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. Henpecked Herbie

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Throne, Dec 13, 2016.

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  1. Throne

    Throne Well-Known Member Author!

    by Throne

    Things had been going reasonably well in the Hector home. Herbert Hector, the supposed head of the household, went to work in the morning and came directly home afterwards. His wife Clair spent the day relaxing, shopping on line, running out to the mall, and often having lunch with one or more of her girlfriends. Clair's 18 year old daughter from a previous, short lived marriage (which had left her with most of her Ex's money), Tessa, had been away at a private school and was now back with her mom and stepdad for the summer. Clair tried to keep everything running smoothly, which wasn't too difficult because Hector paid for maid service. Even so, she was restless because her husband was a small man with an officious personality, always trying to give orders, even though they were regularly ignored. But then Clair and Tessa got a chance to sit down and talk while Herbert was at work.

    Tessa jumped right in with, "I really had my eyes opened this semester, Mom," she said enthusiastically. "There were some new girls and they were kind of wild. You know, I had been going out with that guy Jerry, and he was okay, but my new friends introduced me to some studs who were ready to party all the time. It got really crazy when we spent whole weekends with them, at this house they rented out in the woods."

    Clair sighed wistfully. "Sounds like when I was in school. There were the nice boys, and then there were the ones we really wanted to be with." She shrugged. "And I married one of the safe ones."

    "Right. Jerry's that way. But what happened was that he got upset from me spending all my time with those fun ones. I kind of snapped at him and then, instead of walking out on me, he got all wishy washy and apologetic. The sap was afraid of losing me. Well, I liked that and took advantage of it. Pretty soon I had him eating out of my hand, taking me wherever I wanted to go, spending all his money on me, and I still kept taking off with one of the other ones, Kurt." She laughed. "And I even stopped going to bed with Jerry, because he couldn't compare to Kurt. I got my biggest surprise when that made Jerry act like even more of a wimp."

    "Really?" her mother said thoughtfully. "You know, I do wish your Dad would be more like that, more of a Jerry. I mean, I'd prefer a Kurt type, but he's never going to be like that. He throws his weight around with me but I don't really take him seriously. I just go along because I'm trying to be nice. And it's easier."

    "I understand. But you might want to follow my lead. If it doesn't work, well, nothing lost. You still have that amazing pre-nup."

    Clair grinned. "My insurance." She chuckled. "Well, I could give it a try. I think he'd be afraid to leave me, for what it would cost him."

    "Go for it. I liked Herbie when I was a kid. I mean, he was always throwing money at me. But the way he tries to boss you around, and the fact that he's pretty dull, you know..." She let the unfinished thought hang there.

    That evening, when Herbert showed up with his usual predictable punctuality, Clair was ready for him. She was wearing a slinky red dress that showed off her trim figure and the breast implants her spouse had paid for. She also had on sexy black heels with ankle straps. He had a weakness for those. Her look was completed with some flashy jewelry and just a bit too much make-up. Taken as a whole, the look had a hint of trashiness, but there was no one thing that could be easily criticized by itself. Herbert looked at her and a hint of a frown darkened his soft features. She smiled as if everything was fine and announced that he was taking her out to dinner.

    He said, "Well, you know, I had a long day at the office. One of my people was late with a report I needed, and I had to talk to him about it."

    "That's all the more reason for you to get out and have a nice meal," his wife told him.

    "I suppose," he agreed halfheartedly. "Well, I'll need some time to change."

    She went to him and put her arms around is neck. "You look fine the way you are, Herbie." He started to remind her that he didn't like that form of his name, but she went on, "And it would be a nice change. Afterwards we could come home and... spend time together."

    They usually just had routine sex every Friday night, or if they were busy then it would be on Saturday. The idea of maybe getting some extra, along with the sight of his wife dressed seductively (if a touch wantonly, though he couldn't quite say what it was that made him think that), convinced him.

    Using his business voice, he said, "Well, all right. Did you have anyplace in mind? There's always the..."

    Before he could finish she brightly said, "The Blue Grotto would be nice."

    He hesitated. That place was kind of fancy, and not cheap, but it was also sort of a high-end pick-up spot. Herbert gave his head a brief nod, as if he was allowing her to pick, rather than having her make the choice without hearing his thoughts.

    Just then Tessa appeared. "Hello, Herbie," she said mildly.

    Disappointed at her lack of enthusiasm, he said, "Hello, Tessa. I'm glad you're home from school."

    She gave him a curious look and said, "Daddy, did you gain weight?"

    "What? No. I mean, I don't think so."

    Before he could add anything else, Clair commented, "Maybe I'll have to order for you tonight. Help you count your calories."

    Herbert had lost control of the conversation. He puffed up his narrow chest and made a throat clearing sound, but it didn't command the respect that it did at the office. He let his shoulders slump and had to stand there silently while the women discussed which purse Clair should carry. Herbert fidgeted until they decided that she should carry a designer one that had cost quite a lot. Tessa went to get it for her Mom.

    When she came back and handed it to her, she said, "You look fantastic, Mom. I bet every guy in the place will notice you."

    Herbert didn't like that either, but he held his silence, making a mental note to assert himself later, when it was just him and Clair. They went to the car and Clair headed for the driver's side. She slid behind the wheel, even though he usually drove. Herbert furrowed his brow but again remained silent. He didn't want to appear pushy, and was still mentally evaluating whether or not he might have added some pounds. When they got to the restaurant and Clair parked in the private lot, he dutifully got out and opened her door. She gave him an air kiss as she stood up, then walked off to give the keys to the attendant. It was a young man, tall and handsome. Herbert remembered what his step-daughter had said about males looking at Clair. And about himself looking plump. He tried to shake off the unease he was feeling but it persisted.

    Inside, the host who sat them, their waiter, and the guys at other tables all seemed to be eyeing Clair. None of it was offensively obvious, but Herbert couldn't stop thinking about it. By the end of the meal he was restless and agitated. Outside he said something about driving but Clair seemed to misunderstand, telling him that she was fine, as if he was just trying to be courteous and not to take back control. During the ride he consoled himself that there might be some fun in the bedroom. When they were inside she gave him a warm kiss, which continued and heated up, until she was rubbing herself against him invitingly. He got aroused and wanted to go directly to bed. She teasingly said that she wanted to make it extra special, and had to change. He tried to tell her that wasn't necessary but she sweetly disagreed.

    When she came out of the master bathroom, Clair had switched into a filmy baby doll nightie that only went down to her waist. The matching panties were nowhere to be seen. Herbert's erection had wilted while he waited but now, as his wife gave him another of those torrid kisses, it returned. He had gotten most of the way undressed and had on only his boxer shorts. She put her forefingers under the elastic waistband and eased them down, letting his penis spring out. Clair left the shorts at mid-thigh.

    Her hand went to his stiff penis and gave it a playful swat, making it spring up and down. She whispered, "There's my little plaything." Wrapping her fingers around it she went on, "Mmmm. Almost a handful." Then she tittered, which could have been taken as either being cute or -- maybe -- mocking. She gave it a few strokes and then, in a singsong voice, murmured, "Little play toy. Little hmm hmm."

    Having her refer to it as 'little' bothered him. He knew that its five inches while hard, along with its lack of girth, qualified it as below average, but she had never mentioned that before. There had been a few embarrassments back in his dating days, when mean girls would point out his lack of size. And he'd always been uneasy in the locker room. Thoughts of all that came back to him but his wife wet her fingertips and ran them around the head of his small dick. He gasped. Suddenly his mind was back on sex. She kept it up, getting him wildly stimulated. Then she led him by his member to the bed. It was weirdly erotic. For some reason, even having his shorts at half mast added to the effect. She was in taking the lead and all he had to do was enjoy it. Women should always concentrate on their men's pleasure, he told himself.

    She laid back and opened her arms to him. He got into the missionary position but, when he tried to enter her, she smiled up at him and put her hands on his shoulders. Only the tip of his penis was touching her, feeling the warm moistness of her entrance. She purred and told him not to hurry. Her fingertips went to his nipples and began to play with them. He started to breath harder. She moved her hips in a sensual rhythm, adding to his excitement. Again he tried to thrust into her and again she prevented it, this time by moving her pelvis. Clair licked her fingertips, making a naughty show of it, and put them on his sensitized nipples. He moaned loudly.

    Oh damn, Herbert realized, he was overheated. Close to finishing. Prematurely. Without even getting in. His wife snickered and gave his nipples a light tug. It was too much and he spurted his cream all over her pussy. By the end he was panting, his head hanging down. She stroked his cheeks and cooed at him. Herbert felt inadequate for not being able to carry out his role in the sex act.

    Clair said, "It's okay, baby. Lots of men have that problem. Sometimes the little gun goes pop before it's supposed to. Don't worry. Let's just wait and see if it happens again next time." She pouted, looking disappointed without appearing to blame him. Her fingertip went to his mouth and rubbed his lips. "If you keep finishing early, maybe you'll have to do that thing you're always telling me you don't want to. With your tongue." She chuckled, as if that was a clever joke, though to him it was closer to an ultimatum.

    In the days that followed she gave him numerous chances to redeem himself. She also made sure to get him too close before he was allowed to try entering. She did let him in but every time he came almost at once. Herbert was humiliated but she was kind and forgiving. Even so, her words always seemed to imply that he had failed and, though she was being supportive, he wasn't fulfilling his role as a husband. She also made sure to chide him about his unwillingness to use his mouth on her pussy. At other times she would sprinkle her conversation with observations about how men were ogling her, and that a few had spoken to her. The insinuations wore him down.

    Herbert soon felt so insecure that he mumbled something in the bedroom about how he could maybe try that thing she was always talking about him doing. She acted concerned and wanted to know if it was just because of his problems performing. That made him feel even worse. She let him get on top and then, to her secret delight, his erection failed. Clair, all innocence, reached down between them and squeezed his soft penis.

    "Oh, baby," she said sadly. "Your little willy isn't working. At all. I guess you really should use your tongue on me down there. You know, just until your impotence gets itself fixed."

    As he slid down and got his head between her smooth thighs he couldn't quell thoughts about his problem becoming more serious, couldn't silence small voices that reminded him of how other men showed interest in her. He began to lap her pussy, at first clumsily and with no positive results, but then she gave him a few tips and got him doing it right. He eventually brought her to a squealing orgasm.

    Herbert thought he was done until she said in a voice hoarse with need, "More, Herbie. Don't you dare stop."

    By the end he had given her two more climaxes, each one taking longer to achieve. He felt like he'd been down there a long time. The distinctive taste of her pussy filled his mouth. She told him to move up and then to turn, so that his back was to her. Clair cuddled against him, knowing that he would like the feel of her tits against his bare back. She reached around and diddled his nipples. He began to grunt softly and twist about.

    She whispered, "You like having me play with you. You liked eating my pussy." Her hand found his penis and coaxed it into hardness. "This is what you need. You need to be jerked off. Naughty boys jerk off. Are you a naughty boy? Are you?" She relaxed her grip.

    Desperate for her to not stop, he said, "Yes. Yes I am."

    "Yes you are what?" She gave his hard-on a few rhythmic compressions.

    "I'm a... naughty boy."

    She jerked him spiritedly, making him shoot seconds later. He groaned as he came, relieved to have proven he was capable of at least that much, but shamed that she had had to take over and do what she did. Plus, he had spurted all over his inner thigh.

    In a honey-sweet voice she told him, "Well, now we both know what you like. You like to eat my pussy and then be jerked off. That's fun, isn't it? Hmmm? To be my naughty boy who I have to wank to make him cum?" Dazed and confused by it all, he meekly agreed. She laughed quietly in his ear, then told him, "So that's how we'll do it from now on. I'll take good care of you, Herbie."

    He accepted those terms and, though it felt good while she was handling him, licking her between the legs wasn't something he enjoyed, and being made to cum all over himself was disgracing. He got her to let him try intercourse again, but the first time his performance anxiety made him lose his stiffness, and the second time she made him experience premature ejaculation again, and this time when she used guilt to make him slurp her pussy, he got his tongue coated with his own spunk. It disgusted him but she was thrilled enough to have an especially loud and animated climax. Afterwards she told him that it had been heavenly and that she looked forward to more of the same.

    So, after just under two months, she had turned him into her submissive, shamed bed slave. Herbert became more manageable in the other areas of their life together. He apologized for the slightest mistakes and tried to hard to keep her happy. Clair was delighted by it all. She opened up to Tessa about how her daughter's suggestions had paid off. Tessa was glad and said that Clair should keep on reminding him how attractive she was to other men... and maybe even act on that.

    "Really?" Clair wanted to know. "You mean... cheat on him?"

    "Like I did on Jerry. With Kurt. Best of both worlds and all that."

    Clair considered it seriously. Her daughter said that they could go out together, maybe to the Blue Grotto, because Herbert already knew that women could get picked up there. So they did it, having a great girls' night out, being noticed by men and even exchanging flirtatious looks, but not taking it any further. When they got home, however, they told a different story. It was so flattering, they said, to have men buy them drinks and insist on chatting with them. Herbert became visibly upset when his wife mentioned one particular guy, in a sport coat that she believed was imported, along with shoes that definitely were, who wouldn't leave her alone. When her husband was at his most troubled, she decided it was time to take him to the bedroom.

    She just about dragged him there, had him get undressed, but then didn't shed her own clothes. He looked pathetic with his little dick on display. She made a remark about how, if he had less pubic hair, it might appear larger. Not that he had much to begin with, she made sure to add. Then, as if it was just for fun, she got the fingernail scissors and snipped the hair as short as she could, saying that he looked better like that and she would be sure to buy some hair remover to do the job the rest of the way. Then she teased him until he was ready to burst. As he reached his peak she stopped, laid back, and told him to use his mouth on her. She flipped up her skirt and pointed to her crotch, which was covered by panties.

    "Do it, sweetness. I want to feel you trying to lick me the right way through the crotch of my panties. That will be so dirty."

    He was close to losing control of himself. She was being demanding. He had become used to obeying. Herbert got on his belly between her outstretched shapely legs and began to lap the gusset of her lingerie, feeling and tasting the womanhood beneath. He whimpered, both with his own unmet need and with an urgent desire to prove that he could satisfy her, if only in this unmanly way. She got wetter and wetter. She grabbed his head and held it while she ground herself against his lower face. All at once she erupted into a jerking finish, hurting his lips. He wailed into her sopping panty front and began to shoot his load onto the sheet. Herbert was utterly humiliated at his loss of control.

    Afterwards, Clair couldn't stop talking about his 'accident'. She said that he should lick it off the sheet. He whined that he didn't want to but she reminded him that he had frequently consumed his spend out of her body. Feeling like his ego had been permanently damaged, he did as he was told. She dared to laugh out loud. Then she made a joke about how at least he didn't have to worry about her seeking release with other men, not so long as he performed that well with his tongue and lips.

    "Of course," she concluded, "I do miss having a cock inside me. And if it was a really big one, like I used to get years ago..." Then she chuckled, as if she had just been fooling with him.

    But to Herbert it was like a challenge. He had to do everything he could to hold onto his wife or she would end up in the arms of another man, one who was better endowed and able to perform the way that he no longer could.

    While all that was going on, Tessa made sure to escalate her bitchiness. She had retained some residual respect for Herbert previously, but now it was shrinking more each day. One thing she did was to litter the house with candy wrappers, dirty dishes, and empty glasses, along with leaving beauty products, magazines, and wadded up tissues all over the bathroom, as well as huge messes in the kitchen. She kept hinting that it was Herbert's responsibility to clean it all up. That sounded unfair to him but, in his emasculated state of mind, it also seemed natural for him to do it. Clair also began to leave the dirty dishes for him, as well canceling their maid service, so that all the dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing fell to him too.

    Tessa liked to sit around the house with her feet up, flipping through magazines and catalogs, or else watching mindless TV shows, and calling her step-dad into the room to perform some menial job. For instance, "Herbie, get in here." He entered to find her wearing a belly shirt and tiny shorts, stretched out on the sofa while eating mini-pastries. "You know, this place is a mess since we let the maid service go to save money. You have to do your share to help out."

    "I..." he said meekly, "was... in the kitchen..." He looked at her pathetically. "And I've been trying to... I mean, cleaning the bathroom and..."

    She waved her hand at him. "I know. You were slaving over a sink full of dirty dishes just now. Boo hoo. But what about all the trash that's accumulating under this couch, and around the chairs, and on the shelves over there." Of course there were a new batch of disposables all around. She had made sure of that. "So let's go, loser. Clean it up. Maybe you'll be better at that than you are in bed." She savored his shocked expression. "What? You're surprised that Mom told me? Hey, she's so upset with you and what a failure you are in bed, that she had to talk to SOME-one. I mean, would you rather it was me or maybe one of the women at your office? She DOES know some of them."

    "N... no," he blurted. "Please. Not that. I couldn't stand it. By the end of the day everyone would hear about it. They'd hear about..."

    "They sure would. All about your flaccid winkie. So you'd better do whatever you can to prevent that, you shrimpdicked twit."

    "Y... yes. Whatever it takes."

    "What it takes, daddy dearest, is for you to obey us without question. Mindlessly, which shouldn't be too difficult for a ninny like you. And most importantly..." She lowered her voice to a confidential level. "Mom needs some other male input to keep her from getting depressed. She needs to get out more and hear lots of compliments. And if guys want to talk with her, sit with her, maybe put their hand on hers, touch her hair, well, you'd better not make a fuss. That could drive her away from you and straight to them. And their big cocks." For good measure she added snottily, "And you might end up in divorce court."

    Herbert was in a tizzy. His sex life had been turned upside down. When he was home he had to spend his free time waiting on the women and cleaning. And those comments about other men being interested in Clair had escalated to this, to Tessa telling him he had better look the other way if men made advances toward his wife. Tessa sneered at him and told him to get busy cleaning under the furniture.

    "Oh, and we wouldn't want your clothes getting all dirty. So how about if you strip down to your skivvies. Sleeveless undershirt and jockey shorts only. That outfit'll show off your weak arms and what a tiny bump your baby dick makes." She laughed at his obvious dismay. "Be glad I don't make you work around the house in a pair of panties." She paused. "Hey, that's not a bad idea. I'll have to see how Mom feels about it."

    In just his underwear he crawled around, retrieving trash from everywhere. When he was done, Tessa made him stand in front of her and drop his shorts to his ankles. She laughed openly at his immature genitals.

    "That is just too funny. I can see why Mom needs you to be her licky licky boy in bed. You could never satisfy her or any woman with what you've got. And as tiny as your junk is, I'm thinking that panties would be perfect for you."

    He sniffled. When she heard that it was like a shark scenting blood in the water.

    Tessa made him squat in front of her. She reached out and fingered his nipples. He got hard instantly. His bride had been allowing him to finish less and less often, so that in between he was perpetually horny. A drop of clear fluid appeared on the tip of his narrow dick. She caught it on the end of her finger and rubbed it over his lips, chortling as she did it. Then she fiddled with his nipples some more, until she had him sniveling with frustration. She told him to open his mouth and picked up a tissue she had used.

    "Ew," she said as she made a face. "I blew my nose on this. It's full of germs. What shall I do with it? Where shall I put it? I know." She held it out to him. "You can keep it safe inside your mouth, Herbie. Like a human trash can."

    He sniffled again. She told him to take the tissue, which he did with his teeth, next sucking it into his mouth. He was blinking back tears. She wanted to see him cry.

    She said, "After I tell Mom what a complete wuss you were around me, she's definitely going to want a real man in her life. I mean, you have sunk lower and lower, until you're almost off the man scale. Yes, I think it's time for Mommy to find herself a boyfriend. A lover. And that won't be difficult for a hot woman like her."

    He began to cry. When he tried to say something the tissue distorted his words. He gulped and his nose began to run. His face was a clownish mask. Tessa tried to contain her laughter but it was impossible. She burst out with hilarity, pointing at Herbert and rocking with mirth. He seemed to crumple, sagging piteously, a physical reflection of how badly his self image was being crushed.

    That evening, when Clair sat down to dinner, she told him he wasn't to sit in his usual spot. "From now on you can kneel alongside me. If I have anything I don't want, I might feed it to you. Maybe. And you'll have to be naked or you won't get a single bite."

    As he crouched there she ate unconcernedly. Tessa came into the dining room with a sandwich she had made herself. She had on a tube top and micro-mini skirt. Herbert ogled her without thinking. She snarled at him that he was a wretched pervert, then sat down to eat and to chat with her Mom. They discussed Herbert's sad state and what they should do to him next.

    "Well," Clair said with resignation, "he's driven me to seeking a new bed partner. I mean, he hasn't left me any other option."

    "I understand, Mom. And to commemorate that, and to give him a constant reminder that he's no longer a man -- if he ever was -- we really need to put him into panties like I mentioned the other day. It's overdue."

    "Agreed. In fact, after our chat I knew it was coming, so I already bought him some lovely ones."

    They both laughed while Herbert's face grew bright pink. The women ate, putting aside bits of food on the edges of their plates. When they were done they gathered all the scraps, some of them half chewed, onto one plate and set it on the floor.

    "Dinnertime," Tessa called merrily.

    "Good appetite," Clair wished him.

    He got his head almost at floor level and ate without using his hands. They didn't even have to tell him to do it that way. He was becoming well enough trained to anticipate their sadistic wishes. Herbert grunted and slurped up his food, causing them to remark about how pig-like he was getting.

    "Well," his bride said, "it's not a big surprise. He was always piggish around us anyway, snorting his orders and expecting to be obeyed. And selfish as a pig in bed. It's so much nicer now, with him knowing his place and eating my pussy, not expecting anything in return except to be teased and left with sore blue balls."

    Herbert brought his face up from the plate. There was food smeared around his mouth. He was naked and kneeling before the women who ran his life. But there was more to come.

    The next evening Clair announced that she had gotten a call from a man who she had given her phone number to at the Blue Grotto. She said he was a few years younger than her and most likely quite virile.

    "Besides," she confided to her daughter. "When he was standing next to me I made a point to accidently on purpose lean close and bump against his crotch. What I felt in his pants was so much bigger than that embarrassment that Herbie has in place of a prick."

    They laughed at the hapless husband, who was standing off to the side in a pair of bikini cut panties. All his body hair had been removed by a highly effective depilatory, though one that tended to hurt the skin, leaving him blotchy all over.

    Tessa encouraged, "That's what you deserve, Mom. To have great sex with an Alpha man. Not a crybaby like Mr. Panties over there." To her step-father she said, "Yo, tuck your baby dick and balls back and under. Let's see how well you can hide them. It shouldn't be too hard, not with them being so miniscule."

    He did as he was told and the effect was amusing. It appeared that he didn't have any male parts at all down there. Clair told him to keep his 'junk' like that and Tessa seconded it. Herbert blushed furiously and nodded compliance.

    When Clair was ready to leave for her date she gave her spouse a good look at her. She had on a sleek black dress that showed off her body, along with matching shoes with three inch stacked heels. The tiny bag whose long strap was slung over her shoulder, the pieces of oversized golden jewelry, including large hoop earrings, and her overstated make-up, all suggested that she was either a woman on the prowl or a high class hooker. Herbert felt queasy. There was a knock on the door. Tessa grinned. Herbert cowered. He didn't want to be seen like he was. Clair went to the door and opened it. From the next room the others heard her speak and then be answered by a deep male voice. Herbert shuddered. This was really happening. The door closed and Clair's sissified husband spent the evening with his step-daughter tormenting him about what was likely happening to his wife, while he waited on the 18 year old, picked up after her, and even had to give her an extended foot rub.

    By the time Clair got home he was a nervous wreck. They heard a car stop out front and two doors open and close. Then came a muted conversation from the front porch. The door was opened partway and that was followed by the unmistakable sound of wet kisses. At last Clair said goodbye and the door was closed.

    Coming into the next room, she found Tessa draped on the recliner, which had once been Herbert's sole property. The 18 year old was wearing shorty pajamas that were super sexy on her. In front of her, on all fours, his middle squeezed into a tight corset, his smooth legs encased in pink stockings, wearing a pair of crotchless panties that allowed his tiny dick to protrude, was Herbert, being used as a living ottoman.

    Clair gave Tessa a broad wink and then looked down at Herbert with a wicked expression. He gazed up at her worshipfully, his lips shining because Tessa had coated them with gloss.

    Clair said, "Hello, cuckold."

    Tessa cheered and clapped her hands. Herbert sobbed. His marriage was officially ruined and he had been demoted to that lowliest of categories for a husband. Cuckold. Both women chuckled at his despair. He noticed belatedly that Clair's hair was mussed and her dress slightly twisted around.

    She told him, "My panties are in my bag. I didn't want to get cum all over them, after Robert gave me fantastic sex with his huge stay-hard cock and his excellent technique. I will never ever even think of allowing your miserable excuse for a penis inside me, Herbie. Never. You'll be lucky to even be permitted a handjob after this."

    Tessa added, "And it'll probably be with his own hand."

    Both women laughed uproariously. Herbert seemed to shrink into himself. His wife ordered him onto his back. She stood over him with her legs apart, so he could see her well used pussy, its lips slightly swollen, coated with thick white jizz. He gagged. She began to lower herself over him. Tessa cackled. Clair brought her messy crotch down solidly over her submissive husband's sad face and rubbed it all over his features. He made pitiful sounds for a few seconds and then, as she planted herself firmly on his mouth, automatically began to lick and swallow. It had been bad enough having to eat his own spend, but this was ten times worse, having to gulp down what another man had deposited in his bride, so much of it, and having his mouth where this Robert's superior cock had so recently been.

    Herbert's only consolation was that he had fallen as far as he possibly could. His life couldn't get any worse, he told himself. He was wrong.

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