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. Greeting Him With Open Arms

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Nasty Wives Collection, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. Nasty Wives Collection

    Nasty Wives Collection HMFIC Administrator



    It was my husband's birthday and I decided to give him a sexy surprise. I had a bath and shaved all my pubes off.

    I looked in the mirror and saw how my inner lips hung past my outer ones. It looked extremely lewd but I couldn't stop myself stroking it. I took the protruding lips and rolled them together in a tube, it looked almost like I had a penis! I applied my make-up and even rouged my rather large nipples.

    At six, I heard my husband's car stop in front of the door and I waited with bated breath. I was stark naked and had been playing with myself for almost an hour, not allowing myself to come so that I was highly turned-on. My pussy was wet looking and so were my upper thighs.

    He walked into the hall and I stepped out from my hiding place. His eyes bugged out and his mouth dropped open as I stood in front of him with my legs spread so that he could see my newly-sheared pussy. Suddenly I realised that he wasn't alone and looking at me over his shoulder was an older, distinguished-looking man - his boss!

    For an eternity nobody moved or said anything. Then Dick, my husband's boss, said that my husband was the luckiest man in the world to be greeted like that by such a sexy woman. He pushed past my husband and casually lifted up one breast with his hand and kissed the nipple.

    A shock of immense ecstasy swept through me and I moaned out loud. It felt as if he was kissing my clit. Then to my surprise another mouth clamped round my other nipple. Dick and my husband sucked and licked my nipples while their hands explored my naked charms.

    My husband was fascinated by my bare pussy and his fingers kept stroking it and the lips just opened, allowing his fingers to milk the hanging inner lips. I climaxed and had to hold on to the men to stop myself falling. Dick's hands were exploring my derriere and he was opening the cheeks and stroking his fingers against the puckered bud.

    Gently they steered me into the lounge and lowered me onto the thick carpet and Dick, claiming age before beauty, pulled out a thick, gnarled cock and lowered himself between my legs. My husband said nothing as he watched his boss ram his hard penis into my quim.

    He gave me a super fucking, making me come several times, while my husband continued to suck and lick my nipples. After Dick had filled me with his spunk, my husband took his place and fucked me to more climaxes before finally he spurted his come into my soaking pussy.

    We rested and then went upstairs to the bedroom.They posed me in front of the mirror and I watched as my husband rolled my inner lips together in a tube, seconds later spunk was dripping from it and it looked like a dripping cock, which made me come again.

    Dick stayed the night and I didn't get to sleep until the early hours of the morning, after they'd fucked me to exhaustion. It might have been my husband's birthday, but I think it was me who got the best present!
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