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. His Wife's First Time

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Mar 12, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    His Wife's First Time

    By EroticWriter

    Her First Time.
    “Tyrone, come in here.” The door at the back of Estelle, the madam's office opened and in walked a black man. Ginny gasped. She had not been told in advance that the man testing her would be black, nor that he would look so big. No, Tyrone was not naked and sporting a huge erection, but rather he was tall, past 6 feet and around 230.

    “Tyrone, this is Ginny, my newest gal, and you know what to do. Ginny informs me that she has been married for just one year and the only man she has been with is her husband. So go a little easy on breaking her in until she becomes used to this.”

    Because he was a jealous man, the past several months had been difficult for Fred. The problem was his wife Ginny. Ginny was a strikingly beautiful brownette who had been endowed nicely in both face and body by Mother Nature. She had the size breasts that most women had chosen as the ones they would most like to have in a recent survey Fred had read.

    Ginny had full C cup breasts, and not only that, she had pink nipples that always seemed to be erect and pushing out through her blouse. Her nipples even showed through when she wore a bra if the material was thin enough. Fred loved to dine out, as did Ginny. Even there, as everywhere, Fred had to worry. Men in restaurants and other public places would discretely stare at her face. When she got up for any reason, the rest of her body came into view and the men would follow her chest with their eyes. The rest of her body was sensational too; she had a small waist with a firm and flat abdomen.

    Her ass was high and tight and when men weren't staring at her breasts as she approached, they were staring at her ass after Ginny had gone by. If she was wearing a skirt, especially a short one, their staring didn't end at her ass. Even though Ginny was short and weighed less than 110, her legs were relatively long for her height and she had nicely developed calves.

    It never ended. Men were constantly looking at her, and Fred would get upset if Ginny happened to look back. At first Fred had been proud when he caught the men staring at her. Ginny had never seemed to notice them staring at her in the first months of marriage, but as time had gone by she seemed to be more aware of her body and how it attracted men.

    Fred was 32 and Ginny was just 19 when he had married her only a year before. She had been raised very conservatively, and at her insistence, Ginny had been a virgin on their wedding night. That had been a great night for Fred. Knowing that the giving and taking of virginity between couple was a one- time thing, he had taken lots of time to prepare her.

    Fred had begun with kissing on her lips and moving down to her breasts, then with gentle caresses on her pussy. When he had first crawled up and over Ginny, she had been hesitant, even afraid to open her legs to admit him. It had taken more kissing and whispering of words of endearment before she had let Fred move within striking distance with his penis.

    Ginny had moaned as Fred started to enter her, and complained that he was “too big.” That was something Fred had rarely heard from a woman, because he had a smaller than average penis. His penis was basically long enough at just over five inches, but it was only a little over 4 inches in diameter.

    This was one of the reasons Fred had waited for marriage until he managed to find an inexperienced girl. Tonight, with his innocent new bride complaining about his size, Fred was very happy that he had married a gal who came from a sheltered background.

    Ginny knew very little about sex, and Fred was going to be her teacher. As his slender head burst through her inner labia and she groaned, he felt her cherry break. “Oh yeah,” he thought to himself. This was something Fred had experienced only once before. Back when he was a teen, Fred had gotten a girl, just one girl, with a cherry. Now he finally had another virgin, and this time she was his wife.

    Once his penis had penetrated as far as he could reach, Fred laid his body over hers. He could feel Ginny's heart beating against his chest, and her breathing was ragged. He laid there for a minute until Ginny had adjusted to the feeling of him being buried all the way into her. Fred whispered into her ear as he began pumping, and told Ginny that he knew it was hard for her to take him, and that he would be gentle. Her kisses were passionate, and Fred lasted for only a couple of minutes before he pumped what might have been his mightiest load ever into her snuggly wonderful, warm pussy.

    Cum. Fred might have had a small penis, but his balls were heavy and put out watery loads that were substantial in quantity. Each time Fred came, he would deliver long squirts with each throb of his orgasm. When he pulled out of Ginny after his first orgasm, a large quantity of juice, mixed with some red blood, poured out of her pussy.

    Ginny wondered if all that white juice belonged to him or to her, and Fred laughingly said that it belonged to him, and that his loads were much larger than average. After they had placed a towel under her ass to soak up his next load, Ginny was ready for another round.

    Ginny was anxious to experience what she had been missing during a time when many of her girlfriends in high school had “given it up”. She did not complain when Fred wanted to go again. Ginny willingly took him again about an hour later. Because she had not as yet reached the much desired climax, the fourth and final time was her idea. Fred had to hurry the fourth fuck because she began complaining of tenderness around her pussy lips.

    Again she failed to reach orgasm, something that was not accomplished until in their third week of marriage. Those early months turned out to be a mixed blessing for them during sex. Ginny was blessed with a very sensitive clitoris, and it did not take long for the both of them to discover that. By using her hand on her clit while Fred pumped steadily, Ginny began to reach orgasms fairly easily.

    They were mild orgasms usually, as she never really got wild or made noise or dug her fingers into Fred like he wished Ginny would do. All she would do was keep one hand on her clit, and the other arm wherever it happened to end up, sometimes around him, sometimes not.

    Ginny enjoyed jacking Fred to orgasm whenever he would agree to it. He liked pumping big loads into her warm pussy, but once in a while, just for fun, Ginny would masturbate Fred just to watch him come. She always got a kick out of watching his watery jizz pumping out several inches from his penis in spurts that would sometimes last from 8 to 12 times. Fred tried to get her to swallow his load, but after she had tried a couple of times, with most of his cum running down her chin and soaking the bed, she said that Fred simply had too much juice.

    Fred's biggest fantasy was for Ginny not to need her hand during sex. He wanted to be able to use his penis only and bring her to intense orgasms while she dug her nails into his ass or back and twisted and groaned under him. This secret desire about her getting wild and noisy under him and digging into his back was something that Fred never divulged to her. He wanted it to be spontaneous, and not something Ginny acted out in order to please him.

    Fred experimented with her in many positions in order to see if Ginny could come just from the sensations of his thin five-inch penis stroking the insides of her pussy. Ginny would comment that she felt “something,” but it was never enough to get her off. Fred tried several things, including eating Ginny until she was almost ready to come and then jumping on. This would usually result in Ginny cooling off, and having to resort to using her fingers to reach orgasm.

    Nothing that Fred tried caused her to use two hands and dig her nails into his back to indicate that she was really excited. But then, other women had never gotten that excited with him either. Fortunately, Ginny did not become pregnant during those first days of her new found sex life even though Fred had pumped several large loads into her fertile body. After talking it over they decided to hold off on having children until such time as they were financially sound. Also, it was nice to be free in case they wanted to take a trip. Ginny was on the pill after their second week of marriage.

    About six months after their marriage Fred had been switched to the night shift, and around the same time they had purchased a computer and gone online. Ginny seemed to spend a lot of time online, because sometimes late at night Fred would call home, and get that busy signal. Ginny also started going to a gym during the day while Fred slept.

    In addition to having a body that was even better than before, if that was possible, she seemed to be making lots of contacts, new friends. When Fred suspiciously inquired, she said that they were all females and laughed off his fears.

    During a discussion while Fred was eating her one night he asked Ginny if she was ever curious about what another man might be like in bed. Ginny asked him why he would think that, and Fred said it was because she had been a virgin when he had married her. Ginny stretched dreamily on the bed, smiled and told Fred, “No, of course not” as she pushed her pussy up into his face.

    After Ginny had reached an orgasm and cooled down, Fred asked her again if she ever thought about other men. This time she changed it to, “well, maybe just a little.” She hesitated, and then added a question as an afterthought, “It's only natural to be curious, isn't it?”

    When Fred asked Ginny if she would ever cheat on him to find out, Ginny replied of course not, and that she loved him. To add emphasis to her answer, she wrapped her luscious wet lips around his boner, and ate him all the way to orgasm. She even kept her mouth on him as he shot his load and by making a mighty effort and gulping, she swallowed all of it. That was a first. Ginny had never swallowed his entire load before. He asked her why now, and Ginny replied that she was practicing to be a better lover.

    Fred asked, “For me?”

    Ginny replied, “Of course silly, who else?”

    Fred accepted her answer, but still, there was that nagging doubt.

    Now, two days after she had swallowed his load, that nagging doubt had grown in intensity. Fred thought his young wife might be planning to cheat on him. Today, when he was supposed to have been sleeping, Fred had been lying awake. He could sense something different about his wife, an air of excitement maybe. It was something that Fred couldn't quite put his finger on.

    Finally he dozed off. About one PM the phone rang. Ginny picked it up instantly on the first ring but Fred still heard it. This time, instead of rolling over to go back to sleep, Fred crept over to the door of the bedroom to listen and hear what his wife might be talking about on the other phone in the living room.

    Ginny was talking in low tones, but Fred could still distinguish her words. Fred's heart dropped when he overheard Ginny telling someone he assumed was a girlfriend something about tonight being her first time, and that she was going over at 9 P.M. After her husband had left for work. Fred worked the night shift, 9 till 6 in the morning. Tonight is her first time? Her first time for what? Is Ginny planning to meet a man?

    Fred still had insecurities about his smaller than average penis. Ginny had never said anything about it, but recently Fred had crept into the den where they kept their personal computer and seen her looking at naked men on a web site. She did not know that he was behind her, and Fred could see that many of the men had erections, and a few had huge erections. Well, that certainly destroyed any illusions she might have that her husband was built like most men, he figured.

    Fred could have revealed to her that he knew she was viewing them. Then he could have explained to her that all those dicks that looked big hanging down had been played with to look larger soft, and that the big ones hard had been picked for that very reason, because they were large. Most men, he could have explained, average men, were much smaller. But, then, if average size had been discussed, he would have been admitting to her that he was among the smaller than average ones.

    Fred had explored the files of the computer the next time she had gone shopping. Fred was looking for any sex photos that she might be storing, or maybe letters from men. He found no pictures and no letters from men, but there were a few jokes of a sexual nature that had been sent from people with feminine sounding names. At least they weren't men, and Fred felt relieved. Still, Fred cursed the day he had purchased that computer.

    Was the computer the problem, or was Ginny getting ideas from the people she was meeting at that gym? Fred could not stand the thought that Ginny might be planning a meeting with another man. Did she desire to satisfy some curiosity about what another man might feel like? Now in a state of near panic, Fred was determined to keep other men away from his lovely little wife no matter what. It appeared that Ginny had arranged something behind his back, so when Ginny left the house to do a little shopping for Fred's supper, Fred did some quick calling of his own.

    Fred arranged to take the evening off work. He also called a cab and arranged to have it pick him up a few blocks from the house. When it was almost time for him to go to work, Fred drove away from the house, leaving a little early. He parked his car in a lot where Ginny would not notice it if she happened to drive by. Minutes later Fred was sitting in a cab and waiting outside the house for her to leave for whatever appointment she might have. When Ginny drove off in her car, Fred had the cabby follow her.

    The cabby had been driving cabs for a long time and he seemed to sense what was going on. He carefully asked Fred if that was his wife they were following. Fred gave a hesitant “Yes,” and the cabby sounded sympathetic when he said that Fred was not the only one who had these problems. The cabby added that he had driven many a husband around following their wives over the years.

    He laughed and said that he had also driven a few wives who were following their husbands. They entered a freeway and it was obvious that Ginny was not meeting anyone in their hometown. Fred did not know whether to be relieved or not. If she was meeting a man, at least it wasn't someone they knew, or who knew his friends and family. Fred hoped so, anyway.

    There was more time for conversation. Fred asked the cabby to elaborate on some of the things he had seen. The cabby related how one husband had become irate when he saw his wife go into his best friend's apartment and how the husband had entered the apartment with a gun.

    Fred asked the cabby why he had not tried to stop the guy, and the cabby had replied, “Him with a gun, are you kidding? I can handle just about any man, but not those guns. Anyhow, as it turned out the husband didn't shoot his wife or best friend anyhow. Seems that his sister was there too, and they were planning a surprise party for the husband.”

    Fred said that he was glad that one had turned out all right, and what about some of the others? The cabby laughed and said the best times had been when the wives, a few of them at least, had fucked him in the cab after they had seen their husbands with other women. Surprised, Fred asked for more details. Did the wives suggest it, or did the cabby make an offer? The cabby replied that it was about half-and-half. If the wife had not suggested it, he had offered. In almost every case, the cabby said, with some exaggeration, the wives had agreed.

    Fred was still having a hard time comprehending this. How could a housewife jump into bed, or maybe just spread her legs in a cab for a total stranger so readily as the cabby claimed? Could they come to such a decision as that in such a short time? He asked the cabby what ages these women were, and the cabby replied that the majority of them were in their mid to late thirties and had been married for 10 years or more.

    Fred asked how the wives had reacted about cheating, even if it was for revenge. Did they seem to act guilty? Did they enjoy it? Did they want to meet the cabby again at some future time? The cabby laughed. He loved telling his tales, mostly true. He said that it was pretty funny how the cheating wives reacted, especially after they took a look at his dick and got a taste of it inside their little cunts.

    Fred frowned. What did the cabby mean by that? The cabby replied that he was lucky to be extremely well hung, and the wives had been pleasantly surprised and had commented that it would serve their husbands right if they only knew what a big dick their wife was getting at the moment. Revenge, they called it. Fred still had to know. Did they feel guilty? Did they want to meet the cabby again?

    The cabby replied that some of them had cried during the fuck, even while they were enjoying it, and some had cried afterwards. Fred asked if they had cried from guilt. The cabby laughed and said no, it was from discovering all the pleasure they had been missing. When Fred didn't laugh the cabby got a more serious look on his face. He then said that he wasn't sure if it was because the wives were feeling guilty and crying because they were the ones doing the fucking, or crying because their husband was.

    His wife was still ahead, still driving to who knew where. Trying to keep his mind off what his wife might be planning, Fred asked the cabby about birth control, and protection against disease. Did the wives ask him to put on a rubber first? The cabby shook his head. Most of the women were already on birth control, or maybe they didn't care if they got pregnant by a stranger, it seemed.

    Maybe it was a desire for revenge, but in any case, few of the women asked him to wear a rubber. Added that some of them had asked to meet with him again. Those gals loved discovering a big dick, or maybe it was just a strange dick, because they wanted more.

    Fred thought about his own wife staring at those photos of big dicks on the computer. He felt jealousy at the cabby's bragging about his big cock, but Fred went along and laughed so as to appear to be one of the boys. He thought about it for a minute and asked the cabby if he had gone ahead and charged cab fare to those wives he had fucked. The cabby replied, “Are you kidding? I not only charged them, they gave me a big tip.” Fred laughed with the cabby over that.

    They were in the next town now. Ginny had driven from their suburbs into what they called the big city. She drove down the main thoroughfare and then turned down a quiet side street. The cabby knew immediately what street they were on. “Damn!”

    When Fred said, “What is it?” The cabby commented that there was a whorehouse on this street. Fred's mouth dropped. When the cabby pointed out the house just ahead, Fred immediately leaned over the front seat to see what was going on. Ginny did what Fred hoped she wouldn't do as she parked a half block away. Fred and the cabby watched in amazement as the lovely Ginny walked up the steps. She knocked, and a female, probably the madam, opened the door and admitted Ginny into the whorehouse. It seemed indeed that she might be going to work.

    They sat in silence. The cabby was smart enough to remain quiet. This was time for the husband to be making decisions. Fred was working on decisions all right. First, he had to be sure that employment was the reason Ginny had gone into that building. Maybe there was some other explanation. Was Ginny visiting someone that she knew there? No, Fred remembered that he had overheard Ginny saying that it was her first time.

    What to do? Then the thought struck him, maybe she wasn't going in as an employee, but rather as a customer. He asked the cabby if there were male prostitutes in the whorehouse available for female customers. Fred remembered that he had heard of houses of prostitution sometimes offering that service. The cabby said no, that as far as he knew there were no males available for women at this particular house, but that could be subject to change.

    Well, that seemed to leave things up in the air. Ginny was either in there to service men, which was most likely, or she had some other reason for going in. Maybe she wanted to be fucked by a man and was willing to pay for it? Fred hoped upon hope that it was something innocent, like, maybe one of her new girlfriends worked there. They waited several more minutes, and when Ginny didn't come back out, Fred worriedly asked the cabby. “Have you actually been inside that house?”

    The cabby said that he had taken male passengers there a couple of times and waited while they conducted their business with a gal. Fred needed to know more, “How do they pick the girls?” The cabby replied that the girls normally sat out front on display for customers as they came in the door.

    The customers were offered drinks for a high-priced fee and given a chance to look over the girls before choosing one. Fred thought about that for a few seconds and said to the cabby, “Did you get a good look at her when she went in? Could you recognize my wife if you saw her again?”

    When the cabby replied that he would have no problem recognizing her, Fred said, “I've gotta know for sure if she is working there. Go in and see if she is in the line of available girls.”

    The cabby had been hoping for this. He always enjoyed seeing the chicks on display, and besides, the meter was running.

    The cabby went in and came out several minutes later. He told Fred that he had not seen Fred's wife right away, so he had purchased a drink. While he was waiting for his drink Fred's wife made her appearance. The madam brought her out, the cabby said, and introduced her to a couple of the other girls. The cabby said that he was staring at Fred's wife and it looked like the madam was going to bring her on over to meet him but she looked nervous so instead the madam took her over to the bar and made a drink for her.

    Fred asked the cabby if there were any other customers in the place. The cabby replied that it was early in the evening on a weeknight so he had been the only customer visible in the lounge area. He added that there could have been customers in one or more of the rooms with a girl, he had no way of knowing. Fred asked the cabby how he had managed to leave without arousing suspicions. The cabby laughed and said he had pretended to be looking over the girls and then pushed a button to make his beeper buzz as an excuse to leave.

    The cabby told Fred that when he had walked out, Fred's wife was sitting on a couch with three other girls. Fred asked how she was dressed, and the cabby made a whistling sound with his lips and said that she was wearing a nightgown. The cabby quickly added that the material was transparent and you could see right through it. He could see that she was wearing panties underneath, but the nightgown showed her tits almost as well as if she was naked. Fred's fears were confirmed, his wife was actually starting work in a whorehouse.

    It didn't help a bit when the cabby added that Fred's wife had just about the best tits he had ever seen. Jealousy went through Fred to the core. This man sitting in the front seat had seen his wife's body almost totally revealed, and there would be more to come unless he acted quickly. The cabbie was still talking and saying that all the rest of the girls were dressed like Fred's wife, with one difference, they had a bra on under their gowns.

    The cabbie said it was probably because their tits weren't as nice as the ones on Fred's wife. Just then, Fred glanced towards the door and saw a man walking up the walk to enter the establishment. He had to act fast before Ginny got her first customer. For sure she would be the first one to be picked. Hell, it wasn't likely anyone else in there looked as good as Ginny did.

    What to do? He looked at the cabby, who stood well into the six-foot range and was built like a football player. He should be able to handle himself. Fred was pretty small, so he said to the cabby, “Shit, there goes a customer in the door now. Wanna make a quick $100?” The cabby said, “Depends on what I have to do”.

    Fred was thinking that even now, that customer was probably in there ogling his wife's breasts. Now, now, he had to act now before it was too late. Fred quickly said that all the cabby had to do was go inside the whorehouse and grab his wife and put her in the back of the cab and take them home.

    The cabby answered that he had removed wives from establishments once or twice before, but those were private residences. This is different. This is a whorehouse and there might be a big bouncer hanging out somewhere in there. So for something as risky as this he'll want more money.

    Fred checked his billfold and said with a sinking heart that all he had was exactly sixty dollars on him. “Look, all I have on my in cash is $60 but I have cards and as soon as we leave here we can stop at any ATM and take care of the rest.”

    The cabby checked his meter. “We're already almost at $50 on the meter and we still have to get you home, so you'll have to come up with $200 for me going in and bringing out your wife plus whatever the fanal tally is on the meter. Can you handle that?”

    Fred tried to laugh, a nervous laugh to let the cabbie know that money was no problem, which under the circumstances was the least of his worries. "I'll give you your fee, your fare and a fair tip, how's that?”

    “Done! I'll have to go in and watch for your wife. Now keep in mind that if someone has already glommed onto her, I might be too late.”

    “Well then, you need to get in there now. Hurry!”

    “You got it man. And to be fair, since I might be getting a drink or something so I won't be arousing suspicions while I am looking for your old lady, I'll turn this meter off in the meantime.” He reached over and hit a switch.

    “Thank you, that's very kind of you. The difference will be reflected in your tip.”

    The cabby nodded and smiled. “I'm gone!” And out the door and up those steps he went. Once again the madam answered the door, and the cabby, whose nick name was 'Buster,' was inside and in the living room. The whorehouse was a huge old mansion that had been renovated and converted, and the former living room had been modified to have a bar on one side. In the middle were three long couches arranged in a semi-circle, and at the moment Buster saw three decent looking whores, but no wife.

    Going over to the bar, he ordered a Tom Collins and took a seat on a couch. Almost immediately one of the gals came over and seated herself quite openly leg wise beside him. Buster smiled, and said that he was just relaxing in the middle of his shift and had dropped in to see the operation, and maybe when his off time coincided with the business hours of this joint he might be able to come in and check out the girls. He smiled at the little blonde beside him and laughed. “Maybe it will be you.”

    The hooker could see that he was wearing a cabbie uniform so had no reason to doubt his intentions, but she was there to make money, and with him at the moment, there was no money to be made, except for maybe pushing drinks and since he was driving for a living, that was out. “OK honey. Remember my name. It's Trixie, Trixie Delight.”

    Buster grinned. “Hey, I've heard that name before and I remember exactly where it came from, the movie Paper Moon, and Madeline Kahn played the part of Trixie. She was a carnival dancer.”

    'Trixie' giggled. “That's where I got the name, one of my favorite all-time movies, and movie characters.”

    She seemed pleased that Buster had recognized her chosen name sake and was pleased with his following comment. “I've never forgotten the scene where you first see Madeline. Her character Trixie comes walking towards the camera and all you can see are her big tits jiggling under a silky type blouse.” Then he looked at 'Trixie' and grinned. “Your tits look about like that.”

    “Yes,” giggled 'Trixie.' “They are. Come in and ask for me and you'll get to see what's under my blouse.” Wriggling her large breasts, she walked away. Buster sighed. Trixie was a cutie, but paying prostitutes was not his thing. Never had needed to do that, not with what he had between his legs. He sipped on his drink, making it last and watching for the gorgeous wife that belonged, or used to belong, to his customer.

    Upon arrival, Ginny had been taken into the office of the madam and after a few confirmation questions as to how often she could work, two nights a week, and what times, between 10 and 2, Ginny was then reminded that, as she had been told on the phone, that she would be 'checked out' by one of her male employees.

    “Tyrone, come in here.” The door at the back of Estelle, the madam's office opened and in walked a black man. Ginny gasped. She had not been told in advance that the man testing her would be black, nor that he would look so big. No, Tyrone was not naked and sporting a huge erection, but rather he was tall, past 6 feet and around 230.

    “Tyrone, this is Ginny, my newest gal, and you know what to do. Ginny informs me that she has been married for just one year and the only man she has been with is her husband. So go a little easy on breaking her in until she becomes used to this.”

    As Tyrone reached for Ginny's hand, Estelle said, “Don't forget Tyrone, you have to get over to my other place within the next hour and check out a new girl there too.”

    Tyrone, who worked as a security guard/bouncer at the house in addition to his occasional duty of keeping Estelle happy in her bedroom had a life that many men might envy, but sometimes things did not always go as he wanted.

    Take this new gal for instance. She was probably the best looking woman Tyrone had seen at Estelle’s two houses. Women basically stayed on because Estelle gave a 60/40 split, with Estelle keeping the 40. On top of that she provided room and board, if needed and legal protection, though it was seldom needed.

    Estelle had an ‘arrangement’ with the local police chief, and a part of the arrangement was an occasional woman of his choosing, and Estelle would foot the bill, in other words paying her girl the 60 percent. Her girls felt ‘safe’ working there, and generally stayed on.

    That was one reason why Tyrone was now more than a bit frustrated. One of his functions was to test and ‘break in’ a new girl, but Estelle, for the first time, had arranged for him to test two girls in the same evening.

    At first this had sounded like a dream come true, but when Tyrone saw Ginny, he knew why Estelle had arranged two in the same evening and with Ginny being first. ‘This woman is an absolute fox! Estelle is jealous of her and wants to keep my time with her as short as possible.’

    Estelle had an elaborately decorated bedroom upstairs which she used for sleeping, usually during the day, and for whenever she decided to have a man in. Currently Tyrone was her man and had been keeping her happy for several months. She also had a bed downstairs if she wanted to take a quick nap or for ‘special occasions’ such as this. Estelle yelled back at him as she walked out. “I’ll check back with you in a few minutes to see how it went.”

    ‘Great,’ thought Tyrone. The old gal’s cutting my time even more.’ He took Ginny by the hand and led her past a curtain and into a small room in the back. There was a double wide bed there and nothing more. Now they were alone.

    Ginny spoke first. “What do you want me to do first?” Her voice was quivering, partially from nervousness and mainly from excitement. This would be her first fuck outside marriage, and it was to be with a black man. The fact that Ginny was expected to perform this fuck for free did not bother her at all, because Estelle had informed her on the phone in advance that giving out a ‘freebie’ was part of her job interview.

    Tyrone smiled. “You heard her. We need to make this quick, but I still need to see how you will be performing for the customers.” He began removing his shirt and told Ginny to undress. “Do it quickly, but make it slow and sexy.”

    As Ginny quickly but slowly removed her blouse, revealing a sexy white brassiere, Tyrone’s eyes seemed to gleam. “Now the skirt,” he almost whispered. His pants were now off, and Ginny could see a significant bulge showing in his black underwear.

    Her skirt came off, and inspired, Ginny turned her back to Tyrone and asked, “Would you undo my bra for me?”

    Tyrone, whom had been dropping his underwear just as Ginny turned her back, walked naked over to Ginny and said, “Is this the way you plan to treat your customers, make them undo your bra?”

    Tyrone sounded sarcastic, but her request had worked as she planned, it had aroused him. As he pulled the two sides of her bra together so that he could undo the hook, Ginny felt his rigid penis press into her left ass cheek.

    She giggled. “It feels to me like my request had the desired effect.” And then she turned her head and looked down. “A very desirable effect, actually.”

    “You telling the truth about only being fucked by your husband?”

    Ginny turned her body fully around to face him, and as Tyrone took in the beauty of her now revealed breasts, Ginny took his cock into her right hand and answered him, and her answer sounded very very sexy. “I’ve only been made love to by my husband.”

    She wriggled his meaty and uncircumcised eight inch prick in her hand. “And now I’m ready to be fucked!”

    Tyrone wasted no time. He had to hurry, but he took the time to take Ginny into his arms, and while pressing his cock up against the area of her navel he began kissing her.

    “Let’s get on the bed.” Now it was Ginny telling Tyrone what to do.

    “You want me to fuck you, that quick?” Tyrone seemed surprised. But Ginny had sensed, correctly, what Tyrone was thinking. If this was to be a fast fuck, they needed to get to it. The sooner he had entered her, the more time they would have to enjoy one another.

    “Yes, I want it, that quick, and I want you.” Ginny began walking backward to the bed and dragging Tyrone along by pulling on his cock.

    “Ooooooh shit. Ooooh fuck you feel good!”

    Tyrone, used to having girls performing an ‘act’ while he was testing them, thought that Ginny was acting now. “That’s right baby, keep talking like that. That’s what the customers want to hear.” He was halfway into her on the first shove, and surprised at how snug she was fitting around him, had to pull back and start forward again.

    “Oh Tyrone, you’re going so deep, soooo” her body was quivering, “so very deep into me.” Her body shook and quivered as she felt Tyrone start to drag his thick penis back and forth. Yes, drag it back and forth since the fit was so tight. Completely aroused, Ginny was moaning.

    Now she was wet and the sliding was going a little easier. Ginny was humping upwards at Tyrone now in an effort to have as much of him inside her as was possible.

    “That’s it baby, you’re putting on a good act. Keep it going while I finish up!”

    ‘He’s going to cum? No no, not yet!’ “Don’t come yet, please. I need this, my first ever. Wait for me.”

    “Good act baby. Work that ass and take my big fat black cock.” Tyrone pumped harder, taking longer strokes and making Ginny gasp. Watch out now, here it comes!”

    “Tyrone, you silly shit! I’m not acting!”

    With his cock throbbing deeply into her, Tyrone bent his head down and took a nipple into his mouth. And then, almost miraculously it came so fast, Ginny began cumming. Her orgasm, her very first not given by her husband was intense, incredibly so, and from a physical standpoint, it was her best ever. They both laid there breathless and speechless for almost a full minute after their simultaneous orgasm.

    Ginny, now extremely happy over having been given an intense orgasm in only minutes and from a stranger, was feeling much better at having made her decision to try hooking. Yes, Tyrone had been testing her, but Ginny had also been doing some testing.

    Most of that testing she had been doing was testing herself, mainly her feelings, but what Tyrone had done had left her feeling really good. She hugged him and grabbing his ass since he still felt to be mostly erect, said, “Do it again!”

    “Whoa woman! You’ve passed the test. You can quit acting now.”

    Ginny felt hurt. For her this had been a truly significant event, and apparently, Tyrone thought she had been acting. Tears in the corners of her eyes, she sniffed. “Tyrone, I wasn’t acting. It was you and that wonderful cock of yours. You really made me cum.”

    Despite his desire to stay in her, Tyrone began to withdraw, but he did it slowly and Ginny, even then, took note of how much longer it took for a longer cock to slip out of her. Suddenly feeling empty, she sighed, but continued to lie there with her legs opened and providing Tyrone with a view of still another white wife pussy he had enjoyed stretching and filling up with his thick semen.

    Tyrone had fuck tested a total of 9 white women, one oriental and one black gal since beginning work for Estelle, but Ginny had been the best of the bunch. The best of the bunch and for the first time he had only been provided a few minutes to do his job. But the testing was over. If Estelle decided to walk in now she would not see him enjoying his job, probably too much so.

    Now that he had finished up and slipped out, he had time to enjoy the ‘damage’ he had done. For perhaps a full minute he stared down at Ginny, fixing in his mind how she looked as she laid there with a smile on her lips and stared up at him. She was making no effort to hide herself and continued to lie with her legs as he had left them, wide open.

    "Tyrone, I can see where you are looking. I can't see myself, but I can feel it, and you did a really good job."

    “You probably ought to get up and clean up.” He nodded his head towards another door. “There’s a shower in there. If you’re starting tonight, Estelle will want you to look all clean and fresh out front.”

    Ginny still could not believe how casual Tyrone was acting. This had been a big event for her and he seemed to be acting like it was no big thing. She did not understand Tyrone’s true feelings. This fuck, short as it had been, was maybe his best ever, but he had a job to do and if Estelle ever thought that she was no longer his number one woman, Tyrone would be out of a job.

    Still, Ginny wanted Tyrone to understand. She sensed that Tyrone would still be around after tonight, and she was already thinking of having a relationship with him. “Tyrone? I was telling the truth. It was no act. That was my best orgasm ever, and you are the man that made it happen.”

    “Well, don’t be talking to Estelle like that or we might both be out of a job.”

    “She’d do that? I don’t understand.”

    Tyrone understood now. Ginny really did not know the score, and he had to enlighten her. “Well, you see, Estelle considers me to be private stock. Know what I mean?”

    “You, you’re her boyfriend?”

    Tyrone looked away, avoiding her eyes at first, and then finally he turned to meet Ginny’s eyes with his. “She keeps me around as the bodyguard in the place, and whenever she wants…”

    Ginny cut him off because she had figured it out. Whenever she wants a good fuck, you provide it for her, is that right?”

    Tyrone was really attracted to this woman now. “Something like that. Estelle snaps her fingers and gets what she wants.”

    “Tyrone,” Ginny smiled and said it as nice as possible. “Whatever Estelle pays you for your services, it probably isn’t enough!”

    “That’s what I was thinking. Now, if she would let me have you as part of the payment, I might be a very happy man!”

    Ginny was wising up fast. She had learned. “But Tyrone, only this first fuck is supposed to be free, remember?”

    “Yes baby, and I want you to be remembering the cock that gave you your best fuck ever.” As he was talking, Tyrone grasped his penis, now soft but still at least six inches long and waved it at her.

    “I’ll never forget.” Ginny stared, but she, finally, had started to rise and was now holding a hand under her pussy to keep Tyrone’s warm cum from draining out onto the mattress, and as she climbed off the bed a blob slipped through her fingers and onto the wooden floor.

    “I’ll clean that up. You go on into the shower.”

    “Want to take a shower with me?

    Tyrone shook his head. I wouldn’t dare. That would piss Estelle off, big time.”

    “Is she really that bad?”

    “Only where I am concerned is she bad. All the girls know that I am Estelle’s private stock.”

    Ginny giggled. “Unless you are breaking a new girl in and making her cum like never before.”

    “That can be our little secret you and I. I’ll be the bodyguard that watches over you when you are working, and it can be our little secret that you will know that I am not only watching over you, but watching you.”

    Ginny nodded. “In another life, another place, you and I could probably be an ‘item.’

    Tyrone smiled. “Get that shower.” He had grabbed one of Estelle’s overly strong perfumed tissues from the cocktail table and was busily wiping up his cum that Ginny had dropped.

    Estelle came in a minute later, and without knocking. Fortunately for the two of them, Estelle saw nothing to make her suspicious. “She’s in the shower? Good, I like my women to think clean, always.”

    She looked at Tyrone, who had just finished zipping his fly. “How did she do?”

    Tyrone knew just what he needed to say. “She did fine. Ginny did a little bit acting sexy while getting undressed, and then she acted like she was cumming while I was testing her. “She should earn a lot of money for you.”

    “I think so, but she’ll only be here two or three nights a week.”

    “She’s keeping this a secret from her husband?”

    “I think so, but that’s her worry to handle as long as the family problems don’t come into my house.”

    “Well, that’s why I’m your bodyguard.”

    Just then Ginny came into the room. She had finished her shower while keeping her hair dry and was now toweling off.

    “Tyrone said you passed the test, so if you want you can begin right now.”

    “That’s what I want. I had another man in me for the first time, and I feel just fine.”

    Estelle frowned. “You mean, emotionally?”

    “Yes. Emotionally and every other way.” Ginny happened to steal a quick glance at Tyrone and Estelle caught it.

    “Well, just remember, with Tyrone it was a one-time thing. Now he’s off limits."

    Before Ginny could say anything in response Estelle nodded towards a drawer. “There’s something in there I want you to wear on your first night.”

    Ginny opened the drawer and smiled when she saw the sheer see through blouse Estelle had selected for her. “This will look good on me, but they’ll be able to see my bra.”

    “You won’t be wearing a bra. Just the see through and your panties.”

    Ginny looked surprised. “Really? No bra? But the other girls might get jealous.” As she was speaking, Ginny had slipped the blouse on and Estelle saw that Tyrone was now staring at her breasts like he had never seen them before, let alone having held and sucked on them.

    Estelle frowned at Tyrone. “Don’t you have somewhere you need to be?”

    “Yes ma’am.” And Tyrone was gone.

    Estelle smiled. Ginny had caught on and suspected or maybe knew that she had the best pair in the house. “It’ll just be for tonight so I can see how the customers react. I might make it a regular thing for all the girls to dress that way.”

    Ginny nodded. I’ll do it in order to see how things go, but some men prefer the mystery of wondering what is under there.”

    Estelle nodded. “And that’s what I do. Make them pay to find out. Now, let’s get you out front.”

    As they entered the front portion of the house, that was when Buster the cabby had first seen Ginny and had gone out to inform her husband. While the cabby and her husband were planning on getting Ginny out to keep her from being fucked, she had in fact already been fucked.

    Now, unknown to Ginny, Buster the cabby was once again out front and waiting for her to show. Ginny had felt more cum that Tyrone had blasted deep into her cunt trying to drain and had returned to the back to once again sit, wipe and clean.

    As soon as she had returned to the sitting room, Ginny saw that there were now two, no three men in the room and six eyes, masculine eyes, were now staring at her. One of the sets was Buster, but another man, fat and pudgy looking had spotted her and being closer, was over and sitting beside her before Buster could get there.

    Ginny had spotted Buster and thought to herself, ‘Now there is a customer I could go for.” But she knew that she could not pick and choose. It was the customer who got to pick and choose, and now it looked like her first customer was to be some fat and short little twirp that probably has a little cock and who might slobber all over her at the same time he is sweating all over her.

    “Excuse me Miss, but I saw you first when I was here a while ago and then had to leave for a fare. So now I am laying claim to first dibs.” It was Buster, and he was doing his job, to keep Ginny from fucking a customer.

    “No! I saw her first,” whined the little fat guy.

    “Here! What’s wrong?” It was Estelle, who had heard the commotion because the fat little twirp had started to protest at having his dream girl with the fantastic tits and face being taken away. She was hoping that this little issue could be resolved peacefully because her bouncer was gone for a while.

    Buster spoke first. He knew Estelle’s name and used it now. “Estelle, I’ve brought several customers to your place and I was here earlier tonight and spotted this little cutie here.” As Buster was speaking, he was holding Ginny’s hand and flicked his head in her direction. “I was about to pick her but got a call, so now I’m back to finish what I never got to start.”

    Estelle was wise and there was no argument. She knew what a cabbie could do for her business and besides, this cabbie looked to be very strong under his uniform and Tyrone, her bodyguard had left on business.

    “You go ahead and take her. Her name’s Ginny and I think you’ll enjoy her.”” She looked down the hall. “Take room three. That’ll be her new room.”

    “You want the money first, or later?”

    “I’ve informed Ginny of the rates. She’ll keep track and we can settle up later.”

    As the cabbie and Ginny headed down the hall, Estelle now had a customer that did not look very happy at having lost out on what was the best looking hooker, ever, and she had to make him happy, somehow.

    “Go pick another girl, any girl, and I’ll go half price. How’s that?”

    The little twirp, his red face shiny with sweat, nodded excitedly and went off to find another girl. They would try to ‘hide’ from him, but eventually he would find a girl, a girl so small that she looked like a child at first glance, and when they would finally get into a room he would eat her first and surprisingly enough, make her cum before climbing over her.

    Because she was so small, the little man would finally feel like a man, and his five inch cock would look, in proportion to her small frame big as he stared down at his penetration into her. He would give her an orgasm, but that was mainly because he reminded her of her cousin, whom she had secretly watched one time from behind a tree as he had jacked off and came, shooting his load into a stream and then watching as his cum had slowly floated away.

    Ginny was now alone in the room with Buster, her first customer and he had her interest. But for some reason Buster was not coming over to her. Instead, he was standing at the door and watching down the hall. Buster was watching, and after seeing Estelle disappear from view, he was giving things a little more time and making sure there was no bouncer up front. In a couple of minutes, he planned to throw this wife of his customer over his shoulder and take her out.

    “What’s wrong mister? It looked like you were ready to fight over me and now you’re not taking what you won?” As she was speaking, Ginny had reached around his front and placed her hand over his bulge.

    That did it! Now, wife of his customer or not, she was going to get fucked! Buster turned to face Ginny full front as Ginny, now excited at what he might have was busily trying to expose that hunk of something she had felt through his trousers.

    “Oh wow…” Ginny said it quietly, softly instead of yelling it out. She couldn’t believe it. Her first customer and he was even larger then Tyrone.

    “I hear that you’re new at this.” Actually Buster had heard nothing about her, but having followed Ginny here with her husband, he knew the score.

    Ginny giggled as she knelt down and jacked this 9 inch thick prick once, twice, then, after slipping her mouth over the fat head once, took it off and said, “You’re my very first customer.”

    Buster laughed and then sort of let out a little moan as Ginny went to work on his cock with her mouth. “So I’m your first customer and you’re married?”

    Ginny quit sucking and looked up at him. “How did you know?” Then she looked at where he was looking, at her left hand wrapped around his stiff prick.

    “Oh! My rings, I forgot to remove them.” She started trying to tug them off and Buster stopped her. “No, leave them on. I like fucking other men’s wives.”

    “Ginny gulped, and in the process swallowed some pre-fluid that had somehow remained in her mouth. You like fucking wives? Why?”

    “Because of how they act when I stick this into them!”

    Buster was fully erect now, and Ginny was holding his dick possessively, like she never wanted to let it go. “Yes, I can see that. Put it in me. “I’ve only had my husband, and you’re so much larger…”

    Ginny had made two decisions because she was so attracted to this man. One: To say nothing about being ‘tested,’ and Two: to reveal the personal fact that her husband has a smaller penis. She sensed that Buster would be aroused upon hearing that, and Ginny was correct.

    Buster had heard the ‘you’re so much larger than my husband’ several times before, but this one was different. With this gal, Buster actually knew her husband. She had asked him to fuck her, and apparently Ginny was forgetting a house rule, to make her customer wear a rubber. Her husband was out there and probably wondering why the fuck this was taking so long. Hell, he might even come in to check. Better make this fast.

    Without warning her Buster wrapped his arms around her waist, lifted up and turned her sideways and picking her up by throwing one arm under her legs, carried Ginny over to the bed and tossed her onto it, and so hard that she actually bounced up once before coming to a stop. She giggled, “I think you’ve made up your mind!”

    Only twenty-some minutes after one deliciously large prick had ‘tested’ her, Ginny was now taking another one, larger than the first, and feeling really good. But this fuck was different. Her test with Tyrone had been more emotional for her because Ginny sensed that Tyrone would still be around and at some time in the future they would once again be getting together.

    This customer however, had some exceptional equipment and apparently knew how to use it. Ginny was detached from this fuck emotionally, but physically she was totally involved. “Oooh mister big cock. When I saw you out front I wanted you to be my first customer. You have no idea how happy I was inside when you took me away from that sweaty little man.”

    ‘Sweaty little man.’ This was funny for her to be saying because now they were both sweating as they ground and twisted their bodies together. Ginny’s body was cumming, but her mind was going in another direction. ‘This is so much fun. I wonder what I will be doing with all the money I’ll be earning, money my husband can’t know I have.’

    Ginny had decided to try hooking partially from curiosity, the desire to know other men and see how they would feel, but also to earn money, though she currently had no plans, such as using the money to leave her husband. Despite appearances, Ginny loved her husband, but now she knew that she would always need other men for an occasional ‘cock fix.’

    The cabbie was talking to her. “Looks, feels and sounds like this little housewife is liking her new job. Fuck baby, I think I’ve counted off half a dozen orgasms you’ve had. Now I think it’s my turn.”

    Ginny’s mind had been wandering to thoughts of her husband. Already she was in the mode of being an experienced hooker. Please her customer with her body while using her mind on other things. But this customer was making it very hard for her mind to wander, because when it came to fucking, he was feeling mighty fine.

    When his orgasm burst forth, flooding her so much that her pussy, having no room to spare because the fit was so tight between them made a ‘squeak’ sound as some of the cum he was depositing into her was being forced back out with each pump. Neither of them spoke as their simultaneous orgasm, now finished, became an afterglow as they lay together. They both, the two of them, had been sort of overwhelmed at how well the fucking had gone.

    It was like they had been custom designed to fit together, and the design had worked flawlessly. Now Buster had his ‘work’ cut out for him and needed to get to it. Acting now like a customer, he immediately put his substantial equipment away and waited as Ginny replaced her see through blouse. Her pussy was dripping but first she needed to discuss her fee.

    “That will be two hundred for the fuck, and I’ll throw in the partial blowjob for free. That’s because I wanted to see what it was like to take a big cock into my mouth.” Ginny frowned because her customer was ignoring her and instead had opened the door and was looking down the hall.

    Buster saw that the going looked ‘clear’ and decided to go for it. “I hope her husband is in the cab where he’s supposed to be.’

    Without another word, Buster threw the door open, then quickly hoisted Ginny over his shoulder and headed up the hall. Fortunately there was only one girl up front and she could only stare in shock as she saw the cabbie carrying a kicking and flailing Ginny over his shoulder and out the door.

    “Estelle!” The girl was heading towards the rear while Buster, with Ginny still kicking her legs but seldom making contact, was heading towards the cab.

    Fred, who had been intently watching the door of the establishment, was ready with a rear door open as Buster came up to the cab.

    “Hold onto her while I get this thing started and we can get away!”

    A minute later the cab was rolling and Ginny, in a state of shock, was cowering against the right rear door of the cab and deliberately not meeting her husband’s eyes.

    “Ginny?” Fred asked. “Where’s your purse?”

    She was in a state of shock after being abruptly being taken out and then seeing her husband! Somehow, Ginny was able to get up enough courage to answer. I locked it in my car.”

    Fred glanced to the front and saw that Buster was looking into his rear view mirror. “It’s OK,” Fred said. “We can keep going and I’ll get her car tomorrow.”

    Buster laughed. He was feeling a lot better now. He had just enjoyed a great fuck with a true beauty and then made a successful attempt at getting her out of there. All that and his meter was running again.

    “If you need transportation to get the car, call me and I’ll do it for half price.”

    “You can do that?”

    “Sure, I own the cab company.”

    “You own the cab company?”

    “That’s right. I have six vehicles and six men including myself to keep them running. During the day and early evening, I have five, sometimes all six moving. From midnight to dawn, usually two.”

    “I’m impressed.”

    Her husband and the cabby, the man whom had just finished fucking her, were conversing like nothing had happened. This thoroughly had Ginny confused. Now though, she had her marriage to worry about, and no money had been earned. Two fucks, one free, and one apparently to ‘free’ her, and she had nothing to show for it, except maybe a ruined marriage.

    Fred, who had been holding onto Ginny so that she would not try to get away, released his hold on her now that they were rolling at freeway speed. Still, he seemed to be ignoring her as he kept talking to the cabbie.

    “So you were in there for about thirty minutes this time. What happened?”

    Buster either had to tell the truth, or lie, but he had been hired for a job and felt that he owed it to his customer to tell all. Besides, if this little wife was the sneaking slut she appeared to be, her husband would be better off knowing.

    “Want the truth, even though it might hurt?”

    Fred gulped. He knew now, that he was probably going to be hearing something that he did not want to hear.

    “Go ahead. I can…I can handle it.” Fred sensed Ginny staring at him and as Fred turned his head to look at her, Ginny quickly looked away.

    Ginny, having just come from enjoying the best times of her life, physically and with two men, now felt that she was about to undergo the worst time of her life, mentally, if this cabby, the man who had so expertly fucked her, told Fred the truth.

    “When I went in, I didn’t see your wife right away so I sat down and waited. It wasn’t maybe a minute and out she came. I headed towards her, but some little fat guy got there first. I figured you wouldn’t want your wife getting fucked by some sweaty little man, or any man for that matter, so I had to take her away from him.”

    Fred was surprised. “You took her away? How?”

    “I said, to the madam since she was there that I had spotted her, your wife, before when I was there but had to make a run with my cab and had returned so that I could have her. That it itself might not have been enough to have Estelle, that’s her name, the madam to allow me to steal your wife away, but I told Estelle that I had brought her a lot of customers, and you know what they say, ‘money talks.’

    “How many customers have you actually brought there,” asked Fred.

    “Just four. No five counting you.”

    Fred sort of giggled. “But I wasn’t a customer.”

    “No,” answered Buster. “I was your surrogate customer.”

    “Gotcha! So now tell me, then what happened after you got my wife away?”

    “I needed to wait and calm things down, and I wasn’t sure if there was a bouncer around so I took your wife into one of the rooms, number three was assigned to her, and waited for a while. At first I was watching out the door and down the hall and waiting for a chance to take her out.” Buster paused.

    Fred waited for ten seconds, and when Buster did not go on, he asked, “So you waited, and it must have been twenty minutes or more since you were in there over half an hour. So, what happened while you were waiting?”

    Strangely, Fred felt his cock starting to tingle. H was remembering all that Buster had said about how wives had fucked him, and loved his big cock.

    “You really want to hear?” Ginny turned her head and looked at both the cabby and her husband. She felt now that she was about to hear the announcing of the end of her marriage. Tears in the corners of her eyes, Ginny again turned her head towards the window, looking out and seeing nothing. Now, nothing seemed to matter as she heard her husband apparently wanting to know the hurtful truth.

    ”Yes, I want to know. Don’t hold anything back.”

    “Well, as I was standing at the door and waiting for my chance to get her out of there, she came over to me and reached around and grabbed my cock.”

    “Grabbed your cock? It was out?”

    “No. I should have said she grabbed my bulge. She said something about me winning the right to fuck her and wanted to know why I wasn’t doing anything.”

    “She said the word ‘fuck?’” Fred could not believe his ears that Ginny had said that, even working in a whorehouse.

    Then Ginny spoke for the first time. “I never said ‘fuck!’”

    “What did you say, Honey?”

    Ginny was shocked to hear her husband calling her by their pet name ‘Honey,' but she again was silent.

    Finally Buster answered for her. “Now that I think back, she just asked why I wasn’t taking what I had ‘won', something like that. But after she had grabbed at my bulge, that was it. I had to fuck her.”

    “You ‘had’ to fuck her?”

    “Well, I wanted to, and the way your wife was acting, she wanted to fuck, so I had to fuck her.”

    There was a long pause, and Fred noticed that Buster had slowed the cab way down, probably so they would have more time to talk. Then Buster thought of something. “I need to call Estelle and tell her what is going on so she doesn’t call the cops to report a kidnapping. Hang on.”

    Buster, apparently had the number of the house in his computer because Fred saw the glow of the screen as it lit up and a second later he was calling the number. Estelle answered on the first ring.


    “Estelle, this is the cabbie that just absconded with your gal Ginny. Her husband suspected something was up and hired me to follow her. When we got to your place he had me go in to confirm she was working, so I went in, saw her in that see through, went back out to tell him and he asked me to go back in and get her. So that’s it. You can call off the cops if you’ve already made the call.”

    Estelle sounded relieved as she replied. “I suspected something like that because I was looking out as you tossed her into your cab and when I saw that you had put her into the back with another man I had an inkling.”

    “So we’re cool?”

    “No, I need to speak to her first to be sure.”

    Buster handed a hand phone to Ginny and pressed a button to take his phone off loudspeaker. “Estelle needs to talk to you.”

    “So I gathered,” Ginny answered and sounding somewhat sarcastic as she did so.

    Ginny placed the phone to her ear. “Hello?”

    “I heard that exchange. So you’re alright?

    “Yes, I’m alright. At least no one is beating on me.”

    “Will you be coming back?”

    Pause, then, “I don’t know Estelle. I kind of think that I am cut out to do it. I’ll let you know.”

    OK. You would earn a lot of money, so keep in touch.” With that, Estelle was gone. Ginny, wondering if her husband had been able to hear both ends of the conversation, turned to look at Fred. He had heard and surprised her when he said, “We’ll have to talk about it.”

    Now having surprised his wife, Fred surprised her once again when he turned his attention to Buster and said, “So you fucked my wife? Tell me about it.”

    Buster began relating the story, giving intimate details such as how Ginny had started out by going down and sucking his dick.

    “I only did it for a minute, to see what it was like!” Ginny, by the time both men had trained their eyes on her, was once again staring out the window.

    Now Fred wanted to question Ginny since she seemed to want to get into this conversation. “You wanted to know what it was like? But baby, you already knew. You’ve sucked my cock.”

    “But he has a big one!” Ginny, realizing that she had made a mistake and put her husband down in front of Buster, turned red. “I…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that.”

    But what she did not know was that her husband and Fred had been talking about Buster’s big cock on the way to the whorehouse, and as a result, what she had blurted out had, instead of hurting Fred, had aroused him.

    Fred had started out wanting to hear from Buster what had occurred, but now there was a possibility that his wife, his previously shy and innocent wife, might have an interesting story to tell.

    Fred took in a deep breath, adjusted his pants by squirming around until his erect cock was in a more comfortable position, and asked. “So who wants to tell me the story of what happened? I feel like the odd man out here and I need to be brought up to date.”

    Ginny had noticed her husband’s movements to adjust his pants, suspected why and moved over to his side of the seat. Taking a chance, because there was still the possibility that he might reject her, she reached for and found his groin, and within there was something hard!

    Ginny knew now, it was going to be alright. “So what do you want to know? How big his cock is, or how it felt when he was using it on me?”

    Fred, instead of answering, was unzipping his pants. Ginny smiled as she reached in and tugged on his penis until she was able to wedge it out. Just before putting her mouth over it, she looked up at Buster, who was now driving very slowly and had adjusted his mirror.

    “What’s your name? It seems like maybe I should know it about now.”

    “It’s Buster. My real name is George but I use Buster when I’m doing the driving.”

    “And how about when you’re fucking? What name do you prefer then?”

    Fred of course, was shocked to hear his wife using that word, even though he knew that they had fucked. This was a sudden and complete change, a new direction in their until now, fairly quiet and normal marriage. As a result, his dick was not only erect, but dripping.

    “I don’t have any particular name I use when I’m fucking someone, but I’ve been given a lot of names by some of them.”

    “Like what?” Ginny now aroused like her husband, wanted to hear dirty things from their new found ‘friend.’

    “I’ve been called ‘Stud,’ and ‘Big bastard,’ and ‘Horny mother,’ things like that.” Then he remembered the one Ginny had given him, ‘Mister big cock.’ Oh yeah, I remember another one, ‘Mister big cock.”

    He looked over his shoulder at Ginny. “I think that was the one you gave me.”

    She giggled. Yes, I think I remember saying that. Tell me, these other women you fucked. Were any of them other men’s wives?”

    Fred smiled into the mirror.. “Most of them were.”

    “I must say I can understand why. And now you can add me to the list. Now Buster, you big bastard stud horny mother fucker Mister big cock, why don’t you tell my husband how good that fuck was while I give him a nice slow blowjob.”

    “OK. I’ll do that, but when I get to the part about how you were cumming so hard, you can come in and describe it.”

    Ginny giggled. “I’d love to.” She looked down. “But right now, while you’re starting out with the story, I have this hard cock to take care of.” She leaned down and began flicking her tongue all around the head prior to placing her mouth over it.

    Fred quickly interjected. “Don’t make me come. Not yet.”

    Ginny was stroking her husband’s cock, and even though it now seemed so small compared to Buster and of course Tyrone, it still had her turned on. Her wonderful first-tine fuck with Tyrone would remain her secret, something to remember and maybe fantasize on. Tyrone would be in her future at times when she masturbated and remembered her first real fuck, so quick, way too quick, but so good.

    But right now her husband did not want to come and she needed to know why.

    “Why not honey?”

    “I want to save it for when we get home, the three of us.”

    Unseen by either man, Ginny's eyes widened with excitement. 'My husband is going to let me fuck the cabbie again, maybe in a threesome or maybe he just wants to watch!'

    Buster had already turned the meter off some miles back, and for the rest of the drive his penis had also been erect. “I picked you up away from your house. You’ll need to give me an address.”

    “It’s 235 Yukon place,” Ginny quickly blurted out.

    Then, as Buster began giving intimate details as to how he had fucked her, Ginny put her mouth over her husband’s penis, which at the moment was so very hard. Ginny planned to tease and keep her husband’s cock that way until after she was through with Buster on their marriage bed. Then she would allow Fred to fuck her, and do it while Buster’s cum was still inside her.

    While her husband was pumping away and tickling her fancy, Ginny planned to hold Buster’s face in her hands while they kissed. If she was kissing Buster while Fred was using his small cock on her, Ginny figured, the kissing would help her to reach orgasm. Then, after Buster had left, she and her husband could cuddle and sleep, secure in a new phase of their marriage.

    Eventually, after Buster had made four return visits, Fred would be used to the concept of Ginny’s body being occupied by more meat than he had to offer. With Ginny’s urging and her telling him that any customers she would have would undoubtedly be smaller than Buster, Fred would allow Ginny to ‘go back to work.’

    He allowed it, but only for two nights a week and Ginny had to fill him in on the details each morning before he would go to sleep. Ginny it seemed, was very popular with the men, and many of them were making return visits. Because of that, Ginny began giving her husband the details of the more interesting men she had serviced and leaving the others out.

    Remember the sweaty little twirp? Yes, he got to fuck Ginny one night when things were slow and Ginny had not managed to be ‘busy’ with some other customer. Once they were in room three, he stripped himself totally naked, then stripped her completely and sat on the edge of the bed and played with himself for five minutes while studying her body as Ginny squirmed around on the bed and opened her legs in varying positions, posing and showing him her vagina.

    Ginny was keeping it more trimmed now and only had hair on her pubic mound. Down below, her lips were completely shaved and exposed. Ginny was thinking that his intention was to stare at her vagina and cum while jacking off. In order to speed thing up, she began tugging on her inner lips with both hand and allowing him to have deep and personal views of her most intimate part.

    This, she had not done before, not even for her husband. This weird little guy seemed to be really enjoying it, so Ginny kept tugging her lips open and trying to find new positions. She even went into the doggy style position and reaching behind herself, tugged them open.

    He had indicated he was willing to pay for ‘more time, so Ginny kept at it. Finally, having run out of new angles with which to show him views of her opened lips, Ginny once again was laying on her back and pulling it open.

    Finally she looked at the hard little prick he was jacking and asked, “Aren’t you going to cum?”

    But he wanted to fuck. Ginny had been in his mind for weeks, and he was finally having his fantasy come true. His body trembling, he started to climb over her.

    “Wait!” Ginny partially closed her legs, blocking his access. “You have to put on a rubber first.”

    “I’ll pay extra.”

    “Extra? You mean to fuck me without a rubber?”

    “Yes. I want to feel your intimate skin against mine.”

    “You don’t have anything? No…bug?”

    “Honey, Ginny, the only thing I have is this huge desire to fuck you and with as much contact as possible.”

    “You’ll pay extra? How much extra?”

    “A hundred.”

    “Make it two.”

    He answered without hesitation. “You got it!”

    Ginny smiled and opened her legs. Giggling now, he mounted her, slipping all the way, his entire five unwrapped inches into her on the first stroke. Then he laid most of his weight onto her in order to come into as much skin contact with her as possible. A thrill went completely up his spine as he felt her nipples firm against his chest.

    This was new, in some ways for Ginny. She had been fucked bareback by three men only before tonight and now, she realized, skin to skin even felt good with a small cock.

    He was not that heavy on her as he began fucking her, but between his sweating and the body heat between them, Ginny began sweating too. He tried to kiss her but Ginny said, “I only kiss my husband.”

    He paused in his stroking. “You’re married?”

    “Yes, over a year now.”

    “Wow! And I’m getting to fuck you. This is wonderful!” He reached out for her left hand and held it up. “Yes, I can see the marks where your rings would be. I gather that you take them off when you’re working?”

    “Yes, of course.”

    “I want you to know Ginny, that I think you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world. I have dreamed of this moment ever since that first night I saw you.”

    “That was my first night here. That was my first time being out on the floor when you saw me.”

    “It was? I came that close to being your first customer then?”

    “Actually, you came that close to being the first man I allowed to fuck me besides my husband.”

    “I wish I could have been your first.”

    “Yes, that would have been nice.” But Ginny was thinking back and remembering that night, first with Tyrone and then Buster. That was what had been ‘nice.’ A first time with this little man would have been a big letdown.

    “Well, now you’re mine!” Then he resumed his pumping, with even more enthusiasm than before.

    Ginny was keeping her head turned away to avoid having to kiss just in case he tried again. Then he played with her tits while enthusiastically pumping into her, and for a while Ginny had to pretend she was enjoying him. But he had this ability to last, and after time and his going down on her in the middle of the fuck, Ginny began cumming.

    First it was as his skillful tongue knew just how to manipulate her clitoris. Then, completely surprising Ginny since she had begun to think that only the big ones, if she liked the guy, could get her off, he made her cum with his cock. Not just once, but twice.

    But he couldn’t cum, maybe because Ginny was no longer as tight as she had once been. But hoping to help him cum, she eventually turned her head to his and allowed their lips to meet. This made him feel extra special, her allowing him to kiss her and he began putting as much mental concentration into his kissing as possible.

    Using his tongue as skillfully in her mouth as he had done on her clit, he blocked all thoughts of other things, other times out of his mind and concentrated his entire mind, indeed his entire being into his kisses. It worked. Ginny, sensing his desire for her, reciprocated, and he was rewarded with a level of passion that only Tyrone had experienced before tonight.

    There was no love here, no mental involvement on her part, but his desire became hers. Ginny was returning his kisses with a high level of enthusiasm, and his tongue, the tongue that had made her cum earlier was touching hers and she was touching him back.

    He was paying for extra time, five hundred he had plunked down and then he would be adding another two hundred to the pile for no rubber. This was one of the main reasons Ginny was offering up her luscious body to men. She liked to fuck, and she liked the secure feeling that having money provided.

    He had sucked her tits and sweated all over her before making her cum with his mouth and then his cock’ All that had been followed by some really hot kissing. So Ginny ‘‘rewarded’ him with a blowjob. Her blowjob was so complete that she kept her mouth completely over his head and half the shaft and sucked mightily as she felt at least eight or nine powerful throbs, most of them accompanied by a substantial amount of cum.

    She kept sucking, more gently now since she knew his glans would be very sensitive after his orgasm. More cum seemed to be dribbling into her mouth and wrapping itself around her tongue and going down her throat. Ginny showed him she was enjoying her ‘work’ by smiling at him, then opening her mouth full of thick and salty tasting cum, showing it to her current favorite lover while making a gargling sound and then swallowing it all.

    Impressed and pleasantly surprised, his response was to kiss her right then, and passionately. Ginny was still trying to get the thick mess down her throat, and her body quivered in the middle of their tasty kiss.

    That was the first time Ginny had ever swallowed cum, and that little act she did not include in her storytelling to her husband. The weird little guy, the ‘twirp,’ had managed to take possession of and control the woman that had been priding herself on her new found ability to ‘control’ men.

    Several men had been inside her now, all while wearing rubbers and most of them going deeper than the little twirp had gone. Usually she didn’t climax with them while faking it. Yet somehow this little man with his weird ways had managed to fuck her bareback and in the process had made her cum, and more than once. His persistence had somehow given him control over Ginny, a control that had been so strong that she had swallowed his cum and done so willingly and for free.

    Ginny for now was making lots of money and was keeping back some for herself ‘just in case.’ Their sex life, the number of times Ginny and her husband fucked increased as a result of her storytelling, but Ginny usually needed to stimulate her clit while Fred was fucking her so that she could orgasm.

    Fred understood and accepted the fact that his small penis usually could not do the job unaccompanied. After all, his wife was a big girl now.
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