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. Hip Hop Honies ch. 1

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by BMas67, Jan 10, 2018.

. Hip Hop Honies ch. 1 4.7 5 3votes
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  1. BMas67

    BMas67 Well-Known Member Member

    Tammy was having a fit at the moment. Tonight was supposed to be a special night for her and her girlfriends as they were all going out clubbing and taking their boyfriends for the first time. They’d never all been out together and Tammy had been looking forward to it all week. She was excited to meet her friend’s boyfriends and even though she was apprehensive about them meeting her boyfriend she was still excited. Tammy wasn’t sure she wanted her friends to meet her boyfriend, Paul, as he was a rather small framed guy and was honestly a bit effeminate. She had been nervous about them seeing him under normal circumstances but now that she had seen what she’d seen earlier today she was doubly upset.

    When Tammy got home from work tonight Paul had wanted to talk to her about something he thought couldn’t wait any longer. He was nervous and skittish around her for the past couple of weeks and it seemed to her that he had finally built up the nerve to talk about what had been bothering him. Paul asked her to follow him to their bedroom and once inside he became even more uptight. Tammy could swear she saw tears in his eyes and thought to herself, “Fuck, why is he always such an emotional pussy? I’ve never met a guy who cried as much as him”.

    Tammy sat on the edge of the bed and sighed impatiently as she waited for Paul to finally start talking. She was tapping her foot and drumming her fingers on the bed in an effort to show him how impatient she was becoming. Finally she said, “Alright, let’s get on with this I need to start getting ready Pauly”. Paul cringed when she called him that. He had always hated that name as it sounded so emasculating. Tammy saw the look of embarrassment on her face and grinned at him sadistically wanting to humiliate him a bit for acting like such a wimp right now.

    Paul stuttered and blinked away tears as he said, “Tttammy? I have Ssssomthing I’ve been meaning to ttttell you”.

    “Spit it out for shit’s sake!” Tammy sneered making Paul even more nervous.

    “Well”, he continued “For a while now I’ve been feeling a little silly and have been playing around when I, um, when I play with myself”.

    Tammy looked angrily at Paul and said, “Play with yourself? You mean when you jack off your little dick”?

    “Please Tammy, you know I hate it when you call it little”, Paul whimpered.

    Tammy scoffed and said, “Well let’s face facts Pauly, it’s not exactly porno material is it? I mean you know there have been times when I’ve had to ask you if it was even in. And you never really last very long so I’m wondering why you even bother jacking off at all. But let’s move this along I don’t want to be late”.

    Paul swallowed hard several times then continued. “See, um, I’ve been wearing certain clothing when I play with myself cause it feels so smooth and silky it really helps me get in the mood.”

    Tammy interrupted with, “Certain Clothing? Like what? Boxers instead of your normal tightie whities?”

    Paul was sweating now as he began to realize this was going to be more difficult than he realized. He was looking down at the floor when he said, “No, nothing like that. Something more along the lines of pppanttties.”

    “Panties?” Tammy asked. “Did you just say panties? Like women’s panties? Wait! Like My Panties? What the fuck?”

    “Yes” Paul said, “but you need to understa..”

    Tammy cut him off with an angry retort, “I don’t need to understand shit! Are you telling me you’re gay? I mean I always thought you were a bit swishy the way you walk and talk. Also the way you wave your hands around when you’re speaking but damnit I didn’t think you were really queer”.

    “Nnnnooo I’m not Gggay” Paul said with tears filling his eyes. “Lot’s of straight guys dress in women’s clothes. It’s not a gay thing it just feels good”.

    “Holy shit!” Tammy said her anger rising. “Are you fucking kidding me? Lot’s of guys do it? Is that your defense? I mean what the fuck Pauly?”

    “Please Tammy just listen. I like the way it feels. You know, the silky material against my skin? It really puts me in the mood”.

    “I honestly don’t give a shit what kind of mood it puts you in! You’re a fucking sissy! A little bitch boy! Christ I can’t believe this! What the fuck am I supposed to do with this? Huh? Tell me what you expected from me”.

    Paul fidgeted nervously and said, “I thought you would understand and be ok with it. I thought it might strengthen our relationship if I was completely honest with you”.

    “I can’t handle this right now. We’re already late and I just can’t think about this shit right now. Fuck! I was already concerned with what my friends would think of you being as small and, well, feminine as you already are. Now I have to have this running around in my head all night? I’ve seen pictures of my friend’s boyfriends and they all look so masculine and cut. This is a fucking nightmare”!

    Paul was almost crying fully now when he said, “I’m sorry Tammy, please don’t be mad at me. I can’t stand it when you’re mad at me”.

    Tammy stared at her boyfriend for a full minute and he could see the gears turning in her mind. She took a step toward him and grasped his arm squeezing it hard. Paul cringed in pain as this wasn’t the first time Tammy had been aggressive with him. She was stronger than him and often let him know it when she was angry.

    Tammy looked him in the eye and said, “Look Pauly, I can’t deal with this right now so you listen closely. We are going out tonight with my friends and you will behave yourself you little sissy. You will get your shit together and be a good boy for me while I sort this all out”.

    Tammy pushed Paul away abruptly and he turned his back to hide his tears of humiliation and pain while rubbing his sore arm.

    When Paul turned away Tammy caught a glimpse of the pink panties Paul was wearing under his jeans when his shirt rode up briefly. She was about to go off on him for wearing her panties while having this conversation but an idea began to form and she grinned like the Cheshire Cat as she thought of a way to get even with her little boyfriend.

    Tammy said, “I need a minute to myself. You look ready to leave as is, so I want you to go wait in the car while I finish getting ready”.

    Paul panicked as he realized he would not have time to change clothes and stammered, “Wait, Tammy, I need to..”

    She cut him off again saying, “You need to do as you’re told right now Pauly boy. Listen to your betters and get your ass out to the car and wait for me. I need to not see your face for a couple of minutes”.

    Paul tried again to plead his case but one look from Tammy and his resolve faded instantly. He was always afraid of confrontation and as was his usual practice, he hung his head and mumbled, “Yes dear” before slinking out of the room, down the stairs, and out the front door.

    When Tammy was alone she began to laugh out loud at the evil plan she was conceiving. She was pissed and wanted a little revenge on Pauly for laying this on her just before they went out. Tammy went into the bathroom to spruce herself up for the evening out.

    She took off her work blouse and skirt and applied some fresh deodorant after removing her bra. She stopped for a minute to admire herself in the mirror as she stood there in nothing but a pair of blue panties. She made a decision and removed the panties as well opting for a sexier outfit than originally planned.

    When Tammy put together her outfit and gave herself a once over in the full length mirror she smiled in approval. Tammy had been blessed with a perfect figure. She had gorgeous 38DD breasts and a perfectly round ass that stuck out just enough to turn every head in any room she entered. Her long blonde hair framed her face perfectly and made her emerald eyes pop. Her full red lips pulled back in a sneer as she thought about what Pauly was in for tonight. She was wearing a low cut, sheer top that fully displayed her cleavage sans bra. The tight leather mini she’d opted for was cut so high she was certain you could see her thong peeking out when she moved a certain way. Sheer black stockings and 4 inch stiletto heels completed the look she was going for and Tammy winked at herself as she exited the bathroom. She made her way out to the car and put on an angry face as she sat in the passenger seat looking straight ahead and making no contact with Pauly at all.

    Paul tried to say something about the way Tammy was dressed but her mood told him in no uncertain terms she was having none of it. So, they drove off in silence to begin their adventure out on the town.

    The ride was unbearable for Paul as Tammy’s silence and the fear he had in the knowledge of his secret panties were wearing on him heavily. He prayed he could keep the panties from being seen by anyone tonight and shifted around in his seat more uncomfortable than he’d ever been.

    Paul and Tammy arrived at the club on time and made their way to the front of the line. There were a couple dozen people standing in line waiting to be let in but Tammy pulled Paul along till they reached the doorman. She told him they were meeting friends who were already inside as confirmed by a text she’d received in the car. The doorman looked Tammy up and down and smiled saying, “Oh yeah honey you can go right in”. The large black man then blocked Paul and said in a dismissive tone, “Where you think you’re going”? Tammy smiled seductively at the guard and said, “Oh he’s with me. Can’t you let him in too? Please?”

    The doorman shook his head while looking at the pitiable loser standing next to the sexy blonde and said, “Damn girl! You really with this guy? Shit I almost thought it was a teenaged girl for a minute. You sure you want him coming in with you”?

    Tammy giggled and said, “I’m sure. The little guy is with me alright”.

    Paul was beat red with embarrassment from being spoken about in this way but was too afraid of pissing Tammy off more to object. He just hung his head and shifted nervously from one foot to the other. He could hear the jeering laughter of the people waiting in line and heard several rude comments about what a wimp he was and how he didn’t deserve to be with a hottie like Tammy.

    Tammy and the doorman laughed together for a minute before he opened the door and motioned for her to enter. He brazenly slapped her ass as she passed him and Paul thought she would flip out but Tammy just giggled and smiled back at the big, black man snapping her fingers at Paul and patting her leg like she was calling a dog. “Come along Pauly!” She said laughing.

    Paul followed like a cowed little doggy with its tail between its legs and burned with humiliation. They entered the club and waited by the door for a minute as their eyes adjusted to the dark interior. Tammy heard her name being called and waved energetically at a table over near the bar. As they approached the table Paul was chagrined to see he was the only guy there. Tammy asked, “What the fuck ladies? Where are the menfolk?”

    There were four women seated at the table and each one gave a reason for being out without their significant others. First up was a bubbly redhead with huge tits named Betty. She said her boyfriend, the doctor, had been called in to work. Next was a sultry brunette with a slender frame and a big round ass called Angela. She told Tammy her boyfriend had been called away to one of the restaurants he owned as the chef was ill and he had to go find a replacement. Another brunette, named Susan, who was showing off more skin than should be allowed with her hourglass frame in a tight leather mini dress told them her boyfriend had to fly off to his father’s vineyard to deal with an emergency being the CEO of the family business. Finally a gorgeous Blonde sitting closest to Tammy looked up with the most amazing blue eyes and said, “Mine is closing a deal to buy a yacht and had to meet the guy tonight before he leaves for Europe”.

    Paul was stunned at the descriptions of the other men’s jobs. For himself, Paul was an assistant manager at a local pizza shop and was now feeling more inadequate than he ever had before. He was blushing when he realized all eyes were on him now and looked down at the floor when Tammy said, “This is Pauly. He’s a pizza boy. He’s my little one”.

    The women all laughed at this and Paul could feel any respect they may have had for him drift away on the breath of Tammy’s cruel description of him.

    Tammy took a seat and when Paul made to sit next to her she said, “Hold on Pauly, since you’re the only, um, man I guess, here, you can run for drinks”.

    Angela said, “Oh Tams, we have a waitress” to which Tammy replied “That’s ok Ange, Pauly can run for us. Can’t you Pauly?”

    Paul cleared his throat and said, “Of course dear, what would everyone like”?

    It was as if there were some sort of silent signal between the women as they all ordered the most complicated and expensive drinks they could think of. Poor Paul made his way to the bar hoping he would have enough money to afford the entire evening.

    As he reached the bar he could hear raucous laughter coming from the table he’d just left and wondered what could be so funny so soon. Paul tried to catch the bartender’s attention but was having no luck as his small frame kept him mostly hidden from view through the crowd. As he stood against the brass railing waiving his money two large black men moved in to stand on either side of Paul. They immediately got the bartender’s attention and ordered their drinks while Paul stood mouth agape in shock at being ignored so blatantly. He tried to wedge himself between the two behemoths and in a squeaky voice called out for the bartender. One of the large men looked down at Paul and laughed saying, “Seriously? Did that noise just come from you little man”?

    Paul looked up at him and said, “Excuse me, I’m just trying to order a drink so you can mind your own business”.

    If Paul hadn’t been so concerned about Tammy he never would have mouthed off in such a way and he realized his mistake too late as the large man and his friend both leaned in close to Paul in a menacing manner.

    “The fuck you just say white boy?” one of them asked. Paul stuttered out a barely audible reply and tried to extricate himself from between the two huge slabs of black muscle.

    The men held Paul in place and were crushing him between them. The poor little white boy was terrified and began to plead with the men to let him go. He felt so inferior in their presence and feared for his safety. The man on Paul’s right side grabbed Paul’s hand, the one with the money in it, and pulled it out toward the bartender to get his attention. He was squeezing Paul’s hand so hard that the wimpy white boy feared it would shatter. He cried out in pain and his eyes filled with tears. His arm was stretched painfully and his chest was crushed against the bar. The bartender noticed him and for a second Paul thought he’d be saved but that was not to be.

    “What can I get you?” the bartender asked looking directly at the man holding Paul’s hand. The man said, “Well little man, what you having”?

    Paul squeaked out a drink order for the five women forgetting to order a thing for himself. The drinks were all fruity and had embarrassing names like Slippery Nipple and Sex on The Beach or Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall. The Black men laughed heartily and called Paul a little sissy for such a flamboyant order. The bartender made the drinks and sneered down at Paul as he gave the white boy his total. Paul could do nothing as the Black man pushed his hand out toward the bartender telling him to keep the change. Paul cringed but kept silent as the young man behind the bar was tipped thirty dollars.

    Paul had trouble lifting the tray of drinks and finally decided to carry the drinks two at a time. When he reached the table Tammy said, “Jesus, it’s about time Pauly. And seriously can’t you carry more than two at a time? I never realized you were so delicate”.

    The women at the table all laughed as Paul blushed and made to go back for the other drinks. As he turned around he ran directly into the Black man who had roughed him up at the bar. The man set down the other drinks on the table and addressed the women saying, “Sorry ladies but it looked like the little fellow needed some help. He seemed out of his depth at the bar and now I see he’s way out of it here at this table. That is if you’ll excuse me for saying so”.

    Paul was mortified and the shocked look on his face showed it. His own girlfriend made things worse for him by saying, “Why thank you gentlemen. I’m glad Pauly could find some real men to help him carry those heavy drinks”.

    This brought amused chuckles from everyone present except for Paul who felt as though he wanted to crawl away and hide in a corner.

    The large black man said, “My pleasure ma’am. I’ll be right over at the bar if you’re little man needs more assistance. Or if you do”.

    Tammy blushed and said, “Thank you. I’ll definitely keep that in mind”.

    The man smirked at Paul and left laughing. Paul sat down next to Tammy and was immediately forgotten as the women continued with their conversation as if he weren’t there at all. They were talking about clothes and different designer they all loved to wear. Paul was still shaken by his bar ordeal so was taken by surprise when Tammy slapped his leg and said, “Right Pauly”?

    Paul had no idea what to say but not wanting to upset her simple agreed and said, “Yes dear”.

    The women all burst out laughing and Paul was startled by their reaction. Tammy said to the crowd, “See I told you he would agree”.

    Paul said, “Agree with what dear”? And Tammy I mock anger said, “What does that mean? Weren’t you even listening to me Pauly”?

    Paul was unsure what to say as it was clear he hadn’t been listening but was so flustered and afraid of angering Tammy he just said. “No, of course I was listening. I agree with you completely”.

    This brought more laughter from the women and Tammy said, “Well then, show us. Stand up and show us”.

    Paul was terrified and leaned in to whisper to Tammy, “Please, what’s this about? I’m sorry I didn’t listen. What am I supposed to be doing”?

    Tammy smiled fiercely and said, “Show the girls your sexy underwear sweetie. I told them all how you love wearing manly briefs and all their boyfriends wear boxers so they want to see what yours look like”.

    Paul was shaking and sweating. He whispered to Tammy again, “But dear, I’m not wearing briefs. It’s like we talked about at home. I didn’t have time to change since you wanted to leave so quickly”.

    Tammy looked evil when she said, “That’s not my problem little one. Now you’re the one who thinks it’s natural for ‘straight’ men to play dress up so this should be no problem for you”.

    Paul pleaded with her whispering so as not to be overheard but Tammy was having none of it.

    “You’re my little sissy boy so you’ll do as I say. Or do you want to leave here alone tonight? These are my dearest friends. They’ll be nice to you. I just want them to know you as I do Pauly”.

    Paul stood up defiantly and staring right at Tammy put his thumb in the waistband of his jeans and pulled them down just under an inch to show the pink color of the panties he wore. The women all booed him and yelled that they wanted to see more. Paul was flushed with humiliation as he quickly sat back down.

    Tammy said, “Well, it looks like my little boy is embarrassed. Let’s give him a break ladies”.

    Paul was again sent to the bar and this time had to order several rounds of shots so as not to make too many trips along with refills for all the ladies drinks. He returned once again in the company of the large black man who introduced himself to the ladies as Rick. Rick told them he and his friend at the bar would keep an eye on Pauly any time he had to go for drinks. The ladies thanked him and Tammy blushed and smiled when Rick winked at her before turning away.

    Tammy was ready to begin her plan of revenge now and started forcing shots down Paul’s throat as fast as she could telling him she just wanted him to relax and have fun. She said she was sorry for her reaction earlier and just wanted to see him have a good time.

    Paul was thrilled with Tammy’s words and happily downed several shots in succession. The ladies were all drinking quite a bit and the table took on a raucous atmosphere in no time. Tammy stood up and yelled “Let’s go dance!” and all the women got up cheering and headed for the dancefloor. Tammy grabbed Paul’s arm and dragged him out of his chair and across the floor.

    Paul was feeling the effects of the alcohol and was stumbling upon reaching the dancefloor. The ladies were amazing as they were all great dancers who knew how to move their sexy bodies, while poor Paul just fumbled around like a buffoon.

    In no time the ladies had attracted the attention of every man in the club most notably the two large black men who had abused Paul at the bar. The big men came out on the floor and in no time had Tammy sandwiched between them and she was grinding seductively against both of them. Paul tried several times to intervene but his small stature and drunken demeanor made him as ineffectual as he seemed to everyone else. Tammy actually laughed at Paul’s pitiful attempts and the men dancing with her joined in mocking the poor white boy.

    One of the men even went so far as to take Paul’s hand and twirl him like Paul was a fragile little girl. When Paul was twirling around his shirt lifted up and the waistband of Tammy’s pink panties were visible sticking out of Paul’s jeans.

    It was as if someone had turned off the music and turned on the lights. Everyone in their little circle of dancers stopped immediately staring at the oblivious white boy.

    The girls started laughing and pointing and the large black men were looking at Pauly with disgusted expressions.

    Paul continued to dance for a few seconds before realizing everyone in the group was staring and making fun of him. He still didn’t know what had caused the laughter until his own girlfriend said, “Pauly, what the fuck are you wearing? Are those panties? Are those my panties?”

    Paul was flustered and tried to get Tammy to come away from the crown do talk in private but she stayed planted between the large black men and told Pauly to answer her.

    The men gave him menacing looks and with fear in his heart and tears in his eyes, Pauly said quietly, “Yes”.

    Everyone laughed at once but Tammy controlled herself and in a practiced look of mock anger said, “I’m shocked! What the hell is wrong with you Pauly? Are you some kind of sissy queer?”

    Paul was in tears as he tried to control the situation by saying it was just a joke. He tried to play it off as a sexy surprise for Tammy but she attacked him again by saying, “Sexy surprise? What kind of surprise is that? Surprise! I’m a fairy!”

    The entire group laughed and took up the mocking with phrases like, “Surprise! I’m a little girl” or “Surprise! I actually love cock” and “Surprise! I have a little clitty instead of a dick”. The most hurtful was that last one which came from Tammy herself but the one that stuck and would haunt Pauly forever was “Surprise! My name is Pauly Panties” which came from the black thug Rick.

    This started the group taunting poor Pauly with chants of “Pauly Panties! Pauly Panties!”

    Pauly was crying openly now and made to leave the dancefloor and then the club but was stopped by a large black hand on his thin shoulder. “Hold on now Pauly Panties” the black man said. “We want to see the whole thing. Show us those panties little sissy”.

    Paul tried to break away but was held fast as the accumulated crowd of gawkers began chanting, “Show us the panties! Show us the panties!”

    Before long the entire club was chanting along and Paul felt like he was in hell. He looked to Tammy for assistance and found only a sneer of derision on her face. The poor sissy white boy was trapped and soon felt someone undoing the button on his jeans. He had no idea who was undressing him in the large crowd but soon felt his pants being pulled down to his ankles.

    The entire crowd began cheering, jeering and taunting the emasculated sissy when they saw him in his frilly pink panties. The teasing became much worse when Angela pointed out in a loud voice, “Tammy! Is that tiny little bump in the front of those panties his dick”?

    Tammy laughed and said, “Unfortunately it is! It’s such a tiny little thing it seems a total misnomer to call it a dick.”

    Then Betty stepped up and said, “Shit, my clit is bigger than that”.

    This caused more derisive laughter and people began chanting “Pauly Panties Sissy Clitty” while pointing at the almost imperceptible lump in his panties.

    Paul tried again to get away and tripped on his own pants falling to his knees. His face bumped into Rick’s crotch and the women all laughed as Tammy said, “Watch out Rick I think Pauly Panties wants a taste of that black sausage”.

    Before Pauly could move away Angela reached down and pushed his face deep into Rick’s crotch rubbing it back and forth across his obviously huge bulging cock.

    The laughter had a life of its own as the club crowd enjoyed seeing the pitiful white boy being so humiliated. Pauly was not allowed to stand up right away and his face was kept pressed into Rick’s cock as Tammy tapped at his tiny clitty with the tip of her high heeled shoe.

    Rick said, “You better watch touching her clitty sweetheart or she’ll squirt her goo in your panties”.

    Paul’s muffled reply was unheard and uncared for as he moaned into Rick’s crotch. Eventually Pauly was lifted to his feet and his jeans were pulled off. Now the poor sissy was left standing in only his shirt and panties before the mocking crowd.

    Pauly was shivering and crying as the crowd moved in on him menacingly. Rick said, “Tammy honey, your little sissy just doesn’t look complete. I mean the panties are a good start but something’s just not right”.

    Tammy laughed and said, “I know I just wish Pauly had more of his sissy clothes to wear tonight”.

    One of the ladies stepped forward and said, “Here take this” as she reached up under her shirt and removed her bra, in that sexy secret way only women know.

    The bra was a close match to Pauly’s panties in color and everyone laughed as Tammy fastened it to her emasculated boyfriend. Pauly was shaking worse now and tried to hide his body with his arms but a threatening raised hand from Rick stopped him immediately and he lowered his arms to his sides.

    “It’s still not right” said Betty much to Pauly’s chagrin. Another stranger stepped forward and said, “I can help” as she removed her knee high white stockings. Just then one of the waitresses came through the crowd carrying a pair of black 4 inch spiked heels.

    She said, “These were in the lost and found. Will they help?”

    Tammy clapped her hands and squealed in joy as she took the offered clothing and moved in on Pauly. Rick held Tammy’s boyfriend still as she put the stockings and heels on the shaking, sobbing, sissy.

    Just before she rose from her kneeling position after fastening the second heel, Tammy noticed something remarkable and had to share it with the crowd.

    “The little sissy is hard! His little clitty is stiff!” She shouted.

    People crowded in to see the tiny tent that had formed in the pink panties covering Pauly’s infantile penis. His shame was untenable as everyone laughed and made fun of his pitiful organ.

    Rick and his friend, Dave, took Pauly by both hands and began dancing him back and forth between each other. To the joy and amazement of the crowd the large black men were using Pauly as a little toy for their perverse entertainment. They were forcing the poor sissy’s body to move and twist and twerk as if he were dancing with them of his own volition. The men had worked up a rhythm and were rubbing the little sissy’s crotch with their legs as they passed him back and forth.

    The plan was simple and the men came to it at the same time with evil grins on their faces. They knew it wouldn’t be long before their ministrations brought about the desired effect and sure enough after dancing Pauly Panties around for 10 minutes or so the poor sissy cried out in embarrassment and lust as his little clitty shot off in his panties. Those closest to the action saw it right away as they were all aware of what was happening. A small stain appeared in the crotch of the pink panties and poor Pauly was devastated.

    The sissy was weak from the drinking, dancing and unwanted orgasm and he hung loosely between the two black men. His face was flushed and he looked spent. Tammy looked her boyfriend in the eye and said, “Come on sissy. Let’s go home. We have a lot of work to do. Things are going to change drastically from now on. Rick says he can get me the disk from the security cameras so I think you’re going to be a good little sissy from now on aren’t you Pauly Panties”?

    Pauly, with tears streaming down his face, wearing a bra, stockings, heels and of course his pretty pink panties said, “Yes Dear” as he meekly sniffed back his humiliation and followed Tammy out of the bar and into his new life.
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