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. Honey! He's Got It In!

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Feb 11, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!



    'You really should leave married pussy alone because it is special. It not only belongs to a woman that you need to be able to attract and have to seduce while overcumming her desire to remain faithful, but it also is protected by a vowel, a piece of paper, a ring, and a husband who might kill you if he catches you fucking with his married pussy.'

    By EroticWriter

    True personal story readers. The girl's body in the photo I grabbed to use is pretty close to my wife as described in the story. It has the name of another website attached, couldn't remove it.

    She was getting the looks, that's for sure. Everyone the gorgeous woman passed on the way around the lake, their eyes followed her. They, mostly men, didn't for the most part ogle the woman openly as she walked past, but when that golden tanned fantastic body with blonde hair showing in two places came into view, eyeballs clicked.

    As she came near and walked by, carrying a towel, those eyeballs clicked to the left, clicked to the center, and then clicked right. Oh, she has a man with her? Too bad.

    The man was me, and the woman was Sharon, my wife. My wife was fairly new to public nudism. Sharon had been nude in front of others before, but in low numbers like twos and threes on a beach that was isolated. Today was a first time for her though in the fact that my wife was nude where there were a lot of people around.

    “Honey, there are a lot of people here, and most of them are men.” We were sitting in our car. A few minutes before I had driven in and parked. As we shared a soda, she was looking apprehensively through the car windows, both left and right.

    I had 'scouted' the lake in advance one day the week before, so I knew my way around the lake. When I had driven my wife to the lake today, I had not anticipated so many people, and so many cars parked in a line along this side of the lake. I pointed my hand to the right. “I know baby, but if we walk down that way and go around the bend, away from the cars, we'll pretty much have the beach to ourselves.”

    We were at Coot Lake near Boulder, Colorado, and at that time, going nude was OK with the Sheriff's Department. Unfortunately, the word had gotten out about the 'nude lake', and the sightseers were starting to show up.

    There were already a lot of nude sunbathers on the sand in front of our car and going in both directions left and right. If we wanted to get away from the gawkers, we had a choice, get out of the car dressed and walk past the sightseers in their cars, or go past nude. I chose nude, and surprisingly, my wife agreed to do it.

    Sharon had been to a couple of nude beaches with me in the past, but that was on the California coast. Our chosen spot in California was NW of Santa Barbara, a place called Moore Mesa, and to get down to the beach, you had to leave your car out of sight and walk down a cliff. The sightseers there were usually not a problem since there were miles of beaches along the coast and it was not too difficult to find privacy.

    But here, at Coot Lake, the non-nudists could drive right in, park and see the sights from their car. Carrying the small ice chest and one towel, I headed out with my wife beside me. We had parked in the middle of a row of maybe fifteen cars, and we had to pass in front of about eight of them to get around to where the path turned left around the lake and we would be away from the cars.

    Most of the cars were empty, fortunately, and the occupants were either sitting or lying on towels along the beach and usually, in front of their own vehicle. Maybe three or four of the cars had guys sitting inside, and the cars that were now empty had been occupied in some cases by couples, so at least there were some women along the beach.

    But my wife stood out, and today, she was the feature presentation for those that had came to do some viewing. I was proud and inwardly excited as I saw the men, and some women, looking our way. Sharon's D cups were out in front, and her body, accompanied by mine, followed along.

    Me? I was in great shape from working out and my tan, what was left of it from last summer, was still even on my body. My cock, for those that might be looking, was hanging down maybe slightly more than four inches and uncut. I've been told by more than one woman that I have a nice looking cock. Not the biggest by far, but soft or hard, 'nice looking.'

    Just to throw something in here. When I think of women saying that I have a 'nice looking cock,' one time in particular cums to mind. We were driving an eight passenger vehicle, a Ford station wagon, and my previous wife and I had brought another couple along with us to Death Valley. They had, with our permission, brought along a 'friend.'

    The friend turned out to be a very exotic looking woman with dark hair named Jewel. (name changed). She was from the NYC area, and had cum to California just to see the sights. Well, Jewel saw the sights alright because the cabin room I had rented at Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley just happened to have an extra bed in it, and since the other couple were new at each other and wanted some privacy, we agreed that our visitor could stay in the cabin I was sharing with my wife.

    “It'll be no problem Jewel. You get undressed in the bathroom, we'll get undressed in the bedroom and get in bed. You can turn out the lights before you cum out of the bathroom to get in your own bed. No one will see anything.”

    That is what was being said in front of the other couple. When the three of us, Jewel, my wife and myself finally were alone, oh boy.

    Jewel's show of being conservative and shy, apparently was meant for her friends, one of them, the wife, she had known since grade school.

    The lights stayed on. It was not long before Jewel was kneeling on the floor and I was standing in front of her with a full erection, and in the middle of her blow job, she took her mouth off, turned to my wife who was sitting on one of the beds and watching, and said, “Your husband has a really nice looking cock.”

    I won't go into all the details of that night since it is another story that I might tell at another time. Turns out that Jewel eventually ended up in the (not porno) movies, and I won't name real names.

    As we were walking past the cars at Coot Lake there was always the chance that some onlooker would attempt to take a photo of us through the windshield of their vehicle, or more specifically, get a shot of my wife, But I was vigilant and if anyone tried it, I would likely see and go their car and yank the camera out of their hands. Yes, I was prepared to do that.

    Of course, that would be anyone in front of or beside us as we walked by. From the rear, they could have gotten their shot, and would have had a photo of two nice rear ends. Yes, I have been told by more than one woman that I have a nice ass too.

    So we walked past the cars and onlookers, came to where the lake ended in one direction, followed around and after walking the distance of maybe a long city block were now alone. From here, no one could see us from a car going by on the highway, which was over some small hills behind us, and if we were seated or lying down we had some shrubbery to semi-hide us from anyone over at the cars who might be using binoculars.

    We sunbathed, and tested the water, but in early June the water was still a little cool for swimming, so it looked like our pubic hair would be staying dry for today. After a while Sharon was lying face down on her towel and was probably asleep, but I couldn't be sure.

    We were lying up where the ground was flat about ten feet from the water since the land dropped off rather sharply going into the water. The sun was cumming from the west over the lake, so as a result our feet were toward the water and anyone cumming past would have to walk between us and the lake to get by. That meant of course that anyone walking by would also be in position to stare at a pussy or, if they are so inclined, a cock.

    About that time a slightly overweight naked guy wearing only sandals came around the lake and walked past us. I knew he had probably came to look at 'that blonde', but he pretended to be heading for the other side of the lake.

    Over there, the shrubbery was not cleared away for the most part and there was not much in the way of a place to sit or lie near the water. Also, anyone in that area could be watched from across the lake through binoculars from the area where the cars were.

    That area was deserted and I knew that he would be cumming back, and very soon.

    I watched as he 'looked around', pretending actually and then eventually headed back our way. Now was the time to have a 'little fun' so I pulled out a bottle of tanning lotion and began to apply it to Sharon's back. I did it slowly, all the while keeping an eye on the guy's progress as he worked his way back around the lake and drew near to us.

    When he was about to reach us and go on past, I had finished my wife's back and was starting to apply lotion to her nicely rounded buttocks. He slowed as he reached our location. “Nice day, isn't it,” he asked? He was looking while trying not to be seen looking as his eyes roved over Sharon's buttocks, now starting to shine in the sun.

    He had provided the opening I needed. “Yes. But we stuck our feet in the water and that was enough for us. Still a little too cold for swimming.” (Actually, had the water been warmer it was unlikely that we would have gone in. We were there to enjoy the sun, and maybe the sunbathers.)

    “Yeah,” he responded, thankful to be greeted in a friendly manner, “I put my toe in over there, but that was enough for me.”

    If he had gone to all that effort to see my wife by going fully halfway around the lake and back, he deserved a 'reward.' So I smiled and invited him to sit a while by pointing at the bottom of the towel I was sitting on. It was 6 feet long and pointed towards the lake, so that left plenty of room for two.

    “You don't mind?” He was staring at my wife, who even on her stomach was a knockout. Her ass is something to see, and it is joined by a pair of legs that are filled out nicely with thighs and calves in just the right proportions.

    If Sharon's legs are opened a little, the view up between is somewhat spectacular, and right now her legs were opened just enough to be providing him with a peek at her snatch from the back.

    Snatch from the back, snatch from the front, snatch is nice from any angle.

    “Sure. Besides,” I said, “I think she's asleep.” I was pointing at my wife as he walked on past her and had himself another look see before sitting down on the towel I was using since he had not brought one of his own. Now he was as close to my wife as I was, and from where he is seated at the foot of my towel, he had the view of her that I previously described.

    Think about that guys. A naked man, a total stranger, is now seated within inches of my naked wife, so close, and yet, at that point, so far. But he had the better positioning to be seeing her pussy, that was for sure.

    I continued to apply the lotion, using almost a massaging motion as I rubbed, and at the rate I was going, it would take quite a while before I finished with her buttocks. I figured that Sharon was probably awake and listening, but she did not know for sure where my new 'friend' was seated, so I felt free to have some fun.

    As I continued to apply lotion, I was now rubbing it in between her ass cheeks including rubbing it over her little pink anus, the color around it shaped sort of like a diamond, and below that was the area that certainly did not need to have tanning lotion applied, but my wife likes it when I go there with my hands.

    He was probably surprised when I went to her pussy with my hands to apply lotion, and further surprised when her legs voluntarily opened wider at her feet, probably by an additional 12 inches. Since she had opened her legs on her own, that told the both of us that yes, she is awake.

    The opening movement way up her legs had now exposed her lips between that luscious blonde hair that until now, had been hiding them.

    Of course my wife was possibly not aware that the visitor is seated where he has a full view of the action. At least I don't think she knew. But she might have been 'fantasizing' that he is there and seeing the view as I played.

    The interesting thing is, since she was awake and responding to my touch, she also had to be listening, and my wife had no idea what this guy looks like.

    So we sat and talked, and I was now applying lotion and caressing the lips of my wife's vagina, and every once in a while I would tug her lips opened, and our visitor was being provided with a view partially inside the magic tightness of my wife's most intimate part.

    At first I was briefly opening her lips and not looking at him as I did it. Before long that had changed, and I began using two hands and spreading her wide and then holding her open for several seconds while looking up at his face as he stared. He was actually seeing up inside my wife's vagina, at least as far as her tightness permitted.

    It happened several times. I was pausing, pulling and holding her pussy lips apart for several seconds at a time. My wife just had to know that I am doing it for a man she has never seen. She had to know, I am sure.

    I noticed from time-to-time that his uncut cock appeared to grow as the foreskin slid partially back off the head and I could even see a drop of clear fluid on the tip. He would quit looking at my wife, and his cock would go back to normal. Size-wise, I grow to almost seven, and I was estimating him to be in that range, somewhere between six and seven.

    The head on his cock looked like it might be a little larger than mine. I couldn't be sure because so far, his penis had not filled out to its full size and that foreskin had not as yet peeled back.

    I had 'finished' with her vagina now and was doing her legs as I learned more about our visitor. But Sharon's legs were remaining spread, and the view had not gone away.

    Though he had a non-Hispanic sounding name, Joseph, (not his real name) looked to be Mexican to me. Body-wise, same as me in height, but he was softer overall, and non-muscular.

    Joe, (I'll shorten his name here) claimed to be an artist, and he was wondering if perhaps we might like to have some nude 'sketches' of my wife to enjoy. About that time my wife had sat up, turned around and as she was providing him with close up views of her wonderful breasts she was involved to a small extent in our conversation, and she seemed to be interested in the sketches.

    My wife was not interested in him though. I saw right away as she turned around that whatever fantasizing on what he might look like had been shot down. Joe was not ugly, but not what most women would call attractive either. She did give his cock a glance, and I am sure that she probably appraised it to be about the size of mine, and like mine, uncut.

    Joe, bless his heart, was very interested in seeing my wife up close now that she was sitting up and giving him not only a view of a lovely girl next door face but also of a set of D cups that even while she was sitting down did not show even a hint of sag.

    As we all continued talking I was watching Sharon's face and could see that after 'getting to know him' she still was not interested in 'him' because he was not all that good looking, but she did seem to be interested in doing some posing, but only if we could keep the sketches.

    I noticed that, when she thought no one was watching her face, my wife stole a couple more glances at his cock because the size kept changing. It never got fully hard, but her impression was probably that his cock while soft looks a lot like her husband's except that his cock constantly had a shiny drop of fluid hanging off the tip.

    Besides the drip, I happen to know that she had taken note that his head looked to be 'biggish' under that foreskin. I said 'biggish' because that is the word my wife used to describe how Joe's cock had looked to her when we talked about it later.

    Arrangements were made, and Joe, after getting our phone number, was to cum over that evening. We both waved as he walked off towards the occupied part of the beach. Sharon laid back onto her stomach to do some more tanning while I kept watching until Joe reached the cars.

    Because of the distance I could not tell if Joe got into one and drove off immediately or kept hanging around. To this day I don't know if he had cum to the beach with 'buddies' or not. If he had, I am sure he had quite a story to tell.

    Eventually Sharon sat up again and I asked her again how she felt about posing for Joe. It was then that Sharon said yes, he was welcum to cum over (to our house) but that the sketches or paintings he was going to show us had better be good enough to make it all worthwhile for her to be posing. Bad sketches, no poses.

    She never mentioned what I had been doing beforehand, while she was 'sleeping.' Funny thing is, Sharon knew that I had been rubbing on that lotion while he had been there and that I was doing it the way she likes the best, in that I was playing with her pussy and even pulling it open as I did it.

    But she either did not care or never thought of asking if he had been positioned to where he would be able to see the action while I had been spreading her lips.

    She probably had trusted me to not be doing that.

    The evening came. As agreed, Joe brought some pencil and water color sketches along that he had already done. There were a few scenery drawings and mostly drawings of other women and a couple of children he had done, but no nudes. When she asked, Joe told my wife that she would be his first nude.

    They were amateur drawings, but good ones. Good enough for what I had in mind.

    I think that made my wife feel 'special' and after taking another look at them and indicating the style she liked, she nodded her approval. It was then agreed that my wife would get naked on our king-sized bed where she would do some posing.

    For 'comfort' and to make my wife feel more at ease with a stranger in her bedroom, I got naked too. This was the first time that she and I had been naked and alone in a truly private place with someone else.

    In the course of posing for some preliminary sketches, I perhaps got my wife into some poses that were pretty revealing, even lewd. Up until now, though, they were all of her. I am sure that Joe and my wife were also aware that now my cock was playing the game Joe's cock had been playing earlier, in that it was changing sizes, and often.

    One thing led to another, and after about 45 minutes Joe offered to do larger sketches, maybe paintings, of us 'making love,' but he wanted to take photos and use them to remember and draw from.

    I am cutting out some here to get to the good parts, but let's say that in the process of doing those preliminary sketches, Joe had becum naked too. After some discussion and promises of no faces showing, we agreed to allow him to take some Polaroid photos, from which he would do some larger 'sketches' and bring them to us in a few days.

    Joe started us out 'easy.' I knew that he wanted to see and get photos of some hard core fucking, but he had to go at it slow so that Sharon would not revolt. Fortunately for Joe, my mind was going in the same direction. Start her out slow, and ease her into some hotter stuff.

    Joe told us that since he would be rendering 'still' paintings and not movies, all he needed was some shots of us in certain positions like lying side-by-side and kissing, things like that. Yeah, 'romantic lovemaking' stuff.

    We did a few poses, with just the two of us laying together and simulating looking into each other's eyes and having sex. In all of these, my cock was not showing nor was it into Sharon. In every pose Joe suggested, I noted that Sharon's tits were featured prominently, even though we had our faces either turned away or covered in some manner.

    Then, since I was in agreement with Joe that we needed to do some more 'intimate' poses, Joe suggested three, to which I readily, and Sharon somewhat reluctantly, agreed.

    We needed to show my penis started partway into Sharon for his sketches. So he took two or three Polaroid shots of each pose we did. We started out with my wife on top of me and halfway down on my cock, then with me on top of her while up on my knees and partially in, and then me penetrating my wife, who by now was getting aroused, in the doggy position.

    I was counting the photos, and each time one was finished developing, we took a look at it to make sure no faces are showing.

    Because I was saving the suspense for possibly later, I was making sure not to go further than just a short penetration each time I entered her. In each of these positions Sharon and I assumed, Sharon let out a little 'gasp' as my rock hard cock spread her tight lips. I knew that by now she was wishing that I could just go all the way in and start fucking, but I was in a teasing mode. After all, we were just 'posing.'

    Each time we changed positions I allowed Joe to cum over and watch from close up as the penetration was made, and he could readily see that her lips fitted quite tightly around my cock. On purpose, I only went a couple of inches into Sharon in each pose so that most of my cock would show.

    After three partial entries into my wife I had had enough. Enough of the posing and now it was time for some real. I had saved this particular position for last because from up here I could see and show Joe the 'view' and my wife's head was 'down there' where she would sort of be away from the discussion and activity going on behind her.

    The doggy position. Probably the best angle for a man to be able to see what his cock is doing to the pussy that is wrapped around it. Best for his viewing, and maybe the best for viewing by anyone else that happens to be around. It was then, after Joe had put the Polaroid camera down that I started fucking my wife in the doggy position, and I invited our new friend over to watch from close up.

    Before, we had been posing for his camera. Now, with my wife listening, I intended to get our new friend involved on a personal level with what was happening. “Watch this Joe. Now that I'm going deeper you can see how her tight little lips pull out each time I cum back. See that?”

    “I noticed that before, how she does that in every pose we did. Is she as tight as it looks?”

    His cock was mostly hard, but that foreskin was still halfway covering his head. Joe had asked a very personal question about my wife, and she was hearing it. But I gave him the answer and I am sure my wife probably was proud to hear me say it.

    “Even tighter.”

    Up until now, my wife had only been intimate to this level with me. I will tell you of her history as she told me. One can never be totally sure of the truth unless they have been there, but Sharon had no reason to hide things from me.

    In high school, she did little dating, if at all. In the first year of college, Sharon had made out with a couple of guys, and one of them had given her a first orgasm by just kissing her and doing some fondling 'with clothes on' according to Sharon.

    I had pushed her a little on the 'clothes on' bit and she had finally admitted that he had gone under her brassiere and played with her nipples. He was tall and good looking, she said, and she was very attracted to him.

    Without his knowledge, he had made her cum. Sharon still swears to this day that he had not placed his hand on her vagina, either on or under her clothes. Just the passion of kissing and being fondled had done it for her, but Sharon had held out because she was a virgin. She told me that she neither saw nor felt his cock since they were both dressed.

    She decided later, that the next time he took her out, that she would give in and allow him to take her cherry, which possession she had not informed him about. But he was playing the field apparently and never called her back.

    That guy will never know what he missed. That had saved her cherry for me. It's nice knowing that you are the first, especially in the case of Sharon, who being a virgin was tightness piled on more tightness. It's probably lucky for my wife too, because if that guy had turned out to have a huge cock, she would have been in deep shit.

    Yeah readers I know. You have heard of, read about, and maybe if you are lucky actually had a really tight pussy. It is easy, if I wanted to, to make up a story like that here, but my wife to be, when I met her, and for a long time after, had a really tight snatch. Unusually tight.

    I actually had to work at it to break her, and since it happened on a living room carpet at her parents, Sharon was sort of squirming all around under me to 'get away' because of the tightness and feeling of being uncomfortable, (according to her). But the cherry broke, and it was her tightness all around her lips that made it so hard to do and not the actual cherry itself.

    Her body, with an incredible set of D cups with pink nipples and a blonde covered snatch that is incredibly tight was mine to enjoy exclusively. That is, up until tonight. Now I was fucking Sharon, her pussy seemed to be extra wet, and a stranger, basically a stranger, was staring down at her married pussy (I love that term) as I was fucking it, in and out and back again.

    'Married pussy.” That is a term that I never had heard before I started seeing it in stories on the net. It seems to make that pussy that is being offered up either voluntarily or involuntary to another man even better to have, and maybe it boils down to that old bit about people do not want something as much until it is declared to be 'illegal,' like booze was doing the prohibition in the 1920s.

    Everyone wants pussy, of course. But if it 'belongs' to someone else, then that pussy is fair game in the eyes of some men, and highly desirable to conquer.

    You really should leave married pussy alone because it is special. It not only belongs to a woman that you need to be able to attract and have to seduce while overcumming her desire to remain faithful, but it also is protected by a vowel, a piece of paper, a ring, and a husband who might kill you if he catches you fucking with his married pussy.

    Now I, all day and tonight, was showing my married pussy to another man, up close and personal. We were discussing, openly, in front of my wife, as to how tight it is. I knew how badly Joe wanted to fuck that pussy, but my wife had stated to me that she intended for her married pussy to belong only to the man she had married.

    Joe's was watching me fuck my wife, and his cock, so far, had not reached the point of pointing straight up like mine did when I was that age. As far as I know, he had never to this point put his hand on it. He looked to be mostly hard, but it was pointing more out than up, and though his skin had not as yet pulled all the way back, his head looked big under there.

    I didn't really want Sharon to experience anyone bigger than me in those early years of our marriage, and Joe's cock looked almost the same as mine, except for the head. If he got that head, somehow, past her tight lips and then stayed deep inside, I figured that he would probably feel about the same to Sharon as I do.

    Or maybe better.

    It was seeming to me that, if my wife was willing to see her most intimate and personal part being penetrated by my cock, that it would not be that big a step for her to allow him to also try it. So I went for it.

    I said it to Joe loud enough for Sharon to hear. “Would you like to try it?”

    “Of course.”

    I knew what Joe wanted to do, and I knew what I wanted to see. My wife? I didn't know where her head is at the moment, but I decided, since we have been talking about her tightness, that keeping my next question at a purely physical level might make it easier for her to respond to.

    If she agreed, Joe would be standing behind her. My wife would not be looking into his face and could mentally be 'disconnected' from the man who owns the cock that is penetrating her, and yet still be enjoying it.

    She can enjoy the feel of a strange man, and with a cock equal to mine is size or slightly larger, and with no obligation to consent to be kissing, stuff like that. But would she see it that way? I had to ask.

    “Sharon? Is it OK if he tries you on for size?”

    See? Try her on for size. That is certainly a different way of saying 'Do you want to be fucked by another man?.

    Sizing. Testing the fit. Joe could be trying her on for size like fitting his fingers into a tight pair of gloves. All the while, she could be taking him in for sizing as well. Just a physical thing and not mental, or so we men were thinking.

    But women think differently. For a woman, offering up her married pussy can also be very mental, even with a stranger she can not see while she and he are doing it.

    I was only doing this because of the situation. We, Sharon and I, had never really talked about her trying other men. She had told me about the make out situation with the one guy and her orgasm, but until now, my lovely conquest had only shown a desire for me, and my cock.

    I kept fucking, doing it slow but with enough depth to keep her interested.

    “No honey. Thank you,” she paused, “or Joe for the offer, but I don't want to fuck anyone but you. You know that.” Sharon had surprised me with her use of the “F” word in front of another man, but after all, at the moment I was fucking rather than 'making love' to my wife.

    I could see deep disappointment in Joe's face of course, and his cock appeared to dwindle some, but I smiled at him and he frowned, wondering what else I had in mind perhaps.

    “Joe,. go lie down in front of her.” To keep my wife turned on enough that she might stay in place, I started fucking her with a little more vigor. Not hard, but steady and deep.

    I didn't have to tell Joe what part of his body is to be closest to her face. Joe knew right where to go as he laid himself centered on the bed in front of my wife with his cock, his mostly soft but pointing up enough to be sideways rather than hanging cock, near her face.

    His cock was less than 12 inches from her mouth. Now we would see what my lovely and innocent wife might do with something strange so close at hand.

    To keep my wife 'hot' I kept pumping, giving her long slow strokes because she had told me on many an occasion that she can get a better feel of my cock going slow rather than fast.

    Joe had shiny pre-fluid running down the side of his cock in substantial quantity now and I was afraid that it might cause revulsion on the part of my wife. I kept fucking.

    I was surprised, pleasantly, as my wife reached out with her right hand, grasping him low on the shaft and gave Joe's cock an experimental stroke, and as he immediately started to grow, she gave him two more slow strokes as she stared at it and watched the foreskin work back and forth.

    My wife is either just sizing him with her hand, or maybe getting him harder so she can do more with it.

    Fuck! I couldn't believe it. There's my lovely wife, and for the first time in history she has her hand around someone else's cock. Now, after just three strokes and with his cock almost fully hard and continuing to drip, I was amazed at what happened next!

    She gives her first strange blowjob.

    She started sucking him! I couldn't believe it. I had been hoping that my wife might play with his cock, and instead she went from getting a 'feel' to filling her mouth with now hard cock. A hard cock that had been dripping visibly with shiny clear fluid just before her mouth closed over it. As a matter of fact the four fingers of her right hand were now covered in juice.

    While holding it in her hand she had been warned in advance. Suck this cock and expect to get a mouthful of preliminary fluid. Apparently that had not bothered her, or maybe she actually wanted to taste his fluid.

    I was confused about this, my loving wife not wanting to fuck but willing to suck, so without saying anything I continued to slow fuck her for three or four minutes while Joe enjoyed the feel of a beautiful woman having her mouth around his proud cock.

    “Is she using her tongue around your head Joe?”

    He was up on his elbows so that he could watch, and his face lit up. “She sure is. It feels great!”

    I knew, with Joe being uncut like I am, that Sharon's tongue would feel especially good as it was working its way all around that fat head of his. There is more sensitivity on skin that is always being protected, you see.

    I was fucking my wife but not trying to cum or make her cum. Besides, Sharon was not all that easy to make cum. Usually, unless I do some rubbing with my groin against her clitoris while kissing her madly, she has to use her hand to cum while I stay high and stroke into her.

    Finally, after I was sure that Sharon was into this enough that she would not stop sucking, I slowly eased out of her and went up near her face. I watched from close up as Sharon sucked lovingly on his cock, and then I asked her: “Now that you have gotten a good example of how his cock is, do you want to climb on him and ride it?” I figured by now that surely she would be ready.

    When she paused to remove her mouth I had a quick glance at the head of his dick, and this time no longer covered by his foreskin. She was holding his cock down near his belly and I couldn't see all of it, but when I had that glance, that head had looked wide enough to be noticeably different in feel from mine.

    Sharon sort of smiled up at me. “No. But I'll suck him.”

    I frowned since she was already doing the sucking. “You mean all the way until he cums?”

    I was surprised when she did not hesitate before answering. “Yes.” She went back to sucking.

    “In your mouth?”

    “Yes.” She had pulled her mouth off his cock for the second time and this time I could see that his cock, though no longer than mine, and about the same size in the shaft, had a head that was noticeably thicker than my cock has. It was almost perfectly round, and a purplish color in hue. (She told me later, when we talked about it, that his cock was 'fun to suck' because the big round head sort of fitted into her mouth perfectly between and past the teeth and was easy to hang on to.)

    “Will you swallow it?”


    That was the answer I had hoped to hear. If she wasn't going to fuck Joe, at least he would get to cum in her mouth. And she said she'd swallow? Far out. I knew how, mentally, a man feels when he sees his woman swallow rather than spit out his cum. And for another man's wife to do it? Maybe even better.

    Joe and I exchanged looks, and I think his look of surprise was as big as mine.

    I didn't know it then, but Sharon told me later that she knew this event was going to go further than it had so far and she had already decided that because she did not want to fuck another man, or at least not this man, that she decided the easiest way to satisfy the man and her husband's curiosity was to take care of him with her hand and mouth.

    'Swallow?' That, believe me, is a big question, and my wife's answer had even more significance. To have your wife swallow a stranger's cum is either a big accomplishment to see for a husband or on the other hand, it could be a big shock and disappointment depending on if and how often she does it for her husband.

    I can imagine that it would be a very big shock and disappointment for a man to say, be sneaking a peek at his cheating wife and see her willingly swallow her lover's cum when she does not do it for her husband.

    It was sort of like that for me today.

    Sharon did it for me, but only on rare occasions, and we had been together over a year before she had swallowed my cum for the first time.

    So I asked Joe point blank. “Do you want to cum in her mouth?” I expected to see or hear a very enthusiastic response, but I was surprised.

    “That would be nice,” he nodded, but I could see by Joe's face that he would prefer to get to fuck my lovely wife. I figured there was no chance of that but I was in no mood to finish this just yet. I wanted to see some more action.

    “Baby. We can get back to this. First get on the bed on your back. I want to see what it would look like if he was fucking you.”

    She was frowning, but not in a mad way. “What do you mean?”

    “Let him put it up against your pussy and just hold it there. I want to see how it looks with a strange cock touching it.”

    “I don't want to fuck.”

    “I know. Just do this and then, in a few minutes, you can suck him off while I do it to you doggy style. If we time it right, we can all cum at the same time.”

    Joe moved out of the way and I could tell that she was nervous as Sharon walked up the bed on her hands and knees and then rolled over and laid her head onto a pillow. As Joe rolled over onto his knees, my wife slowly spread her legs, exposing her pussy to him for the first time opened up really wide and with no cock to block the view.

    When I say 'opened,' I mean her legs because her pussy was barely open since she is so tight. Something happened to me at that time, physically. My heart, I could feel it, began racing, and it seemed like I was out of breath and feeling slightly dizzy.

    This was a big moment for me dear readers. Sharon was not my first wife, but she had been a treasured 'possession' ever since I had met her. This was a new adventure in our relationship, and I felt secure enough that it seemed safe to proceed. Joe not being handsome and not 'her type' helped.

    She is allowing Joe to get between her spread legs. He has a hard cock that is dripping, she knows it is going to be against her pussy, and I by now was wondering if she really means for this to go no further than that?

    This vision of my lovely wife actually naked and on her back and opening her legs for another man had been, until this morning, impossible for me to imagine would actually be happening. She wasn't planning to fuck him, but it was just the thought of knowing that Joe is going to be intimately close to my wife while placing his cock against her snatch, her married pussy snatch.

    I think they both might have heard a trembling in my voice. “Walk up between her legs. That's it Joe.” As Joe crawled forward on his knees my wife stared up at Joe with wide eyes and I saw her glance down at his hard cock and back at his face. I think she sensed that the inevitable is about to happen.

    Their legs touched. First contact was made, his skin against hers.

    For the first time, a man not her husband was between my wife's legs. His outer thighs were against her inner thighs, and already, several square inches of their skin was in contact. My wife's 'personal space,' was being invaded, big time. His dripping cock was pointing out not up as I mentioned before, and now because of pointing forward it was pointed directly at her inviting looking pussy.

    Touching my wife's pussy with his cock.

    “Now Joe, slide forward a little and put your cock right there...yeah, that's it.”

    “Not inside me!” My wife's eyes and mouth were opened wide. Her pussy, not so much because she had tried to close her thighs a little, but it was too late because his jutting cock had already made contact with her lips.

    Her tight inner lips.

    “I know baby. Just up against your lips so he is starting to open you. I want to see that, get behind and under him to see how it might look if you were fucking.”

    She couldn't see it, but I could. His head looked to be way wider than the hole it is now touching. Moreover, his body fluid in the form of pre-cum was now making her lips look shiny. She had taken some of that fluid into her mouth and I am sure had swallowed it, and now it was entering her lower body.

    “That's it Joe. Rub the head of your cock up and down to get it wet from her juice. That's right. Rub it a little more.”

    My wife sort of sighed and I saw her, maybe unthinkingly, move her pelvis a little closer to him so that he could better be touching her. In the process, she changed the distance his cock is from her hole. In effect, now, he was penetrating half an inch deeper into her.

    He rubbed, and I think Joe was spreading more of his slippery juice onto my wife's married pussy then he was getting from her. As I watched, Joe strategically made sure that the bottom of his dripping head came into contact with her clitoris each time it went high, and partially into her vagina each time it came down.

    Her erect little clitoris, thoroughly coated with his juices, was shining now. Though it was not visibly showing, I sensed that my wife was trembling from the pleasure she was feeling.

    Each time the head of his cock was cumming up and down, he was spreading my wife's lips to some degree, but now I made it more so.

    “Baby, raise your legs up high and wrap them around him so I can get under you in the back and see how that looks.”

    She did, and not reluctantly it looked like, and as I got down behind Joe I could see it all. His ass, his balls, and in front, that cock right up against and staring to spread my wife's tight lips. And under all that, her anus, raised high and no longer in contact with the mattress.

    “Oh baby,” I said to my wife, “that looks so hot.”

    It was time to see how much further I could push this, by telling Joe to...yes, push.

    “Now Joe, push in a little more so you are starting to spread her.”

    As I have indicated, there was no need for Joe to be rubbing his cock up and down through my wife's snatch to 'get it wet' because his cock was already dripping. But she could not see that, and it was getting her used to having his cock touching her.

    "That's it. You're spreading her almost the width of your head. Just a little more so she can feel it open more."

    Sharon let out a little sigh as his head opened her slightly. “There. Perfect!” I noticed that she had reached out with her right hand and was now wrapping her fingers around his left arm, which he was using to hold himself over her. I smiled.

    That touch represented even more contact between them. Two thighs, one hand and arm, a cock head and one set of married pussy lips was how much in contact they were with each other. I hoped to make it more. I wanted to see them kissing, but I knew that was out of the question for now.

    I sensed that Sharon is not turned on enough to Joe to just allow him to kiss her. For Joe to get to kiss my wife, he is going to have to be fucking her first. I know that is backward from how a man usually seduces a woman. He kisses her, and then he fucks her. But these circumstances were different.

    Two naked people, almost strangers to one another, are now very close together. They are in the fucking position, and supposedly so they can simulate sex. Her husband is giving the directions, and his hapless wife is trying to please her husband.

    Knowing that the touch of his cock spreading her has to be feeling good to her, I was keeping them in this position as a minute went by, then two, and every once in a while I would rise up and chance a look at her face.

    Sharon's face had a look of maybe apprehension or nervousness at what is happening. I think she was feeling his cock right at the entrance, and was afraid that Joe would attempt to jam it in. But as she glanced up at his face, she saw that Joe is looking over at me and waiting for my next instruction.

    She seemed to relax a little at that point. I decided to let her know something, a secret that might get her even more into this action.

    “Baby, I've got a hard on that won't quit. That's why I'm keeping you in this position, so I can enjoy the view.”

    “Do you plan to cum,” she asked?

    “Probably, but I want everyone to get to cum, so no hurry.”

    A thought came to me, an image of me getting up close behind Joe, on my knees, and getting as close as possible, cumming on both the shaft of Joe's cock and my wife's pussy.

    She didn't come back with another question, but I knew that Sharon was already thinking, 'Everyone cum? How?'

    The narrower front part of the head of Joe's cock was opening her lips. Just a little ways inside he was, but already opening her lips as far as I had ever done, width-wise. Then a plan popped into my head. We had Vaseline in a jar, right beside the bed in a dresser drawer. It was never used for sex, my wife just kept it there to sometimes rub on her lips, the ones on her mouth, before going to sleep.

    Maybe, just maybe, if I was able to pull it off, I might have something happen that would be very exciting to see. “Honey, I have an idea.”

    “What's that?”

    I could see that Sharon was trembling a little. Her pussy was being spread, and by a cock that had only the first third of the head inside. The other two thirds was much wider, wider than her husband's head. I am sure the thought of that was very much in her mind.

    “Why don't you use this Vaseline...” I pulled the jar out of the drawer, “on your clit and fingers and play with yourself while he holds his cock there? I want to see you cum with the head of his cock up against you.”

    'He won't go inside,” she asked as she readily dipped the fingers of her right hand into the Vaseline jar?

    “No baby. You're going to suck him, remember? Just use your imagination and pretend that he is fucking you while you play with yourself. You can either keep your eyes open and look up at him or keep them closed, it's up to you.”

    She paused, looked more at me than Joe, and finally I breathed a sigh of relief as she stared at my hard cock and answered, “Alright.”

    But me, I couldn't leave it lie at that point. I wanted to enhance the possibility of more happening. To accomplish that we needed even more contact. I waited a minute to see my wife begin playing with herself and I saw her toes start to curl.

    She had been staring up at Joe but then had closed her eyes and started making a face. I knew right than that she really wanted to go through with this and reach her climax.

    Oh yes, she might not be saying it, but I could tell that Sharon was very aroused. That gave me another idea and I expressed it.

    “Baby, I have another idea. First let's get Joe's finger wet with Vaseline and let him play with your clit. “If Joe's fingers will do it, you can cum that way. If not, then we can switch back to your hand.”

    I wanted to give Joe as much chance to be touching Sharon as possible, and this was one way to do it. Besides, the more Joe managed to arouse my wife, the better the chances were that he might get to fuck her.

    “Here Joe, put this on your finger.” I handed the jar to Joe as Sharon watched, but unseen to her, I had already dipped two of my fingers into the jar and as Joe made a show of sticking a finger into the jar, I secretly reached down between them with my dry fingers and pushed back lightly on Joe's abdomen.

    In response to my push, he pulled back from her pussy and I peeled the foreskin off his head and rubbed some Vaseline onto the head of Joe's cock. As I did, I was able to 'size' the head of his cock in my fingers and yes, it was definitely thicker than my head.

    I noticed that Sharon's hand was still caressing her pussy.

    Now we were ready. After Joe had applied some Vaseline to his finger, I took the jar from him and placed it back onto the nightstand, leaving the lid off in case Sharon needed to use some.

    When I looked back, Joe had again placed his cock where it had been before, only now it was coated with some slippery material, material that just might allow him to do some penetrating in an easier manner.

    Because she had already been wet and shining, Sharon seemed to be unaware of any change in the feel of Joe's penis as it was once again, spreading her open. Another half-inch in, he would be stretching her wider than I ever had. Another half-inch beyond that and he would be stretching her way wider.

    To be honest, I really was wondering if it would fit without hurting her. Fanciful thinking I am sure. Of course it wouldn't hurt. Maybe feel uncomfortable for a minute I figured, and then, oh so good, to her.

    “Now rub her clit, Joe, and keep holding your cock tight up against her.” I was already fantasizing that even if Joe did not push any further forward, because he was already pressing into her, that my wife's lips might just give up, open up, and allow him to slide on in. There was always that possibility with things now being so slippery.

    I was down low and behind them again as I raised up and looked into Sharon's face. “If he is rubbing your clit just right, let him keep doing it. If you want to cum and think it will work better with you doing it, take over.”

    Sharon looked sort of sad, but nodded her agreement. I smiled at Joe and said, “Just hold it there Joe and let's make my wife cum. When she cums, you will be able to feel and see her pussy contracting all around the head of your cock.”

    His voice was very soft as he looked reverently down at my wife. “Can I feel her tits?”

    I didn't look at Sharon for her answer, instead saying, “Sure, go ahead.”

    Joe could only use his left hand since his right hand had Vaseline on it and had a chore assigned, so as he started rubbing Sharon's clitoris, his left hand reached out and up and for the first time he was able to fondle the breasts that he had been admiring for hours, starting with the lake and finally in our bedroom.

    Now they were having even more intimate contact.

    His left hand was on her right tit and after getting a good feel, was now teasing her nipple while his right hand was busy on her clitoris, and I could see that Sharon had started squirming. With each squirm, her pussy lips seemed to be caressing the sides of his cock. If anything, since some of her squirms were forward as well as sideways, she was taking him just a little deeper.

    Oh yes, exactly what I had hoped to see, my wife moving forward on her own and taking his cock fully inside. If things worked right, his cock would 'accidentally' be inside my wife as she is cumming, and him soon after.

    I wanted to tell Joe my plan, but I had to do it in such a way that Sharon would not know and stop this in advance. This was hot and I wanted to repeat a line I had already used. “Joe, when she starts to cum, make sure you keep holding your cock right up against her.

    She cums hard so you should be able to feel her twitching all around the head of your dick.”

    As I was saying this to Joe, I was pushing lightly against his ass, indicating that when my wife started to cum, that he was to push gently forward, and if it worked right, he would enter her in the middle of her contractions. Hopefully, the Vaseline, secretly applied, will ease his entry.

    Contractions. When a woman cums, her pussy lips open and close. On some women you can actually see it, on others, not so much. When Sharon cums, if I am moving slowly, I can feel her opening and closing around my cock. She contracts, big time, and if you are looking there, you can see it at her anus also.

    Since for a woman to have contractions at her lips, they need to be making this opening and closing motion. I was wondering in advance; what happens if Joe is stretching and holding her wide opened while her lips are trying to open and close? Will it enhance or detract from her orgasm?

    Ever think about that readers? A pussy usually can have a better orgasm if there is something in there to wrap around. But what about if the fit becomes really tight just then?

    I was hoping to find out.

    Making another man's wife cum with my hand.

    And that brings on another story. Yes, I have lots of stories to tell, but then, I have been around.

    One time in Hollywood I was invited to an orgy on the hill just above the Sunset Strip. From the front porch of the house you could see the Playboy Club down below. I had a couple of lovely women with me, one my first wife, but that is another story.

    As soon as I came in the front door with my jacket still on (it was around December and damp outside) We happened to pass a bedroom that was on my left. I looked in and there was a very attractive older woman, when I say older I mean maybe mid thirties not twenties and she was naked and on her back on a bed. The bed was surrounded by people, maybe five or six men and three or four women.

    Some of the people around the bed might have just entered before my little group because they too were still wearing outer wraps.

    The naked lady on the bed was wearing rings. One of the men around her was probably her husband, but I could not tell if he was watching or joining in on the action.

    Except for the woman on the bed, everyone else was dressed, but I saw three cocks hanging out of men's pants. One of the cocks was up beside her head and in her mouth, and the one on the other side was in her right hand. The third cock was in her left hand.

    I was happy to see at a glance, since I still had my two women beside me, that none of the three visible cocks was bigger than mine.

    That woman had several things going on. The two guys with their cocks in her hands were standing on each side of the bed and were playing with her breasts and nipples. Down below, another man was working on her squirming pelvis with a vibrator. She was trying to cum, big time. But something was keeping her from going over the top.

    I waited and watched with a grin on my face for maybe three minutes. Unbelievable, she was squirming her hips around and making moaning sounds but could not cum. So I spoke out loud. “I know what she needs.”

    As several people standing around the bed looked at me, I made a visible show of wetting two fingers on my right hand with my mouth. Then I walked over to the bed and gently shoved two fingers into her fairly tight snatch. Instantly she started to moan, and with a big groan and a thrust upwards with her hips, she came, and hard.

    I could feel her twitches but I had to stay with her as she jumped around.

    The woman, despite all that was being done to her, needed something INSIDE to reach her orgasm. When her orgasm had wound down, she opened her eyes and looked at me since I was the man who still had his fingers inside her. She smiled, sighed, and said, “Thanks. I needed that!”

    Years later on television there was a series of commercials where someone had their face slapped or something, and the slapped person in the commercial would say, “Thanks, I needed that!” Those commercials always reminded me of that night.

    Now it was my wife. She didn't necessarily need to have a cock inside her to cum, but I knew she liked it better that way, with me in her rather than just playing with herself. My wife was going to cum for sure, but how? With a tightly fitted cock into her, or not?

    I couldn't be sure, and the thought had never occurred to me before, but it seemed to me that my wife might have an orgasm to end all if, in the middle of her contractions, a strange cock with a wide head was to slowly enter her, stretching and going past her lips and finally, lodging within the narrow walls of her vagina.

    “Is it feeling good, baby?” Sharon had her eyes closed, and she seemed to be trying to concentrate on how Joe was rubbing her clitoris. He had quit feeling her breasts now so that he could better maintain his balance over her and not 'fall forward' into her pussy.

    “It feels good. But...” just then Sharon moved her hand down and sort of pushed Joe's fingers out of the way. She started to rub her clitoris at just the right speed and way that she needed to bring on her pending orgasm.

    Joe seemed to sense that his work was done, so now he placed both his hands on her breasts, and I saw that the fingers of his right hand were now coating her left breast with a shiny coat of Vaseline as he caressed her breast and then went to her nipple.

    Fuck this was hot to see! Since he was now leaning forward over my wife, his hips were poised to make a thrust, how deep and how fast was his to choose if he dared to override my 'commands.'

    I don't know if by now my wife was mentally attuned to Joe or maybe just enjoying the feel of his cock holding the entrance to her lips opened, but her eyes were closed. I looked at Joe and motioned with my hands while mouthing the words with my lips.

    “Bend down and touch your tongue to her lips.”

    He did, and as his tongue tentatively came into contact with her opened lips, I saw her tongue come out to touch his. They began twirling around one another. Not yet a full fledged kiss with their lips pressed together, but close.

    Then Joe rose up, a grin on his face. Sharon's eyes were still close. I again mouthed the words to him. 'When she starts to cum, shove it in, but do it slow.'

    Joe nodded that he understood. His eyes were bright with excitement.

    It didn't take long. As Sharon started to moan, indicating her cumming orgasm, Joe got ready.

    “Oooooh!” I won't try here to type in all the sounds she was making. I've found that it is pretty hard to duplicate sounds with the written word. But she was making the sounds, and it seemed to me that my wife was making more and different sounds than she usually does when I am alone with her.

    Still, I didn't sense any real jealousy because even though it was Joe's cock up against her, it was still her hand that was doing the stroking on her clitoris.

    My wife was squirming and she was cumming. Joe went slow, but he eased forward, and as my wife throbbed and vibrated all around the head of his cock, he stretched her and caused her to moan even louder.

    Now I could sense some jealousy because it was obvious now that my wife was more inviting than resisting his penetration into her tightness.

    Joe's cock was not a huge cock, more just slightly above average in size, but his thick head had combined with the tightness of a pussy that had been born tight and stayed that way. As a result the fit between them was being accomplished only by a lot of stretching and effort on both their parts.

    Finally Joe had managed to slowly go all the way in with his head and he had stopped.

    But it didn't end after ten seconds or so. My wife was still cumming, and I motioned for Joe to lie down on her. My thought was that if a man is on top of and into Sharon that much, that when my wife's orgasm is over, she will hopefully allow him to keep fucking.

    At last, my wife takes a strange cock.

    He laid his weight on her immediately and as his cock penetrated deep, Sharon gasped again. As Sharon's orgasm wound down, she opened her eyes and looked up at Joe sort of in shock and then over at me. A man, a strange man is lying on her, flattening her beautiful breasts and he has his cock buried in her, going as far in as her husband ever has but opening her a little further inside.

    Full contact finally. As much as possible between a man and woman.

    Sharon, still not recovered from what had been perhaps her best orgasm ever, was watching me instead of Joe. Her face, I couldn't tell for sure at first, either reflected surprise or fear, or maybe a little of both. Then she began to look a little guilty.

    “He's got it in!” It sounded almost like a baby's wail. The little tear in the corner of her right eye also confirmed for me how concerned my faithful wife was over this. But at the same time I noticed that now her arms had gone around him.

    “I know baby, I know.” I smiled, letting her know that I was OK with this. That successful movement into my wife's married pussy had finally been accomplished and I am thankful that it happened as I am now able to share this story with our readers.

    Joe started to stroke, and instead of stopping him, Sharon took a deep breath, then reached out and grabbed my hand. That told me that she is now going to allow him to finish. I smiled and held her hand as Joe pumped, all the while hoping that he will last at least for a few minutes.

    It was time to ask and to see if my wife would be honest with me. “Does it feel good now?” Stupid question perhaps since my wife obviously had just enjoyed a fantastic orgasm. But that was then, and this was now, afterward.

    Sharon nodded a 'yes', but I could see in her face that she was still perhaps upset at what is happening.

    I had things to see, and after a minute, I kept holding Sharon's hand, but I moved down to where I could see her pussy from under Joe's legs.

    “Honey? Put your legs up around him again so I can see it better.” With that request, if she complied, I not only would get to see more, but my wife would become, in effect, even more involved with the man who was now inside her.

    Thankfully, Sharon complied, and as I slid down to where I was lying beside their legs, I was given a nice view of my wife's pussy, being spread for the first time by a cock not her husband's. 'Shit, she really does look tight,' I realized, as I watched her lips being tugged outward each time Joe's ass rose higher in the air.

    His balls, though covered by very wrinkled skin, were staying fairly high and tight and hitting against the area of her anus, but lightly and with no blocking of the view. Releasing her hand, I quickly grabbed his Polaroid and snapped a shot, then another.

    'What a sight!' The first shot had developed and I couldn't resist showing it to her. Her mouth dropped as she saw for herself what is happening to her pussy. Then I showed it to Joe, and then the second shot.

    'What a sight!' I couldn't resist saying it and I am sure that Sharon now realized how excited I was over what is happening to her. His balls were hitting against the area of her anus, but lightly.

    My cock was ready to explode, and I dared not touch it for fear it would shoot all over the two of them.

    I knew that Joe would not last much longer, not after all this buildup, so I moved up beside my wife again and continued to hold her hand for a moment. Then I released her hand and said, “Wrap yourself around him baby and show Joe how much you like his cock by kissing him.”

    Will she kiss this man she had not wanted to fuck? I was pushing it, pushing her considering that my wife had only moments before stated that she did not want to fuck Joe.

    My heart leaped as she complied. Now for the first time a man was not only completely inside my wife and lying on her with his entire naked body but his tongue was probably inside her mouth as well. He kept pumping, giving it to her deep and slow.

    Did I say before that they had been together with the most contact possible? I guess I forgot to mention kissing.

    As they kissed, I saw Sharon tense up her body, and under his mouth, she moaned. Joe seemed to intensify his pumping. He didn't necessarily speed up, but it seemed like he was using more power to give it to her. Not ramming it in, but at the same time fucking her with more energy.

    Now they are fucking, big time.

    Sharon was moaning steadily. He gave her two, three and four more strokes and my wife was cumming again and digging her fingers into where they had moved, to his ass.

    Most amazing to me, my wife is cumming with no hand on her clitoris!

    There was no hand on her clit and he was pumping in and out and not grinding sideways to stimulate her clitoris. This was a new one. Not only is my wife cumming in a new way, but she is cumming only a couple of minutes after her first orgasm. Another first!

    I'm not sure how, his thicker head maybe, his being strange, his being forbidden in her mind, or maybe unwanted. Whatever it is, he is making her cum easier and closer together than I ever have.

    I spoke quickly. “That's it baby. Keep kissing Joe and show him how much you appreciate his sharing that nice cock with you.”

    Usually men are supposed to be thanking the woman for sharing her pussy with them, but I was reversing it. Now I was stretching things, but Joe was stretching my wife, and not surprisingly, she complied with my wishes and as her fingers kept digging into his ass, she kissed Joe even more fervently.

    Sharon told me later that even though she was kissing him 'heatedly' as she called it, that she even then was not all that turned on to him, but rather the situation, and, she had added as an afterthought, his cock.

    She had seen it soft, and she had seen it semi-hard at the lake. And later, in our bedroom. Then she had been able to handle it with her hand, study it, then, as she put it to me later, love on it. That was her way of saying she sucked it.

    Joe was right behind my wife with his orgasm. As Sharon ceased moaning, Joe let out a soft groan, sort of tensed up his entire body, shoved his lower body hard against Sharon's pelvis, burying it deep, then he pulled back and fucked her with his head.

    He seemed to keep cumming and it was looking like my wife was about to cum again, but then he quit pumping. Joe had enjoyed a strong, very strong orgasm, but he had been relatively quiet about it.

    I knew, immediately, that it is over. And it was. Joe had been drained, thoroughly. His body was back from her a little ways, and now he laid his hips onto hers and rested there with his penis buried.

    Thinking back on it, I wish now that Joe had remained on my wife, looking into her eyes and kissing her as he slowly pumped and completely drained his softening penis into her now soaked pussy. But that's not the way it happened.

    Looking sort of sheepish, like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Joe withdrew, and I sort of heard my wife's lips make a little wet popping sound as his thicker head came out, followed by a rush of cum.

    Apparently during most of his orgasm, Joe had been stroking her with just the head and enjoying the feel of her tight lips around his most sensitive part, and as a result, much of his cum had been deposited just a little ways within.

    Sharon told me later that was exactly what had happened. Once he had been buried within her for a while, getting a good feel of the territory, Joe had came back a ways and started fucking her with just the head, working her lips and tugging on them in such a way that it also stimulated her clitoris, very much so, she had told me.

    My cock head could not affect her in that way, I knew.

    As she had been relating the story of how she was feeling about being fucked by another man for the first time, I had been lying naked beside her naked body and fondling her. Then, of course, after I had squeezed as many 'details' as possible out of her, we had ended up by fucking, or as she preferred to call it, making love.

    But Sharon had added that it was the way Joe had been stretching her lips, not just the feel but the thought of it that had made her cum.

    His wider head, combined with a long, maybe all day build-up, and the foreplay created by the posing and photography had put my wife 'on the edge,' and she only needed a little bit of stimulation to go over, as she further told me.

    Because she had been stretched 'very tight,' Sharon had felt every one of his throbs, 'powerful' as she described them, and then when Joe had laid himself onto her, burying himself, she felt still another throb or two and felt the rest of his cum draining into her.

    Two had enjoyed their orgasm that night, and in my wife's case, two orgasms. Joe had motioned for me to climb on, but I wanted to hold off till later so that I could talk to my wife as we made love.

    With a promise to return in a few days with the paintings, Joe was gone soon after, and he had over a half a dozen intimate photos of our genitals in action to use in his work. I fucked Sharon, yes fucked her, before she went to the toilet, and I could feel my cock being bathed in Joe's slimy cum, and I was enjoying the feel of, for the first time ever, having sloppy seconds on my wife.

    Oh, I guess I should answer what you might be thinking. My wife did not follow up her no hands orgasm with Joe by having one with me. She needed to use her fingers again, but used the excuse that she was tired.

    I didn't pump my wife for details about her recent fuck that night as I pumped into her and we came to our individual orgasms. I saved the questions for another day.

    After a day or so had gone by, I asked Sharon if she really would have sucked Joe to orgasm and swallowed, and she replied with a positive. That still, to this day, surprises me since my wife rarely swallows my cum. But then, I needed to know:

    “But now that you have fucked him, how do you feel about ir?”

    “I didn't want to, but once he was in, I wanted it bad. I really had no decision to make since he entered me in the middle of an orgasm and things got even more intense. You seemed to want it too, so I allowed it to happen.”

    “Now tell me the truth. I promise not to get upset or anything. It looked like it was, but was that orgasm you had with Joe, was that the best orgasm you ever had?”

    She looked funny at me and grinned. “Which one?”

    “Oh yeah, you had two. I almost forgot.” (Actually, there was no way I had forgotten that my wife had came twice with Joe).

    My wife 'corrected' me. “Actually, I almost had three.”

    I sighed and nodded. “The first time, you were using your hand and he pushed it in and stretched your lips and you started cumming all around his cock. The second time, you both were kissing madly and you came without using your hands like you usually do. So...which one was the best?”

    “They both were.”

    “What? How?”

    “The first time, it was the best orgasm ever from a, how should I put this? From a physical standpoint. As I was cumming, his cock was going in and stretching me right in the middle of when my lips were throbbing, and it was almost a shock, it felt so good.”

    “Just the fact that it was a cock, or were you also aware, right then, that his head was bigger than mine”

    “Oh, I knew from sucking him that it was bigger. And yes, if you want to know, I wondered then if it would feel better.”

    “It felt better?”

    (Pause) “Yes, if you must know. When his head was staying just inside my lips, it was feeling very good.”

    I nodded understandingly, but still was surprised at her honesty.

    “The second orgasm you had though, it looked like he was staying all the way inside most of the time. So how was the second one also a best?” That was when I learned that after staying deep into her for a while, Joe had then gone to staying back and head fucking her, which had brought her to orgasm two.

    “He got me there by just using his head. He didn't go back all the way into me until he was almost finished cumming himself.”


    She reached out to hold my hand. “That one was my best mentally. Oh, don't look that way. I don't mean like as 'in love.' I just meant that Joe and I were kissing and very much involved with one another at the top of our bodies as well as the lowers, and he was new, and strange, and...oh I don't know how to describe it, and he had already given me a first best orgasm, and,” she looked into my eyes, “I don't want to hurt your feelings over this.”

    “Don't worry baby. I understand, and since I am the one that instigated it, I am the one that has to 'suffer' over it.”

    Sharon looked concerned at hearing that, and then she saw my face. I was smiling, and she smiled back. Then we kissed. But I wanted to hear more.

    “That second one, the mental one. If he had stayed deep and not came back and used his head on your lips, do you think you still would have cum?”

    She looked serious, like she was really thinking back on it. “I don't know, probably, if he had lasted long enough. We were kissing and he was sort of rubbing against my clitoris and all that.”

    Then she looked into my eyes. “But that's...” she paused, “those two orgasms, those are the last time with another man.”

    And she was to stick to it too, until the right man came along, but that's another story.

    Joe came back in a week and showed us the 'paintings,' but they were strange because they were done on a thin off white cloth material that was stretched over a wooden frame and in the form of line drawings. They were good, but not as detailed as paintings might have been.

    Regardless, I was happy with them, but since three of them measured about 36 inches across they were too large to put on display in our home, and very intimately detailed.

    Funny thing is, even though the drawings were sort of like stick figures, they looked amazingly like the two of us, faces and all. Sharon's tight lips stretched around my cock was easy to see in most of the drawings.

    We discussed the paintings, and Joe, as promised, had brought all the Polaroids back. With Sharon's permisson, I wanted to give him one of the shots I had taken of his cock halfway into her and let him keep one shot of my cock into her. Both of them clearly showed her lips being tugged outwards. Two men, two cocks, two shots, same effect.

    It was easy to tell the men apart though, if you knew what their balls looked like.

    I knew since each of the cocks and balls looked somewhat different, that if Joe was bragging and showed the two photos to anyone that he would be able to 'prove' that he also had been doing some fucking.

    Of course I didn't say that to Sharon as I asked her, nice as I could. "Honey, do you mind if I let Joe keep two of these shots?"

    "Which two?"

    Sharon had not seen the photos I had in mind side-by-side and wanted to compare them. My cock was halfway to upright, and I am sure Joe's was too since I had handed the shots to Sharon and she was studying them very intently.

    “See honey,” I said. Look how your pussy is being stretched by our cocks. Too bad that you can't tell in that photo that Joe had a wider head and made you cum so good. Do you remember how you gasped when he first shoved it in"

    She looked embarrassed. Surprising considering how my wife had taken to sucking Joe's cock when we had first started.

    "Yes. Yes I do. It...it felt good."

    Nice answer, and honest. I was hoping to get her aroused enough that she might want to do a repeat performance.

    Sharon's face had actually turned red and I saw her hand tremble slightly just before she handed the two photos to Joe instead of back to me. That meant that she was giving her permission for him to keep them.

    Since she had wanted to see the photos of her coupling with Joe and then me in a side-to side comparison, I was wondering if Sharon might like to have another round with Joe. But since we never had a reason to get nude and begin anything, I couldn't make it happen.

    I asked, and she said 'No,' just like she had said it would be in the future. 'No more orgasms with another man,' she had said.

    I was happy though. We had some good etchings, and I had seen my wife having herself some intensely great orgasms while her married pussy was being fucked and filled with a huge load of cum.

    Joe had the two photos to look at, maybe show to others, and remember.

    I still have the 'paintings' but they are in storage. I wonder if Joe still has those Polaroids.
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