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. How My Husband's Boss Seduced Me

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Mar 5, 2019.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    How My Husband's Boss Seduced Me

    After Slide Pussy.

    I closed my eyes and kept lying with my legs opened. Let my husband stare. This is his fault. Matter of fact, both men can stare at my pussy, I don't care. As a matter of fact, I want them to.

    Three times. Never before in all my over four years of having sex, had I climaxed more than twice in a session. Now things had changed. Three times I had climaxed, and they had been my strongest three ever, and all because I had been assigned the simple task of performing a slide.

    By EroticWriter and ed mead.

    Another hot one readers. Written by someone named ed mead (he did not capitalize his name) on another site a few years ago and added to and changed quite a bit throughout by EroticWriter to make the sex even hotter. The bit about her husband going to work with his tongue, for instance, was an afterthought I added. A good story I think I made even better. I changed the title and ending as well. EW

    How My Husband's Boss Seduced Me

    My husband and I have been married for three years and we recently decided to have a baby. While I was getting off of the pill and starting my prenatal vitamin regime my husband was trying to earn some additional money to help with all of the new expenses by working a second job. Ironically, just after we decided we wanted to start a family we stopped having sex.

    Jim was just too tired when he got home. We were planning a special get away weekend and we planned to consummate our decision then. But things got a little complicated just before our little get away.

    Unfortunately, my husband didn't realize that his company has a strict policy against moonlighting due to the fact that the company has lots of government contracts.

    Mike, his boss, called him in and told him that there was a zero tolerance policy that required him to report the incident and terminate his employment.

    Almost panic stricken, Jim told his boss that he was just trying to earn a little extra to help pay for the baby we planned to have.

    Mike seemed a little surprised by that and said that taking a second job was probably justified in that case but still against the rules.

    Mike seemed to be thinking it over. Just when my husband thought Mike was going to show mercy and overlook the issue my husband got the surprise of his life. Mike told Jim that he had always had a thing for me and that if Jim would go along and I would agree to have sex with him all would be forgotten.

    'He wants me to let him fuck my wife?' Jim was flabbergasted and started to storm out of the office.

    The Offer

    When my husband reached the door Mike casually called him back and offered that we wouldn't have to go all the way. That perhaps I would be willing to give him a 'camel toe or stripper slide' instead. There will be no penetration, he said.

    "No penetration," my husband asked, puzzled?

    "That's right,” answered Mike. "Grab a seat and I'll explain it to you. While doing a cameltoe slide, your wife doesn't have to let me slip my cock inside her."

    Jim I think, was still in a state of shock as he plopped into a chair in front of Mike's desk. "So what would she have to do?"

    Jim had never heard of a cameltoe slide and asked Mike to explain. Mike explained that a cameltoe slide is a form of sex, a hot form, but without penetration.

    Seeing the interest or maybe concern in Jim's eyes, Mike had gone on with his description, and in the process not trying to play down the erotic aspects of the act.

    The woman is on the bed with him. The man lies on his back with a hard on or if he does not have an erection the woman gets it up for him.

    Gets it up? You mean like in a blow job or something?

    It would be up to the woman. If the man's cock isn't already hard, she can use her hand or her mouth. That would probably do it. Then the woman straddles her man and slides herself back and forth along the man's erect penis having one lip of her vagina on either side of the man's shaft.”

    Jim needed more clarification, he told me.

    “Is this like that thing where a stripper does a 'lap dance?' The customer just sits there while the woman slides back and forth on his lap?”

    Mike smiled. Have you ever had a lap dance?

    No my husband told him. I don't see how a man could enjoy that if he doesn't get to see her without her clothes on, and then he added, or the man is fully clothed.

    Well, that's what I'm talking about. When your wife does the slide for me, there won't be any clothes in the way.

    You mean both people will be naked, Jim asked?

    Mike replied Of course, otherwise how can the slide happen?

    Jim thought about that for a long minute. How long does this go on, Jim asked Mike?

    Mike had a ready answer for him. Well, your wife is beautiful so I'd want her to take her time and not hurry it so I could have lots of time to enjoy it, but of course it would only last until I cum, and maybe your wife as well.

    Oh, I don't think my wife would be cumming if she has to do this, Jim answered. He frowned, Of course he went on, you would not be inside and cumming in her hole, correct?

    Correct. When I cum my dick would be shooting out and up towards my belly while she keeps sliding along my shaft until I tell her to stop.

    He paused and smiled. Of course when I cum under her and she's sliding back and forth its probably going to get all over her tummy and tits because almost her entire body will be in contact with mine.

    Mike noticed that my husband gave his crotch a quick feel before continuing. Where else would you be touching her?

    What planet is this guy from, thought Mike. I'd probably be grabbing her ass while she rides me, and sometimes I'd probably be taking feels of those lovely breasts.

    Jim said his boss had grinned at that point and said, I'd love to be feeling your wife's tits. They're a C cup, aren't they?

    Jim said that he is proud of my tits and had told his boss that yes, they're a true C.

    Fuck, Jim's boss said. I'll bet when I am feeling her tits and she is rubbing her pussy all along my cock, her nipples will be as hard as all get out.

    Then Jim went on telling me his version of what had been said. I guess you'd be having a lot of contact with my wife's body then.

    Of course. I'd need that in order to be able to cum.

    I just don't know about this Jim said as he rose and prepared to leave. My wife has been true to me, by that I mean faithful and she's never even been naked with another man let alone had sex with anyone, except me of course. So I not only, I'm not sure if I could let her be doing this even if she is willing to do it.

    Seeing how Jim was trying to visualize it in his mind, Mike told Jim to think about it and let him know tomorrow, and to be sure to remember that his job counts on it.

    Jim adds to his problems.

    Then Jim stormed out and headed to the bar. He had pretty much decided no way would he ask his wife to do this. But in the course of reaching his decision Jim had one too many and on the way home he got pulled over.

    He was given a field sobriety test and was slightly over the limit. Jim tried to explain to the officer that he had been upset over being about to lose his job and was just trying to get up enough nerve to tell me, but I guess that officer had a zero tolerance for violators.

    Jim was taken to jail and charged with a DUI. The next morning I bailed Jim out and on the way home he told me about Jim's offer. Then he added that with the DUI charge we needed money more than ever.

    I was shocked at hearing this, or perhaps I should say flabbergasted. We had started dating and yes, having sex in high school and gotten married not long after graduation. My only experience with a man was with my husband. So how could my husband even be considering me doing something like that, and now, with the DUI charge added, if Jim wants to keep his job this slide thing has become a must do.

    This was unbelievable. For my husband, to save his job and maybe keep him out of jail I will have to lower myself, whore myself in order to save him. How can my husband even be considering such a thing? But then, his job means just as much to me as it does to him.

    Our plans were unraveling fast. Jim was about to lose his job and we had the added expense of the lawyer and the court fees for his DUI. To say I was pissed is an understatement. I've never so much as even allowed another man to see me naked, I reminded him, let alone having some man touch me with his penis as well as having him feeling me up.

    I know baby, I know. Jim tried to make it sound less perverted when he answered. Actually baby, he won't be touching you with his penis, you'll be touching him with your...your pussy.

    Shit, I responded, that's the same thing, isn't it? Our genitals touching each other, being rubbed together, his penis almost inside my vagina. Sounds the same to me.

    I didn't tell him of course, but my mind was going a bit wild picturing that action.

    Though Jim seemed to be very apologetic about it, I was still upset. We went around and around about it as I drove him to work. Jim got to the office late and when Mike asked him why he was late Jim told him about the DUI.

    Though he kept his feelings to himself I am sure that Mike was inwardly delighted to hear this. Now, he figured, I will need to perform the slide more than ever.

    Mike asked Jim if he had thought about the offer and Jim told him how pissed off I am about everything and he can't push me into doing it. Then Mike added to his 'offer' when he said that he had a friend at the police department who could 'lose' his case file so that he would never be prosecuted.

    That would sure be better than trying to fight the DUI while having no job Jim answered. And you wouldn't expect my wife to allow you to penetrate her while she has to slide along your cock, Jim asked?

    Mike reiterated his offer and added that while I am performing the slide that if he wants Jim can be in the room to make sure he keeps his word.

    But remember, I have already told you that while your wife is rubbing my cock with her vagina I will also be getting good feels of her breasts and ass, so get used to the idea.

    As Jim was relating this story to me, he also admitted that he had told Mike that if he is feeling up my body he will be getting feels of the best ever. Jim told me that he told his boss that I have the best body ever, so he will be getting his 'money's worth.'

    I know that my husband was trying to pay me a compliment but under the circumstances I don't think it was any kind of compliment his having told his boss my personal business. Of course, if I go along with this scenario, Mike will be finding out for himself soon enough.

    Then Mike got a serious look on his face and said that he was already bending the rules by allowing Jim to come in to work. But he will allow one more day, he said, to give Jim and his wife time to think on it. That wife of course, is me.

    When Mike got home from work I could tell that he had something on his mind but I said nothing. Let him come out with it I thought. I had already decided that I really had no choice, but I wanted to hear my husband go through the pain of having to ask me again.

    That evening Jim told me about Mike's new offer and while it was disgusting, I suggested that I am willing to do it if Mike agrees to let Jim keep his job and keeps the DUI off of his record. Jim wasn't happy about it either, but we didn't have much choice.

    The next day Jim told Mike we will do it. Jim arranged for us to come by his house the same weekend we had planned our get away. We decided working on making a baby will have to wait. First I have to do this thing I was now calling 'my slide.'

    Anticipating the possibility of doing a pleasurable act

    I was trying to visualize in my mind this slide thing, where I was to be I guess, on my knees over Mike's body with my panties off and using my vagina to be sliding back and forth along the shaft of his penis. In my mind I was already formulating a possible way to make it at least somewhat pleasurable for me.

    Already I was wondering what size penis Mike has. It would be an adventure for sure to be stripping down naked in front of another man, and then having to place my naked body over his naked body. I was thinking logistically. If I have to slide back and forth along a cock, it will probably be easier to do if Mike's cock is big, bigger than Jim's.

    If Mike's shaft is at least as long as my husband's I might even be able to slide back and forth enough to have the top of his penis contacting my clitoris. My clit is located fairly close to my hole and if I can do that, I might even get to cum.

    Also, this was kind of hot, the idea that here we are, man and wife, not married all that long, and we are discussing me being at least partially nude and having intimate contact with another man, and to add to the excitement (for me) it is to be my husband's employer.

    There was something about doing it with my husband's boss that seemed to make it all the more exciting, more forbidden perhaps. I was getting a bit horny I must admit, just thinking about it.

    I asked Jim to tell me again what I am supposed to do and in greater detail. Besides, I liked hearing my husband having to describe a sex act I am to perform with another man.

    I think I was getting some kind of sadistic pleasure from hearing my husband, with tears in his eyes, telling me what I am to do, with his boss.

    Jim explained that he really didn't know any more than what Mike had told him, but that I will have to be naked at least on the lower half and that I will be rubbing my vagina over, no not necessarily over he corrected himself, but along the shaft of his boss's penis.

    I was frowning at that. Frowning in order to look more reluctant. Also, I wanted my husband to have to describe this act in detail, this obscene act that he expects his loving wife to perform. Inwardly, I was enjoying his discomfort.

    He'll be lying on his back, right? I was visualizing my husband on his back with an erection and I knew that when he is in that position his penis would point straight up. How do I do it honey I said if his cock is pointing straight up in the air like yours does?

    Now that it was beginning to sink in to my husband that this act might actually happen, I saw his face turning red as he went on.

    I guess you would have to push down on it with your hand or your pussy maybe, push it down towards his belly so you can slide up and down, back and forth, whatever on the side of his cock. Jim's face was bright red as he visualized in his mind me having to do that.

    I was trying to visualize it in my mind too. Putting it out there, saying it to another person, was bringing the possibility ever closer to reality.

    Jim I asked, looking concerned, Will he be touching me anywhere else, like maybe my breasts? Jim had already told me that Mike had said that he would be feeling my breasts, but I wanted to hear my husband say it again.

    Yes, Jim said. Mike said he would probably be needing to do that, feel your breasts and your ass probably in order to help achieve his orgasm.

    So, I guess that in order for him to be feeling my breasts, I'll need to be on top of him with no blouse or bra on then, is that right?

    Jim just nodded.

    Before you said it would just be my lower half. It's changed then. So now for sure I'll be naked on the top side too? Jim nodded yes.

    I saw my chance to put it onto crude terms and see how he would react. Did he say how long I would have to do that, rub his hard cock with my pussy?

    That got to him I think, my saying I would be rubbing his boss's cock with my pussy, especially when I had deliberately added the word 'hard.'

    Jim sighed. He said that he wants you to take your time and not rush things so he has time to really enjoy it and you will need to keep doing it until he cums.

    Until Jim cums, I thought? Now was my chance to really rub it in to my husband, whose fault this was.

    What about me, I asked? Do I get to cum too? This answer I especially wanted to hear.

    Jim looked horrified. Is the thought of it, doing this with my boss of all people turning you on? Shit, of maybe all the people we know, all the people in the world, my boss is probably the last one I would want to see you naked and be touching you.

    Are you really thinking of cumming? I hope not. If you cum with him Mike will think you are some kind of slut instead of just having to do this for me.

    I shook my head slowly. All I know Jim, I answered, is that if I am rubbing my naked pussy all along his penis, even though I am disgusted with him, and he is playing with my nipples for instance, it will undoubtedly be feeling good, and it wouldn't be fair for me to not get to cum.

    I was inwardly aroused now. If this is going to happen, I knew I would want to cum, and I was preparing my husband in case he is in attendance.

    His face was red. Can I cum Jim, if it feels good? He won't be inside me, it'll just be be our genitals touching on the outside. If we aren't kissing it would just be a physical thing if we both cum, our bodies and not our minds.

    I could see the pain, or maybe jealousy, in my husband's eyes. I needed to reassure him. Jim if I experience an orgasm with your boss, it won't mean a thing. All I know is, if it was just a tree stump standing there and I was doing that, rubbing my naked pussy on it, it would probably feel good.

    Jim hated what he knew he must answer. Well, I guess if your body takes control, you can cum if you can't control your feelings. But try to do it quietly so he doesn't know you are cumming. Then he remembered: You do get kind of noisy when you cum, so maybe you won't be able to hide it.

    Shit, all that did sound hot and if it was affecting me, I could understand why a man might like something like that. Also in my head, I was thinking that if a woman is doing it for fun instead of for pay like some strippers in a bar, that it could be very exciting for her as well.

    I was not a stripper, but by getting that ticket dismissed and helping my husband keep his job, I was in a way getting paid. Still, erotic thoughts were going through my mind, and though I hated the idea of the entire thing, something was telling me that it might not end right there.

    I had met and talked with Mike a few times, and he had always seemed gentlemanly, courteous and respectful to his employee's wife. Also, I had thought that he is a handsome and very virile man, but my thoughts had never strayed beyond that. Well, not really.

    I was in turmoil inside. If I did this, allowed Mike to see me, to fondle me, and to have an orgasm as a result of my body in intimate contact with his, I was thinking that Mike might want more, maybe in secret, and be wanting me to meet with him in secret.

    If that is the case, if Mike turns out to be that kind of guy, I might have to actually meet Mike and fuck him for real, I mean, allow him to be inside me the next time he cums, or we both cum.

    It became a fantasy in my mind, but deep down, I did not want that to happen. The reality of it was, I love my husband and this entire thing is wrong.

    Jim didn't talk about it much for the next couple of days. But it was out there, this coming Friday, and we knew that no matter what, our lives were about to change. All I knew was that the word 'slide' was usually used in the phrase 'things sliding downhill,' and I hoped that this was not a bad omen.

    I considered going back on the pill and decided that would not be necessary. No matter what, no way would I be allowing my husband's boss to penetrate me and ejaculate.

    I must admit though, the thought of having Mike deep inside me and throbbing his way through an intense orgasm might be kind of exciting for me to experience, and feel, especially if I am cumming close to the same time he is, or we are cumming together.

    Her mental seduction begins

    On Friday afternoon I received a delivery of two boxes from Mike. The first was a large box from Neiman Marcus with a red ribbon tied around it. Jim wasn't home yet and I wondered if he knew Mike had sent a present. I pulled on the ribbon and the satin ribbon came untied almost effortlessly. I was shocked that Mike had gone to so much trouble.

    When I lifted the lid of the box I could smell the perfumed paper cradling the contents. I peeled back the first layer of tissue and found a black lace bra and panties. The material was very thin and fragile, but it looked very expensive.

    How did my husband's boss know that I wear a 34C bra I wondered. He must have guessed. Instinctively I knew that I was expected to be wearing this before I started my slide.

    I placed them to the side and removed the next layer of tissue revealing a very simple black cocktail dress. The dress had a low back and deep cut v-neck. Again it was in the right size.

    The second box contained a bottle of scented body lotion and a pair of expensive black pumps, just a little bit higher than I would have picked. I slipped the shoes on and to my surprise they fit perfectly.

    This was too much. No way that Mike could guess all my sizes including my shoes. I thought about it and realized that my husband by request had probably given his boss all my measurements.

    This all seemed to be a bit much for just a simple 'slide' but what the heck, I figured, money was nothing to my husband's boss. Inwardly, I was feeling somewhat complimented that he wanted to spice up my appearance.

    I removed my dress and sat naked on the edge of the bed still wearing the black pumps. I felt sexy, almost like a whore getting ready to fuck her client and what surprised me most was that I liked the feeling. Now, what about this bottle of lotion? I opened and sniffed it. That smells nice

    I had already showered but now I knew, to make this more exciting I needed to get into the shower again. Grabbing my razor, I turned on the warm water and seating myself on a plastic chair I had in the shower for doing my legs, I did my pussy.

    Yes, I carefully shaved my pussy. I had never before done that, but I was doing it now, and for Mike. My husband” Oh, he would find out when the time came. I left only a wisp of hair, a line at the top of my vagina and going up.

    Now that lotion. I began rubbing the lotion all over my body. It was warm and made my skin tingle. I had never heard of the product before, but it felt amazing and smelled even better. I was kind of afraid to rub it on my sensitive vaginal lips so at first I just did a little dab to make sure it did not cause a burning sensation. No, it felt fine and I spread it all around my pussy as well.

    All the while as I was rubbing my vagina, yes rubbing it in the process of applying the lotion because it all felt so good, I was thinking, this is all for my husband's boss, and not for my husband. Wrong for sure, but now seeming terribly exciting.

    Somehow, I managed to hold off on the orgasm I was now craving. Saving it maybe? Possibly.

    Next I put on the bra and panties and stood in front of the mirror. I looked great. Smiling at myself, I twirled around in front of the mirror. The thong panties were held together by the thinnest string and I could hardly feel them. The lace material was almost paper thin. I wasn't sure they would hold up for an entire evening, much less in the wash.

    Finally, I slipped on the black dress. The fabric was very expensive and it slipped over my skin with ease. It was shorter than I was used to -- I guess it was clearly too short, but when I looked at myself in the mirror I was impressed by Mike's skill. Who knew he could put together such an outfit?

    I normally never wore black, but that dress contrasted very nicely with my long blonde hair. I am surely a knockout I thought smugly, and what man wouldn't want to fuck me? I could feel myself getting turned on and as a result my panties were getting wet.

    I couldn't help but wonder how my body fluids mixing with that delightful lotion was going to end up smelling, but I suspected that it would be a positive experience for both Mike and myself.

    With a sigh, I waited. Jim was due home in fifteen minutes.

    When Jim got home his eyes got wide when he saw me in that dress. It's really short, he said. From Mike he asked, and I nodded. I didn't bother to tell him that I was sure that he had given his boss my measurements.

    He had no idea what I was wearing underneath and I did not bother to tell him. It was bad enough seeing his expression upon seeing me in that dress. Time was getting short and we needed to be going.

    Anticipating what is to come

    We got in the car and Jim drove me to Mike's house. Along the way the only words expressed was Jim asking me how I was doing, and I answered cheerily just fine. I think he frowned at that. I made it a point to sit in the car with my legs slightly opened, and as Jim looked over and down, I pulled the dress up, revealing the fact that I was not wearing pantyhose. Jim pretended to be unaware.

    Still, Jim wanted to discuss what is to happen, even this late in the game, so we talked. He skirted around the details, the part where Mike's cock will be in contact with my bare vagina, but I deliberately said it, told him that my pussy was already wet with anticipation.

    My husband was silent for the final five blocks.

    When we arrived Mike opened the door and the awkwardness began. Ignoring my husband, Mike gave me a kiss on the cheek and welcomed me in. Jim I think, now that the evening was upon us, was thinking perhaps too hard and was furious about the short dress, but I had calmed him down and convinced him we could get through this.

    Fortunately Mike seemed to be in no particular hurry. We began with a few drinks. Both my husband and I drank too much just trying to get through the evening. I noticed that Mike was drinking very little and was carefully watching our reactions.

    It was easy to see that under the surface, Jim was not happy with the current state of events.

    There's no use putting off the inevitable, so you might want to come over and sit beside me, Mike suggested. I glanced at Jim, and seeing no expression on his face I stood up and moved over to where Mike was seated on his couch. As I sat down with six inches between us, Mike gave me a look and without further coaching I slid closer to him. Very close.

    We talked more, making conversation but nothing important. Everyone knew what was to happen but the subject of sex never came up. Funny thing was, I was becoming excited about what was to come and I wanted to discuss the act, but dared not broach the subject first.

    First physical contact

    Mike had his arm around me before I had finished my drink. He did not push it in front of my husband. Just his arm around my shoulders and nothing more. Regardless, his touch was somewhat arousing. My bare pussy was tingling and I wondered again about that lotion.

    Eventually Mike asked if I was ready now to join him in the bedroom. As I rose in answer I looked at Jim to indicate 'goodbye' and took Mike's hand as he led me away. My hand in his was our first physical contact that was skin to skin.

    Just then, before we had gotten out of sight, Jim stood up and told Mike that he wanted to watch.

    Since he had acted so disgusted by the whole thing I was a little surprised that my husband would want to see me with Mike. Also, I experienced a bit of disappointment. Any plan I might have had in the back of my head, as in maybe getting so turned on that I allow Mike to penetrate me will not be possible if my husband is watching.

    Mike indicated with a grin that he had no idea Jim was into that sort of thing and welcomed him to join us.

    Jim, with a slightly red face, said that he was not necessarily into this sort of thing since it had never happened before, but since it has to happen he is curious as to how his wife, me, will react

    I was thinking to myself, he wants to make sure this doesn't end up going all the way.

    Mike responded with a confident smile, saying that he too planned to find out how I will be reacting. Also, Jim added, with his eyes meeting mine, he wants to make sure that the only thing that happens is the slide, as promised.

    No problem Mike added. But there is a good chance that both of us will be having an orgasm before it is over. I blushed as my husband's eyes met mine, and I knew that he was hoping that was not the case, that I would be cumming too.

    We were still holding hands when we started walking again. We passed I think a den and then a guest bedroom before we came to his master bedroom. As soon as we had started down that long hall, Mike had begun running his hands over my ass as we made our way towards his bedroom. My husband was behind us and could see it all.

    Mike was probably thinking that I would be thinking he was trying to turn me on. But I was thinking that what he was doing was making it clear to my husband from the start. He would be touching my body beyond just having my vagina sliding along his cock.

    The bedroom took my breath away. Plants and mirrors all around, and subtle lighting that was soft and yet illuminated the room very nicely. That bed was huge. I thought beds only came in single, double Queen and King, but this one seemed even larger.

    On the bed there was a small package that Mike asked me to open. Inside I found a beautiful diamond necklace. I wasn't sure it was real, but it was beautiful. I was hoping it was for me, but if it was real, it had to be very expensive and with my already having agreed to slide along his cock, he certainly didn't need to be rewarding me in this manner.

    I guessed that he wanted me to wear the necklace, but it was not to be mine to keep. Mike told me yes it was real, and he would put it on if I took off my dress. I didn't hesitate dropping the dress around my feet.

    There was an awkward silence as I felt the eyes of not one but two men on me, but who was feeling the most awkward I didn't know. Now I was near naked, wearing only the bra and panties, and I didn't dare to look over at my husband to see how he is taking this.

    I think my face might have been a little red as I was standing exposed and wearing only Mike's fuck-me pumps and tissue thin bra and panties as he stood behind me and helped me put on the necklace.

    Several times over the past few days I had thought of and been anticipating this moment, and now that it had arrived, it seemed unreal. I was standing near naked in front of a man not my husband, and to make it worse, or better depending on how you look at it, he is my husband's boss.

    How is my husband going to be taking this, that was my main concern. I turned to look at him.

    I was relieved when I saw Jim sit down next to the bed in an easy chair and keep watching quietly. He wasn't pleased I am sure at seeing how I had been dressed, almost undressed, underneath.. I think the alcohol he had consumed was now having more of an affect on him and he was beginning to accept the inevitable.

    Mike showed me to his full-length dresser mirror so I could see the necklace on. As I stood erect and studied the lovely vision in the mirror he then stepped away, removed his clothes and then came up so he stood behind me.

    I had been studying myself in the mirror and missed my chance to see him becoming naked behind me. I wanted to look back to see what he had between his legs but didn't dare for fear of making my husband think I was hot for Mike.

    My husband, from his angle would have already seen Mike's cock. I knew though, that whatever Mike is packing, that my husband is undoubtedly making comparisons in his mind because he knows that I will be too.

    Speaking softly, Mike pulled my hair back so he could see the necklace on. He told me I looked beautiful as he ran his hands over my hips and stomach. I felt an electric shiver course through my body when his hand slid across my stomach.

    Naked at last before my husband's boss.

    Mike unfastened my bra and I let it drop to the floor. He looked over my shoulder into the mirror and took a long admiring view of my breasts. I am proud of my 34Cs because they stand right out there, and are natural. He then bent behind me and pulled my panties down and I stepped out of them.

    I don't know. Here I am naked, totally naked save the necklace and pumps and standing before my husband's boss. I had not visualized this in my mind. Until now, all I had been thinking of was how it would be, Mike on his back on a bed and me kneeling over Mike's body and sliding my vagina back and forth along the shaft of his cock.

    But instead, it was all starting out standing up.

    Then Mike said it. Wow baby. Your pussy is shaved. I like that.

    I was watching in the mirror and I saw my husband's mouth drop open as he moved so that he could look into the mirror and see that yes, I am shaved.

    I dared to say it, and loud enough for my husband to hear. Yes, I shaved it just today, for you, for this. I figured that if I am going to be doing a slide, that I should be using just my skin, with no hair in between.

    I could detect a lot of excitement in Mike's voice. Did your husband know, before this? Mike was looking over at my husband and seeing the surprise in his face.

    No, I said. You are seeing my first-time shaved pussy same time as my husband.

    Wow baby. When our parts are sliding together with you shaved, it is going to feel so good.

    I felt my heart pound at the thought.

    Still standing behind me, Mike cupped my breasts in his hands for the first time as he studied our image in the mirror. Just look at that bare pussy. With no hair in the way, it will feel even better when you are rubbing my cock, baby, Mike said with a grin.

    As it turned out, the way Mike had arranged things, there was a lot more going on then I had been thinking. My husband here and watching? Well, I had always figured that he would be here, watching and making sure the slide happens and nothing more.

    Standing naked with only the necklace and the pumps on I was exhilarated. Mike pressed his body against mine and I could feel his warm erection going up along my butt crack as both his hands cupped my breasts and he watched our image in the mirror.

    His cock seemed to be spreading my butt cheeks apart and also, it seemed to feel long in there. Is he, I wondered, big down there?

    I think Mike felt me quiver when his fingers began squeezing my nipples between them.

    That mirror, for a little while, became my window to the new world I had entered. I saw in that mirror an image of another man's hands cupping my breasts, and between some of his fingers I could see my pink nipples looking so firmly erect.

    I sort of leaned back and placed some body weight against him. As I did, I placed my hands gently over his, as if to acknowledge their being over my breasts. Again, I studied the two of us in the mirror and decided that we make a pretty nice looking couple.

    But there was something I could not see in the mirror. I still had not seen his cock though I could feel it. I knew now that my husband had seen it before I had even felt it begin touching me. What does Mike have to show me?

    I wanted to see his penis so bad, to touch it, but Mike had this plan of action and all I could do was follow along. I arched my back, pressing my bottom against him. His penis felt strangely huge and regardless of the fact that my husband would see me, I couldn't help but turn around to see it.

    I need to see you, I said as I stood back a foot from Mike and looked down.

    Openly comparing those cocks.

    Oh fuck. It was big. I had sort of fantasized that he might be big, but this was even more so. He was big and so hard that it was pointing straight up instead of out. Speaking for the first time I laughed nervously as I commented on the girth and length of his penis.

    Gawd Jim. That...your penis looks like it is eight inches long or more. And it looks so thick I can't believe it.

    It's nine inches baby when I'm good and hard, and looking at you, I definitely am good and hard.

    Then, without looking over at my husband I brazenly went on and estimated it is almost twice the size of Jim's penis. I figured that commenting on the size of that penis and comparing it to Jim's was no big thing since I was only supposed to slide along it and not take it inside.

    Maybe I should not have done that, because my husband was fully dressed and what he has between his legs is his personal secret, and I had given it away.

    Then my eyes caught Jim's and I could see the consternation in his eyes upon not only seeing the size of Mike's cock but having heard me comment on the size. I think that he was especially surprised that I had openly compared it to the size of my husband's penis, his penis, and done so with him sitting right here and watching.

    But you see, in the back of my mind was this thought. I am here and doing this because of my husband and his inability to keep his job and his driving straight. He sort of deserves to have his wife take him down a peg or two.

    And Mike? I am sure that hearing that from me, how he is so much larger than what I am used to and me saying it in front of Jim, got him especially excited.

    This time from the front, Mike put his hands on my breasts again as I leaned back against the mirror. Yes, already more was happening then what the plan had sounded like, that all I would be doing was sliding my vagina along his cock shaft. Mike was not only seeing my entire body exposed, he was now touching it, feeling it all.

    Already, right here in the preparation stages, we had only done so much, so much in addition to be performing a slide. I had not visualized in my mind all this getting ready, nor maybe my husband, but here we are, me performing for my husband's boss, and my husband seeing it all.

    I wanted to kiss Mike now, but I didn't dare to make the first move, not with my husband watching. But there was something else I could do. Boldly, I took hold of his waist and pulled my hips against his so I could feel the pressure of his penis against my vagina.

    I felt so naughty it was intoxicating. I looked at Jim as I felt Mike's penis pressing against my moist vagina. What I really wanted to do was wrap the fingers of my hand around that cock, but it seemed I should wait. I was thinking now that Mike would probably have a plan for me to follow.

    I wondered what was going through my husband's mind. I am sure there were a lot of things, such as Mike's penis so much larger than his and I am seeing it. Also that Mike is seeing and now touching my nude figure. Jealous? Oh yes, Jim had a lot to feel jealousy over.

    Mike turned my head back to face his and kissed me. Oh yes, now this was what I wanted. to be kissed. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. I kept wondering what was appropriate and inappropriate in this situation.

    What is Jim thinking right now? This seemed to have already gone beyond the physical since we were now kissing, and in front of Jim.

    Kissing. Mike's tongue in my mouth, and I was meeting his tongue with mine enthusiastically. This was way more than just doing a slide. It was just a warmup maybe, a get acquainted sort of action, but inside my vagina, my entire body was burning.

    I already knew, if I have to put my pussy in such close and intimate contact with Mike's huge cock and can't satisfy my curiosity by taking it inside, I am going to end up so frustrated, even if I do get to cum.

    Mike took my hand and led me to the bed where he laid down. I noticed that lying on his back, unlike my husband's cock which points up when he's on his back, Mike's hard penis was lying along his stomach and reaching well past his belly button.

    I must say, the way his cock laid down along his pubic area and over his stomach made it a natural surface for someone to be performing a slide over.

    I had this immediate thought. If Mike cums while I am doing the slide, he'll be shooting cum all over his nipples, maybe even all the way up to his face.

    Thinking. I was doing a lot of thinking about this time.

    Then I had this weird thought. If I am leaning way down over him when he cums, he'll even shoot cum on the bottom of my breasts. The mind works in strange ways I guess.

    Then he pulled me on top of him. Straddling both his legs around the thighs, I could feel the cool air of the room caressing the lips of my vagina that was now opened with my legs being spread so wide. I saw Mike looking down between my legs and knew that he could see my parted lips and maybe partially inside.

    She finally gets to handle a strange cock

    With a broad smile, Mike said you'll need this and handed me a tube of KY and told me to spread it over his penis. Oh yes. I had wondered about that, the sliding part. I knew that I would be getting very wet at first, but if this act lasted a long time like Mike wanted, I had been thinking that I might dry out.

    Now I had my answer, the KY. I squeezed the KY into my hand and finally, oh yes I had been wanting so bad to touch it, I began rubbing it over his penis. My husband still has his foreskin, which I like to play with, but here before me, even though it had no foreskin, was something that still qualified as a play toy, big time.

    I had started out, first touch, sort of dabbing the KY on, but that quickly changed. I wanted to handle this cock, wrap my fingers around it and know it in intimate detail. I rubbed KY onto both palms and giggling loudly, grabbed hold.

    God, it was big. If I was applying KY to my husband I would only need one hand. With Mike, it was two and he had a lot left over. I couldn't get my fingers all of the way around it. I didn't want to let it go.

    Something occurred to me. If this was my husband right about this time, I would be placing my mouth over him. But here I am with another man, my husband is watching, and I am putting this KY all over him.

    I wanted to, but I guess giving a blow job was out of the question.

    I glanced back at my husband. He could see me rubbing that beautiful cock, caressing it with both hands as I spread the KY around, but after all, isn't this needed so I can perform the slide?

    His penis felt so big, so warm, actually so hot and alive. Just then it hit me like a ton of bricks that I wanted to feel Mike inside of me. I wanted to see if his penis could even fit inside of me. I had never been that interested in the size thing, but when I held this cock in my hand I couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like.

    I had a brief thought and felt a twinge of regret. I should have gone back on the pill. What must I have been thinking? His penis thoroughly coated now, I looked into Mike's face. It was time.

    Finally, the slide

    Mike pulled me forward and I sort of walked forward on my knees until my chest was over his chest, my face over his. I lowered my lower half and felt my vagina make contact with his warmth. My heart was pounding as I pressed my lower body down towards his feet and began sliding the lips of my vagina up and down his penis.

    That contact, the first contact of another man's penis against my vagina almost made me cum. His cock felt so warm compared to the cool air in the room and I wanted more. If it feels this good just touching me on the outside, what must if feel like within?

    One thing for sure. His cock, being so long, enabled me to take long slides back and forth, and I was taking them. All the way up towards his head and back again, down to his balls, I could feel every long inch of his cock rubbing the inner sides of my lips as I went back and forth, over and over.

    He was stretching me too. Even with his penis on the outside, and my lips embracing it like a hot dog bun, I could feel the stretching. I knew now, his being inside would feel incredibly good.

    I hadn't really thought about it in advance, but as I was sliding, if I pressed down a little as well as going forward and back, my clitoris was being stroked, each time I moved. I moved, oh how I moved. Each time I reached the ridge at the bottom of that fat head, it would sort of tickle and provide an extra touch of feeling as I slid past.

    Oh baby, take some time because you sure feel good. Mike was expressing himself and encouraged, I smiled down at him and said he felt good too and continued on towards the inevitable climax I knew now was waiting for him and hopefully for both of us.

    I found that if I tilted my pelvis forward I could feel the pressure against my clitoris even stronger and quickly realized I was going to have an orgasm or two before this is over.

    I looked over at Jim and was surprised to see he had his hand on his pants and based on the small bulge I could see he was sporting his own erection. I couldn't believe he was getting off on this too. We were both turned on!

    My husband is aroused watching me naked over his boss and rubbing my pussy all over his big cock. If my husband is aroused seeing this, then it will not be the end of the world if he sees me kissing his boss.

    I couldn't resist and on my own I bent my head down to kiss Mike as I slid up his shaft one time. But I could not hold the kiss for long because I had to slide back down. Goodbye Mike, hello big cock. Fuck yes....HELLO BIG COCK.

    This was really feeling good. I fucked, oh yes, this was just like fucking even though Mike was not inside. We were close, so close together as I could feel his body heat touching me, not just between that wonderful penis and my vagina, but all along our bodies top to bottom.

    I never dreamed this would be feeling so good I whispered into Mike's ear. He gave my ass cheeks an answering squeeze.

    With every slide back and forth, my nipples were rubbing along his chest, and at times my nipples would even come in contact with his, one side or the other since his chest was broader. My nipples were hard, erect, and I am sure that Mike could feel them.

    I kissed, I slid, I made fucking motions. I started to let out little moans. I am not sure that my husband could hear, but certainly Mike can. I know one thing. That cock of his is feeling so big, so hard, and yet so soft and warm.

    He was feeling huge even without being inside me, so I told him. Oh Mike, your cock feels so good. Even on the outside the size is marvelous. I am not sure how low I had said that, and my husband might have heard.

    Even though this was strictly an exterior fuck, his cock was still capable of spreading my lips wide, way out there.

    This, I knew now, even though Mike is still outside, is already feeling better than any of the fuck sessions, or maybe I should say lovemaking sessions I have enjoyed with my husband.

    Did I say Mike is still outside? Yes, I did. Sounds like I am planning to have him inside, doesn't it? We'll have to wait and see.

    Converting to the real thing

    I was starting to get tired so I held onto Mike's shoulders to hold myself up. I slid a little higher. When I did, I could feel the head of Mike's penis against my vagina. I thought it. If I go a little farther the head will be right at the entrance to my vagina and will slide right in.

    Feeling daring, I shortened the length of my slides and stayed near the end of his cock.

    I kept teasing myself, bringing his penis right to the entrance before pulling back.

    This was living dangerous. Each time I came up, he was so close to making penetration, just a little change of my angle and he would pop inside.

    I looked down into Mike's eyes. He knew where I was, what I am doing, and how daring or perhaps dangerous my moves are becoming. I looked over at Jim to see if he knows. He was rubbing his penis through his pants but still sitting back in his chair. I didn't think he could tell how close the head of Mike's cock is getting to my entrance.

    Honey, I said, looking over at my husband. If you want to jack off, go ahead. Sit there and jack off and maybe you can cum when I do.

    You're going to cum, he asked, a look of concern of his face?

    Yes Jim. I plan to cum. Can't avoid it this feels so good, so I want you to cum too. Please do.

    Jim, looking sheepish and glancing at Mike to see if he is watching, stood up and opening his pants, pulled them down, exposing his five inch cock. Then he sat back down and grasped his cock again.

    I always knew it was a shortie, but now I was also very aware of how it is a skinny.

    Knowing that if my husband is over there and jacking off with his pants down around his ankles, he can't very easily be coming over here for a better look, I began that rubbing again, so close, keeping the end of Mike's cock right there.

    I looked down into Mike's eyes and I could see it in his face, what he wants to say. Go ahead baby. I know what you want to do, and if your husband sees, he won't stop you, so don't worry about it.

    He had not said it out loud, but in answer I leaned down and kissed Mike again. When I did his penis pressed against my vaginal entrance and instead of pulling back, I changed the angle of my hips just enough that it allowed the head of his penis to start inside. Mike's eyes got wide.

    I am sure my eyes were wide as well. The fit, the feel of his stretching me was intense. Thank goodness for the KY.

    I had to stop mid-slide. This was a delicate maneuver. In order to allow him to penetrate I would have to move back down, and if I did so, pretending to still be sliding, he will go deep.

    I am supposed to be sliding back and forth, and no way can I keep faking these movements with my husband watching unless I allow Mike to penetrate, and with each movement, allow Mike to go deep.

    Yes Mike I was thinking. I plan to go from slide to penetration. I didn't stop kissing him, but pressed back against his penis slowly causing him to enter me. Oh how that head stretched me so deliciously. I let out a soft groan, just loud enough for Mike to hear in his ear.

    Now it was official. Mike is inside me. Oh, it was just the head so far, but that was already more inside me, more thickness than I had ever been given.

    Trying to make it look like all I am doing is performing a slide because my husband is there, I kept moving forward and back, but now Mike's head was inside me, and I was taking more of him in with almost every slide backward.

    I was taking him in, stretching myself deeper inch by inch with my husband just a few feet away. When my husband's boss was almost all of the way inside of me I sat up and held myself above the remainder of Mike's cock as I looked over at Jim. I think I can pull this off. He won't know.

    Going for it!

    As my weight pushed down and back, I felt Mike penetrate to my deepest levels. My heart pounded as I learned for the first time how deep my vaginal canal might be.

    Jim hadn't noticed that Mike is inside of me, and since Jim was sitting sideways to us and not below, my body was hiding the penetration. Jim was still rubbing his penis when I looked over at him and told him this is starting to feel really good for me and I want him to be able to enjoy this along with me.

    So go ahead, I told my husband. Stand up again and let Mike see your cock from the side so he can compare it to his own. You might as well. You know, and I know he is a lot bigger, so let him see it just for fun.

    To placate my husband, I added: Besides honey, seeing your cock will help me to enjoy your boss all that much more.

    Hee hee. My husband probably will think my seeing his cock will be arousing me, when in actuality, visually seeing the difference I am feeling will be what is getting me off.

    My husband looked embarrassed, but I told him he doesn't need to be embarrassed since this sliding feels really good and I plan to cum so he might as well too.

    Like a good boy, Jim stood up and turning to the side, used his left hand to display his hard cock by keeping his hand behind it so as to not block the view. He stood there for a moment, not sure what to do.

    Now I could cuckold, big time.

    I said it out loud. See my husband's cock Mike. That's the size cock he gives me most nights. And he knows I'm rubbing my pussy along a cock that is much larger, much longer and thicker, and he knows that I am fantasizing on how your cock might feel inside of me. Isn't this exciting?

    Mike looked over at my husband and grinned. He said it loud enough for Jim to hear. Yes, that's the poor sap that works for me. His wife is simulating fucking my cock, and he's over there jacking off. Enjoy yourself Jim. I know that I'm sure enjoying your wife.

    I was wondering. Can I pull this off, fuck Mike and my husband will not know I am being penetrated? All I have to do is keep going, making what will look like sliding movements from the side and hope that my husband remains in his chair. If my husband has his dick in his hand and his pants around his ankles he likely will keep sitting.

    Already I was thinking ahead. If Mike cums inside me, there won't be any cum lying up along his chest. If Jim comes over, he will see that and wonder where the cum went. At the moment, I was so excited that I had forgotten about the being off the pill and becoming pregnant bit. Almost forgotten I should add. It was in my mind.

    I already knew, I am willing to risk pregnancy in order to get the maximum enjoyment of this act.

    I was keeping my eye on Jim. He was continuing to sit over there and slowly rubbing his erect penis. His knees were almost touching and his balls, being sort of squished between his legs were also blocking some of the view of his cock.

    I told my husband to go ahead and and spread his legs and I would be better able to see his cock.

    Mainly, I wanted Mike to keep seeing my husband's cock so he will continually be reminded of much larger he is than my my husband.

    My husband did as told, opening his legs wide as he faced Mike and me with his cock showing. Now, as he was sitting down with his legs spread, I was able to see not only his cock, but his balls below as well.

    But as I've already said, with my husband's pants down to his ankles, he is less likely to be coming over here and seeing that I am on Mike instead of being over him.

    I was now seeing my husband's penis in a new light. It looks so small in his hand, I thought to myself. There is barely enough for the head to still be sticking above his four fingers.

    This is fun! With a twinkle in my eye I looked up into Mike's face and saw that he too was looking over at my husband and seeing his small by comparison cock. He had sort of a smug look in his eyes and I guess you couldn't blame him.

    I don't know what it was, but something about the two of us being able to see my husband's small cock while I am fucking, yes, starting to fuck Mike's huge and so warm cock was very exciting.

    I leaned forward and whispered into his ear, See that? I told you it is small. I felt him squeeze my ass with his hands in response.

    Oh I know that was mean, for me to be saying that to my husband's employer, but after all, hasn't my husband brought this upon himself? But my husband had not heard me say that to Mike, so I guess his ego was safe, sort of.

    Then as I raised up Mike looked back from my husband's little cock to me and as our eyes locked into one another's, I started moving back and forth slowly. Soon I couldn't contain myself and began riding Mike faster and faster. I looked over at Jim who was now jacking off furiously.

    I wondered if he realizes as yet that Mike is inside of me. I mean, I had changed the angle of my body from leaning forward to slightly further upright, so surely he must know.

    He must know that Mike is inside me I thought, because now I am going more up and down instead of back and forth. For the first time I felt like I am fucking. No, not being fucked, fucking. I am in charge, I am mounted on a mighty cock, and I am choosing how to move.

    I started moaning. Softly at first and then ever louder.

    Mile was reaching up and fondling my breasts. I looked down at Mike and he smiled and told me I am amazing. I leaned down and began kissing him. Now pumping instead of sliding, I was able to hold my lips in place on his. Our tongues were now in contact, very much so.

    You knew this would happen, didn't you, I asked in a low voice, but probably loud enough that my husband heard.

    Mike responded that he had been hoping it would. Speaking in a normal tone of voice now, I answered that I had wanted this as soon as I had entered the bedroom.

    Then, feeling ornery and figuring that if my husband doesn't already realize that I am fucking, that in a minute he will know for sure, I went for the gold.

    Jim? I looked over at my husband and spoke loudly. Your boss is inside me now, all the way in, and he feels incredible. I plan to cum this way Jim. Hope you don't mind.

    We both were looking over at Jim, but as he stared intently at us, he said nothing, and did not move, other than his hand as he kept stroking his cock.

    I fucked a little harder, going deep and hitting my pelvis against his. Fuck you feel good I think I yelled out. With a loud groan, I came, and hard. My most intense ever climax, the best by far, never to be matched I knew, by my husband. I kept pumping, milking as much as I could out of my orgasm, which was now fading.

    As soon as I had regained my breath, I stole a glance over at my husband.

    He was leaning forward now to better see our genitals. He can see Mike inside me now I was sure, and his face looked pained. If he is feeling pained now, just wait.

    Whispering this time, I asked Mike to get on top and show my husband how it is done. He whispered back and told me that he had always planned to show me how it is done.

    Mike flipped me over and immediately stationed himself between my legs. Just as he prepared to take aim, Jim ejaculated all over his shirt. Weakly, Jim stood up with his pants still around his ankles and managed to tell Mike to stop.

    Mike didn't listen and I let out a loud gasp and Mike rammed his penis inside of me. All at once I had been given his manhood, and even though I had already taken it all once before, it was still a shock to my body.

    I saw Jim's mouth drop open as he saw me taking that cock, all at once and deep. Wasting no time, Mike gave me a stroke, then two. Openly showing my pleasure, I gasped and giggled in ecstacy.

    Should I be allowing this, I could see my husband's eyes asking me as he stared. In anwer, I kept my eyes on Jim as I raised my legs all the way up and around Mike's waist and locked them together.

    With his pants still around his ankles and a dwindling cock in his soaked fingers Jim took a step forward and our eyes met and Jim told me he was sorry. His penis was hanging out of his pants and as he apologized one last pulse of semen came out and dripped on his pants leg. He looked pathetic.

    Sounding like a child talking to his mommy Jim told Mike that the plan did not call for him to be inside me and that he has to pull out. He explained that I'm not on the pill. Being the boss, Mike told Jim that he will pull out when the time comes.

    As Jim slowly moved back to his chair, apparently giving his reluctant consent for us to go on fucking, Mike leaned forward so that we were face to face.

    Feeling especially ornery now, I whispered that I think I am ovulating. Mike whispered back his approval. I asked him if he is going to cum inside of me. He asked me if I want him to cum inside of me. I said that I would not have it any other way as I squeezed him both with my arms and my vagina as I answered.

    Then I said it a little louder. This I wanted my husband to hear. Oh Mike. I've never had another man. I have to feel it cum, your cock. You're so deep and I want to feel you cum. I wrapped my legs and arms tighter around Mike and closed my eyes.

    Both men had their answer. I want to feel Mike cumming inside me.

    I was whispering now steadily to Mike, no, not whispering, I think I was talking loudly. Fuck me, fuck me so good. Oh Mike here it comes again, I'm cumming. With a loud moan, I came, very hard, and it was even better than the one before. A record set, and immediately broken by a new one.

    In a minute it will be my turn, Mike whispered. Yes, I answered back without the whisper, and you are showing me how it is done.

    Mike was pumping me steady and Jim was getting worried and reminded Mike he has to pull out. I guess my husband was ignoring my request to feel Mike cum inside me. He rose out of his chair and stepped closer and put his hand on Mike's naked shoulder.

    Just as my husband was saying 'Please' I put my hand over his and told him it is okay and pushed his hand away. Jim stepped back and tried to understand. He again reminded me that I'm not on the pill.

    It's too late baby, I told him. Don't you dare interrupt. This feels like nothing I've ever felt before and I need to finish this. Besides, I want to feel his orgasm.

    I noticed that even though he was so worried about me not being on the pill, that now, it seemed, my husband wanted to see my vagina being worked because he was now down low behind Mike and staring under at where our genitals were in so much contact. His penis, I could see, was up to five inches again.

    I wished that I could be down there to see it for myself, but it felt too good up at this end for me to be leaving. Wanting to aid in my husband's viewing, I raised my ass even higher and again tightened my legs around Mike's waist.

    And then I dared to say it, to tell Mike. My husband's down there staring at my pussy Mike and what you're doing to it, so show him Mike how it is done with a big and talented cock. To enliven the effect, I began groaning steadily.

    Mike had been taking maybe six or seven inch strokes with the middle part of his cock. Now he began using almost the full length of his cock with each stroke, going deep into me and then pulling back maybe seven inches or more before going forward again.

    Even coming back that far, almost eight inches, there was no danger of his head coming out, because he had more than that. He had said nine, I think he has a bit more than that.

    I could feel Mike's thick shaft tugging at my inner lips as it drug them out with each pull, and then shoved them aside as he went the other way and went deep. Now my husband, I knew, can see how Mike's wonderfully huge cock is working my pussy, stretching it as it slides in and out, and making me feel so good.

    I was feeling soaking wet, and yet the fit, mostly because of Mike's big cock probably, still felt incredibly tight.

    I read a story once, a porn story, and it was about how some boss was telling his employee about how he was molding the employee's wife's pussy to match his cock, 'remaking it in my image,' I think he said.

    I guess that was what Mike was doing to me now, making my pussy adapt to the size and shape of his cock and oh yes, the fit felt so fine.

    Now fully joined as one and with my husband's now knowing we are fucking out in the open, Mike turned my face toward his and this time he kissed me with visible passion. As I kissed him back I felt his cock stiffen even more as semen begin filling my womb.

    No. Please. Too soon! Too soon. I wanted to cum again.

    His throbbing felt powerfully strong and I arched my back and let him fill me. I said some words then. I shouldn't have been saying them because my husband was watching but I did.

    Life can be so cruel and I guess maybe I was being cruel to my husband, but he was the one who had gotten me into this, and as a result, gotten his boss into me.

    I was feeling so good, and so mad at my husband at the same time. If I was being impregnated, he was the one who had caused it. All I knew was that I was almost delirious with pleasure.

    This was, feeling Mike cumming in me, and with my next orgasm building probably the most exciting moment in my life to date.

    Making a baby? I don't know but I wasn't worried about it. What happens, happens.

    I don't remember exactly what I was gasping out as Mike was cumming because I began cumming again with and after him, but it was something like I can feel you cumming so hard, so much, so good, and then, to make it worse for my husband, or maybe better, I added, Oh Mike, it's my best Mike, my very best.

    Three times. Three times I had climaxed, my strongest three orgasms ever, and all because I had been assigned the simple task of performing a slide.

    Knowing now that it is over, and there is no taking back the fact that his boss has just dropped a huge load into his fertile wife, Jim went back and collapsed into the chair as Mike kissed me for a long moment and even though I tried a bit to hold him on me he then pulled out and rolled over next to me.

    His cock, still huge looking, waved back and forth a couple of times in the air before it stopped, pointing straight up toward the ceiling. I glanced at my husband and saw that he too, was staring.

    Mike had left a gaping hole in my vagina and I was so used up that I didn't move as I felt his semen leaking out of me. I just laid there on my back, one arm under my head and my legs spread as I relaxed in the afterglow.

    I saw my husband again come over and begin staring at my seeping, gaping pink and bare vagina and he looked unhappy.

    I closed my eyes and kept lying with my legs opened. Let my husband stare. This is his fault. Matter of fact, both men can stare at my pussy, I don't care. As a matter of fact, I want them to.

    After Slide Pussy.

    Mike was lying beside me, perhaps tired, satisfied and enjoying the same sensations I was. My eyes still closed, I reached out and felt for his hand. He felt my touch and wrapped his fingers around mine. This was an affectionate touch I knew.

    Now it was being established. More than a friendship this is. This is to be a special closeness. I squeezed his hand, and he squeezed it back. Is my husband watching, I thought? I didn't know, because my eyes were still closed.

    But if Jim is watching he is seeing the handholding going on and he knows now, this is not finished between Mike and I.

    It was strange, but I was having this fantasy, perhaps easily realized sometime in the future. I am going to fuck Mike again, and when it happens, I want it to begin with me performing...the slide.

    I had this weird thought and almost put it into action. A thought of having my husband lick my bare and cum soaked pussy clean as I laid here, opened wide for his boss's viewing pleasure as my husband cleans up after him. I almost said it, and didn't.

    Then, as if he was reading my mind, Mike said it. Jim, do you want to get in there and clean her up? Look how your wife is just lying there, like she is waiting.

    I didn't dare look, but I sensed something was about to happen. Then I heard Mike say it again, and this time it was almost like an order. Go on Jim. She's got a ton of my cum seeping out. Get in there and clean her up. Your wife is waiting to go home.

    And he did, by golly my husband got onto the bed and after getting close and staring at my vagina for a minute, I was still keeping my eyes closed but I could sense what is happening. I moaned as he pressed his face into my pussy and began licking.

    He licked, and he licked good, not only cleaning up cum that might be all over me or running out. He also removed a lot of that KY with his tongue and lips.

    Oh Jim, stick your tongue inside I told him, and dig some of Mike's cum out so there's less to soak my panties on the way home. Oh I said that, said his boss's name, and I felt it sounded hot.

    Maybe I was right because I felt my husband's eager tongue go inside me and yes, it felt funny as he seemed to be scooping with his tongue and pulling cum out, but it sure felt good, good enough to make me cum.

    Yes I came then, just that quick, and my husband stared in amazement as he watched more of his boss's cum being squeezed out of my vagina during my intense orgasm.

    I felt it, and this time I directed him. There's more Jim, for you to lap up.

    He did.

    I felt really clean after my orgasm, an orgasm I had reached because I had reached down and guided my husband's head after a few minutes.

    Remember at the beginning of this story where I had said I had came three times because I had to do a slide? Well, make that four.

    Then just like that I got up, removed the necklace, then used those transparent panties to wipe at my crotch, which began dripping from the inside again, damn Mike cums a lot, and put on the dress and told Jim it is time to go.

    Mike had laid on the bed and watched me as I had dressed.

    I think he might have been jacking his cock some while watching my husband do the cleanup, because when I first opened my eyes and looked over at Mike, his hand was on his cock, and it looked mostly hard.

    Now Mike jumped up, his cock long but dangling, and gave me a kiss and asked me to stay if I wanted. Then Mike added the item I had wondered about.

    That necklace is real, and if you would like to have it just come back two more times and it is yours. Fuck, as far as I was concerned, the necklace was not needed to have me come back. But it was the excuse, you see, in front of my husband.

    I asked Mike, and loud enough for Jim to hear, with or without my husband? He said it doesn't matter either way, does it? In other words, we could and would fuck, and my husband being there would not inhibit anything as far as Mike was concerned.

    My husband, it seemed, no longer mattered.

    I was in Mike's arms, and his body, still naked, was pressed up against mine. I didn't even glance at my husband as I answered with a smile. I'll think about it.

    Not we. I.

    I must admit, his softening cock looked so delicious. Right now I could probably fuck Mike again and Jim would have to just watch and wait. I wanted more but I had told Mike it was time to go.

    One more long, passionate kiss with Mike's cock fully erect and pressed between our stomachs. Then we left.

    Besides, my husband had performed my clean up so I could and would leave.

    I had made sure to bring the wet and soaked panties along. I wanted to keep them as a remembrance.

    Jim and I didn't talk on the way home. We had things to work out, to talk about, but it would have to wait, maybe until tomorrow.

    It was kind of funny, actually. As he was driving, I was looking over at my husband's face, and all around his lips, cheeks and chin, he looked shiny from where he had been rubbing his face up against my KY and boss cum covered pussy.

    This whole episode was of his doing. But his job was secure and the DUI would go away. Am I impregnated? Time will tell.

    I had performed the slide and the deed was done. One bad thing, I was unthinkingly rubbing my crotch as we drove along, thinking of Mike, and Jim saw me. I immediately pulled my hand away, but he knew.

    This will not be the last time. That necklace will just be an excuse to get more of the best fucking ever.

    If Jim chooses to come along, he can clean me up again, afterward.
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