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. Hierarchy

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Jun 11, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    We have reached Naples and it is another port day. Watching Simon rise from the collection of blankets on our state room floor, and stretch uncomfortably after the night without a mattress, I can sense his despair. He hobbles (yes hobbles!) over to the window and parting the lace curtains looks out over the balcony at the Italian coastline. I am lying still abed with Giovani beside me. Even out of his smart white naval uniform he looks sleek and handsome, like an Italian cat waking in the sunshine. His immaculate white uniform was neatly folded and hung carefully in the wardrobe by my husband. Simon begged him to be allowed to sleep on the floor of the state room as the previous night he had nearly froze on the balcony. Mediterranean nights can be cold, even if you have several blankets to cover you as you try to sleep across two deck chairs. Giovani let him. He let him knowing that he would be no trouble at all. After all, we have been on this cruise a month now and my lover has fucked me every night that he has not been on watch. Simon has done everything he was ordered to. At the start he dozed in one of the lounge chairs, somewhere aft of our lavish penthouse state room. At other times he has knelt reverently in the corridor outside our state room. Passers by have remarked on him there and of course women know, they instinctively know when a wife is taking cock so much better than her husband's. They know because that lucky lucky woman looks supremely content.

    Today is a port day. We never subscribe to any of the organised trips ashore. We have our own little routine. It is, well, let us be frank, it is what Simon dreads. First we will indulge in our leisurely docking. Giovani will have someone from the crew around to assist in this matter. Simon will learn why as an Anglo Saxon male he really is not so chic at all. Then, when this is over, the three of us, Giovani my lover, Simon and I will step ashore to the shops. We will peruse the baubles and gems in the best stores, and Simon will buy something for me that Giovani would like me to wear. Giovani and I will then dine whilst Simon waits just outside the window, staring in at us like some pathetic stray, and we will have him step in at the last moment to pay for our meal. It can be a problem, a small problem. Giovani and I left the restaurant in Athens and Simon discovered that he had lost his credit card. He had to clean dishes, scrubbing as fast as he could, the restauranteur only releasing him so that he could run his paunchy body down the street to catch the last tender leaving for our ship.

    I had never done this before. I had never humiliated my husband this way. But at the start of the cruise there came a moment when Simon made a complaint. Giovani came along to discuss the matter and my husband shrank before the handsome officer who stepped into our stateroom. It was as if he knew in an instant that he was inferior. He simply surrendered the cause immediately and allowed Giovani to dominate my attention. Giovani had said, 'your husband my care to go and watch a movie, it starts in ten minutes?' Simon stared at him and he went. He went as if he had been sent away for being a nuisance.

    'Coffee Simon!' I order drawing him back in from the balcony where he has spent his time stretching and reaching for his back. My husband makes the coffee silently with a minimum of movement.

    A coffee is set in bone china cup and saucer beside my side of the expansive bed and then on Giovani's side too. Giovani drinks his coffee black and sweet. It is how he is, dark, I think his father was from some part of Africa and his mother from Milan. Raw continent and city chic. Simon kneels beside the bed and without warning he gently starts to ease back the luxuriant duvet that covers us both. He see's my lover's handsome prick immediately. It lies nonchalantly up over his lean hard abdomen, not yet fully aroused and yet wet still from our love making. Giovani smells of me and of him. The bed reeks of sex. it has that musky, body scent aroma, warm and intimate and copulative. If Simon endured the night of sound, then his morning is the submission to smell and to taste. I watch his trembling fingers take hold of Giovani's cock and without another word, he starts to lick it. You might think that my young man might wake alarmed to the deft intimacy, but he doesn't. In truth, Giovani taught my husband to do this. Once they had had a little chat, once Giovani had showed Simon that the ship did have a brig where a troublesome passenger could be locked if he was being problematic for his wife, then Simon had asked what he had to do. Giovani didn't tell him what was required, he showed him. He brought my husband's head down to his cock and had Simon suck his manhood in front of me. It was silent, it was ruthless, and it was absolute.

    For a moment I watch my husband sucking Giovani's cock and licking his testicles. It is always sexy. It is so sexy that I want to fuck immediately. It is as if something from the dawn of time is stirred within me. So I hold that swelling organ and watch Simon working his mouth up and down it. His head bobs up and down like he wishes to make Giovani erupt inside his mouth. Simon's little half framed specs make him look more like an elf rather than the history professor that he really is. He said one time, when I think he was so sore about the seduction, that Giovani was like a fucking black shirt, one the fascists that his bloody country had produced. I don't do history. I only do now and love making and travel and oh I don't know what, lovely languorous days spent indulging in things. Simon's ministrations are working. He is making Giovani's cock so hard again. He is making him master, someone who conquers me! Up and down Simon's head bobs and now Giovani is awake, sipping his coffee and watching the beaten husband submit to him.

    Giovani's hand reaches across to me and I am drawn by my neck back to his embrace. We start to neck, I in my flimsy baby doll nightie and the gold choker about my throat and he in his fabulous bare skin. The kisses are sensuous, slow and quite quite spoilt. It is as if he has all the time in the world to enjoy me. There, now, Simon moves down onto Giovani's scrotum. He licks that too with lavish open mouthed sweeps of his tongue. I watch him as he does it and know that something is weakened in him. He will never be a man again. I can never treat him as a man again. He submits to other men. He is a bitch. He would be a bitch for any man that I chose. I know what Simon hopes. I know what he is learning to crave. He hopes that I might let him lick my sex. He hopes, so fervently, that I might direct him to come and worship me before we all step ashore. Not on a shore day though, not on a shore day.

    The knock on the state room door is very quiet but Giovani orders enter, and the cabin boy comes in. 'Royce' is from Africa too, but I am quite sure that this was not his real name. His real name would be something almost unpronounceable. Royce treats Giovani as his master. It does not matter that there is a rank system and a shipping line code, between these men Giovani is a blood line prince and Royce is his serf. This must have talked about it at some time, about ancestry and privilege and duty and submission. It is complicated, but Royce comes in, sees Simon worshipping my lover's cock and he stands quietly, waiting.

    'You mistress' Giovani says in a dark and ever so silky voice. He has the most sensuous voice. It sounds, like a song in a monastery cellar. It sounds as though it has come out of the earth. Royce nods and whispers something in a African language, which one I know not. Any way, I suppose it is something like 'yes master'. It's such a dirty thing, such a mesmerised thing, but I open my legs, and with dainty touch of my fingers, I pull open gently my sex. There, do you see Royce, do you see what master has been doing with mistress all night? Do you see the creamy and sticky and of so unctuous deposit that this handsome man has filled me with? I know that Royce does because in his steward uniform he comes and starts to lick me. he starts to do what Simon craves to do. He starts to nuzzle and to lick and to siphon all the goodness that lies thick and sticky in my pubic hair and between my swelling and luxuriant sex lips. It is exquisite! It is exquisite, not because I care about the man. I know that he has a family back in Kenya somewhere, I know that he is a proud man there, but he is just an implement here. He does what his master tells him to and that is to pleasure me. Tingles surge up my spine and even though it seems so vulgar to do so, I arch my back, pushing my sex up against his eager black little face. I want his tongue wiggling inside me and upon my push against his mouth, that is what he does. He starts to eat me, open his mouth, sucking and slurping in a way that suggests he needs this beyond mere duty.

    Giovani watches my husband. He has stopped licking and adoring in the way required. He is staring with envy at Royce. For a moment it seems o amuse Giovani, he is so masterful. He knows that a man must be hurt if he is to bend. But the control has more potential still.

    Another order in an African tongue. it sounds insistent, almost barked by my lover. Royce checks his expression and then when Giovani nods firmly, he pauses on his ministration and he unzips the fly of his trousers. His cock is erect! It is such a thrill to see it trembling and big in the steward's pants. To realise that the look of you provokes so much desire. Giovani glances at my husband. Simon is trembling. How he hates port days. No two are alike save for humiliation. Only humiliation links them. Royce has a handsome cock. it is ebony black and when he pulls his foreskin back there is a handsome dusky pink helmet hiding within. There are more instructions and having shown my husband that cock, Royce is directed up the side of the bed. His tumescence brushes over my shoulder and beside my face. Giovani looks and Giovani waits. His eyes hook mine and I know it then, I will suck the steward's cock for him. It is not something to disgrace me, it is something to deny my husband. Once I have sucked Royce, once I have taken his semen into my mouth and swallowed, well, Simon can never kiss me like a husband again. It is terrible, it is appalling, but I want this. I want this in the cocoon of the stateroom where none of the nice manners of life apply. I want to hurt Simon in the prescribed way. I start to lick Royce's cock and it bounces like a little truncheon against my tongue. It is so stiff, and so smelly. it smells of a different world a different life. Royce watches me as I start to suck his cock. His eyes close and he breathes in hard. I am pleasuring him. His eyes roll and he moans softly as I take his cock into my mouth. How many months since he was pleasured this way? The ships company works for months at a time. He has probably needed to fuck his wife, but Giovani will grant him this. I start to encase his manhood and encouraged by Giovani stroking my arm I start to thrust my mouth back and forth on his cock.

    Royce is bigger than Simon, much bigger. His cock is masculine too, like Giovani's. The others watch as Royce pushes his cock in and out of my mouth.

    'Fill it!' ordered Giovani, staring intently into Royce's face. Our steward's face creases. The sucking is causing him problems.

    Giovani glances down at Simon. My husband looks wrecked, utterly wrecked.

    I tug on Royce's cock, his glans catching on my teeth and my tightening lips. I want it. I want his spunk. I know what Giovani wants. I am to humiliate Simon, I am to look up pleadingly to my black lover. It's not hard to do, the taste of him is compelling. I think of him fucking his wife, making children. It is elemental.

    Royce's cock explodes. I feel his cock jag up against the top of my mouth and then it is pouring semen down the back of my throat. Royce can't hep it now he grabs my hair and holds my head steady whilst he pumps his semen into my mouth. I swallow again and again , as quick as I can. I swallow all that I can.

    'That one, Royce, he is worth ten of you!' Giovani sneered towards Simon.

    Still Royce delivers, my tongue coaxing, coaxing beneath his shaft. His balls were dancing against my chin.

    Giovani mounted me. It is slow and casual, as though he pulled up and into a saddle. I felt his cock brush my sex and then plough on in. It is bliss! I groan and Royce's cock comes free. I am on my man now, firmly, insistently being coupled. Giovani watches Simon as he starts to enjoy me. There is the sound of bodies moving in that most intimate of way, the plunge and the sucking sound of sex.

    'The world is wrong Saxon,' Giovani observed to Simon, 'the hierarchy is wrong. You should worship women like Annette and men like Royce. Go to him now, and thank him for what he has done.'

    I am speechless. The awesome movement of Giovani inside me, his bare chest above me and then Royce walking quietly around to my husband. The look on Royce's face when he reaches the kneeling Simon astonishes me. There is pure contempt on the steward's face. He hold's his manhood in front my husband's face. He waits, Simon is to lick it clean. Simon licked it.

    He licked the steward's......


    I'm can't help it. I groan. I groan feeling the absolute power of Giovani's cock. It is filling me, pushing me apart from within. Simon licks on and now his face creases with shame. it is as if he is licking a hemlock bottle top.

    'You my Annette, you will never allow the Saxon to kiss your lips again, do you understand?'

    I nod. He looms over me, his body pumping inside me. It is as if he swells as a whole as he occupies me, his muscles fulling his chest powering into something super human.

    'You will treat him with contempt' he snarled.

    I beg for a kiss, my eyes pleading. I so want his kiss now. I know what he has directed, but my mouth is his.

    He kisses the tip of my nose, teasing. He kisses that and his cock curves upwards so that I climax in a terrible clench of desire. It is as if I knot on him, the cord pulled sharp tight so that nothing would prize me off him. Oh god, oh god, oh god, he is ejaculating into me!

    'Contempt?' demands Giovani.

    I glance down. Simon is sucking the steward off. He is sucking his cock for him.

    'yes' I gasp.

    'Contempt this afternoon....Simon will buy Royce a smart phone to thank him?'

    'yes' I groaned on him, locking against him.

    'We will walk hand in hand, you do not care what the other tourists think?'

    'Yes darling!!!' I gasped. I couldn't stop, gasping, moaning, mewing.

    [Lutheran's new collection of short stories, 'Another Kind of Bitch' will be published imminently through Amazon. Thirteen sensuous tales for the price of a drink at the bar. The cuckolding novel 'The intimacy of three' is also available through Amazon.]
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