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Help me get my wife to go black

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Storylover1970, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Storylover1970

    Storylover1970 Member Member

    I'm working with a black friend of mine to try and get my wife to go black. He is giving me advice and helping me try to make this happen. She has always been turned off by interracial porn and me talking about it. She gets pretty mad at me about it so I may be beating a dead horse. Not sure how to turn the tide with her and get her to like it. She has been using her vibrator a lot lately (I always check the drawer where she keeps it and the placement in the drawer and it is always in a different spot). I checked her phone history on the days she uses her vibe and she always looks at girl on girl porn. I really, really need some help to get her to have some interest on the "dark side" Also, I haven't been fucking her for a while to try and get her to crave a cock. Doesn't seem to make a difference.
  2. Lickit n stickit

    Lickit n stickit Member Member

    Do you just wanna watch or help also?
  3. Storylover1970

    Storylover1970 Member Member

    Just watch.
  4. Ukcuckwanabe

    Ukcuckwanabe Member Member

    Alcohol and lots of it is what finally got my wife to go to the dark side lol
    As it dose many many more white girls too it releases their inner sluts
  5. Lickit n stickit

    Lickit n stickit Member Member

    Ok. That's cool. You wanna see her quiver and shake from that black monster going into the deepest untapped regions of her lil white body.... what if the bull wanted you to guide his cock into her?
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  6. Henry_Kendal

    Henry_Kendal Well-Known Member Member

  7. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Is this really the best start point? I mean do you really expect to cajole, persuade your wife to do something that she doesn't want to do? This always strikes me as quite voyeuristic, quite self centred. The premise may be, that this would be so thrilling for me, she really should try it. May be the start point should be different. Perhaps you acquaint her with different sexual possibilities? I think stories have a place here, but its sexier, more considerate, to start with the erotic possibilities of sex with someone else. Take a look at the film 5 to 7. That portrays a gallic attitude towards a wife taking a lover. It is frankly chic and probably more accessible, less uncomfortable, to a woman. After that, may be occasional reference to the fact that you don't always see yourself as the competitive or the territorial male. If you have black male friends around you both, build the social contacts and don't act territorial about your wife. That's NOT the same thing as prompting her to wear a mini skirt. Here its the importance of being unearnest. It's important not to see urgent, frantic even about this. I suspect though that this could seem scary? It admits the possibility of relationship and feeling in something she shares with a black guy. That really does threaten the husband psyche. Yet may be its at the heart of cuckold nature, instead of the voyeuristic one. May be, I don't know. Being frank with yourself first, is part of it.
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  8. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    I've heard that taking it gradually, getting her to watch IR porn with you, then getting her a black dildo, etc, just going slow, often time works. I didn't have to do that with my wife. It took almost no encouragement. She is exclusive black ever since her first guy. I get no pussy at all, but that is okay.
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  9. kellyshusband

    kellyshusband Member Author!

    With my wife it was a gradual thing. Lots of talking and fantasizing about it in bed. We watched cuck videos. I bought her a big black dildo and got her used to that big cock and how good it felt. I tried to make it a safe environment for her in terms of me not getting jealous. She eventually got over her fears and tried it and has enjoyed it ever since.
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  10. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    @kellyshusband that is really great. So glad she enjoys it. Do you participate or just watch or ? Do you get to clean up after? Is she black exclusive now?
  11. kellyshusband

    kellyshusband Member Author!

    I like to watch her fuck and then after he leaves we have sex. There is nothing like sliding my cock into her pussy after it's been cummed in by another man. We have only done this with a couple of well hung black guys but she really is enjoying it.
  12. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    You are one lucky boi, getting to fuck your wife after her pussy has been filled with cum by a black man. I THOUGHT that is what I would be doing when we first went down this path, but I have never had to honor of sticking my dick in where a black man had already cum. I do hope your wife has a great many more black cocks to experience. Do you have any regrets at all? I have none whatsoever, even though things are different than what I had envisioned. BTW, if I called what I have a "cock" I would be punished.
  13. jizzelle momo

    jizzelle momo Member Member

    Speak clearly, plainly, and truthfully about interests desires and boundaries. Be open to new possibilities and relationships.
    Respect choices.
  14. Aussiecumslut

    Aussiecumslut Well-Known Member Member

    Alcohol worked for me but in a totally unrelated sense .
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  15. mary schelske

    mary schelske Active Member Member

    like Mary to go black she hot to try it

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  16. Jayne Cage

    Jayne Cage Member Member

    Don't rush her and talk it over in depth make sure she is comfortable with having sex with another man first let her know it is your fantasy and that your love for her will not alter that's what my partner did and I did it for him eventually and loved it
  17. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    arash, you are posting the exact same thing as comments on other peoples posts, but your posts are about you, not about the subject matter of the original post. Don't do that. Start your OWN post about you and your wife.
  18. Black bird her

    Black bird her Member Member

    I have the same fantasy. Wife is not into sex much, does not drink, and will stop doing anything once she comes. Any one has a cunning plan?
  19. Luvtowatchwifewbbc

    Luvtowatchwifewbbc Well-Known Member Member

    Same here. Three martinis

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