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. Hot Mother, Hot Daughter-The Perfect Pair

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Oct 22, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Hot Mother, Hot Daughter-The Perfect Pair

    by RLM
    Making the Squad:

    Jane Bowers could hardly contain her excitement as she entered Marshall High School as a 15-year old beginning sophomore. As a high school student, she was no longer one of the "little kids". She was getting her books out of her new locker for his first ever high school class in world history when Grant Adams spoke to her.

    "Hi, Jane. I'm Grant... Grant Adams. I'm the starting quarterback on the varsity."

    "Oh, I know. And you're also a forward on the basketball team, right?"

    "Yep. First string last year... trying for all-state this year."

    "Wow! I don’t think I missed either a football or basketball game all last year. You're just fantastic," Jane gushed.

    "And I watched you every time any of the junior-high teams played."

    "You watched me?"

    "Like a hawk. In fact, I went to the game more to watch you cheerlead than to watch those guys trying to play. They didn't know what they were doing, but you... Damn! I couldn't get enough of watching you out there. I hope you're planning on trying out for the high school cheerleading squad."

    "I am. Definitely! But I'm told that they don't take sophomores except as trainees for when you're a junior. So I doubt that you'll be seeing me actually on the squad this year."

    "Sometimes they take sophomores."

    "Really? I was told differently."

    "What you've been told is right unless the seniors on the varsity teams make a special request that is countersigned by the coaches. As the starting quarterback and potential all-state forward, I have some influence. Interested?"

    "Sure I'm interested. What do I have to do?"

    "Nothing if you don't get on the squad. Just put on a good show and be friendly to the players if you do. Let me know when you'll be trying out for the team, and I'll speak to the coaches."

    "Thanks, Grant. I really appreciate it."

    Grant put his hand on her ass and pulled her closer. "Enough to give me a kiss?"

    Jane tilted her head back allowing the star quarterback to kiss her. As his mouth covered hers, his tongue moved inward. Her body trembled with the thrill of her first French kiss. She forgot all about the fact that others were watching as she pressed her breasts against his chest and opened her mouth even wider.

    When Grant's lips finally moved away from hers, she was panting. "I'll see you around, Jane," he said with a grin.

    "He's really something, isn't he? You just met him, and he's already Frenching you with his hand on your ass," a female voice said from behind her. Turning, she saw Marge Randall, a senior and captain of the varsity cheerleading squad.

    "Hi, Marge. I'm Jane Bowers."

    "I know who you are. What did you think of Grant?"

    "Oh, he's wonderful! He offered to help get on the cheerleading squad this year if I qualify."

    "I know. I knew he was going to offer to help before he even did it."

    "Really? How did you know? Are you Ok with that?"

    "Sure I'm Ok with it. I've watched you the last two years with the junior-high squad. Your tumbling and stunts are excellent and you're easily the best looking girl on the squad. You'll be a great addition if Grant can get the coaches to request an exception to the no-sophomores rule."

    Marge got her books out of her locker and started to leave when Jane stopped her with a question. "You said you knew that Grant would offer to help me. How did you know that, Marge?"

    "Simple. Grant, or whoever the star varsity athlete is, always picks out the best-looking, sexiest girl on the junior-high squad and gets an exception so she can be on the varsity cheerleading team."

    "Why does he want me on the squad?"

    "So your hot body will be at the victory parties when the team wins, Jane. I gotta run. So do you. We're already late for class."


    At 6:30 PM that evening, my husband Roy and I were putting dinner on the table for Jane and her 17-year old brother Carl. Carl came to the dining room first and asked, "What's going on with Jane? She's just bubbling over but won't tell me why. Do you guys know?"

    "Nope, not a clue," Roy responded. "But I'm sure she'll tell us at dinner. Probably wants it to be a surprise."

    "Well call her to dinner. It's almost on the table now," I told my husband.

    "She's out back, by the pool, Dad."

    Roy nodded at his son and went out the utility room door to the backyard. He immediately saw his beautiful, blonde daughter practicing some of her cheerleading maneuvers. As she soon as she saw her Dad, Jane broke into a wide smile and asked, "Well? What do you think, Dad? Think I'll make the varsity cheerleading squad?"

    One glance at his beautiful daughter was all it took to convince Roy. "I don't think there's a chance in the world that you won't, Honey. Your mom said dinner's on the table. Come on."

    Jane was almost skipping and bouncing when she and Roy arrived for dinner. Both Roy and Carl looked at me to see if I knew what was going on. I just shrugged my shoulders and turned my palms up to indicate I didn't know any more than the men did.

    Not beating around the bush, I asked straight out, "Ok, Young Lady. What's the big secret that has you bouncing around like a kid at Christmas? By the way, you look great in that uniform."

    "I think she's got a new boyfriend," Carl said with a big grin, which earned him a dirty look from his sister.

    As the family enjoyed dinner, Jane told everyone the news about the possibility that she might get onto the varsity cheerleading squad as a beginning sophomore. After relating her conversations with Grant Adams and Marge Randall, she said, "I think there's a really good chance that I can make the squad this year!"

    "That's a wonderful compliment to your skills and beauty, Honey, but those rules about sophomore participation on the varsity cheerleading squad are there for a reason. I think it would be much better for you to just make the trainee squad this year and then join the varsity next year... when you're a year older," I replied.

    "But why, Mom? I knew I'm good enough now, and if I'm not, then I won't pass the test, and I'll be on the trainee squad. But if I can pass it now, why should I have to wait?"

    "I think Mom's right," Carl commented.

    "Who asked you anyway," Jane snapped.

    ""Ok.. Ok. Don't get mad, Sis. I play on the varsity basketball team, and I was just suggesting that you ought to take Mom's advice. Just my opinion... nothing more."

    "Well, thank you for your opinion, Big Brother, but I really want to make the squad this year. You haven't said a word, Dad. What's your view?"

    "I think your mom and I need to discuss this privately. Let's drop the subject for now, finish this delicious meal Tracy has made us, then you and Carl can do your homework, if you have any after only one day of school, watch TV, or go out with your friends for a few hours. We'll talk about the cheerleading squad later. Deal?"

    Jane was obviously not happy, but she couldn't think of any reason to object to her parents discussing the matter privately. So, she nodded and said, "Fine. Sounds reasonable to me, but I hope the two of you keep in mind how hard I've worked for three years to perfect my tumbling and learn all the stunts. That ought to count for a lot when you talk about it."

    "I promise, your mom and I will certainly keep that in mind, Honey. Now come on. the food's getting cold. Let's eat."

    After dinner, Roy said, "Ok. I'll help with the dishes, Tracy. You two have fun this evening while your mom and I talk."

    Carl and Jane both nodded. "Come on, Big Brother. Let's go out to the pool, and I’ll show you some of my new routines. When you see how good I am, I bet you change your mind about whether I should be on the varsity squad. Come on."

    When they were out of earshot of their parents, Carl said, "You do look really great in that uniform, Jane. Whenever you make the squad... this year or the next... you're going to be the best looking girl on the squad. The players... everyone... are going to think so."

    Jane blushed... a lot. Finally, she managed to find her voice. "Gee, Carl. I think that's the first time you've ever said you think I'm pretty."

    "You were always a little girl before, Jane. Now you're a young woman... and a very beautiful young woman. Are you wearing anything under that tiny skirt?"

    "Carl! I'm your sister! What's the matter with you?"

    "I'm a guy, and you're beautiful even if you are my sister. Besides, you said you were going to show me some of your new routines. You know as well as I do that as soon as you do, that short skirt is going to fly up and I'll see what's underneath. I thought it was much more honest to ask you than to just ogle you when your skirt flies up. I really thought you would appreciate that. If not, I'm sorry."

    ` Again Jane blushed. "You're right. It is more honest... a lot more honest. Are you really interested in what your 15-year old sister has on under this short skirt?"

    "Well, when you put it like that, it makes me sound like some kind of pervert. But, so what? I'm a guy. Yeah, I'm interested. If you weren't my sister, I'd be a lot more interested, but even so, I'm interested. Are you going to tell me?"

    "Nope. No way! But I will show you," she said with a smile that was amazingly close to being seductive for a 15-year old girl. Turning her back toward her brother, she looked back at him and slowly pulled her skirt up to her waist revealing her white, nylon, bikini panties that weren't much larger than a thong. More than half of her buttocks were exposed with the gusset of the panties disappearing erotically between the cheeks of her ass.

    She held the skirt up giving Carl all the time he wanted to check her out. She wondered if her display was causing her older brother to get an erection. "Satisfied?" she asked with the same smile.

    "Wow! You're wearing panties, but they certainly don't cover much."

    "If I were on the cheerleading squad, would you want them to?" When Carl didn't answer, she asked again. "Well? Would you want to see more, less, or about the same amount of my butt, Carl?"

    "If you weren't my sister, I'd say more, but since you are... that about right. Come on. Show me your new routines.
    Carl’s cock got hard when he saw Jane’s very brief white panties slotted between her buttocks. Her tits
    were also awesome, particularly for a sophomore girl. He wished she wasn’t his sister.


    It only took Roy and me 15 minutes to clear away the dinner dishes, save the leftovers, and put the dishes into the dishwasher. "Ok, Honey. Let's talk about Jane's request to join the varsity squad if she passes the test," my husband suggested.

    "Not here. We need to go someplace where there's no chance the kids will hear us."

    "Why?" Roy asked, truly puzzled.

    "Just trust me, Roy. It's a beautiful day. Let's take a drive out to Lakeside Park. Ok?"

    "Oh hell yes! There's no way I'm turning down an invitation from the sexiest woman that I've ever known in my life to go park beside the lake. Let's forget Jane's problem and go make out under the stars."

    "No. We have to settle Jane's problem, Honey."

    "And afterwards?"

    "We'll see," I said with a smile that was blatantly seductive.


    "If you don't take your hands off my thighs and tits, Roy Bowers, I don't think we'll ever get to discuss Jane's problem."

    "I know, but you're really, really hard to resist, Tracy Bowers. You make my dick hard as a rock!"

    "Even after we've been married for 18 years, and you've fucked me at least 4,000 times?"

    "Feel me!"

    "Oh fuck! You're hard as stone. God! Most of my female friends complain constantly about how uninterested in sex their husbands are. Instead of that, I've got this iron-hard cock. Mmmmmm... so damn hard! But we have to talk first."

    "All right, but you're going to have to let go of my dick otherwise I won't be able to think."

    "Oh Lover! You know exactly what to say to a woman. Ok. Now what is that you think that we need to discuss about Jane?"

    "Well, I didn't want to undermine your maternal authority in front of the kids, Honey, but I'm lost as to the reason you don't think Jane should be on the varsity squad if she passes the tests. If she's qualified, why not? I know you, Honey. You don't do things without a reason. What is it?"

    "There are more things involved with being on the varsity cheerleading squad than just doing stunts, tumbling exercises, and leading cheers at the games, Roy. Jane's only 15. I don't think she's ready for all that."

    "What are you talking about? What other things?"

    "You were never an athlete were you, Roy? You never played on any of the varsity teams when you were in high school did you?"

    "No, I didn't. But so what?'

    "So, you never went to the victory parties after the game. You saw the shows the cheerleaders put on at the games, but you never saw the much more erotic shows the girls put on at the victory parties."

    "What did they do?"

    "A lot of things. For starters, they all put on erotic strip shows."

    "The girls on the cheerleading squad got naked?"

    "Some did. Others just took off their tops, shoes, and panties but kept their mini-skirts on."

    "All of them?"

    "Yeah. All of them."

    "And the players fucked some of the girls?"

    "No. The players fucked all of the girls. And every girl had sex with several of the players."

    "But what about the faculty chaperons? They couldn't permit that."

    "For the first two hours of the party, the coaches chaperoned the party. After two hours, the official party ended and the coaches all left. From that point on, it was a private party having nothing to do with the school. It was just a bunch of horny guys having sex with a group of very willing and eager girls."

    "And you think Jane will end up having sex with all the players if she's on the cheerleading squad?"

    "I don't think she will.... I know she will. The peer pressure will just be too great for a 15-year old girl to resist. Besides, those high school athletes are really sexy. Young girls go for guys like that."

    "But if she waits a year, why won't the same thing happen?"

    "Oh it will, but she will be almost 17 by that time and will certainly be having sex, cheerleading squad or no cheerleading squad. Not many girls are still virgins at 17 these days, Honey. I just don't want her first sexual experience to be a gang bang at a victory party."

    ` "How the hell do you know this is the case, Tracy? Frankly, it sounds far-fetched to me." When there was no reply, Roy repeated his question. "Well? How do you know?"

    "I was on the cheerleading squad in high school, Honey. Do you need any further explanations?"

    "You fucked all the high school football players at victory parties?"

    "It was more like they all fucked me, Roy. And it wasn't just the football players. The cheerleading squad doesn't disband after football season. They do the basketball games too and some of the baseball games in the spring."

    "How many guys fucked you?"

    Moving my hand to my husband's crotch, I felt his dick through his pants. It was rock-hard and throbbing. "Oh Honey! You're hard. I mean really HARD! Hearing about your wife being a slut is really turning you on, isn't it?" Without asking, I opened his pants and pulled down his briefs allowing his 7-inch, thick shaft to thrust outward. "Oh Fuck! You're huge! MMMMmmmmm."

    "How many guys fucked you," he asked me again as my hand stroked his swollen, throbbing shaft

    "I didn't count... all the football and basketball players for sure... maybe 30 or 35 guys. MMMmmmmm... that made your big cock jerk like crazy, Honey."

    "UUnnnnn... mmmmm... stroke it faster, Tracy... AAAahhhhhh Yessss! And you think Jane would be fucked by that many guys?"

    "No. The football and basketball teams are bigger now... more players. She'll get it from more guys than I did."

    "AAhhhh God! Suck me! Suck my cock, Honey!"

    "Mmmmmmm... thought you'd never ask, Lover. MMmmmmm.... sooo damn big... mmmmmm... I'm gonna deep throat this big, beautiful dick. Ready?"

    "Do It! DO IT! SUCK IT!"

    "Oh yeah! OH FUCK YES! Take all of it down your throat, Tracy. DO IT!"

    As I sucked, I got out of my blouse and then unzipped my skirt. I was taking all 7.5 inches of Roy's dick down my throat as my skirt slid down my legs. Every time I clamped my lips around the base of his throbbing cock and sucked hard, Roy gasped with pleasure. When his cock began jerking wildly in my mouth, I knew he was about to cum. Quickly, I pulled my mouth off his dick and squeezed the head to suppress his orgasm.

    "Oh god... I need to cum. Let me cum, Honey."

    "You like the way I suck your cock, don't you, Lover?"

    "Oh hell YES! I love it. Nobody can suck like you do."

    "Aren't you glad I got all that practice when I was a cheerleader, Honey?" I asked as my tongue swabbed over the pulsing head of his swollen, blood-filled shaft.

    "One of the linebackers, Max Reynolds, had an 8-inch cock, and he made me suck more and more of his meat at every victory party until I was taking all of it. Don't you think you should send him a thank you note for teaching your wife how to suck cock?"

    "Yes... yes... whatever... just finish me... please!"

    Once again, my lips slid down the entire length of his throbbing dick until they were locked about the base. My cheeks hollowed as I cupped and massaged his cum-filled balls. The cock began jerking inside my mouth. Pumping my lips up and down the convulsing shaft while swabbing the head with my tongue produced a series of hard contractions. Each contraction fired a thick stream of sperm-filled semen into my mouth. Roy's spurts were coming so fast I couldn't swallow fast enough. Some of the semen fired straight down into my belly. Other spurts quickly filled my mouth hole, and the remainder gushed out the corners of my mouth and formed long, swinging strands from my chin.

    As soon as I removed my mouth, his dick continued to jerk and pulse. When I wrapped my hand around his tool and jacked him, several more thick wads of semen where forced out the end of his cock. Rolling over the swollen head, they coated his shaft and my hand.

    "Oh Baby! Your balls were really loaded! Jezzz... I love it when you pump me full like that."

    "I'm going to pump your cunt full with my next load."

    "Can you get it up again, Honey?"

    "Your hot mouth can get me hard again in 10 minutes."

    "MMmmmmm... do you plan to fuck me in the back seat. I got it that way a lot when I was a cheerleader. Does that make you mad?"

    "No. I makes me so fucking hard I can't believe it. Let's take a walk along the lake until we find a good spot."

    After a short walk, we found a nice sandy spot inside a small cluster of trees. There was an overturned boat that provided a sexy fucking platform. It wasn't very comfortable, but the eroticism of fucking out in the open at a public lake made up for the lack of comfort.

    I made short work of Roy's clothes and then hissed, "Sit on the boat, Baby, so I can show you how hot cheerleaders get guys hard." As my husband took a seat and leaned back, I dropped my skirt to the sand and bent over his body. A moment later, I had his entire semi-hard dick buried in my mouth. As I sucked him, his shaft very rapidly hardened until it was a rigid, 7-inch spike sunk down my throat.

    "AAAaaahhh... ooohhhh yessss... suck it, Tracy. SUCK IT!"

    I followed his orders until I felt his dick beginning the telltale throbbing indicating that he was close to an orgasm. Wanting his load inside my pussy, not in my mouth, I pulled away and gasped, "Put that big dick in me. Fuck me!"

    Roy was on his feet in a flash. "Put your sexy ass on the boat and spread wide, Tracy. Gonna fill your hot cunt with dick!"

    I almost climaxed at the hot erotic words. My husband had never been that forceful with me, and I couldn't remember a single time when he had called it my "cunt". As I leaned back on the boat and opened my legs, I was mentally kicking myself for waiting so long to tell him about all the sex I had had as a cheerleader.

    "Come on, Stud. Stick that big cock up my cunt!"

    My husband actually growled as he rammed his hips into my sex saddle. He hoisted my legs up onto his shoulders and slammed into me balls deep on the first thrust.


    "Take it, Slut! Take my dick!"


    "You took 35 cocks up this hot fuck hole, didn't you?"

    "Oohhh god... yessss.... all those cocks... in me... fucking me.. making your wife cum... and cum... and cum. Fucking me multiple times! AAAaahhhhh... fuck me like they did, Honey... Ram my cunt!"

    "Did they ram it up your cunt like this?"

    "YES! YES! Their big, hard cocks in your wife's cunt. Ramming me! OOohhh fuck! OH FUCK! I'M CUMMINGGGG! HARDER, DAMN YOU! FUCK ME HARDER!"

    My vagina and clit both surged into hard, spastic contractions around Roy's pounding shaft. With my pussy clamping and pulsing around his dick, there was no way he could hold back his own orgasm. When his cock exploded its load into my hole, he grunted as I squealed.

    Roy kept his cock inside my pussy as we both trembled in the aftermath of what had to be the most intense sex we had had in many, many years.

    "God! That was wonderful, Honey. You made me cum so damn hard," I whispered in his ear. The sudden jerking of his cock inside me let me know that it was the same for him.

    "I didn't think I was ever going to stop shooting in you," he gasped.

    "Neither did I, you hot, big-cocked stud."

    "I always knew that I was married to a drop-dead gorgeous wife, but I never realized that she was also the most erotic, sensuous woman on the planet! Wow!"

    "Then you're not furious with me for being such a slut in high school?"

    "Furious? Are you kidding? I'm getting hard again."

    "MMMmmmm... you are! I can feel it inside my cunt. You like fucking your wife's cunt, don't you?"

    "Oh you know it! Have you fucked other guys since we've been married?"

    "NO! I would never cheat on you, Roy. Of course, a lot of men have hit on me, and I have been tempted, but I've kept my legs closed like a good wife."

    "I'm hard. God. Can't believe how fast you get me hard."

    "Wanna fuck my ass, Stud?"

    "You know I do! I've always wanted that."

    "But I've turned you down because I didn't want you to realize how slutty your wife can be. That's not going to happen any longer, Lover. I would love to feel this big dick up my ass. But first, what about Jane?"

    "I think you should have a woman-to-woman talk with her. Let her know what's going to happen so she will be prepared in advance and can make up her own mind. I also think you should get her on the pill ASAP."

    "I think that's a great idea, Lover. How do you want me for our first-ever ass fuck?"

    "Bend over the boat, Tracy."

    Assuming the position, I wiggled my ass at my husband. "Like this, Honey? See anything you'd like to fuck?"

    "Oh god almighty, you look so good... so fucking slutty!"

    "Put it in my cunt first, Honey. Get it really wet and then lube me with that big load you just put in my pussy."

    Roy pressed his rigid shaft against the opening to my vagina and slipped into me balls deep like a slick piston driving into an oiled cylinder. "OOhhhh god.... that feels good. Pump me a little, Baby. Yesss... Yesss... like that... mmmmmm."

    "I'm churning the cum load inside you into a thick white froth, Honey. Ooohhh Man! Do you ever feel slick, hot, and wet!"

    "That's all your fault, Lover. Lube my ass.... get it slick and wet too."

    "OOHH... OOHH... sooo hot. I don't want to take it out."

    "You can use any hole you like, Baby... but if you want your wife's ass, you're gonna have to take it out of my cunt first," I moaned as my hips thrust my pussy up and down Roy's now throbbing dick. "OOhhh yes... fuck my hole, you big-cocked stud! Ram that thing into me!"

    My husband fucked me for another few minutes bringing right to brink of an orgasm before pulling out.

    "Don't stop! OOhhhhh .... please! Don't stop. I'm almost there. Make me cummm!"

    "I want you wild for it when I sink my dick into your ass," he informed me as he coated his fingers with a combination of the juices now seeping from my pussy and the churned white froth.

    "AAAaHHHHHH... mmmmmmmmmm," I heard myself moan as his fingers first coated my anal opening and then pushed inside to lubricate my hole. By the time he had repeated the actions three times, I was thrusting my hips backward onto his probing fingers. "YYESSSSS.... do meeeeeee... I'm so close, Honey... So close. Hurry! Please hurry!" I urged frantically.

    Satisfied the he had my anus and rectum well lubricated, Roy mounted me with his legs outside my hips. A hot groan escaped my lips as soon as I felt the swollen head of his tool pressing into my opening.


    "AAAHHHHHAAAA... Yes! Yes! Yes! Put it in! Damn you! Fuck me!"

    My husband jerked my hips backward at the same time as he thrust forward. The big shaft stretched me open and sank into my slickened hole. Several hot grunts filled the night air. I couldn't tell which were mine and which were my husband's. The big dick pulled back until only the head was still in my ass. Again, he rammed me... this time sinking six inches of thick, hard dick into my ass.


    Roy withdrew and pumped into me several more times bringing howls of pleasure from me until I felt his balls slapping against my pussy with each entry.

    "I'm balls deep in your hot ass, Tracy!"

    "Oh god, I know you are. Fuck it! Fuck it! Dammit! FUCK IT! HARD!" Roy gave me what I asked for, and I just exploded in an intense orgasm. Frantically, my fingers strummed over my convulsing clit as his big shaft filled me again and again and again.




    "TAKE IT!"

    "UUNNGGHH! OOOOHHHH! AAAAHHHH.... CUM! CUM IN MY ASS! Aahhh... Aahh... mmmmmm.... soooo good."

    "You liked that, huh?"

    "MMmmmmm... you know I did. But you didn't cum, did you?"

    "Not yet."

    "Oh god! You're going to fuck me again, aren't you?"

    For an answer, Roy wrapped his arms around my waist and turned onto his back taking me with him with his cock still buried to the hilt inside my rectum. "Put your feet up on my thighs, Honey, so I can pound it into you."

    "OOoohhhhh god," I groaned. Once my feet were planted on his thighs, my husband held me in position and began pistoning his iron-hard cock in and out of my now gaping anus.




    It seemed to me like Roy's cock throbbed and jerked inside me for over a minute. By the time his orgasms ebbed and I rolled off his cock, his semen was running from my ass.
    Roy gave me the hardest, hottest screwing he had given since our honeymoon.
    I wished I had told him about my slutty high school days sooner.

    A Mother/Daughter Talk:

    When Roy and I entered our home, Jane and Carl were in the den watching a show on TV. At almost the same time, they said, "Where have you two been?" This was followed by, "We were thinking about sending out a search party?"

    Glancing at the wall clock, I was shocked to see that it was almost 10 PM. We had been at the lake fucking for almost three hours! "We took a drive... discussed Jane joining the cheerleading squad a year early... and stopped at a club to dance and have a drink," I lied, but with a smile.

    Carl nodded and went back to watching the TV, but Jane continued to stare at me. I knew she was checking out my mussed hair as I had been totally unable to repair all the damage. When her eyes dropped to my legs, I couldn't keep from looking down. I was horrified to see that I still had some sand on one calf and on the top of one of my heels. My panties were soaked with Roy's semen and my cuntal secretions. I could even feel the slick wetness on my inner thighs and wondered if Jane could smell my musky, sexual aroma.

    "Right," she said with a grin. I felt myself blushing. "Did you have time to decide if I could be on the cheerleading squad if I pass the test?"

    "We did. I'll talk to you about it tomorrow."

    "Let's do it now, Mom. I can't wait until tomorrow."

    "Not here."

    "Ok. My bedroom or yours?" Jane replied.

    "I'm sort of sweaty from all the dancing. I'll take a quick shower and then we'll talk."

    "It's Ok, Mom. Really. Let's go to my bedroom."

    Once we were inside Jane's bedroom, she sat on the bed while I took the desk chair. My daughter grinned at me again when I squirmed a bit before I could get comfortable in the chair.

    "Well, what did you and Dad decide?"

    "Before I tell you, Jane, I need to ask you a few things and then tell you some things. Ok?"

    "Sure. What?"

    "In high school, do you know that there are victory parties every time the team wins in football and after some victories in basketball and baseball?"

    "Yeah. Marge Randall, the captain of the cheerleading squad told me that during orientation week. I think that sounds like a lot of fun. I wish we had had those in junior high."

    "The coaches chaperon the parties, Jane."

    "That's what Marge told me."

    "Did she also tell you that after about two hours, the coaches leave, and the official school party ends? After that, the party continues but now it's a private party. Did Marge tell you that?"

    "She told the school party lasts a couple of hours, but she didn't say anything about a private party."

    "Well, that's what happens, and that's what happens at everyone of the victory parties."


    "So... during the private party, the varsity cheerleaders always put on a show for the players... a much more erotic, sexy show than anything they do during the game or during practice."

    "What do they do?"

    "That's up to the captain and co-captains of the squad, but the show always involves the girls getting naked or nearly naked and having sex with the players.... all the players. Of course, nothing's forced. Any of the girls or players can leave if they choose, but essentially no one does."

    "That's wild! Is that why you're against my being on the squad this year?"

    "Yes. That's the reason."

    "But you were on the cheerleading squad in high school, Mom. You told me that yourself when I wanted to try our for the squad in junior high school."

    “Yes. I was a varsity cheerleader in high school. And yes, I went to all the victory parties. And yes, I put on sexy shows for the players and then had sex with most of them.”

    “Wow! Does Dad know?”

    “He knew I was a cheerleader. He didn’t know about the victory parties... that is, he didn’t know until I told him tonight when we went out.”

    Jane grinned again at me. “That’s why you were gone so long, and that’s why your hair is a mess and the reason you had sand on your legs and heels. Dad got really turned on when you told him what you had done at those victory parties. I bet you did too when you saw his reaction. You two had sex on the beach, didn’t you?”

    “You shouldn’t ask your mother questions like that, Jane. But, if you must know, yes, your father and I had sex on the beach... several times, in fact.” Now I was the one grinning.

    “I’ve never had sex with a boy, Mom. Is it really as great as the older girls say?”

    “Yeah, it is. In fact, even when it’s bad... it’s still fun. And when it’s really good... it’s fantastic. And your dad is a great lover.”


    “I just hope you find a guy half as good as he is.”

    “Me too. So, if the victory parties were so much fun, why do you object for my being on the squad?”

    “Because, I know you’re still a virgin, and I don’t want your first time to be a gang bang with a large group of horny football players. By the time you’re a junior, you will almost certainly have had sex with several guys, and a gang bang will be fun, not traumatic. Understand, Honey?”

    “Wow! Do I have a cool mom or what! I thought you were going to give a moral lecture about staying a virgin.”

    “I’m not well placed to give you a lecture like that, Honey. Nor would I want to.”

    “The first varsity football game isn’t for another month, Mom.”


    “So... judging from the way Grant Adams kissed me today and felt my ass while he was doing it, I think he’s very interested in dating me. When he kissed me, Mom, I could feel his penis. It was hard and really big! If I’m right, and Grant does ask me for a date, I don’t think I’ll still be a virgin when the first victory party happens.”

    “Grant Adams is the senior quarterback on the team, isn’t he?”

    “Yes he is, and he’s also a starting forward on the basketball team.”

    “In that case, I’m sure you’re right. If you date him more than once or twice, you’ll never be able to resist him... nor will you want to.”

    “Did the quarterback on the football team take your cherry, Mom?”

    “Of course not! It was the tight end... and he really did have a very, very tight end.”

    “Was his penis big?”

    “Big enough to bust me open, Honey, without any trouble. Do you and your friends always call it a penis?”

    Now Jane blushed as she said, “No. We usually call it a dick or a cock.”

    “So do I.”

    “How big was the tight end’s cock, Mom?”

    “A little over six inches.”

    “How big is Dad’s? He’s bigger, isn’t he?”

    “Maybe. Why do you think so?”

    “Because you had problems getting comfortable when you sat down, and I could smell the musky aroma from your pussy when you came home. I can still smell it. And he had you at the lake for almost three hours. How many times did he do you, Mom?”

    “Three or four times... and he’s about seven inches, for you information young lady.

    “So, if I pass the test and the coaches request an exception to the no-sophomore rule, can I be on the varsity squad?”

    “Your dad and I agreed that you could on two conditions. You have to let me take to my gynecologist and get you on the pill, and you have to promise that you will take your pills regularly and not miss. Agreed?”

    “Oh yes! I’ve been trying to get up the nerve to ask you if I could start taking the pill... just in case you know. What’s the second condition?”

    “The one we just discussed. You have to promise me that you won’t attend any of the victory parties as long as you’re a virgin.”

    “I won’t, Mom. I don’t want my first time to be a gang bang either.”

    “There’s one more thing. Carl is on the starting varsity basketball team. Nobody expects you to have sex with your brother at the parties, but are you Ok with him seeing other guys ... eh.... other guys on you?”

    “On me?”

    “You know very well what I mean, Jane. On you... in you... fucking you.”

    “I’m Ok with it, but I don’t know how he feels. I’ll talk to him about it and find out.”

    “Would you rather your dad did it?”

    “No. I’ll do it.”

    I looked closely at my daughter and saw how flushed her face was. “It’s exciting you, isn’t it?”

    “No. Of course not. Carl’s my brother.”

    “Liar,” I laughed. “I can see it in your face, and you’re not the only woman in the house who knows what the musky aroma of an excited pussy smells like.”

    “I’m not lying!”

    “You’re not, huh? Open your legs, young lady. Let’s see just how wet your panties are.”


    “Do it or I’ll change my mind about letting you be on the cheerleading squad this year.”

    “That’s not fair, Mom,” my daughter complained. However, she was a smart girl and knew better than refuse. Sliding off the bed, she sat on the floor with her knees raised and her legs slightly parted... just enough for me to see a narrow strip of the gusset of her panties. “Are you satisfied now, Mom?” she asked with not just a touch of sarcasm.

    “Hardly, Jane. Is that the way you’re going to respond when Grant Adams tells you to open your legs? If so, you’re going to be a virgin a lot longer than either of us thought.”

    “Oh all right,” she replied with a grin. She squatted in front of me with her feet far apart. Resting her buttocks on her right heel, she placed her hands on her knees and spread her legs wide open. The wet gusset of her panties were plastered tightly against her pussy. “Are you now going to feel me to see if my panties are wet?”

    My daughter looked so sexy and erotic with her legs open, any doubts that I might have had about her ending her virginity in the near future totally vanished. She was going to have guys all over her.

    “No need for that, Honey,” I laughed. “I can smell your musky aroma. Have you started shaving your pussy?”

    Almost in a whisper, Jane asked, “Can you really smell me?”

    “Easily, Honey, and Grant’s gonna love it.”

    “All right, Mom. Now it’s your turn.”

    “My turn to do what?”

    “Spread your legs so I can see how wet your panties are. Turn about is fair play, Mom.”

    “But you already know how wet I am. You said you could detect my aroma, and I’ve told you that your Dad had sex with me three or four times.”

    “I know, but you knew I was wet and excited too. Come on, Mom. I’ll bet you didn’t make excuses like that when Dad told you open your legs.”

    “All right, but don’t you dare tell Carl or your Dad that I did this.” Turning the swivel chair so that I was facing Jane, I slowly opened my legs and for good measured lowered the top of my dress so my daughter could see how hard my nipples were.

    “Oh Mom! You’re really, really soaked. I can see right through your panties they’re so wet. And your nipples are hard too. Wow! I never get that wet. Is that because you’re older than I am?”

    “Of course not, Honey. It’s because I just spent almost three hours having sex with Roy. Just wait until Grant or some of the guys at the victory parties have sex with you four times or more and see how wet your pussy becomes.”

    “MMMmmm.... that’s so sexy. I can hardly wait. When can we see your gynecologist, Mom, so I can start taking the pill?”

    “I’ll make an appointment for us as soon as possible.”

    Jane continued to stare at my wet panties, and I did the same with hers. When we both realized that we were each checking out the other’s pussy, we both grinned.

    “I can tell you shave your pussy, Mom.”

    “I do. Your dad likes it shaved. Do you shave yours?”

    “Can’t you tell?”

    “No. I’ve been trying but your not wet enough and your panties aren’t white, so I can see through them.”

    Reaching between her thighs, Jane tugged her panties aside exposing the wet, flanged lips of her clean-shaved pussy. “Can you tell now, Mom?”

    A Brother/Sister Talk:

    It was four days later when Mom took me to see her gynecologist, Dr. Chambers. She took blood tests, a pap smear, and then gave me thorough pelvic examination.

    “Jane, your mom told me that you’re a virgin, but your hymen isn’t intact. There are a few remnants, but it’s obviously been ruptured. Did you have an accident or something?”

    “No. It wasn’t an accident. I’ve been masturbating with a dildo and a vibrator for some time now.”

    “Well, that certainly explains things. The good news is that you won’t experience any pain when you have intercourse for the first time.”

    “Even if it’s a really big cock?” I asked.

    “As long as it’s attached to a man and not an animal like a horse, you’ll be fine, Jane.”

    After giving detailed directions as to the use of my contraceptive pills, she recommended I do 15 minutes of kegel exercises each day using a kegelmaster. “You won’t believe how much having good control of your vaginal muscles will increase the pleasure of sex. Besides that, your partner will absolutely love it,” she said with a knowing grin.

    On the way home, Mom asked if I had any other questions that I would like to ask. “Just one,” I responded.

    “What is it, Honey?”

    “Do you do kegel exercises everyday, Mom?”

    “No. But after listening to Dr. Chambers discuss them with you, I certainly intend to start. I’m going to order a kegelmaster for myself. I’ll order one for you at the same time, if you like.”

    “Please. I want to try it too.”


    A few days later, I decided it was time to discuss my being on the varsity squad with Carl. He was sitting at the dining room table doing his homework in trigonometry when I took a seat beside him.

    "Hi, Big Brother. Has Mom or Dad told you about their decision to allow me to join the varsity cheerleading squad if I pass the test?"

    "Yeah. But I still don't think it's a good idea. It would be better if you waited a year."

    "Why? You know my tumbling passes are really good... even outstanding, and I know all the stunts and can do them all."

    "Yeah. You are probably the best, but there are other things involved with being on the squad that make it better for you to wait a year."

    "You mean the victory parties?"

    Carl dropped his pencil. His mouth opened but no sound emerged. After a moment, he regained his composure and said, "You know about those?"

    "Yeah. Marge Randall told me."

    "Well, in that case, you already know why I think it would be better for you to wait a year."

    "What's the matter, Big Brother? Afraid that your little sister will see you fucking the other girls at the victory parties? Or maybe it's seeing your teammates sinking their big cocks into your sister's pussy? Is that it?"

    Carl's face flushed. It was the first time I had ever seen him embarrassed, but he recovered quickly. "Yeah. That's it. I don't think I could handle it. I guess I'll just have to skip the parties."

    "You'll miss out on a lot of fun, Carl, and you know all the guys will be laughing at you." When he nodded in agreement, I added, "Look, Carl. I'm just a girl like the other cheerleaders. They like sex, and I'm sure I will too. Besides, my pussy, tits, and ass don't look much different than the other girls'. It will be just like diving off the high board... scary the first time but a piece of cake after that."

    "Maybe. But that first time is going to be hell."


    I spent the rest of the evening wondering how I could make things easier for my brother. It certainly didn’t take much imagination on my part to figure out how bad the first time or two was going to be for him. In the worst case, Carl might even end up quitting the basketball team to avoid the embarrassment of seeing me with other guys at a victory party.

    I knew that if he could just get past the first couple of times, he would be fine... just like in my diving board analogy. But what could be done about those first couple of times?

    The solution was so obvious that I wondered why it had taken me so long to figure it out. All we had to do was make those first few times happen some other place and at some other time before the first victory party. Once I realized that, it didn't take very long for me to figure out exactly what to do.

    The next night at 11:30 PM, I slipped out of my bedroom and walked down the hallway to my brother's bedroom door. Mom and Dad had turned in for the night a half hour early and were downstairs in the master bedroom either asleep or having sex. Either one would make them oblivious to any other sounds in the house.

    With my ear pressed against the door, I could make the sounds of my brother talking to himself about some girl he would like to fuck. Even though I couldn't make out too many of the words, it was obvious that he was either reliving a hot sex session one of his girlfriends or he was fantasizing about screwing some hot girl.

    As quietly as possible, I inserted the duplicate door key I had had made earlier in the day into the lock. It turned easily and with virtually no sound. As soon as I opened the door enough to see inside, I saw Carl lying on his back on the bed with his hand wrapped around his hard 7-inch cock furiously jacking off while looking at some photograph that I couldn't see from the doorway.

    "Oh yeah, Baby. You like this big dick inside your hot 15-year old cunt? Spread wider, Jane. Arch your ass... take my dick all the way inside your hot fuck hole."

    Instantly, my vagina throbbed as I realized that my brother was looking at some picture of me as he jacked off and fantasized about fucking me. Carl's mind was so totally immersed in his visions of fucking and pumping his hard cock that he had no chance to hear me entering and closing the door behind me. The first thing he heard was my voice.

    "Wouldn't your rather enjoy the real thing rather than picture of me, Carl?"

    My brother's head snapped around in my direction, his face a picture of total shock and embarrassment. His rock-hard, throbbing erection quickly wilted.

    "Oh my god!" he gasped. "How did you get in... how did... ooohhh fuck!"

    His questions died on his lips when he saw me standing no more than few feet from the side of his bed in my short yellow skirt and top. With my arms raised above my head, my top pulled up enough to expose the bottom of my tits since I wasn't wearing a bra. Every time I raised and then lowered my arms as if I were leading a cheer, my tits bounced like crazy.

    "Don't you think I'd make a great cheerleader, Carl. Don't you think your little sister has really nice tits? Do you like the way they bounce?"

    Carl's cock, which had gotten almost flaccid, was rapidly hardening once again. "Hell yes, I like them! You're gorgeous. But what are you doing in here with your tits half exposed like that?"

    "It's simple, Big Brother. I want you to have seen all of me and done a lot of hot things with me many times before the first victory party. That way, you won't be embarrassed in front of the other guys. You were jacking off thinking about fucking me, weren't you, Carl. Come on. Tell the truth."

    "Yes I was. I hope you aren't mad. The idea of you coming to the victory parties got me so hot I couldn't resist."

    "I'm not mad, but I am wet, hot, and turned on. Whose picture are you looking at?"


    "Oh yes! Show me."

    Carl had begun to stroke his cock again when he turned the photograph toward me. It was a picture taken at night during a football game sometime last season. I was leading a cheer while holding my left leg almost straight up in the air and balancing on one foot with my right arm extended. The photo had been taken from below so that my panties were fully exposed. They had sunk into my ass crack and pussy slit, which were both clearly outlined by my tight, wet panties.

    "Where did you get this picture, Carl?" I asked as I felt my inner thighs becoming slick with my secretions.

    "I took it using my telephoto lens. You look so fucking sexy."

    "Have you cum yet?"

    "Not yet, but I was very close when I saw you standing there."

    "I want you to finish and let me see you cum."

    "I don't think I can with you standing there watching me, Jane."

    "Even if I get on the end of the bed and bend over in doggy position?"

    "That's hot, but I don't think so."

    "Even if I pull my skirt up over my ass?"

    "Maybe... not sure."

    "Well, let's find out, Carl." Without another word, I climbed onto the foot of the bed and got on my hands and knees with my ass practically in his face. "Like me like this, Big Brother?" My answer came in the form of a deep groan from Carl. Looking back over my shoulder, I saw that his cock was again rock hard. "Well, I think your big cock likes it, but you're still not stroking it. Maybe if I pull up my skirt?"

    Slowly I pulled my skirt higher and higher on my thighs until is was almost up to my ass cheeks. I heard Carl groaning behind me.

    "Ooohhh god!"

    With one quick motion I pulled my skirt up over my ass exposing both my naked ass and pussy. Lowering my head to the bed, I arched my hips higher and reached back with both hands and spread my cheeks wide open giving Carl an even better view of my sex holes.

    "OH FUCK! You're not wearing any panties!"

    "You noticed, huh. MMMmmmmm... now your cock is hard and you're pumping it again. Go on, Big Brother. Jack your big cock while you stare at your sister's naked pussy, Baby. Jerk it hard!" Do It! Do It, Carl! Cum!"

    "God! You look so fucking hot, Jane. I'm close.... so damn close. I can't stop. I'm gonna shoot it, Sis!"

    "Wait! WAIT! Let me turn over so I can see your big load shooting out. Don't worry, Carl. I'll spread wide open for you." As quickly as possible, I flipped over and leaned back on the bed supporting my body with my hands behind me. In the same motion, I steepled both knees and spread my legs wide open to completely expose my cunt and ass as well as my naked tits.

    Carl growled, arched his hips, and frantically jacked his throbbing shaft.

    "Oh yeah! Do it, Stud! Do It! Look at your sister's hot cunt and shoot your load."

    "What are you thinking about?" I hissed as my fingers worked frantically over my pussy and clitoris.

    "Your cunt! Your hot cunt hole! And how much I'd like to ram my dick into you!"

    "Oh YES!"

    "You want to fuck me, don't you, Carl. You want to stick that big, hard dick up my cunt and fuck me. I'm on the pill now, Big Brother. You can jizz my hole as much as you like."

    "Can I fuck you now?"

    "Later, Carl. One step at a time. This time let's watch each other get off. Let's cum together. Tell me when you're gonna shoot."




    Carl's cock must have exploded at least 12 thick streams of cum into air. Every time another gush of cum shot out of his dick, my clit and vagina throbbed right along with his jerking cock. Hard spastic contractions ripped through my vagina and clitoris as my orgasm peaked. Carl shouted in amazement when he saw it.


    My contractions continued for at least minute during which my brother's cock continued to twitch causing semen to slowly slid out and run down his shaft. As our orgasms abated, I fell onto my back but kept my legs open so Carl could see my pussy pulsing in the aftermath of my climax.

    "Wow! That was something else, Jane. I loved it. Did you?"

    "Do you really have to ask, Carl? You've been watching my pussy and clit throbbing in a hard orgasm. Doesn't that convince you?"

    "Yeah. Yeah it does. I've never seen a girl cum like that. Jezz!!"

    "Really? Haven't you had sex with girls before, Carl?"

    "Of course I have, but none of them... not one... has gotten off as hard as you just did. I've never seen their pussies contracting and throbbing like yours just did. Do you always cum that hard?"

    "Every time, but I think I'll get off even harder when I have sex with a guy."

    "You're a virgin?"

    "Yeah, but I hope not for much longer. That's why I put you off when you asked if you could fuck me. I really want to have sex with a guy, but I don't want my brother to be the one who takes my virginity. That make sense to you? Do you understand?"

    "Yeah I do understand, and it does make sense. How about afterwards... when you're not a virgin any longer?"

    "Absolutely! After that, I don't think you're going to be embarrassed at all at the victory parties."

    Carl grinned broadly. "I hope you don't wait too long to get rid of your virginity, Jane. I'm already getting hard again just thinking about it."

    "Wanna go again right now?"

    "Hell yes! Are we just going to watch each other masturbate or what?"

    "Would you like to watch me getting off on my vibrator? That will make me cum even harder than before?"

    "Oh yeah! Do it! I'll jerk off while I watch you."

    "I want you to stroke that big dick while you watch, but don't shoot off. After I get off, I'll finish you. Ok? Would you like your little sister to jack you off?"

    "Are you just teasing me, Jane? Will you really do that?"

    "You just keep that big dick hard, Carl, and you'll find you. Just a sec. Let me get my vibe."


    "Vibrator, Big Brother. A girl's best friend... other than guys with big, hard dicks, of course."

    It only took me a moment to find my two vibes lying by the door where I had placed them when I entered the room. One was a large, 8-inch, thick pussy-pleaser. The second was small and better suited for my ass. As soon as Carl saw the large vibe, he said in a awed voice, "That's big! Really big! Won't that rupture your hymen, Jane?"

    "That vanished over a year ago, Carl," I replied as I dropped onto my back at the foot of the bed. Steepling my knees, I spread wide open. "See anything that gets your cock hard, Carl? Come on, Big Brother. Move closer so you see everything, but remember... don't cum!"

    Carl scooted forward. "Can you see what I know you want to see, Carl?"

    "Almost. Arch your hips up off the bed and shove your pussy right in my face, Jane."

    Planting my feet on the bed, I arched my lower body as my fingers stroked my enlarged clitoris. "Like this? This the way you want to see your baby sister?"

    With my ass up in the air and my legs wide open, Carl could see everything. "Look at my clit, Carl. Can you see how it gets hard like your big cock? It's not as big or quite as hard, but it's every bit as sensitive as your dick, and if I stroke it or if a guy licks it, I cum sooooo hard... mmmmmmmmm. Do you lick your girl's clit?"

    "I've kissed her pussy."

    "That's a good start, Carl, but after you kiss her pussy, you should push your tongue between her pussy lips and lick up and down the sides of her clit and then lightly over the tip... again and again. If she tries to push you away, use your strength and hold her down and just keep licking her. You won't believe how hard you'll make her cum.... and the best part for you is that after you get her off like that, she'll spread her legs for you anytime."

    "Really? Most of my friends say real men don't eat pussy."

    "Don't argue with them, Carl. Pretend to agree, but be certain that you eat all your girlfriends until they're screaming and howling with pleasure. It won't be long before you'll have every girl in school trying to seduce you while all your "real men" friends will be jacking off.

    "Can I try it with you, Jane?"

    "MMmmmmm... why do you think I told you the secret to every girl's bed? Watch me get myself off with my vibes and then you can practice on my clit, Carl. Watch, but don't shoot off, Honey."

    Carl's hand was moving slowly up and down his hard tool as he watched me sliding the big vibe into my cleft and then back and forth... up and down... the entire length of my wet trench. Everytime the buzzing shaft of the vibe slid over my erect clit, it throbbed bringing hot gasps from my lips;.

    "Oouuuu... OOoohhh ... aaaahhhh.. OOHHH gawd... that's good!"

    "Jesus! I can see it expanding and pulsing," my brother moaned as his hand pumped a little faster.

    "AAahhhh... what do you see expanding, Honey.. UUUNNNN.. MMMMMM."

    "Your clit. It's throbbing."

    "Oh fuck yes! YES!"

    "Put it in, Jane. Put it in!"


    "In your pussy, Jane. In your pussy!"

    "Wouldn't you rather see it sinking into your sister's cunt, Carl?"

    "OOohhh... do it! Put it in your cunt!"

    Changing the angle, I pushed the thick vibe between my lips right over my opening. Carl leaned forward... his eyes now no more than a foot away from my pussy. Pushing harder, the vibe stretched my vagina open and began disappearing into my hole. As one hand drove the thick shaft deeper and deeper into my cunt, my other hand stripped back the hood of my clit so Carl could see the entire hot, throbbing button jerking and contracting.

    "See my clit throbbing, Baby?"

    "Yes! Yes! Fuck your cunt with it, Jane. FUCK IT!"

    I pushed more into my hole and turned the power to "high".

    "Oh. Oh. Oohh! OOHH! OOOOHHHH! AAAAHHHHH... IT'S IN MEEEEEE! BIG COCK IS IN MEEEEEEEE!" I howled as I began fucking my hot hole. "Put the small vibe in my ass, Carl. Lube it and slide it into meeeee... Hurry!" My brother pushed the smaller vibe into my rectum bringing wild cries of pleasure from me.

    Carl was having to struggle to avoid cumming as he watched the mind-blowing sight of his baby sister masturbating with vibrators buried in her ass and sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

    "Are you going to cum, Jane?"


    "Now. Do it now."

    "Whatever you say, Carl," I panted. Quickly, I removed the rectal vibe and tossed it onto the floor. Then, facing Carl, began fucking my cunt with the vibe while I furiously rubbed my clit.

    Again and again, my clitoris jerked as the big shaft filled me. Every time an orgasm erupted, my hips arched upward as my head jerked back. With each orgasm, my mouth stretched wide open emitted garbled grunts and moans. When my clitoris convulsed in an intense climax, juices spurted out between my tightly stretched vaginal lips and the plunging vibrator.


    OHHH--UNNGH! AAAAaaaahhhhh.... oohhhh fuckkkk.... mmmmmmmm!!"

    Jerking the vibe out of my throbbing hole, I tossed it onto the floor and screamed at Carl, "YOUR TURN, STUD. LICK MY CLIT. MAKE ME CUM. MAKE YOUR BABY SISTER'S CUNT THROB. DO IT TO MEEEEEEEEE!"

    My brother was on me in a flash. His fingers spread my lips and stripped back the hood of my clit totally exposing the throbbing, engorged shaft. It was at least a half-inch long now. As soon as I felt Carl's tongue raking up one side, my vagina slammed shut in a hard spastic contraction. My ass arched as my clit pulsed hard. I heard myself screeching and howling. The sensations were so intense I couldn't take any more and pushed against Carl's head to move his tongue off my erupting clit.

    I couldn't move his head. Doing exactly what I had told him, he used his vastly greater strength to hold me in place on the bed with my legs wide open and his face socked firmly into my cunt. His tongue lashed up the side of my clit and then down the other side causing my pussy to whoosh air. His tongue slashed the tip of my ultra-sensitive clit making it erupt in another intense orgasm that intensified when I felt two of Carl's fingers sinking into my cunt.

    When I finger fucked and vibrated my cunt and clit for Carl, he jerked his hard
    cock and had trouble not cumming when he saw my cunt and
    clit go into hard spastic contractions. Then, my brother
    made me cum even more on his tongue.

    After two more orgasms had racked my body, Carl finally pulled his head from between my thighs. He groaned, "I can't wait any longer, Jane. Do me. Please!"

    Pushing his body flat on the bed, I bent over his erect dick. With my hand wrapped around the shaft, I took him into my mouth.

    With my hand jacking off the base of his cock while my mouth and lips sucked the upper half, my brother didn’t last more than a minute before his load exploded into my mouth. I managed to swallow most of it, but some spurted out and dripped off my chin.

    He tried to pulled his cock out, but I wouldn't allow it. At first, I just kept his cock buried inside my mouth letting his orgasm abate. When his dick was just slowly twitching, I began sucking him again. Ten minutes later, his hips were thrusting upward in hot fuck motions as I sucked. Once more, his rod was rock-hard and jerking.

    This time, I wanted to see my brother shoot off when he came. I waited until I felt the telltale pulsations in his shaft that let me know he was again close to cumming. Quickly, I pulled my mouth away and replaced it with my hand.

    "I'm almost there, Jane. FINISH ME!"

    My hand was a blur on Carl's pulsing, hard shaft. It jerked spastically in my hand. I could feel it quivering... throbbing... about to explode. I pumped him faster. A moment later, his semen arched high in the air... as soon as his first contraction ceased, the second one exploded sending another thick stream shooting upward. Carl's cock shot several more times before his body slumped back onto the bed.
    Carl’s second load was almost as large as his first. It shot out of his
    cock like a cannon, drenched my face, and dripped over my tits.

    Losing It:

    After dinner, Roy Bowers sat down in his lounge chair to read the evening paper. "Where's Jane?" he asked as he opened the paper. "I haven't seen much of her since she made the varsity cheerleading squad last week. What's going on, Tracy?"

    "Well, she's had squad meetings and practices a lot of evenings. The first football game is only two weeks away, and they have to perfect their routines."

    "So she's at squad practice now?"

    "No. Not tonight. It's Friday. She's upstairs getting ready for her date."

    "Date? Jane's going out on a date?"

    "That's what young girls do, Darling. They go out with boys on dates."

    "Well, I know that. She just hadn't said anything about it. Sort of peculiar, don't you think?"

    "She told me a few days ago, Honey?"

    "Oh. Why didn't she tell me? Why didn't you tell me?"

    "Fathers have a tendency to worry and get nervous when their daughters start dating for real. We didn't want to cause you to worry all week. This way you only have a few hours to worry."

    "Who's her date?"

    "Grant Adams. He's the starting quarterback on the football team, and he's also the guy who persuaded the coaches to request an exception to the sophomore rule for Jane."

    "He's a senior, isn't he?"

    "I believe so. Why?"

    "Isn't he a little old to be dating a 15-year old, sophomore girl?"

    "Maybe. But have you taken a good look at Jane lately, Roy? She's gorgeous. You can hardly blame Grant for wanting to date her."

    "I guess that's true. Should we be worried?"

    "We discussed this before. Don't you remember, Roy?"

    "Yeah we did. But that was just discussion. This is real."

    "Relax, Honey. Everything will be fine."

    It was almost 7:30 PM before Jane made her appearance. Roy's mouth fell open when he saw his gorgeous and very sexy daughter. Her tiny, black mini-skirt just barely covered her buttocks. Her matching grey, form-fitting top outlined every curve of her nice breasts, and her strappy, 4-inch, black stiletto heels made her look closer to 20 than 15. Roy was still trying to recover his voice when Jane grinned at her mother who responded with a big smile and thumbs-up signal.

    "Well? How do I look, Dad?"

    "Do you think you should be wearing an outfit like that out on a date, Jane?"

    "Where else would I wear it, Dad? I can't very well wear something like this to school or to church. Outfits like this are made to wear on dates. Don't you like it when Mom dresses in something sexy?"

    "Of course, but you aren't married and you're only 15," Roy protested.

    "So? Fifteen year old girls like to look sexy just as much as Mom does. Come on, Dad. Forget you're my dad for a moment. Don't you think I look really nice?"

    "Yeah. I guess I do." Before he could say another word, the front doorbell sounded.

    "That's Grant. Gotta go, Dad... Mom."

    "Be home by 11 PM," Roy yelled.

    When Jane pouted, Tracy grinned and said, "Midnight will be fine, Jane. Have fun."


    "Christ! You look hot and sexy!" Grant said in an awed voice.

    "Thought you'd like it, Grant. I thought my dad was going to faint when he saw me. Ready to go?"

    "Not until I kiss you." I didn't resist when Grant pulled me into his arms and kissed me lightly on the mouth... then harder.... finally, very hard as he pushed his tongue inside my open mouth.

    "I love the feeling of your big tits against my chest," he hissed in my ear.

    "I'm not the only one who's big, Honey."

    "Are you wearing any panties under that tiny skirt, Jane?"

    "Maybe... maybe not."

    "Show me."

    "Later, Grant. Let's go. My parents might be watching me through one of the windows."

    When Grant opened the passenger-side door for me, the car was between us and the house. "They can't see you now, Jane. Let me see if you're wearing panties."

    "I am, Grant. This skirt's too short to wear without any panties. Now let's go."


    "It's already 10 PM, Tracy. Don't you think Jane should be home by now? The movie was over around 9:30 PM."

    "No, Dear. I told Jane she could stay out until midnight. You heard me tell her that."

    "I know you did, but they've had time to see the movie and have a bite to eat. What else is there to do? They can't go to a bar to have a drink and dance. They're both underage."

    "You're joking, right?"

    "No. Not at all. I'm getting worried that Grant's car may have broken down or they ran off the road or have been in an accident. Do you think we should check with the police to see if there have been any accidents?"

    "No! I don't think you should call the police. And if you do, you'll be sleeping in the guest bedroom tonight, Roy. You did notice how gorgeous and sexy your daughter looked tonight, didn't you?"

    "Of course I did."

    "So if you were Grant's age and had a date with a gorgeous, sexy girl like Jane, what would you be doing right now?"

    "I'm not stupid, Tracy. I know what you're saying, but it's their first date."

    "So what? Jane didn't get dressed up like that to go to a movie and have a hamburger, Darling."

    "So you think they're making out? Right now?"

    "At least that."

    "More? You think that Grant's... eh... you know."

    "Fucking our daughter? Is that what you're trying to ask, Roy?"

    "Well, yes."

    "It's only 10 PM, so probably not yet... but before midnight, I'm pretty sure that Grant will have fucked her ... and more than once."

    "Where? In the back seat of his car?"

    "Maybe, but his parents are out of town for the weekend. Grant has his house to himself."


    We hadn't been in Grant's bedroom for more than a minute before he was kissing me with his tongue working in and out of my open, eager mouth as his hand probed beneath my skirt. Again and again, his fingers moved back and forth over my slit and clit with only the thin panties between his fingers and my cunt. There was no way I could keep my hips from hunching and grinding against his hand.

    "Come on, you hot, sexy witch. You've been teasing me all night. Pull your skirt up!" Grant ordered.

    Pulling away from him, I squatted at the end of the bed, steepled both knees, and opened my legs. The obscene position caused my mini-skirt to hike all the way up to my hips so that only the thin material of my panties concealed my pussy.

    "This what you want to see, Honey. Do you like my legs? My pussy turn you on ... get your big cock hard?"

    "Your legs look fantastic, Jane, but I can’t see your pussy. Your panties are in the way."

    "Mmmmm... really? I can fix that." With one quick motion, I pulled the gusset of my panties slightly aside partially exposing my sex slit... but not completely. "Can you see it now, Grant?"

    "Oh fuck yes! It's gorgeous. I want to fuck you, Jane."

    "Of course you want to fuck me. Guys usually want to fuck girls who show off their cunts. But it's our first date, Grant, and I'm a virgin. I'm not sure I want you to fuck me. I'll think about it."

    "No shit? You're really a virgin?"

    "Yep. The only thing that's been inside my pussy is my big vibrator."

    "My cock will feel a lot better than your plastic vibrator, Jane."

    "Maybe... probably. I'll think about it."

    "You're a hot cocktease. Show me the rest of your cunt. Pull your panties all the way to the side."

    "Like this, Honey?"

    "Oh my god!" he groaned, "I'm so fucking hard!"

    Abruptly, Grant lifted me to my feet and pulled my top up over my head in one smooth motion. It never occurred to me to resist. In fact, I even lifted my arms to help him get it off. Again, his lips pressed against mine in a hot kiss. This time, it was my tongue exploring his mouth as our lips ground together. A hot moan escaped my lips when I felt his fingers opening the hooks of my bra. We were still kissing as it fell to the floor to join my top.

    Breaking our kiss, Grant turned me so that my back was pressed against his chest and my ass against his erection. His arms circled my body, and a moment later, his hands held my tits. I was soon moaning as he squeezed and manipulated both my nipples and my tits.

    "Oh Baby! What a rack you've got!"

    "Your cock feels like an iron-bar against my ass. Take it out, Grant. It's my turn to see you."

    As soon as his hands released my tits, I was on my knees in front of him undoing his pants and pulling them down along with his briefs. As soon as it was released from the confinement of his tight jockey briefs, his 8-inch, rock-hard dick surged out and stood almost straight up. When I wrapped my hand around its base, I was shocked to see that my hand covered no more than a third of his shaft.

    "Suck it, Jane. Suck my cock!"

    "I've never sucked one this big before," I gasped.

    "Time you learned. Open wide and push it against your throat. Take all of it you can, Jane."


    "That's it, Baby. Suck my cock. OOOHHHH God! SUCK MORE OF IT!! AAAHHHH FUCKKKK!!"


    "It's 10:45 now, Tracy," Roy remarked.

    "That's what the clock on the mantel says, Honey."

    "Jane's not home yet."

    "No. She's not."

    After a few minutes of silence, Roy asked, "Do you think she's all right?"

    "I'm sure she is."

    "You don't seem worried or disturbed."

    "I'm not. Read a book, Roy, or watch TV."

    It was five minutes before the next comment. "It's getting close to 11 PM, Tracy. Do you think our daughter is having sex?"


    After that, my husband began to pace back and forth stopping on every fourth cycle to examine the clock again. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer.

    "Would you sit down and stop worrying, Roy. Jane is having a glorious time. Grant is a good-looking, sexy guy with a great body. Jane couldn't ask for a better way to lose her virginity. She's on the pill so you don't have to worry about her getting pregnant, and it doesn't hurt a woman to be fucked unless she's with a sadist, which Grant isn't."

    Roy nodded and sat down. This time, he waited 15 minutes before speaking again. "Do you think they're finished? Or do you think he's still fucking her?"

    "Jane's still being fucked, Roy, and you can bet the farm that Grant's going to continue screwing her until it's nearly midnight."


    "Oh gawd! Harder, Grant... fuck me harder! RAM THAT BIG DICK INTO MEEEE!"





    "Ungh! I can feel you cunt throbbing like crazy! It's gonna make me cum... Can't hold it, Jane! Can't hold it!"

    "Don't hold it! Fuck me hard and make my tits bounce, Lover!"


    "I shouldn't do that. Might knock you up."


    I couldn’t believe how good Grant’s cock felt as he fucked me. It was fantastic!
    I was having orgasms one after another as he
    drove his big cock into my wet cunt.


    "Well, thank god! They're finally home, Tracy. Grant's SUV just pulled into our driveway."

    "I told you to relax and not worry, Roy. Look at the clock. See? It's 11:58 PM... almost midnight on the dot. They even have two minutes to spare on the midnight deadline."

    "Do you think you should talk to Jane when she comes in... you know... just to see if she needs help with anything... or whatever?"

    "If our daughter needs help or wants to talk with me, she will, but my guess is the only think she will be interested in doing is taking a hot shower and then crashing into the bed. And speaking of bed... how about it, Honey? Interested?"

    "Sure, but I want to wait until Jane comes in... just to be certain she's all right."

    "I hope you're not planning on doing this every time our daughter has a date, Roy. I don't think I could handle that."

    "No... It's just that it's her first time. I think I'll be Ok the next time... at least, I hope so."

    I went back to reading my book while we waited for Jane to come in. By 12:15 AM, Roy was fidgeting and pacing the floor again. Every minute or two, he would peek between the living room curtains at Grant's SUV, which was still parked in our driveway. By 12:30 AM, he couldn't contain himself any longer.

    "What's going on? Where is she? Why hasn't she come in yet. They've been parked out in our driveway for over a half hour now!"

    "Goodnight kisses last a long time on the first date, Honey."

    "A half hour?? You're telling me that they've been kissing good night for a half hour?"

    "No... of course not. They probably kissed passionately for a five minutes or so until Grant was hard again and our daughter was more than ready. After that, it probably took them another five minutes to get out of their clothes. My guess is that Grant's been fucking our daughter for the last twenty minutes. And since he's probably already ejaculated four or five times tonight, they may be out there for another half hour. So why don't we go to bed and you give me what our daughter's getting?"

    "I don't think that they're fucking right in front of our house, Tracy. Jane wouldn't do that."

    "Honey, that sexy, young man has our daughter so hot and turned on, she would do it with him in the middle of our front yard if he demanded it."

    "I don't think so, Tracy."

    "Ok. Come with me, but don't say a word and don't make any sound. If you do, you can forget about visiting my pussy for another month, and I mean it, Roy."

    My husband nodded, and we quieting went out the utility room door to the back of the house. From there, we made our way around the side of the house to the driveway where the SUV was parked. Pulling Roy closer, I whispered in his ear, "Look at the SUV."

    "I see it. So what?" he whispered back.


    After 15 seconds or so, Roy whispered, "It's moving from side to side."

    "It is."

    "Grant's fucking her."

    "Um-huh and judging from how much the car is moving, I'd say he's really ramming our daughter hard. Let's move a little closer... but quietly."

    When we were within a few steps of the side of the SUV, we heard the high-pitched females squeals and gasps easily.

    "Oouu... OOuu... Ungghh... aaahh... oohhh god... fuck me harder... make me cum again, Grant... please... Oh god! Oh god! Yes! Yes! Like that... ohhhh my god yess! Like that! Fuck my ass... Fuck my ass! UUNNGGHH! I'm cumming! I'M CUMMING! FUCK ME! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!"

    Without any warning, Roy forced me to bend over and literally ripped my panties apart. A moment later his iron-hard cock sank balls deep into my very wet cunt. The louder our daughter howled, the harder my husband fucked me. Within a minute, there were two women groaning and begging to be fucked harder.
    Grant was screwing Jane so hard the car was rocking back and forth every time he
    rammed his cock into Jane’s cunt and ass holes. She shrieked
    and howled as she erupted in repeated orgasms.

    On the Squad:

    The stunts and routines on the varsity cheerleading squad were much more difficult than anything I had done on the junior-high squad. The tumbling passes were also more difficult. Consequently, I was working two, sometimes three hours a day practicing to get ready for our first game.

    With all the practice time, my homework, and my household chores, I could only date Grant or other guys on the weekend. Even so, I certainly wasn't suffering from lack of sex.

    Grant had called me on Saturday after our first date on Friday and asked if I would like to go swimming and then have a picnic at the lake. Naturally, I had accepted. I even rushed to Victoria's to buy a hot bathing suit to wear that afternoon. When I left the store, I had an absolutely obscene two-piece, string bikini in my shopping bag. The yellow top consisted of just two tiny triangles of material that just barely managed to cover my nipples while revealing most of my tits. The bottom triangle was big enough to cover my pussy provided I didn't lie down and spread my legs. With the string buried between my buttocks, it covered none of my ass.

    Grant gasped when I took off my short robe once we were at the beach. "Turn around, Jane. Let me see the back," he had said in an awed voice. When I turned and thrust my naked ass at him he, he groaned. By the time I faced him again, his cock was hard as stone. Even inside his loose-fitting bathing trunks, his erection was obvious.

    As we swam and lounged on our blanket, every guy checked me out. Many of them had erections before they turned away embarrassed. The girls all looked at me with a mixture of shock, envy, and hate.

    I wasn't the least bit surprised when Grant insisted we stay until the sun had set and darkness had closed over the beach. As soon as we were alone, Grant fucked me right there on our beach blanket. When he took me home, he fucked me again in our driveway... this time in doggy position.

    After that afternoon on the beach, I had a half dozen guys asking me for dates. After three weeks, I had dated Grant a third time, and had had dates with two more guys. I made out hot and heavy with Fred, but he was too shy to go further on our first date. Brian, however, couldn't wait to get into me. By the time he brought me home, he had screwed me three times, each time shooting a huge load of cum up my pussy.

    A week before the first football game of the season, Marge Randall had the squad meeting after completion of our regular practice. When everyone had gathered around, Marge addressed the squad.

    "Ok, guys. All of you know that we have our first football game a week from this Friday. So... it's time for the initiation of our new members. We have six new juniors on the squad, and this year, one sophomore because the coaches requested an exception for Jane Bowers. Linda's parents will be away for the weekend, so we're going to use her home as our base of operations. We'll meet there at 5 PM sharp. I warn our initiates not to be late or they will suffer the consequences, which you don't even want to know about. As usual, the initiation will be either outdoors or in various locations. Any questions?"

    "What should we wear," Gale asked.

    All the senior girls laughed before Marge answered. "It doesn't matter, Sweetie. Whatever you wear, you won't be wearing it very long." This was followed by more laughter. Gale's face turned beet red along with the faces of several other of the new girls. It didn't go unnoticed that I didn't blush at all. Instead, I laughed right along with the senior girls.

    On Saturday afternoon, I decided on a simple skirt and sweater outfit with a bra and bikini panties underneath. The shoes were a problem. Since I had didn't know what was planned for the initiation, I decided to wear a pair of pumps with 3-inch heels and carry my tennis shoes in my tote bag along with an extra, sexier outfit and an additional pair of panties.

    When I came into the den around 4:30, Mom grinned at me and said, "You're going to the squad initiation, aren't you, Jane?"

    "How did you know?"

    "I was a cheerleader, remember? Jane..."


    "The initiation will be embarrassing, but not harmful... so don't worry about your safety. Ok?"

    "Thanks, Mom. I won't. Any other advice?"

    "You will probably be fucked... most likely in public. Think you can handle that?"

    "Well, I'm not sure. Having a hard cock inside my pussy until I cum will be pretty hard to take, but I'll manage it somehow."

    My mom laughed and said, "I can't believe how much alike the two of us are, Jane. You'll do fine. Just go with the flow, relax, and have fun."


    By 5 PM, all the varsity squad was in Linda's den waiting for Marge to start the initiation.

    "Well, what should we have our apprentice sluts do first, Linda? Anyone have any suggestions?" Marge asked the senior girls.

    "Get naked. What else?" Linda responded. Her comment was taken up by the rest of the senior squad members. A chorus of "Get naked, sluts. Get naked!" filled the room.

    It didn't take the seven of us very long to get out of our clothes. Three of the girls left their shoes on only to be asked by Marge, "What part of "Get naked!" did you not understand? "Bend over and take off your shoes.... No! Don't sit down, bend over at the waist. You girls lost your chance to sit down ... now you bend over and keep your legs straight while you do it."

    As agile as all the girls were, they had no trouble bending at the waist with their legs straight to take off their shoes. But what they did not anticipate was the dull thud of a doubled belt against their naked asses when they bent over. Three of the senior girls continued to whack them soundly across their butts while they howled and shrieked in a desperate effort to get their shoes off. Brenda made the mistake of moving away in an effort to escape the belt only to end up with two seniors whipping her ass as she cried and struggled to get out of her tennis shoes. The whipping stopped as soon as she was naked but her ass was bright red by that time.

    "All right, Sluts. It's time for the group ass photo for the football players. All of you... get on the blanket on your knees... asses touching...side-by-side... heads all the way down with your sexy asses arched. Keep your feet together. Now. Get in position, Sluts. Asses up and touching... heads down."

    One-by-one, the girls knelt on the blanket, thrust their asses high and lowered their heads to the floor. Gale was on one end, followed by Brenda, Rita, Helen, Susan, and Alice. I was on the other end of the ass line.

    "Good. Excellent. The guys are going to love this photo. Now, I want each of you to reach back and pull your ass cheeks open. Now, or else you'll feel a belt on your sexy ass."

    "That's the way. Perfect. Hold yourselves open while we take a few pics."

    I could easily hear the sound of several cameras clicking as pic after pic was taken. With all of us holding our buttocks open, I knew all of our pussies would be on display in the photos. That sexy thought made my vagina throb.

    "Ok. Now, put your arms on floor in front of your head and do your best to keep your buttocks open."

    Again, I heard the cameras clicking away. Apparently, Linda wasn't satisfied that Rita had her ass cheeks far enough apart because she moved behind her and spread her buttocks wider. More pics were taken. Finally, Marge called a halt.

    "Ok, Sluts. All of you can get up. We're going to do the outside portion of the initiation now. There are two vans outside. Half of you in one van... half in the other. Move it!"

    "Can we get dressed?" Susan asked. She got her answer in the form a sharp whack from a belt across her ass.

    "I said Move It. Did I tell you sluts to get dressed? Brenda, carry your tennis shoes with you. The rest of you... into the vans, but carry your clothes with you. Now! Hurry up but make certain you’re naked when you get into the vans.”

    Under Marge's instructions, the two vans drove to one of the local parks. As soon as the vans had stopped, Marge ordered Gale to put on her panties and tennis shoes. When she did as ordered, Marge handed her a blanket.

    "Here. Take this blanket. You see that large grassy spot just off the path. Spread the blanket out there and lie down on it on your back. Steeple your knees and keep them apart until at least four people gather. Then raise your legs and pull your panties over your ass and up your legs. Do it slowly until you have your panties off. The lie back on the blanket with your right leg flat on the blanket and spread to the right. Steeple your left knee and keep your legs open while you tease your nipples. Keep doing it until I blow the whistle. Then, grab your panties and the blanket and hurry back to the van. Understand?"

    "Oh god, Marge. I can't do that. I may get arrested and everybody will see everything."

    "It's your choice, Gale. If you refuse, you're off the squad. Of course, if you do it, a dozen or more guys will get a great view of your sexy cunt and tits, and you may be arrested. You've got 10 seconds to decide. Make up your mind."

    "Ok. Ok. I'll do it," she moaned.

    "Good. Just a second. Those panties need to be adjusted." Marge quickly pulled the back of her panties up over her ass cheeks and buried the gusset between her cheeks and cunt lips. "There. That's better. Go! Now, and remember to keep your legs open or we'll just make you do it again."

    Gale didn't hesitate a moment longer. She even swung her ass as she walked to an open spot just off the path. After spreading her blanket, she lay down and steepled both knees. With the crotch of her panties sunk into her slit, most of her pussy was on display as well as her tits.

    Within ten minutes there were five guys either standing where they could see between Gale's legs or even lying on the grass right in front of her open legs. Two couples were also watching with the women teasing their guys about their erections.

    When Gale suddenly raised her legs and butt and began slowly pulling her panties down and then up her raised legs, all the watchers moved a little closer and two more joined the group. By the time she had her panties off, most of the men were hard.

    If they weren't hard at that point, they certainly got hard when Gale lowered and spread her legs as she hefted her tits and squeezed her nipples. She even humped her ass in slow fuck motions.

    After five minutes of showing off, Marge blew the whistle, and Gale practically broke track records running back to the van. As soon as the door of the van closed behind Gale, Marge grinned at Brenda and Rita, who were sitting side-by-side... both naked. Brenda's neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair pointed the way to her pussy that was concealed between her tightly closed thighs. Rita's pussy was almost completely shaved. Even though there was no arrowhead of pubic hair aimed at her cunt, none of us thought the men would have any problems finding it.

    "You two are next," Marge announced. "Brenda put on this top but leave the buttons below your tits open. We're going to let you off at the fairgrounds. You're to go to the concession stand and buy a soft drink. Stay there for 10 minutes letting anyone who's interested look you over and decide if they want to fuck you. If none of the men take you to their car for a fuck after 10 minutes, you can return to the van. If they do, tell them you only have 15 minutes tops before you have to leave. Understand?" Brenda nodded as her body trembled... half in fear... half in excitement.

    Turning to Rita, Marge handed her an ultra short denim skirt and a pair of platform heels. “These are for you Rita. Put them on,” Marge ordered.

    Standing up naked in the van, Rita stepped into the garment and pulled it up to her hips. She emitted a gasp of surprise when it didn't cover all of her ass cheeks or her cunt.

    "It's too short," she protested.

    "No. It's exactly long enough for your initiation, Honey."

    "Oh god," she moaned.

    "Quit worrying about how short it is, Rita," Brenda warned from her seat. “When some guy fucks you, he’s gonna take off the skirt anyway.”

    “I can't wear this. No way!" she moaned.

    "Ok. No problem. Get out of the van. You're off the varsity squad and only squad members get to ride in the van. Out. Now!"

    Knowing she had no choice, Rita relented. "All right... all right. I'll wear it. What do I have to do?"

    "We'll drop you off at a coffee shop. Just go in, take a seat at table and have a pastry and some coffee. You're to turn your chair so that you're facing the rest of the patrons. Sit with your legs uncrossed until you finish your pastry and coffee."

    "That's it?"

    "Of course not. If any of the guys who are scoping out your tits and pussy hit on you or ask you to show them more, do it. Spread your legs and let them look. When you get up, you're to remove the skirt and give everyone in the place a good look at your body. Then go outside and pose naked on the sidewalk."

    "What if I'm arrested?"

    "You won't be. The police know about the cheerleader initiation and they all enjoy it as much as anyone. But if you are, we'll bail you out. Now after you've flashed the men on the sidewalk in front of the coffee shop, get back in the van and we'll drive you to a construction site where you'll give all those horny construction workers a great view of a hot cheerleader's body. Understand?"

    "Oh my god," Rita moaned. I could see that she was horrified at the thought of exposing her body, but the fact she had her hand between her thighs rubbing herself made it obvious that she was also enormously turned on.

    Once we reached the fairgrounds, all of us crowded to the side of van so we could watch a half-naked Brenda buying a soft drink at the concession stand. Although her pink and white top covered her tits, the rest of her body was exposed from her belly downward.

    Amazingly, no one seemed to notice when she approached the concession stand and ordered her soft drink. The men beside her didn't look down... they were too busy looking at her cleavage. However, after a few minutes, the men passing by the stand saw her totally naked ass and quickly surrounded her. I was surprised to see that most of them seemed content to just enjoy the erotic view Brenda was providing.

    "How come all those guys are just looking and not talking to Brenda or even touching her?" I asked.

    "Because most men are incredibly shy," Marge answered. "They all want sex and talk a good game, but when they have to take some direct action to get it, they usually chicken out. But be patient. Some guy will get up enough nerve before her 10 minutes are up to take her to his car."

    There wasn't a sound in the van as all of us watched intently... our eyes never leaving Brenda's naked body and the men around her. Knowing her turn was coming, Rita was rubbing herself even harder as she watched. Off to my right, Susan and Alice had their hands pressed against their pussies. To my left, I saw Helen squeezing her nipples. It took a real effort for me to keep my hands off of my own pussy.

    "Don't be embarrassed, Jane. Go ahead... rub yourself. You know you want to," Marge whispered in my ear.

    "No... No, I don't," I protested but without any real conviction in my voice.

    "All right. I'll do it for you, Jane," Marge whispered. I felt my body trembling in anticipation. When I felt her hand on my thigh and then between them and moving upward, my trembling increased to a hard shudder.

    "Spread wider," she hissed in my ear.

    Telling myself that she was the captain of the cheerleading squad and I had no choice, I did as Marge directed. "Oh god," I moaned softly into her ear.

    "See that man to Brenda's left," she whispered again as her fingers stroked and probed.

    "Yessss," I hissed trying to keep my hips still but not succeeding.

    "Watch his right hand."

    I kept my eyes locked on the man's hand as my hips rotated slowly against Marge's hand. The man's hand was on Brenda's ass... rubbing it. It dipped lower and moved between her naked thighs. Brenda's head tipped back slightly as her feet moved further apart. Then, her hips and mine were grinding and slowly humping against the hand between our thighs.

    "OOoohhhh... god, Marge. Please," I hissed hotly.

    "Please what?" came the return whisper.

    "Please don't stop," I groaned as my vagina throbbed around her fingers.

    "See Brenda whispering to the man. She's saying the same thing you're saying... 'Please don't stop'. He's going to fuck her, Jane, and I'm going to make you cum."

    "No... please," I moaned not meaning a word of what I was saying.

    "See. Brenda's going with him. See her arm locked through his."

    "Where," I asked as my clit began pulsing spastically.

    "To his car or van. Just watch and see." Marge trapped my clitoris between her ring and middle fingers and began squeezing the hard shaft and sliding her fingers through my wetness... up and down my throbbing clit... essentially jacking me off.

    When Brenda and her guy reached his SUV, she held her soft drink high and waved at us. She was still waving when the guy pulled her inside the SUV.

    "Watch the SUV, Jane," Marge said as her fingers moved deeper into me.

    "We'd better stop before someone sees us?"

    "What if they do? We'll both be doing a lot more than this at the victory parties."

    "Oh god! Look!" I pointed at the SUV that was now moving from side to side and bouncing slightly on its springs.

    "He's fucking Brenda."

    "Ooohhhh that's so hot."

    "Wanna go watch through the windows?"

    "I'm naked."

    "So? You're going to be out in public naked in public as soon as your turns arrives anyway. But, I drive the van up along side of the SUV and we can all watch."

    Marge got the van close enough to the SUV so we could easily see in the window, which fortunately wasn't tinted. The guy doing Brenda really had a good body... well-muscles... actually ripped. He had Brenda lying on the spacious back seat on her side. He was behind her holding her right let high in the air as he drove what looked like a very thick, long cock in and out of her pussy. Even through the closed windows of the SUV and our van, we could hear Brenda groaning.

    "Ooohhhh god. UUNNGHHH.... AAAAHHH... UUNNNNN!!"

    "Do you like it, Slut?"


    "Why not?"

    "Unnghhh... not on the pill yet... Please... pull out... cum in my mouth."

    "Ok, but I get to shoot it in and you have to promise to swallow."

    "I will ... I will... ooohhhh... gawd damn! CUMMING! NOW! FUCK HARDER!"

    Marge was working my clit much harder now. "Don't stop, Marge. I'm about to cum," I whispered hotly.

    "Do me too. Rub my clit so I can cum when you do."

    She already had her dress up so all I had to do was slide my hand into her panties and capture her engorged and throbbing clit between two fingers. She humped against my hand in hard fuck motions as I stoked and rubbed it in sensuous circular motions. Every few seconds, I thumped it with my rigid fingers bringing hissing moans from Marge's lips.

    "Look... Look," she whispered. Brenda's mounting his dick. Jesus... just look at the size of that dick! No wonder he's already made her cum twice. Just look at that thing sinking into her cunt!"

    "Take it, Bitch. Squeeze that hot cunt on my cock! Take it!"

    "Oohhhh fuck yes! I'm taking it. I'M TAKING IT! ALL THE WAY INTO ME!"

    "Oh fuck. Your cunt's like a fucking vise. So damn tight. God. I'm gonna cum."

    "Not yet... oh please... not yet. I'm almost there... Finish me first. Please. FINISH ME!"

    Leaning closer to Marge, I groaned into her ear, "I'm cumming too... now... oooohhhh god... I'm cumming... do meeeeeeeeeee!"

    "I'm almost there... don't you dare stop rubbing my clit, Jane... please... make me cum... please."

    "AAahhh... gawd.... cumming.... uunngghhh... ooohhh fuck! Cum with me, Marge. Do it. Do it!" I screamed as I frantically rubbed the throbbing shaft of her clitoris. My clit was still throbbing when Marge groaned and her cuntal juices gushed all over my hand.

    Her clit was still contracting when we heard Brenda telling Stan that she was cumming. "I'm cumming... ooohhh fuck... cumming hard. Are you ready, Honey?"

    "Oh hell YES! Gotta shoot... can't hold it. Open your mouth. Wide or I'll shoot up your cunt hole."

    Instantly, Brenda stretched her mouth wide and thrust her tongue out. The hot stud jerked his cock out of her cunt as Brenda dismounted and knelt in front of him. Her hand closed around his jerking, swollen shaft. She only had to pump him a few times before his load exploded all over her tongue and face. She swallowed what went into her mouth. The rest ran down the sides of her face and dripped from her chin.
    The unknown stud with a huge cock made Brenda’s cunt and clit erupt six times in hard contractions.
    As he promised, the guy creamed her face instead of shooting
    off inside her unprotected pussy.


    As soon as Brenda was back on board, the senior members of the squad drove our van to a popular, downtown coffee shop. Rita was unceremoniously pushed out of the van after Marge had repeated her instructions. As instructed, she entered the shop with her naked tits bouncing and took a seat facing the window, the other customers, and our van parked at the curb just outside the window.

    Her skirt was so short, there was no way she could conceal her pussy when she uncrossed her legs. One by one, the attention of the all the male customers and even some of the females turned to Rita. When she had sat down, her skirt hiked up almost to her hips exposing her pussy, and since she was forbidden to cross her legs, there was nothing she could do about it. Even from van, I could see her hard nipples and the fact that her mound was exposed.

    It was harder to see the other customers and what they were or were not doing from our vantage point inside the van. But when we saw Rita slowly spreading her knees, we knew some guy must have either told her show him more or motioned for her to spread her legs.

    At first, her legs opened only a few inches... but even that few inches was enough to expose her slit and the swollen clit at the top. The senior members of the squad were watching Rita through binoculars to get a better view... and every time her legs spread a little wider, they all laughed and made lewd remarks about how wet her slit was and how swollen and hard her clit appeared to be. All I could see were the male customers jockeying for position so they could get a better view of Rita's cunt.

    "Can I use a pair of the binoculars?" I asked.

    "Why? What do you want to see, Jane?" Tina asked.

    "Rita," I responded.

    "You can see Rita without binoculars, Jane."

    "Sure, but I can't really see how much she's showing. I can't see her pussy very well."

    "You want to use the binoculars to see Rita's cunt?"

    I nodded, and Tina handed me binoculars with a grin. "Enjoy," she said.

    When I looked through the powerful lens and focused them on the space between Rita's legs, I could almost count the few hairs on her mound. Suddenly, she opened her legs even wider. Now, I could see her wetness glistening on her pussy lips. As I watched, I saw her clitoris contract in a hard spasm... and then a moment later, in another one. It was obvious that exposing herself as she was doing had her very close to an orgasm.

    Abruptly, Rita stood up and moved toward the door. Just before exiting, she turned to face all other customers and removed her skirt. She let everyone one stare at her exposed body for almost a minute before covering herself with the skirt and exiting the shop.

    As soon as she was outside on the street, she moved toward our van. But Marge stopped her with a vigorous shake of her head. "The guys on the street want to see your hot body too, Rita," she yelled at her.

    Rita nodded and once more removed her short skirt. At first, she was facing most of the men on the street who had stopped to check out the hot slut showing herself off. After letting them ogle her body for 30 seconds or so, she slowly turned so that they could see her naked ass.
    Showing off her body got Rita so hard, any man could have taken her to
    his car or into shop’s bathroom and fucked her.

    Finally, Marge opened the van door and let Rita hurry inside. However, her initiation wasn't over yet. Sarah drove immediately to a construction site where at least a dozen men were working. Once more, Rita was pushed out of the van. She walked seductively around the site swinging her ass and letting her tits bounce. After one circuit, all the men had stopped work and were staring at her. Then, she removed her tiny skirt for the third time. It was a full three minutes later before she covered herself and returned to our van.

    As soon as she had taken a seat, Marge said, "What a sexy, dirty slut you are, Rita. You must have gotten 20 guys hard. Very good. Now take off that skirt... get naked."

    Rita chest was heaving with excitement as she quickly stripped off her skirt. When she was again naked, she fell backwards onto the wide seat at the back of the van and planted her feet on the seat with her knees steepled. Her hand almost flew between her thighs as she frantically masturbated. It only took her 30 seconds or so to erupt in an intense orgasm. She never stopped moaning as the contractions ripped through her pussy and clit. As soon as they ebbed, she started rubbing her clitoris again. Her clit convulsed in a second orgasm a minute later.


    "It's your turn, Jane," Marge said with a devious smile. "You're going to do your initiation stunt totally naked except for your heels."

    "What do I have to do?" I said trying to keep my voice from breaking I was shaking so hard.

    "Not much. We're taking you to a bar. All you have to do is go in, stand at the bar, and order a glass of beer. When you're served, you're to drink it as you walk around the bar and watch the guys shooting pool. You stay in the bar no less than 10 minutes. If no one hits on you, you return to the van, and you're done."

    "What if someone hits on me?"

    "You flirt with him ... let him feel you up, and if... when... he asks for sex, you fuck him. Just him.. the first guy who hits on you... no one else. After he cums, you return to the van. Tell him he has to finish within 15 minutes."

    "How do you know I'll do it? You can't see inside the bar from the van."

    "I'll be watching from one of the table, Jane," Marge assured me.

    "And what if some guy hits on you?"

    She laughed. "Well, it would depend on how much he appeals to me, Honey."


    As soon as I entered the bar, men stopped talking and stared at my naked, bouncing tits and, I was certain, at my ass when I passed them. As I moved toward the bar and more and more men saw me, the room got quieter and quieter. Leaning over the bar with my tits dangling down toward its surface and my ass thrust outward, I yelled at the leering bartender, "Can a woman get a glass of beer in this place."

    The burly looking guy came over still staring at my tits. Out of habit, he asked, "You got an ID?"

    "Does it look like I might have an ID somewhere on me?" I asked. Instantly, the bar erupted in masculine laughter. Even the bartender chuckled at the foolishness of his question.

    "No. I guess not. Dumb question. Jesus! You ain't got no ID, but man what you do have is really fine... I mean really fine! Are you one of those cheerleaders who do stunts like this every year?"


    "Oh fuck yes! I've been hearing those stories for years but never believed them. Now, no one's gonna believe me. Shit!"

    "Got a cell phone?"


    "Take a pic to back up your story."

    "You don't mind? Really? No shit?"

    "Do I look like a woman who minds guys seeing what she has?" That produced more male laughter and magically, a cell phone appeared in the bartender's hand.

    "This Ok?" I asked as I struck what I hoped was a seductive pose with my tits thrust out.

    "That's hot but all I can see are those awesome tits. Would you pose sitting on the bar?"

    "No problem if one these guys will give me a boost up."

    For a moment, it looked like a brawl was going to break out as the men fought for position to be the one to boost me up on the bar.

    "Come on, you guys! Break it up unless you want to be tossed out on your ear. You two... you get on her right... you get on her left, and the two of you give her a boost up onto the bar.

    "Lefty" took my left arm and thigh while "Righty" did the same on my right side. With their hands beneath my thighs while steadying me by holding onto my arms, they lifted me upward. Halfway up, both hands on my thighs moved higher until their fingers were pressing into my slit. I just grinned at them and wigged my ass for their benefit. When the two men set me down, I smiled at the bartender and asked, "What kind of pose would you like, Honey?"

    At least 10 men were squeezing their cocks when they all answered my questions in unison. There were so many suggestions that it was hard to sort them out, but one suggestion was clearly the favorite: Spread your legs!"

    Quickly, I planted my right heel on the bar's surface and steepled my knee. At the same time, I bent my left leg and dropped it flat onto the bar. The position spread me wide open and gave every man, particularly the bartender, a great view of my shaved pussy. I leaned back while supporting my weight with my left arm behind me, the palm pressed against the bar. As an added touch, I pulled my shoulders back to thrust my tits right at the bartender.

    "How's this, Honey? Think it will give you enough proof to make everyone believe your story about being part of the yearly cheerleader initiation ceremony?"

    "Oh fuck, YES!" the bartender yelled as he first adjusted his painful erection and then aimed the camera snapping picture after picture. I let him take maybe 7 or 8 pics and then slid off the bar.

    "How about that beer now?"

    "Jesus! You're a minor... the hottest minor I've ever seen, but still a minor. I could lose my license. Hey, Hank. Don't you want another beer?"

    "Oh yeah. I was just about to ask. Put it on my tab."

    "Will do," the bartender said with a smile. He filled a large wine glass with beer from the tap and set it in front of Hank, who looked at me and said, "Hold my beer for me, Honey." Grinning, I picked it up and made my way through the club toward the pool tables in the back. On my way, I saw Marge sitting at a table with a guy on each side of her.

    There were two tables with games in progress on both of them. Two young black guys were playing on the table nearest me. Two older men occupied the far table. When I approached, everyone lost interest in their games. "I've never tried to hit a pool ball. Could I try... just to see what it's like?" I cooed.

    "Oh hell yes!" one of the players at the table nearest me screamed. I was pleased because he was the best-looking and sexiest of the two black guys. Without hesitation, he pushed all the pool balls off the table into the various pockets thus ruining their game. No one objected. Next, he placed the 8-ball within an inch of the corner pocket. He placed the cue ball at the other end of the table far enough away from the rail that I would have lean way over the table to reach the cue ball and make my shot.

    "Ok, Honey. Let's see if you can hit the black 8-ball with the white cue ball and knock the 8-ball into the corner pocket."

    "How do I do that?"

    "Come around her to the end of the table, and I'll show you."

    As I walked around to the end of the table where my "teacher" was waiting, every guy in the place moved to that end so that they would be standing behind me when I leaned over to make my shot.

    "Now take this cue stick, Honey, lean over the table, and brace the stick with your left hand. Then, hit the cue ball by moving the stick with your right hand."

    I leaned over the table and fumbled with the stick trying to brace it properly. It fell away from my hand to the felt table top. I could hear the low, hot moans coming from the men behind me when I bent over. Briefly, I wondered if they could see my pussy seeping as it pulsed.

    "I don't know how to hold the stick with my left hand. Can you show me?" If my future high school teachers were just one-tenth as eager to help me as the hot black stud, I was going to learn a lot.

    He was beside me in a flash. Pressing his right side against my naked body, his arm circled my body and held my right arm. Leaning over the table with me, he grasped my left hand in his and stretched it out until it rested on the table's surface two inches or so behind the cue ball.

    "Now you have to make a bridge for the cue stick. Spread your fingers out... like this... then make a tent out of your knuckles... like this... and now bring your thumb up and press it against your index finger... like this," he demonstrated. As he was showing me how to make the bridge, his right hand was busy caressing and cupping my right breast while his fingers pulled and twisted my nipple. I moaned softly ... loud enough for him to hear, but no one else.

    "That's perfect, but your hand is too far back and your face is too high above the table. Spread your feet far apart... lean further over the table... get your face almost on the table's surface and move the bridge closer to the cue ball. That's the way!"

    With my legs spread wide and face almost lying on the pool table's surface, my pussy, ass, and clitoris were totally exposed. From behind me, I heard several deep masculine groans. Finally, one man gasped, "Oh fuck! Look at her wet cunt! Look how her lips flare open. Oh my god!"

    "Now hold the back of the cue stick with your right hand, line up the shot, and hit the 8-ball with the cue ball. Try it," he urged as his hand was now caressing my buttocks and then lower onto my cunt.

    In truth, I had played a lot of pool with my father and Carl and was actually pretty good. I made quite a pretense of trying to make the bridge and line up the shot, which gave my black teacher even more time to slide his fingers between the lips of my pussy. When his fingers moved to my clit and began stroking it, he whispered, "I think you're more than ready... do it, Baby. Stroke it."

    I drove the stick into the cue ball hard and low, applying reverse English. Simultaneously, two black fingers drove forward. The white ball flashed across the table and banged into the black ball sending it straight into the hole while the black fingers banged into my hole.

    "Good shot," he whispered.

    "You too," I whispered back. He pumped me and I thrust against his hand.

    "I think you're ready."

    "Very. I'm Jane."

    "Hi, Jane. I'm Len. Let's go."

    "I only have 15 minutes, Len. The rest of the cheerleading squad is waiting for me."

    "We'll use the office in back."

    Several men felt me up as he led me toward the back of the bar. When we passed the table where I had seen Marge, I looked around for her, but she was no where in sight.

    ` Once we were inside the bar's office, Len quickly stripped off his shirt while I undid his pants and pulled them and his briefs down his legs. His cock was already hard, and it was thick... hugely thick.

    "My god," I gasped. "I've never seen a cock this thick. I don't know if I can take that thing."

    "Don't worry, Jane. We'll go slow. Suck me and get me wet for your pussy."

    I spent a couple of minutes licking his shaft until it was dripping wet. "Suck it now, Jane," he groaned. "Suck it!"

    I stretched my mouth as wide as I could, and Len put it in.

    "MMmmppffff... mmmmppfff."

    "Wider... open your mouth wider, Jane. Oh yessss... like that. AAaaahhh! God. Suck it, Baby. Suck more of it!"

    When I had five inches of Len's seven inches inside my mouth, the huge head was butting against my throat. When he held my head and pushed in another half inch, I gagged. He pulled back and let me suck the five inches I was able to take.

    "Oh yeah, Jane. Suck my big black dick! Hold my balls and suck!"

    I continued to suck on him for several minutes until I felt him starting to throb. Pulling back, I gasped, "I don't have much time. If you're gonna fuck me, you'd better get started."

    "You got it, Honey," Len growled as he pulled out of my mouth and ordered me to bend over the seat of the chair and arch my ass. When I was in position, I looked back and moaned, "I haven't got it yet, but I think I'm about to get it."

    "Damn right, you hot bitch!" Len screamed as he pressed his cock against my opening and worked it up and down my flared trench. As wet as we both were, the head entered me easily.

    "AAaahhh... yes! Oh YES! You're in meeeeeeeeee!"

    "Just the head so far, Baby. There's a lot more dick yet to come."

    "I know... oh god... I know. GIVE IT TO ME!" Len shoved two inches of his thick shaft into my pussy. Hot shivers of pleasure shot through my vagina and clitoris as it stretched me open.


    "Hot, tight fuck hole. I love it. Take my cock, Bitch." His hips snapped forward sending three more inches of hard dick into me.


    It must have taken him three or four minutes of slowly working his cock back and forth inside my hole before I felt his balls slapping against my clitoris each time he fucked it into me.

    "OOohhhh god.... I can feel your balls hitting my clit. You're in me! You're all the way into me, aren't you?"

    "Balls deep, Jane. Ready?"


    The thick black shaft was stretching me so much, I came after just a few strokes. He felt my pussy convulsing around his dick and began ramming into me even harder, which very quickly had me on the verge of an even harder orgasm.

    "I wanna see your face and your tits when I cum inside your cunt, Jane. Get on the couch on your back and spread wide."

    "OOohhh god... I'm about to cum again. Finish me first and then I'll get on the couch. Please... just a little more... please... ram me! I'm almost there!"

    Len responded by hitting into my cunt so hard that it almost knocked me off my feet. When that thick cock thudded hard into my womb hard... and then again... and again, my pussy went into hard spastic contractions as my clit convulsed forcing wild screams from me.


    My vagina and clit were still contracting when Len jerked his dick from my quivering hole and pushed me onto my back on the couch. Jerking my legs high, I pulled them back and arched my hips. He mounted me and nailed his thick shaft into my waiting hole. I hissed in hot female pleasure as he filled me.

    As soon as his thick tool filled me, I erupted in another climax. Once again I screamed, and I continued to scream and howl as he rammed into me again and again... each stroke driving my body deep into the cushions of the couch.
    Len’s huge cock made me cum harder than I ever had before. Every time
    he rammed me with it, my cunt and clit throbbed in hard spasms


    I was five minutes late in getting back to the van, but Marge didn't criticize me, because she was almost 10 minutes late. When she saw me sprawled out on the seat of the van with a towel beneath my ass and semen seeping from my widely stretched pussy, she grinned.

    "Looks like you got royally fucked, Jane. That's quite a load of cum up your pussy and from the looks of it, he must have been really big. Your hole is still gaping open."

    "Oh my god, Marge. He was so damn thick. It took him three or four minutes to get his cock into me but when he finally did, I couldn't stop cumming. Did those two guys you were with fuck you."

    "Yeah. I wasn't going to give them any, but when I saw you bent over that pool table showing two dozen guys your cunt and ass and then saw that black guy fingering you right in front of everyone of them, I got so hot, I couldn't stop the guys from getting my panties off and fingering me too. Once they had their fingers in me, they took me out to their car and fucked me in the back seat."

    "Both of them at the same time?"

    "It was too crowded for that. They took turns doing me. But enough of this. We need to finish up the initiation." Turning to Helen, Susan, and Alice, Marge asked, "Are you three ready. You're going to be doing your initiation stunt together."

    "What do we have to do?" Alice asked.

    "Not much. Just get out of the van and drape your sexy bodies over a police car and wait until the officers come back. When they do, you bend over the hood or sit on it and show them your pussies. That's it. The police will take it from there."

    "But they'll arrest us!" Susan moaned. "Everyone will know!"

    "Probably... unless, of course, the three of you can convince the officers to party with you rather than arrest you."


    It was dark by the time Sarah parked our van a short distance away from a parked police car. The car was vacant so it appeared that the officers where busy elsewhere.

    "Ok, you naked sluts. Out of the van. Go over and spread yourselves over the police car and wait for the officers to return."

    Helen, Susan, and Alice were all shaking with fear as Marge and Nora shoved them out the door of the van onto the street... all of them totally naked.

    "Seems like they could get into a lot of trouble," I said to Marge.

    "No way. Relax, Jane. The cheerleading squad has been doing this initiation stunt with the police for two decades. In fact, the police have a lottery among themselves to see who gets to be this year's lucky three policemen. We like it. They like it. And in addition, the police raise money for their annual picnic from the lottery and three of them get a lot of free pussy from three girls who are very eager and anxious to please so they won't end up in jail."

    "They're going to fuck them right here on the street?"

    "Of course not. The police have a lodge on the lake. They'll take them there. We'll pick them up around 11 PM. We're just going to stick around to watch them trying to persuade the police not to arrest them."

    "That's really erotic," I moaned. Looking out the window of the van, I could see Helen sitting on the hood of the police car with her legs spread wide open. Susan was sitting right beside with her legs open but not yet spread obscenely wide. Alice was standing just to the side of the squad car with her knee resting on the car's hood so that the officers would have a good view of her pussy when they returned.

    I knew the officers wouldn't keep the girls waiting very long because someone else might come along. In fact, they showed up less than a minute after the girls had spread themselves over the hood of the car. As soon as the three officers arrived, Helen lay back on the hood with her legs up and back in the female fucking position while Susan turned around and bent over the hood with her feet wide apart and her ass raised. Alice was in the same position but bent over the car's fender.

    We heard the officers telling the girls they were guilty of indecent exposure and were probably prostitutes trying to solicit business. The officer in charge told them they were all under arrest while one of the other officers took their names and then read them their rights. The third officer was busy handcuffing all three of the girls who were now pleading with the officers not to arrest them... that they were just high school girls involved in a cheerleading initiation stunt.

    "That may be, but all of you are still guilty of indecent exposure and will have to stand trial," the chief officer told them. Another officer was busy taking photos of the three naked girls for "evidence" in their trials. The girls were now begging them not to arrest them.

    "We'll do anything you want if you don't arrest us... please!" Helen begged.

    "What about the two of you?" a second officer asked Alice and Susan.

    "Yes. Us to. We'll do anything. Wouldn't you rather have fun with us tonight than arrest us? Please," Susan begged.

    "All right... but remember... we have the photos of all you stark naked. If you complain or make a fuss, we'll charge all of you with open lewd prostitution. Understand?"

    Almost in unison, they all said, "Yes... YES! We understand. We won't say anything."

    Then Helen added, "And we'll be really good fucks... we promise... as many times as you want."

    "We'll see," the officer in charge said sternly. "Now here's the way it's going down. We're going to spend the evening at a place we have outside of town. Bill and Mark are going to get into the back of our squad car, and Susan's going to ride Bill's cock while Alice rides Mark's. I'll be driving and Helen's going to show me how well she sucks cock during the trip. Now, DO IT!"

    Bill and Mark opened their pants and pushed them and their briefs down around thighs before getting into the back of the squad car. While still handcuffed, Susan spread her legs and straddled Bill's thighs. Her eyes clamped shut as a hot groan escaped her lips when Bill pulled her down on his cock and drove his hips upward filling her pussy. He began fucking her immediately.

    On the other side, we could see Alice mounting Mark's cock. A moment later her body was bouncing wildly as he fucked her. The head officer got behind the wheel with a handcuffed Helen beside him. We saw him raise up and pull his pants downward. As he was backing the squad car, Helen's head disappeared from sight.

    As the squad car vanished down the street, the last view we had through the back window was of Alice and Susan humping up and down on the officers' cocks.

    Cheerleading at the Game:

    It was after midnight when I got home from the initiation ceremony. Dad was already asleep, but Mom was in the den waiting for me.

    "Why are you still up, Mom? You didn't have to wait up for me."

    "I know I didn't have to wait up. I just felt that I needed to wait up in case you needed to talk to me. How was it?"

    "It was really wild, Mom. Just like you said it would be."

    "Want to tell me what they had you do?"

    "That's sort of embarrassing, Mom. Really."

    "Your Father's asleep and so is Carl. It's just you and me, and you already know I went through the same thing you just did as well as the victory parties and all the rest of it. And you know what, Jane... I'm really glad I did it. In fact, I loved it, and it made me a much, much more loving, sensuous bed partner for your Dad. Why do you think that after 18 years of marriage, your father still can't wait to get me into bed? Now, come on, Jane, out with it. What did they have you do?"

    "How often do you and Dad have sex, Mom?"

    "You first. Answer my question."

    "Ok. They had me strip naked except for my heels, and then, I had to go into a bar/pool hall like that, go to the bar, and order a beer. Once I had a drink, I was to walk around the place for no less than 10 minutes. If none of the men hit on me, I was told I could return to the van. That's it."

    Mom stared at me for a full minute before saying, "Bullshit! A sexy, good looking blonde goes into a bar/pool hall naked, orders a drink, and then walks around the place for another 10 minutes and none of the guys hit on you? Tell me the rest of it."

    "All right, if you insist." It took me 15 minutes to relate the entire story to my Mom. After I had gotten into it, I realized that I was no longer embarrassed... instead, I was really turned on. By the time I told her the last of it, my pussy was dripping.

    "After he had made me cum a second time when he had me bent over the seat of the chair, he ordered me to get on the couch on my back with my legs up and open. He said he wanted to see my face and my tits as he fucked me. I got on the couch like he had directed, and he mounted me. This time he really screwed me hard until he shot off inside my pussy. I tried to clean up a little with some tissues, and then I went back to the van. And that is it. Really."

    "You're turned on, aren't you?" Mom asked with a grin.

    "Yes... a lot. Are you?"

    "Probably as much as you are. After you got over your initial fright, did you enjoy the experience, Jane?"

    "I loved it, Mom. Does that make me a slut?"

    "Yep. A really hot slut... just your mother. Welcome to the club, Honey."

    "What did they have you do during your initiation?"

    "The police car thing... only I had to do it by myself."

    "Did the officer fuck you?"

    "Both of them did. Four or five times each as I remember. More than your black lover in the pool hall did you. And I loved every minute of it. You're going to have a great time as a cheerleader, Honey. Enjoy it. I certainly did."

    Grinning, I said, "I will. Now it's your turn. How often do you and Dad have sex?"

    "Four or five times a week. And most of the time, your randy father does me twice each time we have sex."

    "Jezzz... that's awesome. I hope I get a husband like you have."

    "Don't worry, Honey. By the time you've finished high school, you're going to be such a sensuous woman, men will be lined up. You just have to make the right choice."


    The first football game was a week later, on Friday night. The game started at 6:30 PM, so it was still daylight for most of the first half. At the beginning of the game, I did several tumbling runs, each spanning half the length of the field. With that long a run, my short skirt spent as much time around my waist as it did covering my panties.

    After my second 50 yard run, I got applause from a lot of the fans. After the third without a break or pause, a majority of crowd was clapping, and after my fourth, everyone was on their feet applauding.

    While I was busy doing the tumbling runs, Marge, Sarah, Gale, and Rita were working the trampoline. One after the other, they would get a running start, leap onto the trampoline, and as their bodies bounced high in the air on a forward trajectory toward the crowd, each girl would do a mid-air split while touching their toes or shaking pom-poms. They did four rotations with each girl performing four times. Each time one of them did the splits, the men got a great view of their panties and camel toes. When they finished, there was loud applause from the appreciative fans.

    When six members of the squad lined up on the field just before the opening kickoff and did high kicks with their panties pulled tightly against their pussies, every girl was showing off her camel toe. In addition, any fan with a fair pair of binoculars got a great view of the pussy lips of four of the girls whose panties didn't cover everything.

    By the time the girls were finished with their routine, I was sure there were several erections among the male fans who were watching.

    The game was close and the cheerleaders kept up a constant din of noise and encouragement for the team throughout the first half. In spite of that, the score was tied at halftime. Now it was our turn to perform.

    When our high school band took the field, all the cheerleaders led the way. Half of the girls did high kicks while I and one other girl did mid-air stunts while being held up by the male cheerleaders. Mel held my right foot at arm's length while I executed a 180 degree split maneuver with my left leg vertical and pressed against my cheek. The stunt required great strength and steadiness from Mel and great balance and agility from me. I held the position for almost a minute while Mel rotated me in mid-air. The crowd was again on its feet applauding.

    When the band had finished its performance and marched off, the cheerleaders moved right in front of the crowd and led one loud cheer after another while six of girls continued to execute high kicks.

    When I noticed a lot of the men were crowding around the railing at the end of the line of six cheerleaders, I asked Brenda what was going on. She laughed and said, "Helen has her panties pulled aside so that her pussy is completely exposed. All those horny guys are getting a great beaver shot on every high kick."

    "Really?! That's wild. How about Susan? She's right beside Helen. Is her pussy exposed?"

    "No. Her panties are pulled so tightly into her slit that she's showing a camel toe, but we couldn't persuade her to pull her panties aside."

    The second half was as close as the first half. We all yelled ourselves hoarse cheering and encouraging the guys, and in the end, they came through for the school. With 10 seconds left on the game clock, Todd Baxter kicked a 37-yard field goal to win the game 37 to 35. The crowd went wild and I rewarded the team by removing my panties and flashing my pussy with my leg high in the air as they ran from the field.
    The cheerleaders all showed their stuff at the game.

    Victory Party:

    After the game, Marge got the entire cheerleading squad together to remind us that the victory party would be tomorrow night starting at 8 PM, but we needed to be there no later than 7 PM to get everything ready.

    "Where will the party be?" I asked.

    "The Conrad hotel donates the use of three adjoining suites without charge for the victory parties. That's in return for the coaches recommending that visiting teams use the Conrad to house their coaches and players at home games. Now remember, the coaches will be chaperoning the party from 8 to 10 PM, so no sex during that time. At 10 PM, the official party ends, the coaches leave, and after that, it's a private party. The only people present will be the 13 of us and the players the coaches select."

    "Select? The coaches pick out the players who can attend?" Rita asked.

    "You bet. They use the victory parties as an incentive to the players to work hard during practice and play hard during the game. Guys who don't get into the game don't get to attend the victory parties. And, in addition, guys who haven't played well are cut out. As you can imagine, they really hate missing the party. So... they work their butts off and play like crazed madmen. The cheerleading squad and the victory parties are the primary reasons we've been winning state 60% of the time for last 20 years."

    "How many guys will be present?" Susan asked.

    "Not sure. Usually, it's the 22 starters on offense and defense, some of the special team players... like Todd Baxter who won the game for us with the late field goal... and one or two others. So, maybe 30 guys."

    "That's two or three guys apiece," Alice noted.

    Marge laughed. "Don't think for a minute, Honey, that you're only going to get it from two or three guys. Every one of those studs will be banging 5 or 6 of us. So you can count on being fucked by about half of them, Alice."

    "My god," Alice moaned as her hand pressed against and moved slowly over her pussy. I was doing the same to mine along with most of the newcomers to the squad.


    I was packing a small bag of things I thought I would need for the victory party that evening when my Mom came into my bedroom. She just smiled, watched what I was doing for a bit, and then started helping me pack without saying a word. After checking out the items I had already packed, she left the room. A few minutes later, she returned carrying several items that she added to my bag. When I checked, I saw three disposable douches, an unopened bottle of Astroglide, and a tube of hydrocortisone cream. She still hadn't said a word as she placed my tennis shoes inside the bag along with a pair of my panties, a sweater, and a pair of jeans. Then she sat down on the side of the bed and watched.

    When I finally closed the bag and zipped it shut, she asked, "Nervous?"

    "Yeah. I am. A lot."

    "Would you like to call Marge and back out or have me call her for you?"

    "Oh no. I worked too hard to get on the squad to back out now."

    "I didn't think so, but I wanted to ask. You know it doesn't hurt a woman to be fucked, Jane. You did enjoy fucking Grant Adams and Brian and the sex you had during the initiation, didn't you?"

    "I did... Oh, I did! But those times were with only one guy. This time it will be a dozen guys or maybe even more."

    "That's why I put the Astroglide in your bag. Every time you get a break, apply a generous amount to both your pussy and your rectum. Also, be certain to thoroughly clean your colon before you leave for the party."

    "Oh, I will but won't I get really sore?"

    "Probably, but that will only last a day or at most two. If during the party, your pussy or ass becomes sore to the point that further sex is starting to hurt, tell Marge, and she will help you get dressed and send you home. Don't hesitate to do that. I did that when I went to my first victory party. Understand?"

    I nodded and Mom grinned. "You're going to be fine, Jane, and you're going to love it. In fact, after the first party, you'll be really anxious for the next one."

    "I'll be a real slut, Mom."

    "Yep. You will be. Just your mother. I loved it, and your father gets so hot when we discuss it, he turns into a raging sex maniac."


    "Oh yeah! If I'm horny, but he's not in the mood, all I have to do is just start relating something I did while I was a cheerleader, and presto! His penis turns into an iron-hard cock, and he's all over me. Works like magic, Honey."


    The first two hours of the victory party were just the usual celebration after winning a game. The coaches congratulated all the players while we all got better acquainted. I had assumed the guys would feeling us up the entire time, but no one did. They were all courteous and reserved. Obviously, the coaches had warned them, and the senior players had backed them up.

    At 10 PM, on the dot, the coaches again thanked the players for their great effort and this time also thanked the cheerleaders for their enthusiastic support that means so much in a close game. After that, they announced that the party was over but anyone who wanted to stay and visit or dance could do so. By 10:10 PM, all the faculty had left, and we were alone with 29 well-built, eager high school football players.

    At this point, Marge took charge. She told all the guys to go into the other adjoining suites so the cheerleaders could change and get ready. "Anyone of you who sneaks into this suite before we call you is going to be leaving for the evening. Got it?" Only an idiot with an IQ of 20 would have objected.

    Once the guys had left, Marge locked the door to the adjoining suite, and said, "Ok, all you sexy sluts, it's time to get dressed in your party clothes. Once again, for the new cheerleaders, let me know if you're becoming distressed for any reason... you're getting nauseated from swallowing so much cum, your ass or pussy or both are getting sore, or you're just having problems with handling so much sex and so many guys. That's perfectly understandable. No problem. Just let me know, and I'll help you get dressed and take you home. Does everyone understand? Gale? Brenda? Rita? How about you, Helen? Susan? Alice?"

    The newcomers all nodded and said they understood. Marge then asked me, "Jane, you're not only new, you're also only a sophomore. If you don't tell me if you're having any problems, I'm going to kick you off the squad until next year. Ok?"

    "I'll tell you, Marge. I promise."

    "Good! Ok, Ladies... get into your party outfits."

    Fifteen minutes later, we were all ready and in position to greet our conquering heroes. Marge opened the adjoining door and called out to the players. "Ok, Guys. Come and get us."

    The players surged through the doorway and all of them stopped short, awed by the erotic sights that greeted their eyes. Seven of the girls were standing by the suite's wet bar looking back over their shoulders at the players. Four of the girls wore tight bikini panties and thigh-high stockings, the other three were bare-legged wearing ultra-short skirts that just barely covered their naked asses. All seven wore come-fuck-me, four-inch heels, and all of them wore transparent tops that exposed their tits.

    Four more of the girls lounged in chairs and sofas around the room. All of them were dressed similarly to the girls at the wet bar, and all of them were sitting with their legs wide open exposing their thin panties.

    Once more, Marge took control. "Ok, you sexy guys. Calm down. We've got a special show for you. One like you'll probably never see any other place... so get naked and enjoy the show, Guys."

    As soon as she finished, Marge lifted her short skirt, turned her back, and slowly pulled her panties down her legs, wiggling her ass at the men as she did so. When she had them off, she tossed them into the eager crowd of men who fought to get possession of the erotic souvenir. They quickly lost interest in fighting for her panties, however, when Marge lay back in a lounge chair with her halter pulled aside and both tits exposed. Next, she slowly and sensuously draped her legs over the arms of the chair showing off her naked pussy. A half dozen players crowded around jacking off as they watched her rubbing her clit.

    I was lying on a couch just across from Marge with my legs open and my panties pulled aside. Several of the players moved closer stroking their hard cocks as they watched my fingers sliding in an out of my cunt.

    The cheerleaders had every cock in the room hard as iron.


    All around the room, the guys were shedding their clothes. Nora, Rita, and Gail had removed their tops and panties and were caressing their hard nipples and finger fucking their cunts as the men frantically removed their pants. Seven or eight rock-hard dicks were being stroked when the three of them climbed on top of the wet bar. Nora and Rita began kissing Gale while mashing their tits against hers. Gale leaned back, supporting herself with her arms behind her body, as Rita and Nora pulled her legs apart. Nora's hand dropped to Gale's clit and began stroking her engorged, hard button while Rita's fingers sank into Gale's cunt and worked her G-spot. The men began urging them to make Gale cum. They did, but not before two of the watching players, had spurted their loads high into air.

    In the second room of our suite, Sarah was on top of Brenda kissing her passionately while her fingers toyed with Sarah's throbbing clitoris. Right beside them, Alice was going down on Monica who had her legs thrust straight up in the air with her heels pointed at the ceiling. Off to the side, Helen had her hand inside her panties furiously frigging her clit. Ten of the players watched with iron-hard, fully-loaded sex guns that were already dripping seminal fluids from their tips.

    After Marge and I had gotten off as the men watched our clits throbbing in orgasms, we joined Susan, Brenda, and Cora. The two senior cheerleaders, Marge and Cora, quickly stripped Susan, Brenda, and me naked and made up get on our knees with our heads on the floor and asses arched high. Over a dozen players were watching as Marge and Cora spread our buttocks open so the men could see our assholes and cunts. As all the men watched, they pushed vibrators into us and worked them back and forth and over our clits until we were having intense climaxes.

    The two seniors made us cum twice, once with the vibes in our cunts, the second time in our asses.

    "So you guys see any sexy holes you think you might like to fuck?" Marge asked. The men didn't need any more encouragement than that. It was about 11 PM when the fucking started.


    Less than a minute after Marge had made the announcement, I was being fucked for the first time of the night. The guy got me onto my knees on the couch and had me bend over the back of couch. He told me he was the halfback and that his name was Fred Maxwell at almost the same time as his hard cock rammed into my cunt. He was about six to seven inches and all of it disappeared into my soaked, lubricated hole on the first thrust.

    "Uunnghhh... AAAahhhh.. YES! OH FUCK YES! Ram me with that hard cock, Stud. Ram me even harder than you rammed into those opposing players, Baby. FUCK ME HARD!"

    My cuntal secretions were seeping out of my stretched hole and running down my thighs from the intensity of Fred's fucking. Again and again, his balls bounced off my swollen clit as my tits swung back and forth. Two more guys got on the couch beneath my body... one sucked my tits while the other guy's fingers worked on my clit. I came instantly.

    "OOOUUU... UUNNGGHH... AAAAHHH... FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I howled as someone's fingers probed my asshole. My vagina was still throbbing from my first orgasm when Fred's pulled his cock from my erupting hole and pushed it into my ass.

    "UUUNNGGHHH! OOOHHH FUCK... GO EASY.... UGH! UGH! BIG DICK.. UUNNGHH!" Suddenly, his mushroom cock head forced my sphincter open and entered me. The pain stopped as the rest of his cock disappeared inside my rectum.


    Fred rammed me like a pile driver hammering into my ass balls deep on every stroke. When the guy under me began sucking and licking my clit, I lost it. Almost simultaneously, Fred filled my rectum with his huge load while my clitoris erupted in hard spastic contractions. I was still moaning when Fred pulled his spent cock from my ass and the guys rotated... the one who had been sucking my clit moved behind me and drilled my pussy with his raging erection while my tit sucker moved downward to my clit, and a new guy took over my dangling, swinging tits.

    As my new lover began fucking me, I looked around the room and saw that it was now filled with cheerleaders being fucked by one or more of the players. I knew that the ones I didn't see were being screwed in one of the other suites by two or three of the players.

    Sarah was on her knees on the floor right beside me with one of the offensive linemen kneeling behind her eating her pussy. From her howls of delight, he was obviously doing a good job. Amazingly, she still wore the top part of her cheerleader uniform.

    "Oohhhh Gawd Damn! Lick it, Stud. Lick my hard clit, Baby! Make me cum! AAHHHHH... FUCK YESSSSS! LIKE THAT! STICK THAT TONGUE INTO MEEEEE!"

    In the middle of Sarah's groans, I heard even louder ones and then realized with a shock that those groans were coming from my mouth as once again my clit and nipples were being sucked while a thick, hard cock was buried inside my cunt fucking me with hard, jack hammer-like strokes. When I realized I didn't know the names of any of the three guys doing me, I convulsed in another orgasm.

    As my vagina trembled and pulsed around my lover’s dick, I heard Sarah howling even louder on the floor behind me. Looking around, I saw that the lineman had now mounted her and was busy driving his cock into her gaping cunt. Both of them were grunting as he planted his meat deep inside her eager pussy.

    My vagina was still throbbing around my current lover's plunging cock when I heard Cora groaning somewhere off to the my right. When I looked over, I saw her riding the cock of one of the black players. Her reverse cowgirl position allowed me to see how much the huge black cock was stretching her pussy. Every time it entered, Cora shrieked as her body shuddered. It looked to me like she was having a continuous orgasm or a new one every time the black stud fucked into her hole.

    Cora's body blocked my view of her lover. All I could see were his hips driving upward planting the thick black shaft balls deep inside her cunt. Suddenly, he screamed"

    "I'm cumming, Bitch. I'm cumming inside your hot cunt hole. Take my load, slut!! AH FUCK! CUMMING, SLUT. SHOOTING IT INTO YOU! NOW!!"


    As I watched, his load poured out of Cora's vagina and ran down the black shaft coating his balls and his thighs. I could even hear the squishing noises made by his sex piston as he pumped it in and out of Cora's cum-filled pussy.

    The guy fucking me now yelled in my ear that he was cumming. He hadn't even finished the sentence when I felt the dick throbbing hard inside my pussy. He hit into me with short hard strokes as his buttocks contracted sending spurt after spurt of his sperm-filled load deep into my waiting hole.

    As his balls emptied, his strokes became slower and less powerful. Finally, he stopped moving and just let his still twitching tool soak inside my slick hole. I let him enjoy the throbbing of my vagina around his cock while he caught his breath. As I did so, I could hear Rita's voice screaming and howling behind me.

    “Fuck me with that big black cock, you hot Bastard. Ram it. RAM IT HARD! UP MY CUNT. Shoot in me again, Baby. Put another load up my hot hole!”

    When my lover dismounted, I used the opportunity to look over my shoulder. On the lounge chair behind me, I saw a black guy mounted on a woman with her legs up on his shoulders. His body completely blocked my view of every part of her except her legs and the connection of his cock with her cunt. The black shaft was pumping into her hole steadily with masculine authority. Every thrust hammered her ass into the chair’s cushion. A thick white froth covered the guy’s shaft, his balls, and the outside of the girl’s pussy. Obviously, he had already cum in her once and was busy churning his first load while getting ready to shoot in his second.

    When the guy who had been sucking on my clit moved out from beneath me, I arched my hips and waited for my third lover to mount me. He had other ideas, however. Taking a seat on the couch, grinned and said, “Mount it, Jane. Stick your big tits in my face and my big cock up your pussy.”

    Grinning, I straddled my new stud, mashed his face between my tits and maneuvered hips until I had his cock centered at the opening to my vagina.

    “Do it, Jane. Mount it... please,” he begged.

    “You want me to put that big thing in my pussy, Honey?”

    “Oh fuck yes! Slide that hot pussy down my dick, Baby. Hurry. I’m so hard and hot, I can’t wait any longer.”

    Leaning close to his ear, I whispered, “Would it be Ok if I slide it up my cunt instead of my pussy, Honey. I like having my studs fucking my cunt.”

    “YES! Put it in your cunt. Hurry!” he screamed.

    Dropping my hips, I took him balls deep. He groaned. His body shook with pleasure. There was no way he was going to last very long.

    “I’m going to fuck your big cock hard and fast, Lover. Shoot in me when your ready. Don’t hold back. SHOOT IT INTO MY CUNT HOLE!” His organ throbbed when I said that. A moment later, I was ramming my cunt up and down his shaft. He filled me a minute later. I climaxed right in the middle of his orgasm.

    A half dozen guys fucked me one after the other and every one of them made me
    cum multiple times. Semen covered my tits
    and gushed out of my vagina.


    At 11:30 PM after six of the players had fucked me, I took a short break to use the facilities. While in the bathroom, I applied the Astroglide to both of my holes and used the hydrocortisone cream to soothe my sensitive, engorged tissues. Very quickly, I felt much better and said a silent “thank you” to my sexy Mom.

    All the players had already shot off at least twice by this time. Consequently, the action had slowed compared to the frenzied pace at the start. I took the opportunity the lull provided to walk throughout all suites to see what the other cheerleaders were doing.

    In the second suite, I found Helen being ass fucked by one of my boyfriends, Grant Adams. He had her in doggy position on the bed with her head on the bed and her ass arched high in the air. As he plowed her ass, I was amazed by how much her hole was stretched. Every time he pulled all the way out, it just stayed open... as if begging him to put it back inside and fill her again. She was moaning continuously. From the way her pussy opened and closed an her clitoris throbbed, I could tell she was having repeated orgasms on Grant’s huge 8-inch dick.


    In the far suite, I found Marge spread out on one of the couches with her legs high in the air and spread wide in a huge “V”. A muscular, handsome black guy was mounted between her raised thighs ass fucking her hard. He was burying every stroke balls deep bringing hissing moans of pleasure from Marge. I watched until the guy’s load fired into her. When he finally dismounted, a thick river of semen flowed from her stretched anus.

    When I retraced my steps back toward the first suite, I didn’t make it all the way. As soon as I entered Suite #2, two of the wide receivers on the team, both black, pulled me down onto one of the couches. They were all over me in a flash, and I realized I was about to have my first threesome with two men... both with huge dicks.

    “I’m Martin,” the one with the largest cock said. “This is my good buddy, Vic. We’re both wide receivers. Why don’t you show us how a sexy, white cheerleader sucks big black cocks.”

    They were both kissing me, rubbing and hefting my tits, pulling and squeezing my nipples, and grinding their cocks against me. After a few minutes of this, I could feel my clit throbbing with anticipation. When their hands began pushing downward toward their erections, I moved off the couch onto my knees between them. I took Marvin’s dick into my mouth first while I stroked Vic’s. The taste of their salty precum made my pussy quiver. When Vic’s fingers found my clit, I had a small orgasm, and both men knew it.

    As soon as I started to cum, Martin began fucking my face with deep, steady strokes. I came even harder. When my orgasm abated, he put me on my back on the couch and straddled my face whacking my nose with his thick, hard shaft.

    “I want all of your cock, Martin. All of it. In my mouth... fucking me... please.”

    He grinned, moved downward, and put it in my mouth. In a moment, he was fucking my face again... deeper and deeper... stretching my mouth wider and wider. I was sure I would start gagging at any moment, but for some reason, probably my intense excitement, it didn’t happen. Instead, I felt his balls slapping against my chin when his entire length was down my throat.

    As Martin fucked my mouth and throat with long thrusts, Vic pushed my legs apart and moved his mouth onto my pussy. Lifting my legs, he sucked hard on my clit while stroking it with his tongue. Without any warning, I shuddered in another climax... this one even harder than my first. As I moaned around Martin’s dick, he held my head and shoved his rod all the way down my throat. A moment later, I felt his cock jerking and spewing out jet after jet of cum down my throat straight into my belly. My eyes bulged out as he held his cock socked deep. Finally, he pulled out, and I gasped for breath.

    Vic’s cock was now iron-hard and wild for my cunt. As soon as Martin moved out of the way, Vic mounted me, pushing my legs far apart to give himself access to my pussy. I felt the head of his cock spreading me and then moving up and down the length of my trench stretching me open. He pressed into my opening and entered me. Once he had three inches of his shaft inside my pussy, he lowered his body over mine and kissed me hard. I arched my hips silently urging him to fuck me.

    Vic shoved two more inches of his thick cock into me making me moan hotly. He fucked me steadily with short strokes, each one entering a little deeper. Finally, he had all of his cock inside my pussy. Letting it soak in the bottom of my hole, he ground his pubic bone against my clitoris bringing howls of delight from my lips. My body shuddered hard when he began screwing me with deep thrusts pulling out the entire length of his dick and then sliding it back into me.

    My pussy gushed around his tool as a third orgasm surged through my clitoris that was being pressured by the entire length of Vic’s thick shaft each time he pushed into me. He continued to pump me with hard, deep thrusts until I erupted again... screaming wildly... as my eyes clamped shut and my tongue flicked rapidly over my top lip.

    After 15 minutes of hard fucking, Vic had reached his own limit. His arms circled my body and clamped onto my buttocks to keep me in position for his thrusts. Emitting a deep masculine growl of satisfaction, he shot load after load of hot cum deep inside my cunt while I shook in still another climax.

    By this time, Martin’s huge dick was hard again. Sitting down on the couch, he pulled me onto his cock in reverse cowgirl position. My hand was shaking when I grasped his shaft and guided it to my eager hole. As soon as he felt the head of his cock entering my pussy, he slid the massive dick into my cum-filled hole with one forceful thrust.

    “Aaaaahhhh Gawd Damn! It’s in me! Big huge dick... aaaahhhh god... fuck me, Martin. Fuck me hard!”

    He gave me exactly what I had asked for. He fucked into me like a raging bull slamming into my pussy with long hard strokes. As Martin rammed me, Vic was squeezing my tits and sucking on my nipples. Again, I gushed all over his cock and thighs as I erupted into another intense orgasm that just seemed to go on and on.

    I didn’t think I could possibly come again. I was wrong. For the first time, I was finding out just how much sex a woman could enjoy, and how many times a woman could explode in intense orgasms.

    Martin had not yet ejaculated, but he slowed his strokes and then stopped. Using his powerful arms, he lifted my pussy off his rigidly erect shaft, moved me forward until his powerful dick was pressing into my ass, which had already been used several times. When he lowered me, his cock still had to stretch my hole even more than my previous lovers had done to let him enter my ass. I groaned loudly when I felt his big cock sinking into my rectum.

    Martin pulled my hips down and thrust upward at the same time sending all nine inches of his cock into me.

    “UUnnggh! OOohh God ... you’re in me... all the way in my ass. Fuck me now, Martin. Fuck me hard,” I groaned as I wiggled helplessly on the huge black sex spike.

    He ignored me. Instead of fucking me, he pulled me backward until my back rested against his chest and spread my legs until they straddled his thighs. Looking down, I saw that my pussy gaped open from the previous intense fucking both men had given me. Vic moved between my open thighs and fitted the head of his cock into my pussy.

    For the first time in my life, I was being double penetrated by two cocks... and these two cocks were big, thick black ones. Vic’s hips snapped forward sending 7 inches of cock into my pussy.

    “Unngghh! God. Can’t take both of you. You’re too big. I can’t...”

    Vic pulled back and drove into me again... this time filling me will all 9 inches of his cock. Martin pulled half of his dick out of my ass, waited until he felt Vic withdrawing, and then pounded his rod back balls deep into my ass. After that, the two guys set up a rhythm and started fucking both of my holes. I moaned... then gasped... finally, I was screaming as I came hard on their pricks.


    The two black studs grunted and rammed me even harder. My entire body convulsed around their cocks as another orgasm, even harder than the previous one, shook me.

    “Fucking shit! She’s cumming again,” Vic screamed.

    “Yeah. Her ass is contracting so damn hard on my dick, I can’t hold it much longer.”

    “Let’s bounce her and shoot her full.”

    My body was still shuddering when Vic hooked his arms beneath my knees, and the two men lifted me with Martin holding me tightly against his chest with his powerful arms around my waist. A moment later, the black studs were standing with me sandwiched between them, their cocks buried in my pussy and ass. They moved me, adjusting my position so that their dicks entered me as deeply as possible. The thought that I had about 16 inches of hard, thick black cock inside me made me quiver with excitement.

    “Ready to be fucked, Jane?” Vic whispered. “We’re both going to cum in you now.”

    “Oh yes... Fuck me... Fuck me hard... Fuck me and cum inside me. Do it. Hurry. I’m so hot... DO IT TO MEEEEEE!!”

    They did, and all three of us came at almost the same time.

    All 13 cheerleaders were being screwed in all their holes.
    Every sexy ass was gaped; every cunt was cum-filled;
    every woman’s mouth had taken several huge cum loads.

    Master Bedroom: Bowers Residence:

    In was a little after midnight, and Roy’s cock was moving slowly in and out of my cum-filled vagina. As it churned his previous load into a white froth that coated his dick and my pussy, we held each other tightly. My arms were wrapped around his shoulders, my legs locked about his hips keeping him inside me as deeply as possible. His arms were around my hips, his hands cupping my buttocks elevating my pussy and keep it in perfect position for penetration.

    “MMmmmm... your cunt feels so good around my dick, Tracy. I love fucking you,” my sexy husband whispered in my ear as he continued to pump me slowly but with steady, deep thrusts.

    “And I love having that big rod buried inside me. You know I only married you for your hot body, don’t you.”

    “Sexy slut,” he whispered as his finger entered my ass bringing a hot groan of pleasure from my lips.

    “Oooouuuuu... you do know how to turn me on big time, Lover. Push in deeper, Honey. MMmmmmmm.”

    “Like this?”

    “Oh god yes. Fuck me, Baby. Fuck your slutty wife.”

    “Do you think Jane is home yet?”

    “No. Not yet. It will probably be another hour or so. AAaahhhh... I love the way you grind your body into my clit when you’re all the way inside me.”

    “She’ll be fucked tonight, won’t she?”

    “Oh yes... a lot.”


    “Mmmmmm ... fuck me a harder, Lover. I’m about to cum.” Roy lifted my buttocks elevating my pussy and powered his rod into my soaked vagina. Each sensuous thrust raked over my G-spot and rubbed my clit until I was screeching as my orgasm surged through my pussy and clit... and from there up into my belly making my muscles ripple with pleasure. Roy continued to fuck me until my orgasm ebbed and then slowed his strokes and began to build me toward yet another climax that would be my sixth of the night.

    “Oh my god, you’re so good. That was awesome... I love the way you play my body like a virtuoso fuck master.”

    “Twice? Do you think Jane will be fucked twice tonight?”

    “More like 10 to 15 times, Honey,” I hissed in his ear as I pressed my body against his.

    “Will it hurt her?”

    “No. It’ll make her cum... over and over and over.”

    “She might be cumming right now.”

    “Most likely. By this time, she’s probably being double fucked by two guys.” I felt Roy’s cock jerk hard inside me at that mental picture.

    “Did you get it that way when you were a cheerleader?”

    “Oh yes!”

    “Very often?”

    “Yes. A lot.”

    “Different guys?”

    “Quite a few. Are you jealous?”

    “No, but I getting so turned on I’m going pump another load into you soon. Do you miss all that sex?”

    “Sometimes. Occasionally. ... Yes.”

    “Do you want to do things like that now?”

    “Well... now that you mention it, I’ve been meaning to ask you some sexy questions but just haven’t been able to find the right time.” I leaned closer and whispered softly in my husband’s ear for several minutes. By the time I finished, his cock was iron-hard and he was fucking me like a wild stallion.

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]

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    Beautiful !
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    Thank you again!
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