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. Her Dream & My Fantasy

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by MisterTwister, Nov 14, 2016.

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  1. MisterTwister

    MisterTwister Member Member

    I saw the change in her mood and how she unknowingly squeezed her thighs together, she had never been in a situation like this and she knew she had a decision to make. a HUGE decision.

    <<<<< REWIND

    Kacee and I have been happily married for fourteen years having previously dated for three years after meeting in college.

    Kacee has always been very mindful of her fitness and has maintained a healthy diet and exercise routine since before we met, and at the age of 36 she is smoking hot having even a nicer figure than she did after being a cheerleader in high school and college. I was not her first lover as she had been with three other men before we hooked up in college, but was pleased after our first sexual encounter when she informed me that I was the best partner she had ever had and that I was more well endowed and performed much better than than her previous lovers. I was not greatly surprised being that I was very athletic all through high school and college and that I had been told by other lovers basically the same thing that Kacee had said. Although not a so called "STUD" I actually measured about 6 1/2 inches in length with basically average girth. Well onto the story.

    Kacee works as a manager of a local accounting company along with her best friend Becca. Several others worked in the office but they had recently hired Dalton, a young man that had transferred from another branch. Dalton was a few years removed from being a First Team All American as a Quarterback at a Division II school until a knee injury ended his career. The thing with Dalton is that I swung by Kacee's office one day after a short visit to my Doctor for a checkup and I step into Kacee's office and her, Becca, and another lady they worked with were giggling and joking with each other and the object of their good time was Dalton, and that came to a halt when they seen me walk in.

    Later that evening after dinner and retiring to bed, I made mention of the ladies private giggle party at the office earlier today. Kacee blushed as if she either thought I was mad or that she had been caught doing something wrong. I joked a little with her that they were all "CRUSHING" on Dalton and she seemed a little stunned by my comment, and quickly dismissed it by asking how my visit with my Neurologist had gone earlier today. Our conversation had changed to her being worried about me due to the fact that I had went through several back surgeries due to a severe back injury that I had due to a work related accident. Despite an overall improvement in my recovery, I still suffered a great deal with mobility and movement which had basically put a screeching halt to mine and Kacee's sex life, I have to say that she had been a trooper through it all and never made me feel less of a man but still I felt that i was responsible for taking care of her sexual needs. After much debate and coaxing on my part, we had purchased a 7 inch vibrating dildo as an aid to at least bring Kacee some sexual satisfaction. She was very reluctant at first as she was afraid of hurting my feelings being that I was totally unable to perform and the fact that she had never used any such means to bring pleasure to herself. At first I liked using it on her more than she did but it didn't take long and she was having some pretty intense orgasms as we had learned just the right method to bring her to climax and had become quite fond of her "little buddy" as she called it.

    Several weeks had passed and the office incident was a distant memory, however over the last week or so Kacie had been moaning and groaning and actually mumbling a bit in her sleep but when I would ask her about it the next day she could never remember anything about it. A few nights later she had been having another one of her dreams and I took my IPhone and recorded her without her even knowing. I was blown away when she began to moan and mumble about how good she was feeling and then it happened. during the mostly incoherent babbling she plainly spoke his name. Oh Dalton it feels so good!!!

    To say I was shocked was an understatement. The fact that my wife was dreaming about a man that she worked with concerned me but at the same time I realized that I had a full erection and that is something that I hadn't felt in nearly a year and a half. I was really turned on knowing that even though it was just a dream my wife was receiving great pleasure from another man. I actually began to masturbate while listening to her and her dream lover and during my excitement my jerking off had awoken her and she was nearly as shocked as I was and promptly asked me what I was doing to which I replied "Isn't that obvious"?

    I proceeded to tell her what she was doing in her sleep to which she denied until I showed her the video from my phone.Kacie blushed from the embarrassment and began to give her explanation. She informed me that her best friend Becca was removing some papers from the copy machine several days ago when Dalton had supposedly and by accident had brushed his crotch against Becca's rear while trying to squeeze past past her from behind. She went on to tell Kacee that she was certain that Dalton had a very large penis. A few days later that was confirmed when Becca had spoken to his ex-girlfriend during a night out at the bar when she had said Dalton was a Stallion in both the bed and in his pants. Kacee proceeded to admit that she had actually wondered about what it would be like to be with a man of his caliber after Becca wouldn't stop talking about it. During this whole time, even though I was admittedly jealous, I found myself extremely aroused that although she was embarrassed about her fantasizing and dreaming about another man and his apparent well endowed member, she was being extremely honest. When I asked her if she would like for her dream to come true she was very adamant that she could not would not ever cheat on me, to which I said it would not be cheating if I actually wanted to see her dream come true as much as I did. We talked a little and I kidded her some but the night ended with me pleasuring her with her "little buddy".

    Unknown to her, I had been working on a plan to surprise Kacee for her birthday which was the upcoming weekend. After having a few friends over for drinks to celebrate Kacee turning 37 Kacee was very tipsy and said she was going upstairs to slip into something a little bit more comfortable, as she did I excused all our company with the excuse that I wanted to spend a little quality time with Kacee before the night was over because I had a special surprise for her. A few minutes after Becca and the rest of the guests had left I answered the door..., Kacee's birthday present had arrived. Dalton was there upon my request and assurance that I was strictly doing this all for Kacee and asked him to step into the downstairs guest bedroom and wait on Kacee and I to meet him there.

    I heard Kacee say "Baby... Hey Baby... Where are you?"

    "I'm in the Dining room."

    When Kacee stepped into view I was reminded once again as to why I was smitten with her from the first time I ever laid eyes on her. She was standing there in a cutoff T-shirt which did very little to restrain her large but perky perfectly shaped breasts and just her fine lace panties that held the most beautiful ass in the entire world. 118 pounds of pure sex appeal in a 5 foot 6 inch frame that was holding up an absolutely gorgeous and stunningly attractive woman that was needing FUCKED in the worst way imaginable. As she made her way over to me I could tell she was still a little woozy from the strawberry daquries that she had consumed earlier. I slipped around behind her and planted a kiss firmly on her neck and covered her eyes with my hands. She asked me what I was doing and I said, "Just let me guide you to your birthday present."

    As she kept asking what it was I just said trust me and explained it was something that I knew she really needed and that I really wanted her to have. As I led her into the guest bedroom, imagine mine and her surprise to see Dalton standing there already naked and his unbelievably large cock dangling between his legs. I saw the change in her mood and how she unknowingly squeezed her thighs together, she had never been in a situation like this and she knew she had a decision to make. a HUGE decision.

    "Honey are you crazy??"

    I looked at Dalton and his giant cock and placed my finger on her lips and said, "Probably so but I want you to have your fantasy come true." With that I led her over to Dalton and said she is yours. Now give her what she wants and needs.

    Dalton took her by the hand and led her to the edge of the bed and as he gently kissed her he slowly laid her back on the bed. With one hand cupping her beautiful breasts he slid her panties down and off of her ankles. He was wasting no time because Kacee and her beautiful body would drive any man wild. I watched intently as he spread her gorgeous bronze colored legs and began to nibble on the inside of her thighs as Kacee's hips began to rise and fall along with the deep and shallow breathes as she was being driven mad by Dalton's tongue licking her now wet clit. Kacee was on the verge of cumming when Dalton stopped and stood over her and grabbed the back of her head and lead her lips to his now hardening dick. Kacee was having a hard time getting just the head if his swelling manhood in her mouth but her moans told the tale that she was liking the way it felt as it got even harder in her mouth. Suddenly she stopped and looked directly at me and asked once again:

    "Baby are you sure??"

    "Only if you are Kacee.. Only if you are."

    By this time Dalton's dick had become fully erect and looked almost unreal, the length was very impressive to say the least... No doubt close to 11 inches but the girth was incredible... His enormous dick had to be as big around as a soda can.

    Kacee began to stuff three fingers inside her now sloppy wet pussy and finger herself, something I had never seen her do before. She wanted FUCKED and she wanted it bad. She glanced over at me and said "Baby... I want Dalton to take me and fuck me right now. I want this giant cock inside of and I can't wait!!

    With that she laid on her back and with her big blue eyes looked directly at Dalton and said "PLEASE FUCK ME... I NEED YOU INSIDE OF ME NOW!!!"

    Dalton gave her another kiss and said "Damn baby. Your gonna get FUCKED like you have never been FUCKED before."

    I will never forget the look on Kacee's face as he shoved the first few inches of his giant cock inside her inviting pussy. Kacee's eyes were wide open at first but as he began to shove his enormous cock in her she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. I came immediately when I saw the pure pleasure on her face. Dalton began to fuck her much harder now and Kacee was in nirvana. She became very vocal and asked him to give her more of his giant cock. Dalton was happy to oblige. She was now taking 7 inches of his cock, which we knew she could handle that length but it was the sheer size of his girth that was driving her insane as she begged for even more. She amazed Dalton and I both as she started shouting "I'm CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! PLEASE GIVE ME ALL OF THAT BEAUTIFUL COCK!!" And with that Dalton began to stuff her sloppy pussy as hard as he could with every inch of his blood filled man pole.

    Kacee was on the verge of passing out as she began to SQUIRT, yes I said SQUIRT. I had never seen her do that even with her so called "little buddy" but it was glorious. She actually began to cry AND she said I never knew fucking could be this good. She stopped the sobbing long enough to look Dalton straight in the eye and say "I WANT ALL OF YOUR FUCKING COCK IN MY PUSSY AND I WANT IT FROM BEHIND!" as Dalton turned her over she stopped long enough grab his cock with her lips and kiss it while again fingering herself, but that didn't last long as she turned her world class ass up into the air and commanded Dalton to fuck her doggy style. She said "I AM YOUR BITCH NOW GIVE ME MY FUCKING BONE!!"

    Dalton obliged and FUCKED her liked she had never been FUCKED before. Shoving all 11 inches of his massive cock in her pussy until Kacee began to moan and groan so hard "OH MY GOD... I AM CUMMING AGAIN! DON'T YOU FUCKING STOP. OH MY GOD DALTON. I LOVE YOUR DICK! I AM GOING TO SQUIRT AGAIN!!!!" As she reached her climax I reached mine too. I shot my own stream of cum across the floor. "OH I'M CUMMING!" she said again and this time it was more than Dalton could stand and as he proclaimed he was going to cum she said "FUCK ME TILL YOU CUM IN MY PUSSY!" and he did as they both collapsed onto the bed.

    After a few minutes of catching her breath Kacee stepped over to me and said "I LOVE YOU BABE."

    To which I answered "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"

    After a shower and catching a few winks I awoke and Kacee was not in the bed beside of me. I made my way downstairs and suddenly heard that familiar sound. "OH MY GOD, I'M GONNA CUM AGAIN!!!"

    This time Dalton stopped and said "If you want my cock then beg for it and tell me how bad you want it!!"

    Kacee hit her knees and "Sugar please Dalton! I have never wanted anything as bad as I want you and your dick right now." She sucked really hard for a moment before once again looking him straight in the eyes. "DALTON I LOVE YOU AND YOUR GIANT COCK. PLEASE FUCK ME AND DON'T STOP UNTIL WE BOTH CUM TOGETHER, AND I WANT TO FEEL EVERY INCH OF YOUR MASSIVE COCK AS YOU FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN AND I WANT TO FEEL YOUR WARM CUM INSIDE ME!" Dalton then laid her back again shoved 11 inches of rock hard cock inside her swollen pussy.

    WHAT HAVE I DONE????? Her dream and fantasy has become my nightmare. KACEE Loves BEING FUCKED BY DALTON'S BIG FUCKING COCK!!!
  2. sliplover00

    sliplover00 Well-Known Member Member

    love the store, and for me I would love my Brenda to become a black mans prize
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