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How i got my wife to fuck other Men

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ezzdon, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. ezzdon

    ezzdon Member Member

    We have been married for 37years now and I first started talking to her about sharing her at around 5 years into our marriage she told me no way.
    Then for the next 25years I said nothing but I did jack off a lot on just the thought of watching her fucking other cocks, Then one day I started telling her about my fantasy of having
    strangers fucking her as I watched her she was surprised that I was still into that and wanted to share her and also her husband watching her fucking other men.
    It took 2 more years of me telling her how this turned me on.
    Will one day I showed her how hard my cock was about her fucking a new cock and I started to jack off in front of her, we did masturbate in front of each other and after a few times of talking to her about a new hard cock in her she started to join in with me and we would talked about having her fucking other guys and her pussy would get very wet also. Soon she was finger herself in front me telling me about men fucking her wet pussy and knowing that it turned me on it made both of us very horny also.

    It took time but she did come around and now she has had 18 different cocks her pussy every guy that I would bring around she would be fucking them within an hour of meeting them.
    I found all of Bulls for her, and for my reward I get to watch her enjoy herself I also have gotten to guild there hard cocks into her wet pussy, I come to this site a lot more than she does but she likes to read the comments about herself and how guys would fuck to fuck her pussy and if you want jack off on any of her pictures and tell her how you would like to fuck her which we hope you do enjoy your self.
    That was how I got my wife to start fucking but also if this is what I want then I will find her Bulls her and the enjoyment is for the both of us. I get to watch and play will there's a lot more that I could say but that is it for now.

    P1000609.JPG P1000610.JPG
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  2. Bobby

    Bobby Bbc wife Author!

    Love the story. Similar to my wife. She always had black men hitting on her wherever we went. Finally I convinced ed her it was okay to enjoy it and encourage it. Which she does. Makes me proud. leigh 3-15-18. IMG_20161211_194646242.
  3. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    Ezzdon and Bobby, thank you for your stories. Sometimes it takes a long time to convince a wife or girlfriend to start fucking others. Sometimes it is the female bringing up the subject, but in my experience from talking to many others, it is usually the male who brings it up.

    The only dick my wife had at first was mine. We dated while in high school. She liked my feminine features. She got pregnant at 15 and gave birth to our baby girl at 16. We got married right out of high school when we were both 18. Shortly thereafter, when we were both 19, I suggested to her that she start fucking other guys.

    I knew my little dick, which is 4 1/2 inches when fully hard, was not totally satisfying her. Her nipples and clit are both really sensitive so when fucking her I would spend a lot of time sucking her nipples and eating her in an effort to make her cum. It would work sometimes but not other times.

    When I finally suggested she start fucking other guys, she put up a very token resistance. I realize now, of course, that the initial resistance was just to keep from hurting my feelings. After some minor resistance, she agreed to give it a try.

    She goes to a gym frequently to work out. She has a very hot body, slim but with big D-cup tits. She had told me before about a guy there that would hit on her sometimes. After agreeing to fuck others, she brought him home. She had told him that she would only fuck him with me watching.

    He was black and big. Tall, muscular, dominant, aggressive; everything I was not. When his cock was exposed, it was huge compared to mine, and I could see that Lorna got very excited by it. She also expressed some worry about it maybe being too big and hurting. He fucked her brains out several times that first time. She came hard over and over again, finally ending up totally exhausted. My dick was very hard watching her getting fucked in every possible position, and with her cumming so incredibly hard. I nearly came just by looking.

    After, as she laid there exhausted, with the black guy beside her and talking to her, she looked at me with some sympathy, and informed me that after that experience, she wanted to go black cocks only. Of course the black gym guy was encouraging her to go in that direction. He had told her that a hot body like hers should be reserved for only black men. I was stunned, not thinking that would ever happen, as they made it clear that being black cock only meant my white dick would not be allowed inside my own wife. When I started to object, Black Gym Guy grabbed me, lifting me up a foot off the floor to bring me face to face with him, and he informed me that I had no choice. When I reluctantly nodded okay, he put me back down on the floor.

    Within days of that first time, I was forced to eat Lorna's cum filled pussy. I was told to eat the cum, and when I resisted, I was grabbed by the back of my neck and my face was forced down to Lorna's wet pussy.

    Very quickly, there were many other black guys fucking her. I was forced to wear Lorna's panties while watching them fuck her. Lorna and I are virtually the same size, so her panties fit perfectly.

    Since then, I have been fully feminized, being put on female HRT and growing B-cup tits. I have gotten extremely addicted to cum, and love sucking black cocks and getting fucked in my ass by black cocks. Actually, my wife allows me to cum ONLY when there is a black cock in my ass. I am never allowed any sexual contact with females other than clean-up duties. I live my life as a female 24/7 and in fact have no male clothing at all. Lorna was right about making me a chick with a dick. I am much better as a fem than I ever was as a male.

    If you want to know more, just ask.

    Gracie - Chick with a Dick

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