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. Her Most Embarrassing First Date

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Apr 15, 2019.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Her Hot and Wet First Date


    There was something about peeing on a girl’s ass and pussy. This was so erotic. Alan had seen the smile on Ginny's face when his stream had first hit her, so he aimed it directly down her ass crack. Some of the hot urine hit directly on her pussy lips with the full force of his stream.

    Ginny wanted to feel disgusted, but the hot stream of liquid hitting her clitoris and lips tickled and felt good. This was so weird.

    Since Summer is fast approaching, thought I might repost this to cool you off. Might not work though since it is so hot. Had to change the title a bit where it shows beside the photo because the word embarrassing was abbreviated and looked weird on the page.

    Her Most Embarrassing First Date

    by EroticWriter

    It was midwinter...snowing and quite cold...and Alan, a ruggedly handsome guy, had taken Ginny skiing. It was a day trip, (no overnight). They were strangers, after all, and truly had never been alone together, so she had told Alan before the trip that sport fucking was out. Of course Ginny did not say the obvious, that if she decided she was attracted to him, then who knew what might happen?

    Ginny had met Alan two days before at a pub in Salt Lake during a lunch break. Alan was only in town for a few days on business and was planning on hitting the ski slopes the next day before he headed back to Atlanta this coming weekend.

    Alan would be considered quite attractive by most women. Alan was tall, nice looking in a rugged sort of way, and he had a nice physique, at least with clothes on. He was what you would call a very eligible bachelor in her eyes.

    Ginny had been "cooped up" for a long time. Because her fiancé was in the Navy, Ginny had not gone on a date in months. This guy seemed nice enough, and he did not live in Salt Lake. In a couple of days Alan would be going back to Atlanta and Ginny would not have to worry about running into him somewhere when she was out with her future husband.

    Because of this, Ginny concealed the fact that she was engaged from Alan in order to go on the skiing trip with him. Also, a last fling before her marriage was a possibility that Ginny had been considering, but so far, resisted.

    Once Alan had picked her up and they were making the drive to the slopes, Ginny began feeling a little uneasy. It was nothing that Alan said or did; it was just that she was stepping out with another man just days before her pending marriage. Until now, Ginny had been true blue to her fiancé.

    The ski outing was fun but relatively uneventful in the beginning. Alan was an intermediate class skier and was able to stay with Ginny, who was an accomplished skier, on the slopes. Things began to change, however, when they were headed back to Salt Lake late that afternoon.

    Ginny knew that Alan had taken her out for the day because he was lusting for her body. Although he was nice Ginny was not attracted to him enough to overcome her misgivings about cheating on her fiancé.

    Over hot chocolate in the ski lodge cafeteria, Alan had told Ginny that if she was enjoying the day, there were rooms available for an overnight stay if she wanted to spend another day on the slopes. Unsaid was the hidden message; it could be one room for a very pleasurable overnight stay.

    Though Alan had never mentioned sex directly once Ginny had informed him that sex was not part of the deal, his eyes had not hidden his desire for her. Ginny was a lovely blonde. Her breasts were full, her waist small, and her rear was not to be believed. Even her ski clothes did not hide the fact that Ginny was something to look at.

    Ginny had considered it, but then thought guiltily of Billy, her boyfriend to whom she was engaged. Billy would be home from the Navy next week, and they were to be married. As a matter of fact, Ginny had gone back on the pill this week in preparation for Billy's homecoming.

    Before they finished skiing, Alan took a few Polaroid photos of Ginny on her skis, and had a passerby use Alan’s camera to take a photo of them together.

    They were driving back down the mountain when Ginny gradually began to realize that she should not have had that extra latte. They were about an hour away from anywhere with a restroom and in the middle of nowhere. Alan suggested that Ginny try to hold it, which she did for a while. Traffic was very light since they were headed back from the slopes on a Thursday evening.

    Unfortunately, because of the heavy snow and slow going, there came a point where she told Alan that he had better stop and let her pee beside the road, or it would be on the front seat of his rental car.

    They stopped and Ginny quickly crawled out beside the car and squatted beside the rear passenger door.

    "Don't peek!"

    "Don't worry. I'll be getting out and watching for cars."

    She yanked her pants and panties down and started. Unfortunately, in the deep snow Ginny didn't have good footing, so she let her butt rest against the rear fender to steady herself.

    Alan stood on the other side of the car watching for traffic. Ginny looked over her shoulder at him. She could easily see him since the full moon was out and the snow was reflecting light.

    Indeed, Alan was acting the part of a real gentleman and didn't peek at all. All Ginny could think about was the relief she felt despite the rather embarrassing nature of the situation.

    Upon finishing, however, she soon became aware of another sensation. As Ginny reached under to pull up her pants, she discovered that her buttocks were firmly glued against the car's fender. Thoughts of tongues frozen to pump handles immediately came to mind as she attempted to disengage her flesh from the icy metal.

    It was quickly apparent that Ginny had a brand new problem due to the extreme cold. Horrified by her plight and yet aware of the humor she answered her date's concerns about "what was taking so long" with a reply that indeed, she was "freezing her butt off and needed some assistance!"

    Alan came around the car as Ginny tried to cover herself with her sweater. Her pants and panties were still down around her ankles and visible to Alan as she squatted. He could see the spot where her urine had landed, a circle of yellow about four to six inches wide with a hole in the center going deep where she had melted the snow the most.

    "I'm stuck to the fender." Then, as Ginny looked imploringly up into his eyes, Alan burst out laughing. Moving closer, he reached over and pulled her sweater up to see how much of her was stuck to the fender. He could see two cheeks and the crack between.

    As he stared down, she pulled with her body and leaned forward and down to show him how she was stuck and as she did, her bending forward and pulling opened her butt crack enough that he was almost able to see her anus.

    Upon seeing her nudity, he said, "Nice ass baby, even stuck to a fender."

    Saying "Thank you," Ginny was embarrassed and she reached out and pulled her sweater down as far as it would go above where her flesh was captive. As Alan continued to laugh, she too, blushingly got the giggles.

    When they finally managed to compose themselves, the two assessed her dilemma. Obviously, as hysterical as the situation was, they were faced with a real problem. Several square inches of both her cheeks were stuck against the fender.

    Ginny knew that in order for Alan to help her get free, he would not only get to see more of her naked rear, he would have to touch it. That agreed upon, Alan leaned over and lifted her sweater again.

    At first Alan tried shoving his hands between her ass cheeks and the fender by coming in from the sides. Her skin would not peel away. Ginny remained stuck even after Alan rubbed both cheeks vigorously with his hands.

    Then Alan said he was going to have to try slipping his fingers "into an opening." When Ginny shyly and reluctantly agreed he started wedging his left hand down through her butt crack. This was becoming extremely intimate and personal, but Ginny had no choice. If it had been daylight, Alan would have seen her face turn red.

    As it was, he was being provided with a nice view of her anus, enough to see that it is small, pink, and unwrinkled.

    At first Alan could only manage to fit two fingers through the V shaped channel, but as he used more force her ass crack opened a little. He was able to push down past her anus and while trying to get a better bite on her, his fingers went between her tight pussy lips and parted them.

    While trying to get her loose, Alan let one finger "slip" as he pulled and it went partially into her vagina. He left it there, pretending not to know that it was inside her, and gently pulled her in the direction away from the fender. As Alan pulled, his finger penetrated almost full length.

    Ginny let out as soft gasp as she felt herself unexpectedly being spread.

    With his finger buried, Alan pulled again. When that did not work Alan said he was going to have to go under as well and use two hands. Ginny nodded that she understood. Alan left his left hand in place, and squatting down, he tried wedging his right hand up from underneath.

    Naturally the place to break Ginny free was up towards where her crack was. Feeling his way down around her body starting at her abdomen, his hand cruised slowly over and caressed Ginny's clitoris and on through her soft pubic hair as Alan delicately "felt" his way up to where his right hand would meet up with his left one.

    As Alan worked his hand back and forth he was, in the process, rubbing the edge of his palm through the lips of her pussy.

    Of course, in order for one hand to "link" up with the other, they needed a common meeting ground. A finger of his right hand entered her tight pussy alongside the finger from his left hand. This had the effect of stretching her further and making Ginny gasp, this time louder.

    She tried to protest at his "accidental" penetration, saying that his fingers felt big, but Alan gently explained that because he only had her butt channel to work with, that there was no room. This was the only way that he could wrap his hands around her. As he tugged with both hands, Alan took advantage of the opportunity to let his fingers wriggle around inside her pussy.

    This did not free her, but it did succeed in getting his lower right hand soaking wet from Ginny's pussy juice, which was now flowing freely.

    After several gentle tugs with both of his arms, and some stretching and deeper penetration of her vagina with his two digits, it was obvious that pulling on Ginny was not going to work.

    Finally, both agreed it would take something hot to free her chilly cheeks from the grip of the icy metal.

    Thinking about what had gotten her into the predicament in the first place, both quickly realized that there was only one way to get her free, so as Ginny looked the other way, Alan proceeded to unzip his pants.

    Ginny modestly looked the other way because, even though Alan had seen and felt her naked ass, and penetrated her pussy with two fingers, all those actions were supposedly to free her from the fender. Seeing his penis was something else indeed.

    His intentions might have been honorable, but quickly changed. Alan hesitated with his hand inside his pants. Alan had already been half-hard, and as he stared at her ass, his penis became fully erect in his hand.

    Alan stood over her, aiming his rigid penis down and trying to pee. Of course nothing would flow. Ginny waited patiently, and then, as nothing warm hit her butt, she asked him what the problem was. Unable to accomplish what he had set out to do because of his erection, Alan said the plan was now changed, and that first Ginny had to do something for him.

    With that, he stepped around in front of Ginny and waved his dripping member in front of her face. As he pulled the thick foreskin back off the head, Alan told Ginny that once his penis became hard like this the only way it would go down was if he had an orgasm.

    As she eyed his impressive erection Ginny of course asked Alan that if he waited for a while, wouldn’t it go down by itself? Alan responded with asking how long did she want to wait with her behind frozen to the fender?

    Knowing he had a captive audience, Alan gave it a couple of strokes and touched it against her lips. Ginny's face was red and her eyes were wide as she stared at the meaty penis being offered to her opened mouth.

    Because her ass was quite cold, and with no time to waste, Ginny took the hint, grabbed it with both hands, and bravely wrapped her lips around as much as she could fit into her warm mouth.

    Already quite large to begin with, the rod grew to an even greater length and thickness as she ran her tongue around the smooth head. As Ginny swallowed considerable amounts of pre-coital fluid, she was thinking that Alan was quite thick because her forefingers were unable to touch her thumbs on each hand.

    And his length was something else too because she had never before had a penis that was long enough to fill both her hands and still have an entire head left over. It was a big head, even wider than the very thick shaft, and it totally filled her mouth.

    Alan told Ginny it would only take about three minutes, but secretly he hoped to make it last longer than that. While Ginny sucked away, Alan began reaching down and rubbing the parts of her ass cheeks that were not stuck to the fender. He told her that this was to help in keeping Ginny warm, but in the process Alan was getting more feels of her nicely rounded ass.

    He gave her playful little squeezes while simultaneously working mentally on holding his orgasm back. Meanwhile Ginny was doing everything she could to expedite his orgasm.

    Alan ran two fingers down through her butt crack once again. He penetrated her pussy as deeply as he could with one finger and told Ginny that her pussy makes a good handle to hang on to while he tried to pull her away from the fender.

    Yes, Alan had said 'your pussy,' calling to attention the intimacy of what he has been touching. he figured, with his cock in her mouth, why not express himself?

    He pretended to pull some more, but it was a half-hearted effort, because at this point the last thing Alan wanted was for her to break free. Each pull, of course, would result in his finger sliding back and forth into her in a fucking motion and causing him to penetrate just a little deeper.

    Very aware that she is again being touched most intimately, Ginny skillfully ran her tongue around Alan’s cock head trying to get him to cum, Alan decided to take advantage of the situation and check out the rest of her lovely figure.

    He reached under Ginny’s chin with his free hand and grabbed feels of her breasts through the sweater. This of course did not come under the criteria of trying to free her ass.

    Regardless, Ginny did not protest because she wanted to finish this before another car came along, and she was cold. Maybe if Alan were feeling her breasts, he would cum faster.

    Alan removed his finger from her pussy, and when he pulled her sweater up and slipped his hands under her brassiere Ginny's nipples were hard as rocks. Her firm breasts totally filled his hands.

    "You should be proud Ginny. These are really nice."

    Despite freezing her ass off, but it not coming off, Ginny giggled. "I hope feeling them helps you to cum."

    As he squeezed them, Alan felt his penis getting near to the point of no return. Ginny's body was so fine that he was having a hard time holding back. In addition, she was a good cocksucker.

    Wanting to pay Ginny compliments, Alan told Ginny that not only does she have a fine set of tits, she was also giving the best head he had ever received. Then, as he shoved his penis deeper into her mouth, Alan added that he was sorry this could not go on, but he knew that Ginny was cold and he was going to do the right thing and not hold his orgasm back.

    Soon Alan was groaning and blasting shot after shot of hot cum into her warm and welcoming mouth. After meeting Ginny, Alan had not masturbated for the two days before their ski date in hopes that he might get a chance to dump his load somewhere into her body.

    As a result his load was incredibly large and Ginny had no choice but to try to swallow it all, otherwise it would get all over her favorite sweater.

    As his penis bucked and spurted into her mouth, Ginny valiantly tried to gulp most of it down, but there was so much cum that some if it dribbled down her chin. Because of her jutting C-cup breasts, some of the cum ran down onto her snow bunny ski sweater.

    "Aaah yes.. Thank you Ginny. I think that will do it."

    With his legs trembling, Alan straightened up and milked what remained of his load into her mouth. Interestingly enough, Ginny swallowed this extra cum instead of having Alan drip it onto the snow-covered ground.

    "Oh thank goodness," Ginny gushed. "It's going soft."

    Emission mission accomplished, Alan's penis, like most men, went soft almost immediately. Now with a softy, he could complete what they had discussed and proceeded to pee her butt off the fender.

    She waited, somewhat impatiently as her lower body was quite cold and she was starting to shiver. "Aren't y-y-you g-g-g-going to pee?"

    "I need a minute..."

    She was looking away, not wanting to see the instrument now that was about to dump urine on her ass cheeks.

    "I'm working on it."

    He had to wait maybe 30 seconds for the pee to come forth, but when the hot liquid finally hit her, Ginny smiled. Despite the fact that she had someone else's urine running over her cheeks and down her ass crack, the warmth felt so good.

    Her cheeks peeled away from the fender even before Alan was done urinating. Ginny happily announced that she was free, but Alan had plenty left and continued to pee.

    There was something about peeing on a girl’s ass and pussy. This was so erotic. Alan had seen the smile on Ginny's face when his stream had first hit her, so instead of turning his dick to one side and peeing against his fender, he aimed it directly down her ass crack which was now more exposed.

    He placed his free hand on the top of her head to hold her there, and kept peeing. Some of the hot urine hit directly on her pussy lips with the full force of his stream.

    Ginny wanted to feel disgusted, but the hot stream of liquid hitting her clitoris and lips tickled and felt good. This was so weird.

    Fortunately her ass was further back than her feet so her panties remained dry as warm liquid flowed down her butt crack and ran off her vaginal lips onto the snow below.

    His act of urination was like an orgasm as, after his flow had stopped, he 'flicked' his cock from within, and still another stream shot forth, then one more. The last one hit her again, right on the clit.

    Rescue accomplished, they needed to return to the inside of the car.

    Because her ass and pussy was covered in urine, Alan suggested that Ginny try keeping her pants and panties down around her knees and shuffle to the passenger door, where he could dry her off. As Ginny tried to stand, she had difficulty after being in the squatting position in the cold for so long. Alan helped her up.

    The motor was still running, and the heater was at full blast, so she would be getting partially warmed by the interior of the car. As Ginny bent over in the doorway, Alan suggested that she climb up onto the seat doggy style with her ass out the door so that he could best wipe her clean.

    The sky was clear and there was a full moon out. Also, the snow was reflecting plenty of light. Ginny gave Alan a great view of ass and pussy as she placed first one knee up onto the seat, and then raised the other leg to put her other knee in place.

    "Do you have something to wipe me with?" She was glad to be free from the fender and glad to be getting warmed up, but now, the embarrassment of what he is seeing began to sink in.

    "In my suitcase..."

    As Ginny kneeled on the passenger seat, Alan used a T-shirt from his suitcase to wipe her ass cheeks. Then, using his fingers inside the T-shirt, Alan deftly opened her ass crack with the other hand and dried her more thoroughly.

    Ginny's pussy, covered in thick, soft blonde hair was partially opened and lovely. When Alan had finished drying her ass crack, Ginny's pussy came next as he changed the area of shirt he was using and Ginny gasped when he boldly opened her lips with the fingers of one hand while carefully drying the inner portion of her pussy with his other hand.

    She must have known what he is seeing, her most intimate part being opened, perhaps wider than necessary, by the fingers of one hand.

    Even though Alan had the material of the shirt between his fingers and her pussy, the material was so thin that he could feel her pussy almost as if nothing was coming between his fingers and her wet and warm womanhood.

    Ginny did not hurry him, despite her cold rear end. She could tell that Alan was prolonging this by wiping parts of her that were already dried, but said nothing.

    When he went deeper into her, where urine had not been flowing, Ginny still said nothing, not even when Alan touched and rubbed her lips and vagina without using the shirt. After all, his touch felt kind of good.

    Ginny was shivering a bit from the cold, and Alan again had a huge, hot hard on. Finally Alan could no longer pretend to be wiping her. All her wetness was gone as he reluctantly announced her to be dry.

    Thanking Alan for being so nice and helpful, Ginny asked him to get in and close the door because her ass was still exposed to the elements.

    Alan could not drive with an erection of such magnificent proportions and told her about his new problem. As he spoke to Ginny of his new erection, he slipped a finger deep into her delightfully tight pussy.

    Ginny said nothing and wriggled her ass as he stroked his digit in and out. It was freshly dried, but it quickly became a dripping pussy. Alan might not have turned her on at the ski resort, but she was hot now.

    Ginny was curious about the huge cock that had completely filled her hands and mouth. Billy, her fiancé, was nowhere near as large, nor was the high school boy who had taken her cherry or the guy she had dated fresh out of high school.

    Ginny got really wet when she was being fucked, and all three guys had kind of felt small to her once they got going and into it.

    Ginny had one thing on her mind, and that was the cock that had been in her hands and mouth. Surely with one that size, there was no way that it would feel small to her when she got wet.

    She sighed, arched her back and pushed her pussy out to meet his fingers. It was only a matter of time before Alan would be pushing into her with something else, and she definitely wanted that.

    Alan knew that he had her now. Ginny was pushing her pussy back to meet each stroke of his finger. As she remained in the doggy position, he removed his finger and replaced it with his cock. He held it against her lips and rubbed it up and down. When Ginny seemed to push her ass back to meet him, Alan pushed forward.

    She was reasonably tight and he only went a little ways, just enough to start opening her. Oh yes, that looked so good. Her lips looked so luscious being stretched by his dick head. Alan did it again for effect, partway in, and then partway out.

    On the third stroke Alan went very slowly, watching intently how her lips protested and stretched tightly around him as he penetrated with the entire head of his penis.

    When he popped through, Ginny gasped loudly; the fit was extremely tight. a new sensation for her. Alan paused to enjoy the view, and then he began sliding his bulging rod further into her slowly and gently, making Ginny groan and stretching her wide in the process.

    When he bottomed out, Ginny smiled to herself. This felt good, not just his wonderful cock, but also the fact that his stomach and thighs were now staying mostly forward and keeping her lower body protected from the cold.

    This time it took much longer than three minutes. In no hurry because he had already had a terrific cum, Alan pumped deep and long, filling her pussy to the limit. Alan gripped Ginny at the hips and pulled back with his hands each time he shoved forward with his dick. With each stroke Alan was going all the way to her throat.

    A car was approaching from behind them. It was already going slow from the icy conditions, and began slowing even more as the parked car showed up in the headlights. Ginny was enjoying herself and had her head and elbows down on the seat.

    She seemed unaware of the fact that a car was approaching. Alan could tell though that her thighs, ass, and the man fucking her would soon be completely illuminated in the lights.

    The car grew close. At first the driver had seen just their car. Then he had seen that someone was standing outside of the vehicle. He considerately changed his lights to low beam so as not to blind whatever occupants might be in the car, but his low beam continued to shine and fell full upon the coupled bodies.

    Once Alan had determined that the car was not a patrol vehicle, he pretended to ignore the car and kept fucking as it came to a stop for several seconds, and then went slowly on past. As it did, the owner gently tooted the horn a couple of times.

    When he tooted, Alan gave the driver a friendly wave and noticed that it looked like there was a couple in the car and she as well as he were getting themselves a good look. As the taillights slowly faded in the distance, Alan had not missed a stroke.

    "Was that a car?" Ginny, totally immersed in feeling the pleasure of that cock, had been blissfully unaware until the toot.

    "Yeah. They caught us full in the headlights and had a nice view of us for a few seconds. That's why he tooted I think."

    She giggled. "He doesn't know what he was missing."

    Alan had a good comeback. It was a couple. She doesn't know what she is missing."

    Ginny giggled. "You got that right. It feels really good."

    Ginny was in heaven. She was soaked through and through, but despite that, each stroke of his magnificent cock tugged at her lips, in, out, over and over.

    Alan began talking dirty to her, telling Ginny how good she looked from his angle, and what a great fuck she was. Soon, and telling Alan not to stop, Ginny was moaning loudly.

    As her pussy went into the rhythmic contractions of an intense orgasm, Alan could feel her vaginal muscles clasping and unclasping around his shaft. At the same time Alan could see her asshole opening and closing slightly with each contraction.

    This was too much to handle. Alan lost control, announced that he was right there with her and began groaning. Using deep strokes, it felt to her like he is blasting shot after shot of hot cum into the warm pussy that was clutching and grabbing at his cock.

    His load might have been diminished from draining so much down her throat, but as she felt his contractions, it still felt like a huge amount.

    Ginny was exhausted and continued to lie still afterwards while she tried to catch her breath. As he had done earlier in her mouth, Alan used his hand to milk any cum that was left over into her hot hole.

    While he stuffed his dwindling member into his pants, Alan asked Ginny if she wanted him to wipe her dry again. Ginny was still breathing hard as she replied that it would not be necessary and would Alan please just pull her panties up for her?

    Alan did so, and as he tucked them around her lovely thin waist, Ginny rose off her knees and pulled up her ski pants. Before long his cum would be soaking them in the area of the crotch.

    Ginny was embarrassed about what had just happened, and in order to avoid having to sit snuggled up to Alan she stayed near the passenger window and dozed lightly during much of the remainder of the trip home.

    There wasn't much conversation until they came within a block of Ginny’s apartment, which she shared with a female roommate.

    Alan stopped the car in front of a vacant lot and asked if he could see her again sometime. As he spoke to Ginny, he pulled her towards him and gently held her in his arms.

    Ginny had been feeling doubly guilty about the day. Ginny was not only feeling guilty about cheating on her betrothed, she was also feeling guilty about leading this kind man on when Ginny knew full well that she was already committed to someone else. With tears in her eyes, Ginny told Alan that she was engaged.

    He seemed surprised and disappointed as Ginny apologized for taking advantage of him and going on a ski trip. She went on to explain how her fiancé was in the Navy and would soon be home.

    Alan of course, was quite pleased as to what had transpired up the road and kept the secret that he was married to himself. He pretended to feel hurt that he was going to "lose" Ginny and sulked for a few minutes as Ginny continued to apologize. Ginny continued to talk. She expressed her guilt at having cheated on her fiancé.

    Alan soothed her, saying that what had happened was really not her fault, that it was just one of those things that could not be helped. Then, still acting like his heart was broken; Alan asked if they could do it once more to "remember one another by."

    Ginny thought about it for several seconds without a reply. Alan waited patiently. When Ginny started to sniffle again and said, "but I cheated on my fiancé," Alan took her in his arms and held her.

    "It’s all right baby. Really! What’s done is done. And since it has been done and I care so much for you, why not let me have you one more time, because I really feel something for you, and I want to remember you forever and ever. I have a special place here in my heart reserved just for you."

    As he spoke, Alan touched his hand to his heart and looked deep into her eyes. He looked as sad as he could, and his eyes looked wet. It was corny perhaps, but it worked. Ginny gave Alan a slight smile before she replied, "I think that would be all right."

    Her face looked sad and guilty, but the hint of excitement in her voice betrayed her. Ginny wanted to do it again.

    When Alan asked if they could use her apartment so that they could get naked and really get it on, Ginny replied that she preferred her roommate not know because her roommate also knew her fiancé. So they had to do it in the car.

    OK, that was fine with him. Within a minute Alan was on his knees in front of her. As he pulled Ginny's pants and panties down, cum was still running out of her from their previous encounter.

    When Alan opened his fly, Ginny reached down to feel his stiff cock. She lovingly gave his member a couple of strokes, told him that it was "really something," and then aimed it for him. Once he had wedged that huge head past her tight lips, the rest of his entry was relatively easy because of her wetness.

    As Alan penetrated Ginny to the bottom of her vagina, he pulled her ass out to the edge of the seat and raised her legs over his shoulders. As a result, he penetrated even deeper.

    Alan tried to kiss her, and Ginny mumbled, "No, I can't kiss you, remember, I'm engaged," while turning her head aside in an effort to maintain some semblance of loyalty to her fiancé.

    Alan pumped her a little harder and told Ginny that a simple little kiss surely couldn't hurt at this point when he was so deep inside of her. Ginny replied that kissing would be even worse because kissing was for lovers.

    Alan would have scratched his head over that but his hands were too busy playing with her lovely tits. He fondled them gently and told her again how nice they were. Her breasts were the size of small cantaloupes and Alan kept squeezing them while he gave her slow, full-length strokes with his penis.

    He began tweaking her rigid nipples between his fingers and when Alan switched from straight in and out strokes to sideways with his dick, Ginny began moaning. Alan whispered into her ear about what a wonderful pussy she has. After she had thanked him for the compliment, he went on to say that if felt like her pussy was designed especially for his dick.

    When Ginny asked him if he thought she might get too wet down there, he laughed and told her no way baby, with this tight fit that juice is just right to allow our parts to slide back and forth.

    She knew now. As wet as she gets, a big cock would always be more desirable.

    The next time Alan placed his lips next to hers, Ginny grabbed Alan's head, and as tears flowed freely down her cheeks, she tongued him hungrily. What a difference there was between this session and the one along the road. Then, Ginny had been freezing and hot at the same time. Now, in the warmth of the car, Ginny found herself getting sweaty.

    She was so hot. Alan was too, and perspiration was dripping from both of them. The sweat wasn’t from the heat of the motor though. The heat between them was being generated by hot, passionate sex.

    Alan was able to make it last quite a while because of his previous two orgasms, and Ginny loudly went over the top into the ultimate ecstasy twice. When Ginny had come down from her second orgasm of the session, Alan asked her if she wanted him to cum now.

    By now Ginny was totally enraptured by Alan and his stiff meat. This would be their only time together, she was about to marry another man, and Ginny wanted to make the most of this. Ginny kissed Alan again and asked him to wait for her one more time.

    He waited all right. Alan teased her with his cock. When Ginny would get close, he would stop and talk dirty to her. As he spoke of how good her pussy felt all tightly wrapped around his dick, her hips would begin pumping to make up for his lack of movement. This teasing and reactionary humping continued for several minutes.

    Then Alan suggested a new position, and Ginny found herself sitting on his lap with her back to him. This made his dick hit her at a new angle, a place she had never felt before. Unknown to Ginny, each time she stayed up high on his dick and leaned back, the head of Alan's cock was rubbing against her "G" spot.

    He was only penetrating her about halfway, but it placed his head in just the right place. As he squeezed her breasts, Ginny began shaking her pelvis forward and back, and the resulting orgasm was like nothing she had ever felt before. It seemed to boil up inside her body and flow outward.

    "OOOoooooooooo ........" Ginny had never felt anything like this before, and her moan was long and loud.

    "What did you do...?"

    While she was trying to regain her strength, Alan asked Ginny if she had ever fucked the guy she was engaged to. Ginny admitted that she had, and added that she had not as yet had an orgasm with her fiancé through intercourse.

    She added that her fiancé had made her cum during oral sex "once or twice," and then told Alan that she had cum mildly with two other boys a few times during intercourse.

    Alan, of course, was feeling pretty proud with himself at knowing he had made Ginny cum earlier in the doggy position, a couple of times while he was on the floor between her legs, and with her sitting on his lap. He told Ginny to be sure to remember this fuck while she was doing it with her husband on their wedding night.

    He said that remembering how good this felt might make it better for her, because fantasy was a tool that women often used. Her fantasy, Alan added, would be better because it would be based on reality instead of the unknown.

    This talk of thinking of Alan while she was fucking her husband was turning Ginny on again. Alan continued to tease her, getting her close to orgasm, and then stopping. Finally Ginny begged Alan to please keep going. Alan knew that she wanted to feel another G spot orgasm, but he wanted to be able to kiss her.

    He lifted her off his body with powerful arms and after placing her on the seat again, he got onto his knees between her legs as he had been before. He buried his slippery shaft with one long smooth stroke.

    Alan teased Ginny and asked her to tell him what she wanted him to do. She wanted him bad now, needed him. He was as close physically to her as it was possible for any man to be.

    They were skin to skin, almost everywhere, and he was in her there, and here, she thought, as she tongued him hungrily. She begged him to keep fucking her, and do it hard.

    His balls began hitting her ass cheeks as he began fucking her with ever-increasing force. Alan kept talking and asking Ginny to say how much she likes his cock. Ginny was not used to talking during sex, but she responded with gasping words of appreciation for Alan’s sharing his dick with her.

    When Ginny was there again and squealing loudly, Alan was cumming too. Holding her by the ankles, he held her legs high into the air and as far apart as he could get them while pumping one last mighty load into her pulsating pussy.

    As she came down from her high, Ginny had tears on her cheeks. All of her orgasms with Alan had been better than any she had experienced with previous lovers or on her own, but this had been her strongest orgasm ever.

    Alan did not withdraw immediately. He stayed within Ginny while kissing her for some time.

    Things were tender between them now, and as Ginny felt tears flowing down her cheeks, Ginny found herself resisting the urge to tell Alan that she was in love with him. Finally, after several minutes Alan?s penis dwindled to the point where it was no longer widely stretching her, and he reluctantly pulled out.

    Alan reached into the back seat and used a dry part of that same T-shirt to wipe up some of the cum that was now pouring out of her while Ginny sat with her legs wide open to give him access.

    All the shyness that she had initially felt with Alan was now gone. There was awkward silence while he completed the drive to her house. When Alan held Ginny at her door, they exchanged one last, lingering kiss.

    When Alan turned to go, Ginny detected a tear on his cheek. The poor guy, he was in love with her and she had tricked him. Surely there was more she could do to make up for the cruel trick she had pulled. She stopped Alan, and taking his hand, Ginny admitted that her roommate was staying at a friend’s tonight.

    With trembling fingers, she reached into her purse and handed Alan her key. Within seconds Alan and Ginny were inside her bedroom, and they were racing to see who could undress the other first.

    The next two hours were a mad orgy of couplings as Alan rode Ginny and fed his cock to her in every conceivable position he could think of. Ginny did not hesitate to suck Alan every time he began to soften. Then she would mount him and do some riding of her own while Alan reached up and fondled her breasts.

    Never again in her life would she feel and enjoy the act like she was now. Not ever, unless she was lucky enough to find a man hung like this, with knowledge and consideration for her needs like this.

    Ginny especially enjoyed just lying on her back with her legs pulled back and wide apart. She was doing nothing at all, not even touching Alan with her hands while having him stay above her on his hands and knees.

    He was feeding his peter to her, pumping slowly, over and over, while she closed her eyes and concentrated on his dick, the only part of him that was touching her.

    During this time Alan said not a word, allowing her to fantasize on anything she wanted. He made it last, building her over a long period of time. Just before her orgasm was ready to come, Alan pulled his hips back and lowered them.

    Then he lunged forward and hunched upwards. The new angle placed the head of his cock up against her G spot. He started fucking her with only part of his dick within.

    His head was rubbing her G spot, over and over. When Ginny finally reached the summit and went over, it was the highest plateau she had ever been on. Groaning loudly, Ginny’s orgasm was sustained and seeming to last forever as her entire body went into spasms.

    They lay in each other’s arms for almost half an hour afterwards. Alan whispered into her ear, and licked the tears from her cheeks. He seemed to sense how Ginny was feeling now. Wanting to leave her with memories that would last and playing games with her head, Alan asked Ginny if she was in love with him.

    Ginny resisted, but finally, after more kissing on his part, she admitted that she probably was. This of course gave him an ego boost, but since he was married Alan could not follow through with any attempt to see if Ginny would dump her fiancé for him.

    Alan asked Ginny to wait while he went out to his car "to get something." She propped herself up on an elbow to watch as he tucked his dangling penis into his pants and partially buttoned his shirt.

    Hastily, while Alan was outside, Ginny ran to the bathroom and washed her pussy.

    When he returned, Alan had the Polaroid in his hand. He hurriedly stripped down again while Ginny asked him exactly what he has in mind. She had an idea since it was inevitable that he would want nudes of her.

    After all, a camera and sex? It would only be natural. Ginny had never posed nude for anyone, but she wanted to give Alan something of her to take home with him.

    At first Ginny shyly posed for a couple of modest photos, showing her breasts partially hidden by her arms. With a little coaxing, she finally allowed him to take some photos of her with her breasts exposed.

    After Ginny had taken a look at the results, it was not long before she was posing with her entire figure exposed, with her legs opened full to the lens and showing her pussy shiny with juices.

    As Alan stared through his lens at her most intimate parts, and knowing that these photos would be his to keep, his penis rose to magnificent proportions and was waving back and forth as he moved to and fro.

    Alan had two shots left on this roll, and he asked Ginny if she would lie on her back and open her lips with her fingers.

    Alan expected her to refuse a photo like that. He almost came when she tugged on both sides with the fingers of both hands, opening her pussy as wide as it could go. At the same time she stared directly into the lens with her mouth opened and a look that seemed to say, "Come and get it."

    What a photo this would be. He took it and allowed her to watch as it developed in her hand. He stood over her, slowly stroking his penis within her view and watching the smile on her face as the photo slowly developed and became visible.

    Alan saw her staring at his lower half as he sat the camera down. Holding his penis within inches of her face, he couldn’t resist asking her how his dick compared to her fiancé’s. When Ginny said that she had been "spoiled forever" by Alan’s penis, and that it was the largest she had ever had, Alan was in his glory.

    On her own, Ginny slipped her lips over the head of his cock. She twirled her tongue around and around his head, and Alan groaned. He let her suck for another couple of minutes, and then said that he wanted to save this hard on for something special. He had one shot left in the camera, and Alan suggested they try something.

    He mounted Ginny and after inserting his penis deeply into her, he rose onto his knees and held the camera behind himself. Then he pulled his penis back so that only the head was in her, and tripped the shutter.

    Both of them stared in awe at the resulting photo. It had come out perfect. Even though Alan could only guess at the aim, his dick and her hole were centered perfectly in the photo.

    His balls were high up, and even though they showed in the photo, they did not spoil the view. Her lips could readily be seen because he had paused on a pull backstroke, and the lips were clinging to his shaft.

    Ginny looked stretched, really stretched, and his penis was all shiny from her juices. Because his penis was only partially buried in her, it made him look even larger because the photo left to the imagination how much was already inside her. It was a hot photo, and Ginny was thoroughly aroused by seeing it.

    Alan offered to go out to the car for more film so that she could take a photo of his cock, but Ginny declined, stating that she would love to have one, but would never be able to keep it hidden from her husband.

    In seconds he was on her, and they were going at it again. They rested, and Alan asked if they could spend the day together. Ginny replied that she preferred it end with this night, and that her roommate would be coming home in the morning.

    When Alan finally started to rise so that he could get dressed, Ginny grasped him by the cock and guided him up and over her one last time.

    For the first time, Alan laid heavily on her with all his weight, and every available inch of skin surface that could come into contact between them was. Alan fucked Ginny from the top of her nose to the tips of her toes. In between, her pussy was filled to capacity.

    It was a slow, sweaty and romantic fuck lasting forever, with continuous whispering and kissing. Alan kept pumping slowly, never speeding up as their orgasms approached. Finally she said it.

    "Oh Alan, I love you so." She was kissing him and as he looked into her face, Alan could see that Ginny was crying again, and this time the tears were flowing down her cheeks.

    He played it cool, letting her know how he felt without making any kind of commitment. After all, he was married. "Baby, I could love you so much, but you're committed and I wouldn't be about to take you away from some sailor serving his country. So let's remember this lovemaking session, always."

    "Is this really a lovemaking session Alan? Tell me you love me, just this once."

    "I love you baby, and I'll always have those photos to remember you by."

    Ginny, sweet and innocent Ginny, just days before her fiancé was coming home to marry her, had given herself in body and spirit as well as in photographs to a man who had thoroughly used her pussy, actually her full body, in ways that she had never known were possible.

    She had been filled and fulfilled, thoroughly, but her original problem would still exist after she was married. Her pussy was capable of becoming quite wet, and most men would feel too small.

    I say most men because after having Alan and his magic cock, it would not be long before Ginny would be seeking out other men. Her sailor future husband, you see, was just one year into a four year tour of duty.

    Alan fucked, and Ginny fucked back. Keeping it slow and lazy as they reached the high point resulted in an orgasm for both of them that, despite being comparatively quiet was somehow the most fulfilling.

    They slept afterwards, arm-in-arm and face-to-face for almost two hours before Alan finally rose to leave.

    Now she was truly in love. A love that would linger long in her memory.

    Despite their "intimate encounter," the two did not see one another again. After all, Ginny was engaged to be married. Ginny had but her memories, and Alan had his photos.

    Photos that he would share with a couple of buddies as he tells the story of how he had pissed her off the fender.

    And you thought your first date was embarrassing...

    A whole new definition of being "pissed off"
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