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. Her Husband's Boss Took Advantage of Her Innocence

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Apr 14, 2018.

. Her Husband's Boss Took Advantage of Her Innocence 4.3 5 6votes
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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Her Husband's Boss Took Advantage of Her Innocence


    by EroticWriter

    Date: Early 1950s

    Previously titled 'Helping Her Husband by Fucking His Boss' I have enhanced and posted this again in late May 2018. A shortened rendition of a phone call now, and the entire phone call down in the story.

    Monica had just picked up and was holding the phone to her ear as Charlie crawled back into bed and between her legs. Monica looked horrified, as if to say 'No, no' but Charlie made the shushing motion with his fingers and touched her vagina with the head of his penis.

    She understood, Charlie will be quiet and he plans to put his larger peter into me while I talk to my husband. Instantly, her voice changed on the phone. “Jeff, I'm naked on our bed and ready for you to fuck me.”

    As she had finished using the F word, Monica heard a slight giggle beside her and glanced up at her husband's boss, who was beside the bed and watching everything. Richard was watching closely as she laid spread out for Charlie, with his huge cock against her vagina, and she on the phone talking to her husband.

    This was the first time, she and her husband on the phone as husband and wife. The first conversation as such, and it is to be phone sex. Had she been alone, Monica might have used the phrase 'make love to me,' but with both Charlie and Richard here and watching, she used the F word, the first time she had ever used it with Jeff.

    In those days you had to go through an operator in order to make a long-distance call, and the rate was high, sometimes as much as a dollar for the first three minutes in a time when gasoline was less than 25 cents a gallon.

    This was a newly installed phone and Monica didn't know for sure. Since she had accepted a collect call from her husband, that rate might be even higher.

    Because of the cost, they will have to make it fast. Should be no problem, Monica only has to get her husband to cum. There would be no time for her. Besides, after almost three weeks of marriage, she still had never had an orgasm with her husband, not in person, so she certainly would not on the phone.

    The voice on the phone was excited. “I'm hard baby, really hard and I'm going to put it in now.”

    “Hurry and do it Jeff honey. I'm ready. Put it in.” Her eyes grew wide as Charlie also followed her directions. “Mmmmmph! Ooooh yes, ooooh yes! Jeff, I feel you going in and you feel so big and hard.”

    'My gosh,' thought her husband, she sounds so convincing. “Can you feel me inside you baby? Does it feel good?”

    “Oooh yes Jeff. I'm looking up into your face as you go in and you feel good, really good.” Now as she stared up at Charlie, he was halfway into her and had paused. Monica sorta pushed back on his chest so that Charlie will not lie completely down on her so she can more easily continue talking on the phone.

    "Jeff, I need for you to go deeper. I want to feel all of you."

    "OK honey, I'm pushing it in."

    “Oh Jeff. I feel you stretching me, ooh so good.”

    Boy did he ever feel good, but it was another man doing the deed for her.

    Even though she was pushing up on his chest, Charlie was close enough to kiss. He leaned his head down, and Monica snuck in a quiet one.

    “Fuck me honey,” she said, and Jeff could hear the smile in her voice as unseen to him, her legs rose higher and wrapped around Charlie's waist. Charlie was almost buried and had begun pumping.

    “My legs are up and around you Jeff. You feel bigger than usual and I can feel you inside me, so deep.”

    “I am bigger Monica, my cock is like a rock. How about you? Are you using your hand?”

    “Yes Jeff, I am. Now hurry.”

    Monica was smiling and ignoring a hovering and watching Richard as she placed the phone next to Charlie's ear as well as her own so that he can better hear. Suddenly, almost without warning, Monica felt her pussy start to build. 'I might cum!'

    Loosely holding the phone to her ear, Monica humped her hips up one time, letting Charlie know what she needs. In response, Charlie started fucking a little harder.

    On the phone, her husband's voice sounded excited. “Oh honey your pussy feels so good. You're all tight around me and I'm getting harder and bigger. I can feel it building. We have to make it quick baby, I'm almost there. Aaaaaaaah...!” Jeff was cumming.

    “Me too, I'm cumming with you!” Surprised, Monica was indeed cumming, but it was around Charlie's big cock.

    Charlie had only begun to pump, but the situation, having her husband on the phone while she is being penetrated by another man, a very large man, had brought Monica to orgasm in record time. Also, the fact that her husband's boss, the man who had seduced her just last week, is here and watching had also added to the vicarious thrill of things.

    Jeff had heard her and after perhaps 10 seconds as he caught his breath he said with wonder, ”Gee Monica, I've never heard you say that you're cumming before and making those moaning sounds. You should see me, I came all over my stomach and I even shot up past my nipples. Did you enjoy this as much as me?”

    Monica was still gasping, and Charlie was starting to pump again, which wasn't helping her in calming her voice. She grinned up at Charlie and said to her husband, "Jeff, it was easier to say 'I'm cumming,' on the phone than in person. But honey, Jeff? It's almost three minutes, we'd better get off the phone."

    "No honey. The three minute rule doesn't apply when there's no coins involved. The operator won't come on and interrupt us."

    "Oh yes, I forgot. But Jeff, this is a collect call and it's still costing a lot of money my folks will have to pay."

    "OK honey. Goodnight."

    "Goodnight Jeff, and don't forget to clean up your mess."

    One hour earlier:

    Monica was seated alone on the couch listening to the radio when she heard a creaking sound coming from the stairwell. That must be Richard! Despite her feeling of dread over cheating, Monica experienced a bit of excitement as to what was coming. Since her pussy wasn't sore any longer, she was ready for whatever it was that Richard might have planned for her.

    Richard had sent her husband on a trip to Chicago the week before to deliver a stolen car, and while Jeff was gone, Richard, her husband's boss, had paid her a surprise first visit. Over the course of several minutes, Richard had made it clear to her, if Jeff wanted to keep his job, she needed to cooperate. Cooperate in the form of giving herself.

    But it had not actually started that night, but two weeks before.

    Monica had left her parent's home and a friend had driven her some sixty miles to be with Jeff, and they had hastily gotten married by a Justice of the Peace. Since Monica was just short of her seventeenth birthday, it was get married or Jeff could be charged with statutory rape, and she would be considered a runaway. She lied to the J.P. about her age, but only by a few days.

    A pay phone call to her parents notifying them of her change in status had kept them from calling the police. Her parents, though her mother could be heard crying on the phone, had wished her the best and begged Monica that if possible, since she would be a senior in the fall, that maybe she could re-enroll in school there.

    It was the middle of summer, so for the moment, Monica was missing no school and with Jeff's approval, she planned to enroll in the local high school in the fall.

    Jeff was only 19, and he had taken a job as a mechanic at a big car lot which as it turned out, was also a front for a stolen car mob. If Jeff would on occasion, deliver a car to Chicago, he could pick up an extra fifty for his efforts.

    Fifty dollars was way more than a month's rent, and all Jeff had to do to earn it is risk going to jail.

    They had a room for him to stay in while in Chicago, and on the next day he could return home by bus. The bus trip took five hours with all the stops, and Jeff would not get back in time for work, but since he was being paid for the day, all was well.

    Since they had just started out, at the moment, Jeff and Monica were living on fumes. The rent was paid, but if Jeff were to lose his job, they would find themselves on the street. Jeff's boss, Richard, had came to their wedding to act as best man. While her new husband was thanking the Justice of the Peace and his wife for the wedding ceremony and paying the two dollar fee, Richard asked to kiss the bride.

    Jeff seemed to be barely paying attention as he nodded and waved over his shoulder.

    Monica, thinking nothing of it though she had been introduced to Richard just a couple of hours before, went into his opened arms, and when she saw that his lips were slightly opened, also opened hers.

    All she planned was a light lip to lip touch.

    Richard shocked Monica by pressing his lips to hers and shoving his tongue into her mouth, and since no one could see where his hands were from this angle, he also placed both hands on her butt cheeks and squeezed.

    He held the kiss for a while, too long in Monica's mind, and while tonguing her and squeezing her ass, Monica could feel what seemed like a hard peter rubbing up against her pubic mound.

    When Monica pulled her head away, her shocked eyes were met with a big grin. She had never been kissed that way, and the feelings that had run through her body had been new to her.

    She had not told Richard about what had happened, but now she knew, Jeff's boss wants to fuck her.

    Since Jeff had just started his job a couple of weeks before, he was staying at Richard's place until he earned enough money to get his own apartment. That second paycheck would do it. In the meantime, Richard had said with a grin, since the girlfriend now a bride had arrived, they were welcome to stay as a couple.

    Richard had driven them to the Justice of the Peace. After the wedding, they three made a stop at a delicatessen restaurant, where Richard treated them to a meal. Then back to Richard's apartment, where, since it was still daylight, Jeff and Monica had to wait around till bedtime.

    Four hours passed before they were able to get to it. It just didn't seem right, somehow, for the two of them to go on into their bedroom and have first time sex while leaving Richard to sit in the living room. So they waited until Richard appeared ready to go to bed.

    No time or money for a honeymoon, their marriage was consummated in Richard's extra bedroom. It was dark save for moonlight flooding into the room via the one window. While Monica was exposing her body to Jeff for the first time in nervous anticipation of losing her virginity, she knew that Richard was just behind that wall in the next bedroom.

    'He might be listening,' she thought. Then, she forgot about Richard when she saw that Jeff was standing tall as his pants came down. She giggled, for this was the first adult and erect penis she had ever seen.

    Until now, all their making out had been standing up or seated in a car. Jeff had waited long enough. Like she, Jeff was a virgin. “Let's lie down.” Except for some hasty feels of fantastic tits that were openly exposed to him for the first time, there was almost no foreplay as Jeff fumbled awkwardly while climbing between his bride's legs in preparation for taking her virginity.

    Monica knew that Jeff had just purchased a 3 pack, and she thought of asking Jeff if he was going to wear a rubber, and decided that would be his choice. At first, because of Richard in the next room, Monica wanted to be silent. Then, after thinking about how Richard had kissed and fondled her, she decided to let Richard know via sound that she had remained a virgin for Jeff.

    Because she was new to this, her husband felt big. “Ooh!” Her cry as Monica felt a sharp but brief pain almost echoed around the room.

    “Are you alright?” Jeff had, with one bold stroke, broken her hymen and gone most of the way in. He felt big, but now Monica was able to relax upon realizing that so far, Jeff was fitting just fine.

    “It hurt,” she answered fairly loudly, and hoping that if Richard is listening, that he can hear. “It still does, but I think it will be O.K. now. Go ahead.”

    “Here it comes honey, the rest of the way.”

    “Ooooh...mmmmph!” Jeff had buried the final inch of almost six. “Are you alright,” Jeff asked again, his voice sounding excited?

    “You feel big, but I think it will be alright. Keep going.” Again, Monica had spoken fairly loudly and in hopes that if Richard is behind that wall and listening, that he will know what he is missing.

    As he started stroking, Jeff laid his body onto hers and Monica, for the first time, felt her bare belly and chest rub against the skin of a man. It was summer and though it was night, the room was still quite warm. In only a matter of seconds, she felt sweat break out between their bodies though Monica did not know if the sweat was from Jeff or from her.

    Then Jeff, feeling confident now, began pumping harder as the bed started squeaking. He had not wasted much time.

    “Mmmmm aaaaah.”

    “Are you alright,” Jeff asked still again?

    “It's fine honey, keep going.”

    He kept pumping, but had slowed his strokes a little. “Do you think there's blood on the sheets?”

    Monica was beginning to feel the first inklings of pleasure and his question brought that to an end. “We can check later. Don't stop.”

    And then Jeff kissed her before continuing. This was their first kiss since they had climbed into bed. Now, at last, it was becoming romantic.

    Until now, with no sense of romance in this physical act, she had kept her voice up. After that, Monica tried to be quiet for fear that Richard might hear the sounds of loving intimacy, but her muffled groans were passing through the wall, and on the other side, Richard was standing in an opened closet, the closest point to their bed, and he could hear, especially since he had his ear up against the wall and was masturbating.

    The fact that the bed springs squeaked a little didn't help. Didn't help Monica that is, but the sounds were letting Richard know about every stroke Jeff was giving his new bride. Jeff only lasted maybe three minutes after entering Monica completely, and he groaned fairly loudly as his built up load blasted deeply into her. He seemed weak all of a sudden, and just laid there as his penis slowly softened.

    Her first fuck, performed honestly as a virgin bride, had not resulted in an orgasm. Not even close.

    Again, Jeff was forgetting about the kissing. He was semi-erect now, and every once in a while he would press forward with his hips, giving her what he still had to offer at the moment. Finally, after maybe five minutes, Monica asked Jeff to get off so she could clean up any 'mess.'

    “Stay here. I'll get the light.”

    The bed squeaked again as Jeff climbed out. Jeff, wanting to see what damage he had done, went to the wall and turned on the overhead light instead of the bed lamp. Monica, her total nudity all spread-eagled and suddenly revealed in brightness to Jeff for the first time, shielded her eyes from the blinding light.

    "Does...does it look all bloody?" Monica spoke just loud enough that Richard was able to make out her words, and, though he had shot his load simultaneously with Jeff, was still stroking his semi-erect cock.

    "Fuck. She really was a virgin. That lucky Jeff, he got to break her.'

    Because of possible blood, and she could feel wetness down there as well as in her pussy, Monica did not close her legs for fear of getting blood on the cheeks of her ass and the back of her thighs. So she laid wide opened and for the first time her vagina and breasts were fully exposed for his viewing pleasure.

    Sure enough, the sheet under her was blood stained, and though Jeff said not to worry about it, she immediately pulled the sheet off the bed and was going to take it to the bathroom and rinse the large blood spot in cold water.

    It was then that Monica remembered, in order to get to the one bathroom, she has to pass Richard's door. So instead, wearing a robe and carrying the sheet, she turned left out of their bedroom door and went to the kitchen sink' There Monica ran some cold water and rinsed out the blood spot best she could.

    Then, returning to their bedroom, she laid the sheet aside and said, “Now we'll have to lie on the top sheet.”

    “You're making a mess.” Jeff pointed.

    Monica looked down at herself and saw that she had cum running down her inner thigh. Monica sighed as Jeff stared proudly at the mess he had made on his wife. The mess Jeff had deposited in her was also absorbed by that partially wet sheet as Monica again picked it up and this time used it to wipe herself.

    As her husband watched her standing spread-legged and wiping her tender pussy, she blushed and looked away.

    Again she returned to the kitchen where red spots and cum were rinsed out. Returning to their bedroom Monica could look just past her door and see his, right there just a few feet beyond, Richard's bedroom, and just beyond that on the left, the bathroom.

    Monica had not really thought about it before, after all this was her first night in a new place. Each time she goes to the bathroom, she will have to pass Richard's door. As she entered their bedroom and closed the door, she saw that her husband was lying on the top sheet, and was holding his hard cock in the air for her to see.

    Monica did not want to dirty their last sheet since they would need something to sleep on. A cover was not necessary in the warm heat of summer. “I only got a small portion of the sheet wet, “ she said while staring at her husband's cock. “Let me fold it over and I can lie on the dry part while we do it again.”

    Again, because Richard had returned to the wall, he was listening and beating his cock.

    “Uuuh Uuuuh Uuuh! Jeff was pumping harder the second time, and in the process, sometimes slamming his pubic bone against hers. Monica was not enjoying this act all that much since she still felt some soreness, up near her entrance, and now it seemed, Jeff wanted to make her pubic arch feel sore as well.

    At least he had taken time to kiss her in advance, maybe thirty second's worth.

    The second time, which had come twenty minutes later and after a longer period of foreplay using hands, was lasting much longer. Again Monica felt some pleasure, but never drew close to orgasm. The sex was over. Two out of three people involved had reached an orgasm, and both of those two, the males, had done so twice.

    That sheet had new stains now, mostly cum, and again, a trace of red. Another place to be washed out, and besides, Monica was now feeling the urge to pee. She was going to have to go past Richard's door.

    “I'll have to do the spots on this sheet using cold water in the bathtub before it dries completely.” This was probably her first act, besides the giving of her virginity, Monica was performing in her new duties as a wife, rinsing out a blood stained bed sheet.

    Now her pussy was saturated, two loads of cum from her husband of just a few hours.

    There was just the one bathroom, and Monica, dressed in her robe, had to pass Richard's door to get to it. That first night, and with her carrying the stained sheet so she could better rinse it in the tub, she thankfully did not see Richard. Richard had gone to bed.

    But every night, and sometimes in the daylight, she would have to pass Richard's door. She hoped that in the process of going to and from, that Richard would not happen to be out there at the same time. This pattern held through the next two nights.

    A pattern was established. Jeff would wait with a cock already hard while she stripped naked and climbed into bed. Then he would play with her body, sometimes remembering to kiss her first, and sometimes not. He would be inside her within two minutes, and three or more minutes later it would be over.

    Over for Jeff that is. After all the hassle of doing a sheet down the hall, now Monica had learned, put a towel under her to catch any cum that might run out of her and onto the bed. Jeff still was not using a rubber.

    They needed to stay at Richard's until Jeff earned his next paycheck. Five days after her wedding, Monica was home alone and Richard left work and came to his apartment. He came in quietly, and not seeing Monica in the front area, he began creeping down the hall. He could see that their bedroom door is open.

    Monica's youthful body exposed to her husband's boss.

    Richard stopped and hoping that Monica would not choose this moment to come walking out, he slowly peeked around the corner. His heartbeat rate went up. There she is. Monica was combing her long hair out while seated in front of a dresser mirror, and except for panties, she was nude.

    From his angle, Richard could see her entire uncovered back, her small waist, her panties and legs, and in the mirror, there was her lovely face and below, oh yes, below, her exceptionally fine breasts!

    'Fuck fuck fuck. This I have to watch!'

    Monica was humming to herself and had not heard Richard come in. Her mother had taught her, 100 strokes of a brush through her hair every day to keep it healthy. Monica had just begun doing her strokes, sometimes with her right hand, and sometimes with her left. Each time she was keeping her arm high, which tended to raise her firm teen breasts even higher.

    Monica never tired of looking at herself in the mirror. Her full C cups stood firm and looked great. But each time she raised her arms, up they went, even higher. Those breasts, combined with a very small waist, gave her the classic but mostly mythological hour-glass figure.

    Monica was humming a song and brushing away. She wasn't consciously counting the stokes since she enjoyed brushing her hair. Sixty, seventy, eighty, and all the time Richard was able to watch.

    When she was about to quit, Monica happened to take her eyes off herself and look into the corner of the mirror. There in the mirror was Richard, and he was watching from the doorway of her bedroom!

    Monica was wearing only white panties. Flustered, and not sure how to handle this, Monica jumped up, and trying to shield her breasts with her arms from his view, Monica moved towards Richard, too close she felt, and deliberatly avoiding his eyes, she silently closed the door, leaving Richard standing in the hallway.

    Once the door was closed, Monica stood up against it and tried to catch her breath. Her face was flushed and her heart was pounding.

    Just like that, five days after her wedding, and her husband's boss had not only stuck his tongue in her mouth and fondled her ass after the ceremony, but now he has seen her almost totally naked.

    As she had raced to the door, Richard had just stood there with a smirk on his face. There had been no apology coming from him. not even an 'oops.' She figured after all it is his apartment, and he probably can't be blamed for looking since she had left the door open.

    Monica didn't know how long Richard had been watching, but there was no doubt, in the mirror he had gotten a good look at her exposed breasts, and then a good look at her full figure, covered only by a small pair of panties as she rose up and almost ran towards him. And since she had to reach with one hand to close the door, she had been just inches away from him with a fully exposed right tit.

    As with the case of the wedding kiss and groping, she had not told Jeff. Over the next few days, Monica had seen Richard several times, and several times they had all shared the kitchen table. Monica would blush each time Richard looked at her, and she hoped that Jeff would not notice.

    But her young husband was naive, and never seemed to notice the intrigue going on between his wife and employer. Though Richard was only 29, in Jeff's eyes, Richard was his boss, a wonderful man who had given him not only a job, but a place to stay, had acted as best man, and allowed his new bride to move in too.

    During one of the meals they shared around the kitchen table, Richard talked of how, with the 'right connections,' Jeff might get to move on to Chicago and a better paying job in the mob. Monica asked why Richard had not done so, and Richard replied that he had already been to Chicago, done 'his bit' for a while, but that he didn't care all that much for the big city.

    What he didn't say was that he had already served a stint in prison for the mob, gotten out after having proven that he is not a snitch, and been given a choice of two jobs. Richard had chosen the car lot.

    His job in charge of the car lot, and the operations behind the scene, he claimed, paid enough to keep him here. Besides, he added with a wink, down here, there were no bosses hanging around to check on him all the tme.

    That might be true, Monica figured, that he earned enough money since Richard drove an expensive car and his two bedroom apartment was well-furnished. Richard dressed really nice, and he always seemed to have money to go out at night. What Monica did not realize was that the 'expensive car' that Richard was currently driving was one that he had selected from the car lot.

    And then it happened, before the first full week was out. They had missed having sex the night before and Jeff was making up for it now. Jeff and Monica had just finished making love in the squeaking bed, a bed that squeaked only when Jeff fucked her hard and fast, with Jeff once again being too quick.

    Again, there was little afterplay, something Monica was desiring though not really aware of what it is she is missing. Making no comment as her husband continued to lie unmoving on his back, Monica sighed as she got up and quietly made her way down the hall to the bathroom.

    Jeff delivered big loads when he came. Though using a towel was more convenient, Monica knew that Jeff would keep pouring out of her for hours if she didn't make an effort to drain him off. So ultimately, a trip down the hall became almost mandatory. Monica hated to flush the toilet each time she did this, because Richard, if he is awake, might hear.

    The sound of a flushing toilet less than an hour after all had turned in could only mean one thing. Sex had happened.

    Before they had moved in, Richard had always made that walk two or three steps down the hall to the toilet in near total darkness. The secondary bedroom, theirs, was a few steps behind down the hall.

    Now, he had told them, he would be leaving a night light on at the end of the hall. But Richard was not leaving that light on for their convenience. He was leaving it on so he could see Monica.

    This time, instead of peeking as she went by, Richard was waiting for when she opened the door and came out of the bathroom. Hard dick in hand, he had listened to them having sex and had known exactly when they had finished by the sounds.

    What's worth having is worth waiting for.

    This time he had not shot his load upon hearing the groaning sound coming from Jeff. Then Richard had watched through a partially opened door as Monica went by, and had came out immediately after she had gone into the bathroom. Under his robe that was held closed with a cloth belt at the waist, he was naked.

    From past experience, Richard knew that Jeff always stayed in bed, after.

    She was remaining in there for quite a while. 'Draining all that cum,' Richard was thinking.

    He stepped closer to the bathroom door. Standing in the hall, Richard smiled and listened as he heard her make her tinkle. He even heard as Monica unrolled the paper from the roller and he visualized in his mind how it might be looking as she spreads her legs and wipes.

    His hand under his robe and keeping that dick hard, Richard was almost holding his breath as he waited for the door to open.

    There was a long delay, and Richard knew that she was trying to drain more. Again, after two minutes, he heard the toilet paper roll spin., and then again the delay. He heard as the toilet seat sort of stuck to her ass cheeks and dropped back onto the toilet bowl with a little slam when she started to stand.

    'Fuck this is sexy,' he was thinking as he gave his peter a caress. When the flush came, Richard stepped back two paces to where he will be standing in front of his own opened door when she comes out of the bathroom.


    It worked. To her it looked like Richard was just coming out of his bedroom, especially since he still had his hand on his door knob and acted surprised upon seeing her. He was wearing a silky looking bathrobe tied only at the waist. In the dim light of the hall, she could see some exposed chest hairs.

    “Excuse me,” she whispered. Monica was in her terry cloth robe, with nothing underneath, and she pulled it tighter as she tried to go past him with her head down.

    Boldly, Richard reached out and blocked her way with one arm against the wall. Monica stopped. She did not want to say anything higher than a whisper because her husband might hear. Fortunately, their bedroom was two doors away, and she had closed their door before coming down the hall.

    “Richard, what do you want” she hissed through closed teeth?

    He whispered back. “I've been hearing you in the bed, and I want to get a little sample of what Jeff has been getting.” He moved close to Monica and pulled her up against him. “I got to kiss you on your wedding day, and then I had to give you up to Jeff so he could get your cherry. Now I want a sample.”

    “No, I can't. We can't. Jeff is right there...”

    Without her realizing it, Monica, in trying to deny Richard, was sounding like she might go along if her husband was not nearby. She had meant to say 'No', but it had come out sounding like 'If.'

    “Just a little baby, just a little...” With that, Richard kissed Monica, and as he did, his hands immediately reached in between their bodies and he tugged her robe opened. Since she immediately tried to squash her breasts against his chest to keep him from seeing and grabbing them, his hands ended up going all the way around her and cupping both her bare ass cheeks.

    Half-erect already, Richard's penis stiffened upon his finding she was wearing no panties. Under these bath robes, both of them were nude. This time, that kiss, only the second 'French' kiss Monica had ever received using tongues, lasted much longer.

    After the first five seconds, Monica gave up trying to pull her mouth away, and though for the remainder of the kiss she did not kiss back, she no longer resisted as she accepted his tongue, his lips, his grip on her ass.

    He managed some nice feels of both cheeks before she managed to pull her lips away from his probing tongue. “Richard, please...”

    “Just one more kiss baby. “Return it and make it good for me, one long kiss and a little feel...”

    He had already had his 'long' kiss, and more than just a little feel, and now Monica realized, better she gives in.

    How could she say 'No.'? This is her husband's boss, they are standing in the hallway just a few feet from she and her husband's bedroom door, and this man is making demands. Any wife, given the circumstance, might go along, but with Monica being so young and innocent, she knew no alternative.

    Not wishing to and afraid to make a scene, Monica gave in and allowed Richard to again place his lips over hers. As his tongue moved about her mouth, she consented to not only that, but also to his hands as they moved all over her ass cheeks and since she was keeping her upper body pressed tight against his so he could not grab her breasts, his right hand was easily able to go around and onto her pussy.

    In her efforts to protect her breasts, the obvious route for a man to go for next, she had neglected protecting her lower half, and Richard was able to skip past step two and go directly to step three.

    He caught her completely by surprise as she felt his hand and fingers cup her pubic mound. At the same time he eased his hips forward, not so far that his hand was unable to move, but close enough that his upright cock lodged against her abdomen going up past her belly button.

    She was immediately aware of how warm it feels against her exposed skin.

    “Oooh.” Despite tying to remain quiet, Monica moaned, even while Richard had his lips over hers. They kissed, and he fondled her pubic hair and then went into her inner vaginal lips. At last, after days of seeing and fantasizing, he had his hands on her intimate parts.

    Not parts. Better still, his hand is on her naked and most intimate part.

    His robe came open as she felt his warm penis, his very rigid penis, pressing against the area just above her belly button as his tongue and hands explored her body

    It didn't help that, though Monica in some ways disliked Richard and didn't trust him, she was still attracted to him.

    Oooh!” She gasped again as a finger on his right hand entered her wet tightness. Right there in the hallway, just one door away from her room and husband waiting in the bed, she had been penetrated by another man. True it was just a finger, but it was enough to arouse Monica, and very much so.

    Having gone from being a recent virgin to a woman who has only had an average sized penis in her for brief moments in time lasting two to five minutes, Monica was still very tight, and even Richard's finger felt big to her.

    “Richard, please. We shouldn't.”

    Again, Monica's choice of words aided his cause. She had said 'we shouldn't, instead of 'you shouldn't.'

    That choice of words tended to make them co-conspirators in something illicit.

    Not being fully satisfied just minutes before might tend to have that effect on a woman. Her kiss, as she returned his, was now a mixture of reluctance and yes, willingness.

    They kissed and he fingered some more. Richard was considering pushing down on his peter and lifting her up and entering Monica, right here and now. He had the knowledge that if Jeff catches them, he is the boss and has the power of the purse strings to protect him.

    Before Richard could try to go further, she pulled her head away and reaching down, tugged his hand away from her pussy. As her hand went low to grasp his wrist, her wrist accidentally brushed against his penis. And in that brief contact she became further aware of how hard, and how warm, it is.

    But in the process of doing so, she left air space between their bodies, and a determined Richard took advantage. That hand she had pulled off her pussy immediately went up and onto her left breast, followed immediately by his left hand. Now with two hands on her breasts, he felt the nipples that had risen eagerly to his touch.

    His lips were on hers again, his tongue probing.

    'He already had his finger in my pussy, so why not let him feel how nice my breasts are.' He's already seen them the other day, so he already knows how they look.' She gave him several seconds to enjoy the feel of her breasts while they kissed again.

    “That's enough Richard. Please! You've felt everything now and I've got to get back in there or he'll come looking for me.”

    Her whispered words of fear finally sank in. Unseen in the semi-darkened hall, he smiled at her. “Sure baby. That's all I need for now, just a little sample.”

    'A little sample.' Good feels of her naked ass cheeks, over a minute inside her tight vagina, and almost a minute on both breasts. More than a little sample one might say, especially when you combine it all with a lot of tonguing while kissing.

    The fact that her husband's employer has said 'for now,' was not lost on her conciousness.

    Richard continued to stand with his erect penis poking out through his opened robe in the hope that she might look at it or grab it, but Monica kept her eyes high and straight ahead. She could see it in her peripheral vision and was curious and wanted to see it, but looking at it now might make Richard think that she wants it.

    Still, it registered in her thoughts: 'It's sticking out so far, it looks to be big.'

    Though he did not need to, Richard continued his charade and proceeded to go on into the bathroom.

    Monica went on down the hall and quickly stepped through the doorway and silently, quickly closed the door behind her. Holding her breath, she looked toward the bed and was relieved to see in the moonlight that Jeff is still on his back. Probably already asleep.

    As Monica approached her marriage bed after closing the bedroom door behind her, she disrobed, and looking down, she saw reflected in the moonlight from the window that Richard had left a slippery trail of pre-fluid all over her stomach going up to where it was between her breasts!

    Shocked, she stepped back out of the light and quickly glanced at Jeff. Fortunately, he was lying on his side and facing away from her. He was probably really asleep too, based on the past few nights. Curious, Monica stepped back into the light and examined herself.

    Richard had moved his peter all around over the area of her belly as they kissed so that she would feel it, and he had spread his huge load of pre-fluid far and wide. Before Jeff might discover it, she grabbed a towel, that towel, in preparation of wiping herself before crawling into bed.

    Jeff, as she suspected, had already fallen asleep and because of that she was able to step closer and study herself in the moon light coming in the window. 'Look at how much stuff Richard put all over me. And it's so high up. He must have a long penis,' she thought.

    Not wanting to awaken her husband because she wanted to be free to re-cap what had just occurred, she crawled into bed as quietly and softly as possible. For some reason, Monica had not wiped herself, leaving Richard's pre-coital fluid to dry on her body.

    While listening to her husband's soft breathing, Monica laid awake for a long time and thought of Richard's penis that had looked big and how it might be to fuck him. Only a thought, she told herself. I am now married, and I do not plan to cheat on my husband. In a few days we will be out of here, and that will be the end of this.

    Still, her hands could not control themselves, and as she slipped a finger of her left hand inside, her right hand began moving. Then, suddenly, she moved her hand up to her stomach. 'Yes, it's mostly dry but there's still some slippery wetness left.'

    Monica swiped her hand through any sticky wetness she could find, and moving her hand back down, used it to spread over her lips. She repeated the dipping movement, and coated herself a second time. “Oh, that feels good. Richard, if you only knew.' In the room next door, his head just four feet from her head, Richard's hand was also moving.

    It took maybe five minutes of fantasizing. The thought and feel of Richard's pre-coital fluid helped. For the first time and trying her best to be quiet, Monica reached an orgasm. Yes, that's right, her first orgasm. So far, Jeff had not brought her to that point.

    Behind the wall behind her head, it was not Richard's first orgasm, but it was maybe his best orgasm while masturbating as he remembered the feel of her breasts, her pussy, the smell of her still on his fingers and he moved it up to his face. Yes, in order to masturbate and still enjoy the smell of Monica, Richard was masturbating with his left hand. .

    As she felt her heart pounding afterward, Monica felt guilt rush over her. She had finally had an orgasm, and though her husband's sleeping penis was just a couple of feet away, it had been Richard in her mind that had brought it about. In a way, she had cheated on her husband. But even now, Monica had no desire to cheat for real, not now, not ever.

    In the other room, there was a man who planned to make her cheat, and in every possible way. To reach his goal, Richard also had a plan.

    Restless, Monica took another trip to the bathroom later that night. She was very quiet leaving the room she shared with her husband, and as she went past Richard's room, she stepped a little heavier on the floorboards in hopes that Richard might hear.

    Richard heard all right, but he assumed that it was Jeff since Monica had already made her trip.

    Monica spent some minutes in the bathroom, then, opening the door slightly so that Richard might hear, she flushed the toilet and waited. Again, Richard heard, but did not realize it was her. Besides, when Monica flushes, it's always with that door closed.

    After having taken her time returning to her room and all the while watching Richard's door to see if it opens, even a crack, Monica returned to bed frustrated. She had hoped that Richard might 'catch' her in the hall again. She had not planned to go beyond what had occurred before, but the making out and pretending, yes mostly pretending to be unwilling had been exciting.

    Plus, this time, if it happened, she wanted to place her hand on his peter and feel it. That's all, just feel it while they are kissing.

    But that was that one night, when Richard had caught her in a moment of weakness. After that, she was more careful.

    The new apartment

    At the end of the second week, Monica and Jeff moved into a new second floor apartment. It was really small overall, there was a double bed along the back wall beside the window, and also a couch that could fold into a bed. The kitchen was off to one side, and the bathroom was in the back on the same side as the bed. The bathroom was big though, having both a tub and a shower. All in all, it was basically a big one room apartment plus bath.

    Being part of a freshly remodeled two story older home, it was in excellent condition, however, and the landlady told them that they were only the second tenants to live there. The main thing for them was, the price is right, for now.

    It was on the second floor, and their landlady lived right below, so they needed to be quiet after 9 at night. That was the rule. During the remodeling of the home, the landlady's quarters downstairs had been placed behind a wall so that the inside stairs that led to the upper floor were now on the outside of her wall.

    The stairs from their apartment went down to a hallway below that led to the outside door, so anyone entering or leaving their apartment would not be seen by the landlady unless she just happened to open her door. What was nice also is that from her windows, she can not see the side where they or visitors were to park.

    All in all, for privacy, the apartment was reasonably acceptable. They had quickly learned, the second and fifth step creaked a little when stepped on, so they had learned to take two steps and avoid those if they came in late.

    Richard had been out of town for the weekend, and they had moved their stuff themselves. It was no big deal because they didn't have all that much stuff to move. As a result, Richard had not seen their new apartment.

    Two days after they had moved into the new apartment, Richard sent Jeff on a run to Chicago, and came knocking. Surprised, Monica did not want the landlady to hear any conversation in the hall and quickly let him in. Mainly though, she did so thinking it was just a casual visit to see their new apartment. She was kidding herself since Richard began pawing her, subtly but steadily, as soon as he got in the door.

    On her wedding day Richard had shoved his tongue into her mouth and fondled her ass. Then in his apartment he had gotten a good long look at her breasts, and seen her body. Then a few nights later he had not only kissed her, but fondled her ass, vagina and breasts and smeared joy juice all over her front.

    Without his knowing it, and while he was only four feet away behind a wall, Richard had made her cum. Her first, and so far, her only.

    Still, this was different as she was now alone, and they both knew, her husband is not about to come home and interrupt. Her excuse of...'Richard, please, he'll catch us,' was no longer useable.

    Monica resisted, but it was a token effort. Richard had control over her, he knew it, and so did she. This man represented her husband's job, their income, their very survival it seemed. 'All you have to do is...cooperate. If you cooperate, it might even help your husband in his job. Maybe he'll get a pay raise, and later, more.'

    Still, she tried not to give in. At one point Monica broke away from Richard as they stood together and she sat down on the couch that made into a bed. Richard came up behind her, and without warning shoved his hand down the top of her dress. Somehow his right hand managed to slip under her bra and right onto a bare tit. It was met with a nipple that was already hard.

    He leaned down and looked into her eyes. “You're crying? Why?”

    “I...I shouldn't be allowing you to do this. It isn't right. I love Jeff, and you know that.”

    And then without replying Richard leaned further down and kissed her on the left side of her neck while fondling her right breast. Monica had become aware that someone kissing her neck could arouse her. She had found that out while making love with her husband, but so far, her husband had not recognized that feature of her anatomy.

    But Richard did, and he kissed her neck and fondled her breasts, and Monica, finally giving in, pulled him around to the front of the couch and beside her so they could make out. From there it was only minutes before they were both nude and after Monica said she did not want to dishonor her marriage bed, they were pulling the couch opened into a bed.

    Monica watched wide-eyed as Richard, with his erect peter pointing straight ahead, walked over to the bed and pulling off a pillow, brought it back to the opened couch bed. “Just one,” she asked as she stared at his erect cock?

    “Yes, just one to go under your ass.”

    “Oh.” His answer surprised her since Jeff had never done it that way.

    Moments before she had sat on the edge of the bed and stared as Richard's underwear came off. Of course he was fully erect and his penis popped out and up immediately.

    Because that night in his apartment he had rubbed his penis against her belly and left juice all over the place, she was very curious to see the peter that had done it. Instead of pretending it isn't there like some wives being seduced for the first time might do, she openly looked at it.

    Now Monica could finally see it, exposed to her sight and in the light of her lamps. His circumcised peter was about the same size around as her husband's in the shaft, but including the head, it was longer overall by about an inch-and-a-half. On the end Richard had a head that was noticeably wider then the shaft, so therefore, at the end, a portion of his peter was wider than her husband's peter.

    She was staring and Richard smiled at her, an evil-looking smile. “I think it's about time you touched my peter. Goodness knows, it's been hard thinking about you now for weeks.”

    Nodding, Monica reached out and wrapped the fingers of her right hand around him. She stroked it and studied how it looks as his thickish head was sticking out beyond her hand.

    “Do you like my peter? How does it compare to Jeff's?”

    Richard is the type that needs for his ego to be constantly fed. He wanted to hear it from her lips. Because of Jeff being married to Monica, Richard had made it a point to take a piss beside Jeff. It had been a good opportunity to make his comparison. They had been traveling and walked into a bathroom together. Since both men needed to go now, they had stood across from each other and peed into the same toilet bowl.

    That had given Richard an opportunity to take a good long look at Jeff's peter without being obvious about it like it might have been had they been standing side-to-side at urinals. Richard knew that because his peter seemed to hang a little longer and his dick head looked larger while soft, that the odds were good that Jeff might have a smaller peter, but Richard wanted to hear it from her.

    In those days, the fifties, men often referred to their penis as their 'peter.' Women too, but only in private.

    “Go on baby. Put both hands on it and measure it compared to Jeff's peter.”

    She did without hesitation, and wanting to see how much would continue to stick out beyond her fingers, Monica wrapped her hands down low, pressing the side of her left hand's palm into his hair and mound.

    “This is how I measured Jeff.”

    Monica should not have told, but she was new at this and was not hesitant about revealing personal information about her husband. “Your...your peter is longer than his, here in the shaft. When I have my two hands around him, they come right up under his head. With yours, there's still almost an inch left before your head starts.”

    Monica was not really thinking on it, but as she was seated on the mattress and studying his peter, he was slowly moving it ever closer to her face.

    And...it's bigger around up here...and maybe longer, your head is a little longer and wider too than his is,” she said as she used two fingers to touch Richard on the head of his penis. She had no idea how pleased Richard was to hear that.

    “So you think my peter is longer by an inch or more?”

    “Yes, about an inch-and-a-half, and wider up here,” she said again as she wrapped a hand around the entire purple head.

    “So that means it's going to feel different than Jeff's, especially when it first goes in and stretches your little hole wider than Jeff does and then goes deeper too. Soon baby, we'll see if it feels better than his peter does.”

    “How do you know that my...that my hole is little?”

    “I felt it, remember”

    “Oh, yes, how could I forget that?”

    Monica gave his warm and throbbing peter another squeeze, and she shivered and thought to herself; 'Yes, it will feel different, that's for sure.' In a last second effort to stop this, Monica told the truth when she said, “We really shouldn't be doing this. I just missed my period, it's late actually, so I might be pregnant.”

    But that only encouraged Richard when he replied, “Pregnant? Good, now I won't have to wear a rubber.” He had been thinking of going ahead and placing his peter in her mouth, but now he could no longer wait for the ultimate ecstasy, to be inside his dream girl.

    In a way, good if she is pregnant, because I get to fuck her bareback. Bad though if she is pregnant, because no sooner do I get to her, and her body will be changing.

    Richard not only planned to fuck Monica tonight, but keep on fucking her for weeks, maybe months. A pregnancy would shorten the time he would be able to enjoy his conquest.

    Monica frowned. “No rubber? But what if I'm not actually pregnant?”

    Richard chuckled. “Since you think you're pregnant, that must mean Jeff hasn't been using a rubber. Am I right?”

    “Yes, he hasn't, and I'm not sure why not.”

    “Probably because he wants you to get pregnant so you'll be sure to stay with him. And since he's been fucking you without one, pretty much for sure you're pregnant, so now I get to enjoy the feel of your bare pussy with my bare peter.”

    For some reason, Richard felt the need to rush things. There was no real reason why, because her husband is safely out of town and miles away. There is no one to interrupt, but Richard still wanted to be inside her, now.

    He also wanted to see, every detail of how it looks as his peter is inserted into the most intimate flesh of his employee's wife. As Monica watched him going around the bed, Richard turned the small lamp on the other side on. Now every light except for the bath in their small apartment was on, except for the light on the ceiling overhead.

    In seconds Richard had her into the middle of the mattress and on her back. Monica barely had time to stare down at herself as he crawled between her legs and placed his dripping penis against her pussy.

    “This couch bed is sort of saggy in the middle, so aren't you going to put the pillow under me,” she asked, her face looking up at him with adoration?

    Once again Richard took advantage of an opportunity to draw attention to the fact that his cock is larger than Jeff's.

    “Not yet. Now that we know your husband is shorter, we need to see if you can take my length this way before I raise your ass in the air. After we get going really good I'll stick it under.”

    He stayed high and looked down into her face. “We've both waited a long time for this, haven't we?”

    She knew he wanted to hear her admit that she had all along wanted to fuck him. He was waiting for her answer, and Monica knew it would be stupid now to lie, so she told the truth.

    “Yes. Too long.”

    “Our wait is over baby.” With that, Richard slowly began to ease into Monica as her legs opened wider. 'She feels fantastic! For almost three weeks I've been waiting for this, and now at last, I get to fuck her, and bareback!'

    She became instantly aware of how much more Richard's dick head can stretch her. “Oooh (pant pant) It's big...”

    No words she could have said could top those in Richard's mind. To him, size was a very important factor, and being bigger than her husband was a real ego boost.

    “Big baby? Does it feel good, or hurt?”

    “Good. It's good!”

    As her legs opened even wider, her mouth as well opened wider as she hungrily kissed those lips she was now craving.

    Richard wanted to hold back, to delay his entry and make this moment last, but he had waited too long, lusted too long. Reluctantly but happily, Richard began pumping even before he achieved full penetrarion.

    Monica moaned. He did feel different, both going in and going deep. And Richard knew how to move, and use his hands, and especially his tongue. Monica was very aware, not only in how the feel of his peter is different, but also she is aware that Richard is able to take much longer strokes without the risk of coming out.

    Jeff had never talked to her, really, during lovemaking. Oh, her husband might say something like 'can you feel it,' or similar, but nothing sexy, nothing dirty.

    Richard was talking nasty, nasty dirty as he fucked her, yes fucked her for her first time. He wasn't so much trying to put Jeff down, it was more that he wanted Monica to be aware, very aware that she is now being fucked by a new and strange man, and a man with experience and who can fuck her better.

    “I'm fucking you baby. Fucking your tight little pussy and going deeper than your husband ever has. I don't have to ask you how good it feels, I can tell it feels good by the way you are moving your ass under me. But I do want to hear it baby from your lips, how much better does my peter feel than your husband's?”

    Monica did not want to answer at first. “Come on baby. Tell me how if feels compared to Jeff.”

    “It's better. You know it is. Please don't make me say it. I already feel guilty about this.”

    “I know you feel guilty,” Richard answered as he slowed down so that he could make it last. “But we're going to be doing this again, aren't we? Go on, say it, you want to go on fucking me.”

    Already Monica was surprised. Richard had actually paused in the middle, unlike her husband, who had, once entering her, always kept pumping until orgasm. His orgasm.

    “Why are you doing this? Isn't it enough to know that you've managed to get me alone and fuck me?”

    “Because baby, you might be loving this at the moment, but after we're through, you'll start feeling all guilty like and want to cut it off, so I want you to agree right now, during and not after, that this will keep going. So go on, say it. You like fucking me and you want to keep doing it.”

    Richard had waited too long for this, and he did not want to have to wait the next time. Monica had not given her answer, yet. “Come on baby. Say it.”

    As he fucked her harder but not faster, Monica finally gave in, guilt tossed to the side. She had analyzed it all in her head. With the present setup, Richard being the boss and his being able to send her husband out of town, her fucking him would be safe. “Yes. It'll be safe when you send him out of town, so I want to keep doing this, you fucking me.”

    "Thank you baby. Now it's locked in, we keep fucking any time we get the chance. Now let's work on making you cum.”

    Make me cum? Yes, this Monica wanted to feel since it had never happened to her during sex. Of course, Richard doesn't know that.

    A first orgasm by fucking.

    His peter was feeling better of course, but even better, Richard was lasting. It was only a matter of time, a short time, before Richard gave her that first orgasm by fucking. Her body shaking, Monica groaned loudly as Richard continued to stroke deeply onto her with that longer than her husband's peter.

    It was much better than the one she had given herself recently while thinking of the man who is now inside her.

    And she, being naïve and inexperienced, unthinkingly brought her husband down again as she kissed Richard and then told him. “That was my first time.”

    Richard paused in his stroking. He had been aware of her increased moaning and the fact that now her body felt damp, like sweat. “First time for what? You came?”

    “Yes. I never came before, while making love. Only once with my fingers and I was doing it by myself.”

    Suddenly, Richard's ego swelled big time. “Is that because Jeff is smaller than me?”

    She hesitated. “I think it's mostly because he doesn't last long enough. But your peter does feel better. I think...I think you know how to move it better too.”

    Richard had been with a total of eight women, two of them married, but Monica was the first one who was truly open with her thoughts on how his cock is feeling and how he uses it.

    “That's because I'm older and more experienced baby.“ And they kissed, and her arms and her legs went tighter around him. Because of that first and intense orgasm from fucking, and since she seemed to want to talk about what is happening, Richard encouraged Monica by using some 'bad' words as he fucked.

    “I think you like talking about it. So say it baby. Say 'fuck me with your big peter' as I fuck you, and things like that. You'll probably find that it gets you more turned on.”

    And it did. Monica not only used the 'F' word, but incorporated it into a full sentence using his name.

    “Oh Richard. I love the way your big peter feels when you're fucking me. It...I'm so aware of you being inside me, deep inside.”

    “Tell me baby, tell me how it feels better than your husband.”

    “Why? I'd rather not mention my husband. Why do you want me to say that again, that you feel better then he does?”

    “Because baby, once you start saying those things, your mind will be right down here in the gutter with mine. You're married to someone else and you're fucking me. The dirtier we talk, the nastier the sex, and the better if feels. Besides, hearing you say it is good for the ego honey. Makes my dick seem to grow when you say it.”

    At this point, Richard was using long and deep strokes and moving his ass sideways. Monica was beyond caring. The words that were coming out, truthful in nature, were easy to say.

    “Yes. Richard, your peter feels so good, so much better than Jeff's.”

    Now you're getting the idea. “Now say, 'You're a better fuck than my husband,' and sort of yell it out as you grab at my ass.”

    Monica was getting good at following directions, and besides, she was enjoying this filthy talk of sex.

    “Oh Richard. You're a better fuck than my husband. It's not just sex talk. You really are. You know how to get it out of me, to get me to say things, the truth. Now fuck me with that big peter!”

    Still, Richard's ego had not yet been fully satisfied. One more thing he wanted to hear: "Now baby, say you like fucking your husband's boss. Go on, say it."

    "Why Richard? Haven't I said enough already?"

    Just one time Monica, I want to hear you say it." As he was speaking, Richard started giving it to her hard and deep.

    "Uuuuh Uuuh. Fuck yes, my husband's boss knows just how to fuck me!"

    "More baby. More. Elaborate."

    "Oh Richard. You really know how to fuck. That's why you're the boss."

    Perfect. He could not have asked for more than that.

    "Great baby. You did great. Now fuck me back like you love me."

    "Love? Yes, of course."

    Monica had followed directions, and improvised as well as she pulled her legs up and as far as she could get them around his waist. Now he was giving it all to her, the full length. With her legs now in the way, she could no longer grab at his ass, so she improvised by pulling his head down so they can kiss.

    Then she added to the nastiness. “And when are you going to put that pillow under my ass?”

    “Right now baby!” As he pulled back and off, Richard was grinning. Now he had her, had turned the sweet and innocent-looking Monica into the type of slut he is used to fucking.

    Since the couch bed mattress was sort of saggy in the middle, the installation of a pillow brought her ass up to where it should have been all along.

    “Oooooh gawd Richard, now it feels like you're going so deep!”

    That second orgasm was not far away, but not before Monica went on to admit to Richard that the first orgasm she had given herself had been while she was thinking of him.

    “After we made out in the hallway, you went in and laid beside your husband and masturbated yourself to orgasm thinking about me? That's wild!”

    "That's not all Richard. There's more." Into playing the game now, Monica waited for Richard's response.

    "More? While you were playing with yourself? Tell me."

    She giggled. "When we were making out in the hall, your peter put slippery stuff all over my belly, and when I got into the room, there was Jeff, already asleep on the bed. I looked at your slippery stuff all shiny in the light coming in the window.."

    "My pre-coital fluid."


    "That shiny stuff was my pre-coital fluid, designed I think to make it slippery for a pussy when the peter goes in."

    "Oh. I see. Well, anyhow, your...pre-coital fluid was all over my belly and when I laid down I started to play with myself and I...I took some of your pre-coital fluid and spread it all over my pussy, my lips."

    "You did? Fuck that's wild. Tell me more." As they were talking, Richard was pumping, but going slow and easy.

    "Then, with your slippery fluid all over me, I played with myself and fantasized about you and...and truthfully, what size your peter might be and how it might feel, and for the first time, I came."

    I love it. And Jeff didn't know?"

    "No. He was asleep and I never said anything. I don't think he would like hearing that I made myself cum instead of him doing it."

    "Does he know that you've never cum with him?"

    "He's never asked. I'm not sure he cares, or maybe it's just that he doesn't have any experience like you obviously have."

    "I love this baby, being your husband's boss and making you cum when he can't. You're good for my ego, know what I mean?"

    She giggled. "And you're good for my body when you know how to please me and make me cum."

    This was the ultimate in Richard's mind. He had not only succeeded in seducing his employee's wife, but she was the ultimate woman with the ultimate face and body, and he had given his employee's wife her first orgasm with his larger than her husband's peter.

    Richard knew that his cock was not all that big, a little larger than average, but he knew that out there in the real world are men much larger than he. But the chances of Monica ever having such a man, a man with a huge dick are slim, so for now, he was king.

    That fact that she is young and inexperienced makes it even better. This way he can train her. To train her, first he had to gain more control over her mentally.

    “Monica,” Richard began as he continuted to stroke, steadily but not trying to bring her to orgasm at the moment, “How do you feel about me mentally? I mean, you're married and all that and you supposedly love your husband, but where does that leave me when I'm the one who can make you cum and he can't?”

    Monica knew where this is headed and to delay the inevitable, she asked. “What..what do you mean, how I feel about you mentally?”

    “Do you love me? I mean, I know you love Jeff, but it is possible for a woman to love two men at the same time. So how do you feel, what are you thinking?”

    Monica was afraid to give out with her true feelings. Being young and inexperienced, and having just been seduced by another man after only three weeks of marriage, she was confused and really didn't know her true feelings.

    “I...I think I might love you. I don't know. I'm getting used to you, in bed and out. I suppose, yes, I might be in love with you.”

    She hesitated. “And you? Do you love me?”

    Oh oh. Richard did not want to tell her he was in love with her, even though in a way, he is, that is, as much as it is possible for him to love anyone other than himself. What he wanted was to maintain control, and this is one way to go about it.

    “I could be. Fall in love with you, if we keep getting together. I like this, and I know that I really like you, so let's keep this going.”

    Monica took only a few seconds for her reply. “Yes. Let's! I like fucking my husband's boss.”

    Richard smiled to himself and began pumping with more vigor. 'Mission accomplished.'

    Eventually, another pillow was fetched from the bed for her head. Nothing is for certain, and Richard certainly planned to take advantage of this night, treating it like it might be their last, and use Monica's body until neither of them can take any more.

    Based on the way Monica is acting, Richard suspected that she might actually be in love with him, or think she is. He was saying nothing outright to indicate that he is in love with her, but dropping hints and suggestions that he might be in order to keep her coming back for more.

    Of course he is the one who techically would be coming back for more since she has the location, and he is the one who can make the arrangments by sending her husband out of town.

    Sure, he could be in love with her, but real love? Richard's make up did not permit real love. His mind was filled with plans for the future, and did not include being tied down with just one woman, no matter how lovely she looks at the moment. Besides, if she's pregnant, her looks will change.

    They fucked almost all of the rest of the night. Richard left her pussy sore but satisfied. Monica had been given her first orgasms by Richard, three by fucking and one later by his having eaten her. Then Richard, who had been saving his own orgasm, showed her how to do the 69. Richard shocked her by letting his orgasm erupt into her mouth without a warning.

    Thankfully, Monica was on top during the 69. She gagged and spit most of it out. Richard had deliberatly saved his load so that when it came out, she would be aware of how much he can cum. There was a lot of cum, almost a big a load as her husband would emit, and when she acted disgusted, he merely laughed and said, “You have a lot to learn you little cutie. Now use your tongue to clean up that mess you left all over me.”

    Monica did as she was told, and that included swallowing most of what she gathered up with her tongue. He showed her how to milk his half-erect penis and drain it. Again she had to swallow. Finally he applauded her effort and used part of the bed sheet to finish the clean up of some of his cum that had mixed with his pubic hair.

    “I could have gone to the bathroom and gotten a towel,” she said, slightly irritated that Richard was messing the sheets.

    “This is much sexier baby, getting the sheets dirty. If you want to be really down dirty and nasty, you can just let the cum dry on the sheets, leave them in the bed, and when your husband comes home he can be sleeping on my cum stains. How's that sound?”

    Monica knew that no way will she be doing that, but she went along and giggled. “Well, first I'd have to take the sheets off this couch and put them on that bed over there.”

    Richard looked where she is pointing. “Oh yeah, I had almost forgotten that bed. So tell me, when do I get to fuck you on your marriage bed?”

    “Never my dear man. This is the bed you and I will be fucking on when it happens.”

    Richard could settle for that, for now. He had gotten Monica to say without prompting that they will be fucking in the future, and that is the main thing. He aimed his cock towards her mouth again.

    Now put your mouth right here.”

    Then, after he had again achieved full hardness, Richard proceeded to teach her even more. Part of her course of instruction was learning how to take a peter in the ass. He especially made it a point to do this to Monica because he wanted to be first at whatever he could with her.

    He took her that way while on her belly with the pillow under her hips. Vaseline can work wonders at times. It hurt when Richard went in at first, but only slightly because he did not delay as he pressed that thickish head through her sphincter muscle.

    He fucked gently, and after a while Richard turned Monica onto her side, and while lying behind her placed his right arm around her body and his left arm around her neck, and then while fucking into her ass, he squeezed her breasts.

    Wanting this to seem romantic to her, if an ass fuck could be made to be romantic, Richard made sure to nuzzle and kiss her around the neck and ears. Monica moaned, indicating that she is beginning to enjoy her first ass fuck.

    The boss has his own secrets.

    Richard was remembering how, as a teen, he had been fucked this way by an older man, and then later, the man had let him return the favor. Though homosexuality was not the norm for Richard, he had enjoyed the experience at the time, and part of his enjoyment had been because his peter had been equal in size to the man.

    That happening you would never suspect. Richard's entire family had been on a trip, visiting old friends of his father. And then, in the middle of the night, his father's old friend had visited Richard in one of the guest bedrooms.

    It was funny in a way. His father had often bragged about his old buddy, now a sports coach in another town, and how he could train 'boys to become men and then winners.'

    Yeah, he was a man's man, and also married. And on the side, he apparently liked to fuck young boys.

    “Oh gawd, Oh Richard, that feels so good.” She was saying the words that Richard had wanted to say to that man as he had been fucked in the ass, but had been too ashamed to admit. Now he had Monica, another man's wife in this position, and he was the one doing the insertions and pumping.

    “It's good Richard. I never thought it might feel like this.” And then Richard made if feel even better when he pulled her right leg up and over his, and switched one hand to rubbing her clitoris.

    Richard made it a point to be working her clitoris while fucking her ass. The man who had fucked him in the ass had taught him that, how good it can feel if the person fucking you also plays with your cock at the same time.

    About the time he combined all this with kissing her neck, Monica actually achieved orgasm, her third of five that night. Then she felt Richard pumping cum into her ass, and she learned that you can feel a man's orgasm back there better than you can in the front. That is, if he is doing it slow.

    Richard of course had made it a point to be sure to cum into her ass. After all, if you are being the first, it has to be first at everything.

    What surprised Monica though was not her ass but her vagina. Richard had left her slightly sore in the pussy, not so much because of his being longer than Jeff, but probably because Richard had a wider head and he seemed to enjoy watching her reactions to how it felt each time he entered her.

    He would repeatedly fuck her with just the head, going in and out and feeling her lips clinging lovingly to his wide head, hanging on tight and then reluctantly letting go as he moved on past while going in either direction. She loved it too, but she was receiving the bulk of the wear and tear.

    Deep down, Richard was doing this to her on purpose. He wanted Monica, tomorrow, to still feel the tenderness around her lips, for that will make her think of him. And if she is still tender next time Jeff shoves his cock into her, probably tomorrow night, so much the better.

    Wanting to exceed the number and length of times her husband had been into Monica, Richard fucked her, and he fucked her, and she fucked back. They even 'napped' at one point with the one pillow placed under her head, and too lazy to reach down to the floor and retrieve the other pillow which somehow had ended up on the floor, he used her shoulder for a pillow. All he time Richard remained fully erect and buried within her.

    His goal had been exceeded. Richard spent more time inside Monica in this first night then her husband had in almost three combined weeks of marriage. Richard not only spent a lot of time inside her, but he used that longer peter with the bulging head to work her vagina in every possible way.

    What Monica enjoyed the most though was the kissing. Richard really knew how to kiss, better than Jeff, and they spent a lot of time kissing whenever they were in a position where their lips could reach. Monica, being young and inexperienced, considered kissing to be an act of love. The kissing was the main reason she had experienced her first orgasm with someone else, and it had been during the act of fucking rather than oral.

    That had pleased Richard and stroked his ego tremendously when she told him that the orgasm she had just had was her very first orgasm. At first she had decided to keep her first orgasm by masturbation a secret, but in the course of doing and telling all with Richard, that had came out too.

    When she told him of how she had gone 'down the hall' the second time and waited and hoped he mgiht come out, he had laughed, expressed his regrets at having 'missed out,' and said it was probably a good thing he had not known, because she might have ended up getting her first strange fuck while standing in the hallway.

    She hugged Richard and thanked him for the strange fucks she is getting now, and while kissing him madly as he continued to lie over and in her, she almost came out with an 'I love you.'

    That would have been more significant than their conversation before. Then, Richard had been trying to get her to say it, and she had not, directly. If she said it now, that would have made if official.

    The change in her attitude was very obvious. Now, instead of being reluctant, Monica seemed to be begging for more, because as she kissed Richard and held his head, her hips were thrusting upwards to meet his peter. In one night, in the space of more than four hours actually, Monica had gone from reluctant wife to very willing mistress.

    Then Richard, feeling his oats, pushed his control over another man's wife to a new limit. “Baby, since you have never sucked Jeff's peter, and he has never fucked you in the ass, I'd like you to keep that for just us, only you and me to enjoy. That will make things special between us. Would you be willing to do that, not suck your husband or let him fuck you in the ass?”

    Of course Richard had no business or right to be asking, maybe demanding that of Monica, but Monica did not hesitate since she was so enraptured by Richard and how she was able to enjoy him both sexually and mentally. “Yes. I won't do anything with Jeff except what he has already done.”

    “You promise?”

    “I promise.”

    Richard, just like that, was now in control of his employee's wife, and there were things that only he would be receiving from Monica when she is in bed.

    He left not long after, but not before having to assure Monica that he would be quiet on the stairs and while driving away.

    Monica, being new to all this, actually pulled out a hand mirror after Richard had left and studied her pussy in the mirror, and she saw how red and raw looking his peter had left her. She looked further under and studied her anus. It looks about the same and she felt relieved.

    The guilt, her guilt, had set in later, that next night after Jeff had returned from Chicago and made love to her, his version of making love.

    The tenderness of her inner lips was still there, but barely noticeable. Still, Monica was aware that some of what she is feeling as her husband made penetration is because of how long and hard Richard had worked her over.

    His peter, she decided, though she did not experience the thrill that Richard's wider head would give her when it entered and moved back and forth, is probably big enough, if only her husband knew what to do with it.

    Again, as before, Jeff did not last long enough, and he did not make the right moves. All the while Monica was making comparisons and thinking of Richard in the hopes that fantasizing on her husband's boss might help her to achieve orgasm with her husband.

    Monica felt guilty, guilty that she had cheated so enthusiastically and guilty that she planned to do so again. She was saving certain aspects of the sex act and her body for her husband's boss, you see.

    “Monica,” Jeff said as they were resting after his having blown a load, “some time when I go to Chicago or somewhere, I plan to call you from my room and we can have sex.”

    “Sex on the phone?”

    “Yes, baby. It might be a lot of fun.”

    “That would cost a lot of money,” Monica said with concern. Then she giggled. “And first we have to get a phone.”

    “They require a deposit from first time customers, but I'll see if I can afford to have one installed after my next pay check.”

    Monica went on. She had called her mother a couple of time from a phone booth and knew the rates. “And then you'd have to go through the operator to reverse the charges to call me and that costs more too. What is the rate, about a dollar for the first three minutes I think, and more if you go over?”

    Jeff giggled and reached over to fondle her breast. “In that case we'd just have to make if fast, “ he said as he squeezed her gently. “Can you do it fast,” he asked?

    “I guess we'd have to,” she answered with a smile, while thinking to herself, 'doesn't he ever wonder if I cum when he does it?” Still, she felt slightly guilty about everything.

    But when Monica visited her husband at the car lot two days later so they could go to lunch, she managed to give Richard a big smile, and the guilt by then had mostly disappeared. Her eyes told Richard's, all is well.

    Jeff, she took note, never suspected a thing. The silent messages she and Richard were exchanging, always went right over her husband's head.

    Since Monica was still a teen, and not yet a high school graduate, a summer job was pretty much out of the question for her. Besides, she had no car to get to work, and in the area where they lived, most of the jobs would be in a downtown office building or department store.

    So she spent most of her days cleaning, listening to the radio, and reading magazines about movie stars and teen romances. This, before long, would become very boring, but for now, she had the thoughts of her next visit from Richard, whenever it came.

    A day later, Jeff was at work and Monica was seated on the couch listening to the radio and reading a teen magazine when she heard someone coming up the stairs. 'I hope that isn't Richard? Surely he wouldn't dare try this when my husband is in town.'

    She was wearing no bra under her summer house dress, but her husband or Richard at the door, it wouldn't matter. Then came the knock. 'It must be Richard.' Excitedly, she opened the door.

    A pleasant surprise from an attractive man.

    “Hello ma'am.” It was a man in uniform who removed his cap when she answered, and he was carrying a phone. “The lady downstairs said your flat is up here. I have this work order here to install a phone.”

    Aware that her nipples had stiffened in anticipation, Monica blushed when she saw his eyes drop down to her firm but unsupported breasts and then rise slowly back to her face. “But we didn't order a phone. We can't afford...”

    “It's paid for ma'am. Here's the address of the people paying.”

    She looked, expecting to see Jeff's name. But it was from her parents, and the work order came with a note. 'Call us through the operator after the phone is installed and give us the number so we can keep in touch. You can call anytime...'

    "Where would you like the phone ma'am?"

    “Is that the only color you have, is black,” she asked?

    I have red and blue phones in the truck ma'am. Black was on your work order, but I can change it to a colored phone for fifty cents extra a month.”

    “Oh. It costs extra? Better leave the phone black.”

    “Yes ma'am. Now where do you want me to install the phone?”

    "On that dresser beside the bed," she answered, and she again blushed, this time at mentioning a bed, that bed to a stranger. That was one problem with this apartment. Invite someone in, they see your bed.

    There had been a phone in the room before, with the last tenants, but they had chosen to have their phone installed on the kitchen counter.

    "I'll have to run a wire over to here, ma'am, won't take but a few minutes. With the two lines in place, if you ever want to have a second phone, just call and we can hook up the second one. A second phone on the same line is just two dollars more a month."

    She giggled, and the telephone man did not miss the jiggle of her breasts. "I hardly think we'd need two phones in this apartment. They'd only be a few feet apart."

    "Never know ma'am. Sometimes people want to have two on the line when they talk to friends or relatives."

    "Oh, I see. For now though, we'll just be using one phone."

    With some pre-drilling and wiring already having been done, it did not take long for the installation. All the while, as Monica watched the man, an attractive older man work, she was studying his body and wondering.

    Having been fucked by two men, now all men were of interest to her. No, not to fuck, but for reasons of curiosity.

    He was seated on the bed with his rear on the exact spot where her rear would lie when she was in bed, on the right so her husband could use his right hand on her. It was early summer and the temperatures were going up. As a result, he was wearing only a pullover shirt. He was not overweight, but sure enough, bending over like that, she could see the very top of his butt crack.

    That set her mind on a course that Richard had laid out in her mind. Automatically, her mind went to sex, and with the man currently in her room. She spent another twenty seconds admiring his butt crack and then went around the bed and seated herself to where she would be opposite him.

    He spent more time on the phone with the company waiting to get a new number assigned than the actual work had taken. All the while, as Monica sat opposite him on the couch with her dress hemline just above her knees, he kept looking over at her and smiling reassuringly.

    Feeling ornery, at one point Monica waited until he was looking away and stretched her body to the left so that she could reach over to a lamp table and pick up a magazine. In the process, she allowed her legs to open and her skirt to rise.

    She knew though, he had been looking away when she had started to open up, but he wasn't looking away any longer.

    From his low and seated position, he was able to see almost all the way up to her panties. She remained in that spread position for perhaps five seconds, and then she deliberately pretended to study one cover and then reached further across the table for another magazine.

    Monica was thoroughly enjoying herself. This was all new to her, this being a housewife, all grown up and able to be alone with a man in her own place, and knowing that a man, a grown up man, is having sexual thoughts about her.

    Stretching her body, her legs opened even more, and this time he was able to get a look at her white panties. Not really sure of how much he could see, Monica held the position and he had time for a really good look before she had selected a particular magazine and brought it back onto her lap.

    Immediately, he looked away from her when she happened to glance at him. Then, saying, "Ooh," she pretended to notice for the first time that her skirt was high around her thighs and modestly tugged it down.

    He was watching while pretending to not be watching.

    “OK miss,” he said after making a test call. “Here's your new number,” he nodded his head down while writing it onto a pad. “And you have lucked out. For now you will have your own line instead of being on a party line like the people in the next block. No guarantee it will stay that way, someone might get added later, but right now it's all yours and private.”

    "So we're still getting the lower rate, the party line rate," she asked?

    "Yes ma'am, for now, and it'll stay that way until someone is added on."

    “Oh. That's good, thank you," she replied as she rose and took the sheet from his hand. "This phone is something I was not expecting. Now I can not only talk to my parents but also to my husband when he goes out of town.”

    In her mind Monica was already thinking of when her husband might call and have sex over the phone. With no one else on the line to worry about, the only thing holding them back would be...time.

    “Your husband goes out of town.” the lineman was saying? “Seems a shame to leave a beauty like you all alone.” As he was speaking, his eyes again roved over her body, and Monica felt that familiar tingle between her legs.

    Monica's face flushed as she suddenly sensed how vulnerable she was, not just now, but anytime. “Oh, he isn't gone all that long. Just for half a day sometimes.” She had lied, but it somehow made her feel a bit safer. “Half a day' meant that she would not be home alone at night.

    He managed to come out with something, a way perhaps to turn this conversation into something sexual. “Too bad in a way. If your husband went out of town overnight, since the phone is right here, you could be all snuggly cuddly in your bed while talking to him.”

    She blushed. Then said something that acknowledged the sexual aspect. “Yes, that could prove to be interesting.”

    Usually, when he installed a phone and only the wife is present, which is often, the phone would not be beside a bed. This was a unique opportunity, and this young lady is just about the prettiest and best-built thing he has ever seen.

    From experience with other wives, he had a comeback that might lead to more sex talk. “Yes. Too bad the rates are so high. Some things take too long for a long-distance call to handle.”

    Monica almost said it. Almost. What she thought of was: 'Takes too long for one half of the couple, maybe.'

    That would have opened up endless possibilities for him to lead the conversation. But what she actually said was: "I guess we won't be worrying about long long-distance rates since he won't be gone overnight.”

    Where her mind had been going had scared her. 'God, I almost came out with something sexual with this stranger.'

    While seated on the couch and watching him work, she had been fantasizing on his removing her dress after having kissed her with heated passion, and as her breasts became exposed, he was leaning down and taking a nipple into his mouth.

    She had wondered about his cock too, what he might have under that uniform. All the fucking with and talking about Richard's peter compared to her husband's cock had placed thoughts of other men and their cocks firmly in her mind.

    It came to her mind. A blow job. If I give him a blowjob like I gave Richard, it would only take a few minutes, and I'd know what another man's cock looks like. I promised Richard that I will not suck my husband, but I didn't make any promises about someone else.

    If she saw his cock, she would have seen and who knows how much more, a cock that is shorter then both Richard or her husband, but thicker. Not a lot, but enough thicker for the entire length that it would have made her eyes bulge a bit upon feeling it inside.

    She almost came out with it, an offer of a blowjob, and her face turned red from just thinking it. He saw, and wondered why.

    He seemed to linger at the door for a second too long, and without thinking, she held out her hand and he took it. "Thank you," she said, trying to shake his hand, but he held it a little longer than just a handshake.

    She was fully aware that her erect nipples must be visible to him through the thin material of her dress.

    "And thank you," he said as he continued to hold her hand. "You've brightened my day."

    She almost pulled him to her. Almost. Blushing, she pulled her hand away from his. “Goodbye” she said, “and again, thank you.” Sighing, Monica watched as he descended the first few stairs, turned and waved, seemed to linger a bit longer as he stared up at her, and then as he continued on, she closed the door.

    He had seen her inner thighs going all the way up to her panties. That she pretty much knew for sure.

    Unknown to her, the repairman had also been given a good look at her legs, all the way up to her crotch as she had stood slightly spread-legged in the doorway. Her thin dress, transparent in the light coming from the window behind her and across the room, had shown him the full silhouette of her lower body.

    Even the slight bulge from pubic hair under her panties had been visible, and had she not been wearing panties, he would have seen the outline of her opened lips.

    He was gone and Monica picked up the receiver. There was no dial in this neighborhood as yet, so Monica had to wait ten seconds until she heard...”Operator.”

    “Operator, I'd like to make a call to...”

    The call was made, her mother was talked to, and all was well.

    She had asked, and her mother had said that when Richard is out of town, if he needed to call her it would be alright if he calls collect since a phone being used with hotel room charges are even higher. Still, her mother asked that when Richard calls her collect, to try and keep the conversations short.

    Now, Monica knew, she is no longer as isolated in her apartment, though any long distance calls are by the minute and costly. Her husband could call from Chicago, but he would have to either place quarters into a slot on a pay phone, or reverse the charges if calling from a hotel.

    Now on the day after the phone had been installed, her husband had been sent on a second run to Chicago, and Monica was again alone.

    After hearing the stairs creak, Monica had already jumped up from the couch. Richard's return visit! His second visit, and Monica planned to do a repeat performance. The telephone man had left her ready, especially since Jeff had not fucked her before his leaving town.

    Two seconds after the knock, she opened the door with a slight smile, which suddenly faded. One word erupted from her lips. “Oh!”

    It was Richard, but there was another man with Richard! A very large man, he towered over her, and stood at least three to four inches taller than Richard.

    Another boss. Another man with needs.

    "Monica, this is Charlie," said Richard, while gesturing in Charlie's direction, "He is one of the big bosses in Chicago. He's in town just for tonight, so I thought that I would introduce him to the newest lady in the organization."

    Without an invitation, Charlie stepped past Monica and boldly entered the room without speaking. As he looked around the sparsely furnished apartment, he nodded, and said, "Yes, looks like they need a little help to get ahead. If Monica here is real nice, we might arrange that transfer up to my territory in just a few weeks."

    Monica had known that this would probably happen someday, but not here, not now. She had not expected something like this until they had moved to Chicago. This was occurring much sooner than she had expected.

    “This couch is your only furniture besides that bed and those two kitchen chairs” Charlie asked?

    With a pounding heart upon hearing the word 'bed,', she nodded her head. Then told the truth. “This apartment comes partly furnished, so the couch, bed, kitchen table and chairs and the refrigerator come with the apartment.”

    He smiled. “So actually then, you don't have any furniture to call your own.”

    “No sir. Not yet.”

    Monica looked at this new man carefully. One thing was for certain, he was attractive, and there was a powerful manliness about him. Monica felt her pussy begin to tingle.

    "Would...could you really get us transferred to Chicago, with a big pay raise..." she stammered?

    Charlie responded with a big resounding chuckle, "Why sure, Monica babe, I can do that. Of course, your husband will have to continue to be a good...worker."

    Monica blinked at being referred to as 'Babe,' but she was not surprised.

    "Oh sure, mister...Charlie. I know that Jeff can be very good worker, you won't be disappointed." She knew who would soon be having to be a good worker, and probably within minutes.

    Charlie eyed Monica up and down, with his eyes seeming to linger on her breasts. "How about you, will you be a loyal member of the organization too? Will you fit in?"

    Monica’s head dropped. While staring at her feet, she said, "I’ll do whatever it takes to help Jeff get ahead, and I know that I would like to live in Chicago."

    'I'll do whatever it takes.' With those words, Monica had given her consent. She knew, love talk aside, this man was her husband's boss's boss, and any love that had been expressed between her and Richard does not apply.

    With a smug look on his face, Charlie stepped close to Monica and reaching down, grasped the bottom of her dress. She jumped as upon his straightening up, her dress came up all the way, exposing her panties, garter belt and brassiere. Her eyes met his face. For the first time Charlie smiled at her. That seemed to help a little; maybe he is human after all. Monica smiled back at him.

    "That’s better honey," said Charlie. "You've got the idea, and I'll bet that Jeff will work out just fine. He was still holding onto her dress. “Now, why don't you raise your arms?"

    Richard moved over to the couch in the combination living room/bedroom. As he sat down, he saw Charlie pulling the dress over Monica's up-raised arms and over her head. As Monica’s face came back into view, her cheeks were red, and she cast her eyes downward as Charlie tossed her dress onto a chair.

    Just like this it had happened. Charlie had gained access to her home via Richard, and within two to three minutes she had agreed to do some fucking and her brassiere, panties and garter belt were now exposed.

    Charlie paused for a moment to stare at her breasts, which were still fully covered by her brassiere. Her erect nipples could clearly be seen as they strained to break through the confining material. He reached out and jiggled her breasts up and down several times from underneath.

    "Lovely, baby, just lovely. I can’t wait to see these uncovered." Then Charlie gently grasped Monica by the shoulders, and turning her around, he began undoing her bra.

    As the clasp became undone in back, Monica raised her arms above her head so that Charlie could pull the straps and bra up her arms. She was facing Richard, and she saw a big grin on his face as her breasts followed her arms in an upward direction.

    Averting her eyes from Richard, Monica stared at a wall. When the straps came past her hands, she kept her arms high, knowing that Charlie would reach around under her arms for his first feel.

    Letting the brassiere drop to the floor, Charlie reached around and pulled Monica up against him. Then he placed his huge hands over Monica's firm, grapefruit-sized tits. Smiling with an evil-looking grin, he squeezed her nipples between his fingers, teasing them and causing them to become hugely erect.

    "Yes, these are nice, really nice," muttered Charlie, as Monica leaned her head back against his chest and placed her hands over his. Charlie sensed her acceptance of the situation and knew that from here on out, she was to be his, for as long as he likes, at least for tonight that is.

    “Lovely tits, “ said Charlie as he continued to grip her breasts and tease her nipples. Her hands had gone on top of his and she was pressing her head back into his chest. Charlie wished that he was alone with Monica because already he was sensing that she had 'connected' with him and would respond very warmly to tenderness and kissing if he went that route.

    This little wife was so innocent-looking, and seemed so sweet, but it had taken her only a minute or so to realize her situation and adapt to it. Or maybe, Charlie was hoping, she was finding him to be very attractive and as a result would be very responsive to his needs and wants.

    Monica's wanting to help her husband was the key, and in order to make this as enjoyable as possible, Charlie had to keep the thought of her husband in the picture. Richard was here and watching, and that sort of sent things in one direction, her fucking him instead of his making love to her. Again Charlie felt he needed to mention her husband.

    "Yes, I think Jeff is going to do just fine in Chicago. Now, wait right there babe while I pull down the covers on this bed, and then I want to watch as you remove those panties."

    With Richard, Monica had used the couch. This time Monica did not insist on using the couch. For some reason, if she was going to be doing the dirty with Charlie, she wanted it to be on a bed and where he could stretch out that big frame of his.

    Besides, though she had denied Richard the right to fuck her on her marriage bed, since he had brought this man to her home, Monica saw a chance to get back at Richard, by letting Charlie fuck her on that bed.

    When Charlie had pulled down the covers he turned to look at Monica as she placed the fingers of one hand onto the top of her panties.

    Anticipating Richard coming tonight, she had dressed for the occasion. Monica was wearing a black garter belt, white panties, and brown nylons. In unison, both men now were staring at her.

    “You want these off?”

    “That's right baby. Get those panties off and let's see the real you,” Charlie said as his eyes took in her loveliness. Monica slowly pulled her panties off and as she raised her eyes, Charlie said, “I see that you keep your pussy trimmed. That looks nice. Now pose for us.”

    Monica could have been a natural model, the way she took to it. She sort of smiled proudly as she placed her hands behind her and shoving her chest forward, posed in front of the only window the apartment had on the back side. Because it was summertime in the Central Time Zone, there was still daylight coming into the window even though it was now almost eight at night.

    “Fuck. I don't believe it. This gal is beautiful. I can't believe she's married to some kid from the country. Baby,” Charlie said as he looked directly at Monica, “you need to be in the big city where you can be appreciated for the woman you are.”

    Monica smiled. “I'm just seventeen, so I'm not really a woman, yet.”

    “Hard to believe,” said Charlie. Just seventeen with a lot to learn, and I plan to be showing you.”

    He looked her over again. "You're nice baby. You really really look good," said Charlie.

    "Crap," said Richard out loud. "If I had known she would be dressed like that, I would have come by myself."

    Charlie laughed. “Do you always wear that garter belt and nylons,” he asked?

    She sighed. “No. It's just that I was expecting that Richard might come by tonight.”

    Richard commented, but he sounded more like a pouting little boy now than a man. “Well, I did show up, didn't I?”

    Monica smiled and nodded, but her eyes were fixed on Charlie. Richard had moved off the couch but remained standing, probably so he could get better looks at her as she stripped down. Besides the couch, there were only two chairs in the apartment, and those were under the kitchen table.

    “Pose again for us baby,” Charlie asked. "I can't believe how sexy you look."

    This time placing her hands on her hips, Monica again posed beside the bed and in front of the window. Her hair was mussed over her forehead, and she had an ornery look on her face as she stared into Charlie's eyes.


    “No way,' Charlie thought, 'can this gal be just seventeen.' But she was and only a few days past having been sixteen.

    Her skin? A hint of fresh tan on her arms and some of her upper body and coming down to where the tan ended just above her breasts. .

    Her face? Lovely. Young, innocent-looking, ornery.

    Her breasts? Full, standing separate on each side of her chest, and large enough to fill any man's hands.

    Her waist? Small, flat, and with no hint of a tummy bulge. No not yet, but being pregnant perhaps, soon to be sticking out there.

    Her pussy? Covered by a thin layer of brown hair. Just today Monica had trimmed her vagina with scissors as she had remembered Richard's last visit, and in addition, she had shaved the sides. The two men looking were seeing her pussy this way for the first time, even before her husband had seen.

    Her nicely-shaped legs were still wrapped in black stocking, and all of it was being framed by a garter belt. Beside her? The bed, now made ready by Charlie. Her marriage bed.

    Then Monica braced herself with an arm on the bed and started to remove her high heels in preparation for removing her stockings.

    "No," said Charlie, "Leave those on. It's really sexy when a woman wears her stockings and heels to bed."

    Monica nervously turned and sat on the bed, and then slid her luxurious body back onto the mattress. As she slowly reclined onto her elbows, Charlie reached behind her and gently arranged a pillow so that it would lie under her head.

    As Charlie leaned forward and slowly began caressing Monica's inner thighs but not quite going as far as her pussy, Monica shivered. As Charlie was beginning to play, Richard pulled a cigarette out of his pack and stuck it into his mouth.

    Richard apparently had gone over and brought back a chair, and he was now seated, right at the foot of the bed. Richard smiled as Charlie directed Monica to open her legs so that he could see her fully exposed to his view.

    "That's right baby, just a little wider so Richard can see this better while I play..."

    Frowning, Monica raised her head and saw that Richard was sitting at her feet, and grinning.

    "Richard, are you..." she hesitated, then, since Charlie was in charge, addressed him instead. "Is Richard going to be watching?"

    She had, just like that, acknowledged that Charlie could be making that decision, though she had no knowledge of what plans they had made in advance.

    Charlie smiled. "I'm letting Richard watch. I figured it wouldn't make any difference to you since he's already seen you naked."

    "I guess that's O.K." Monica said softly, as if she had anything to say in the matter. Then, as Charlie had directed, she opened her legs wide, providing both men with a view not to be believed.

    Charlie's voice was soft, almost reverent as he gazed down at Monica. As he whispered Charlie was kneading the bulge in his pants with his fingers. "I believe that may be the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. Now, pull your lips open for me so I can have a better look."

    Had they been alone, had this been a seduction, maybe during a date, Charlie would not have asked Monica to open herself like this, at least not until they knew each other better after already having fucked at least once. But Richard was here.

    Hesitantly, shyly, Monica reached with both hands and slowly tugged at her lips, opening herself slightly. Once again, her face turned red. For some reason, she felt just as embarrassed to be doing this in front of Richard as she did doing this for Charlie.

    "More baby, open them more."

    Monica did so, and Charlie licked his lips as he stared down at her. "Wow honey. That confirms it. That thing is absolutely beautiful. Without a doubt, it is the prettiest pussy I have ever seen, bar none. Too bad I didn't get to break it in first. But seeing as how small it looks, maybe I’ll be breaking you in anyhow. Watch this."

    Now calling her attention to himself, Charlie moved to where he was standing beside Monica as she laid up on the mattress and excitedly began undoing his belt and unzipping his trousers. Richard's eyes grew wide, and he heard Monica gasp as Charlie dropped his pants.

    It was sticking out through the opening in his boxers. Charlie's erect member was enormous! It looked fully two inches longer than Richard's, and thicker. The huge knob on the end looked red and angry. Monica was staring at it with a combined look of fear and excitement. In her head she was calculating. 'Jeff is maybe six inches. Richard is about seven and a half. This man must be more than nine!'

    Richard's hand trembled as he lit his cigarette, and he heard Charlie saying..."Don't worry Monica babe. I see that scared look in your eyes." He then removed his shorts, and kicking them off, he stood before Monica and Richard, fully nude and exposed. It would be hard to say between Richard and Monica who was doing the most staring at that peter.

    Charlie paused and gave his peter a couple of strokes, moving the foreskin on the uncircumcised penis up over the head and back again. “So from what I understand, I'll be your third man to fuck, is that right?”

    “My second,” Monica came back with a quick answer.

    Charlie frowned and glanced over at Richard. “Your second?”

    “Yes,” Monica came back with: "I've made love to my husband, and I've...” she hesitated, “I've fucked Richard.”

    “Oh, I get it, “ laughed Charlie. “I'll go along with that. Only been fucked by one man before me, and had sex, errr, made love with another. So maybe, what is that they say, the third time is a charm. Lover or fucker, maybe I'll turn out to be the best yet.”

    “I don't know about the best,” answered Monica as she stared up at the peter Charlie was displaying proudly, “ but you'll be the biggest.” In her eyes, Charlie could see the fright.

    "I'll be gentle honey, and as soon as I work this into you, you'll eventually get used to it. You might even learn to love it, most women do." As he was speaking, a string of pre-coital fluid poured out of his peter and onto Monica's left shin. "Sorry about that, guess my aim is bad," laughed Charlie.

    Charlie reached for his trousers and pulled a rubber out of his pocket and excitedly began opening the package.

    "You won't be needing that," laughed Richard. "I forgot to tell you, she's pregnant!"

    Pleased at the good news, Charlie chuckled and put the rubber back into his pocket. "Good! Fucking skin-to-skin is much better, and I hate having to fit these things onto me anyway, they're all too tight!"

    "Well, I can believe that," answered Richard, with his eyes fixed on Charlie's protruding rod.

    "One thing I always enjoyed though was having the girl slip the rubber on for me when I have to wear one. Since I’ve already ripped the end off the package maybe*‘I’ll let her do it later just for fun," laughed Charlie.

    Again, the connection between Monica and Charlie was via Richard. The two men were discussing Monica like she was an object rather than a person. Charlie knew what she might be feeling, but he figured there would be time to connect with Monica emotionally as time went by.

    Boldly and without warning, Charlie reached down and ran his entire hand through Monica's pussy. He ran his fingers back and forth, up and down and getting a nice feel of the overall texture of her pubic hair. Then Monica gasped when Charlie inserted just the tip of one finger into her.

    “Tight baby, tight. I've got to get me some of that.”

    With his heart pounding from an excitement that matched Charlie's and Monica's, Richard watched as Charlie climbed onto the bed and positioned himself between Monica's legs. He could clearly see Monica trembling as Charlie aligned his rampaging penis over her little slot. A little more juice dribbled from the tip of his penis, hitting her dead center on the hole.

    They were touching at several intimate points now. Their organs were in contact, though barely. Their legs were in contact, the insides of her thighs against the outsides of his. His hands were once again on her breasts.

    Soon, Monica knew, soon, they would be even more so in contact as Charlie worked his huge peter into her. She was scared, but excited. Strangely, she found herself hoping that once he had made penetration, if he could, that they would end up kissing.

    "Tell me baby, is it really true that you are only seventeen?"

    He's talking to me again! "Yes. I turned seventeen just a short while ago."

    "It’s been a long time since I fucked a teenager. Matter of fact, I was one myself at the time," Charlie said, laughing. "Since you're married, that makes you an adult in the eyes of the law. But, since you’re so young, you have a lot to learn. Would you like to learn a few tricks baby? I might make you into a woman in the process."

    "I...I suppose that would be alright. I learned some things from Richard last week," Monica said, glancing over at Richard.

    "Yes, Richard told me all about it. He says that you are a pretty good fuck, especially after he got done with you. Well, I plan to show you a few things as well. Are you ready?"

    Until now, Monica had thought that she and Richard had something going mentally, especially after he had asked her to reserve oral and anal sex for him exclusively. Now, just like that, it appeared that Richard had described her as a 'good fuck' to another man

    Go...go ahead." As Monica replied, she reached down and grabbed Charlie's penis. It had moved off center while they were talking. Her heart pounded as she felt his thickness with two of her fingers. She carefully centered his penis on the entrance to her hole, and then she laid back and closed her eyes.

    “Say it baby. Tell me to fuck you.” As before, had Richard not been present and watching, Charlie would not have taken this route to enter Monica's body.

    “F...fuck me. Please. I want you to.” Monica, it seemed, might actually be looking forward to this.

    Richard sucked slowly on the cigarette and listened to the sound of Monica grunting and gasping as Charlie tried to penetrate her. Each time Charlie eased forward, his peter began bending instead of entering her pussy.

    "Damn," said Charlie to no one in particular instead of talking to Monica. "She’s really tight. That’s the problem with having a big peter. Some women just can’t suck it right up inside. Looks like I'm going to have to open her up a little more first."

    With that, Charlie slid his hips back off her and moving down, he lowered his mouth to Monica's pussy. In seconds he had buried his face in her womanhood. The fact that he also tasted his own juice did not seem to bother him.

    Charlie knew right where to go, and Monica immediately placed a hand on the top of his head as Charlie's tongue went into action.

    In a few moments, Monica began groaning, and raising her hips into the air, she cupped the back of Charlie's head with her hand. Expertly, Charlie teased her, bringing her to the edge of orgasm once, and then once again, each time stopping just before she went over the edge.

    He raised his head and looked between Monica's upright breasts and into her face. "How's about it baby, are you ready for some good fucking now?"

    Her face a bright red, Monica nodded her head, and tugged at his ear, pulling him towards her. By all appearances to the two men, it looked like Monica had suddenly become turned on. But inwardly and unknown to them, she had been somewhat turned on two minutes after Charlie had made his entrance.

    Laughing, Charlie once again climbed over Monica, and looking down, carefully aligned his peter with her shiny pussy. He gave it a long stroke forward, milking it, and a long string of pre-coital fluid poured from the end and dripped onto her pussy.

    "Yeah baby, more juice to help this thing fit into you. Now you’re good and wet, and you’re ready."

    Charlie started to ease forward, then, seeming to change his mind, he directed Monica to aim it for him.

    Monica's hand was trembling as she hurriedly wrapped her fingers around his full thickness for the first time. She giggled. It was a nervous giggle, but it was obvious to all that she was indeed, ready.

    Struggling to do so, she raised herself onto one elbow in order to see it better. Monica seemed to caress it for a time, almost lovingly, her hand sliding back and forth, as if testing it for size and potency.

    "You're so big..." Her voice was soft, and both men could tell, she was in awe.

    She gave it several slow strokes, and on a few strokes she pulled the foreskin completely over the head, and then all the way to the rear. This was new to her. Both Jeff and Richard were circumcised, and Charlie felt so...different.

    Sighing, she carefully placed his penis at the entrance to her vagina for the second time, and giving him a final squeeze, looked into his eyes and without being told to say it, said; 'Fuck me.” But this time she also begged him to be gentle.

    "Like this?" Slowly easing forward with a steady movement, Charlie gave a powerful push. As he did his long penis began to bend, rather than penetrate. "Damn you’re tight! You’re making my dick bend."

    Monica was gasping. "I think it’s more a case of you being too big. Just about any woman would be tight with you," she said.

    "That’s true baby. I’ve had a lot of fun opening up some women in my time and a lot of them married. Now it’s your turn. Once you get used to me, you won’t be afraid of any man." Charlie laughed.

    "Watch this. I'll put the skin down over the head this time and stick it up against you. That will probably allow me to slip inside as the skin peels back.”

    Again Charlie placed his head up against her lips. "Now tug them open...that's it, while I place my foreskin just inside...aaaah yes."

    Holding his foreskin down over the head with one hand, Charlie tried again and pushed harder. This time, even though his penis started bending, he successfully entered partway into her. He was splitting her wide and causing Monica to groan loudly as he gave her most, but not all of the thick head.

    This was like Richard had kept doing to her, only more so.

    Below, Richard was looking up between Charlie's legs. His eyes grew wide as he saw how Monica's tight inner lips had to spread in order to accommodate the monstrosity that was trying to enter.

    This was probably the most erotic sight Richard had ever witnessed. Though he was feeling extreme jealousy over what Charlie would be using on her, Richard had an evil thought. 'Too bad Jeff isn't here to be seeing this. I'll be his dick would be just as hard as mine.'

    At the moment, Jeff was the last thing on Monica's mind. “It hurts a little.” Monica's fingers had gone from digging into Charlie's back to pushing against his stomach as she gritted her teeth and looked up at him with a look of concern.

    Sadistically, Charlie knew what the thickness of his head was doing to her vaginal entrance, but he made no effort to penetrate deeper. This, with Richard watching at his feet, he wanted to delay.

    "Sorry about that baby. Only way to get this head into you was to give most of it to you at once. Now you’re opened as wide as I’m going to take you, and I’ll go slow."

    'Yes, go slow,' Richard thought to himself as he leaned forward in his chair to get an even closer look at seeing how that huge cock was starting to spread Monica's teen pussy.

    Looking down as he eased himself further into her, Charlie paused as her tortured lips gratefully closed down around the thinner first part of his shaft. He was fascinated at how tightly Monica's lips were stretched around him, and he could not take his eyes off her pussy lips.

    "Yep. I believe you just might be the tightest little pussy I’ve ever had." Charlie pulled back just a little, starting to tug her opened wider again, and eased forward once more. This time, he was going to insert more of his thick cock into her. She was wet now, and it was time.

    Unknown to Charlie, Richard had left his chair and moved close to him next to the bed and was leaning over and staring up and under Charlie's ass so that he could better see how it looked as Charlie stretched Monica more than he had been able to do the week before.

    Monica saw Richard back there with a cigarette hanging out of his stupid mouth but chose to ignore him. Charlie was what she wanted to concentrate on and she was wishing Richard would just go away.

    But now she wanted this. Wanted Charlie to be able to insert his huge cock into her married pussy and she wanted to be able to enjoy it and hopefully make Richard jealous and even regret that he had brought Charlie to her home.

    Monica's face contorted, and she gasped as the thick log penetrated still deeper. Her eyes were wide as she looked up at her body's invader. 'If only he would kiss me while doing this, it might help.'

    Showing her husband's boss how it is done.

    "Now you've got it baby," Charlie laughed, as he watched her lips close tightly over his shaft after the head had penetrated her fully. "Once that head got into you, the rest will be much easier." Charlie eased himself back once again, leaving a portion of the head inside her, then, using a series of short strokes, he slowly began to bore into her, going ever deeper.

    At first, Monica as still trying to hold his advance back by pushing against him with her hands. Then, slowly, her hands left his stomach and hips and went around him as she realized that she might be able to take him after all. What she really needed is to be kissed.

    Eyes wide, Richard returned to his chair and excitedly took another drag from his cigarette. He was extremely jealous of what Charlie was giving her, but this was too good a show to pass up!

    A slow grin came to his face as he heard Monica gasp once again, and then he watched intently as her trembling legs slowly raised and began wrapping around Charlie's powerful body. Then, amazingly, Richard could see Charlie’s big dangling balls come into contact with Monica’s ass just before his penis penetrated fully.

    'Well, fuck me,' Richard thought. 'She's taking his dick, all of it!' Richard's view of Monica's pussy was being blocked now as Charlie continued to lie deep and unmoving. His eyes went to Charlie's tight ass, and as he stared at it, Richard remembered how good it had felt to be fucked in the ass, and he had a brief thought of how it might be to lie under Charlie, and take his peter.

    Richard's mind was working that way. Not of how it might feel to fuck Charlie in that tight looking ass, but to how it might feel to be having Charlie fuck him.

    Monica was having thoughts of her own as she was making little 'Ooh’s' and 'Aah’s' as Charlie laid his body heavily upon her and started flexing his penis inside her. He was not moving a muscle outwardly, and yet, Monica could feel his penis jump around inside her pussy as he flexed it up and down.

    “Ooooh.” Monica groaned again. The fit between them was very tight, excruciatingly tight, and there was no mistaking the way he was stretching her to beyond her capacity to accommodate him with each flex.

    Still she desired the kissing that so far, was not forthcoming.

    After two or three minutes, Charlie slowly began a steady pump. Richard had a raging hard on as he watched Monica's pussy lips turning almost inside out as she was now taking Charlie all the way. It had been doubtful at first, now it looked like things were going to be just fine.

    It became fine in Monica's mind when Charlie finally leaned his head down to kiss her. She responded hungrily, taking his tongue inside and surprising Charlie with her enthusiastic response to his tentative first kiss.

    Yes, now everything was fine physically. Richard suddenly felt another bolt of jealousy when he looked up at the other end and saw that Charlie and Monica were kissing now, and continuously. They kissed though Monica's first orgasm, and all the way through her second.

    Richard was again standing close and staring at her pussy, watching with amazement at how easy it was to see the contractions of her orgasm at her tight little anus, so far the anus that still belonged to him and only him, he hoped.

    To Richard it seemed that Monica was cumming much quicker and closer together than he had managed to get her to do.

    Monica seemed to almost be crying. "Now Charlie, your turn. I want to feel you cum." She returned her lips to his, her tongue again reaching out.

    Charlie pulled his lips off to speak. "O.K. Monica babe, you get to feel my hot load filling your tight pussy and am I ever glad I get to do this without a rubber."

    There was no surprise at how strong Charlie's orgasm seemed to be as he finally dropped his first load into Monica's clutching pussy, and she seemed to be sucking him up. Again, as Monica craved, she was getting some loving afterward, the kissing after the orgasm from the man.

    Richard had been better at this then her husband, but Charlie was even more considerate. He waited a good three to four minutes before withdrawing, his penis hanging long, even while softened.

    Then came some awkward moments as Monica had to sit up, then find a way to wipe. The cum stains, and they were substantial, ended up getting wiped on the edge of the sheets so they didn't have to climb out of bed.

    And then, with excellent timing perhaps, the phone rang.


    It was so loud that it startled the three of them. The dial on the bottom that set how loud the ring was had apparently been left on high.

    “Oh nuts! That might be my husband since I've already talked to my mother, “ Monica said, her voice almost in a panic as she tried to rise to grab the phone. Fortunately, at that moment, Charlie was not lying on and in her.



    "Please be quiet," she said to the two men while picking up the entire phone and being careful not to let the receiver fall from its cradle while looking under and turning down the volume control with a look of almost panic in her eyes. “I really have to answer this.”


    They grinned and nodded as they took in the sight of her lovely and now sweaty body as she hurriedly seated herself on the edge of the bed and after placing the phone on the bed stand picked up the receiver. on the third ring.

    “Hello?” It must have taken a lot of will power to answer the phone so calm-like considering all she had just been put through.

    “Reverse the charge call from Jeff. Will you accept the charges?”

    “Yes operator, of course.” It was Jeff, and she knew what he wants to do. And it will be with two men watching, two men who have already fucked her.

    "Hi baby. What took so long to answer the phone?"

    "Oh Jeff. I'm sorry. The ring tone dial was up at the highest volume. It scared me and I had to turn it down first. The knob was on the bottom of the phone."

    She heard a slight chuckling sound coming from Richard. 'Oh gee, I hope Jeff isn't calling and wanting me to do sex. Not now.'

    As Monica frowned and made the 'shushing' sign with her finger over her lips to the two men, she heard Jeff saying that he is ready to 'beat his meat and do it fast if she is ready. He had wasted no time, and how could she refuse?

    Both men heard and smiled broadly. They knew that they were about to get a show.

    Monica had never heard her husband say anything like that before, 'beat his meat.' It surprised and almost embarrassed her. But now, it was on.

    As Monica looked at the two men, she knew that she must say it out loud so they will know what has to happen. “OK Jeff. You play with it while I talk sexy to you.” It had been discussed in advance between them, what she might be saying while Jeff played.

    “You play with yourself too.” That caught Monica by surprise because Jeff had not said that previously.

    "Me do it too?"

    "Yes baby. I want you to cum with me."

    She knew she wouldn't cum but what her husband was suggesting sounded good to her and looking at both Charlie and Richard, Monica reclined on her back while holding the phone. “OK Jeff, I'm on my back and I'll play with myself. Yes honey, I'm naked.”

    Charlie and Richard had big grins on their face, and wanting to make this into a really fun thing for the three of them, Charlie crawled back into bed and between Monica's legs. Then he pointed his cock down at her pussy.

    She looked horrified, as if to say 'No, no' but Charlie made the shushing motion with his fingers and touched her vagina with the head of his penis. She looked down. Fully hard, erect, just like that!

    She understood, 'Charlie plans to put his big cock into me while I talk to my husband.' Excited now, and instantly, her voice changed on the phone. “Jeff, this is costing money and we need to do it fast. I have my legs open, I can feel your warm peter touching me at the entrance, and I'm ready for you to fuck me.”

    Jeff could not believe his ears, the way his wife is talking. Never in person had she spoken to him like this. It must be the phone.

    “I'm hard baby, really hard and I'm going to put it in now.”

    She was looking up at Charlie with a big smile. “Do it Jeff honey. Put your big cock in me. I'm ready. Ooooh yes, ooooh yes Jeff I feel you going in and you feel so big and hard.”

    In the back of his mind Jeff was thinking; She's using the word big. Can that mean something to her, the thought of a big cock? Mine is nice sized, but not what some might call big. Of course, Monica's never had bigger, so she has to be talking about my cock.

    “Can you feel me inside you baby? Does it feel good?”

    “Oooh yes Jeff." She was gasping. "I'm all opened up inside, and you feel good, really good.”

    Confused for a moment, Monica turned her head to look, and sure enough, Richard had come around and reaching between her body and Charlie's, he was feeling her breasts. Also, she took note, he had removed his pants and his peter was sticking straight out and pointing at her.

    Apparently Richard, upon learning that Monica was about to do a 'threesome' with both her husband and Charlie, decided that he is now free to turn this into a 'foursome.'

    Then Richard, switching his right hand onto his cock and placing his left hand on Monica's right breast, began stroking his cock, right over her breasts and only a foot or so from Charlie's f ace.

    Hoping that Charlie might keep Richard away, she glanced up into Charlie's face, and seeing that Charlie knows and is not stopping Richard, she allowed Richard's hand to remain. She did notice, however, that Charlie had taken a good look at Richard's cock and smiled to himself, and she knew why. Visibly smaller.

    This surprised Monica no end. Richard. So smug. So sure of himself. Asking her last week how his cock compares to Jeff's, and then acting so happy to hear that his cock is larger than her husband. And now this, willing to let Charlie see how much smaller he is in order to get his cock out.

    Monica stared up, her eyes wide as well as her mouth. It was unbelievable what is happening, Richard's cock right above her, his hand on her tits, and there is Charlie, wonderful Charlie, and he has his big cock in her and is staring down both at her and Richard's cock.

    "Are you using your hand Monica? I want you to cum."


    For a second Monica had forgotten her husband, and his voice startled her. 'I have to concentrate on my husband and ignore these two men as best I can.'

    "Yes Jeff. I'm touching myself and I think I might make it."

    Now Charlie was over halfway into her and going deeper, and Monica pushed back on his chest so that he will not lie on her so she can continue talking on the phone. She placed the phone next to Charlie's ear as well as her own. Richard, she noticed, also moved his ear in to hear.

    Surprisingly, his hand on her breasts was adding to her excitement. Even having Richard's hard cock so close and yet so far since Charlie is the dominant male was exciting to her.

    “Now Monica, now. I'm pushing it in all the way.”

    "Do it honey. Push it in. I want to feel all of you."

    Charlie heard, and knew who Monica is really talking to. He pushed in almost all the way as Monica groaned softly while using her free hand to keep him from burying it all the way. She wasn't sure if it would go all the way in her semi-seated position, and didn't want to risk crying out.

    “Oh shit, your peter feels good honey. I can feel it deep inside.” Monica was smiling up at Charlie as she purred into the phone. Charlie in response, started pumping, and Monica sighed.

    "Gee Monica. It sounds, the way your voice sounds, like I'm in you for real."

    “You are Jeff. Right through the phone I feel you. This may be our best time ever. Please fuck me.”

    “Your pussy feels so good. I'm getting harder and bigger. Hurry Monica if you want to cum. Use your fingers. I can feel it building."

    Jeff was talking faster now, and Monica could sense his excitement as she moaned softly.

    "We have to make it quick baby, I'm almost there. Aaaaaaaah...!” Jeff was cumming.

    “Me too, I'm cumming!” Monica was indeed cumming, but it was around Charlie's big cock.

    Richard was cumming too, his hot load, though he tried to aim it away from Charlie's body, still hit her on the right shoulder and some was even landing on her breast. All over her right breast matter of fact.

    'Bastard,' she thought as her thoughts again returned to her own orgasm. Jeff heard as her moaning continued, and after perhaps 30 seconds said with wonder, ”Wow Monica, I've never heard you say that you're cumming before and make those moaning sounds. Did you enjoy this as much as me?”

    Both Charlie and Richard heard and had big grins. Monica saw and shook her head at the both of them with a little frown on her face. Now, for some reason, she just wanted to be rid of her loving husband.

    “Yes, Jeff, it was wonderful. Now we had better get off before the operator...”

    “She won't interrupt, this is a collect call, remember?”

    “Oh yeah, that's right, no additional quarters like from a pay phone."

    Richard had ran to the bathroom, unrolled about two feet of toilet paper and returned. Now he was sheepishly using the toilet paper to clean his cum off her shoulder first since it was trying to run down onto the rest of her body. Her eyes met Charlie's, and he grinned down at her.

    "Tell me how much you miss me when I'm away baby. I want to hear it."

    "Silly man, you've only been gone since this morning."

    "I know honey, but we still won't see each other until sometime late tomorrow."

    Charlie was still grinning as he watched Richard carefully using the paper to wipe her clean.

    Apparently it had not bothered Charlie to have Richard get between them to some degree and shoot his hot load onto her body.

    Monica giggled. "Since it sounded like you came really hard, that should last you until you see me again."

    Her husband, on the phone, was sounding a bit self-conscious.

    "Gee Monica. I did cum really hard. You should see how much I came. It's all over my belly."

    "OK honey." She giggled. "We'd still better get off though, this is costing my parents money."

    "Goodnight Monica. I love you.”

    “I love you too Jeff." She raised her voice. "Have fun cleaning up your mess."

    Monica looked over accusingly at Richard as she was speaking to her husband. He had gone to the bathroom, gathered more tissue, and was now wiping the cum off her right breast.

    "Oh baby, I will. Goodnight." (Click).

    Just like that, maybe a little over three minutes and it was over. Monica could only just lie there, a big hard cock that had not cum this time still spreading her tight pussy as she enjoyed the afterglow of an orgasm that had been enjoyed simultaneously with her husband, with her husband's boss, and she with a forbidden cock in her pussy.

    "Shit, that was hot." Charlie had laid himself on her now that Richard had finished with his cleanup. He was breathing into her ear and was fucking her good, and despite her very recent orgasm Monica was enjoying this with newly found pleasure and satisfaction.

    When they had slowed down, Richard was watching and broke in. “Jeff just assumed that you came?”

    “I know Richard,” Monica answered with a frown. “If I had really been alone there wasn't time and besides, he's never seen me play with myself so I guess he just assumed that I know how to do it.”

    “But he's never made you cum or seen you cum in person?”

    “No, never,” said Monica, shaking her head.

    “That's strange.”

    “Yes. But I really enjoyed that. Hearing my husband cumming while I was cumming at the same time, and...” she smiled up at Charlie who was still pumping her slow, “and cumming around Charlie's wonderful peter.”

    Richard nodded and sadly moved his head away. "Yes, Charlie's wonderful peter."

    Monica sensed his jealousy and giggled quietly, and feeling her giggle with his body, Charlie smiled down at her. She was getting back at Richard, maybe putting him down some. Charlie knew, and he was loving it.

    Charlie was also loving it that he had been given a good look at Richard's peter and had been able to see how much larger his own peter is.

    Charlie also, his thinking, was a little different than Richard's. Where Richard tended to look down at her husband since he had fucked Monica and made her cum while her husband never had, Charlie had a kind of respect for the man he had never met but whose wife he is fucking.

    If Jeff married this woman, he is a lucky man indeed if he can manage to keep her around and happy in the future. And besides, she will soon be the mother of his child.

    Much Later, well over an hour and after a break, Richard was still naked and on his knees at the foot of the bed and watching as Charlie was enjoying still another round with Monica. Charlie was on his hands and knees over Monica, talking dirty to her, and using his overlong length to fuck her deeply without having to lie upon her body.

    "Liking that peter more and more, ain't you baby? I'll tell you this much, you're going to miss me after I'm gone. You'll be sure to have that pussy all warmed up and ready for me when you get to Chicago, won't you?"

    Saying "Yes," Monica added on her own that he did not have to wait until she had moved to Chicago, that he would be welcome to visit her again anytime he wanted beforehand. Monica had discovered something about herself tonight. When Charlie talked dirty, it made her even more aroused.

    "Oh Charlie. Here it comes again!" Announcing it in advance as Charlie had taught her, Monica began cumming, groaning loudly with her legs high into the air. Any indications that she had almost been unable to handle his enormity in the beginning were no longer apparent as she used her heels to clutch his ass and pull him still deeper into herself.

    As Monica’s orgasm ended, her body went limp. Monica’s pussy, rear end, and the bed under her were soaked and shiny from hers and Charlie’s juices. Charlie quit moving for a moment as Monica came down from her incredible high.

    A minute later Richard grinned to himself when Monica asked if she could be excused to go to the bathroom. In many ways, regardless of her fully developed woman’s body, she still seemed like a little schoolgirl. But then, that was part of the attraction that she held for men.

    "Sure, Monica babe," laughed Charlie, "Soon as I get my nut one last time." Charlie began pumping again. He giggled. “I've already shot two loads so I'm not in a real hurry to cum, you understand.” Then he sped up just a little, driving deep into her. Monica was gasping from the force of his strokes.

    Richard quickly moved in closer. 'Fuck, he's really giving it to her now!'

    Charlie was. "Take it baby, take it. I know you like it. Tell me how much you like it."

    "I like it Charlie, really I do. No, better than that. I love it." As Monica responded to his prompting, she began thrusting back at him.

    Charlie wanted to get her to say this his cock was feeling the best ever, but Richard was here and listening.

    “Yeah baby. This is what real fucking is all about.” There was no doubt. This looked like the fucking was about to end, and Charlie was putting everything into these last minutes. He fucked harder at times, driving that big peter home, and amazingly, it looked like Monica not only could handle it extra deep, but liked it and wanted more.

    Richard watched intently, fascinated at the sight of Charlie's dangling balls bouncing off Monica's ass. He was still amazed that innocent little Monica can handle all that length inside her, let alone the thickness. Charlie continued to fuck her for several more minutes as he worked her pussy not only deeply but side-to-side.

    She orgasmed again, but softer this time since she was becoming worn out.

    He fucked for another three minutes, then four. Then, as Monica seemed to be going limp and was no longer thrusting back at Charlie, it seemed to be time.

    "Want me to wait for you, Monica babe?"

    "N...No, I can’t get there again. I’m worn out. You do it honey. Please, I want you to. I love feeling it when you cum."

    “O.K. Baby. One last good cum with lots of kissing.”

    “Yes. Kiss me!”

    Charlie began kissing Monica everywhere that his lips could reach in his present position. This seemed to revive Monica as she began responding once again with her hips and arms. He nibbled on her ears, her neck, and each time his lips came to hers, Monica met him with a thrusting tongue.

    Wanting to feel her wonderful warm and wet tight pussy for as long as possible, Charlie continued to pump, sometimes giving her full length strokes with his peter, and every once in awhile twisting his hips from side to side, making his shaft bend inside her, and causing Monica to gasp repeatedly.

    "Here it comes baby! Another big load of wasted baby juice." Charlie's entire body stiffened, and he pushed deep into Monica, giving her every last fraction of all he had to offer.

    "Me too. I’m there too!" Monica, despite her denial, had been able to achieve another orgasm.

    Richard could see Charlie's peter enlarge even more, stretching her to the maximum, and his orgasm was clearly visible throughout his peter as it throbbed and pulsed into her. Charlie was groaning loudly, and filling her with still another load from the meaty penis that never seemed to go down.

    Monica’s moans were more subdued. She was tired, but still enjoying herself immensely. Charlie and Monica kissed passionately as his peter emptied itself deep inside her. This was not the first time they had kissed with passion, but this time, as they both finished climaxing, their kissing became tender, slow, as if they knew this might be their last.

    Richard was still stroking his hard cock while watching and listening, but he had not orgasmed this time with Charlie and Monica. He was saving his cock for after Charlie leaves.

    “God baby you are so hot.”

    “So are you Charlie, so are you.”

    Staying deep and for the most part hard, Charlie continued to kiss Monica for another couple of minutes, and in the process extending the time he was remaining within her.

    Overlooking the oral sex they had done, the fondling and fingering, Charlie had actually been inside Monica at this moment for two hours and twelve minutes, surpassing Richard's record by over ten minutes. Her husband was now in a distant third place as to how much time had been spent inside and enjoying Monica's lush vagina.

    As to how much stretching, and in the process how much friction had been generated between two sets of genitals, there was no contest. Nor was there any contest as to how many orgasms had been given, and how intense they had been. Again, after Richard, Monica's husband was a distant third.

    Not just a distant third, her husband was a non-finisher so far since he had never been able to make Monica cum.

    Monica's fingers began digging into Charlie's back, and once again she started to raise her legs in order to wrap around him.

    "Oh Oh," laughed Charlie. I'm completely hard again. We'd better quit now, or you'll never make it to the bathroom."

    As Charlie rolled off of her, Monica's pussy made a popping noise as the huge head tugged at her lips on the way out. As he lay on his back, his still erect penis swayed back and forth like a tree in a windstorm. Weakly, Monica grasped the trunk like rod, still impressive even as it began to soften.

    She milked it, moving her hand upwards, and a large blob of cum poured out of the end. She brought her head closer, taking him into her mouth and swallowing what remained inside the long tube as she milked him upwards once again.

    Yes, she had made a pledge to Richard to not do oral sex. But that was with her husband, and this is Charlie.

    Charlie had shown her how to milk him and swallow the juice after his first orgasm, and Monica was showing him what she had learned.

    "O.K. Baby. Thank you. That's still one more load for the road." Charlie laughed as Monica tiredly flopped onto her back once more. Standing up, he grabbed one of the sheets to wipe the juices from his penis. "I'm about fucked out anyhow. It's time for me to head back to Chicago."

    Charlie headed into the bathroom to take a piss. She needed to go to the bathroom too, but still, Monica continued to lie spread-eagled as she tried to regain her breath. She was exhausted and closed her eyes. She had seen Charlie wiping his cum-soaked peter with her bed sheet, a sheet she had just washed and installed this very day.

    Strangely, she didn’t mind that Charlie was soiling it and as a matter of fact Monica was already thinking of allowing her husband to crawl onto that sheet and cuddle up next to her when he arrived home. That seemed sexy somehow, and very daring. Of course it would need to be dry first.

    But she knew she shouldn't do that. After all, her body was still covered in sweat, and at times, Charlie had gotten all sweaty too. The sheet was a mess.

    Curious, and since Charlie isn't here, Richard stood up and moving closer to the bed, looked down at her. Sure enough, Monica’s opened pussy looked red and raw, and in a moment a stream of cum began to leak out of her. It sort of reminded Richard of how he himself had left her, just a few days before.

    He had a raging hard on. Richard knew that her pussy was filled with Charlie's cum, and that he would feel small to Monica after Charlie, but he wanted her. He wanted to ram his throbbing penis into her, and wallow around in all that sticky wetness until she felt his throbbing load shooting into her.

    Monica opened her eyes and saw Richard staring at her sopping wet pussy while slowly stroking his peter. For the first time in almost two hours, she felt embarrassed, and closed her legs.

    As Monica climbed out of the bed, she staggered weakly, and Charlie came out just in time to catch Monica to keep her from falling. Realizing as she looked down that cum is pouring out of her and running down her legs, Monica cupped her hand under her pussy to catch the juice. Then, self-consciously, she thanked Charlie for assisting her and headed into the bathroom.

    Richard had not been available to aid her. He had been busily putting his pants back on.

    The fucking was over. Charlie had said he needed to head out. Monica turned and took one last lingering look at Charlie’s rod. She glanced up at his face, saw him watching and smiled. Then, resisting the urge to go back to Charlie and kiss him, she closed the door softly. Kissing him would have been awkward while trying to keep his cum from running down her legs and onto the floor.

    As she closed the door behind her, attaining privacy for the first time in well over two hours, Monica looked at herself in the mirror. She saw a red face shiny with sweat, and her hair was now matted and hanging straight in places. Below, she could see her body above the breasts in the mirror, and she looked pink, almost red there.

    She sighed as she lowered her body to the commode. 'Wow, what a night. I can't believe I did all that, and in front of Richard.' She smiled. It had been worth it though, yes indeed. 'A fantastic night of loving,' she looked at it as loving now, 'and I helped my husband in his career.'

    Finally, after she waited for a few seconds, her stream began to flow, and the urine stung just a little as some ran down and touched upon her now very tender set of inner lips, lips that had been abused almost beyond reality by the continuous over two hour stretching and stroking of a penis that is oversize to say the least. She smiled as she listened to her flow hitting the toilet.

    On the other side of the door, things were a bit different. Though this had been a very significant event in Monica's life, to Charlie it had been a good fuck. His best fuck perhaps, with the best looking and built woman, but still just a physical fuck.

    Charlie winked and grinned at Richard. "Did you see her take a last look at my prick?" he asked Richard with a whisper.

    "Yes, I couldn’t miss it. Quite a difference from when you were first standing over the bed. She was afraid to even look at you then."

    "Well, I said that once I got through with her, she wouldn’t be afraid of men anymore. Between you and I, she’s had a lot of experience in a short time." Feeling a tingle inside his penis and knowing that more cum wants to drain, Charlie grabbed a corner of the bed sheet to use once more.

    He knew that Richard is watching enviously, and took his time in order to let Richard have a good look.

    He gave his foreskin a stroke, pulling it way back and then while squeezing his shaft he tugged the foreskin up to where it almost covers the head. Sure enough, even after his taking a piss, a little last blob of cum came forth.

    Charlie took one last swipe at the tip of his dick with the sheet, then he began pulling on his pants. Even soft, his equipment was impressive.

    When Charlie was finished dressing, he came over to Richard, who was now standing near the front door, placing them as far away as they could get from the bathroom so they wouldn't be heard.

    Not a boss after all.

    Richard grinned at him, looked at his watch, and whispered; "Well Fred, that was well over two hours. I guess you got your money's worth!"

    As it turned out, there was no 'Charlie.' Charlie was a name that Fred had adopted in order to go through with Richard's scheme. There actually was a boss in Chicago named Charlie and Richard had mentioned the name once in front of Monica and her husband.

    So Richard had used it now, knowing it is unlikely Monica will ever be meeting the real Charlie.

    "You betcha," came the enthusiastic, whispered reply from the man with the real name Fred. "Your little plan worked great. Pretending to be a big boss was fun. And let me tell you, that young pussy is the best! I believe you now when you said that she had only fucked two guys. Man, she was sweet."

    With that, Fred, also known as "Charlie," pulled a wad of twenties out of his pocket and handed them to Richard, "A hundred, right?" That was a lot of money, but Monica had been a lot of woman, despite her youthful age.

    "Now that it's over, you're still happy with the price?"

    "Fuck yeah. Monica might be the best fuck I've ever had. The prettiest and best-built for sure."

    "Glad you're happy, and next time you are delivering a load of cars to the lot, maybe I can line you up with some more pussy, I can always use the bread."

    "That would be cool, man," laughed Fred, punching Richard lightly on the arm, "But I was just subbing for another driver, I usually make my runs between Cicero and Cleveland."

    Fred glanced towards the bathroom door, which was still closed. "You gonna get some of that for yourself tonight?"

    Richard chuckled, then looked serious. "Maybe, but my heart jumped into my throat when you exposed that fucking cock. I'd say based on the way you were stretching her out and reworking her pussy with that peter of yours, I think you might have ruined her for all mankind."

    Fred laughed. "She'll be fine. Just give her a few days to tighten up again."

    "I don't know," Richard replied. Her old man might try her out when he gets back tomorrow and realize that she isn't the same little girl that he married."

    "Yep," snickered Fred. "She'll be looking at her husband in a new light now. Do you mean that her husband will know something is up by the way she acts in bed or by the way her pussy will feel after being opened up in a proper manner by me?"

    "Both. I’d better keep her husband busy at work so he'll be too tired to fuck when he gets home."

    With that, both men laughed, and as Richard opened the door, he put his fingers to his mouth to indicate that Fred should be quiet as he passed the landlady's door one floor below.

    After Fred had left, Richard checked his watch. It was half past ten. He lit another cigarette and watched the bathroom door. As he thought back on everything that had happened between Monica and Fred, he again felt the twinge of regret, coupled with jealousy that he had experienced a time or two during the past almost three hours.

    Until tonight, Richard had been king. He had taught Monica almost everything she knows about lovemaking. Her husband is very inexperienced in the ways of pleasing a woman, and Richard had loved the way Monica has responded to all the new things that he had shown her.

    Then, tonight, Monica had fucked Fred, and apparently she had enjoyed it. Fred had turned out to have a huge peter, and he also knew how to use it. Richard could not decide if it was worth it. Getting the hundred for selling something that does not belong to him is nice. But he also had been cuckolded in a way by a man with a much larger cock.

    It is too late now to take it back; the damage is done. If nothing else, Monica is no longer the innocent little gal that Richard had managed to seduce a week ago.

    Monica is sure taking her time..."She must be draining all that cum out of her pussy," he thought, "and man did Fred ever fuck her brains out!" Richard took a puff, and still another smirk came across his face as images formed in his mind of things he had seen as Fred had been using that beautiful peter.

    Richard figured that he can fuck Monica for a few more weeks, and then he will send her home to mommy when her belly gets too big. He already has plans made for her husband Jeff. Standard procedure for the mob is to have young members get arrested and pull a little stint in the pen. If they serve their time without squealing or complaint, they can be accepted into the mob in full status.

    Richard had already done his time, over a year. Soon it will be Jeff's turn, and then Richard can have Monica all to himself. Who knows, he might even manage to make a few more bucks off of her. Then it hit him; there are men out there that might pay big for the chance to fuck a beautiful pregnant teenager. It isn’t often that you get a chance to fuck a pregnant teen, especially one that belongs to someone else.

    Sometimes a pregnant woman’s tits will get really big and hard, even before their belly does. Monica’s tits are teen tits, and in her case naturally big and hard. It looked to Richard like they might have grown even larger in the past week. If Richard is going to make some bread off her, he will have to act fast before her belly gets really big. Maybe, just maybe he will keep her around for a while.

    It will be easy. First get rid of the husband. On Jeff's next trip to Chicago, the mob can give Jeff an older model to deliver, and then they will tip the cops. Once Jeff is out of the way, Richard can tell Monica that her visitors are from the mob.

    One of them could be an "attorney" for Jeff. Another one could have certain connections. Hell, there are a lot of things he can make up. Monica will be lonely, and anxious to get Jeff out of jail. She'll do anything.

    A guilty plea from Monica.

    In the bathroom, Monica was looking into the mirror at her tear-streaked makeup. "I'm so sorry Jeff, really I am," she whispered into the mirror. "I wanted to be faithful to you. Really I did, but they wouldn't let me. Three weeks onto our marriage and already I've been fucked by two other men."

    She shivered slightly as she thought back on all they had done. Charlie had pretty much put her through the same paces as Richard had a few days before, except that his peter is so much larger...

    It had been uncomfortable at first, and then Charlie had started kissing her. He was a good kisser. Before long the discomfort had eased, and then the pleasure had set in. Monica had started cumming within minutes after Charlie had entered her, and the orgasms had continued until she began to get sore.

    Even then, after growing sore, she had experienced one last, rousing orgasm.

    For awhile, Monica had forgotten that Richard is watching, and had dug her fingernails into Charlie and had hissed through clenched teeth that she just loves the way that he moves his big peter inside her.

    After, she had thought about it and could not believe that she had actually said that out loud. She had not wanted to comment on how good Charlie's big peter is feeling because she knew that Richard is listening. But Charlie had been talking to her, saying nasty things, erotic things, and making her reply. After a while, it had all seemed natural to talk like that while making love.

    She tried to think back and remember. 'I must have commented on his big peter at least half-a-dozen times,' she thought. 'Richard won't forget that.'

    After she and Charlie had changed position a couple of times, Monica had noticed Richard moving around the bed, slowly stroking his penis and watching her pussy as Charlie shoved his hugeness into her.

    At first, for fear of making Richard jealous, Monica had been afraid to openly show her pleasure with Charlie. Then the thought had struck her that Richard is just a small cog in a much larger wheel. In reality, the man on her, an important man from Chicago, is the one she should be concerned with. Once Monica had come to that decision, her real pleasure had begun.

    For a while, she rode on top of Charlie, on her knees facing him. Knowing that Richard is behind her and watching, she arched her back, thrusting her ass and pussy out there even more for Richard to see as she moved up and down on Charlie's thick pole of flesh. As Monica reached orgasm, she buried herself completely over Charlie's rod and started groaning.

    “Oooh that's good. Really good,” gasped Monica as she regained her breath and began kissing Charlie once again. All the while as they kissed, Monica continued to move her hips sideways, making Charlie's penis work her insides in ways that felt incredible.

    She had seen Richard’s eyes when she had rolled off of Charlie, and his peter was still pointing at the ceiling. Richard was jealous of Charlie’s peters. Well, by openly showing how much she likes it, Monica hoped that she is making Richard really jealous. Serves him right!

    And she had swallowed Charlie's cum. After Richard's inconsiderate act last week of shooting into her mouth without warning, Monica had never thought that she could make herself do that.

    Charlie had said he'd like to cum in her mouth if she'd let him. After she had expressed her dislike of tasting cum, Charlie had nodded understandably, then laid back and told her to just stroke his shaft gently and keep her mouth over the head. She doesn't have to swallow if she doesn't want to, he said. But, if she does, it would really be nice.

    That had been enough. His not demanding that she do it had made her want to. Monica had wanted to please Charlie, and she had decided that if she could manage it, she was going to swallow all he has to give.

    Most of the time, during their fucking, his hunk of meat had felt slightly soft. This had held true even when Charlie was supposedly completely erect. Maybe filling up so much meat with blood is more than a blood stream can handle, Monica had thought.

    Then Charlie had proven her theory wrong by having his peter grow super hard just before he had begun blasting his load into her mouth.

    The taste had not been as bad as she would have thought, except that there had been so much of it, even more than Richard's load that she had spat out. Still, with only a slight quiver, Monica had managed to swallow his entire load.

    ‘Take that, Richard,’ she had been thinking. 'See how I swallowed all of Charlie’s cum? If you had treated me the same way, I might have done the same for you last week.’

    And after all of that, two men, swallowing one, and tasting the other, Monica still had never placed her mouth over her husband's peter.

    Fortunately, Charlie had not attempted to fuck her in the ass. Richard had been more than enough in that department. Charlie had used his finger and tongue to good advantage though. It had not surprised Monica when Charlie had put his finger into her ass during one of his orgasms.

    After all, Richard had also done that. What had surprised her was that Charlie had put his tongue into her ass when they were doing the 69.

    Monica wrapped a blue bath towel around her body, tying it in a knot between her breasts. She ‘flexed’ her breasts to see if it will stay in place, then turned the knob on the door.

    Maybe Charlie has decided to wait around for more. If he did...well, 'I sure won't complain,' she thought, 'as long as he's gentle.'

    Richard was right by the door and grinned at her, "What took you so long? Didn't get enough? Were you playing with yourself in there? Or maybe you were practicing tightening it up so Jeff won't notice how stretched out it got."

    Monica flushed. Sometimes Richard can be so crude...

    "Is Charlie gone?" Monica asked while looking around. Her face showed clear disappointment when she realized that he is not present.

    "Yep, and he was real pleased with your performance."

    Monica, strangely, felt a sense of loneliness come over her. It is over now. Charlie is gone. Monica hung her head, "I...I hope so. I wanted to please him."

    Richard grinned and stepped closer, "I think you not only pleased him, I think you were pleasing yourself. I saw the way your face looked when you were riding him."

    Monica blushed once again. No use denying it, she thought, after all, Richard has seen everything. "Well, it did feel good, he did, until I started to get sore..."


    Monica especially wanted Richard to know that she is sore. She knew that he is going to try and fuck her. If he tries, she will say it again.

    Richard grasped her towel and yanked it from her body. Startled, Monica involuntarily covered her breasts with one arm.

    "You're hiding your body from me, after all that?" Richard sounded incredulous.

    Monica's head was hanging down as she dropped her arm. "No, I just...I just don't want to do anymore tonight. I'm too tired, and...I'm sore...down there."

    "I can believe that. I think good old Charlie stuck his big peter into your pussy at least ten times, giving you a good stretching each time he did it. Then he spent a lot of time moving it around while he was in there. I still don't understand how you were able to handle him, considering how tight your pussy was around me. Now, you don't expect me to go without, not after seeing all that, do you?"

    Monica looked into his eyes, "Maybe I can jack you off?" she asked, hopefully. After Charlie, she was in no mood for Richard.

    Richard laughed. "Hell no, Monica babe. Tonight, I'll let you off easy. I saw how you swallowed Charlie's cum, so if you can't fuck anymore, you can just suck me off. I'll come back during Jeff's next trip and fuck you good. I might even bring another friend from the mob, because I'm expecting a visit from someone else who is important, someone who can do you and Jeff a lot of good."

    Making plans to pimp out his employee's wife.

    Richard already had someone in mind. He had been in a bar just two nights before when the Alonzo brothers walked in. Upon spotting Charlie, they immediately sat down with him. After a round of drinks, they asked him about Monica. They had seen her at the lot one day as they passed by. When Richard told them how innocent she is, they offered a hundred apiece for her, maybe more.

    They were playing the big shots, but for her, they'd go a hundred, each.

    A hundred dollars was serious money, and this would be times two!

    At first Charlie thought they are kidding, but they persisted. Then he told them that she is only seventeen, barely seventeen. Instead of discouraging, this seemed to encourage them. When he added that Monica is also married, their response was, 'Married? So much the better if she is married. It is always fun to stick it to someone's wife.'

    Then, after another round of drinks, Richard wanted to do a little bragging. He told them that he had already fucked her. Now the Alonzo brothers really became interested. They persisted. What is her body like under those clothes? What is she like in bed? Is she tight? Will she suck dick?

    Richard described her body, and they could only comment: 'Seeing is believing on that!'

    Richard knew that he had already revealed too much, but he figured that they will never meet Jeff and let anything slip. He told the brothers that maybe, just maybe he can arrange something. Monica is too sweet and innocent to sell her body for money, he told them, after all, she has only been fucked by two guys, he and her husband. But if they are willing to pay him, and not say anything to her about it, maybe he can figure out a way.

    Planning Monica's future

    The Alonzo boys raised their offer to a hundred fifty apiece. His head reeling at the offer of some real money, Richard said that he will let them know. He wanted their money, but he had heard stories around the bar of how the two brothers like to abuse women, like fucking them in both holes at once, and tying them up and cumming on their face, things like that.

    The two brothers were big men, both going over six feet tall. One weighed 220 pounds, at least, and the other brother was probably closer to 250. They had hair sticking out of the tops of their shirts, indicating that they might have a thick carpet of hair all over their bodies.

    And there were rumors that they might be connected to the mafia back in New Jersey. Still, Richard figured that if he is present; he can keep them from getting too far out of hand with Monica.

    Who knows, Monica might even enjoy it. It would be an interesting experiment. If she handles it right, he might even slip her a few bucks and tell her that it is a hint of things to come for her and Jeff. Hell, if they give him three hundred for her, it would be no big deal to slip her a hundred.

    Then, right after the offer from the Alonzo's, had come the offer from Fred. A fortunate happenstance because that gave Richard the opportunity to do a trail run with Monica before she takes two men at the same time.

    Richard had said he is expecting another visit from the mob. Worried, Monica looked into Richard's eyes. "Who is it? I thought that Charlie is going to be Jeff's boss in Chicago."

    "Don't worry baby," Richard placed his hand on Monica's left breast as he spoke. There are several men in Chicago with lots of pull. Charlie is just one. Once the word gets around about how good you are, the skies the limit."

    The word getting around scared her. "Me? How good I am? But what about Jeff? He's the one who is supposed to be getting ahead."

    "Don't worry about Jeff. He can handle his job, and then some. It's just that you can save him a lot of time. It takes a lot of time to work your way up in the mob. I know, I've had to do it alone. But Jeff has you to help, and together you two can go a long way, maybe all the way to the top, and passing me in the process."

    Richard placed both his hands on Monica's breasts and gave her a firm squeeze. "Tell me, do you think you might go for having some more men in high positions taking a position on top of you?" Richard laughed at his own joke, and Monica, despite her fear and disgust, could not resist a smile of her own.

    The smile gave Richard encouragement to go on.

    "I know of two brothers. They control most of the west side of Illinois. Now, if you were to entertain them in that way you do so well, they will probably do some nice things for me. I’ve been wanting to move up for a long time, and you can help me."

    "You?" Monica was frowning at Richard. "I’m supposed to be helping my husband. Why would I do that for you?"

    "Well, for one because I’ve gotten your husband this job in the first place. And I am making some good contacts for the both of you. If you treat me right, I promise that I’ll treat you right on down the road."

    Monica looked downcast. “I...I thought I had already paid that debt, with you.”

    Richard ignored that and turned on the charm for which he is known, "Besides baby, you and I have this special thing going. You know what I mean, don’t you?" With that, he kissed Monica full on the lips.

    Monica resisted slightly at first, and then her arms went around Richard and she kissed him passionately. Monica had gotten very turned on with Richard the previous week. During part of their session, during a very heated moment, she had slipped and said the L word to him. He had looked at her and replied, "Me too."

    ’He loves me? Is it possible that this can be happening during just one, first fuck?’

    Monica had no intentions of leaving her husband, but Richard had seemed to want more from her than just sex last week. Maybe he had been playing head games with her, she could not be sure. It had confused her, and Monica found herself strangely drawn to Richard, despite what he has done to her tonight. When Richard released her, Monica was panting.

    "Well?" Richard asked, "Will you show them your gorgeous body and fuck those two brothers if I have them come to town?"

    He snickered. "And just think, while they are checking out your fine body, you can be checking out two peters at the same time. and making comparisons."

    Monica looked down at her feet. She was tired and very sleepy. Her pussy is sore. She feels like she has been fucked into the ground. The last thing she wants to think about now is doing it with two more men.

    She decided to go along with Richard in order to get this over with. Later, she can always change her mind. "I guess so. It would be something different I guess, having two men at once."

    Strangely, upon making that 'agreement,' Monica felt a sense of excitement rush over her.

    "Yes it would, and you just might really enjoy it," laughed Richard. As he spoke, his penis was tingling. The thought of watching Monica taking on the two big men was very stimulating. Monica would look so little between them. What a sight that would be, a sweet innocent-looking little teenager between two hairy forty-something men who look like football players.

    Richard didn’t know what size their peters are, but no matter what their size, it would be interesting to see how Monica reacts to having two peters in her at once. Where? Well, she could decide that, or they might do the deciding for her. And if the two men turn out to have huge peters, that would be something well worth watching.

    It would be an orgy for sure. And this time, Richard planned to join in. He would make that clear to the Alonzo brothers in advance. They play the bigwig game, pay a hundred fifty apiece minimum, and he fucks her too.

    "In a way, you sort of had two men tonight, Charlie fucking you, and me wanting to. You kind of liked me watching, didn’t you?"

    After a few minutes, Monica had liked having Richard sitting around and watching, but for more than one reason. She had deliberately exaggerated some of her pleasure with Charlie at times to make Richard jealous. Later, she had been stimulated by the sight of Richard playing with himself while watching Charlie shoving his big meat into her.

    “I saw you playing with yourself.” Monica hoped to embarrass Richard, but it didn't work. Richard had decided that talking about what he had seen, and being honest, might pay more dividends.

    “You bet baby. I was watching that tight pussy of yours being stretched all out of shape by a huge peter and seeing you cumming in the process and it was a real turn on. But you liked me watching, didn't you?“

    Monica nodded her head, letting Richard know that she had, after a while, not minded his watching.

    "Yeah baby," Richard said as he cupped and squeezed Monica's left breast, "Now that we know you are going to take care of the two brothers, let's forget them and Jeff for the moment and talk about us. You can start by showing me how you sucked Charlie off tonight, and we'll save the fucking for the next time."

    Richard glanced down, and Monica followed his eyes with hers. His peter is sticking out of his pants and already fully erect. "Is that because you are playing with my breast?" she asked, with a hint of a smile.

    "Richard grinned back. "Actually, I already had it from when we started talking about you fucking those two brothers. I would love to see you sandwiched between two guys. I bet you would enjoy doing it too."

    Richard placed Monica's hand on his rigid prick, and she slowly began to stroke him. Feeling his hard peter in her hand had a strange effect on Monica. Monica was all fucked out, but this brought back memories of how she had enjoyed Richard. Also, there had been romantic moments during their time together.

    Monica didn’t know how Richard really feels about her, but she wanted to please him. Yes, she will fuck the two men, she decided. She will do it for Richard, with Richard watching and joining in, and in the process, maybe enjoy it herself.

    She started to press her face up to his, hoping for a nice long and romantic kiss.

    But Richard blew it with his next two lines. "You like fucking strange men, don’t you? This marriage thing didn’t turn out the way you planned, did it?"

    Immediately, Monica felt guilty, very guilty. No, it had not worked out as she had planned. She had never, in her life, thought that she will end up cheating on her husband. Now it is even worse than that. In only three weeks of marriage, she has cheated with two men, and more are being planned. Her guilt was almost overwhelming.

    As Monica continued stroking his peter, pre-coital fluid poured out of him, and Richard reached down and allowed some of it to fall onto his fingers.

    Richard raised his slippery hand in front of Monica's face and stuck one finger into her mouth, and she began to suck.

    "Then, Monica babe, while you’re sucking my peter, you can swallow my cum, all of it, just like you did for Charlie."

    With that, Richard slipped two more slippery fingers into Monica's mouth, stretching her lips like Charlie's huge peter had done. He slowly stroked his fingers in and out of her mouth, simulating the fucking movement.

    "Just like Charlie," he repeated again, his voice growing ever huskier...

    Hopelessly, Monica sucked on Richard's fingers and simultaneously stroked his peter. Tears came to her eyes as she felt him reach between her legs with his other hand and slip a finger into her dripping pussy.

    Readers; Follow up this story with one I posted next called TWO BROTHERS TOOK HIS BRIDE.
    The story is about the previously mentioned Alonzo brothers but involves a different bride.
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