vagina because they weren't hidden behind a curtain of hair.

    James felt his jizz shooting out of his cock. He wanted to look down at himself but kept his eye on the sights above him. He watched until she slowed and relaxed. Pussy juice was hanging in a string about three to four inches below her lips.

    "Did you come?" she asked, her voice sounding strained as it came down through the hole.

    "Yes, with you."

    "Good. I've still got unfinished business. Here it comes!"

    James watched, a big smile spreading across his lips as he saw her urine stream wash away the string of pussy juice that had been dangling from her.

    Now watch as I wipe myself." She needed six tissues to clean herself because she was dripping so much. "You really made me come good," she said, "That was one of the best I've ever had."

    James was happy, and after she had pulled her panties up he finally was able to look down at himself. He had shot his biggest load ever and his jizz was all over the ground. Fortunately it had missed his pants as he had been pushing down on his cock. He stood up just as the lady came back through the bushes. He hadn't expected her.

    He was still facing the outhouse so she was staring at his still erect penis from a side view. It pointed toward his belly button but still had a ways to go before reaching it. "Just like a young man, still hard as a rock. I'll bet you could come again within a few minutes."

    She looked down at the several ribbons of jizz stretched across the ground between his feet, "I'll bet you could make me come with that too," she said, pointing at his cock, "if there was time."

    She walked over to him and grasped his penis. James felt electricity shoot through his body at her touch, and he quivered. No woman had ever seen him erect before, let alone touched it. She squeezed it gently, starting at his pubic hair and milking it out to the end, "You always want to drain your rod afterward, so it doesn't keep leaking in your pants."

    She stroked him gently for four or five more strokes, until nothing remained at the tip. "Your dick will drain some more after you go soft, but I guess that you'll have to take care of that." She pushed down on his penis, so that it pointed straight out, instead of towards his belly, and stared at it.

    It was probably time for James to put it away, but he sensed that she was in no hurry for him to do so, so he remained standing with his erection pointing at her so she could continue to hold it.

    "Such a hard dick on a nice young man," she said as she seemed to study his penis in detail, "I know how young boys worry about their cock and if it's big enough. Most men keep thinking that all their life. So I just want you to know, truthfully, that your dick is bigger than my husband's."

    She smiled and gave him a stroke with her hand, then two. "As a matter of fact, I am sure your dick is bigger, a little bit in length, and even more so in width." She gave him still another stroke and studied his penis. "And of course it's harder than his too, but then again, you are younger. You might have trouble getting this back into your trousers."

    Finally, reluctantly, she had to end this adventure. "I'm very turned on by this but I've got to get back to the front. When you come back to the front, you can watch me talk to my husband and you'll know that you have a dick a little bigger then his and be proud of yourself.
    If you watch carefully I might even smile at you as I talk to my husband.

    At that time you'll know that I'm thinking about your cock compared to his." She gave his dick a squeeze, "and when we drive away, I might even wave 'bye' at you. What happened here will be our little secret, you and me. And later, maybe tonight when he fucks me, I'll think about your cock and how it might have felt to fuck you."

    If nothing else, this woman knew how he was thinking, and would be thinking. She released his rock hard penis, slipped her come covered fingers into her mouth, and licked them clean. Then she moved in, close to him. They were the same height, and she briefly kissed him, just long enough to slip her tongue into his mouth. James tasted come, but the touch of her tongue shocked him even more!

    "Will you remember me," James asked? He wanted, hoped mightily, that he would be in her memories.

    She smiled and gave him another brief kiss, complete with an inch of tongue. "Of course I will. You're very sweet. And not just the next time I'm fucked but also the next time I play with myself, I'll think of you."

    "I'll never forget you either," James said, looking into her eyes as intensely as possible.

    "One more thing, just for a few seconds, you can feel my breasts."


    ""Yes, here." And with that, she pulled up her blouse and at almost the same time stuck her fingers under her bra and pulled it up and off her breasts.

    Now revealed, they were larger than James had imagined, though until now and because of the circumstances most of his attention had been devoted to her lower portions. James reached out and cupped her breasts with both hands. They filled his hands with some left over. He squeezed, perhaps a little too hard, but she stood her ground.

    "Now touch my nipples."

    James did so, placing them between his fingers on both hands, and they immediately grew firm and stood upright. "Wow, these are nice. I mean..not just your nipples, I mean everything!"

    "First ones you have touched," she asked?

    "First ones that big, and on a woman. I felt a few girls from high school, actually only two, but they didn't have breasts as nice as yours." James removed his hands as she pulled her bra back over her breasts and then pulled her blouse down.

    Yes, James had felt the boobs on a couple of girls from high school while on dates, but never as 'openly' as he had with this woman.

    "Where did you learn all this, I mean, how can you be so..." James hesitated, looking for the right words?

    "Why am I so bold, or 'forward.' is that what you want to know, and not all wispy-waspy goody two-shoes like some women?"

    "Yes, that's it."

    She giggled. "I have spent some time in California. Just this year, and a couple of times in the past. People are a lot further along in their attitudes about sex than they are here in 'Heartland America."

    "I see," replied James, thinking that some day he too was going to go to California.

    "Be good," she said, "I'm sure you'll be very good," she added as she looked down at where James was tucking his penis, still entirely erect, into his trousers. She sighed. She really liked this boy and wished she could talk longer with him, maybe even do more. It had been a long time, not since her last trip to California had she fucked anyone besides her husband.

    "Tonight," she began, "if my husband doesn't make the first move, I will reach over and play with his dick. And when I do that, I want you to know that I'll be thinking of you. I will still be horny because you made me that way, and when I come, I'll pretend you did it."

    She touched James on the arm, smiled, and then she was gone. Back at the front of the station, James stayed somewhat close to her as she went to her husband and wrapped her arm around his waist. Then she waited alongside her husband while James's dad finished up on their car.

    This was amazing to James. She is acting now like nothing had happened. She even raised her head high and kissed her husband on the cheek, and that was when she did it. As she finished kissing her husband's cheek, she turned her head towards James and winked. At the same time, as James beamed back at her, she ran her tongue across her lips, back and forth twice.

    A few minutes later she had driven away with her husband, and true to her word, she had waved at James. Their eyes had met, and James poured every possible ounce of warm feelings into his smile. James never saw her again, though the car had a Kansas plate.

    James sat up with a start, and brushed a fly off his face. He had almost dozed off in the warm sun coming through the front window. The station sat on the north side of U.S. 54, which ran east and West, and this meant the sun would shine through the large, plate glass window during most of the day.

    This was good in the winter, but a nuisance in the heat of summer. Several minutes had passed, and James realized that the stocky man in the Ford coupe hadn't come back around to the front, nor had he seen the Hudson leave.

    James crept around the station, taking the East Side instead of going around on the West Side, the way the restroom arrows pointed. The West Side was the shortest route, and by going in this direction James had to go completely around the two-bay garage, but James had a reason.

    If something was going on, he wanted to see, before being seen! He picked up a length of pipe from the ground on the way around, in case she needed help, but he didn't want to take on the beefy stranger if it could be helped.

    He heard voices as he reached the corner at the rear of the station, and stopped, ears alert.

    The blonde was saying, "Someone will come around the station and see us." She sounded scared, or maybe excited, James couldn't tell which.

    "Don't worry, I've got my car parked so that I'll be able to see anybody long before they see us. I'll keep my head and body up so that I can see through the window of the driver's door if anyone comes."

    James couldn't believe his ears. She is talking to the guy with the Ford! Are they were getting ready to do something. To fuck? It can't be. Not her! She's a churchgoer, with a husband and children.

    James slowly peeked to the left around the corner. The first thing that came into view was the front of the Hudson, its big chrome grille gleaming in the sunlight, and it was still parked between the outhouses. No one appeared to be around the car or crappers.

    James very carefully peeked further around the corner. The right front fender of the black Ford came into view, about 20 feet away. The coupe was backed up against the back wall of the station bays.

    Unfortunately for James, there were no windows in that wall; it was lined with shelves that held tools and oil so James couldn't return to the front and look down at them. James looked further around; the man was standing at the open passenger door, his rear to James. He was fully dressed and looking down at the beautiful blonde housewife, who was seated on the passenger seat of the Ford with her legs together, feet on the ground.

    The stocky stranger wedged himself between her legs, using his body weight to force them apart, and leaned down to kiss her. She reached up, placing her arms around his neck, and appeared to respond willingly to his caresses as his hands roamed over her body.

    He lingered over, and squeezed her breasts through her blouse. James was at an angle to them and could see most of what was happening. "I won't be needing this." James decided, and laid the section of pipe quietly on the ground.

    James and his dad had stacked some oil drums against the wall and they blocked James's view of the rear of the coupe. James realized that if he got behind them, he would be able to watch any action close up, if he could get to the drums without being seen

    "Did you want me as soon as you came out of the outhouse and saw me standing there?" the man between her legs asked.

    "Not at first, only after I saw your Missouri plate and you said you were just passing through. You're so bold, we hadn't said three sentences and you asked me if I wanted to fuck. It really shocked me. I almost drove away."

    "Are you glad you didn't?" he asked her, while caressing her face with his hands and turning her head up to look into his eyes.

    "Yes, I've been wondering about what another man might be like, since I've only been with my husband. A couple of his friends are hot for me but I've stayed faithful. I can't do it with anyone from around here, I have a family and reputation to protect."

    "You like sex, don't you," the burly man chuckled, "I can tell. Your old man doesn't fuck you enough, does he?"

    James winced at his use of the "F" word, but it didn't seem to faze her, she had used it herself just a minute before.

    "No, he doesn't understand my needs. He thinks I should be content to have kids and make love three or four times a month. I'm still reaching my sexual peak and I think he's gone past it."

    "Well, I'm here for you now, "Blondie," just open those beautiful legs and I'll give you a year's worth of loving in ten minutes, more, if you like."

    James could see the bold man rubbing her pussy through her panties. Actually, he couldn't see the actual touch, just the man's right elbow moving up and down, but James could hear her start moaning. Her garter belt and nylons became visible on each side of the man's hips as she raised her legs and placed her high heels on the door sill, to better facilitate his caresses between her legs.

    "Let's get those pretty panties off and have a little fun!"

    "Remember, you promised to wear a rubber. I can't risk getting pregnant, and please call me Nancy, not 'Blondie.'"

    "Don't worry, it's right here," he held up a blue package the size of a silver dollar and pretended to study it. "I think it has "Nancy" written on it. Lie back, and let me tug those cute little lacy panties off so I can see your pussy. You're going to be fucked like you've never been fucked before, and you can call me Frank if you want to yell my name when you're coming."

    James could not believe his ears at what the burly guy was saying to the lady from his church. And to James, it seemed that she was taking it in stride, like she heard that gutter language every day.

    Actually, everything the stranger was saying to her was both embarrassing and shocking. But due to his boldness and her lack of satisfaction on the home front, Nancy was extremely aroused. She lay back across the seat, with her legs dangling over the edge of the seat, and then raised her legs high, almost to the rain gutter.

    James could see the outline of her pussy through her wet panties and became aroused, even though he had seen her even more exposed just minutes before. This was different from before when James had gotten a sneak peek; she intended this exposure. He was amazed that she would reveal herself like this to a man she had only met just minutes before.

    Frank confidently reached down, grasping her panties at the elastic band around her waist, and pulled them down, under her buttocks, then up her thighs, calves, and had them off in one continuous move almost. He paused, and hung the panties on the high heel of her upraised left shoe, which was, along with her right shoe, as high as the roof.

    The panties dangled there, like a banner in the wind, and James thought to himself; "So much for being concealed, if someone came around the other corner they'd spot those panties right away."

    Because Frank was standing back from her a little bit, she was wide open and completely exposed to James from his hiding position. James had never seen a naked woman from this angle, slightly above her and from the front. Her pussy was sopping wet and her blonde curls were stuck together and shining at the bottom, like James had seen before, only more so.

    The owner of the Ford she was laying in used his right arm to hold both her legs high, and caressed her pussy with his left hand. He inserted one finger, then two and Nancy moaned. She started thrusting her hips, trying to fuck his fingers.

    "Feels to me like having babies has turned you into a three finger woman," Frank said, as he finger-fucked her. He slipped another finger in, and shoved all three in to the knuckles, and Nancy moaned even louder. "Do you want to come this way first, Nancy? Then you'll be ready for my cock."

    James mouth opened wide upon hearing her response. "Yes, don't stop. My husband has never put three fingers in me. That's the most I've been stretched since having babies."

    James heard a car come down the highway and begin slowing for a stop. "Damn!" He hesitated one last moment, watching. If the customer in front lingered too long, James might miss the show, and if the customer came back here to the outhouse, there might not be any show.

    "If three fingers is the most you've been stretched," he heard Frank say as he turned to leave, "you're gonna love my cock when I put it in. Close your eyes, baby, and concentrate on my fingers while I fuck you with them." Nancy was groaning loudly as James hurried to the front.

    The old farmer in the Nash was a regular customer, and as James pumped in eight gallons the farmer went into the station and purchased an orange drink. He never wanted his tank filled, it was always 'eight gallons' and James figured that was because it gave him an excuse to stop by and talk. .

    James hoped he didn't linger. Sometimes, when James's father was here, the farmer would hang around, talking politics and weather for an hour or more,

    Despite his anxiousness to rush back to his hiding place, James didn't neglect his duties. He dutifully cleaned the bugs off the windshield, asked the farmer if he wanted his tires or under the hood checked, and was thankful when the kindly old man declined. He paid James and climbed back into his car, and James watched until the Nash had cleared the drive before hastily returning to his hiding place at the corner of the station.

    Frank was lying on top of Nancy, and her legs were wrapped around him. It looked like they might be fucking. James had never seen anyone fuck, the closest was probably the time he had walked in on his parents but they had been under the covers.

    James determined that Nancy wouldn't see him with Frank blocking her view and crept closer, stopping and crouching behind the barrels. He was only about six feet away. If they caught him, "well, it is my station, isn't it?"

    Frank raised his upper body after kissing Nancy, and James could see that Frank had unbuttoned Nancy's blouse and after unhooking her brassiere had removed it. It was still inside her blouse on one side and lying under her arm. Frank wasn't fucking her yet, as far as James could tell, his pants were still on, and he began sucking on her large brown nipples.

    James stared intently, taking in all he could absorb of seeing her breasts. Her breasts jutted proudly into the air, even lying on her back. They were about the size of large apples, more than enough to be cupped by a man's hands. Now James had seen her exposed, his lovely church lady, from every angle, including sitting in the outhouse.

    "I think you really needed that, it sounded like you had a good come." Frank said, "Are you ready to get fucked now and feel a strange cock?"

    Nancy had her hands wrapped around the back of his head while he was sucking on her nipples, and she opened her eyes and looked down into Frank's face, "Yes, but please try to hold back until I come. It takes me a while to get there when I'm fucking. My husband almost always comes before me and leaves me hanging."

    Frank chuckled, ""That's strange. You sure came fast when I finger banged you."

    "That's because you've got me more turned on than I've been in years, if not ever, and your three fingers felt so good, stretching me like that!"

    "Well, this should turn you on even more than a three-finger stretch." he said, dropping his drawers and stepping out of them, leaving them to lie at his feet.

    From behind, James could see Frank's big, drooping balls as he aimed his rod unto Nancy's sopping wet slot. Frank had spread his legs wide, adjusting the height of his dick to match her pussy as she lay back upon the car seat. He was in her before she realized his intention, and before she had actually seen his penis. He went deep, almost all the way on the first stroke, and Nancy groaned loudly in shock at the extreme stretching.

    "Shit! Lordy above you feel so good!" Her legs wrapped tightly around him and James saw her red nails dig into Frank's ass. She was trembling, and Frank held himself still, allowing her time to adjust to his wide cock. Nancy reached up to pull Frank's face down, wanting to kiss him, and to thank him.

    James squatted lower, so that he could see the actual penetration. This was the first fuck he was actually seeing; not even a photograph had come his way previously. Frank pulled back, almost removing his cock, and boldly thrust in again, burying his cock to the limit.

    James had not gotten lower quick enough to see Frank's length, but he could see Nancy tightly stretched around his shaft and her golden pussy looked gorgeous.

    Frank laid down on Nancy and kissed her again. He held his shaft deep inside her and wiggled his hips slightly from side to side, "Does that tickle your fancy more than three fingers, or a husband, Nancy babe?" asked Frank, his voice sounding confident, almost arrogant.

    "God yes, I barely feel him sometimes, and you really feel immense."

    "I gathered as much, there aren't many men as wide as me, and you swallowed me up pretty easily."

    Nancy sounded embarrassed as she asked; "Do you think I'm too big,.down there?"

    "Not for me, Frank said, desiring to solidify his standing with her, "but you might want to check any strange men out first for size before you decide to fuck them, or find one that likes to eat pussy." He began fucking her steadily, tugging her pussy lips in and out in a way she had never felt before.

    Nancy moaned softly as he fucked her, she giggled, and said; "How would it be if I could find a man with a big penis, like you, and he will also eat me?"

    "You mean like this?" Frank said, pulling out of her without warning and burying his face in her pussy.

    Surprised that he had actually exited her vagina with his fantastic cock and placed his mouth on it instead, Nancy gasped. She pulled her legs back toward her chest to aid her in resisting the pull of gravity and cupped the back of Frank's head, "Yes. like that. Like that!"

    James watched this new activity with surprise. He had heard of it, this "eating pussy," but never believed that men actually did it. "How could he put his mouth on her pussy?" James had watched her pee just a short while ago, and now her pussy was soaking wet with slippery, sticky, woman juice.

    Nancy really seemed to like it though. Her face was contorted in what looked like pain, and her nipples were sticking out an inch above her breasts.

    "I want your cock so bad, but this feels good too. I want both. I want all of you. Dammit, what have you done to me?"

    She was squirming under Frank's face, and in less than a minute James got to see her come as juices spurted out of her pussy and over Frank's face. Her groan was loud enough to be heard from the front of the station, and James had to keep hoping no one would drive in.

    Frank stood up, smiling down at her as she lay gasping, legs still unashamedly pulled back to her chest. "Well, for a gal that says she takes a while to come, all I can say is that it only took you a minute or less both times."

    Nancy raised herself onto her elbows, and Frank caught her under her thighs with his hands to aid her in holding her legs up. "I know, I don't know what's happening," her voice trembled, "I've never come like this before, or made noise like that. You did it twice in a matter of minutes, and I don't even know you."

    Frank turned one arm sideways so that he could hold both her legs up with it. He began to fuck her pussy with two fingers, planning on giving her a comparison again between the feel of an average sized cock and his thick shaft when he put it back into her.

    Nancy looked down, wanting to see his manhood for the first time. Her eyes widened. "You're not wearing a rubber, you promised to wear a rubber!" She looked and sounded concerned.

    "I promised to wear one when I come. I want to ride you bareback for awhile, skin to skin is very intimate. If I had to wear a rubber the whole time I'd feel that there had always been a barrier between us, that I had never actually touched you with my cock. I like the feel of directly fucking your pussy."

    Nancy continued to stare at his thick shaft and heavy balls, "Well, it certainly felt like you were directly fucking me. If you had stayed in me just a little longer I would have came that way too, you really felt good."

    "I thought you said you have a hard time coming when you fuck," Frank said, grinning down at her.

    "I did say that, didn't I? That's ancient history now, in another life, with another man. Put that rubber on and make me come. I think your dick is going to change my life."

    "I'll let you put it on for me," Frank said, holding the rubber out to her, "It's a tight fit, even though I've shopped around trying to find a brand that'll go on without being too tight."

    Nancy sat completely upright as Frank tore the package open and handed her the rubber. She excitedly placed it against the head of his dick, and grasping his slippery shaft with the other hand began to unroll it. "God, your cock's bigger around than my hand."

    Frank watched as she struggled to unroll the rubber over his thick head, "No, wait, you have to leave a little extra room at the end to catch the come."

    "Would you show me how, I've never put one on before."

    "Really?" Frank sounded excited. That's almost as good as if you were a virgin or something, if I'm the first one you put a rubber on."

    James listened as Nancy rolled the rubber on while following Frank's instruction. He couldn't see Frank's dick, as Frank was standing directly between Nancy's legs, blocking James's view.

    "That's it, leave about an inch of rubber sticking out past the head. That's right, now roll it down as far as it will go." Nancy was giggling and commenting on how tight the rubber fit on his shaft, making it hard to roll over him.

    The rubber reached the base of Frank's penis, going into the pubic hair, "There's still some rubber left," she said, surprised.

    "That's because these rubbers are sometimes made for men that might be longer than me," he answered, "Actually, I think the people that make rubbers think "big" translates into "long" instead of "thick."

    "How long are you?" Nancy was stroking his shaft, watching the rubber fold and wrinkle as she moved what was left of his foreskin back and forth over his circumcised shaft.

    "It's about seven inches in length. A lot of men say they have eight, nine, or ten inches, but they're blowing smoke, or measuring their dicks from their balls out to the end instead of from the top side. What you're feeling though, is the fact that it's over six inches around and that's what you need."

    "Well, all I know is that it's still somewhat longer than my husband, but I'll take the bigger around. I fit around it just fine."

    "You do, he said, but some women think I'm too thick for them."

    "Not me, put it in me and fuck me. I want a good, long fuck." She lay back upon the seat again, and aimed him with her right hand. Frank hooked her legs in the crook of his elbows and began to slow fuck her, working himself into her a little at a time.

    "It feels a little dry," Nancy said.

    "That's just the rubber, It'll be wet in a minute." It didn't take that long, within a minute or so Nancy was whimpering softly. Then she began moaning, and her pussy was sopping. She wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling him down to kiss him, and in just a few more seconds she began to orgasm around his thrusting, rubber wrapped wonder wand.

    She was letting out a long groan. James could see her pussy shooting little jets of clear liquid out around Frank's shaft and spraying onto his big balls as they swung back and forth, hitting her on her anus and buttocks. Her entire lower region, pussy, buttocks, and anus, were wet and shining, and she was also soaking the edge of the passenger seat.

    Frank was coming, his orgasm starting before hers was finished, and he was giving her powerful thrusts, banging his pubic bone against her as he buried himself with repeated jabs. "Oh baby, Oh Nancy, I'm coming! I could feel your pussy throbbing, and I couldn't hold back anymore, you feel so hot and wet." He collapsed on her.

    Nancy slowly lowered her legs, and her panties fell off her shoe and onto the ground just before she hooked her high heels onto the door sill on each side of Frank's legs. James looked at the panties lying on the ground, wishing he could pick them up, and claim them as his own.

    "Do it again, that was wonderful. I came so fast that I didn't have adequate time to enjoy it, I'm still trying to catch up with my body." Nancy gently caressed Frank's head, playing with his ears, "I could feel your penis when you were coming too, that was really nice."

    "I'd like to fuck you again," Frank said, "but that was the only rubber I had with me, and I've probably filled it with jizz and stretched it out. We only used it for about a minute." He raised his upper body a little, while keeping his penis buried within her.

    Nancy reached out and caressed his stomach, running her fingers through the hair that stretched from his pubic hair to his navel, "Will it fall off if you do it again?"

    "It might. I could fuck you bareback. Now that I've come once, I could easily hold back until you come a couple of more times, and then you could suck my dick until I come again." Frank rose, pulling his semi-hard dick out of Nancy. After being stretched beyond its design factor, the rubber dangled off the end of his shaft, hanging a least three inches longer than his length. The entire end of the rubber was filled with come.

    Nancy looked at it in awe; "You really come hard don't you, that's a lot of come."

    "Here baby, you pull it off for me," he said, thrusting his penis towards her head.

    Nancy reached, and wrapped the fingers of both her hands around the unrolled remainder of the rubber. A slight softening of his shaft had reduced the tightness of the fit, and the slippery come inside allowed it to slide without being re-rolled.

    She slid it off his penis and holding the the open end to her nose, she sniffed his come. "What do I do with this? Nancy asked, holding the rubber toward him.

    "Put it in your purse and take it home. You can show it to your husband and tell him this is what happens when a husband doesn't take care of his wife."

    "I don't think so," said Nancy, laughing. Intending to have it land out of sight, she tossed it as hard as she could towards the wall of the station. Instead, it landed on the barrel, but on the far side, away from her. It was directly above James's head, partly hanging over the side, open end down.

    Jizz began to ooze out of it and if James had placed his tongue out he could have caught the jizz, he was that close.

    He didn't do that, but he did raise himself and sniff the rubber. Higher up, away from the come. He wanted to smell Nancy, on the outside of the rubber. The smell of her was musky. It smelled warm, as a matter of fact he could actually feel the warmth, and it was mixed with the strange odor of used rubber.

    James planned to keep the rubber if Frank and Nancy didn't retrieve it. He would hide it away, and pull it out sometimes to look at it, and think of Nancy. Maybe he'd even hand it to her at church when she was alone. He'd tell her she had left it at his station, and she would turn red and beg him to remain silent. Perhaps she would even offer to let him fuck her, as a bribe.

    No, he would never do that to her. It was just a young man's fantasy. James wondered if he could satisfy her after what he was seeing, and hearing today. He had his doubts and decided that he would marry a virgin, a girl that had never seen another man's cock, one that was possibly bigger than his. She would be satisfied with him, because she had never had another man inside her.

    At Frank's suggestion, Nancy squatted between his legs while he sat on the seat and began sucking his cock to clean the semen off of it before he put himself back inside her. She was trying bravely to swallow as much of him as she could take down her throat, and gagging a little. Frank began instructing her, telling her how to use her tongue, and how it wasn't necessary to try to turn her mouth into a pussy.

    Nancy took her mouth off him, long enough to say, "I've never sucked a man before. My husband thinks it's a perversion."

    "That's his loss, this really feels wonderful," Frank replied, as he felt his penis gain full rigidity inside her warm mouth.

    "That was the first time anyone ever ate me too," Nancy said, looking up at him again. Her mouth still had a trace of red lipstick around it and framed Frank's thick cock beautifully.

    "What are you going to do about being satisfied in the future?" Frank asked. "Now that you've had a sample of two way oral sex and a thick dick you're going to be wanting more, and you still have a reputation to maintain."

    "Do you come by this way often?" Nancy asked, looking up at his face while continuing to flick her tongue around his cock.

    "About once a month, but I could probably arrange to get by this way more often if you were available." Frank let his sentence trail off, turning it into a question, and with a strong hint of excitement in his tone.

    "I have a girlfriend I believe I can trust. We have no secrets from one another. You can call her, and she'll get word to me as to when you'll be around. She's single and won't get into trouble if a man calls her house."

    "Sounds good to me. You've got a date for regular, good fucking." Frank stood, and pulled her to her feet. Turning her around, he laid her across the seat on her back and lifted her legs into the air. "Of course," he added, "if you keep fucking me, you will never be satisfied with your husband."

    He pushed deep into her, Nancy moaned, and then James watched as Nancy went wild under Frank's cock, coming within minutes.

    James had to leave them again to service two cars that stopped back to back. A female got out of one car and went back to the outhouse. James held his breath, "Don't mess it up!" Five minutes later, she returned, and the couple drove away.

    James hurried around to the rear, and was happy to see that they were still fucking, and it sounded like Nancy was coming again. James waited at the corner of the station. Nancy was up on her elbows as frank fucked her in an upright position instead of laying on her. It was just possible that Nancy would see James if he tried to sneak back to the barrels before they changed positions again.

    "Wow! You weren't kidding when you said you'd give me a year's worth of loving in ten minutes," Nancy said, as she pulled Frank's head down to kiss him again.

    In another minute, Frank was in her mouth. He was sitting on the seat and Nancy was again squatting on the ground in front of him. She was ready to finish him now, and to swallow come for her first time.

    James put his head just a little too far around the corner of the station, and Frank spotted him! James stood transfixed. Caught! 'The show is over now, damn it.' he thought.

    Frank smiled and crooked his finger at James, signaling him to come closer. Quietly, he indicated, holding his finger to his lips as an elated James crept forward. When James reached the barrels Frank motioned for him to squat down.

    Frank had an audience. At this time, this gal meant nothing to him as far as her being a girlfriend or wife, so Frank didn't mind if someone saw her naked and being fucked. "I've decided not to come just yet. Get on top of me, I want to play with your tits while you come one more time."

    Frank slid back, lying down on the seat. His slave now, Nancy happily crawled over him, straddling his cock, and glad for an opportunity to fuck one more time, and in a new, uncharted position.

    James watched as Nancy slid down over the thick shaft, taking him easily to the hilt. Even so, James had a clear view of her lovely lips being stretched in what looked like beyond capacity. She began to pump, burying her head in Frank's neck, and Frank signaled James to move in closer.

    James moved to within three feet of Nancy, close enough to reach out and touch her. Unseen to Nancy, Frank made a motion to James with his right hand, a masturbation movement.

    James pulled his erect penis out, and began to stroke it, matching the speed of Nancy's thrusts over Frank exactly, with his hand. Frank was watching him, and staring at his penis. "He's probably thinking how little my dick is compared to his," thought James.

    But James didn't care. He had a close-up view of Nancy stretched around Frank, and her pussy lips were being tugged downward about an inch by Frank's cock each time she raised herself upward. "It looks almost like when I saw the turd pull her anus down on its way out," he remembered.

    'Yes,' James thought. 'Within a few minutes I have watched her with a turd stretching her back hole, and now with a big cock stretching her front hole'. James was beaming inside. He knew that he had seen and was seeing Nancy such as she had never been seen before, not by her husband, and not by the man inside her. Not only that, but he was seeing her acting in ways that her husband could never imagine.

    Nancy began moaning again, and James let his come fly, wanting to beat Nancy to the punch and hide again before she raised her head and saw him. He didn't even mind the fact that Frank was seeing him come. She began to come before James was finished, and her pussy sprayed several spurts of liquid out around Frank's shaft and down over his balls and the edge of the seat.

    Nancy was aware of how intense her orgasm was, but she was not really aware of how she was shooting liquid out and all over Frank's body and his car seat. Never before, in all her years of sex with one man and having two children in the interim, had she climaxed in this manner.

    James hurriedly rubbed the ground with his shoe, destroying the evidence of his orgasm so that Nancy wouldn't spot it. He then hid behind the barrels, and watched as Nancy dismounted and began to suck Frank while playing with his balls.

    James had once again been provided with an intimate view of Nancy such as had never been seen before by man. When she had dismounted, Nancy had remained opened for a split second, and James had been able to see up and inside her shiny vagina.

    "Oooh baby, oooh baby, here it comes." Frank came quickly, and Nancy managed to swallow all of his come without losing any. She tried cleaning his shaft and balls with her tongue, and gave it up. There was just too much of her, on him. She moved over Frank, and began kissing him.

    "I'm so glad you came into my life," James heard her say as he quietly slipped away and returned to the front of the station.

    James was pumping gas into a 1939 Chevrolet as he watched the Hudson pull out of the station and proceed west on U.S. 54. He thought that strange, as she had pulled into the station while coming from that direction. "Maybe she decided that she didn't have time to go wherever she was headed before she pulled into here," he thought, "or perhaps she decided she needs to take a good shower now."

    James had a big smile on his face as he placed the nozzle back on the hook, and the customer apparently thought the smile was intended for him, and returned it with one of his own as he paid James.

    The Chevy was pulling out as Frank came around to the front, on foot. He smiled at James as they entered the station together. Frank stuck a nickel into the slot of the pop machine, and lifting the lid, slid a bottle down the slot and into a turnstile. He pulled the bottle out, opened it using the cap opener on the side of the pop case, and took a swig.

    It was then that the stranger made his first comment about fucking Nancy. "She left a come taste in my mouth. I don't mind the taste of pussy lingering for a bit, but I needed to wash myself down." He took another swig.

    James found himself smiling at the stranger's openness and good humor; "Wash yourself down, that's funny. I will say, she looked beautiful on top of you."

    Frank raised the bottle, in a salute to James, "Yeah, she looked beautiful from my angle too. Wish I could have been in two places at once, to see it all. Do you know her?"

    James nodded, "I've seen her at my church with her husband and two little girls, but I don't think she's ever noticed me."

    Frank chuckled as he dropped another nickel into the slot of the soda machine. "Well, she'll notice you from now on. After we were done fucking and getting dressed I asked her if she knew you, because you had been watching us."

    James's heart leaped into his throat. 'She knows!'

    "I even gave her a description of what all you could see, on top of me and her coming and all that. I didn't tell her that I had invited you to watch. I just said that I had spotted you when she climbed on top of me. She was really embarrassed, thought you might belong to her church, but didn't realize it until she thought about it."

    "She doesn't have any reason to worry, I'll never tell anyone. I don't have any close buddies that I talk to about that stuff, James said, as he accepted the coke that Frank had just purchased for him.

    "Well, she's worried about it," Frank replied. "I believe you when you say you'll keep quiet about what you saw, you seem to have a head on your shoulders. Something like this could destroy her marriage."

    Frank hesitated, and then thought of something. "I spotted you when I was sitting on the seat and she was sucking me off, but how long were you there, how much did you see before that."

    James decided to be honest. "I first started watching when you called her a 'three finger girl.'"

    Frank grinned, remembering his comment, which to some women would have been an 'insult.' "For that long? Damn, you got to see a lot then."

    "Not all. I had to take care of a car, and when I got back, you were just getting ready to stick it in her the first time."

    "It's a good thing she doesn't know you watched all that. What I did tell her is bad enough. She'll be worrying about it for a while, I imagine."

    James could tell that Frank was sincerely worried about Nancy's reputation and decided to confide in him in order to reassure him. James told Frank about Nancy's display at the gas pumps, and Frank speculated that Nancy might have been deliberately displaying herself to James while he cleaned the windshield.

    Frank went on to say that women often do that as harmless sport, with no intention of going further with the viewer. After thinking about it for a minute, Frank said that Nancy might have been aroused because of showing herself to James, and as a result she had been caught at a weak moment at the outhouse.

    . "It sounds like you may have softened her up for me," Frank said, as he shook James hand. "I'll drop by from time to time and keep you posted on how Nancy and I are doing, if she sees me again."

    James watched and waved as the Ford coupe came around the station, stopped at the highway to let a car pass, and headed east. With a big smile on his face, James watched as the Ford disappeared in the distance, then he re-entered the station, picked up the bottle Frank had purchased for him, and took a swig.

    Bottle still at his mouth, he choked on a swallow. The green Hudson was pulling into the station from the west!


    James set the bottle onto the counter. He knew why she was back; at least he thought he knew. "Maybe she has car trouble," he hoped. Vain thought, it was a new car. Heart pounding, James headed for the car as Nancy pulled to the side of the station where she wouldn't block the pumps.

    She was climbing out of the Hudson as James approached. Nancy looked at him without a smile of acknowledgment and bluntly said, "Let's go back inside, out of the sun."

    James let her pass, and watched her ass as he followed her inside. He hadn't been able to tell from her expressionless face what mood she was in, but he hoped she wasn't mad. Regardless, no matter what she has to say, I will always have the memory of everything I saw today, both in and out of the outhouse!

    Keeping her legs together, Nancy sat down on the wide, knee high window ledge that served as a display to customers at the pumps. James moved to the counter, staying on her side of it, and leaned with his elbow, watching her.

    "Do you know me," she asked?

    "Yes ma'am, I've seen you at my church." James looked directly at her, trying to let her know with his expression that she had nothing to fear from him.

    "I thought so. Then, you've seen me with my family?"

    James nodded, then said, "Yes ma'am, your little daughters are real cute."

    Nancy studied his face, then cast her eyes downward. "Can I trust you to be discreet?" Her voice was soft. Raising her head, she looked up at him imploringly.

    "Yes ma'am. I won't do anything to imperil your marriage." (James liked his use of the word "imperil." He had excelled in English class in high school, and it was the first time he had used the word).

    Nancy continued to look into his eyes, a look of relief beginning to show. "I believe you. I just want you to know that I've never done anything like that before, and I won't again."

    "There's no reason to be ashamed," James said, "Frank seems like a nice man. If he made you happy, why not see him again?"

    Nancy stared at James with a look of surprise on her face; "Do you know him? You said his name."

    James shook his head, "No ma'am, I never saw Frank before today. He came around and talked to me after you left. He said that he had told you that I was watching and that you were afraid I knew who you are and would tell someone."

    Nancy stared at the floor while she digested what James had just said. "That was nice of him. Maybe he does care." She eyed James speculatively, "How long...exactly when did you start watching us?"

    James looked at her, drinking in her beauty while he debated with himself; 'Should I tell her that I started watching from about the time Frank first spotted me, or the truth?'

    He chose the truth, wanting her to know just how much he had really seen. Using deductive reasoning, he instinctively sensed that she just might be fishing for stimulating information, either for now, or for use in a later fantasy;

    "I saw you almost from the beginning. When I didn't see your Hudson leave after several minutes, I grew concerned, because I knew that a man, I didn't know his name then, Frank, had also gone to the back. I wanted to make sure that you weren't in any kind of trouble.

    I even carried a steel pipe along to use as a club," he looked at her intently, "in case I needed it. I looked around the corner of the station and saw the two of you just as you were sitting on the car seat and he squeezed in between your legs to kiss you."

    Nancy looked glassy eyed, remembering, "That was the first time he kissed me."

    James was surprised. He had naturally assumed that Frank had already been kissing Nancy, and turning her on, before he had gotten her to the point of sitting in a position of concealment in the Ford. "You had already decided to go all the way with him before even kissing him?"

    "Yes. I know that must sound really strange to you, but I just wanted to have another man in me. I wasn't looking to fall in love, or anything, I already have a husband and children."

    There was a pause. Nancy felt embarrassed, as she realized how that must sound to a young man that probably had done no more than kissed a girl or squeezed a tit. She looked into his face; "I'm talking to you like you're a good friend, a girlfriend my own age. I don't believe it!"

    James wanted desperately to convince her of his maturity. He didn't want her to think of him as a mere kid fresh out of high school. His most favorite older dream woman had begun to talk to him and treating him as an equal. "I probably understand more than you think. I read a lot of books and I try to relate to how people feel."

    Nancy realized that she didn't know his name: "James," he said in response. She decided that she could talk freely to this perceptive young man.

    "Did you." she paused, then continued. "I was going to ask you something but just remembered, something else I wanted to ask first. Could you hear us talking? How much could you hear?"

    James was blunt, but tried to look cordial. "I could hear everything."

    Nancy blushed, then glanced at his crotch and back to his face. I guess I have no secrets from you then, about."

    James cut in, wanting her to know just how much he did know about her relationship with her husband. He sensed that somehow this might allow him to be closer to her, maybe even in an intimate way. "I heard what you had to say about your husband and your marriage and I understand. Your secret, your secrets are safe with me."

    James could see what looked like tears forming in the corners of her eyes. Despite that, he could feel his penis tingling. "I heard what you said about how, about how your husband thinks sex with, with your mouth is a perversion. I heard a lot more, but, well, that's enough. I just want you to know that I understand why when you made a date to keep seeing Frank."

    "Then you don't condemn me, even though I go to your church and you know I'm married and have children?"

    "No Ma'am. If I was older, I'd be wishing my name was Frank."

    There, James had done it, expressed his desire for her. He held his breath.

    Tears or not, Nancy apparently decided to fly with what she had to say next.

    She had something in mind, a hastily conceived plan. With a sigh, she asked, "Did you become aroused when you were watching us?"

    "Yes ma'am." There was no hesitation from James with his answer.

    "Nancy. You can call me Nancy when we're alone."

    "Yes Nancy. I watched everything you did, except once when I had to pump some gas." James decided to become more blunt, sensing that she wanted to hear; "I had to leave for a few minutes right after Frank put his, his third finger inside you."

    Nancy looked shocked, then her face turned red. "You could hear everything we said, even then?"

    "Yes. I was only about 20 feet away then, and later, about six feet."

    "At six feet you were behind the barrels," Nancy said, her eyes showing realization at just how close James had been, and how much detail he could have seen.

    "Yes. I was behind the barrel when you threw the rubber on it. It landed just inches from my head," he smiled at Nancy, "Right in front of my eyes."

    Her eyes lit up as she began to appreciate the humor of the situation. She laughed, and her beautiful face looked lovelier than James had ever seen it. He joined in with her laughter.

    After they had calmed a little, Nancy spoke to him, a big grin still on her face; "You said you were aroused," she glanced at his blue jeans, eye level to her and just three feet away, "like you are now. You must have been miserable, squatting behind a barrel and bulging like that."

    James grew more excited. Suddenly the subject of sex had come around to include him!

    “I was. When Frank spotted me I stood up and played with myself."

    James felt his face turn red as he realized the personal nature of the admission he had just made to her. He also was aware that he had actually been behind the corner of the station when Frank had first spotted him, but decided that Nancy's visualization was more stimulating.

    "Don't be embarrassed about admitting what you did," Nancy said, as she realized his embarrassment. "I've been playing with myself a lot lately, and I'm supposed to have a husband to take care of me, so I guess it's certainly alright for you to do it. What were we doing when you stood up?"

    James could feel blood pumping to every part of his body. His penis was rock hard, and straining to be let out. "You were on top of him. I moved closer and could have reached out and touched you. I could see every detail." He paused, remembering, then wanting to give her an intimate 'description.' "I could see how your..how your..."

    "My vagina?"

    "Yes, your vagina was wrapped around him. It looked like he was stretching it way out, and I was surprised that it wasn't hurting you."

    Nancy thought about being on top of Frank, remembering how good he had felt, "It didn't hurt. I came really fast that time."

    "I know, I barely beat you. I had to hurry and get out of there before you spotted me."

    It began to dawn on her that Frank had told her he had seen James peeking, but that he had not mentioned how close James had been. "Did Frank know you were there at that time, and that close?" Nancy asked.

    James decided to gamble and be truthful. He sensed that the truth might not mess up Frank's future chances with Nancy; "Actually, Frank invited me with his finger to get that close. I think he wanted me to enjoy it more, and it seemed to make him more excited."

    This was the most open and exciting conversation that James had ever had with a female, even better than with the woman who had masturbated for him just three weeks before.

    "What do you plan to do with that?" Nancy nodded her head at his bulging jeans.

    James looked at her, a hopeful look in his eyes; "I'll take care of it as soon as you leave, unless." he paused, trying to look as needy as any male ever looked!

    Nancy looked at his face, and then down at his bulge, debating with herself.

    He knew what she might be thinking and opened himself up to her. "I'm afraid that I'm nowhere near as big as Frank." James hated to make the admission, but thought, more specifically hoped, that she would be finding out for herself in due course. He added, "I'm still young and hope to keep growing."

    Nancy smiled at him. "I doubt that many men are as big as Frank, let alone boys that are still growing." Nancy looked into his eyes, trying to let him know that she understood his concern, about size. "You probably don't have a rubber, do you?"

    James's heart sank. To get this close, and to lose out because of that! He remembered the time that a salesman had come to the station, wanting his dad to install a machine for rubbers in the men's outhouse. His dad had said no, of course, being a religious man, and not wanting to encourage promiscuous sex.

    His father didn't know James could overhear them in the office from his location under the car in the station bay. James wished with all his heart that his dad had agreed. "No, no rubbers.” James answered with a visible sigh. “I don't expect you to do anything with me. I promise you I won't tell anyone about what I saw, ever."

    "Come here."

    James took two steps over to her, very aware of how his penis was being tightly squashed in his jeans as he moved.

    Nancy unzipped him, reached in and pulled it out. "Feels like you are already all the way up." Holding his cock in her hand, she appraised him, "It's as big as my husband's, that should make you feel better, to know that you're a man in size." She looked up at his face, "And how old are you?"



    "I turned 18 in April."

    "So you are barely 18. You'll probably grow some more, too, until you're 19, maybe 20." She squeezed him, and watched as pre-coital fluid poured out of the end of his cock and fell onto her skirt. She didn't seem to mind. "This is only the third penis I have ever touched. I just want you to know that. I don't play around."

    James didn't care about that. He knew what he wanted, and the chances were looking better with each moment. "Can I put it in you, just for a little while? I've never been inside a girl, I mean, a woman before."

    "You've never been inside a girl?" She looked surprised, then added, "Well, around here I'm not surprised. We raise our daughters right."

    "But can I put it in you?"

    Nancy shook her head; "You'd probably come right away. I couldn't risk that." Nancy gently stroked him, studying the shaft, "You're not circumcised. My husband is, and Frank was, too."

    "Well, that could make me a first for you." Even though he had no experience, James wanted to fuck her badly, even if she was a "three finger girl."

    "I'll tell you what I think I'd like. I want you to remember me as the first woman you ever made love to. You'll carry that memory for the rest of your life, and that would make me happy, to know that I was in your memories.

    But you can't come in me.” she said, shaking her head. “I'll let you do a few strokes, to feel my, to see what if feels like, and then I'll take care of you by hand. Is that alright with you?"

    James would agree to anything that she proposed, "That would be great! Do you want to do it here? I could probably reach you sitting there if I put the chair cushion under my knees and kneeled between your legs."

    Nancy giggled, "Right here in the window? That would certainly be something to see if someone drove up!"

    James was trying to come up with an alternative, and almost on cue, an old Plymouth slowed to pull into the station. Nancy released his penis and James quickly stepped behind the counter to wedge his rigid member into his pants.

    Stepping out from behind the counter, he placed a nickel into the soda machine, pulled out a coke, uncapped it, and handed it to Nancy. Picking up his previously opened bottle, James went out to the Plymouth, carrying the bottle "casually" in front to hide his bulge.

    James was pumping gas as Nancy walked out of the office. His heart leaped. Is she leaving? As Nancy drew alongside the Plymouth, she raised her arm above the roof of the car, so that the driver wouldn't see, and pointed to the rear of the station.

    A few seconds later, James heard the Hudson start. 'She's leaving!' His heart sank, until he saw the Hudson drive to the rear of the station. He set records for checking oil, water, tires, and cleaning a windshield. James gave the customer fast, courteous service. He was a "fill up" and deserved the full treatment.

    James hurried around the West End of the station. Nancy had parked in the exact spot Frank's Ford had been sitting, and like Frank, she had backed in. James eagerly moved around the front of the Hudson to get to her.

    Nancy was sitting on the front passenger side, with the door open and her legs on the ground and together. She had arranged the same setup as before!

    As James approached her Nancy had an ornery smile on her face as she suddenly held up the rubber. She had found it! It was about ten inches long, Frank's seven inch unroll plus the inch that had been left at the tip to catch semen and had been stretched additional inches by the huge load of come.

    James watched with a puzzled expression on his face as Nancy started unrolling it the rest of the way. He was thinking; "Surely she doesn't intend to have me use it, does she?"

    Nancy finished unrolling it. Only about an inch had remained unrolled. "He almost filled the entire length, didn't he?"

    James nodded, "He didn't keep it on for very long."

    Nancy's eyes had a dreamy look as she thought of Frank and herself in this very spot, she glanced at her watch, less than an hour ago. It seemed a lot longer. "I know, we were very turned on."

    She straightened up, and seeming to realize that it was now James with her and not Frank, said; "Can you watch the station from here while you're with me instead of watching me?"

    "You bet I can!" He moved close to her, and on impulse did exactly as Frank had done, using his weight to wedge between her legs. Her skirt came up as she opened wide, and James saw the top of her stockings come into view, followed by garter belt and white, lacy panties. He touched her on the crotch. Wet, white lacy panties!

    "I left my panties on, so that you can remove them like he did," Nancy said, and then she lay back upon the seat and lifted her legs, placing her high heels on the door sill.

    His hands shaking, James reached under her ass as she raised her hips to aid him. He pulled her panties down, then up as they climbed her beautiful thighs, passed her dimpled knees and slid over her gorgeous calves. James had a (not original) inspiration, and left her panties hanging on one of her high-heeled shoes as he lifted her legs.

    There the panties could fly as before, a banner of victory, a symbol of his joy and happiness.

    Her luscious pussy, covered with beautiful, golden curls, was just below him. It looked very open and slippery, and the pubic hair at the bottom of her pussy was straight from being wet and sticky. This time it was meant for him!

    James excitedly dropped his jeans and underwear to his knees. He didn't dare remove them completely as Frank had done; there was always the possibility he would have to rush to the front of the station.

    Nancy sat up to look at him. She wrapped her right hand tenderly around his shaft and cupped his loose, medium sized balls with her left. "Remember, what's in here," (she shook his balls gently) "doesn't go in me. You can take just a few, slow strokes, and then pull it out as you stand up, and I'll finish you off."

    "I'll remember," James replied, with more than a trace of excitement in his voice. "I came at this exact spot not long ago so I think I can hold back if you'll let me stay inside you a little longer."

    Nancy gave his penis a couple of slow strokes while gently squeezing him. His shaft felt harder to her than either her husband's or Frank's penis. "It's your problem if a car comes before you get to come with my hand, just remember that."

    She giggled softly as she stroked his foreskin. “I guess I could wait though if you have to run off.”

    James was studying the way her beautiful, red tipped fingers looked around his shaft. "My dick looks bigger in her little hand than it does with mine wrapped around it," he was thinking. He looked into her eyes; "I'd better get it in, then."

    She laid back and raised her legs, and James hooked the inside of her knees in the crook of his elbows, as Frank had done. He had memorized every move Frank had made, and if he followed Frank's example, he might not look like an amateur.

    Nancy guided him and he looked down and watched, fascinated, as the head of his cock opened her. He felt warmth, wet and wonderful warmth, as he slid all the way in with one smooth, slow thrust.

    He lingered, deep inside, taking in the visual delight of seeing his penis inside a female for the first time. His pubic hair was intertwined with hers. Brown and golden blond, a beautiful tapestry of color.

    She didn't clasp his cock tightly, but James didn't care. He was inside his first girl, his first woman, an angel sent from heaven, or to be more specific, from his church!

    As much as James wanted to move his hips, he didn't. There was something that he wanted to do first. His heart was pounding as he leaned down, placing his head close to her face, and she understood. She kissed him, her tongue eagerly exploring his mouth. After a brief moment of uncertainty his tongue joined with hers.

    They held the kiss for almost a minute, and then he lifted his face to look at her, and said; "I think I wanted to kiss you more than anything else."

    "I know. I felt the same way about wanting to kiss you. With Frank it was just physical, but I've had time to get to know and understand you." She pulled his head down and kissed him for a few more seconds, then released him and said; "You'd better keep your head up to watch for people."

    James raised his upper body so that he could continue to watch the area outside the car. "Will you try not to avoid me at church? I mean, I know you can't come near me or anything, and I won't try to approach you, but it would make me happy if our eyes could meet and we could still be friends, from a distance."

    James meant it with all of his heart, and she felt his sincerity.

    "That's reasonable. I'll still think about you sometimes, even if I decide to start seeing Frank."

    "You can always park behind my station," James said. He pulled his penis back, almost all the way, studied for a couple of seconds how it looked as her inner lips clung to him, loosely, but they were clinging and then he pushed it back into her,

    Nancy pursed her lips and looked up at him, smiling, "That feels good. Keep stroking, but be careful. As far as parking here, that would be something to consider, but I think I'd prefer to fuck Frank in a more secluded spot, like a motel bed. I might stop by to say hello some day.and maybe to buy gas," she added as an afterthought.

    "And don't forget our spotlessly clean restrooms," James replied, smiling down at her. She was treating him as an adult, as an equal, and he was thankful. James had a sudden impulse to tell her what else he had seen, when she was sitting in the outhouse. Wisely, he did not.

    Nancy would never have understood how he could think that seeing her urinate and defecate, and worse, from underneath, could be appealing, and she would have considered it a true invasion of her privacy.

    He was beginning to gain a little confidence now, and for the first time, James began to stroke steadily.

    Her pussy clasped him gently. Not snug, but with plenty of feeling just the same. It didn't matter how wet or loose she was, her vagina was tugging his foreskin up over the head of his dick each time he pulled back, and then pulling the foreskin back off his head each time he shoved into her.

    Ever since he had discovered masturbation, James had known that there was something special about having a foreskin.

    Now that he was fucking, the advantages became even more obvious. His foreskin was adding feelings of its own in addition to the warm and wonderful way her pussy felt around his shaft.

    "I could be happy with this fit, if she was my wife," he thought, "Of course, I don't know what she thinks about the way I fit her." He gave her 15 strokes, 20, more.

    Nancy was thinking about the fit, and hoping that she was tight enough for James. She knew now, she had really enjoyed the feeling of how Frank had been stretching her and if she had a choice, she knew what it would be

    Doing this with James was almost the same physically to fucking her husband because of the identical size, but she was still enjoying James more.

    Moaning softly now, Nancy began thrusting her hips upward to meet his penis. She had her eyes closed as she asked him; "Are you doing alright? I'm going to come if you can hold back a little longer and promise not to come inside me."

    James couldn't believe his ears. She is going to come, with my smaller cock! "I'm O.K. Go ahead." He sped up.

    "No. Slow down," she said as she grasped his hips with two hands in order to stop his sudden movements. "I can feel you better that way and you'll be able to hold back easier."

    Feeling chastised for being a young kid with no experience, James stroked slowly. He wasn't sure if she had been right about his being able to hold back by going slower. Stroking her slower seemed less physical, and more .romantic. He felt that he was in love with her, and at his young age, he probably was.

    He needed to ask her. It might be embarrassing, but he wanted to know. "Is my dick big enough? I know how big Frank was, how it looked, and I heard you tell him how good he was feeling.?" Before she had time to think and answer, James added: "And I heard you say how much better Frank was feeling over your husband, and then, in the station, you compared me and said I was, that I am the same size as your husband."

    Nancy smiled. "Look lover boy. You're fine. It's feeling really good. I like your cock, and when I come it will probably be just as good as it was with Frank. So don't worry about your size, O.K.?"

    "All...all right." James kept pumping, going slow as she had asked. But his face showed that he was doing some heavy thinking.

    Nancy understood. "I know I told Frank he felt a lot better than my husband, that his dick felt better, but I have grown tired of my husband. He doesn't take good care of me in bed, and sometimes we argue like most married couples do, so that has a lot to do with it."

    James wanted to believe her, and for the most part did. But all this talk of fucking and comparing dicks was beginning to arouse him, further along than he wanted at this time.

    He closed his eyes, not wanting to look at her face, or he wouldn't be able to hold back. He was going to make her come. That simple fact turned James on more mentally than anything he had ever experienced, and now that mental turn-on was trying to convert to physical, and override his willpower.

    No, closing his eyes was no good, he still kept thinking about her, plus he needed to be alert for visitors. James opened his eyes, and looked around at the station, and at the outhouses. No, not the outhouses, the women's outhouse held too many erotic memories for him.

    He looked at the windshield of her Hudson, and noticed that she had already squashed a bug in the center of the passenger's side. "I cleaned that windshield better than any I've ever done, and it's already bugged up. I guess nothing lasts forever," he thought.

    He wished that this could last forever because Nancy felt better than anything he had ever done to his dick with his hand. He felt her left hand reach down and wrap around his slippery shaft as he moved in and out.

    She was feeling his hardness, and then she began feeling her lips at the point where she was stretched around him. James saw that their combined juices had gotten all over her engagement ring and wedding band.

    For some reason, getting his and her juice all over her wedding bands was a turn on. It seemed, almost sacrilegious somehow. She reached lower, and gently cupped his balls.

    James raised his eyes for a minute to look at her face, and saw that her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open and very wet looking. He was about to lean down and kiss her when he felt a tugging around his penis. James looked down. She was still cupping his balls with her left hand and had begun rubbing her pussy above his cock, with her right hand.

    Though James knew little about the clitoris, Nancy knew, and was using it to speed her orgasm. In another couple of minutes, James would make her come, but she was growing worried about his ability to hold back. Thus, her hand had gone into action.

    A few seconds later Nancy tensed and began to groan as her orgasm started. "I'm coming James. You made me do it!"

    Nancy made no effort to hold back on how noise she was making. If she made noise, James might feel that she truly was enjoying him, which she was.

    James could see that the lips of her vagina had turned bright pink, almost red, and she was shooting spurts of liquid out around his shaft, just like she had done with Frank. Quickly glancing up at her face, James saw that her eyes were closed, and her mouth was opened. She seemed to be frowning as well, but that is because she is thinking real hard about her orgasm, James figured.

    He quickly returned to staring at their genitals. James could feel her pussy twitching around his cock. The twitches were almost a second apart, like his own when he climaxed during masturbation. James had an inkling for the first time, that an orgasm might feel the same to a woman as it does to a man.

    She is throbbing, just like I do. It must feel the same to her but somehow different because she has a dick inside of her. With his mind racing, James wished that he could switch places with her so that he could see exactly how this was feeling for her.

    James eventually stopped stroking, and Nancy relaxed. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him, "Truthfully, I never expected to come before we started, I just wanted to please you a little bit. But you are a good lover. That was nice James, real nice."

    She reached up with her right hand and pulled his face down. They kissed for a few seconds, and this time James inserted his tongue into her mouth.

    James was beaming. "I could feel you coming. It felt the same way as it does when I come." James was still surprised by the knowledge he had just obtained.

    "You could? That's good. I was afraid that I might not be tight enough for you." She was feeling him with her hand again, and James knew that his time was rapidly approaching.

    "I have a very sensitive head. It's protected by a foreskin all the time so anything I do with it feels good."

    Nancy gave him a look of understanding. "I'll keep that in mind if I ever have a boy baby. Now you'd better take it out and let me make you come before someone else comes to the station."

    She stared down at his cock as he took another couple of strokes, getting a last feel of her. She understood, saying nothing, and giggling, said 'it feels good' and to take one or two more. He did, and then James reluctantly and slowly removed his penis, watching as it was gently clasped and then released by her pinkish inner lips.

    Nancy was watching as well. It was not quite as significant to her as it was to James. This was his first pussy and that was her third cock. Still, she was feeling almost as much excitement from this as he was. The guilt was there, but was being tempered by the fact that she was making a young man very, very happy.

    Nancy sat up and began to stroke his slippery shaft with her right hand. "I know how much you want to come inside me and believe me when I tell you that I'd really like to feel you when you did, but this is nice too. You're really fun to masturbate, much easier than my husband or Frank. Your foreskin is loose, and lets me slide up and down further than I can on them."

    James was standing fully erect, with his head above the roof of the Hudson. He watched as she gently stroked him, and noticed as she sat upright that more wetness was running out of her, soaking the edge of the seat. He wanted to say something about it, as he was very conscious of how fussy some owners were about their car, but he decided that now was not the time. He'd take care of that after he shot his load.

    He decided to teach her something. Something that would enhance his orgasm; "Yes, it's easy for me to masturbate. By using the foreskin, I can run my hand completely up over the head without irritating it. That's where most of my feeling is. Go ahead, try it."

    James placed his left hand on her right shoulder and held her as she responded. She began running his skin to the tip of his shaft. Her hand felt warm and snug around him. She knew just the exact pressure to use in order to duplicate the feel of her pussy.

    Well, maybe not the exact feel of her pussy, her grip was just a little tighter than that. Pre-coital fluid began to pour from his pee hole, and she began to go faster.

    "No.," he said, softly. "Keep going slow. I like it the same way you do." She slowed, and began using the exact pace that he had used when he was fucking her. His orgasm was approaching. He reached down, and inserted two, and then three fingers into her. He felt her cunt tighten around his digits.

    "Three fingers, just like Frank did!" He said loudly as his cock exploded and began to shoot long jets of fluid in her direction.

    His first blast almost caught her squarely on the face. She had been absorbed in feeling how very hard his shaft was while watching his balls swing back and forth, and then he had shoved his hand into her! She hurriedly aimed his penis to her right, his left, as his first stream shot past her right shoulder and landed on the thick post between the front and rear doors of the Hudson.

    She kept stroking at a moderate pace as his second, third and fourth shots landed on the side of the rear door. Three more hit the near the bottom of the door.

    "Wow, you really can come. I've never seen anybody shoot like that," she said, as she watched still more come pump out of him and land on the ground, just missing his pants that had fallen to his ankles.

    She tasted some of his come that had gotten on her fingers, and giggled, "Maybe I should have let you come in my mouth, but then I wouldn't have gotten to see you shoot like that."

    James was still trying to recover. "How many have you seen?"

    "Actually, I've only watched my husband. All of Frank's orgasms were in my pussy and my mouth."

    “There would have been even more come to see if I hadn't already came while I was watching you with Frank.”

    “I know. That's what made it all that much more surprising when I saw all that shoot out.”

    James remembered what the brunette had showed him; "Milk it down with your hand, so it isn't dribbling in my pants 15 minutes from now."

    Nancy milked him, and placed her mouth at the end of his shaft to catch the large blob that oozed out. Smiling up at him, she swallowed it, and asked; "Any more?"

    James answered boldly, and if she took him up on it that would be still another miracle to remember..

    "Suck it."

    She did, going deep on his shaft, and James groaned softly. This was really special. This lovely lady, whom he had so often admired, was actually sucking his dick. She milked him with her mouth, once, twice, and swallowed one more blob.

    James's fingers were still in her pussy, and less than two minutes later he was feeling her strong pelvic muscles contracting around his thrusting fingers as she added to the wetness on the car seat. She had come again, and this time she hadn't used her hand!

    James hurriedly cleaned his come off the Hudson's door pillar and rear door with tissue he had gathered from the men's outhouse and she made a joke about the Hudson being "baptized."

    Nancy had already cleaned her juices off the passenger seat as best she could with tissues from her purse, and he admired her as she pulled on her panties and applied lipstick in her rear view mirror.

    A little later she was seated behind the wheel, with the engine running. They had kissed one last time, gently, so as not to smear her lipstick. James stood by the driver's door, and tears welled up in his eyes as he spoke; "Please be sure to speak to me if you ever get the chance."

    "I promise," she said, as she blew a kiss at him and drove away.

    James remained in place as the Hudson disappeared around the front of the station. He waved, knowing she wouldn't see it. James suddenly felt very lonely. He was in love with Nancy, and his heart was breaking.

    After the Hudson drove away, James turned, and spotted the rubber on the ground where Nancy had dropped it. He picked it up and returning to the front, placed it inside an envelope from the desk drawer in the office.

    In the future he could pull it out of a concealed location on occasion and think of Nancy. It was the only physical item he had that had belonged to her, even if it was only for a couple of minutes while she unrolled it.

    It wasn't until James had finished the days work, closed the station, and walked halfway down the lane to his dad's farm that the realization struck him. After all that, he hadn't even touched Nancy's breasts!

    In months to come he would see Nancy in church, and sometimes James would draw close enough to her that their eyes would meet. They seldom had a chance to converse, and if they did they could only make idle chit chat, as someone was always near. She didn't seem to be deliberately avoiding him, as she had promised not to do, but she didn't make any apparent effort to approach him, maybe to share their secret, either.

    James thought that maybe Nancy felt embarrassed, or guilty, about her visit to the station. He believed that, until one day about three months later. Frank stopped by to visit. He said that he had passed by a couple of times and stopped, but James's dad had been working.

    In response to James's immediate first question, Frank confirmed that he and Nancy had been together at a motel several times since he had met her at the station.

    James asked Frank if they were in love, and Frank hesitated and replied; "No, just good sex. She sees me because I'm not from around here, and I don't know anyone that she knows. She really likes to fuck. I go through half-a-dozen rubbers every time we're together. We 69 a lot too."

    James wondered if Nancy had ever mentioned what happened after Frank had left that day, but didn't ask. What had happened between Nancy and himself was their secret, and if Frank heard about it, the information would come from Nancy, not himself.

    He enjoyed hearing about Nancy, even if she was fucking someone else, and encouraged Frank to talk further. "I really enjoyed watching you with her that day, I wish I could see it again."

    "Maybe you can. I'll show you some photos," Frank said. He pulled four small prints out of his wallet, and handed them to James, "I've got 24 pictures, but I only have these four with me."

    James studied them closely. It was ironic, he had actually seen someone fucking before ever seeing any sex photos, and now his first sex photos were of the couple he had seen fucking. Even though her face didn't show, James knew it was really she.

    He'd recognize her beautiful blonde pussy and those gorgeous long legs anywhere, even in black and white photos taken indoors with a flashgun. "How...how did you take these?"

    "After I asked her a couple of times, telling her I needed something to keep me going when she wasn't around, she let me bring a friend along to take some photos. She didn't want her face to show, for obvious reasons."

    "She let another man see her naked, and while she was doing it with you? Wow! Did the guy that took the pictures want to do it with her too?"

    "Of course. I was willing it she wanted to try two men at once but I think she was afraid to. She told me later, when we were alone, that she was afraid if she got started trying different men, she might not stop. I can believe that because I've never met a woman who likes sex more than she does."

    James knew that statement was probably true. He'd had his own adventure with her. "So the poor guy had to go without, then?"

    "Sort of. She didn't completely leave him hanging. After he had taken the pictures she let him jack off and watch us while we 69d and fucked again. He came over and sat on the bed about two feet from her head while she was on top of me in the 69 position, and he says she kept staring at his cock as she sucked me.

    Then, later, he was watching my cock in her pussy, and when he came she saw him and came at the same time. I think she enjoyed having him there, even if she didn't let him touch her."

    James began using his deductive reasoning; "Maybe she was fantasizing about the time I watched you and her behind the station."

    Frank stared at James with his mouth slightly agape, "You know, you just might be right about that."

    "Was his cock as big as yours?"

    "No. I'd say it was normal size, about like yours. I asked her later if she would have fucked him if he had a big dick like mine and she said "No, that she wanted me to remain unique in that aspect."

    James was still shaking his head in dis-belief for a long while after Frank had driven away. Nancy allowed Frank to bring a buddy along and she fucked Frank in front of him? It was almost impossible to believe a story like that. But then, Frank had the photos.

    Frank had not told the whole truth. Actually, Nancy had fucked Frank's friend, and done so at the urging of Frank since he wanted to be able to sit back and see Nancy in action. She had put on quite a show for Frank as she laid with his buddy between her outstretched legs and groaned as he licked lovingly on her hot pussy.

    Then, after she had a pretty good orgasm, he mounted her, and though he was smaller than Frank she had still another orgasm, mostly because Nancy aware that Frank was watching and stroking that cock she so much loved.

    She had rebelled though when Frank asked her if his buddy could fuck her in the rear. Not even her husband had been there, and since she had turned her husband down on that matter, she didn't feel right letting someone else have her in the ass.

    But she did allow Frank to watch her one last time with his buddy as she rode on top of him. That accomplished, she called it quits, saying that she had satisfied her curiosity about having two men at once. It was fun, but not romantic, and she liked romantic.

    Frank stopped by on occasion for about another year. Then the last time he said that Nancy had broken off their affair, saying that she needed to get her life and her marriage in order. She had arranged to see Frank, and when they met at the motel she informed him up front that this was to be their last time together.

    Frank said that he was grateful she had chosen to do it that way, using one last lovemaking session instead of turning him away cold. He admitted that he had fallen in love with her, and if she had broken it off without one last chance to be together it would have been much harder for him to take. They had a very long and intense session of sex, and it was over.

    Frank said that he probably wouldn't be coming to the station again, at least for awhile. His sales route had been changed a couple of months ago and only Nancy had kept him coming through the Wichita area. He had driven almost 200 miles out of his way today, to let James know, and say a possible goodbye. There also was the possibility that his National Guard unit might be called up since North Korea had just invaded South Korea.

    James was deeply touched. He really appreciated this gesture of friendship, and made Frank aware of his feelings. Frank had one hope for the future. Nancy had taken his address "in case she ever decided to see him again," but she had stated that "it probably wouldn't happen." As Frank had driven away, James experienced the same feeling of loneliness that Nancy's departure had given him.

    James never divulged his secret about Nancy to anyone, not even his future wife Becky. He might have told Becky if his first (and only) fuck had been with some schoolgirl, but Nancy had been special, and always would be.

    Becky would believe him to be a virgin like she when they married, and in a way, he had been, since he hadn't had an orgasm inside of Nancy. To this day, many years later, James was still amazed that Nancy had returned to the station and fucked him.

    Nancy's story.

    As she drove away from the station, Nancy checked her rear view mirror and slowed. At the first wide spot in the road she made a partial U-turn, and had to back up once to complete the turn. She pulled to the edge, completely off the pavement, and watched down the highway.

    Nancy had left the station headed for the same direction, west, from which she had first arrived. She had done this on purpose. She knew that Frank would leave the station and head east toward Missouri. She didn't want Frank to see her waiting.

    She had to go back. The young boy had seen her in the act of cheating, and she had to do something, maybe just talk to him.

    Nancy was trembling as she thought about what she had done, and what the young man had seen. She still couldn't believe what had just transpired. She checked her watch. A little over an hour and a half ago it had begun.

    As he worked on her windshield, she though the kid looked "cute," and gave him a flash of thigh for fun. Her skirt rose higher than she intended when she spread wide and reached across the dashboard. Nancy had only meant to expose herself to the top of her nylons, and had ended up showing her garter belt and panties.

    It was mildly arousing to watch him out of the corner of her eye while she applied makeup, knowing full well that he could still see all the way up her inner thighs. He was maintaining his cool pretty well under the circumstances. She thought that he looked familiar, but shrugged it off.

    After answering the call of nature and wiping, Nancy sat on the hole and thought about the cute young attendant. Her husband had passed on another opportunity the night before, and she was horny again. Her ass cheeks were being spread by the edges of the wooden hole and the feeling was erotically stimulating.

    She decided, "Why not?" She began to masturbate and maybe to fantasize about the station attendant. Nancy had just begun to enjoy herself when she heard a car drive up and stop outside the outhouse.

    She continued to stimulate her clitoris slowly and listened. She heard a car door open and feet hit the gravel as the door closed. The feet began walking and she heard the door of the men's toilet open, and close.

    Silence outside. Nancy wondered if there could be a woman in the car, waiting for her to come out, as her Hudson was parked in front of the women's outhouse and was a sure sign that someone was in the lady's outhouse.

    She heard the door of the men's outhouse open, and feet again on the gravel. The feet stopped, without opening a car door and driving away. Nancy shook her head, "There must be a woman waiting for me to leave. I'll have to put off having my orgasm."

    Frustrated, she grabbed some more tissue, and wiped her dripping pussy. As Nancy prepared to leave she mumbled softly to herself; "Stand up, panties up, skirt down. Damn it, ready or not, here I come."

    Nancy opened the door, and saw a strange man checking out her new Hudson. Her heart jumped when he turned and smiled at her.
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