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. Honeymoon Bride Raped

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Oct 22, 2017.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Bride Not Yet Blacked.

    Look at that rack, readers. A truly fine set. Might be natural, hard to tell.
    Now look at that cock, or maybe I should say monster dick. Wonder how
    much it weighs. Some of our readers might like to feel that heft in their hand.

    Black Mamba.

    Honeymoon bride raped

    Read all the way down for my modified version of the actual news report. Also,
    down a ways you'll find a story within the story about a cock called 'No No, not that.'

    by EroticWriter

    Added to, the police interview. If you read this story before 13 December 2017, read again as it has been added to and hotted up here and there.

    Before that ending I also added quite a bit more detail about the adventures of one rapist's cock with a redhead before it came to visit our little blonde bride. Here you will have a story within this story about a cock called "No no, not that.'

    Note readers. This is a news report EXACTLY as it was placed on line from S. Africa. With that bold black headline above: in that size since I cut and pasted it. Honeymoon bride raped.

    I cut and pasted it and have not added or changed ONE word. As you read, notice how detailed the report is. It reads almost like a porn story. The reporter goes into details about how the new bride was attacked in her wedding bed. It even includes her comments about her husband having used a rubber before the rapists fucked her bareback.

    There is even a line in italics supposedly spoken by the bride, where she says she will not become another statistic, but she already is.

    There is a funny kind of dollar symbol in front of the word rand, the S. African form of currency. I do not have that symbol on my keyboard, further proof that I cut and pasted the story.

    Something to think about, her husband possibly never having been into her bareback, and these men come in and enjoy her pussy skin to skin. The bride describes how she got noisy and her husband 'thought' she was enjoying it. She is supposedly denying it, but was she enjoying it? Read it and see what you think.

    After you have finished reading the actual news report, you can go on below and read my version of what I think maybe really happened. In other words, I turned it into a porn story that might be close to the truth. The version I have created has some of those elements readers like to see, black men cumming into an married and unprotected white pussy while giving her orgasms she has never felt with her smaller white husband.

    Note: In real life, women do not like to be raped though on a rare occasion there might be the exception.

    Honeymoon bride raped

    A BRITISH bride has been gang-raped only two days into her honeymoon in front of her weeping husband.

    She was asleep in bed with her 25-year-old husband when four black robbers stormed in at 2am.

    The couple had their hands and feet tied up as they laid naked. Two of the men fondled the woman as they were tying her.

    One thug ripped off her rings, necklace and ear-rings. Then, as three men ransacked the house the couple were staying in, the fourth attacked the helpless woman as her husband lay next to her.

    Last night she said bravely: I can't sleep and I can't eat. Two nights ago I was a virgin and now this. My husband had been using a rubber and I worry about being impregnated by one of the rapists, but if it happened this will not break up our marriage.

    I will come out strong on the other side. I will not become another statistic of South Africa's crime rate.

    The woman told how she was attacked in Bonaero Park, Johannesburg, just days after her wedding.

    She said: We were lying in bed at about 2am. The next moment I saw a hand against the wall at the light switch. One of the men came back and dragged me towards him by the feet. He spread my legs wide apart, explored me with his fingers for a minute and then he raped me in our bed, right next to my husband.

    I turned my head away and tried to think of other things but I couldn't because the man was quite large and was raping me vigorously. The bed was shaking he was doing it so hard and I heard my husband starting to cry. I guess I was being noisy because he was doing it so hard and deep and my husband thought I was enjoying being raped.

    When he finished he stayed on me, in me for a while longer like he was planning on doing it twice. He was moving his hips but I guess he used himself up the first time because he couldn't get it hard again.

    As he was getting off of me another man entered the room. They spoke to each other in an African language and laughed. Then the second man got between my legs. He began fondling my breasts and I could see that he was ready to go as he prepared to take aim and he too raped me right beside my husband. Fortunately I was quite wet inside from the first man because the second man was even larger.

    I was grunting from the force of his deep strokes and gasping because he was sort of knocking the wind out of me and my husband again thought I was enjoying it and started crying. When he finally climbed off of me there was quite a mess on the sheets.

    I was expecting the other two to come in and rape me and thank goodness they didn't come back into the bedroom.

    The robbers emptied a safe and took a 9mm pistol.

    They also stole £1,000-worth of South African rand given to the couple as a wedding gift.

    The gang escaped in the couple's pick-up truck, which they later dumped in the township of Tembisa.

    Police said the victims managed to free themselves and call for help. The husband, whose father lives in South Africa, and his new wife had been renting the house for an extended honeymoon but may now return to Britain.

    She said: I've asked my husband to burn our bed, but he thinks we should just leave the country. It's the only way we can get over this and start to rebuild our lives.

    A Johannesburg police spokesman said: This was a vicious and nasty attack. Both victims have been traumatized.

    Last year a 29-year-old British woman was gang-raped in the Kruger National Park. A motorist who tried to help her was shot dead.

    End of actual report.

    EroticWriter again. So there you have it readers. What did you think? I didn't change anything from the original. I'm amazed that a news report would go into such detail about the size of the rapists cocks and detail using her words what they did to the bride. The one liner at the end about another woman being raped and a bystander killed was in the report and I left it.

    I'm going to take the same report and add my thoughts as to what might have really happened below. Note readers. This is not to imply that women enjoy being raped, and especially not in the manner described, in front of their helpless husbands. Just fantasy. OK?

    Honeymoon bride raped

    A BRITISH bride has been gang-raped only two days into her honeymoon in front of her weeping husband.

    The blonde woman was asleep in bed with her 25-year-old husband when four black robbers stormed in at 2am.

    The couple had their hands and feet tied up as they laid naked. One of the men pointed at the husband's cock and said something in an African dialect and it might have been a comment about how shriveled up his cock looks.

    The husband was later heard to say to an investigating policeman that he was embarrassed because his penis was looking so small because of fright.

    Two of the men fondled the woman as they were tying her and since she has a nice set of D cups, they were getting nice handfuls. It is possible the men had never seen a true blonde because they seemed to be quite interested in her pussy with the golden curls. Both men took advantage of the opportunity to finger her pussy and one even licked her juices off his finger and laughed over it.

    As the second man started testing her pussy with his finger, the first thug ripped off her rings, necklace and matching ear-rings. He then left to join the two men who were searching the house for loot. Then, as three men ransacked the house the couple were staying in, the fourth climbed onto the mattress and attacked the helpless woman as her husband lay next to her.

    Last night she said bravely: I can't sleep and I can't eat. Two nights ago I was a virgin and now this. My wonderful husband had been using a rubber from the first time on, and now I have to worry about being impregnated by one of the rapists, but if it happened this will not break up our marriage.

    I will come out strong on the other side. I will not become another statistic of South Africa's crime rate.

    The woman told how she was attacked in Bonaero Park, Johannesburg, just days after her wedding.

    She said: We were lying naked and tied up in bed at about 2am. The four men were out there somewhere, and we could hear them opening and closing drawers, probably looking for more things to steal.

    All I was concerned about is that they would just leave the house and leave us alone. I wasn't too worried about items in the house but we had been given a bit of money for our wedding and I hated losing that.

    Then it got quiet and we began to think they all had left, but I guess maybe only two of the four left based on what happened next

    I was struggling to undo my bonds and the next moment I saw a hand against the wall at the light switch. One of the men came back into the room and dragged me towards him by the feet. They must have come into the house with ropes ready and tied us up, so my legs were together.

    He needed to open my legs of course to do his dirty so he undid the ropes and spread my legs wide apart. He was grinning at seeing me opened up like that on my back and I heard my husband sort of whimper at knowing what was about to happen.

    The man explored me with his fingers for a minute and at first, when he put a finger in, I yelped because I was a bit dry, just like I had been the first time around. But he kept running his finger back and forth, in and out and at the same time he was using his left hand to fondle my breasts, mostly my right one which was easier for him to reach, and I felt myself become wet.

    I think that he knew he had to get me wet and ready first because when he dropped his pants I gasped at what I saw. His thing was huge looking to me, exactly the color of a milk chocolate candy bar, and larger than my husband by far. I heard my husband whisper 'No No' Not that” as the man crawled onto the bed and got between my legs.

    About that cock nick-named 'No no not that.'

    (Readers, below, see the chocolate cock she is talking about shown
    in a photo taken by a white man a few days before as the black man
    was being prepared to fuck another white man's redheaded wife.

    The hand holding the cock is her husband's. As a matter of fact, though
    the wife did not know it, her husband was paying the black man to fuck
    his wife.

    Because her husband was going out of town and into the countryside
    to find a black man who would never
    be running into his wife around
    town, the black man he chose probably would not speak English.

    Because of the language barrier, the husband had also brought along
    a friend, his boss, to do some interpreting during the bartering.

    "You know, don't you," the boss said, "that a black man might have
    a cock bigger than yours."

    "Yes, I know. That's what I want to see, her with someone larger than..."
    he hesitated, not really wanting to admit it, then finished. "Larger
    than my maybe smaller than average five inches."

    The boss, laughing inside at hearing his employee admit to his
    small cock and always in charge, even now away from the workplace
    had insisted: 'If I take the time to go out and help you find a black
    dick for your wife, I stay and watch.'

    'My boss actually see my wife, her naked and being fucked by
    someone else?' The husband almost changed his mind, then
    decided that since he had come this far...

    The husband, wanting to be 'in charge' of something, then
    countered with, 'If you get to see my wife, undressed and
    the rest, in that case you can take the photos for me.'

    The boss, having seen his employee's wife several times
    during social occasions and having the desire to see her
    naked, of course, agreed.

    The man they chose they saw on a corner. The bulge showing going
    down his leg had eliminated the need to have him display it in

    The two men kept the hired black man waiting over an hour in
    the car while they worked on the unsuspecting wife. Being clever,
    the husband at times prior to this night had been dropping hints
    like maybe his wife could, for the first time see what another
    man is like.

    Each time her husband had brought up the idea, he had been on
    and in her. To some degree, it had been working, but never had
    it worked to the point where she had agreed.

    Though he didn't say it right out, she thought maybe, now that her
    husband had invited his boss over, that this might be what he has
    been hinting at.

    While doing some shuffling around, the two men had managed to
    get her into the middle of the couch with them on each side of her.

    Though not really wanting to 'soil her marriage,' she went along
    with their being close, the both of them, while thinking she could
    control things. But the drinks they were feeding her snuck up
    on her.

    To help in getting her aroused, the husband did not protest when
    his boss sometimes 'accidentally' touched her on the thigh. Though
    the husband had a desire to see his wife with a black man, no way
    did he want his boss fucking his wife.

    But now, since it seemed to be getting his wife 'in the mood', he
    was allowing it. Finally, the boss placed his hand on her thigh,
    high up, and left it there.

    While sitting on each side of her on the couch and noticing that
    she was slowly allowing her legs to open a bit and spreading her
    skirt as she became more relaxed, the husband and his boss
    kept cracking jokes, and at first some were about white women
    being curious about black men.

    They were being careful to always say 'white women' as well as
    'black men' while not using profanity or vulgar language.

    Then, in more detail, the jokes and stories were about how white
    women are having their curiosity being satisfied by black men.

    Again, she played along, laughing at their remarks about black men
    and even casually saying that she 'might enjoy something like that.'

    She was half-hinting that she might go along with fucking the
    boss though she had not reached that decision. The husband
    gave his boss a look like: 'Now it's time."

    The boss, grinning, said, "Enjoy it, even if the black dude has a
    really big cock?"

    His use of profanity for the first time surprised her, but again, she
    laughed and jokingly said, "Isn't that what women are supposed to

    Her husband's boss took it further. "I've heard that when an
    innocent wife has a strange and big cock for the first time, she
    has really intense orgasms, and if it's with a black dude, it's
    even more exciting for her."

    The boss sort of gave her thigh a squeeze and added: "An
    innocent wife like you, for instance, would probably get
    quite a thrill from something like that."

    Though puzzled as to why he kept saying 'black,' she felt like
    her husband's boss was challenging her to come back with
    something equally shocking, and she did, not knowing she
    was falling into a trap.

    "Maybe a black man would...would feel good, but it will j
    just have to go on being a fantasy, and probably more on
    your side than mine."

    The boss, using something she had previously said against her,
    said, "Didn't you say that's what women supposedly want?"

    Feeling tipsy along with being aroused, she admitted: "Yes.
    Something like that."

    Though she was finding her husband's boss to be inviting, she
    was mostly playing along, having no real intention of ever
    cheating, not with him and especially not with some big black dude.

    To show her husband's boss how much she loved her husband, the
    wife turned her head to her husband and kissed him. Keeping this
    going, her husband responded with fervor while secretly signaling
    with one hand for his boss to go outside.

    "I'll be back in a few minutes," the boss said. "I have to go."

    Then, as her husband was making out with her on the couch while his
    boss, she thought, was using the toilet, the boss by pre-arrangement,
    had gone outside to bring in the waiting black man.

    Her husband had her skirt up, and when she did not try to stop
    him, he went further. Soon he had her legs spread and was kissing
    her in order to keep her from looking around while he was rubbing
    her pussy on top of her panties.

    That was when her husband's boss brought the black man in.
    Both men stood in front of the couch, rubbing their crotches and
    watching the action as her husband pulled her panties to one
    side and began fingering her.

    When she finally broke the kiss and looked up, her husband kept
    fingering. Though her face turned bright red at being so exposed,
    she did not appear to be all that angry at what they had pulled.

    Though she did use her hand to tug her husband's finger out of
    and off her pussy, she did it slowly and as his hand came away,
    both men standing received a nice viewing of opened and shiny
    wet pussy.

    Turned on and ready for her husband to take her to bed, and maybe
    just maybe have his boss come along, she realized now what they
    had been up to. It was then she decided, 'All right dear husband,
    if this is what you want to see, I'll show you and you might not like
    what you see!'

    Besides being innocent in life, she was shy and a bit reluctant when
    she saw that cock, but after her husband had given her another
    drink, she again decided to make her husband regret his decision.

    They did not treat it like seduction, instead, after she seeing that cock
    and protesting at first, they had her lie down.

    The husband, using his boss's interpretive skills, began giving direction
    on what he wanted to see. The boss, while 'directing' the black man
    to do it slow as he took photos, took it upon himself to encourage
    and talk to her as she tried to accept that 'scary' she called it cock
    into her vagina as her husband used his hands to tug her opened.

    "Honey, are you sure you want me to do this," she asked pleadingly?

    "Yes honey. I know you'll end up liking it and I'll have it to enjoy later
    on screen."

    "I guess...uuh oww that hurts some, I'll try to do this for you."

    As she was speaking, her eyes met her husband's boss's eyes.
    'If I have to do this, it's you I really wanted, you fool.'

    That was what she was thinking, at first, just his boss. But then
    that hunk of chocolate began to do its work.

    The boss, now having gone from interpreter to photographer, was
    getting every inch of the penetration on digital.

    Then she really got into it and before long she was not only cumming
    with the black man, her first continuous orgasms, but for the first
    time, she was squirting.

    The husband, upon seeing his wife squirting, something she had never
    done with him, and knowing his boss was seeing all this, tried to bring
    the fuck session to an early conclusion but his wife, no longer shy
    or reluctant, begged her husband to allow this to continue.

    The native, though he could not understand English, caught on to what
    is happening and asked for more money.

    The boss photographer, listened to the black man for a minute and
    laughing at how this was beginning to backfire on the husband, told
    the husband the black man wants more money if the fucking is to
    continue into the night.

    The cute little red-headed wife, upon hearing that her husband is
    paying for her to be serviced, immediately realized that she now
    knew something to put her in charge.

    Simulating being mad, she threatened to divorce her husband
    though she made no immediate attempt to 'evict' the black man
    from her widely stretched pussy.

    Not only did she keep that black cock inside her, she slowly raised
    her legs, higher, still higher and finding that she could handle his
    length, wrapped her legs around his waist.

    Then she wrapped both hands around his neck and pulled his head
    down as she kissed him. Her first kiss with a black man, and coming
    several minutes after first penetration.

    She was leaving little doubt, hired or not, whether her husband
    likes it or not, this man is going to keep fucking her.

    With the black man still pumping, slowly, an argument ensued
    between the wife and her husband, with the little wife steering
    the discussion in a direction she had thought out.

    All the while, throughout the discussion, her hips were rising
    up to meet her newfound lover's strokes.

    When her husband agreed, in desperation to allow her to go on fucking
    the black man after the photos were done, she added that after the
    photo taking is finished she wanted to be alone, in her marriage
    bed, with her hired black lover.

    Her husband had no choice but to agree as she smilingly agreed to drop
    her threats of getting a divorce. Then the husband had to open his wallet
    and produce some more bills for the black man so he would continue
    with his fucking.

    More photos were taken, and then the husband asked his wife if they
    could stop now and 'let my boss go home.'

    His boss, however, was understandably not anxious to be leaving.

    She pushed it, having the upper hand. She demanded, before he left,
    she wanted to let her husband's boss fuck her, something to which her
    husband's boss immediately agreed as the beautiful redhead bent
    down and opening his fly, started sucking his seven-inch cock.

    With that cock looking so beautiful compared to her husband's much
    smaller organ, she told her husband's boss to tell the black man to take
    a break and she would get back to him later.

    Then she told her husband to get some more photos for her husband's
    boss to keep. Her husband tried to protest, but one look from his boss
    and the husband shut up.

    With the hired man now seated on a couch, she proceeded to duplicate
    all the action she had done with the black man, but now doing it with
    her husband's boss.

    Perhaps the most shocking, she made no effort to have her face be
    hidden in any of the photos.

    The husband, upset but trying not to show it, took more photos. He had
    hired the black man to fuck his wife because he expected and wanted to
    see his wife being taken by BBC, but to have his boss fucking his wife
    while also using a dick that happens to be larger, not good, not good at all.

    Perhaps the worst thing for her husband to have to see, his wife kissing
    his boss, and obviously enjoying it.

    Her visibly annoyed husband got his photos, first of the the black cock
    stretching his wife and though he did not know it at the time, ruining her
    for her husband's five inch cock, but he also took photos for his boss to
    keep of his boss's cock in his lovely and now wet with sweat wife as she
    rode and was ridden by that seven inch cock.

    In other words, his wife fucked his boss and her enjoyment of that cock
    was obvious. Very. She especially made it a point, using intense kissing
    to show her pleasure at having her husband's employer knowing her

    His employer, enjoying the shit out of this, also made it a point to show
    the cuckolded husband how much he was enjoying the little wife as he
    fondled and fucked her every which way including loose.

    Running his fingers over her breasts, ass and face as he thoroughly
    worked her pussy, he even inserted a finger into her little pink anus,
    something that seemed to set her off even more.

    All the while, he was doing what the husband had been having him
    do earlier. The boss was directing the husband to take photos as
    'I fuck your wife in this position, and as she does this, and be sure
    to get some closeups of how my cock is stretching her lovely little

    That's it, now get some more as I get up on my knees over her so
    you can get better photos from under there.'

    There was more. 'Get a couple of photos of your wife's face as
    I make her cum. There, now get that. Look at how red her face

    Fucking her to the best of his ability the boss did everything but
    eat his employee's wife since he did not want to have his mouth
    go where that chocolate piece of meat had been.

    Better to leave that for her pitiful husband.

    Fucking joyfully, she orgasmed, yes, and quite easily on that seven
    inch white cock, but no squirts, which seemed to please her husband. But
    she told her husband that she was no longer squirting because the juice
    was all used up, though the orgasms were almost as good with his boss as
    with the black man.

    Yes, she said that in front of both white men. Almost as good.

    The black man, lucky he, not only was paid to fuck a red-head, a color of
    a pussy he had never seen, he also got to spend some time alone with
    her in that marriage bed, about four hoursl

    The husband and boss had brought him in from out of town, but he had
    insisted on being dropped off at a 'friend's house. Falling in with a new
    crowd, a few nights later during a home invasion he used the same
    cock on a blonde pussy)


    Now back to our story about the bride being raped.

    I don't know, it seemed like the man was more enjoying seeing my husband's reaction then he was mine. He kept grinning and looking over at my husband as he aimed his cock into me without even looking at my pussy.

    I think I must have let out a loud gasp or maybe groan as he went in. At first it was almost hurting, almost, and then he kept going and buried his cock, all the way as he laid down onto me but not all the way on top because my hands were tied and across my chest. .

    His penis felt so different from my husband, so much more, and then it hit me as I remembered, this man is not wearing a rubber! For the first time I was being fucked without a rubber! And then he began raping me in our bed, right next to my husband.

    I turned my head away and tried to think of other things but I couldn't because the man was quite large and was raping me vigorously. The bed was shaking he was doing it so hard and I heard my husband starting to cry.

    I wanted to reach out and console my husband but I couldn't because my hands were still tied together in front of me. At the same time the rapist's cock was starting to feel good, and again I wanted to reach out and this time wrap my arms around my rapist but I couldn't so instead I raised my legs, way up and around his waist.

    Yes, that was better. Better for him because he could better penetrate me, and better for me because not only was he doing a better job of penetrating me, but I felt now like I was more involved in what is happening.

    My husband seeing my legs willingly go up might have been a clue that I was beginning to enjoy my rape but it couldn't be helped.

    I guess I was really being noisy because he was doing it so hard and deep and my husband thought I was enjoying being raped. The truth is, I was enjoying it and I sort of quit worrying about my husband, figuring I could just tell him I was pretending later.

    As I began thinking of how good my climax with this man might be I felt the black man's penis seem to get harder if that was possible and I felt him cumming in me, maybe creating a baby since my husband had always worn a rubber.

    I was worried about being impregnated and at the same time sorry that I had not had time to cum. I think, I think that had I been mentally prepared for him in the beginning, for him and his big cock, I might have cum right off, but unfortunately, that had not been the case.

    Still, I could feel him throbbing in me, so much more so than I had been feeling my husband when he came into a rubber, and I kept humping my hips up at him, trying to suck him in and yes, swallow his cum with my pussy.

    He throbbed for a long time. When he finished he stayed on me, in me for a while longer like he was planning on doing it twice. He was moving his hips but I guess he used himself up the first time because he couldn't get it hard again.

    Even with his penis soft, it still like there was so much more in me than I had known over the past two days.

    As he was getting off of me another man entered the room. I think he was the other man who had been fingering me earlier. They spoke to each other in an African language and laughed. I really don't know if they were talking about me or my husband because at one point the man who had just finished raping me pointed at my husband's penis and again they laughed.

    I looked over where they had pointed and saw that my husband's penis looked all small and shriveled up, probably from nervousness and I guess I can understand why the two men laughed at seeing it looking that way.

    Also, I noticed that there was a shiny drop on the tip of his penis, like pre-fluid, and I felt bad because my husband had never been able to use his pre-fluid to make love to me since there had always been a rubber in the way.

    My husband is circumcised and his little dripping cock head was sort of poking out above the end of his shriveled penis and they could see it looking so forlorn. My rapist had been uncircumcised and I am sure it would have felt different to me inside from my husband if they had been near the same size, but with the huge difference in size I couldn't really know.

    Then the second man pulled off his pants and started to get up on the mattress. I was looking toward the door as the first man was leaving and saying goodbye with my eyes and I didn't see my second rapist's cock before he managed to get up between my legs.

    My husband saw it however, and I heard him whisper to himself and maybe to someone else. "Please God, Not that. He'll kill her with it."

    Readers. And here we have a photo of the scariest black cock ever. No wonder her husband said his prayers. If you click on it and it does not blow up, that is because you have not joined this site. But the photo is also at the beginning of this story.


    He wisely took the time to undo my bindings and free my hands. I placed one hand on the man's shoulder as he began fondling my breasts and using my free arm I raised my upper body off the pillow to look and could see that he was hugely ready to go as he prepared to take aim and he too began raping me right beside my husband.

    It was then that I reached out with my other hand and tried to reach my husband's hands, either of them but they were tied together and too far away so instead I placed it up on the back of his head and sort of pulled my husband's head toward me a few inches.

    I wanted to kiss him, and maybe have him share in the pleasure I was starting to feel, but my husband did not help me as I tried to pull him closer. I don't know, maybe he didn't want to get too close to my rapist, whose head was right there.

    I was trying, in my own way, to let my husband know that I cared about him and his feelings even as the pleasure started to build from my rapist.

    I heard my poor husband murmur 'Not again,' as he heard me start making sounds. Fortunately I was quite wet inside from the first man because the second man was even larger, maybe not longer, but thicker.

    Thicker for sure because I was aware of every bit of the feel of his penis as he drug it in and out of me. Well, not really out, but almost. When I say he was dragging it, I mean it, because the fit was so tight between us.

    The fit was tight but he had lots of energy and I was grunting from the force of his deep strokes and gasping because he was sort of knocking the wind out of me and my husband again thought I was enjoying it and started crying.

    I guess the fact that I had pulled my hand away from my husband's head so as to better hold the rapist close to me while at the same time again raising my legs up up and around another man's waist to better take all of him might have been a clue to my husband as to what I was feeling.

    To be honest, I again sort of forgot about my husband and gave my concentration, all of it to this new man. I wanted to cum this time and hoped that he would last.

    He did. Oh I came, How I came, so hard, so intense. It was something I had not known possible, this pleasure.

    Again I heard my husband whimper. No way, no way would I be able to convince my husband now that I had been faking it. He knew. I had climaxed, and intensely, with this man.

    Even better, he was still lasting, holding back maybe.

    My rapist's face was close to mine, beside my face and I used my hand to guide him around. He knew, and our lips met. He was still pumping, trying to hold back I think and make this last, but I had orgasmed and I think my lips on his, our tongues joined, set him off.

    He had started on a climb that could not be stopped. He gave me several hard and quick pumps, each one making me grunt, and I felt his cock, already huge, grow larger it felt like as his orgasm began.

    He was able to cum harder it seemed, then the first man. Maybe it just seemed that way, but I felt his every throb. I almost came too, close. Another minute, a few more pumps, and I would have came a second time.

    As he seemed to slow his movements, I reached down between our bodies and started rubbing my clit. Surprised, he began pumping again, his cock still being large enough soft to thrill me. With a loud groan I came, and again I heard my husband whimper as my rapist again laid his body on mine.

    He didn't get hard again, fully, but it had risen some while I had been stroking my clitoris. I think, right then, that the rapist and I achieved some form of closeness, some form of understanding at how we had enjoyed using each other's bodies.

    Yes, I had used his body just like he had used mine.

    Then, after he had stayed on me for a bit. I wanted to kiss again, but he kept his head down beside mine, and our lips were out of reach. I wondered. Are all men like this? They are romantic. So involved. They cum, They’re done.

    My husband, over the past two nights had been that way. The rapist before, and now this one. All the same. They get it up, they get it in, they get it off, and they get it out. I have learned so much about men after just three days of marriage.

    When he finally climbed off of me there was quite a mess on the sheets. Instead of closing my legs like I had done when the first man had climbed off, I remained spread. Opened wide so he could see what he might have done to me.

    To my blonde, white woman, veddy British pussy.

    I think I probably looked like a mess, down there. Two black men had known and enjoyed the feel of my blonde womanhood. Two men had came inside me, powerfully, and I am sure that now, as this second man stared down at me, that he might have been able to look inside me, because I had been stretched, wide.

    As he was putting that cock away, I kept my eye on it until it had disappeared under his pants. He knew. He knew what I was thinking, that man, and he grinned when he saw and heard me sigh as his cock was no longer visible to me.

    Then with a grin at my husband, yes my husband, he started to walk out. Then, like as an afterthought, he turned to look at my husband again, laughed, and walked out.

    I wondered what that was about, but I didn't look at my husband as I continued to lay with my legs wide, wet pussy opened, and seeing who might come next. You want some of this? Enjoy your sloppy thirds.

    While not really wanting to do it since I was so satisfied, I was expecting the other two to come in and rape me and thank goodness they didn't come back into the bedroom.

    After a few minutes, when it became obvious by the quiet that they all might have left, I closed my legs and looked toward my husband. He was not looking at me, but rather staring up at the ceiling.

    And then I looked at his shriveled cock and saw why the rapist had looked and laughed. It was still shriveled, but there in front if him, three or four inches in front, on his thigh, cum! A big wet spot of cum, shining in the light.

    I had never seen my husband's cum outside of a rubber. Even then, I never really had seen his cum because when he finished making love to me, each time, let me count, maybe five times total over the past two nights before this one, my husband had turned his back to me as he stood up and removed the rubber.

    Then, before I could really see it, he had placed it in the trash in the bathroom.

    Now there it was, on his leg and running down. Is it possible? Was it possible? With
    his hands tied? My husband had achieved an erection and climaxed while watching me fucking the second black man? He must have, otherwise, how did that cum get there, that cum that is now turning watery and running down his inner thigh and staining the already stained mattress?

    Still, as I stared, at his shriveled and looking so small cock, he wouldn't meet my eyes. Before undoing his bonds, I walked, or rather staggered to the front of the house to check. Shit! Cum started running out of me as I walked and I had to place my hand under to catch it. Still, I kept walking.

    Yes, they were gone. I then came back into the bedroom, wiped my cummy hand on the sheet and undid my husband's hands, leaving his feet for him to do while pretending that I could not see the cum that had now ran down his thigh.

    Without a word being said between us, I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower to let the water warm up while I sat on the loo.

    I heard him yell out, 'You don't want to drain it or shower. The police will need the evidence.”

    I knew what 'evidence' he was talking about. Cum. The cum from two black men who had placed it deep within me. Cum that might have made me pregnant. If I turn out to be pregnant, there will be no doubt who has done it, and not my rubber wearing husband.

    Did I say 'no doubt?” I forgot. No doubt to be shared between my two black rapists.

    “Do you really want to call the police,” I yelled out to my husband as I rose from
    the toilet without draining my 'evidence'?

    I didn't really want anyone to know, me being just married and having a huge wedding, with gifts now gone probably, and the money. But my husband, maybe because of the gifts and the money, called the police. I guess he didn't care about my dignity or privacy.

    I didn't know what to do with all that cum the rapists had left in me. My husband didn't want me to drain it in the commode, or take a shower. So instead I went to the bed and laid down flat on my back. Now, if they want to see and get a sample of cum, I'm ready.

    Fortunately, since my husband had said 'rape' on the phone, a policewoman came along, and she had a rape kit. She entered my bedroom escorted by a male cop, and boy did his eyes get wide when he saw me lying there naked and still spread somewhat.

    Woman to woman, the interview

    I think she knew we needed to talk first. Setting her case on the floor, she came over to the edge of the bed and sitting down, she took my hand in hers. Then she turned to her fellow officer, who had moved to the side of the bed and was still staring.

    "You can leave now Officer Hines. I can take it from here."

    "You don't want me to stay and take notes?"

    "No officer Hines. You can be assisting the other officers in taking inventory along with her husband of all the items those men might have stole."

    As the officer reluctantly left, she again turned to me and still holding my hand, squeezed it.

    "Hi. I'm officer Pamela Jones. Are you O.K? With that sweaty body and your pussy all wet and sticky looking below, it looks like you've been through Hell and returned."

    I immediately liked this woman, sensing that she would be understanding. "I'm alright, I think. I'm still here in spirit. I'm not so sure about my body."

    "How many men were there? How many of them on you?"


    "Only two? Your husband said there were four men."

    "Yes, and they all saw me and fondled my body, but only two actually fucked me. Maybe they felt they had to leave before they got caught, I don't know."

    "Those two men, black I assume?"

    "Yes. Very."

    "Were either of them big, between the legs?"

    "Yes. Both. Very."

    "No surprise there."

    Now readers, going to the third person, here's what was happening.

    The policewoman, though married, was secretly attracted to certain women, and this woman, this lovely blonde, naked and still sweaty in front of her was very attractive to her, raw pussy and all. This part of the job, using her rape kit on some of the women, was one of the benefits of her job.

    She reached out and felt the bride's right breast with her fingers. Then she reached with both hands and cupped both the victim's breasts. “Your body looks kind of red. Are you tender here" Sometimes these rapists squeeze too hard."

    "No, I'm fine up there. They had my hands tied in front part of the time and my tied up arms were in the way."

    "You're lucky then." She looked down. “Spread your legs a bit more for me please.”

    The policewoman reached out and tenderly used her fingers to open the bride's inner lips on one side and look inside. "Looks pretty red inside, and I see you have all kinds of semen starting to run out."

    “All kinds? Yes, from two men.”

    The policewoman looked up into the bride's eyes. Did you allow any of it to drain out before we got here?”

    “No. My husband said not to, so I just laid myself on this bed since there seemed to be so much cum coming out of me.”

    “Yes. It looks like you have a lot left inside, and it's running down your butt crack as well. Tell me, did either of them have or attempt anal sex with you?”

    “No, thank goodness. I could never have handled that. Not even my husband has been there.”

    “I see. It's probably a good thing for sure, those two men being so big.” Then she raised her eyes to the bride's face while still holding her tugged open.

    "Your little lips, your inner labia, look so red, like they really have been abused. Your husband said you are just married. So tell me. Were you a virgin, on your wedding night?"

    "Yes. Just two nights ago."

    “And this is just between you and I. Your husband, is he anywhere near the size of those two men?”

    The bride blushed, unwilling to admit it at first, then after a few seconds; “My husband is much smaller.” She frowned, looked sad, then added: "Actually my husband's penis is dinky compared to them."

    "Wow. From 'dinky' to huge. I'm so sorry you had to make that adjustment so soon into your marriage. Were you able to take them comfortably, those two black men with their large penises?"

    "Not at first. The first man, it was like losing my virginity all over again. The second man was somewhat easier to take even though he was thicker. His rape went easier.and he stayed on me, in me, for a much longer time."

    She looked down at herself, where the policewoman was holding her opened. "Do I really look that red?"

    "Yes, quite a bit. Your body has had quite a shock."

    The bride nodded, then sighed. "That might be why I am so red, he kept pumping into me for so long and many times. They both were so much larger than my husband. But I adapted."

    "Are you on the pill? I see so much semen in you."

    "No. No pills. And my husband was using a rubber, from the very first time."

    The policewoman sighed and shook her head. ""It's probably a good thing then, your husband having used rubbers. Now we know that those two men are the only ones to have taken you bareback and shot their semen into you.”

    Before the policewoman could go on, the bride interrupted. “Yes. I could really feel them cumming in me, probably because they weren't using a rubber, and of course, they were so much larger and I was very much aware of the feeling.”

    The bride shivered as she thought back on her fucks. "When they came in me, it was so...so intense. Not only could I feel their cocks throbbing, but their entire body seemed to shake, like an earthquake."

    “Yes, a rubber does tend to cut down on the feeling. But like I was saying before, that way, the two of them fucking you while doing it skin-to-skin, if you end up pregnant, you'll know it was one of the rapists and you can better decide whether to have an abortion of not."

    The policewoman continued to hold open and 'study' the wife's abused pussy. Tell me, when you were being raped, did your husband see their cocks? Was he seeing their respective sizes and seeing you taking them?"

    "Yes. My husband not only saw, he made a comment with the first one, something like 'No no, not that,' and with the second one he whispered to himself something like 'Oh God, he'll kill her with that cock,' and then when I started getting noisy he said something like 'Not again.'"

    The policewoman sighed and shook her head as looked into the bride's eyes. "That's too bad that he saw their cocks and how large they were. Because of that, your husband might not want to touch you for a while. That's common in cases of the wife being raped like this, especially if the husband is white and the rapist was black."

    "I understand. At certain times, as I was being raped and making noise, I think my husband was actually crying."

    "I can understand why. When your husband does want sex again, if it's before your period is due, I suggest that you continue to use a rubber with your husband until you know for sure."

    "I understand." She shook her head. “Poor man, my husband, never having been inside me without a rubber. I was holding off until I got back to England and saw my regular doctor for a prescription.”

    The policewoman again tugged the bride's lips opened and looked inside. "Are you hurting? Inside maybe since they were so large?”

    “No. No hurt. They both were very thick and stretching me, but it was only uncomforable for a little while.”

    “How about length? Did either of them go too deep and maybe hit bottom on you and hurt you? Do you need for me to call an ambulance and have you checked out internally at the hospital?"

    "I don't think so. No, no ambulance, and no hospital. I'll be alright. They were long, yes, but I was only aware of how much I was being stretched."

    "I see." She used both sets of fingers to stretch those still red lips opened further. "You're O.K. Internally then. But how about here. Are you tender out here?"

    "Yes. They did stretch me quite a bit, especially the second man."

    "I see," said the policewoman as she continued to spread the little blonde open and look inside. "Good thing the largest man went into you second then."

    She looked up into the bride's eyes. "Did you enjoy it, any of it?"

    The bride in turn, looked back into the policewoman's eyes with a look of concern on her face. “If I did, is that so wrong? I couldn't help what my body was telling me.”

    The policewoman nodded understandingly. “Obviously you received some pleasure. I know how you feel. Sometimes getting a big cock, one larger than you have been getting at home can be very enjoyable. Your body has a mind of its own sometimes.”

    The bride blushed. "Yes. But please don't say anything to anyone. I don't want it known."

    “You felt pleasure, we know. Now, did you orgasm with those two men? If you did, you'll need to keep it to yourself because we don't want testimony like that being used against you in court. If it comes out that you were cumming, the men can claim the sex was consensual.”

    The bride sniffed, while being very aware that the policewoman was still holding her vagina opened a ways with her fingers. “I'll keep it to myself. To be truthful though, I only reached orgasm with the second man.”

    "Don't worry. I understand." The policewoman, wanting to further establish rapport, decided to tell a secret about herself. "Would you like to hear a story, about my personal experience?"

    "Yes, please."

    "I too was raped once, sort of. By a black man. I was a bit drunk and he was pushy, but once he got it in, I enjoyed him. We were doing it standing up, against a wall, my skirt up, his pants partway down.

    It was so horny, that fuck. I didn't even wait long enough for him to yank my panties down. Instead I pulled them to one side. Standing up he was long enough to get way inside of me even though both my feet were still on the ground and I actually came with him. Really hard I came."

    The bride stared, her eyes wide. "That sounds really exciting. I see your rings. Were you were married when that black man got you?"

    "Yes. Yes I was and am married." She giggled. “I didn't know him personally, and I didn't know it right then, but he knew my husband, that black man. When that man was fucking me, my husband was right behind that wall, I could hear him in another room talking and drinking with his buddies.”

    The bride giggled softly. "Your husband was close? I think I know the feeling since my husband was beside me with both men and I don't know, in a way it was kind of exciting to be getting fucked with my husband there.

    So I understand how it must have been for you, fucking that black man with your husband within earshot. That probably was very exciting for you, all that danger of being caught and being fucked by a stranger with your husband so close. Did you cum better with that black man than you do with your husband?"

    The policewoman nodded. "Yes, and that's my secret. I couldn't believe what my body was saying. I climaxed twice with him even though it was a quickie.

    The first fuck was fantastic all by itself. Then we started kissing and the sex got even hotter. The second time I came, it was right in the middle of his cumming, and I joined right in."


    "His cock was nice, really long, too long perhaps but we were standing. I mainly enjoyed his thickness, but a cock like that,” she shook her head, “ I wouldn't want it as a steady diet. Just once in awhile, on the side for variety."

    "You never did it with him again, after that?"

    "No. I was too embarrassed about it after we were done. I even...I even, while he was fucking me, told him to fuck me harder with his big cock because this was what I had always needed so bad."

    She looked the bride in the eyes. "I was trying to be nice and show my thanks and I probably went a bit overboard, but it really was what I had been craving."

    "You actually said 'with your big cock' and not just 'fuck me harder'?"

    "Yes. He knew I was turned on by his big cock. No doubt about that he knew and by me saying that I had admitted that he had a bigger cock than my husband."

    "Gee," the bride answered. "I think I would have tried to get together with him again."

    "No, no I couldn't. When we were fucking I thought about seeing him for a repeat, because I didn't know he knew who I was married to. After he fucked me he left and went around the corner. I sort of looked around for him but didn't see him.

    Later, everyone was sort of gathered together to say their 'goodnights' and I went over to join my husband without realizing that man was in the same group and as I walked up my husband introduced him to me and the guy said 'Yes, I've seen her with you earlier this evening.'

    I knew then that he had known in advance who he was fucking. So I made it a point to ignore him after that."

    "I can understand that. How embarrassing, especially after your having told the guy this was what you needed, a big cock."

    The policewoman looked at the bride. "And my needing a good, hard fuck. How about you? You said you came with the second rapist?."

    The bride blushed. She did not want it the whole truth known, so she told part of it. "Yes it felt better, with the second man. I didn't cum with the first one." She sighed. “Almost with the first, but there wasn't quite enough time.”

    The policewoman nodded. "It'll be our secret. So now you don't have to worry. I understand how you must feel, the guilt."

    “I really do feel guilty because it was so obvious I was enjoying my rape, because after I had reached orgasm with the second man, he was about to get off and I started playing with myself."

    "Really? Wow, tell me more."

    "He seemed surprised but started pumping to accommodate me and I came again. And, I think my husband knew what I was doing.”

    "Your husband saw you playing with yourself?"

    "Yes. I believe so."

    The policewoman nodded understandingly. “That could be bad in court, if the rapist says you were playing with yourself in order to cum again. Never, ever, admit to that if it comes out and be sure your husband knows to keep his mouth shut.”

    The bride nodded. "The entire time my husband was lying tied up beside us, and he was whimpering, crying actually. I think he knew I was cumming."

    She considered telling the policewoman about her husband having reached orgasm beside her while his hands had been tied and decided it would be better left unsaid.

    Instead, she asked, "Tell me officer Jones, do you ever get over the guilt?"

    "You can call me Pamela when we're alone. It's a mixed feeling. Since I enjoyed it once we started, that black man against the wall, I know that it was wrong, but at the time it felt so right. Even when I kissed him," she paused, “ it felt so right. I kissed him not only before we came, but after as well.”

    The bride nodded in agreement. "It felt right with my man too, once I had kissed him. I didn't even know his name, the second guy, and yet he made me cum so good."

    Pamela giggled. "I guess we have something in common then. We both had a black lover and enjoyed it. Our little secret, you and I."

    And then, shockingly but not surprisingly, Pamela leaned her head close to the bride, and they kissed. A tender kiss. A caring kiss with a little bit of tongue near the end. A kiss that might lead to more, later.

    When the kiss ended, they both avoided each other's eyes and tried to act like the impulsive act had not occurred. "Pamela, those men, the two or all four, any chance you might catch them?"

    "I doubt it to be honest. There are black men roving all over South Africa and they speak so many different dialects that it is very hard to even question people about who they might have been. Best you just forget our finding them, though we will keep trying, and try to put your marriage in order."

    The policewoman removed her fingers from the bride's tender pussy lips and dipped one finger into the cum seeping out of that pussy and with a quick but gentle move, inserted the finger halfway into the bride's anus.

    "Oh! What are you doing? That feels....she paused, "good."

    Again, as she fingered the bride's anus, Pamela kissed her. This time the kiss lasted longer, perhaps ten seconds.

    "Fuck Pamela," the bride said when the kiss ended, "my body seems to have come alive."

    "That's what I thought. You like it in the backside. Here is what I propose in order for you to sort of make things right again between you and your husband. Invite him to fuck you in the ass."

    "My husband? In my rear?"

    "Yes. Tell him that although those men had you bareback in the pussy first, and you can't take that back, you want to have him be the first and only into your rear."

    The policewoman was stroking her finger back and forth, working that tight anus and turning the bride on.

    "Wow. Pamela. That sounds like a good idea, having my husband fuck me in...Oh my that's really good, where your finger is. Did you do that with your husband, have him fuck you in the ass?"

    "Wasn't necessary since he never knew I fucked anyone, let alone a big, black man, but on rare occasions I do have anal sex with him and there, at least, he still feels big enough."

    "Thank you for the suggestion. When my husband is willing to talk about..things, I'll make him the offer. For sure, his little wrinkled penis will feel big to me there."

    "If your were cleaned up, I'd love to show you what I can do with this, and you." Pamela was using her fingers to open that tight reddened snatch again, and this time her finger penetrated.

    "Uuuuh! Oh fuck Pamela, that feels good!" She looked into the policewoman's eyes and smiled.

    "I guess you'll have my number, and you know where I live, although I don't know how long we'll be staying on here now."

    "Yes. We need to get together. I really feel attracted to you."

    "You too Pamela. I never thought, never dreamed I would feel this way towards another woman. I'm going to have to really think on this night, so much has happened."

    The policewoman removed her finger and after wiping it reached for her rape kit. “We'll get together, and soon. And now, we'd better get on with gathering the evidence. Those men are waiting out there."

    Back to the first person.

    I was able to provide her with lots of 'evidence.'

    Later, wearing a robe, I told the police, policemen, describing to them all that had happened including how large the men had been, and leaving out the detailing of how I had enjoyed much of it and apparently, my husband, some of it.

    Some damned reporter read the report and maybe he put two and two together, and he wrote a report for the local paper that did not exactly make me look like the total victim.

    Fortunately, I had not told the police one hot little bit, not even the policewoman. I had never orgasmed with my husband, not once, but those two men, the first almost, and the second, oh yes, twice. That damned reporter, he would have put that into his paper too, I'm sure.

    So maybe I'll move back to Britain as my husband wants. That'll be alright with me, His folks live in S. Africa, and mine are in Britain. So, I'll be close to family. My husband will be separated from his parents, but maybe he wants it that way, because there aren't as many black men in Britain.

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