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. House Full of Strangers

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Nov 11, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Well you know, the door bell has rung again and John, well man, he is running down those stairs, past all the necking couples, easing through the beautiful people in the hall, and opening that door. There, outside, beneath the softly falling snow, beneath the hanging Yule decorations, stands Ruth. She is a relatively tall woman, well proportioned, with neatly cut bob auburn hair and she is dressed in a black cocktail dress that clings to her every contour. Ruth is shy. Really shy though. May be she has been Gina's friend these ten years, but hell man, she ain't anything like John's wife. Ruth is pretty, but shy and she is single. She is single because she finds company awkward. John has wondered sometimes, wondered whether that woman ever got fucked. Still, here she is now, dressed to the nines, wearing the smart Cartier Ruban watch that Gina ordered him to send to her. 'John,' said Gina, 'you are going to make Ruth feel very very special tonight. I want that girl underneath a nigger man, living and breathing the bitch lifestyle you hear? You gonna make her realise just what a hot bitch she is, you gonna teach her to think of men like you as shit'. John stares at the lady. He stares at her pretty freckled face, he stares at the watch which has lightened his wallet two thousand quid and he thinks man, he thinks he's going to have to work hard to help this lady become a bitch. She is so pretty, so shy and so rich with potential. Anyhows, if he don't, then Brewster, Gina's man, he likely to take the hide offa that husband. He likely to take the hide off him before this year is out!

    'You look stunning' John whispered, and you know something, he meant it. Ruth did look stunning. She looked stunning in that way some college lecturer was never meant to look. She looked like a woman man as well as a sharp and incisive brain. John watches the smile cross Ruth's face, the shy shy smile of a woman who is testing out the feel of a sincere compliment. She raises her hand to her hair, and the Cartier slips sweet down her pretty wrist, a gesture of acknowledgement, a recognition of his gift. It don't matter that there was no traditional reason for him to send such a gift. None that a woman like Ruth could conceive that cool Christmas eve. But she had a theory. She had a theory, knowing just a few things about that woman Gina…

    'My watch, its very pretty…' she ventured checking his eyes, 'you do everything that Gina says don't you?'

    John, you betcha, he nodded then. He nodded like he should.

    'Yes M'am' he piped quickly.

    John, he show the lady into the throng and he take her short fur jacket, dropping it off in the study that is now a cloak room. She smiles at the people that surround them. Total strangers. Gina knows so many people, so many beautiful people. They are so lithe and so fine, and they are dressed so well. She know that they not John's friends. She know that obvious you see. They beautiful and sophisticated and he not. Whatever he was once, once upon a time, he not that now. He suck buck dick. He suck it good cos that is what Miss Gina tells him to do. He suck cock for Brewster and he suck it so good that often times he get a mouth full of seed that he must swallow down like a really good boy.

    John led Ruth to the bar and he ordered from that white boy there, some champagne. He guess that the bubbles will tickle the lady's nose. He guess that it will flatter and flight her, lifting her to the mood of the party. Gina said as much. She tell him that he gonna help her relax. He gonna help her relax a lot, easing into the sensual conviviality of the scene. And there is so much scene to admire man. So much! You see that black dude over there, he necking that bitch in the red sequin dress, and that her husband waiting on meek and mild whilst those black fingers explore beneath that hem. He just a standing and a waiting, humbling whilst that hot bitch gets felt up. Ruth she glances at John. She glances, 'wow!'

    'Really relaxed here Ruth, kinda relaxed' John say to her. He can't help it. Like he been taught, he glance only a moment into the lady's face and then he speak humbly looking down at her feet. That the cuck way here. That what a cuck husband learn to do.

    'Very relaxed!' Ruth responds. She sips the champagne. It fizzes up her nose and makes her giggle. It fizzes and the music pounds and there slipping up those stairs is Brewster with Gina and another black dude. John watches as his wife waves briefly to her friend. Gina mouthes, 'catch you later darling' and Ruth she nods. John, well man, he wished he could read Ruth's face then, but he can't. She looks at once intrigued, at once admiring but still a little unsettled. Gina, that girl Gina, she kinda wild huh? She kinda wild in a way that you wished you were brought up to be. That the kinda thought Ruth? That the kinda feeling that his stirring in your belly and reaching down to your pubes hun?

    'Do you want me to introduce you to some people?' John asks hesitantly. He wonders who. Hell, they are so full on. Most the bitches in this house are getting massive black cock now. They were once vanilla, you know, kinda bland and now they riding cock proper. John he thinks it might be too much. He thinks they gonna blow that girl's mind or something.

    'We can talk, you and I…..can't we?' Ruth ventures. Shy you see. Quite shy.

    They walk through the necking lounge and out to the conservatory where the music is softer, where the couples they are smiling, chatting, touching, teasing. This a softer place man. This a softer scene cos even the black man don't want his conquests always hard on. When they had found a quiet spot, near where the oranges hung on that imported tree, she touched his hand shyly.

    'Gina….Gina said that you would do exactly as I tell you?' she whispered.

    John man, boy, you should see that dude blush! You should see his neck redden and then that blood sweep up into his face like he a kid caught pulling his cock behind the bike shed.

    'Yes M'am' John he say. He say it like some kinda plantation boy. He say it like he been brought up to the big house to serve for the night. You know that kinda thing. You know it from your gene memory man, that time when things were about face, when the black man he not riding the white bitches like he do now?

    'Why?' she murmured. Her eyes followed his. She didn't want him to look down again. She wanted to read his face. Look at me. What are you? What are you really….I'm curious.

    'Because that is the way of things, the rules we chose' he offers.

    She purses her lips. No, surely not. 'You chose?'

    'I chose' he answered and now man, now his palms they are sweating. They are moist man.

    'Because someone like Brewster is better than you….more suited?'

    John's neck it prickle. It prickle up and down something terrible you know. It run through him, making him wish he could leave or something. But shy Miss Ruth, she need to know.

    'Yes Miss' John say. He say it and know she will want more.

    'She is so beautiful with him, when they are out' wonders Ruth. She has seen them hasn't she. Taking lunch, Gina accepting the fine man's easy touch, his teasing kisses. There is a society that has always accepted this. It has always accepted that the buck will take any woman he wants.

    'Yes' said John and now he knows it man. He knows that he gotta explain some. Shy Miss Ruth she is here, curious. She is intrigued. If she is awed, or appalled, then she still wonders as well. She wonder what it like for a woman to be a bitch.

    'It's just so staggeringly beautiful, so staggeringly right. Brewster I mean, Gina and Brewster…' He flinches as he speaks. He flinches cos inside his soul this is like having his testicles squashed in a vice.

    'You're not jealous?' she wonders. Her eyes are earnest now. She has found a topic of curiosity. The moment when the truth seeps through. The moment when she sees more than the joyous, the sensuous public life of her friend.

    'I am jealous…yes, jealous, ' stammers John looking down once more, 'but I've learned that emotion is proper. It is proper, it is there to be accepted. I am not enough for Gina…'

    The confession moves Miss Ruth. He can see it in her eyes, in the brief touch to his arm that she offers. Go on, go on says the touch of her fingers.

    'It is meant to be, because Gina is so beautiful, so confident, that she lies with Brewster. They are meant to be together. I have my only little room, down the corridor…'

    Oh man, she is not so shy now. She is curious huh? Give an intelligent woman something to explore, she gonna ask questions man. She gonna ask.

    'Do you wank?'

    Hell man, that crunches Johnny boy. That crunches him good. But the little man, he tell her that he does. He tell her that he pull his meat to drive away the horror of comparisons. He tell her that he pull it until he raw and gasping. Suddenly, suddenly, amidst so many strangers, in a whisper, those shameful things slip out.

    Ruth nods. Huh ha, so it like that. It like that little man. Gina she a getting her cunny full of cock and you beating your meat down the corridor someplace.

    'Gina said….she said that you would show me your room' Ruth say. She say it like it an order though man. She say it cos that is what that feisty, fine bitch of a woman said would be fine. Honest hun, he will do everything you say. He will pleasure you sweet heart, take him up to that tiny mean room of his and you see. You gonna learn what this is all about. You gonna learn and until you have a white duck of your own I gonna make sure that my Johnny boy he serve you like you the finest bitch in the hareem.

    At the top of the stairs, next to the master bedroom where right then, those fine black dudes were working Gina through one sweet lather, there John show Miss Ruth his room. She listen a moment to the groaning, grunting thrusts from the room next door and then she step daintily within. There is a bed, there is a locker and there is a photo of Gina and Brewster together, in swimwear, atop it. On the walls there is nothing else. The wardrobe door gapes and she sees John's things within.

    'This is terrible…' the words escape her lips.

    John shudders man. He shudders cos he knows that true. He shudders cos he knows that he gotta get her past this realisation. Brewster, hides, flaying, you know.

    'It's what I deserve, its just….it is just right.'

    She touched his hair then, a gentle touch. She catches the tear from his eye as it tries to make its way down his cheek.

    'You're ashamed….don't be, 'she murmured, 'she is so beautiful…..he is so handsome'.

    'yes' he agreed and he kissed her hand as it moved against his face. He kissed it and she paused. There, she has turned her hand so her palm is open to him and he kisses that reverently. He kisses it and marvels that she does not take it away. He kisses it and then as she watches him, gently, ever so gently, he licks it.

    'Gina has been telling me John. Telling me about black men….life is changing. You are what white men will become' she said softly. That she had started to believe the words seemed clear right then. She had seen all the fine couples now, the exquisite pleasure on women's faces.

    John, he wince man. He wince and then nod. He kiss the fine Miss Ruth's hand once more.

    'Gina says that I am to be your mistress too' she whispered, her voice quavering. A day or two ago, that would seem incredible. It would. But there was another fine friend of Brewster's. A handsome man called Samuel. She had met him once. She had wondered. Gina had said how a strong man like Samuel liked his white women. You have to put a weakling or two down man.

    John he felt her finger move down his face, onto his chest and then below. Without a word, without an apology, she ran her fingers down his belly and onto his crotch. She brushed her fingers across the tiny bulge in his pants. She played against that she could now touch at will.

    'Yes M'am' he conceded.

    'Good' she answered nervously.

    He felt her hand return to his head. He felt her hand reach his head and gently push him down. There, may be you see, in your mind, that boy bending his knee, dropping onto the carpet in his mean, mean room. He kneels there for a moment or two, looking patiently up at her, both of them, both, listening to the hard fuck next door. Man, Brewster and his bros, they make a woman squeal. They make her squeal and writhe!!

    Ruth eased the hem of her dress up an inch. No more. No more than that. John he seems the seam in her fine fine stockings. He see the curve of her oh so pretty thighs beneath that nylon. He kissed her thigh softly and she permitted it. She permitted him too to raise his mouth slowly upwards, his nose nuzzling the hem of her dress higher. Next door, Gina screamed, 'Brewster!'. Ruth jerked, Ruth settled, and now with that pretty watch sliding chic onto her wrist, she pulled her dress upwards so that John could see her sex. No panties, no thong, her lovely cunt hair shaven up into an elongated, inverted triangle. John he inhale deep. Right! Gina taught the lady. No perfume, only that oozing from her oh so pretty sex. She smells like a woman. Hell man, se smells like a woman who sometime soon going smell like a bitch on a black guy's cock.

    'You're beautiful' John he murmur.

    Ruth she shudder then. She shudder and she keep her sex close to his flaring nostrils. She keep it close so he gotta breath in the drug.

    John, that little man, he lick that cunt. He lick that puckering thing and he feel it tighten with the pleasure of it all. He lick it and he feel her move her hips, first toward him and then in a teasing gyration, a slow turn so that his tongue slip across the blood swollen lips between her thighs. John he hear her gasp. He hear her gasp and then he feel her fingers start to push through his hair. She start to push against his mouth. She push against his face, her cunt thrilling to the sensation.

    'Lick it!' she hissed.

    Nice. Very nice Johnny boy. Hell man, you lick up and around like a fucking dog, but it gonna sweeten Miss Ruth's heart. Look there man, look, she grinding against you man. She locking her fingers in your hair and she pulling your mouth onto her cunny. I like it man, I like the way she working her cunt around your mouth. It may be not stretched by a cock yet, but hell man, that bud of hers, that bud it respond as nice as you like!!

    'You lick like a dog….you lick…….like a ……dog' gasps Miss Ruth.

    Well Johnny boy….he do. He open that weak mouth of his, he push his nose against clitty bud and he stickle that open tongue straight up the bitches' slit. She just a sweet man, she such an addictive sweet, he gotta lick her funny, he gotta lick it more and more.

    'Christ Brewster…..please…..oh God……please' Gina gasps. The walls are so thin man, so thin.

    'Good boy, that's it, lick my sex, lick it!' soothes Ruth. Strange words, strange words, huh? But you know man, you hear that breathing, the husky catch in her throat, and you know it right, you know it so right.

    Shy little bitch, she a creaming on John's mouth. She a creaming, listening to Gina fuck, wishing, wishing Samuel, using Johnny. She grunts like a dog man. She do. She grunt deep and she almost twist the little man's head off as her body convulses. Flicky tongue Johhny boy, flick tongue my friend.

    'Fucking suck it!' sneered the shy Rachel.

    John he suck her cunt. He suck it cos it sticking out of her body like a petulant clam.

    'Good…..God…….Good boy' she gasps as the climax wracks through her. She clenching her teeth, writhing, gyrating, pushing hard against him. He swallowing her cum.

    'Thank you….mistress….' heaves John. His shoulders are shaking man. They shake the strength of his emotion.

    'Enough!' she cries and pushes him away. It is disgusting right? It disgusting that a weak weak white boy will do that thing. She stares at him as slumps on the floor gasping. She rearranges the hem of her dress. Blissful, it was blissful. Dirty….it was oh so dirty! She drags down her breathes.

    When she looks up at the door, Gina is there smiling. She smiling, naked, her nipples tight atop her lovely breasts, her sex smeared.

    'You are such a sexy woman!' Gina exclaims and hugs that shy girl. She hugs her hard and John he kneels and waits.

    They look down at Johnny boy. Ruth wonders what to think, what to say. They start to step out of the room.

    'Don't worry about him, he doesn't count' Gina assures. 'Brewster wants a word, he suggests that we all go out to lunch tomorrow, me you, Brewster and Samuel.'
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