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. Handing over Jennifer

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Amon123, Jan 20, 2018.

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  1. Amon123

    Amon123 Well-Known Member Author!

    This is an adaption of a very hot story by Turpitudismo originally called “Handing over Hayley” (from literotica.com) that I’ve adjusted a little according to my particular kinks. Have a look at the pictures in my gallery posts or other stories to get an insight into my naughty kinks. Hope you enjoy...

    Handing over Jennifer

    Their car is already at the motorway services when I arrive and I deliberately cruise slowly by to make sure that both husband and wife are sat waiting. I see two pale faces, his and hers, in the glare of my headlights and I know that my plan is going to come to fruition. I move past where they are backed into the furthest corner and park myself a good 200 yards closer to the bright lights of the service station and position my car to be facing directly towards them.

    I call Jim to check that all is OK and to give him his instructions. As I end the call their interior light flicks on. I am just close enough to see Jim reaching to Jennifer to fasten the leather collar around her neck as I have ordered. My second call is directly to his wife's phone and she answers it immediately.

    "Say nothing to your husband, do not kiss him goodbye, just hang up, get out of the car and walk towards me." I say.

    The call ends, her car door opens and she hesitantly steps out. She is dressed as instructed with a short black lace top tied at the neck that luridly exposes her breasts and a matching crotchless black g-string. On her legs I can see the spike heeled knee high black boots and, with her hair in a high pony tail, I can see the leather collar now buckled around her neck. As she walks I can see a hint of stocking top and a quick glance around indicates that I am not the only one to have spotted this, the occupants in some nearby cars can obviously see too. I flick on my headlights and she jumps a little as she is caught in the beam, it is low but enough to show her gingerly walking towards me.

    Half way to my car I speak again.

    "Stand still and take off your knickers."

    "What!?" She asks.

    "Do as instructed," I insist.

    For a second I think that she might refuse but then she reaches under her skirt and slides down her silky black thong and steps out of it, her elaborate lacy stockings now fully on show to the watching eyes – including Jim who is, by now I expect, as hard as a stone at both the behaviour and vulnerability of his darling wife.

    "Now come on over to my window and hand me that thong," I say.

    She walks (a little quicker now...) the remaining distance to my car her exposed breasts, arse, glistening cunt and shiny boots catching the headlights as she tries to hurry a little yet maintain some dignity in her exposed position. When she gets to my car window it is still closed and I leave her there waiting, only for a few seconds, but enough to bring the first signs of mild fear to her eyes; perfect, just what I want to see. As I lower the window I tell her to hand me the thong and as she does so I immediately lift it to my nose to smell her arousal. It is damp and would have covered little when she was wearing it as her juices have already rendered the black mesh transparent.

    As I reach to the seat beside me I can see the points of her stiff nipples that tip her tiny breasts that I have wanked over so many times from the pictures Anthony has sent me. I tell her to lean in towards the window and, as she obeys, I reach up to clip the leather leash to her collar. With the leash in place I stroke my hand across her hard nipples. She makes an involuntary moan as I pull my hand away and instruct her to get into the car.

    As she walks to the other side of the car, she holds the loop of the leash in her hand and passes it to me as she opens the passenger door to get in beside me. A couple of cars are circling mine, attracted by the mysterious woman who has strutted across this darkened car park and climbed into the car of a total stranger.

    With Jennifer now sat beside me I call her husband and instruct him to bring her things over to us. He gets out clutching a holdall that I know is filled with the items from The List. As he arrives at the car door he is able to look across at where his wife now sits, allowing her thighs to spread wide apart and my fingers to discover just how wet her married cunt is. She has been told to look the other way – there is to be no contact between husband and wife, not even by eye, until I return Jennifer to him in 24 hours' time. He says nothing, opens the rear door, puts the bag on the back seat and stands by my open window, hands me a brown envelope and waits as I press his wife's soaking thong into his hand, before walking away without a backwards glance. He is being a good husband, just as I have instructed him to be, obedient and unquestioning.

    I should, perhaps, have mentioned The List by now so, for fear of omitting anything further, it simply states:

    The following items are to be placed into a black holdall and brought with you to the rendezvous:

    *Thigh boots – matt black leather – zip up - spike heeled, pointed toe, minimum heel height 6"
    *Gloves – black – pvc – full fingered – at least elbow length
    *Ball gag – solid ball – padlockable
    * Dildos 2 x – black – lifelike – vibrating - minimum length 10" - one to have suction cup base

    Before he has got half way back to his car I start the engine and drive his wife away to the hotel he has booked for us at the next service station. The journey is spent trying to concentrate on my driving whilst ordering Jennifer to show me how hungrily her wet married cunt devours one of the dildos from her bag. The sight of 10" of glistening black rubber cock sliding in and out between her spread thighs is made all the more erotic by the use of the courtesy light on her side of the car that allows the trucks we overtake to look straight down at her pumping furiously away.

    Once led by her leash through hotel reception and to the room I waste no time in positioning Jennifer in the centre of the floor space, allowing me to inspect my new plaything and roam my hands over her body.

    I toss the holdall towards her, order her to dress in what is in the bag. As she obeys I retrieve a large fluffy white bath sheet from the bathroom and lay it on the bed. I retrieve a small bag of my own and sit to watch as she makes the final adjustments to her new outfit. She stands before me in the new thigh boots, almost 6' tall now, her lacy hold up stockings still in place. Her collar also remains but she now wears the long shiny black pvc gloves and her mouth is filled with a bright red ball gag that I can see her jaw is stretching somewhat to accommodate. A hint of drool is already forming at the sides and she is breathing heavily through her nostrils. The ball gag has been padlocked in place for me and in each hand she holds a large black rubber cock, the one in her left complete with the suction cup base as ordered.

    Her eyes are wide with nervousness and her chest is heaving, her bare little tits topped with the tiny pink buds that I have longed to get my teeth onto for so long. As I unpack my little case I tell Jennifer to take the left hand dildo and fix it to the closed toilet lid before returning to me. As she teeters on almost impossible heels I admire her juicy arse rocking gently from side to side.

    Upon her return I order her to lie back on the bed and spread her legs for me to shave her cunt. I had warned Jim that she was not returning to him the same person she was and this was the first step. Unable to speak Jennifer simply lay back breathing heavily as I removed her pubic hair and left her cunt lips puffy and beautifully exposed. I moisturised her pubic mound and then opened the letter to read it to her.


    It is with the utmost honour that I give my wife Jennifer XXXXX to you for a period of 12 hours from the reading of this letter. In this period you may do with her whatever you wish – and once she has given you her agreement she may refuse no proposal or advance. My only request is that a record is kept of her experience with you with which she will tease and arouse me with at some later date. I will await your call to collect her on completion from a location of your choosing.

    Your obedient cuckold


    Jennifer's eyes widened further as I read but she had no hesitation in nodding her acceptance as I checked that she was happy with this arrangement. This was it – she was mine now for 12 whole hours.

    "Go to the bathroom, stand astride the toilet, turn the vibrating dildo to maximum and ride that black cock that is waiting there for you" I said.

    She climbed from the bed and returned to her rubber toy, turning to face the open door as she lowered herself down onto it in one fluid movement. I watched as she began to bounce up and down on it, her hands going to her tits to pull at her nipples, the dribble leaking from her ball gagged mouth.

    I packed away hurriedly, pulled my camera from my bag and began to capture the photographic record of Jennifer's experience at my hand. Barely thirty seconds had passed before she dropped heavily onto that vibrating dildo and shuddered her way to an orgasm, her eyes rolling back in her head as the ecstasy over took her.

    "Stand up, lift the lid and piss into the bowl" were my next orders.

    Meekly she did as instructed while I took more pictures of the stream that gushed from between her legs. Jim could only imagine what his wife was doing but he would realise just how changed she was when he got to see the pictures. With her bladder empty I took her back to the bed and lay her on it.

    I began stroking her body, licking every inch as I moved over it. She was running wet between her legs and tasted beautiful as I parted her lips to the probing of my tongue and fingers and brought her to another climax. Three digits slipped in easily, then a fourth. I reached for the bottle of lube and squirted a generous helping over my hand and her cunt. She writhed to another orgasm in quick succession, pinching her nipples as I worked between her wide-spread legs.

    I could not resist at this point and replaced my hand with my rock-hard cock, Jennifer wrapping her boots behind my neck as I drove in deep. With all that lube around it was easy to adjust my position and I lined up the head of my cock with Jennifer's tempting brown rosebud. I knew she was an anal virgin and had resisted all of Jim's attempts to probe her rear but this time there was only a token resistance as I looked deep into her eyes and my cock opened her ring to push past her tight sphincter muscle. Once past it slid in to the hilt in one thrust. Jennifer's eyes went wide and she gasped as she realised that her last barrier had been broken. As I buried my cock in her tight forbidden hole I reached up and unfastened the ball gag, pulling it from her mouth to release a stream of built up obscenities informing me just how much she was enjoying being my cuckoldress fuck-toy.

    Pumping in and out I held her booted legs up in the air as I pleasured her rear and she was soon shaking her head from side to side as she reached orgasm once again, her first with a cock in her arse but not the last of this night. I pulled free just in time to spin her round and shoot my spunk over her face where it stayed while I pushed dildos into both holes together for another set of slutty pictures.

    We fucked several times more that evening and I enjoyed playing all of my favourite games with such a willing piece of raw material.. It was clear from what she told me that Jim was incapable of managing more than one fuck a night and that her appetite for sex far outweighed his. I felt sure this would not be the last occasion that she and I mutually satisfied each other's cravings.

    To give me a break Jennifer dressed in her original clothes and t kept the thigh boots and pvc gloves on, and we drove back to the service area. Jennifer was then instructed to strut around the trucks parked for the night, flashing her tits and freshly shaven cum soaked cunt at anyone who saw her. It was not long before a group of five or six were gathered round her in between two large trucks and I snapped away with the camera as she crouched and sucked every one of them until her tits and face were plastered in strangers' spunk. A number of them bent her over and fucked her cunt and arse mercilessly. I encouraged the dirty truckers to fuck her bareback blowing their loads on and in her as another kinky record of Jennifer's sluttish activities. Their spunk soaked through the thin material on the black lace top and was seeped down her legs catching collecting on her push up stockings and even in and on her shiny boots.

    As agreed Jennifer refused nothing and we returned to the hotel for more bedroom fun. By the morning her cunt and arse were swollen and spunk either ran from her holes or was caked onto her face, cunt, arse and tits from the truckers.

    My original plan had been to drive her back to the services and hand her back to Jim but we called him (in mid-fuck so he could hear her cries of ecstasy) and told him to come to the room instead. There he found his lovely wife spread on the bed, dripping with spunk and caked with drying cum from earlier deposits from the truckers and myself. I thought for a moment that he might cry at the shock of the sight of his darling wife but his descent into cuckoldry was confirmed when he simply said,

    "Thank you Sir" to me.

    I told him to lie on the bed and for Jennifer to mount his cock. He was as hard as a rock as he slid inside her soaked hole and I mounted her from the rear for her first double penetration; she was a natural, and the finishing touch was the suction cup black dildo attached to the headboard to simulate that final cock for her wanton mouth. Unsurprisingly Jim could not last long and pumped his spunk up his wife but I then had him wait underneath her like a cuckold mattress until I creamed her arse hole once more.

    With everyone spent for a final time I refused Jennifer the use of the shower, ordering her to dress in her spunk-stained clothes once more. As Jim collected all of her things together I handed him a thumb drive of photographs showing what a slut his wife had become.

    I pulled the letter from my bag for them both to sign to say that they were both satisfied with what had just happened and drew their attention to a paragraph just before their signatures:

    We, the undersigned, do hereby authorise Master O to arrange a future encounter for Jennifer where she will be handed over to him for one calendar weekend for the express intention of being gangbanged bareback by a very large group of well hung men. Noting that a number of naval ships from different nations are visiting our fair port city and that week there would be seamen and semen flowing through her as a result…

    I was writing up my ads now with the wonderful pictures from the recent encounter… A clear price signal was needed… Unlimited anal for $1, blow jobs $50, pussy fucking $100…

    I am not sure whether either of them had seen that piece of small print, but they have both signed the document now regardless....
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