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Home Repairs

Discussion in 'Cuck Discussion - Why do we love it? Can it work?' started by Junocuckolds, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Junocuckolds

    Junocuckolds Member Member

    Home Repairs
    By Juno
    ©2017 [email protected]
    I get sooooo wet when I dress like a slut for my evenings. I'm crazy for tons of makeup, tight corsets and bustiers, spandex or leather micro mini skirts, nylons and of course "fuck-me" shoes with six or more inch heels. And I get sooo wild posing for pics and vids. Have cuckhubby who watches if allowed. cucky says that i worship at the altar of the Ebony Cock God!And he should know, he videos the prayer service!!
    I only allow Horsehung Black Penis Godz to service me.And because I'm insatiable they better know what they're doing. They MUST be educated gentlemen as well as knowing how to service and pleasure a lady of substance until dawn.....and beyond.
    A typical day for Moi:
    i luv to call black repairmen to my house to perform various tasks, the most important of which is filling my hungry hot fuckholes with black seed.
    If I know I can expect some "fixing" that day, I call cucky at work to tell him. I also tell him what I'm going to be wearing. I'm soooo evil!!
    I put on my cam so my cuckhubby can watch at his desk, in his office.
    Sometimes the phone or cable company will send 2 or 3 guys over. When they understand the situation they call for their buddies to drop in and help.There have been times when i've been serviced by 5 or 6 BlackMen. i luv being airtight!!!
    Sometimes i lay on a rubber sheet, dressed like a whore and i fuck my insatiable cunt and ass with a massive dildo.
    As i do this i want at least a dozen massively cocked black men standing around me jerking their Big Ebony tools and verbally humiliating me. When i'm about to cum, i want them to shoot their heavy hot loads all over me. i'm a heavy squirter when i run a big dildo madly in and out of my cunt. When they're done covering me in their thick slimy cumloads, i'm crazeee for them to wash me down with their golden piss.
  2. bihubsuck

    bihubsuck Member Member

    You are a true White Slut,as a white cuck I am proud that you are fulfilling your destiny

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