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. Good Things Come In Small Packages

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Mickey_D, Aug 7, 2018.

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  1. Mickey_D

    Mickey_D Member Author!

    This work of fiction concerns a man who engages in some prolonged and kinky chastity play with his wife. To fboth his dismay and excitement he discovers that his chastity device is causing his penis to shrink. Instead of ending their kinky pastime, his wife encourages and entices him to continue - with interesting consequences for himself, the fidelity of his wife, and his relationship with his wife's sexy elder sister.

    Chapter 1: How it began.

    I should state from the outset that my wife Kylie has always relished many of the kinkier aspects of sex. Kylie is 27 years of age, with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, and she stands at about 5' 5". She has green eyes, and full pouty lips set upon a sharply featured little fox face. Her figure could best be described as slightly buxom; she has strong, shapely legs, wide hips that curve into a narrow waist, and a magnificent pair of 36D breasts. All in all, she could be described as a very attractive lady, and she has no shortage of appreciative male stares when she is out in public.

    We have been married three years (no kids for now), and our sex life is, if anything, hotter than when we first met. We both delighted in exploring all aspects of our sexuality, and we held nothing back from each other. Emotionally we are very close, and we have total trust in each other. Role-play was a very active part of our love life, and we spent many a night acting out numerous fantasies.

    Whilst Kylie isn't into 'femdom' as a lifestyle choice, she certainly relished many aspects of femdom play, including pussy and ass worship, tease and denial, verbal humiliation and sometimes foot worship. As I have a submissive streak, I was more than happy to play along with her whims, and role-play with strong femdom overtones occurred more and more frequently.

    Kylie had armed herself with several sturdy wrist and ankle cuffs, which she sometimes used to restrain me in a variety of places and positions. She would then force me to lick and suck her toes, or orally worship her ass and pussy. She had even bought a leather flogger, which she would freely use on my naked backside if she considered that I was not licking her nether regions with enough zest.

    About six months ago, we began experimenting with male chastity. Kylie had discovered these wicked little devices whilst net surfing. I had always had a little fetish for tease and denial (a fact Kylie well knew, and made very good use of), and she eagerly encouraged me to order one of the devices, called a Curve. I freely admit that I didn't need a lot of encouragement; I, too, was intrigued by the concept of being forcefully denied, and I was looking forward to trying it. So order the Curve I did.

    The Curve duly arrived in the post. It consisted of a cage portion, which was a clear plastic tube, and several hinged cuff rings of differing diameters. A cuff ring of the right width was fitted and enclosed around the base of the penis, behind the testes. The penis was inserted into the tube, which was then was fixed onto the ring using locking pins secured by a small padlock. The penis was then effectively 'locked up'.

    I had read on the internet that be best way to get used to wearing the tube was to start with short sessions, and gradually increase the amount of time the tube was worn. This would apparently 'harden up' the sensitive skin at the root of the penis. I followed this advice, and after some initial minor chaffing and irritation, I found that I hardly noticed I was wearing the tube at all. I had to sit down to urinate, and I was occasionally awakened by nocturnal erections pulling the cuff ring tightly against my scrotum and testes, but apart from that I had no problems whatsoever. Within a couple of months I was able to wear the tube constantly with no soreness or irritation.

    Kylie was delighted with my new 'toy', and she soon starting thinking of ways to make the best use of it. She stated the chastity tube would tie in very well with any games we played that had femdom overtones. I could see her point; what better way for a woman to show her dominance over a man than to control both his cock and his climaxes?

    After some discussion, we settled on a fairly long-term strategy for my chastity play; I was to wear the tube full-time six days a week, from Sunday until the following Saturday. During this time I would not be able to climax, although Kylie could request oral service from me at any time. Kylie would then release me on Saturday night, and she would then allow me to climax by her either orally pleasing me, or via intercourse.

    Kylie had a ball (or two) with my enforced chastity, and I admit that I loved it as well. She began to experiment with ways to titillate and arouse me in my chaste state. I have always had a cuckold fantasy, in which Kylie would be eagerly mounted by a well-hung stud. Kylie knew of this fantasy, and had told me that whilst she completely accepted that I got off imagining her fucking another guy, she had no current desire to bring it to life. I noted the use of the qualifier 'no current desire' with some excitement.

    Now that I was locked up, however, Kylie began using this fantasy more and more in an effort to arouse me; she would teasingly state that since my cock was locked up and unavailable, she just might have to find another hard cock to satisfy her. When she said things like this, I would always harden immediately inside of the Curve.

    Another wicked avenue that she began to explore and expand was the verbal belittling of my cock size. I actually had a cock that measured over six and a half inches - but Kylie had long ago discovered that she could excite me by telling me how 'small' I was. Since I started wearing the Curve she seemed to enjoy making up deliciously evil pet names for me - starting with subtle tags like 'little slave', 'shorty', 'pee-wee', and 'little one'. She quickly became more brazen, however, and the formerly mild slurs transformed into 'pin-dick', 'micro-cock', 'tiny tool', 'needle-dick', and (worst of all) 'bug-fucker'.

    Whether it was because my cock was locked up or not, I don't know, but I found that hearing her purr these kinky little insults in her soft, sultry voice made me literally tingle with excitement! Kylie, of course, took gleeful note of my reaction, and this only increased both the intensity and frequency of her wicked name-calling.

    One Saturday night, after my cock had been freed and I had made fervent love to Kylie, the subject of the chastity tube came up. I idly (and perhaps foolishly, as it turned out) remarked to Kylie that I could quite easily duplicate the Curve device in stainless steel, which would be a lot more secure. My former profession as a metal fabricator gave me the needed skills in welding and metalwork, and decorative metalwork was still a hobby of mine; I had all the equipment and tools I needed to fabricate a close facsimile of the tube in metal. I was perhaps boasting - but it was a boast that kind of backfired, as you will see.

    Kylie was immediately interested, and commented how hot it would be have her 'little slave' encased in a hard, unyielding metal 'toy' instead of a plastic one. The more I thought about the notion, the more turned on I became myself.

    And so I began work on a steel version of the Curve. At such short notice the only curved steel tubing I could find was slightly narrower than the plastic Curve, and I was forced to use a decorative hollow stainless steel dome from a plumbing supply store as an end cap for the tube. Within a week I had indeed duplicated the device in stainless steel, and had even made a few minor design improvements.

    Naturally, hygiene was important with any such device, and the upper section of the tube was peppered with a dozen straight lines of small, evenly spaced holes all the way down to the end cap. This meant that water and soap could freely enter the tube when I showered, and it also meant that considerable weight was removed as well. I would still remove the tube completely every few days so that I could properly cleanse myself.

    I had just made one minor miscalculation; the tube was slightly over a quarter-inch shorter than it was supposed to be. By the time I had discovered my error, it was too late to make changes, and I wasn't going to start afresh. The new tube was, therefore, a very snug fit, being both a little narrower and shorter than the original plastic Curve.

    Kylie was enthralled as I fitted the highly polished steel device for the first time, and she closed the little padlock with a sharp click and flashed me a sexy smile. One of the keys to the lock was soon dangling from her necklace, and Kylie hid the other key somewhere in the house. This was in case she wasn't present and I needed to take the tube off quickly; I could call her cell phone and ask for the location of the hidden key, and thus be able to free myself should the need arise. I had to admit that knowing my cock was now imprisoned in steel added to the thrill of being 'locked up'.

    It took a few weeks to adjust to wearing the shorter, narrower tube six days a week. I was still awakened some nights by nocturnal erections pressing tightly against the confines of the tube, pulling the steel ring behind my scrotum tightly outwards. Urinating soon eased the discomfort, and for me it wasn't a great problem - more of a minor inconvenience, and I found that these episodes lessened over time in any event.

    Kylie was also happy with the new device. She never tired of sliding her hand down to it as we lay in bed, loving the smooth, hard feel of the metal tube. She would lay back, smile sweetly, and say something like:

    "Mmm, you're all safely locked away again, honey. Why don't you get down there and lick me, seeing that you won't be doing anything with that little dick of yours for another few days."

    Naturally I would eagerly oblige her, licking her to climax as my imprisoned cock hardened and throbbed in impotent frustration inside the metal tube. After she had climaxed, Kylie loved to taunt me further, saying things like: "Thank you, baby. That was sooo nice! Just six more days until you come out of your little toy, and then maybe I will give your tiny cock a little suck as a reward!" She would giggle at my soft moan of frustration.

    In many ways the Curve added a new dimension to our role-play. Kylie said it was a turn on for her to see my own impotent craving and frustration compel me to sexually serve her, and to drive me to lick her ass and pussy with such devotion and enthusiasm. She would sometimes have me strip, and cuff my wrists behind my back, and I would spend many hours kneeling in front of her as she lay sprawled on the couch, my lips and tongue gently caressing her labia and clitoris. She loved to peer down and see that the tube had arisen to half-mast as my cock throbbed inside of it, my balls tightly ballooned as they hung under the Curve like two ripe plums ready for plucking. She would softly giggle, and then instruct me to make her climax. "All for me," she would say. "And none for you - not till the weekend, Little one! Your poor little balls look SO full, Lover - too bad they won't be emptied for a few days!"

    I guess that this form of role-play wasn't for everyone - but I relished being Kylie's 'Little slave' for six days a week. If I had known where it was all leading, I may have approached the matter with a bit more caution.

    Or maybe I wouldn't have.

    Chapter 2: A startling discovery, and Kylie's proposal.

    It was 11:30 on a Saturday night, and I had just taken off the tube and showered, and I was keenly looking forward to my regular night of passion with Kylie. I slipped into bed beside her, and my freed cock responded even to the simple touch of her warm skin against mine. Kylie smiled softly, and slid her hand down to my crotch. My cock rippled as her warm fingers encased it, slowly stroking it into full potency. I gave a soft moan and closed my eyes.

    "Mmm..." Kylie hummed, "You get hard so fast these days, Lover. Keeping you locked up for me was such a good idea, hmm?"

    I simply nodded as her strokes sent fireworks through my loins.

    Kylie slid slowly downwards, and I knew it was only seconds before she took my emancipated cock into her warm, wet mouth. She kept stroking me as I felt her breath caress my lower stomach. I was now at full hardness, and Kylie ceased her ministrations. I waited in trembling anticipation to feel the first touch of her moist lips and tongue.

    "You know what? I think your cock is shrinking." Kylie announced softly

    My eyelids fluttered open at my wife's abrupt statement. I looked down to see her brows knitted, her pretty face a picture of concentration as she studied my penis intently.

    "Huh?" was all I could manage to blurt out.

    "I think your cock is shrinking, Lover. I mean really shrinking." she repeated, not taking her eyes away from my erect tool. "I'm sure it used to be bigger than it is now. Do you think the new chastity tube is affecting it?" Kylie glanced up at my face. Her question startled me.

    "Jesus, I never thought about that." I replied honestly. "I guess that having it locked inside in the tube for 6 days a week for so long might be affecting it."

    Kylie smiled again. "There's one way to find out. When we measured you last August you were a little over six and a half inches. Let's measure it again."

    Kylie arose and went out into the hall. I took my cock between my fingers, examining it with quizzical eyes. Jesus, it did look a little smaller than usual! My wife returned with a wooden ruler.

    She pressed the end of the ruler lightly alongside the base of my cock and measured.

    "Hmm..." she mused. "Just over five and three-quarter inches. I was right - It is shrinking!"

    My eyelids flickered again. "That can't be right." I muttered.

    "Look for yourself." Kylie replied. I glanced down to see that she was indeed measuring correctly - holding to ruler along the upper side of my cock, and measuring with the end of the ruler pressed gently to the pubic bone. I could clearly see that the tip of my tool reached to just over the five and three-quarter-inch mark. I had lost almost three-quarters of an inch in length since last August - only five months ago!

    "Jesus Christ, it must be that fucking tube!" I hissed. I glanced at Kylie and added: "Or maybe I have gained a little weight. I have read that any weight gain means more fat on the pubic bone, which makes it seem like your cock is shrinking. It's an illusion, it's not really smaller, it just looks like it is..." My voice trailed off. I realised I was practically babbling.

    Kylie shook her head firmly. "You haven't gained any weight at all since August, Lover. I honestly think it's because you have been wearing the tube almost constantly for the last six months. It's causing you to lose a little length, and maybe some girth too." She wrapped her hand around it again, as if to gauge its circumference. I felt my face redden.

    "Well, that's it!" I grunted. "I am not wearing the goddamned thing anymore!"

    Kylie was watching my crestfallen face, and I could see the wheels turning in her head. Her lips slowly curled into a crooked smile.

    "Do you really want to stop wearing it, Lover?" she purred, "I think you should keep wearing it, and that way you really will become my little Pin-dick, won't you?" She sent me a sexy leer, tossed the ruler aside, and began stroking me again.

    I fumbled for words. What Kylie was implying sent almost masochistic little trills of excitement through me. But becoming turned on by being teased that you had a small cock and actually having a small cock were two different things - weren't they? I looked down at my tool again. Goddammit, it was smaller - and worse was that the fact was turning me on!

    Kylie sped her strokes and continued: "How would that feel, Lover? To know that your cock is actually shrinking each time you put the tube on? Each time your cock gets hard inside it, it will get just a tiny little bit shorter - day after day, week after week... Mmm... How would that feel? How would you like to hear me call you my little Pin-dick, and know that it's actually coming true?" Kylie unleashed a sharp teasing giggle and winked at me. Jesus, she knew how to push my Goddamned buttons!

    My cock seemed to relish this perverse talk of its own impending demise; it was hard as a rock, and a rare string of pre-cum trickled from me as Kylie's warm hand stroked gently up and down. She leaned towards me and kissed me, running her moist tongue over my lips. She slipped down to lie alongside me and quickly motioned for me to mount her. I shook as I settled between her soft, freshly-shaven legs. Her hand guided my cock to the entrance of her smooth cleft, and I gasped as I slid gratefully inside her. The silky moist heat of her pussy engulfed me, and my hips began pumping almost of their own volition.

    Kylie continued her wicked verbal teasing. "So would you like that, Lover? To knowingly keep making your little cock even smaller for me? Would you do it as a gift for me, Baby? It would make me so hot and creamy to know that your cock is getting tinier each passing day! C'mon, Baby - fuck me with your little pecker! Maybe I should be a real little bitch, and only let you fuck me if you keep wearing the tube. Wouldn't that be kinky, Lover? I could only let you fuck me if you wear something that is actually shrinking your cock! Wouldn't that make me a nasty, wicked, kinky little bitch! Do you like that idea, little one?"

    "Yes!" I rasped, almost involuntarily. I felt her warm, smooth legs curl over my back, and the moist heat of her pussy almost made me swoon.

    Kylie giggled under me, and her green eyes glittered. "Mmm, I thought you would like that, Pin-dick. In fact, why don't you make a new toy even smaller than the one you have now? That should speed up the process, shouldn't it? You having to keep cramming your little cock inside a tube that gets smaller and smaller each month. Just imagine feeling your hard-on as it presses tightly against a smaller and smaller tube each month - your little pecker desperately trying to get as big as it used to get, but not being able to! I bet that will really start to shrivel that little-boy dick of yours!"

    I moaned as I felt climax rushing towards me. Kylie's hot pussy seemed to suck hungrily at my cock as it plunged into her.

    My wicked wife continued: "So it's settled then, Lover? We can even have a little ceremony at the end of each month where we measure your cock. Each time you lose a quarter inch? You can make another toy a little narrower, and a quarter inch shorter... " Kylie giggled again, and simply hearing the wicked glee in her voice made my climax surge closer. She looked up into my eyes. "Lover? Do you realise that right now there is almost an inch less of you inside me than there was six months ago? Nearly an inch less of your cock inside of me! You really are going to be my little Needle-dick, aren't you? Do you know what I am going to start calling you for real, Lover?"

    "What?" I croaked. My loins fluttered as orgasm loomed ever nearer. Kylie gave a soft titter, and her sexy green eyes bored into mine.

    "Bug-fucker!" she hissed. "My little Bug-fucker!"

    With a final stifled scream, I climaxed inside her warm, moist pussy as Kylie's soft laughter echoed like a final taunt.

    Chapter 3: Kylie's kinky game.

    Kylie and I were sat in the kitchen the next morning, drinking coffee. Kylie had arisen from bed an hour earlier than me, and she soon steered our conversation to the fun and games of last night. She seemed keen to explore my thoughts regarding her lascivious proposition to deliberately try shrinking my penis. She had apparently done a little research on the Internet whilst I was still slumbering, because she handed me a piece of paper and said: "Looks like you are probably right, Lover. Take a look at what I found on the 'net."

    I read:

    "A man's penis can depend heavily upon regular erections in order to retain its mass. The penis contains two cylindrical, sponge-like structures that run parallel to the urethra. These structures, which run along the length of the penis, become engorged with blood in response to nerve impulses. The blood flow to the cylinders increases by about seven times the normal amount. This is what causes the penis to become erect and stiff.

    "Several things can interfere with the proper functioning of these sponge-like structures - including the taking of certain drugs, certain medical conditions and procedures, unusual pressure on the perineum, or extended periods when the penis is constricted or compressed. If a man is unable to achieve a normal full erection (including nocturnal erections) for a prolonged duration, then there is evidence to suggest a loss of both penile length and girth might begin to occur." Kylie had highlighted the last sentence with a green marker pen.

    "Christ," I muttered. "So it is that tube causing it to shrink!"

    Kylie gave a noncommittal shrug. "Well, it certainly looks like it's the prime suspect. You have been wearing it almost constantly for a long time, hun. And the new steel tube is a bit shorter and narrower than it's supposed to be, isn't it?"

    I nodded, and sat for a few moments thinking about the situation. The knowledge that my cock had actually shrunk alarmed me, as it would alarm most men. But in some weird, kinky masochistic way I found that it excited me. Even thinking about it now caused my cock to twitch in anticipation. What was happening to me?

    My wife, as though divining my thoughts, gave me a bemused smile. "So are you still game to go through with it, Honey? Do you wanna keep wearing the tube and see if your cock gets any smaller?"

    I swallowed involuntarily. "The thought does kinda make me hot..."

    Kylie grinned. "It makes you more than 'hot', Honey, judging from your reaction last night. I haven't seen you cum so fast in years. And I haven't seen you leak pre-cum in ages, either."

    I blushed. "Ok, I admit that hearing some of the things you said really turned my crank. But any man would be worried about losing length off his cock."

    Kylie chuckled. "No doubt - but you aren't the only guy to have strong fantasies about having a small dick, or get excited by having his wife or girlfriend tease him about it. It's a mildly common humiliation fantasy, according to what I have read on the Internet. And apparently it has close links to many 'cuckold' fantasies, as well. I checked that out, too."

    I gave a tentative grunt and finished my coffee. Trust Kylie to investigate my kinks in a thoroughly clinical fashion.

    "How hard would it be to make a steel toy a little smaller than the one you have now?" Kylie asked, steering the conversation to a more practical level.

    I puffed out my cheeks. "I would need to find a supplier that has tubing of the right type, and the right gauge and diameter. It's not as easy to find as you might think. Also, the dome end caps of the right size and gauge are hard to find as well."

    "But you could do it if you have the right material?"

    "Yeah," I replied. "Once I have everything, then it's just a matter of cutting the parts to suit, and then some welding, reaming and other stuff." The surreal quality of our conversation began to dawn on me. Here I was in a discussion with my wife about a plausible way to shrink my cock. Most other men would be doing the opposite. I almost felt like pinching myself.

    "Well, baby?" Kylie said, "If you really wanna play this game, then it's up to you. I personally think it would be a very hot little game to play, but it's not part of my anatomy that it might affect - it's yours. So I will leave the decision up to you... little one." She finished with a giggle.

    I could feel myself blushing again. "Well, like I said - no man likes to imagine himself with less than he has already got, I guess." I cleared my throat and added: "And I guess most guys worry about being able to satisfy their lady..."

    Kylie smiled. "You are worried that if you do get smaller, then you won't satisfy me?"

    I nodded.

    "Have no fear there, Honey" Kylie stated smoothly. "Firstly, I love you very much, and to be honest that is what matters above anything else. Secondly, I know that it really turns you on, and I love having that kind of effect on you - seeing you tremble and shiver and shake, and watching your face as I tease you about it! And thirdly, I do have to tell you that I would get a huge kick out of knowing I control you so completely that you would agree to do it - that you would virtually surrender even more of the most intimate part of yourself to me. And perhaps it's very self-indulgent of me, but I would really enjoy being able to call you all those wicked, kinky little names, and there actually being some truth in them."

    Kylie paused and pondered for a second. "And anyway - if it turned out that you couldn't handle it? I am sure that if you stopped wearing the tube and with some exercises that you would soon get back to your original size. I doubt very much that any change would be permanent, and these days there's a shit load of ways to increase your size, honey." She paused again and flashed her green eyes at me. "Besides - if you can't satisfy me, then I may just have to go out and find a big, sexy guy who can - like you always wanted, hmm?" She flashed me a mock lust-filled leer.

    I smiled at her comically lascivious expression, but at the same time Kylie's allusion to my cuckold fantasy aroused me; a vision of Kylie panting under a well-hung lover flashed before me. My cock immediately began to harden.

    I gulped again. "It would be very kinky, wouldn't it?" I stated, trying to rid myself of the vision.

    "What would be kinky?" Kylie asked. "Your cock getting smaller, or me finding myself a hot new bedtime playmate?"

    "Both!" I replied, trying to make it sound like a joke. My heart fluttered.

    Kylie laughed, but her eyes told me that she took more note of that comment than she made out. "You're hopeless! So, are we gonna keep playing this game or not?"

    I pondered the question. I had to admit that the thought of what Kylie had suggested did turn me on. I had almost masochistic visions of my wife measuring me again, and giggling as she informed me that I had lost yet more length from my cock. I made a mental note to do some checking into the psyche of masochists, and see how it applied to myself.

    "If I can find tubing of the right sort, then we can play it" I said softly.

    Kylie glanced at me. "Ok, Lover. As I said, I think it would be a lot of fun and very kinky! But you know that I am going to take this to the max, don't you? I am probably going to be a very evil, kinky bitch if you do lose anymore length."

    I swallowed again, and my cock was again testing the steel confines of the tube. "I do know that - and I wouldn't have it any other way."

    Kylie grinned wickedly. "Woohoo! Good! Now, Lover? All this talk has made me kinda frisky - and so I think its time that eager little tongue of yours got reacquainted with my pussy, don't you?"

    I couldn't have agreed more. Within minutes the lounge room echoed to Kylie's moans and exhortations as my lips and tongue explored her hot, juicy cleft.


    Using the Internet I was able to locate a supplier who specialised in tubing components for the food and medical industry. They could, so I was informed, supply curved stainless steel tubing of the right type and size, and they also had end domes as well. I placed an order for half a dozen curved tubes - three tubes at 1 1/4 inches, and three tubes at 1 1/2 inches. I was even able to order online, and the metal arrived in the post three days later. A glossy company catalogue accompanied the shipment.

    Within a couple of days I had made another chastity tube - this one with a tube a quarter-inch shorter than my first version. After some hesitant thought, I decided to use a tube that had an internal diameter of 1 1/4 inches instead of the 1 1/2 inches used in the original Curve; this was slightly smaller again than my current steel tube. The stainless steel cuff ring remained the same size.

    Kylie smiled and gave me a soft wolf-whistle when she saw it fitted for the first time.

    "Mmm, a very snug fit, Lover." she purred as she ran her fingertips over the shiny tube. "So are we ready to play our little game now?"

    I nodded, and handed her the key to the padlock. It was soon clipped onto a small snap on her necklace. I sighed enviously as I watched it disappear down into her considerable cleavage.

    "Okay. Well, it's the twenty-fourth today. How about we measure you again on the last Saturday of the next month? That gives you almost five weeks inside your tight new toy. Does that sound ok?"

    Again I nodded. Kylie laughed.

    "Don't look so glum, Sexy!" she chided me. "After all, with this little game 'less' could very well turn out to be 'more'!"

    It turned out that she was correct.

    Chapter 4: Made to measure.

    Life for the most part was almost unchanged for the next five weeks. The new tube was noticeably tighter, but after a couple of weeks I ceased to really notice I was wearing it at all, with the exception of being awoken by a raging nocturnal hard-on on a few occasions. As usual, a quick trip to the bathroom fixed this problem. I still wore the tube 6 days a week, with Kylie releasing me on Saturday night for our usual roll in the hay. Kylie still got her juicy pussy serviced by my eager tongue whenever she felt inclined during the week, and she still loved teasing and taunting me - except now she had some real ammunition to fire. To hear her call me 'little one' or 'Pin-dick' really had some sting it its tail now.

    The only part that did change was that Kylie had introduced two new rules into our chastity play. She had obviously been giving a lot of thought to this new development in our little game, and though the two new rules that she wanted me to follow were relatively minor, they had major implications.

    The first new rule was that I had to put the tube back on right after we had intercourse on Saturday night, whereas before I had not needed to put it back on until Sunday morning when I showered. So in essence I wore the tube practically seven days a week, with perhaps only two or three hours freedom at the most on Saturday nights.

    The second rule was more complex, and had larger implications. Kylie was of the opinion that if I was unable to see or touch my cock until she next measured me, then it would maximize my excitement and anticipation. I pointed out to her that the only time I saw or touched it now was when I removed the tube every two or three days so I could properly clean myself in the shower, or when we made love on Saturday nights.

    Kylie had a snappy solution for both situations: She proposed that henceforth she would remove the tube every three days after I had showered, and clean me herself. While she was doing this, I was to be blindfolded so that I couldn't see my genitals. She smilingly added that she might eliminate all temptation for me to remove the blindfold by cuffing my wrists behind my back as she sponged and washed my cock and balls.

    On Saturday nights the solution was similar; just prior to our sexual interlude, I would shower and then she would again unlock me and clean me whilst I was blindfolded, and then she would help me into a pair of briefs. We would then go and make love in our bedroom, but she would turn off all lighting so that the room was pitch black - meaning that I couldn't see my cock. Kylie added that she would ensure that my hands didn't stray down to my crotch so that I could feel myself. After our sexual romp was over, the process would be reversed; I would redress in my briefs, and Kylie would lead me back to the bathroom, blindfold me, remove my briefs, clean me once more, and refit the chastity tube.

    I wryly remarked that she really had been thinking about this. She laughed and pleaded guilty. "Still," she added. "Don't you think that would really wind you up, Lover? Not being able to see or feel yourself for a whole month?"

    I had to agree with her - it would wind me up, and add to the anticipation greatly.

    In practice, Kylie's new rules achieved their purpose; for the next five weeks Kylie did as she said, unlocking and cleaning me herself - both after I showered, and before we had intercourse - and I didn't see my cock at all. This was a weird turn on in itself.

    The last Saturday of April 2005 arrived. We spent the evening with Kylie's sister, Michelle, and her boyfriend Paul at their apartment. Upon our arrival home, I immediately showered, and Kylie then came into the bathroom, blindfolded me, and unlocked the tube and sponged my cock and balls clean. Naturally I became aroused as Kylie applied the warm, wet sponge to my cock and balls, and I could feel myself becoming hard. Kylie chuckled softly, and reminded me not to remove the blindfold. She then dried me and helped me into a pair of briefs.

    I found I was tingling with a sense of breathless anticipation as Kylie led me to the bedroom. By her bedside table rested the wooden ruler. Kylie smiled at me and requested that I lay down on the bed.

    "Ready, Lover? We will see if it's really is the toy that's shrinking that little cock of yours. Close your eyes, and keep them closed until I tell you to open them."

    My eyelids fluttered shut, and I felt Kylie tugging my briefs down. I uttered a soft moan of pleasure as Kylie's warm fingers curled around my already semi-hard shaft. Within moments it was further rising to her ministrations.

    "Up he comes..." Kylie whispered. I leaned my head back as her touch sent tendrils of pleasure rippling through me. I was totally hard within 30 seconds, and I discovered I was trembling slightly. Kylie noticed this and giggled softly.

    "A little excited, huh Lover?" she asked playfully. "Well - time to measure you, Honey!"

    Her warm hand released my hard shaft, and I felt her slide the cool ruler along the upper side of my cock. For what seemed like an eternity she was silent. Then she let out a soft chuckle.

    "Umm, Honey?" she began, "You are the proud owner of a cock that now measures exactly... five and a half inches...Open your eyes, and take a look for yourself."

    She giggled as my eyes sprang open, and I felt my pulse skyrocket. I could feel a trickle of pre-cum oozing from the tip of my cock.

    "Oh my God!" I breathed, "So I am shorter than last time you measured me?"

    "That you certainly are, Lover! You have lost another quarter inch in five weeks. Or, in other words, you have now lost over an inch since last August. Take a look."

    I glanced down. Sure enough, the tip of my cock just reached the five and a half-inch mark on the ruler! It even looked shorter and narrower to my inflamed gaze. An almost palpable wave of perverse pleasure, eroticism and dread streaked through me! I couldn't speak. Kylie smiled softly as she noted my reaction.

    "And now Lover?" she began, "It's time for your reward for being such a good little boy..."

    She tossed the ruler to the floor, slid down on the bed, and parted her smooth, shapely legs invitingly. Her eyes met mine.

    "Fuck me," she said, "Fuck me with that little cock... that shrinking little excuse for a cock..."

    My legs felt like jelly and my stomach did flip-flops as I hastened to mount her. She quickly guided me to the entrance of her delicious slit. Her pussy encased me like molten honey as my cock slid inside. I moaned loudly as her legs locked over my hips.

    She looked up at me, and gave me a soft smile. "I hope you make the most of it, Lover. Next month that little pecker of yours will probably be even tinier..." She giggled softly.

    I gasped. "You want me to keep wearing the tube? To get even shorter?"

    "Yes - I do!" Kylie replied huskily. "Now - are you going to fuck me with that shriveling little dick, or do I have to find a REAL man to do it for you?"

    "Oh my God!" I blurted. My cock throbbed delightedly inside her, almost as if it relished Kylie's lurid taunting.

    Kylie ran her nails lightly over my back. "You know what, Lover?" she cooed, "I can actually feel the difference now. Not only are you shorter, but your aren't as thick, either... Does that excite you, Needle-dick?"

    "Yes! Jesus, yes!" I croaked.

    "I bet I don't feel as tight as usual, do I?"

    "No! You don't feel tight! Oh, fuck! You aren't as tight!"

    Kylie giggled wickedly. "Well, that's not my fault - it's yours. Your little cock is smaller than ever, so of course I'm not gonna be tight for you anymore! And with each month that passes, I am gonna be less and less tight as that puny little dick of your shrinks more and more. But that's okay, isn't it?"

    "Yes!" I howled. I felt another almost sympathetic wave of masochistic excitement ripple through me. "I want my cock to get smaller and smaller!" I could scarcely believe my own words!

    "Do you now?" Kylie asked, raising an eyebrow. "Well, I will make sure it does get smaller and smaller, Bug-fucker! I might even keep you wearing that fucking toy for so long that I can't feel you inside me at all! How would that be? If your cock gets so tiny that you cant even fuck me properly anymore?"

    "Jesus, do it! DO IT!" My voice was almost a thin wail of desperation.

    Kylie looked up into my face, and grinned wolfishly. "Oh, I will do it, Needle-dick! And once that happens? If that tiny, pathetic little excuse for a cock of yours gets too small? I will bring another one of your fantasies to life - I will find myself a lover, and let him fuck me! I will even let him fuck me in front of you so that you can see how a REAL man with a REAL cock fucks a woman! You won't just be a bug-fucker - you will also be a cuckolded bug-fucker! But I suppose that's okay too, isn't it?"

    In reply? My semen exploded inside her warm, moist pussy as her last wicked giggle rang in my ears.


    Later, as I lay panting in afterglow alongside her with my head resting on her chest, Kylie kissed my forehead.

    "Was that hot for you, baby?" she asked gently.

    "Yes," I replied. "It was mind-blowing."

    "Tell me how it made you feel." Kylie urged softly.

    I slowly began to describe the thrilling feeling of 'sub-space' that overcame me when she teased and taunted me about losing length. I told her how I was relishing the sexual power she had over me, and how I felt more and more like serving and pleasing her. I spoke for maybe twenty minutes, and Kylie listened attentively to every word. After I had finished, she kissed my forehead again, and ran her fingers softly through my hair.

    "So you are still really enjoying this?" she finally asked.

    "Yes," I replied, "I am - very much. Do you want me to make another toy a bit smaller, Hun?"

    I saw Kylie smile. "Yes - make another smaller toy. You know, don't you, that if you make a smaller toy, it's probably going to mean that your cock will be shorter next month?

    I trembled softly. "Yes - I know that, baby."

    Kylie chuckled briefly. "This is really exciting you, isn't it?"

    "Uh, huh" I replied in the affirmative. "Is it making you hot, too?"

    Kylie sighed languidly, and her ample breasts swelled under my face.

    "Yes, it is." she said. "Part of it is seeing how turned on it makes you, and how I can make you shake. Another part of me loves how you are letting this happen - that you are letting me do this to you. It might be a control thing - but it is turning me on knowing that I have that kind of power over your cock. And I have to admit that there's a dark, kinky part of me that loves humiliating you. So you aren't the only one with a wicked little fetish, Lover."

    "I love you." I said.

    "And I love you, my little man."

    Chapter 5: May till July.

    In order to spare you, the reader, some time in digesting my little tale, I will attempt to compress the events of the next six months. The easiest way to do this is to simply write down the major events of each month - May through until October - in a kind of diary style, and to add any other items of interest.

    May 2005:

    My cock length: 5 5/16ths inches
    Loss: 3/16ths of an inch

    Nothing much altered this month. I didn't so much as get a peek at my cock at all, as usual. Kylie was still refining her methods of taunt and tease, and she began to use subtler methods to increase my titillation. She also seemed a little friskier than usual, and my tongue now visited and satisfied her juicy slit with increasing regularity.

    When she measured me at the end of the month, I had shrunk to five and five-sixteenths of an inch. Kylie intensified her lecherous teasing at the discovery of the loss of more length, and some of her comments as I made trembling love to her were as follows:

    "Mmm, you know something, Needle-dick? It's not as big as last time! I can really tell now that you aren't as big as you were a few months ago!"

    "C'mon! Fuck me! Is that the best you can do with that miniature fucking dick of yours? Are you sure it's even in?"

    "You really are getting to be a real Pin-dick, aren't you? Jesus Christ, how small will you be next month?"

    "You had better please me with your little cock, or I will seriously think about finding someone who will!"

    "Maybe I should start cutting back how often I unlock you! Maybe once every two weeks instead of once a week!"

    And the Coup-de-Gras:

    "Do you realise that yours is now the smallest cock I have ever had in my pussy? Just over five fucking inches! If you had showed that to me when we first met, I would have pissed myself laughing at you!"


    June 2005:

    My cock length: 5 1/16th inches
    Loss: 1/4 inch

    This month Kylie decided to up the ante; One weeknight she asked me to please her. I dutifully began sliding downward so that I could orally worship her delicious pussy, but she stopped me. Smiling a faint smile, she opened a drawer in her bedside cabinet and handed me a cardboard box. I gulped as I read:

    "Magic Flesh - XL Cock,
    Extra soft
    Virtually realistic material!
    Bigger & better than the Real Thing!
    2 AA batteries required"

    I glanced up at my wife. "A vibrator?"

    She grinned and me and nodded.

    "How big is it?"

    "Eight and a half inches, Lover. You think that will fill me up?" Kylie giggled.

    I opened the box, and slid out the clear plastic tray. Lying inside was a large dildo that did, in fact, look and feel very realistic. Jesus, it even had veins!

    "I already put the batteries in, Lover. Fresh energizers, actually!" She chuckled again. "The switch is in the base. Just rotate it, and we are in business."

    I have to say that there is nothing as maddening erotic and titillating when your cock is locked away than to use a vibrator on your partner! Kylie got me to lick her first and to lube the fake cock with her secretions, and then to slowly slide it inside her. Kylie then asked me to switch it on. The dildo pulsed into life with a soft buzz, and Kylie let out a slow moan:

    "Oh, God! That feels so fucking good! Jesus, it's so big! Fuck me with it, Lover! Slide it deep inside me!"

    For the next thirty minutes the large dildo explored parts of my wife that I never had, and never would. Kylie had numerous orgasms, and she had me lick her clit as I slowly worked the massive object in and out of her pussy. She made sure to let me know just how big it was, and how it filled her completely.

    When her last orgasm subsided, she wickedly made me lick the dildo clean of her juices.

    The dildo became a regular part of our weeknight play, and it always gave me a shuddering hard-on to see and hear Kylie climax as a long, thick cock (albeit a silicone one) was wedged deep inside her pussy.


    July 2005:

    My cock length: 4 3/4 inches
    Loss: 5/16ths inches.

    During our sessions on Saturday nights when I wasn't to be measured, Kylie had realised that she could engage in what I came to call 'fishing'. She would masturbate me very slowly and softly in the darkened room, and she would 'fish' by outlining various new scenarios to enhance our little game (usually involving her teasing and/or humiliating me in some manner about my dwindling cock). She would then gauge my response to see if the idea stimulated me or not.

    For example, one night she softly suggested that in summer that we go to a crowded beach, and that I wear a tight pair of bathing trunks that hid very little. "And it will hide very little!" Kylie added wickedly. She lecherously assured me that most women on the beach would, at some stage or another, surreptitiously check out my small package, stifling smirks and giggles behind their hands as they eyed my meager equipment with pitying amusement.

    Another example was to tell me that we would enter a pharmacy separately but simultaneously, as if we were strangers. Kylie would then get me to seek out the prettiest female shop assistant I could find whilst Kylie hovered close by, ostensibly browsing the shelves. I would then have to ask the pretty shop assistant for condoms in 'small' or 'slim' size. Kylie would then look at me and giggle loudly, and she bet me that even if the shop assistant didn't giggle herself, then she would at least not be able to hold back a colluding smirk.

    A further proposal was that she would have me shave off all of my pubic hair, and then she would take me to a female tattooist, and have her tattoo the words "Kylie's little toy" directly above my member.

    Kylie's lurid imagination startled me, and she would then assess my reaction to each lewd and sometimes downright evil suggestion; and any that aroused me more than usual were stored away to be used later on

    One scenario she outlined was that the next time she got together with her clique of friends, and the talk got around to male genitalia (as Kylie assured me it sometimes did), then she had better keep her lip zipped in case she 'accidentally' mentioned my size. "Or lack of size, in your case." Kylie added with a teasing chuckle.

    My heart did a double-thump hearing this. I was stunned to discover that the notion of Kylie telling some of her girlfriends about my diminishing cock was a massive turn-on. In my mind's eye, I pictured Kylie sat with her sexy elder sister, Michelle, and a bitchy but very hot little blonde named Kym. The trio were giggling and making snippety comments about my size.

    Kylie, her senses now razor-sharp to anything that turned my crank, must have felt me tense or felt my hard cock pulse in her hand, because she added: "Then again, maybe they will enjoy hearing about my little man at home, hmm? I bet Kym or Cynthia or Michelle have never seen a cock under five inches!" Kylie laughed softly. I uttered a sharp involuntary moan, and I knew that Kylie was taking my reaction onto account. I wondered what use she was going to make of it.

    The last Saturday night in July duly arrived, and Kylie, as usual, told me to close my eyes and wait as she measured.

    Her sharp gasp made me jump.

    "Oh my God!" she whispered. "Lover? This may come as a shock for you - but your once mighty six and a half inch cock has now shrunk to a paltry four and three-quarter inches! And I do have to tell you that it has also thinned a lot, as well!"

    Her statement had the strangest effect: a large trickle of pre-cum ooze from the eye of my cock, followed by a fair amount of watery semen. Kylie glanced down at my weakly erupting tool and grinned: "Aww, does that news excite you baby? That you cock is now in the four-inch range? Let's see how well you can fuck me with that little thing!"

    Almost in a sexual daze I shakily mounted her. Her warm thighs cupped my hips as I sought to enter her. She reached down to grasp me, and stifled a giggle. I nearly moaned as I looked into her pretty face, to see the wicked taunting leer.

    My shrunken cock slipped easily into her slit. I was staggered to feel how loose she felt now. The walls of her pussy seemed to barely graze my cock, and Kylie's jeering laugh only excited me even more. I began thrusting into her urgently.

    Kylie looked up at me. Her face was flushed with excitement. "How does that feel, Mr. Four-inch? I know how it feels from my side - and I have to tell you that you had better fuck me hard and fast if you want me to get anything out of it! What a tiny, useless Pin-dick!"

    I climaxed seconds later.

    Chapter 6: August till October.

    August 2005

    My cock length: 4 1/2 inches
    Loss: 1/4 inch.

    The night for my August measurement duly arrived. I showered, and then Kylie blindfolded and cleaned me as usual. With my heart thumping, I once again ventured into our bedroom. Kylie was quick to get me hard, and then came the obligatory eye closing, and I felt the cool ruler resting on my cock as Kylie measured.

    She uttered a low chuckle - which could only mean one thing.

    "Jesus, how long now?" I inquired. My voice was thin and shaky, and I could feel the familiar pre-orgasm tightness dancing in my loins.

    "Well let me put it this way," she cooed. "You have lost exactly 2 inches from your cock since last August. Congratulations, Lover - your cock is now a whopping four and a half inches long - and its not just length. I don't know if that narrower tube has made a difference, but Jesus you are thin as well as short now! Bug-fucker? I bet that now you couldn't even satisfy some fucking BUGS!" She emitted a derisive bark of laughter.

    Almost before I realised what was happening, I wailed thinly, and ejaculated all over Kylie's hand and the ruler. I didn't climax - there was no warm rush of orgasm - I simply ejaculated. I watched in disbelief as my cream oozed from the tip of my cock.

    Kylie drew a sharp breath as she watched my semen coat her fingers. She wore what was almost a smug grin, as though she was elated that she had been able to make my cock erupt without any stimulation.

    "Damn!" she purred excitedly, "I wondered how long it would be before I could get you to explode just by talking to you! Woohoo! If this is how you pop off finding out that your cock is four and a half inches long now, what's going to happen next month?"

    I could just make a croak in reply.

    Kylie flashed me a teasing smile. "Did you actually cum?" she asked.

    I weakly shook my head. "It just kinda leaked out... I didn't cum - I didn't have an orgasm, I mean."

    "Well, we will soon fix that, won't we?" Kylie said. "Start stroking yourself."

    My hand slipped down to my cock. I could feel the slippery texture of my semen coating it. Almost in a carnal daze I started jerking myself.

    Kylie sat for a few seconds pondering. "I'll tell you what, Needle-dick," she began. "If your little pecker shrinks to under four inches long? If you get that tiny for me? I will have a good, long hard think about finding myself a lover, and properly cuckolding you. Because with less than four inches, I doubt that I would even feel you inside me. So I just might have to find myself a hot playmate to keep me satisfied."

    A pulse of dark, lurid excitement well up in me. "You would let another guy fuck you?" I croaked.

    "Yes - I would let another guy fuck me if your little dicklet keeps shrinking." Kylie's face hardened, and she barked an order: "Come on! Wank yourself faster! I want you hard again in two minutes! Jesus Christ - blowing your fucking load simply because I told you that your cock is another quarter inch shorter! Your cock wasn't even being touched! What's the matter with you? Smarten up, Pin-dick! Get it hard for me - NOW!"

    I hastened to obey her. "Would he fuck you just once, or more than once?" I asked.

    "Well, your miserable excuse for a cock isn't going to grow back overnight is it? So yes - I would have to say he would fuck me plenty of times. Regularly, in fact."

    "Would you give him blowjobs?" I gasped.

    "Of course I would! I want to suck a real cock sometimes, and sucking your little pecker is like sucking on a straw these days! So of course I would suck his big, yummy cock. And YES, I would swallow before you even ask!"

    "Oh my sweet Jesus!" I moaned.

    "And before I forget," Kylie added lasciviously, "My hot new lover will be told that my husband has a tiny four-inch pecker. So - as he is fucking me - he will probably feel very arrogant and smug and cocky that not only is he getting some married pussy, but he is also fucking that married pussy deeper and better then her husband ever could. Is that short, thin cock of yours hard yet, Needle-dick?"

    "Jesus, Yes, almost!" I gasped. My cock was eagerly returning to life as if it, too, was keen to hear more about Kylie's lascivious plans for its own usurping.

    "Good, keep wanking, little one." Kylie cooed huskily. She looked down into my face and grinned. "Do you want to know my ideal fantasy about cuckolding you? You do? Well, I imagine bringing my lover home here one Saturday night - to this house. I want you to imagine that the three of us are sat watching a DVD. The lights are off, and the only light is from the TV screen. You are sat in the armchair, and my lover and I are curled up on the couch. You can see us on the couch as you are sat there - but your little cock locked up, helpless and impotent.

    "Very shortly, you can see us start to kiss - right there in front of you. You can hear our lips smacking and sucking, and in a few minutes we have both stopped any pretense of watching the film; instead, we are into each other. Imagine being sat there, and having to watch another man kissing me, knowing that our tongues are entwining and lapping at each other, and that my soft lips are his for the night.

    "Now - imagine that you can now see his hands starting to caress my tits. I know how much you love cupping my big tits, and I bet he will love it, too! In fact, you can plainly see that he is cupping my tits - he is caressing and massaging them through my blouse. Do you know how evil I will be? Knowing you are watching helplessly, I will gently remove his hands, and you will think I am stopping him. But in fact I only stop him so I can remove my bra from under my blouse, sliding the straps down my arms and reaching behind me to unclip it. I will actually stop him simply to take my fucking bra OFF! I will drop it on the floor, give you a grin, and turn back to my lover, and I will place his hands back on my tits! In fact? I will place his hands under my blouse, and then pull it back down so that all you can see is the outline of his hands under my blouse as they cup and caress and fondle my bare tits - your wife's bare tits!!

    "Can you imagine my little moans of pleasure when his fingers start tweaking my nipples? You know how hot and creamy having my nipples tweaked makes me, and you can see my face in the dim light of the TV screen as we kiss again, hotter and deeper this time. You can see how much I am enjoying him rolling my nipples between his fingers. I have to return the favor, so you watch helplessly as my hand wanders to his crotch - and you know that I am rubbing his big cock through his jeans.

    "Then you see me whisper in his ear. He nods, and we both rise from the couch. We don't even give you a second glance - we just walk right past you, and up the hallway. We disappear into this bedroom, right into this room as you are left alone in the lounge. Do you know what I want you to do a few minutes after we leave, Pin-dick? Turn the sound on the TV down - because I want you to hear me start to moan through the wall. I want you to listen as you hear our bed start squeaking. I want you to know that at that moment his hard, thick cock is sliding inside me! Sliding deeper inside me than you ever could, or ever will! He is in here FUCKING ME!"

    As she had been telling me this story, Kylie had slowly lowered herself completely onto the bed. She had parted her firm, smooth thighs, and she had been gently playing with her pussy. Now she looked over at me and noted that my little cock was once again fully erect. She parted her legs wide and simply said:

    "Now, get between my legs, Needle-dick - and FUCK ME!"

    I shook like a leaf as I clumsily mounted her. My cock settled into the folds of her pussy, and she arched her back. I gave a long, soft moan as my tormented shaft sank into her hot cunt. Another gasp escaped me as I realised that her pussy barely gripped me. Kylie looked up into my eyes.

    "Yes," she drawled, "Your cock is so small now that my pussy feels so sloppy and loose doesn't it, Needle-dick? Are you sure that your tiny pecker is in?" Kylie tilted her head back and laughed softly.

    The bedroom echoed to my scream of pleasure as climax took me a few seconds later.


    A few minutes later I was again lying with my head on Kylie's ample breasts. Her nails were tracing lightly over my back.

    "Did you enjoy that, Lover?" She asked.

    "Yes, very much." I replied softly.

    "Is this little game still turning you on?"

    I nodded. "Yes." I again did my best to explain to her the feeling of 'sub-space' that the situation was bringing out in me. I told her that what we were doing was the biggest turn-on that I had ever experienced.

    Kylie listened to me until I had finished, and she then nodded and kissed my forehead. "Another thing, Lover," she said, "When I teased you last month about me talking to Kym and Cynthia and Michelle about cock sizes, you got aroused. Any reason for that?"

    I somewhat shamefully confessed that the notion of some of her friends knowing about my predicament was a huge turn on for me. Kylie nodded as though I had just confirmed something that she had suspected.

    "Any friends of mine in particular?" Kylie asked.

    "Michelle - definitely Michelle, and maybe Kym." I replied.

    "Why definitely Michelle?"

    "I don't know," I replied honestly. "Maybe just because she is your sister."

    "Yeah - and maybe because you love seeing her backside in a pair of tight jeans, like every other male who claps eyes on her!" Kylie said playfully.

    I blushed, and Kylie laughed. She was not the jealous type, and she was well aware that I wasn't the straying kind. And with me being under lock and key she had little to fear in any event.

    "Hmm," she mused, "Well, I probably wouldn't tell Kym - she can't keep her mouth shut. But Michelle? You know that she and I are really close, and I know she would keep it to herself, and my big sister is a bit on the kinky side like me. She would probably get a wicked kick out of knowing that your wear a chastity belt for me, and maybe even about your 'little' situation." Kylie uttered a throaty chuckle, and I trembled softly.

    "Did you know that Michelle used to cuckold Brian, her ex-hubby?" Kylie asked.

    That came as a shock to me, and I told Kylie so.

    "Well," continued Kylie, "Maybe 'cuckold' isn't the right word. You see, not long after they were married, Michelle and her ex used to swing with another couple. But Michelle once told me that her ex - Brian - mainly liked to watch the other husband fucking her - so I guess in a sense she used to cuckold him."

    "Incredible," I replied. "I never thought of Michelle as the swinging type."

    Kylie chuckled again. "Like I said Lover - Michelle has a kinky side. It rarely comes out, but it's there all right. So if I was to drop a few hints to Michelle about some of the little games we play, she would probably understand a little more about it than you think."

    This announcement startled me. "You would drop hints to her about us?" I asked.

    Kylie smiled. "Maybe, maybe not! It would be interesting to see your reaction if Michelle found out that I keep your cock in a cage, and that you have a four and a half-inch pecker! And that it drives you wild to imagine another guy fucking me!"

    "Jesus!" was all I could rasp.

    "And now Lover?" Kylie purred. "You have had your fun. Now I want you to please me. Lick my pussy."

    I hastily slid down the bed to oblige her. I glanced up at her face as it hovered over her pubic mound.

    Kylie smiled softly. "Your cum is still inside me. Make sure that you suck it all out, as well."

    The bedroom was soon filled with Kylie's urgent moans of excitement as I did as she requested. .


    September 2005

    My cock length: 4 5/16th inches
    Loss: 3/16ths of an inch

    Kylie informed me that from now on I would only be unlocked every two weeks instead of each week. I feebly tried to dissuade her, but she was adamant: I was to be released only every fourteen days. The prospect of being allowed to cum only twice a month caused me both trepidation and excitement.

    The two-week wait was not as hard as I had anticipated, but a natural downside was that once I was released I was now brimming with two weeks of pent up lust and frustration. When I finally made love with Kylie it took me less than 20 seconds to climax - much to Kylie's amusement. I am convinced that she derived a certain degree of pleasure from my inability to last longer, and I had a sneaking suspicion that she had anticipated and planned this side effect. She jeeringly began calling me her 'little pop-gun'.

    The last Saturday in September duly arrived, and once again I trembled in anticipation as Kylie did her measuring. Her squeal of delight could only mean one thing.

    "How long am I now?" I asked in a voice tight with excitement.

    "Well, Honey?" Kylie said gleefully. "You are now exactly four inches and five-sixteenths! You have lost nearly another quarter inch!"

    Kylie felt looser than ever when she allowed me to mount her, and she stifled several giggles as I desperately humped her. Hearing her unsuccessful attempts to quell her wicked amusement was more than I could bear, and I climaxed within seconds.


    October 2005

    My cock length: 4 1/8th inches.
    Loss: 3/16th of an inch

    At the start of October Kylie and I received interesting news; Kim's sister Michelle had split from Paul, her current boyfriend, and was moving into a new apartment in the suburb adjoining ours. We had known that things had been shaky between the pair for a while, so this news came as no shock. It did have major consequences for myself - but more of that later.

    Kylie kept up her new program of only allowing me sexual release every two weeks. I found that I was becoming more and more enmeshed in the feeling of sub-space that being under her control aroused in me. I discovered that our roles were almost reversing; Kylie seemed to take a more dominant role in our major decisions, and I found that I was completing more and more of the domestic chores.

    She was, if anything, friskier than ever, and I was often commanded to satisfy her - either orally or with her dildo, or both - sometimes twice or even three times a day. To hear her moans and squeals as the long, thick rubber shaft of the dildo slid wetly into her creamy pussy always made me tremble, and caused my cock to strain joyfully inside its metal prison. Kylie had grown fond of having me lick her clitoris as I slowly fucked her with the immense silicone organ - and Kylie never tired of telling me how big it was, and how full it made her feel.

    Due to Michelle's separation from Paul, we began seeing a lot more of her than usual. She would visit at least once a week, or we would go over to her new apartment and watch a few DVD's. Sometimes Kylie would pop over and see her on weekends, and I always wondered if Kylie had ever been tempted to drop a few hints to her sister regarding our unusual relationship, as she had intimated she might. I always got highly aroused imagining Kylie telling Michelle about our little game, and in my fervent imagination Michelle responded to the account with amused fascination. I had always gotten on very well with Michelle, and whenever she joined us I tried to detect any subtle changes in her conduct towards me that may have signified that Kylie had carried out her threat - but Michelle treated me the same as she always did.

    On the last Saturday of the month, Kylie again brought out her blindfold and her ruler.

    As usual, my meager member had further shrunk; Kylie leered as she showed me where I reached on the ruler - just up to the 4 1/8th-inch mark. I emitted a stifled moan on hearing this, and although I hadn't spontaneously ejaculated since August, I came close as I peered down at further evidence of my diminishing cock.

    Kylie told me that she was going to give me a treat, and fellate me to climax. I gasped as her warm, wet mouth enclosed around me. Kylie's eyes never left mine as she suckled me, her nimble tongue dancing and swirling around my glans. Her eyes crinkled mischievously as she brought her hand up to stroke me as well. She deliberately used a single finger and her thumb to jerk my shaft, and her message was clear - she only needed two digits to stroke my tiny cock! She looked deep into my eyes, and her wickedly teasing expression and muffled giggle was all it took for a powerful climax to tear through me.

    Chapter 7: An interesting disclosure.

    November began warming up - literally and figuratively.

    I had been making a new tube for myself just about each month, each one a little shorter than the previous model. One day Kylie commented about how short and 'stubby' the tube was becoming. She raised the fact that I was still wearing a tube that was 1 1/4 inch thick, and she asked me if I had considered further decreasing the diameter.

    In all honesty I had been thinking about it, and I told Kylie so. But I explained that a tube the next size down in the supplier's catalogue was only 1 inch in diameter, and that I feared the jump from 1 1/4 inch to 1 inch was perhaps too great. Kylie agreed, and I thought that was the end of it.

    Two days later, however, Kylie arrived home, and informed me she had been passing a hardware store when something in the shop window had caught her eye. She handed me a package; inside was a short stainless steel handrail that had smoothly curved ends. It was the sort of item you would attach to the wall in a bathroom to aid the infirm or elderly. I noted that the box stated that it was 1 1/4 inch external diameter. Kylie explained that she figured if the walls of the tube were about 1/16 on an inch thick, then the internal diameter should be close to 1 1/8th of and inch thick.

    She was right; the internal diameter was exactly 1 1/8th of an inch.

    So within 3 days, I had made a new tube from the handrail. My cock slid tightly into the tube with some coaxing and a little baby oil, and Kylie was ecstatic when she saw it; the narrower tube and shorter length cocooned my cock almost like a second skin.

    As always, the new narrower tube took a little while to get used to. Nocturnal erections again proved to be a slight problem, and the discomfort was perhaps sharper than it had ever been. But within two weeks these episodes began to lessen.

    The Saturday of my two-week release duly arrived. That morning Kylie had gone to visit Michelle, and she didn't get back until late afternoon.

    Saturday night slowly drifted by, and Kylie finally suggested that I go shower. Fifteen minutes later I was once more eagerly lying on our bed in a dark room, feeling Kylie tug my briefs down. I breathlessly awaited her warm, soft touch.

    "I had an interesting chat with Michelle today" Kylie announced. Her fingers enclosed around me, and I drew a sharp breath.

    "Oh?" I inquired with as much nonchalance as I could muster. "A chat about what?"

    "About chastity belts, Lover." Kylie replied. I knew that she would have been grinning softly in the darkness.

    My pulse quickened. "Really?"

    "Yep," Kylie replied. She began stroking me very slowly. "I hope you don't mind, Lover, but I kinda told Michelle that you wear one for me."

    My eyes widened in shock. "Jesus Christ, you didn't, did you?"

    "I did," Kylie responded.

    She then told me that Michelle and herself were just chatting about relationships. Michelle complained to Kylie that Paul had possessed a roving eye - not that she minded, just that he was so overt about it. Kylie had replied that she didn't have that problem with me - and Michelle had asked why. That is when Kylie had told her about me wearing a chastity belt, and therefore my eye only roved as far as Kylie.

    "And what did she say?" I asked in a tight voice. Kylie's slow, gently stroking was driving me mad.

    Kylie laughed. "She thinks the idea rocks! She wanted to know how it works, and how it's fitted. She was very interested, actually. She wants me to show her one of yours."

    I swallowed. Kylie sped her strokes slightly, and her voice was thick as honey in the darkness when she spoke again. "That's ok, isn't it, little one? That my big sister knows your little cock is under lock and key? And that she wants to see one of your little toys?"

    "Fuck, yes!" I gasped.

    Kylie chuckled and now she began stroking me in earnest. My cock pulsed as her other hand found my balls, tickling and teasing them.

    "There's just one problem, Needle-dick," Kylie purred. "If I show her one of your toys, then she is gonna notice something, isn't she?"

    My body jolted at the veiled message in her words, and I stifled another moan.

    "Yes - you know, don't you!" Kylie continued smoothly. "She is going to notice how small it is, isn't she? She will sit there looking at it - at how narrow and how short the tube is - and she is going to know that in order to fit inside of it, your cock would really have to be so very small!" Kylie giggled. "But I'm sure you don't mind if my big sister works out that you have a tiny little cock, do you?"

    "No, I don't mind! I want her to know!" I could barely believe I had said it aloud!

    Kylie giggled again. "Oh, if she sees one of your little toys, she will know, all right! She will work it out, and then you will have to watch her face as she tries not to smirk. Or maybe she will smirk, and turn to me with a pitying look that says 'My God, you have to put up with that little thing?' But that's okay too, isn't it, Needle-dick?"

    "Yes! I want to see her smirking, and I want you to smirk too!" I cried.

    "Aww, Little one?" Kylie carried on. "If that's what you want, then you shall have it! Maybe I will look back at her, and make the 'teeny-weeny' little hand signal - you know the one - me holding my thumb and forefinger an inch apart! Won't that be bitchy of me, Pin-dick? Even if she doesn't work it out, me giving her the little hand sign that you're hung like a fucking hamster will soon get the message across, wont it?"

    I screamed and arched my back as climax clawed through my body.

    Chapter 8: Big sister pays a visit.

    Kylie informed me that Michelle was coming over to spend the evening at our house the next Saturday night. I greeted the news with both excitement and trepidation. Kylie, I am sure, knew that I was anticipating the event with both arousal and dread, and she took great pleasure in dropping hints about her sister wanting to see one of my toys, and the subsequent possibility of her deducing that I needed to be hung rather poorly to squeeze into one.

    The next weekend was warm, and Michelle arrived wearing a denim mini skirt and white blouse. I should state that Michelle is four inches taller than Kylie is, and whereas Kylie is buxom, Michelle is willowy. Michelle has a much flatter bust than Kylie does, but this was counterbalanced by her long, slender legs, and by her gorgeous, heart-shaped backside that looked simply stunning in a tight pair of jeans.

    I discovered that since Kylie's last set of lascivious threats, I was on edge and tingling just having Michelle in the house. Michelle greeted me affably, as usual, and it took me some time before my pulse dropped to normal.

    The girls and I had a few drinks, and watched a DVD, and then we just sat making small talk for an hour or so as a music video show pumped out the latest hits on TV. I was starting to think that Kylie was kidding me about Michelle wanting to see a chastity tube was just one of her wicked taunts, when all of a sudden Kylie turned to me.

    "Hun?" she said, "Is it okay is I show Michelle one of your tubes? She wants to see one."

    My heart did a double-thump. I nodded.

    "Oh, yeah!" Michelle added with some enthusiasm. "Kylie told me about those the other week! I would really like to see one, and see how they work."

    My throat felt dry as I nodded, and Kylie arose and disappeared into the hallway.

    "How long have you and Kylie been fooling around with them?" Michelle asked.

    "A while now..." I stammered.

    Michelle smiled at me. "Jesus, don't be shy about it! I think it's a really hot idea, and I never even knew they existed. I wish I had one for Paul! He could have used it!" She finished with a soft laugh.

    Just then Kylie returned, holding the tube in her hand. I noticed her sidelong glance at me, and I could see that she held the tube I had worn last month. It was the smallest one out of my growing collection, and Kylie knew this fact well. I felt my pulse skyrocket again.

    "Here it is," Kylie announced, placing it on the coffee table. Michelle looked down at it in fascination as Kylie explained how the tube was fitted and locked. I was sure my face was burning.

    "And you made this?" Michelle asked. I nodded. Michelle picked it up, and examined it. "You really have a knack for making things," she told me. "It looks really good - very professional."

    I could see Kylie smiling faintly. She was enjoying my discomfiture as Michelle turned the tube this way and that, peering at it.

    "Jeeze, it's really compact isn't it?" Michelle asked. I saw Kylie's soft grin quiver as it turned into a full smile. She was relishing this!

    "Yeah," I answered, feeling my face burning. I could feel my cock hardening inside my tube. "You want to keep them fairly compact so that they don't stand out under clothing."

    Michelle nodded, and handed the tube back to Kylie. "Cool! Thanks for showing me - like I said, I had no idea these things existed. I should have put one on Paul!" She laughed, and Kylie joined in.

    The girls then began talking about other matters. My cock took considerably longer to settle down, and once or twice I thought I could see Michelle glancing at me thoughtfully.

    I went to bed shortly after, leaving the sisters to chat, and I lay there wondering if the subject of the chastity tube would come up again between the pair. I fell asleep with that thought still swirling in my head.

    The next morning I was sat with Kylie on the couch as we shared an early morning coffee. Kylie's shapely legs snaked out from under her dressing gown, and I knew that she was naked underneath it. Kylie told me that the matter of the chastity tube didn't arise after I went to bed, but Michelle had invited us out to a nightclub that next weekend.

    I nodded, and I could see that Kylie was gauging my reaction carefully.

    "Hmm..." mused Kylie. "Next Saturday is when I measure you next, isn't it? Maybe I should go out by myself to the nightclub next week, huh? Leave my little man at home while I go have some fun with Michelle, and then come home and measure your little pecker."

    I felt my pulse quicken at her remark. Kylie was smiling softly as she studied my face. "I guess you could do that." I said quietly.

    "Does that notion make you frisky, Lover?" Kylie asked. "Imagining me out with my big sister at a nightclub with a lot of hot guys? "

    "I think it does," I muttered.

    "I know it does," Kylie intoned. "I can tell by the dreamy expression on your face. Would you be wondering what I am doing if I did go out with her by myself?"

    "Yes," I replied. "I would be wondering about it a lot."

    Kylie grinned. "Well - I may have to do just that. I might give Michelle a call later, and tell her that you are gonna be busy next Saturday night, and it will just be me and her going out."

    I swallowed. Kylie slid closer and kissed me, her nimble little tongue danced wetly over my lips.

    "Will you be a frisky little boy while I'm out, Lover? Will you be wondering if any hot guys are checking me out, or if they are staring at my legs, or perving at my tits?"

    "Yes!" I rasped. My cock was rapidly hardening inside the tube.

    "Aww, poor baby!" she said. "You will be all alone at home, wondering if some guy is trying to chat up your wife! Wondering if some hot cutie is trying to work his way into my panties. Will that make your little pecker hard? Knowing that some other guy might try to get into my panties?"

    "Jesus, YES!" I gasped.

    "Don't worry, honey - I am sure Michelle will chaperone me." Kylie gave a short giggle. "Unless I tell her that you are okay with me having a little 'fun', of course! I wonder what she would say if I did tell her that you have given me permission to play - and that the idea of me fooling around with another guy excites you?"

    I could feel myself starting to tremble. I swallowed again.

    "Hmm," Kylie continued. "I think she would be okay with that. She used to do it with her ex-hubby, and she told me that Brian loved to watch another man fucking her, so I am sure the idea wouldn't shock her. In fact, she might even encourage me to do it. How would that be, Needle-dick? If my sweet sister actually encouraged me to cuckold you? Wouldn't that be very wicked and kinky, hmm?"

    "Oh my God!" was all I could croak.

    Kylie giggled again. "I thought that idea might excite you, my little man! Well - I just might have to give it some thought. I am sure Michelle would understand after seeing your little tube last night. She must have realised that if the tube was so 'compact', as she put it - and by the way she meant small - then you must have a very little pecker. So she would more than likely completely understand why I might need a good seeing-to by a man with a real cock, wouldn't she?"

    "Yes!" I practically shouted.

    "All this nasty talk making you horny, Lover?"

    "Jesus Christ, yes!"

    Kylie leaned back on the couch and parted her legs. Her dressing gown peeled open, and her pussy winked out from under the material.

    "Then lick me," Kylie commanded huskily. "I didn't get any last night, so show me how horny you are - LICK ME!"

    I needed no further urging, and I was soon busily obliging her.

    Chapter 9: Girl's night out.

    Kylie made good on her pledge; she called Michelle and explained that I couldn't make it to the nightclub next Saturday, but that I was perfectly okay with Kylie joining her. Naturally this new little twist gave me plenty to think about, and on more than one occasion I would begin daydreaming about what debauchery my wife could get up to at the nightclub.

    Kylie knew this very well, and she found fresh ways to tease me. For example one evening she modeled a range of short dresses and skirts that she was considering wearing during her evening out with Michelle, asking me which ones best accentuated her shapely legs and curvy derriere. On another occasion, one morning she asked me to drop into a pharmacy on my way home from work that afternoon and buy a pack of condoms for her, which she would keep in her handbag just in case she 'got lucky' on Saturday. As you may well understand, I spent the week in a rapidly building state of nervous sexual anticipation at what the weekend would bring.

    Saturday evening finally arrived, and Kylie showered and shaved her legs, and dressed in a shortish white mini-skirt and a black shirt (which was undone to the third button, revealing a generous glimpse of her ample cleavage). She looked delectable to my hungry eyes.

    Her plan was to take a cab to Michelle's apartment, and the pair would then take another cab to the nightclub. This way they would be able to drink without having to worry about driving. Kylie phoned for her cab at about 7:30pm, and while she was waiting for it she kissed me deeply, and smiled.

    "Now you be a good boy tonight, Lover. I should be home a little after midnight, like I told you. I'm sure you will wait up for me. After all, tonight is the last Saturday of the month - and we both know that you'll be getting a special treat later tonight, don't we?" She grinned, and playfully added. "Then again I might be getting a special treat of my own before then, hmm?"

    I nodded, and could only gulp, feeling my pulse begin to quicken.

    Just then her cab arrived and tooted. Kylie kissed me again, and departed.

    I spent a long, tortuous night alone. I lost count of the times that unbidden erotic visions superimposed themselves over the late-night show on TV; images of Kylie dancing with a hunky stranger, their bodies pressed close. I saw her kissing him, wrapping her arms around him. Sometimes I also imagined Michelle watching the pair, or slyly voicing her encouragement to Kylie, which for some reason simply heightened my arousal.

    I envisioned some lucky guy ushering my wife from the nightclub and into the back of his car. I gazed on impotently as her mini skirt slid up around her hips as his eager fingers slithered inside her panties, seeking the moist entrance to her cleft. I watched as she lay back on the seat, slipping her panties off and spreading her smooth legs, imploring him to slide his big, hard cock inside her. I stood powerless as the car rocked as she joined with him, mated with him, let him take her thoroughly and to the very core. She would sometimes see me watching through the side window, and look into my eyes, holding my gaze as his hard cock plumbed her deeper. She would send me that sexy grin, wink teasingly, and turn her attention back to her lover, exhorting him to take her, to fuck her, and to send his cum deep inside her...

    For most of the night my cock was rarely completely flaccid inside the shiny metal tube. I was well aware that Kylie, like most people, got horny when she drank, and this simply added fuel to what was already a raging fire. Minutes slowed, and time flowed like treacle.

    Just before 1:00am I heard a car pull into the driveway, and a few moments later Kylie walked in. I arose shakily from my chair, and my legs trembled. Kylie immediately strolled over to me, and kissed me deeply. I could smell the aroma of bourbon on her breath. I began to ask her a question, but she silenced me by pressing a finger to my lips.

    "Shush! Go have your shower, Lover," she told me. "I'll come in to unlock and clean you in a few minutes. Then it's time to measure the little fella again - and then I'll tell you all about my night out with my big Sis'."

    I needed no further urging, and within ten minutes I was once again lying on our bed with my eyes closed. I felt Kylie slide my briefs down my legs, easing it over my already rock-hard cock. I drew an apprehensive breath as I felt the cool wood of the ruler pressing against my erect shaft. After several seconds Kylie uttered a soft chuckle.

    "Lover?" she began. "Your little cock is now just under four inches long. In fact, it's just over three and seven eighths of an inch long. Congratulations - your dick is now under four inches long!"

    My eyes snapped open and I glanced downwards; I could clearly see that the tip of my glans hovered just under the black '4' mark on the ruler. The once thick shaft also seemed to be thinner than ever. I stifled a moan, and a weak trickle of pre-cum and watery semen oozed from the eye of my cock. Kylie grinned as she watched the rivulet run down my shaft, and she dropped the ruler to the floor and then curled her warm fingers around my cock. I was stunned to see that the head now just barely poked out from inside the ball of Kylie's small fist.

    "And I have some other news for you, little one," Kylie said slowly. I could see her eyes had a slightly alcoholic glaze.

    "What news?" I asked shakily.

    "Well," Kylie began, "I did dance with a couple of guys tonight - and one of them asked me to go back to his apartment. He told me that his housemate had gone fishing for the weekend, and we could be all alone and cozy there."

    "Oh my God!" I croaked huskily. Kylie's warm hand started slowly jerking me ever so slowly. "Did you go with him?"

    "No, Lover - but it was kinda interesting to know that I could have done if I'd wanted to." Kylie flashed me a wolfish grin, and sped her strokes slightly. "He was really cute, too. Now - I do have to tell you something. Michelle overheard him asking me if I wanted to go back to his place, and later on she said that if he'd asked her, then should would have left with him in a shot. She thought he was a hottie, too!" Kylie giggled and sped her strokes a little faster.

    All I could do was listen to her. Her soft stroking was literally making me tremble, and her words were mesmerizing me. My balls ached as they began slowly retracting.

    "Now Lover?" she continued. "I have to tell you I was a little bit naughty - maybe because I had a few drinkies. I told Michelle that if I really wanted to go with him, then I would have done. She was kinda surprised, and reminded me I was married. Maybe it was the booze, but I told her that you'd actually given me permission to fool around - that you were okay with me having a 'bit' on the side. Is that ok, my little Lover?"

    "Yes!" I gasped. My wife jerked me a little faster, and her warm fingers gripped my shaft tighter. I glanced down to watch the head of my cock disappear into the ball of her fist with each stroke.

    "Mmm, good," Kylie replied smoothly, "Michelle didn't believe me at first. So I told her all about how hot it makes you when you imagine another guy fucking me. Now that was something she could relate to, because as I told you her ex-hubby Brian loved to watch someone fucking her. She was surprised to find that you felt the same way, but she wasn't shocked at all. In fact? She told me that if I had your permission to go have a little fun, then I should go for it. So I was right, Lover - my big sister did encourage me to cuckold you." Kylie uttered her sexy little giggle again.

    All I could do was moan sharply. Kylie once more sped her strokes, sending ripples of ecstasy up my thin shaft.

    "Oh, by the way?" Kylie continued. "Michelle did notice how small your tube was the other night. She asked me tonight how the hell you could squeeze your cock into the tight little tube. I told her that it fitted in very easily. She actually said 'Jesus, it must be fucking small then!' - and do you know what I told her?"

    "What?" I yelped.

    "I told her that wearing the tube has made your little pecker shrink. Is that okay?"

    "Yes!" I shrieked.

    "Michelle asked me why we hadn't stopped you wearing the tube if that was the case. Well, I kinda told her that it all fits in with your kinky little fantasy of a guy with a nice big cock fucking me - that what wearing the tube is doing to your cock is turning you on. Turns out she knows all about that too. Brian always had a fantasy about some guy with a huge cock fucking her. The guy who was fucking her when they were swinging had an eight-inch cock, and Brian always told Michelle how hot it made him to see this guy's big cock sliding into her pussy! So my big sister knows a little about that too Lover."

    My wicked wife had been steadily speeding her strokes as she spoke, and I could feel climax building rapidly in my loins. I moaned softly again as Kylie's other hand reached down to tickle my aching balls, her fingernails sending fireworks along the taut skin of my scrotum.

    "So, Needle-dick? Two other parts of your little fantasy have come true - now my sister knows that not only I am free to fuck other guys if I want to, but she also knows that you have a small pecker!"

    My back was now arching as orgasm hovered on the brink.

    Kylie grinned wolfishly again and sped her strokes even more. "There's another little part of your little fantasy that came true tonight as well - a part that will probably make you shoot your little load in a few seconds. After I had my little chat with Michelle, that cute guy who asked me to go home with him found us again. Well, I didn't go home with him - but, umm, I did kiss him. In fact, I kissed him for most of the rest of the night. And yes - Michelle saw us kissing. And I have to admit I did let him feel my tits. But that's ok, isn't it, Needle-dick?"

    My cock answered for me, proclaiming its vigorous assent by sending a joyous arc of semen high into the air as Kylie giggled.


    Later, as I lay curled up in Kylie's arms, she gently asked me if these new developments were still turning me on. I assured her that they were, and I went on to describe the feelings of tingling eroticism and sheer carnal lust that I felt while she was out at the nightclub.

    She smiled. "Did you wonder if I was letting some hottie kiss me, and feel my tits?"

    "Yes," I replied softly. "This must sound crazy, but a big part of me was almost hoping that you would."

    "Well you got your wish, little one," she said. "Were you hoping that I would do more than let him kiss me?"

    "Yes." I whispered. Kylie idly slid her hand down and began running a single fingernail over my now flaccid cock.

    She smiled again. "So if I was to tell you that Michelle wants to go and see a band that's playing at that same place next weekend, and that she wanted me to go with her again, then you'd be ok with that?"

    I drew a sharp breath and paused before answering. "Yes." My shaft began responding to both her words and to her ministrations. It sluggishly started to harden.

    Kylie giggled briefly and continued. "And of course now that my big sister knows I'm free to have a little fun I can really start flirting, can't I?"

    "Yeah - you can." I replied in a tight voice. Kylie slid her fingertip under my glans and found that perfect little spot, and I stifled a moan as she began swirling her fingernail over it. My cock hardened further, twitching and pulsing.

    Kylie tilted her face. "Maybe I'll find another cutie who wants to kiss me, and who'd love to feel my tits, hmm? Maybe he'll want to do more, little one - maybe he'll ask me to go back to his place, too. You wouldn't mind if I went back to his place with him, would you Lover?"

    "No!" I gasped. "I wouldn't mind at all!"

    Kylie giggled again. "Good - then I might just do that, Needle-dick. Speaking of your little pecker - didn't I once tell you that if it shrunk to under four inches long then I would let another guy fuck me?"

    "You did!" I yelped. Kylie rapidly twitched her fingertip under my glans, and I had to stifle another moan.

    "Hmm - maybe the time has come then, my little one. Maybe I should've gone with that guy tonight, and let him have me, hmm?"

    "Jesus, yes!" I croaked. "You should've done!"

    "That's okay," Kylie replied smoothly. "I'll get another chance next weekend, won't I? I'm sure that I'll find another hottie who'd love to get into my panties next Saturday night. Michelle will even help me."

    "Jesus, do it! Do it!" I practically screamed. My cock was now totally hard, and Kylie wrapped her hand around it.

    Kylie giggled and rolled onto her back. "Oh, I will do it, little one! If I want to fuck him, then I will. Now Lover - why don't you slide that stiff little pecker into my pussy. It might be the last chance you get before a real cock sinks inside me next Saturday night!"

    I was at least able to make love to her for two or three minutes before I exploded inside her. Kylie didn't climax, of course - and instead she had me lick her to several orgasms, and then she got me to suck her juicy cunt clean of our combined juices. As I slid my tongue deep into her sopping pussy, my mind was already on what might occur a week from now.

    Chapter 10: A chat with Michelle

    My somewhat cataclysmic (but not unwelcome) descent further into 'sub-space' continued unabated. The knowledge that Kylie had, at the very least, allowed another guy to kiss her and to fondle her breasts made my stomach flutter. The fact that her elder sister now knew that Kylie could fuck whomever she pleased and about the slow demise of my pecker added greatly to the degrading thrill and sheer carnal humiliation that I was experiencing. The sensation was almost like a drug that I could now no longer use simply for recreation - I was rapidly becoming an addict.

    Michelle visited Kylie and I later that week and I could now perceive an extra sharpness to Michelle's smile, and what was almost a shrewd sparkle in her eyes. The pair made no overt mention of what had happened the previous weekend, but there was definitely a heightened sexual tension in the air. At one point I thought I saw Michelle glance down at my crotch, and her smile flared slightly; I don't know where my blood rushed to the fastest - to my face or to my cock.

    Kylie informed me that she had accepted Michelle's invitation to go to the nightclub on the forthcoming Saturday night. And so I spent another apprehensive week as the sexual anticipation grew inside me with each passing day. Kylie found another way to heighten my angst; she refrained from any sexual activity for the whole week, telling me with a sexy grin that she wanted to be 'ultra frisky' on Saturday night.

    The week slowly ticked by. On Saturday evening Kylie once again groomed herself and dressed to perfection prior to her departure. I glanced at her smooth shapely legs under her miniskirt, and my imprisoned cock twitched.

    Kylie called for a cab again, and as she waited she sat with her sexy legs crossed. Just looking at her curvaceous thighs made my heart flutter. The cab duly arrived and tooted in the driveway. Kylie arose with a mischievous smile, and she beckoned to me.

    "Kneel down," she told me. I did as she asked, and I looked up at her face. She reached down and lifted her mini-skirt to expose her lacy panties.

    "Kiss my pussy." she commanded. I quickly obliged, thrusting my face into the apex of her thighs and pressing my lips fervently to her screened labia. I had to fight the urge to slide my tongue out and lick her cunt through the thin material. Her delicious feminine aroma assailed my nostrils.

    Kylie grinned down at me. "Good boy," she said, backing away and sliding her skirt back down. "I might be home a bit later than last week, little one. But I'm sure you'll wait up for me." She uttered a soft chuckle.

    I clumsily got to me feet, and she kissed me. "I might call you later on tonight if I get a chance. See you when I get back, Lover." she said.

    My mouth was dry. "Okay. Have fun."

    Kylie smiled. "I will, little one - count on it!" With a final wink, she departed to her awaiting cab.

    Once again I spent a slow night running all sorts of erotic visions through my head, wondering what my wife was doing. More than once I had discovered that I had absentmindedly reached down to finger the smooth metal tube that cocooned my manhood.

    At 10:30 the telephone suddenly trilled. To my surprise the display on the telephone wasn't showing Kylie's cell phone number - it was Michelle 's cell phone number instead. I pick up the receiver with fluttering fingers.

    "Hiya, sweetie!" my sister-in-law beamed. She had always called me 'sweetie' for as long as I had known her. I could hear heavy music thumping in the background. My sister-in-law carried on. "Kylie asked me to give you a call to let you know that she might be home a little later than she thought." There was a slight hesitation before she continued. "She said to tell you that the friend she met here the other week is here again, and that tonight she might spend a little more time with him."

    My heart did a double-thump. "Yep, okay." I replied in a tight voice. My cock gave a startled but delighted twinge inside of the tube. Obviously Kylie had put Michelle up to calling me, and I had no doubt that Kylie knew what it would do to me. I gripped the receiver tighter.

    Michelle spoke on after another short pause. "Kylie tells me that you've given her your permission to have a little fun."

    "Yeah - I have." I replied. I knew my cock was having a little fun: it was leaping merrily into life, pressing tightly against its metal prison.

    "As a matter of fact, " my sister-in-law continued, "My little sister has told me a lot about the lecherous little game you guys are playing. She's always had a wild streak, and so I'm not surprised." Michelle seemed to become a little bolder. Her voice was tinged with a slightly alcoholic slur. "So - it really excites you to think of Kylie with another guy?"

    "Yeah," I replied. A little voice in my head told me that I couldn't be having this conversation - but I was.

    Michelle giggled briefly. "Well, as Kylie has apparently told you, my ex-hubby and I used to play a similar game, and it used to drive Brian wild as well. He told me that it was the biggest turn-on of his life to watch me with another guy. Except his dick wasn't locked up at the time, like yours is. I bet that's making it a lot more intense for you, sweetie."

    I swallowed. "Uh-huh." I replied in the affirmative.

    Again Michelle's quick laugh tinkled in my ear. "It also used to drive Brian nuts that the guy we used to swing with was a little bigger - you know what I mean?"

    "Yes," I answered. The saliva was rapidly evaporating from my mouth. "He had a bigger cock than Brian."

    "That's right." Michelle responded. "And it used to drive Brian crazy - but in a kind of good way. Kylie tells me that the thought drives you crazy, too."

    My hand shook as it held the receiver to my ear. Michelle had always been one to speak her mind, and her tone had now taken on an air of almost flirtatious teasing - perhaps aided by the alcohol she had consumed. My cock hardened further inside my tube. The sheer lascivious eroticism of the conversation got the better of me, and I found myself answering a little more candidly that I should have done.

    "Kylie tells you right," I replied. "My hottest fantasy has always been to see her fucking a guy who has a big cock."

    "A guy who has a bigger cock than yours?" Michelle inquired.

    "Yes," I replied.

    Michelle paused for a second or two. "From what Kylie tells me the chance of this happening gets more and more likely each month since you started wearing those little tubes of yours."

    Again my heart gave a double-thump. Kylie hadn't been fibbing when she told me that she had informed Michelle about my dwindling manhood. To hear Michelle tell me that she knew about it sent a wicked wave of masochistic pleasure through me.

    "That's right," I replied softly. "Kylie has told you a lot, I guess."

    Michelle's fruity chuckle reverberated though the receiver. "She certainly has, sweetie. Probably a bit more than she should - but that's fine with me. I kinda like hearing about the kinky games you and my evil little sister get up to."

    "What else has she told you?" I inquired softly.

    "What else?" Michelle mused. "Well, she told me that you're kinda getting off on the fact that you're getting smaller. I've never heard of that kink, but I can understand how it would tie in with you imagining Kylie with a guy who is bigger than you are. Kylie also told me that you get off on me knowing that you're kinda small. Is that true?"

    I choked back a gasp. Kylie had actually told Michelle that? One half of me squirmed with embarrassment, but the other half nearly creamed my jeans - or my tube, in this instance.

    "Yes," I confirmed quietly. My stomach tingled, and my legs felt weak. I became aware that I was now panting softly, and that my cock was again fiercely testing the confines of its metal barricade. My felt my balls retracting as though they felt a sudden chill.

    "My, my!" Michelle chirped. "You are a kinky little boy, aren't you?" She laughed softly again. "Well, I do know - so if that floats your boat, then that's fine with me. Kylie even told me that if I really wanted to wind you up, then I should tease you about it!" Michelle's sensual little giggle floated down the phone line. "But I'm not that evil - yet!" she added.

    "Jesus Christ," I blurted. My embarrassment had finally got the better of me. "Kylie really shouldn't have told you all that stuff. I'm really sorry, 'chelle." My voice trailed off.

    "Don't apologise!" Michelle interjected smoothly. "Like I said - I really enjoy hearing about the games you and my kinky little sister are playing, sweetie! It sounds like you two are having a grand old time playing them. I'm a lot more open-minded than you realise, and I can think of a few kinks that are a hell of a lot worse than yours, sweetie! So don't sweat it." Michelle paused for a moment, and then added: "Anyway - I might be able to help you and my frisky little sister, in more ways than one."

    "What do you mean?" I asked. My fingers clenched the receiver even tighter.

    "Well," Michelle replied. "If Kylie decides that she wants to spend a little time alone with that guy she met - David is his name, by the way - then she'll want to go somewhere a little more private. David has already told Kylie that his housemate is apparently having a bunch of his friends over at their apartment tonight, so I guess that kinda rules out his place. As you know, I have a spare bedroom in my apartment. I'm sure Kylie would appreciate me letting her and David use it for an hour or two."

    I practically jumped and uttered a low moan. "Jesus, don't tell me that!" I croaked.

    Michelle giggled softly once more. "Aww, are you getting frisky, sweetie?"

    "I have been frisky all night," I replied. "But hearing things like that just make it worse."

    Michelle laughed. "Think of it as your sister-in-law helping out! Well, I better head back inside and see what my horny little sister is up to. Is there anything that you want me to tell her?"

    I swallowed again. My mouth was dry, and my hand trembled as it held the receiver. "Yeah," I replied. "Tell her to have fun."

    Michelle's soft, purring giggle echoed down the phone line. "Okay - I'll let her know. Take care sweetie, and be a good boy until your wife comes home! By the way - Kylie also told me that you love being her sexy little slave! I think that is hot, too! If you were my little slave, I would have a lotta fun with you as well! Bye!" With a final tinkling laugh, Michelle rang off.

    I stood panting as I held the now silent receiver. My hard-on pressed impatiently against the metal tube. The surreal nature of the conversation washed over me like a lecherous wave. Would Michelle aid her sister in cuckolding me? Was Kylie really going to hook up with that guy she met?

    I slowly sat down, my whole body tingling as I realised that within the next hour or two I might become a cuckold - for real. One small part of me flared with anxiety and jealousy - but this was swept brutally aside by a feeling of sheer carnal lust at the thought of my sexy little wife finally spreading her shapely legs for another man. To my shock I found that I was silently cheering her on, hoping that Kylie would make use of Michelle's spare bedroom.

    I glanced at the clock. The night had a long way to go.

    Chapter 11: Kylie cums home.

    For the next three hours I was a nervous wreck, and I now had a very good understanding of the phrase 'cucky angst'. Time again slowed to a crawl as I tried to watch TV, my eyes sliding often to the clock as the minutes dragged into hours. My balls ached faintly, and several times I slid my hand down the finger the smooth steel tube that encased my manhood.

    Kylie returned home just after 2:00am. To my feverish gaze her hair looked slightly askew and her make-up wasn't as neat as when she departed. My heart gave a double thump and I started to babble a question.

    She again silenced me by placing her finger on my lips, and she then took my hand and led me to the bedroom. She told me to strip, and she then unlocked and removed my tube. My cock immediately began to harden, and Kylie sped the process by reaching down to stroke me as we kissed again, Once I was completely hard she slid her panties off from under her skirt and then quickly sank onto the bed. She drew up her skirt, parted her legs, and simply said: "Fuck me."

    I hastily started to obey her. I lowered myself shakily between her outstretched legs, and she reached down to guide me to the entrance of her slit. My cock slid easily inside of her, and I moaned softly as the wet, slippery heat of her cunt enveloped my cock. Kylie slid her moist tongue over my lips and her warm thighs cradled my trembling hips.

    "Michelle told me she called you like I asked her to," she announced softly. "And she told me what you talked about. You wanna ask me anything, Lover?"

    "Jesus, yes!" I replied huskily. I began thrusting into her, and I held back a moan as I realised that she felt looser than ever. "Did you hook up with that guy you met last week again - David?" I asked huskily.

    Kylie's eyes flashed up at me. "Yes, I did."

    "Did you take him back to Michelle's place?"

    "Yes, as a matter of fact I did."

    "Did you spend any time alone with him at Michelle's?"

    "I sure did, Lover."

    "Sweet Jesus! In Michelle's spare bedroom?"


    I moaned softly. "For how long?"

    Kylie tilted her pretty face sideward quizzically. "Umm, for about an hour. Maybe a bit longer."

    "Did you kiss him again?" I asked. Some perverse part of me wanted to drag this out, to heighten the eroticism of what I knew must be coming. I had to force myself to slow my hips as they rocked back and forth. Her cunt felt so wet and loose.

    "Mmm-hmm! I did."

    "Is that all you did? Just kiss him?" I asked shakily

    "No. We did more than kiss, Needle-dick." Kylie giggled, and I nearly shot my load right then.

    "Did he feel your tits again?" I inquired tightly

    "Yes, he did," she replied, and adding: "He did more than feel them."

    "What else did he do?"

    "Mmm, he kissed them as well," Kylie drawled softly. "He made my nipples hard, and he licked them and sucked them, too. He licked them all over, Lover. He said I had beautiful tits - wasn't that nice of him to say?"

    I moaned, and my cock gave a throb of delight inside her. "So you took your shirt and bra off?"

    "Yes. Well - he took them off for me."

    "Did he take all of your clothes off?"

    "Yes - eventually." Kylie replied, and she giggled softly again. "He ended up completely stripping me. Shirt, bra, skirt, panties - everything. The only thing he didn't take off was my heels - he said that I looked sexy with just my heels on. Wasn't that slutty of me, Lover - letting him take everything off except for my heels?"

    "Oh my God!" I whimpered. "So you were naked apart from your high-heels?"

    "Yes," she replied. I felt her legs curl over my back. "By the way he told me he really loved my legs, too. He ran his hands all over them. He said they were so smooth and soft."

    "Did he stroke your thighs?" My hips began to pump faster, almost of their own volition. I felt my balls tighten.

    "He sure did, Lover."

    "Did his hands go near your pussy?"

    Kylie looked up at me and her lips curled into a grin. She also seemed to enjoy stringing this out, getting the maximum pleasure out of prolonging it for as long as possible. "Near my pussy? Do you mean did me finger me, Lover?"

    "Yes! Did he finger you?"

    "Yes - he did. He made my pussy very wet."

    I stifled another moan and shuddered and the first awakening hint of climax rippled up my thighs in a warm wave. My hips shook as I sped my thrusts inside her. My tight balls slapped her taut ass with a thin smacking sound.

    "As he was fingering me," Kylie added. "I started undoing his shirt."

    "Did you take it off?"


    "Did you take off his jeans too?"

    "Uh-huh." Kylie confirmed.

    "And his underwear?"

    "Mmm-hmm - I did, Lover." she affirmed. "He has a nice body, Lover. He works out, and he has a lovely tight body. Very sexy."

    "Oh, Jesus!" was all I could moan.

    "And he had a nice cock too," Kylie added teasingly. "Not a huge one, but still bigger than yours by a long shot, little one."

    "A little bigger, or a lot bigger?" I rasped.

    "A lot bigger."

    "Christ, how big was he?"

    Kylie tilted her head quizzically. "I don't know. Seven inches, maybe. And thick, too. It was bigger than yours was even before your little cock began shrinking."

    I moaned and hooked my hands under her shoulders. I felt the cool leather of her high-heels pressing down on my pumping buttocks.

    "Did you touch his cock?" I gasped.

    "Of course I did, Lover," Kylie replied in her smooth voice. "I touched it a lot."

    "Did you suck it?" I asked in a voice that sounded like it was on helium.

    "You mean did I kneel down and open my mouth and slide his big, hard, thick cock between my lips? Did I tickle his balls with my fingernails as I sucked him, just as you love me to do, Needle-dick? You wanna know if I gave him a blowjob?"

    "Yes!" I blurted.

    "Then yes - I did, Lover," Kylie replied. "I knelt in front of him naked like a complete little tart, and I sucked him so that he was nice and hard for me. I even sucked his balls, licking them and taking each full one into my mouth. He loved it!"

    "Did he cum in your mouth?" I rasped.

    "No, Lover. He nearly did, but I stopped sucking his yummy cock - and then I slid the rubber on for him." Kylie giggled again.

    I moaned again, and felt orgasm begin to tickle my upper thighs. She had put a condom on him - there could be only one reason for that! I had to ask her the final question - now!

    "Jesus, Jesus! Did you let him fuck you?"

    Kylie looked deep into my eyes and paused for a tortuous few seconds.

    "Yesss - I did." She finally drawled.

    I uttered a soft whimper as confirmation of her infidelity rocketed from my ears, tearing a frenzied path though my torso before finally exploding at the base of my cock. Climax began its unstoppable journey through my loins.

    "That's why I am letting you fuck me now, Lover." continued Kylie in her soft, sultry voice. "Because only an hour or so ago, I finally slept with another man. You can even check the packet of condoms in my bag - you'll see that one is missing. I finally allowed a hot guy to seduce me, and to kiss me, and touch and caress and fondle me. Then I let him undress me, sliding my skirt off, then my panties - and then I spread my legs and let him fuck me. But that's okay isn't it, little one?"

    "Yes!" I shrieked. "You really cuckolded me?" My hips turned to liquid as orgasm rushed at me like an unstoppable wave.

    "Mmm, I sure did, Lover!" my wife drawled smoothly. "So right now you're really getting sloppy seconds, just like you always wanted! I can now add another little nickname to your list, cant I? 'Cuckie' - you're now my lil' Cuckie! My real little Cuckie!"

    A second later I gave a long, shuddering moan as climax tore through me as Kylie chanted a soft lascivious mantra: "Cuckie!... Cuckie!... Cuckie!"

    Chapter 12: Michelle and Kylie hatch a plan.

    Two weeks had passed since Kylie's evening at the nightclub. She had responded honestly to my subsequent barrage of questions about her coupling with David. Had she enjoyed it? Did it make her hot? Did she think about me as they fucked?

    Kylie replied that she had enjoyed it, but a lot of her enjoyment came from the fact she was indeed cuckolding me. In fact she stated that as David's cock plunged into her the thought of me sat here at home, my balls full and aching, and my cock nearly bursting with trembling anticipation and excitement, had made her climax several times. She said she wished that she could have seen my face as I watched her wrap her legs around his back. I dryly replied that I wished I had seen it, too. Kylie had laughed.

    Naturally I had a few mixed emotions about Kylie finally bringing this fantasy to life. She sensed my unease, and hastened to reassure me that she loved me very much, and she had only had sex with David because it was a fantasy of mine. She added that while she had really enjoyed the sex, she felt no emotional attachment to David whatsoever, and that their coupling had simply been a passionate one-night stand. She had told David that she was married (as he could perhaps already see from her wedding ring), and that she was just out for a 'fling' and not a relationship.

    I had, in fact, known all this, but it was still reassuring to hear Kylie tell me just the same, and I told Kylie so.

    This didn't stop Kylie teasing me, though; my new nickname did indeed become 'Cuckie', and Kylie had a long, slow way of pronouncing it that sent shivers down my spine: 'Cuck-eeeee'.

    I had also quizzed her about how much she had told Michelle about our unusual and kinky pastime. Kylie stated that she had told Michelle practically everything (as I already knew), and that Michelle thought that our 'little game' was very hot and sexy. She added that Michelle had shown a great deal of enthusiasm about it, and had wanted to know all the wicked details.

    "Jesus," Kylie added. "She's even given me a few very kinky suggestions!"

    That surprised me, and I asked Kylie to elaborate.

    "Well," Kylie began. "For example, she came up with a very naughty plan. What she suggested was that all three of us - you, her, and I - go to another nightclub again, but this time you have to make out that you're with her, and not me. That way, you could sit and pretend to be with Michelle and watch me dance and flirt with other guys. She even said that if I actually hooked up with another guy, then we could all head back to her apartment. Wouldn't that be wicked, huh honey? If you were sat in Michelle's lounge room having to pretend that you were actually with her while I was sat with my new playmate - maybe sat on his lap, or even kissing him in front of you."

    My mouth dropped open in both shock and excitement. What Kylie had just outlined did turn my crank - in a big way.

    Kylie noted my reaction. "Ah! That idea appeal to you, baby?"

    I nodded. "That's really a very, very hot idea." My cock quickly arose from its slumber, like a hound sensing game afoot.

    Kylie grinned softly. "Michelle told me that she'd get a kick out of watching you if we did do that - knowing that you were going out of your mind with lust as you watched me kissing him, but that you couldn't do a thing to stop it!"

    "Jesus Christ!" I blurted. "Your sister is fucking kinky!"

    Kylie laughed. "I told you so, honey! " Kylie's eyes twinkled. "She also told me that she would distract you so that if I wanted, my sexy new playmate and me could sneak up to her spare room again. She said that she'd keep you busy in the lounge room as I had my fun."

    I gasped. "Keep me busy? Doing what?"

    Kylie tilted her pretty face sideward. "Well, she might quietly tease you about your wife getting nailed in a bedroom just up the hallway. Or she said she might make you give her a back-rub as you waited. Or get you to massage her feet - I told her that you have a little kink for feet, so that wouldn't surprise me. Knowing Michelle, I bet it would make her a little frisky, as well."

    "Jesus Christ!" I blurted. My cock was now once again hard inside its metal casing, and Kylie peered at me intently.

    "Hmm, does that idea make you hot, honey? To imagine me in the bedroom, getting my hot little pussy filled with some new cock as you massage Michelle's feet in the lounge room?"

    "Yes!" I muttered.

    Kylie now let her imagination roam as she did a little 'fishing'. "And what about if you could hear me, Lover? If you could hear me moaning in the bedroom as he fucks me. Would that make you even hotter?"


    Kylie leered at me. "That way both you and my big sister would know exactly what I'm doing in there, wouldn't you both? Would that turn you into a hot, shaking, trembling little puddle, Lover?"

    "You know it would!" I rasped.

    "What else could I do, I wonder?" Kylie mused, her foxy little face tilting again. "Maybe I should tell Michelle that instead of massaging her feet, you should lick them instead. I should tell her how wild it drives you to suck and lick my toes. How would that be, little one? If you had to lick and suck Michelle's toes as you both listened to me fucking?"

    I gave a kind of choked gasp, and Kylie homed in further on this kinky little slant to the scenario.

    "Ah! You have always loved her legs, haven't you? Like most men!" Kylie laughed softly. "Maybe I will let Michelle know that, and she can stretch out those long legs of hers, and quietly tease you as you kneel on the floor, licking her feet. Wouldn't that be evil of her, Lover? Knowing her as I do, it would probably turn her on as well, Lover - making you do that as my moans and gasps float through the walls."

    "Oh my God!" I softly moaned.

    Kylie's face tightened into another leer. "Even better? Why don't I suggest to Michelle that she should start playing with herself as you kneel there licking and sucking her toes! How would that be, Needle-dick? If you actually watched her hand creep under her skirt, and you knew that she was whacking off as she listened to me, and as your hungry little tongue slithered around her toes!"

    "Jesus Christ, Michelle wouldn't do that!" I blurted - even though I thought the lascivious scenario was incredibly hot.

    Kylie raised an eyebrow. "Wouldn't she? You forget that she's a single girl now Lover, and pleasing herself is the only way she can get her rocks off. You think only guys jerk off?" Kylie chuckled softly. "And I think I know her a little better that way than you do, Lover. It's just the sort of kinky thing she would do - trust me. She already told me that she heard David and I going at it a couple of weeks ago in her spare room, and it got her so hot that it took all of her willpower not to jack off as she listened!"

    "Holy shit!" I gasped.

    "So I might just have to tell her it would be a very wicked, kinky way to tease you - for you to helplessly watch her whacking off as I was up in the bedroom getting my little ass fucked off, hmm? Especially if you were sucking her toes as you watched! I bet that'd make that little tiny cock of yours even harder, wouldn't it?"

    "Oh, my sweet fuck, yes!" I groaned.

    "Mmm, now that's a kinky little plan, isn't it, little one? Just think - there would then be two hot, creamy pussies in the apartment, and you won't be getting either of them! I'll get to cum, my playmate will get to cum, and Michelle will get to cum as well. The only person in the apartment who won't get to cum is you!"

    I was now panting heavily, and Kylie gave a long, soft giggle. "I will have to think about that little plan, Lover. Maybe I will have a little chat to Michelle about it that next time I talk to her. And seeing as you've been very naughty right now - getting frisky imagining hearing me fucking in the bedroom as Michelle whacks off in front of you - you'd better get that long tongue of yours into my pussy. Slide my panties off and lick me!" The last sentence was a command.

    I needed no further urging, and within moments I was eagerly plunging my tongue deep inside my wife's creamy pussy.


    I thought that Kylie's wicked little dialogue was just Kylie 'fishing' again. In a way it was - but this time she had hooked on to a whopper, as I was soon to find out. The next evening Kylie told me that she had called Michelle and discussed this kinky scenario with her, and that Michelle had eagerly agreed to participate the next Saturday night. I anxiously tried to discover the full scope of what the pair had discussed, but Kylie was smilingly tight-lipped and told me I would have to wait and see.

    It was going to be another long week.

    Chapter 13: The plan unfolds.

    The heavy bass beat of the music thumped through my chest as Michelle ushered me onto the nightclub dance floor, which was bopping with Saturday night patrons. We danced to one song, which then seamlessly blended into another. Tonight Michelle was dressed in a thin apricot-colored blouse, and a short black mini-skirt, which displayed her long, tanned legs to perfection. Her black high-heels accentuated her shapely calf muscles, and I saw many guys glancing appreciatively down at her pins.

    Michelle was a very attractive lady at the best of times, and tonight she had taken extra care with her long brunette hair and her make-up, and I would have described her as stunning. A lot of guys sent covetous glances towards me, as though they were envious that I had such a sexy lady on my arm. They weren't to know, of course, that I had never enjoyed Michelle's intimate charms, and that having her at my side was just a ruse designed to allow me to observe my wife freely dancing and flirting with other men. Kylie was, if fact, free to do far more than dance and flirt - her sole aim tonight was to find herself a 'hook-up' for a one-night-stand.

    Michelle now placed her hands on my shoulders as we danced, and drew me close to her. She smiled softly, and a waft of her perfume assailed me. She put her mouth close to my ear.

    "Looks like Kylie has found a friend, sweetie," She intoned, jerking her head sideways. "Didn't take my little sister long, did it?"

    I swung my gaze in the direction of Michelle's gesture; I saw Kylie on the opposite side of the dance-floor. She was indeed dancing with a tall, dark-haired guy. She had her back to us, and my gaze was drawn to her curvaceous, swaying backside as she boogied to the beat of the music. I felt my cock twitch inside of the metal tube.

    Tonight Kylie was dressed in a red shirt that exposed an inviting ravine of cleavage, and a white skirt that hugged her shapely hips. It wasn't as short as Michelle's mini-skirt - but this was simply to cover the dark tops of the black stockings that she wore. Kylie had, in fact, asked me to help groom her for our night out, and she had teasingly suggested that she should wear stockings and suspenders under her outfit. Black high-heels completed the ensemble.

    The fuzzy sexual daze that had enveloped me at the start of the evening asserted itself again as I continued dancing with Michelle. We stayed on the dance-floor for about twenty minutes, and I kept sending covert glances towards Kylie as she continued dancing with the tall stranger. Michelle finally took my hand, and towed me to the bar.

    "How's the excitement level?" Michelle quietly asked me as she sipped her drink.

    "It's getting there," I replied tightly.

    Michelle grinned. "Brian used to tell me that he got butterflies in his tummy when he saw me with another guy. Is your tummy doing that?"

    I nodded. The fact I was even discussing this with her was still hard to believe. "My tummy flutters, along with a few other things. One part of me in particular is fluttering a lot."

    Michelle laughed. "I bet, sweetie!"

    Kylie suddenly appeared over her shoulder. She greeted us, and ordered a drink for herself.

    "Where's that cutie you were dancing with?" Michelle asked her.

    Kylie shrugged. "Still on the floor somewhere. I didn't really like him, so I kinda blew him off." Kylie took a long pull at her drink.

    Michelle laughed. "The night is young," she said, with a sidelong glance at me.

    Kylie smiled at her. "It sure is. Has my little hubby been behaving himself?"

    "Yeah," Michelle replied. "He's been a perfect gentleman. I think he got a little flustered seeing you dance with that guy, though."

    Kylie looked at me, and her eyes flashed. "You getting a little frisky, Lover?" she playfully asked.

    I gulped, and once again the surreal nature of the situation floated over me. "You know I am," I replied in a tight voice.

    "Well, I wonder how frisky you'll be before the night is over then," Kylie winked at Michelle, and the pair gave each other what was almost a colluding smile. Kylie finished her drink and put the glass on the bar. "Anyway, I'm gonna go and dance some more. Have fun you guys!" With a final grin Kylie disappeared into the sea of bodies on the dance-floor.

    The pattern repeated itself for the next two hours. Michelle and I spent most of the time sat at the bar, and we caught occasional glimpses of Kylie dancing with several guys. My pulse quickened when I noted that Kylie seemed to have taken a liking to one guy in particular; he too was tall, good-looking and well built. In fact Michelle gave a low wolf-whistle when she saw him.

    "Yum," she intoned softly. "Now he is a hottie."

    My excitement further increased when I saw Kylie eventually take his hand and lead him to a secluded row of semicircular tables built into the rear wall of the nightclub, vanishing from our view. Another hour passed, and in the interim Michelle and I danced several more times. I could just barely make out Kylie and the handsome stranger sat cozily at one of the tables, but the lighting was so dim that I couldn't make out what the pair was doing. Were they kissing, or caressing? My excitement and angst heightened.

    Michelle noticed my increased tension. "Aww, you wondering what Kylie is up to, sweetie?" she asked in a teasing voice.

    I swallowed and nodded.

    Michelle giggled softly. "I'm sure you will find out soon enough. Let's get another drink."

    We made our way back to the bar and found a pair of seats. Michelle sat and crossed her long legs, and from the corner of my eye I saw her mini-skirt ride up. She swiveled her head away from me for a few seconds, and my gaze slid involuntarily down to her smooth, lean thighs. Michelle turned back in time to note the direction of my stare, and a soft smile washed over her face.

    "Like what you see, sweetie?" she playfully asked.

    I dropped my gaze and blushed guiltily.

    Michelle uttered a tinkling laugh. "Kylie told me that you're a leg man. She also told me that she's wearing stockings tonight instead of pantyhose. What is it about stockings and suspenders that drives you guys so wild?"

    I blinked. "I don't really know," I replied honestly. "I've never really thought about it. Maybe because they accentuate a woman's thighs. Or maybe because they highlight her legs. But you're right - its drives some men nuts."

    Michelle's eyes glittered. "And is it driving you nuts that Kylie is wearing them now - as she's sat in the dark little alcove with that guy she was dancing with?"

    "Yes," I answered softly. My cock gave a concurring quiver in its steel casing.

    Michelle smiled again. "My little sister knows how to push all your buttons, sweetie." Her eyes slid past my shoulder. "And speaking of the girl..."

    I turned to see Kylie appear out of the crowd leading the tall stranger by the hand.

    "Hey!" she whinnied to both Michelle and I. "How you guys doing?" She turned to the guy at her elbow. "This is Matt," Kylie made the introductions, and I was introduced as Michelle's 'boyfriend'. I shook Matt's hand with a growing sense of surrealism. It was quite possible that within an hour or two he would be fucking my wife. I felt my cock spasm moistly inside of the tube, as if it were fervently yearning for this outcome.

    Kylie suggested that we all move to one of the tables at the back of the bar, and she gave me a covert wink. The four of us were soon ensconced at a semicircular table, with the girls wedged into the middle of the curved seat, and Matt and myself opposite each other on the periphery, so that the order of seating was myself, Michelle, Kylie and then Matt.

    We made small talk over the music for about fifteen minutes, and my stomach fluttered as I noticed how closely Matt was pressed to Kylie. Her hands were under the table, and I feverishly wondered if her nimble fingers were stroking his thigh, or even caressing his cock through his jeans.

    Matt eventually excused himself and headed for the gent's room. As soon as he was out of earshot, Kylie turned to Michelle and I.

    "I told Matt that we might be going back to your place later and I invited him to come back with us," Kylie announced to Michelle. "Is that still cool?"

    "It's fine with me," Michelle replied before swiveling her gaze to me.

    Kylie looked at me. "Are you sure you're still okay with this? I can still stop this if you want?"

    I swallowed. The tingling, almost masochistic warm glow that rippled through me as I had watched Kylie sitting close to Matt returned. I imagined Kylie kissing him, letting his hands wander over her inviting body. I envisioned her be-stockinged legs wrapped around his hips as he slid his cock into her. My cock added it's persuasive opinion, leaping into joyful life and again pressing tightly at its enclosing tube.

    "I'm okay with it," I told Kylie in a voice that now trembled. "You know that it's something that I've wanted for a long time."

    Michelle chuckled softly in the background as Kylie smiled and slowly nodded. "Okay, Lover," Kylie told me. "I'll tell Matt that we are good to go when he gets back. By the way, you two? I've told Matt that I am married, but that I'm having a trial separation from my hubby, just so there are no complications. I just wanted you to know in case the subject comes up, even though it probably wont."

    Matt returned presently, and Kylie was soon whispering in his ear. I saw him nod, and the pair exchanged several more soft words.

    Kylie turned to Michelle and I. "Matt says that he can drive us all home instead of taking a cab." she announced.

    "I've only had three drinks all night, so I'm okay to drive," Matt added. "I've been drinking coke most of the time."

    "Great - thanks!" Michelle replied.

    Almost before I knew it, and with an even greater sense of surrealism, we were soon in Matt's car heading for Michelle's apartment. Kylie sat in the front seat with him, and Michelle and I were wedged into the back seat. As we made small talk, I saw Michelle turn to me and wink. Her lascivious smile simply made me tremble a little harder at what lay in store for the remainder of the evening.

    Chapter 14: Back at Michelle's apartment

    Matt swung his car into Michelle apartment block, and Michelle directed him to the visitor's parking area. We alighted from the car, and made our way towards Michelle's apartment. My cock twitched again as I noticed Kylie take Matt's hand into hers, and we followed Michelle inside.

    Michelle switched on a squat table lamp, and it feebly illuminated the lounge-room. Michelle invited us all to take a seat, and Kylie artfully guided Matt to the couch and then sat down beside him. In almost a daze I sank into an armchair as Michelle busied herself fixing drinks in the kitchen. Matt had asked for coke, as did I, and the girls had a glass of white wine. Michelle then joined us in the murky lounge-room, handing out glasses before sinking into the other armchair next to mine. I idly wondered if the dim lighting was planned or accidental.

    Kylie had seized a remote control on a coffee table in front of Michelle's couch, and she turned on the TV and she found a music video channel pumping out the latest hits. We made small talk in the semi-darkness about several popular bands and artists. As we chatted, Kylie had been slowly edging closer and closer to Matt on the couch until she was finally sat with her hips pressing to his. She now turned slightly towards him and lifted up her nylon-clad legs so that they were curled up in front of her on the couch. This meant that she pressed even closer to him, and my cock throbbed again as I watched Matt casually drape his arm over Kylie's shoulders. She tilted forwards to allow his arm to drop and curl around her waist. She then leaned back against his chest, her head resting on his shoulder. My stomach fluttered.

    Michelle flicked a subtle side-glance towards me, and her face arched with the slightest of smiles. We watched the TV for another minute or so, and I heard Matt mumbled something to Kylie. From the corner of my eye I watched as she looked up into his face, smiled - and then my stomach did flip-flops as she softly pressed her lips to his.

    I am sure that Michelle heard my soft intake a breath as the kiss deepened. My cock throbbed joyfully inside its metal prison, and I felt my balls contract. In the soft light I watched as Kylie turned more fully towards Matt, and she now reached up to place her hand behind his neck as they began to kiss in earnest. The soft smack of their lips punctuated the music wailing from the TV. Michelle glanced sidelong at me again, and smiled.

    I was now trembling slightly as my wife and her new playmate continued and intensified their kissing. Almost as if to add to my dilemma, Michelle stretched out her long legs, and she idly began slipping her right foot slowly in and out of her black high-heeled shoe. The motion was almost sexual, and my cock again voiced its approval with another quiver. My lower stomach felt warm and loose.

    Michelle reached for her handbag, and withdrew a pack of cigarettes from within. Upon opening the pack, she frowned.

    "Shit, I'm almost out of smokes," she grunted. She glanced over at me and said: "Wanna walk me to the service station, hun? I gotta get some more smokes."

    "Yep - sure," I muttered in a tight, almost squeaky voice. So this was Michelle's little distraction - to get me to escort her to the 24-hour service station at the end of her block, leaving Kylie and her new playmate alone for ten or fifteen minutes. My sister-in-law was sneaky.

    "Come on then," Michelle told me, rising up from the chair.

    Kylie and Matt broke their kiss, although they were still pressing close to each other as I almost dazedly arose. Kylie briefly turned her face away from Matt, and my heart nearly stopped when she sent me a salacious wink, and then extended the tip of her moist, pink tongue and quickly rolled it suggestively around her lips. My legs went weak.

    Michelle slung her handbag over her shoulder and turned to the pair. "We're just gonna walk down to the service station to get some smokes. You two love-birds want anything?"

    They both answered in the negative. I could see that Kylie's hand had moved up to rest on Matt's thigh. My imprisoned cock throbbed again.

    "Okay," Michelle replied. She sent the pair a grin and playfully added: "We won't be long, but we don't wanna get back and find you two lovers steaming up our couch! Use the damned bedroom, okay?" Michelle finished with a tinkling laugh.

    I had to admire Michelle's droll but cunning method of letting Matt know that they were free to use the spare bedroom, and that Michelle and I were practically expecting it. Very slick.

    "Michelle!" Kylie gasped in mock-outrage, and then she laughed herself. Matt blushed, but he grinned sheepishly as well. I forced a weak laugh, and then Michelle grabbed my hand. "Let's go, hun," she told me. We made our way out into the cool night air.

    A bright moon cast its soft glare over us, and Michelle's high-heels clicked in a steady sensual rhythm on the footpath as we began our stroll toward the service station. As though to take my mind off events back at her apartment, she began telling me a story about one of her neighbors. I listened with as much attention as I could muster, replying in grunts and monosyllables where needed. The gleaming red and yellow Shell billboard grew steadily larger ahead of us as she spoke on, and by the time Michelle had concluded her narrative we were approaching the paved concrete driveway of the service station. Her hand still clasped mine, and she finally turned her face towards me.

    "How's the excitement level now?" she asked softly.

    "Almost unbearable," I replied.

    "You're shaking, sweetie," Michelle said.

    I nodded. My balls ached softly as I walked.

    "Do you think they're still on the couch?" she asked in a silky voice.

    "I don't know," I replied huskily. The harsh strip lighting under the service station canopy illuminated us as we entered the wide driveway.

    "Or maybe they're already in the bedroom," Michelle mused airily. "I wonder if he's discovered that your wicked little wife is wearing stockings and suspenders yet?" She sent me a sidelong glance, and her lips curled into a smile.

    "Jesus!" I almost hissed.

    Michelle giggled. "Aww, I'm sorry, sweetie. I won't tease you for a bit, ok?"

    I simply nodded as we walked the last few yards into the painfully bright interior of the service station. The moon-faced attendant glanced at Michelle's legs for a few seconds before returning his attention back to the small portable TV sitting next to his console.

    Michelle told me she needed to use the rest room. As I waited for her my mind was fervently wondering about events back at her apartment. A vision of Kylie kneeling in front of Matt flashed before me; she had his hard cock in her mouth, and her head bobbed back and forth as her soft, pouty lips slid sensuously up and down his shaft, leaving traces of her lipstick behind. Her eyes gazed adoringly up at him as her hands reached around to cup the cheeks of his ass. Kylie teasingly pulled back so that the underside of his wide purple glans rested on her lower lip, and she flicked her tongue rapidly under the head of his cock, that foxy little grin that I knew so well spreading across her upturned face as she winked at him.

    I stifled an involuntary groan and tried to rid my mind of the vision. Michelle returned from the rest room a few moments later. She took my hand and then, to my confusion, towed me back out into the cool night air. I started to remind her about her cigarettes - when it all suddenly became clear.

    "I'm guessing that you didn't really need cigarettes after all," I remarked - more a statement than a question.

    "Nope," Michelle replied. "I have two packs in my bedroom, and another in my handbag. But I had to use some excuse to give my little sister some time alone with sexy Matt, didn't I?" We began our stroll back to her apartment.

    "You sure gave them the go-ahead to use the spare bedroom, too," I pointed out, referring to her parting shot to Kylie and Matt about not steaming up her couch. Even recalling her remark sent a tingle of excitement through me.

    Michelle giggled softly. "Yeah - I guess that was a bit blatant of me, huh? But I'm sure it got the message across. Let's see - three or four minutes for us to walk up here. A few minutes inside the service station. Then another three or four minutes for us to walk back. That gives them maybe ten minutes or more all alone, and a nice cozy bedroom that they know they can use just up the hallway."

    I was silent for a few seconds. The only sound was Michelle high-heels clicking rhythmically on the footpath, and my own rapid pulse rushing though my ears. Michelle's slender palm felt warm and moist against my own.

    "You think they'll go up to the bedroom?" I asked softly.

    Michelle allowed a soft smile to caress her face. "If you had just picked Kylie up at a club, and you got her alone and knew there was a bedroom handy, would you hesitate if she invited you to take her up there?"

    I knew the answer to that question. "No - I wouldn't."

    "Let me put it this way, sweetie," Michelle said quietly. "I'm sure Matt didn't drive us all back home from a sense of charity - he was hoping to get into Kylie's pants. And I've a fair idea that my little sister would've dropped him a few hints back at the club that he'd do just that once they got back to my apartment. And now he knows that there's an available bed just up the hallway."

    Once again a taunting image flashed before me; Kylie sliding her skirt down her shapely thighs as Matt drank in the sight of my wife in black stockings and suspenders. Almost involuntarily my gaze slid down to Michelle's smooth supple legs, and I quelled another soft groan. My fingers tightened slightly around hers.

    Michelle noted my quick glance at her long legs, and from the corner of my eye I saw her smile softly. "This is really making you hot, isn't it?" she asked.

    I nodded. "Uh-huh."

    I glanced sidelong at her, and she met my gaze and smiled. "Well, as far as them using the bedroom goes?" she said quietly. "They are probably already up there now, sweetie. A few minutes kissing on the couch, the pair of them getting hotter and hotter, getting all touchy-feely. He probably slid his fingers up her skirt, or started fondling her tits. And soon Kylie would have panted in his ear that they might be more comfy in the bedroom, and that they should go now before we get back. And he would have whisked her up the hallway and into that bedroom faster than you can say let's fuck."

    I swallowed, and I found that I couldn't reply.

    "So, sweetie?" Michelle continued playfully. "I would bet that right now she's already stripping off that tight little skirt of hers, and that my frisky little sister is having a good go at getting his pants off as well." She finished with a wink at me, and a slow, teasing giggle.

    My balls tightened. "Jesus, you're so evil - just like your little sister!" I gasped.

    Michelle chuckled huskily. "Probably worse, actually! You don't know the half, sweetie!" She winked at me again. "And you thought I was a prim and proper sister-in-law, huh?" She chuckled softly.

    "You're not as innocent as I thought you were - that's for sure," I muttered.

    "You got that right, sweetie," she responded. "Kylie tells me that she has you locked up in one of your little toys?"

    I nodded. "I basically wear it seven days a week."

    "Tell me - how does it feel?" she asked. "I mean, how does it feel not to be able to touch yourself or cum until Kylie lets you out? Does it make you horny all the time?"

    I couldn't restrain a smile. "Horny is putting it mildly, I guess you could say."

    Michelle turned her moonlit face towards me. "Kylie told me that she only lets you cum every two weeks."

    I nodded again. "Yes - two weeks usually. But sometimes sooner." A waft of her perfume drifted over me. It suddenly struck me how bizarre it was that I was freely discussing the intimate details of my sex life with my sister-in-law - and especially the details of the game Kylie and I were playing. But I guess that Michelle was a part of that game now. Another lurid tingle of excitement flooded through me, adding to the carnal ache of wondering what my wife was doing back at Michelle's apartment. My cock quivered restlessly inside of the steel tube as though it was relishing Michelle's curiosity.

    "Do you enjoy waiting for that long?" Michelle asked.

    I pondered for a few seconds. As long as we were going to talk about it, I might as well be candid. "The waiting and the tension is what makes it so hot, maybe. Each day that passes makes me want her a little more. The desire grows and grows, and the tension builds and builds. Sometimes it feels like I'm high on something, like a drug. It's kinda hard to explain - but when Kylie unlocks the tube, and we make love, it's like the first time all over again."

    "Hmm, interesting," Michelle replied. "I was kinda curious about how it feels from your side. Kylie has told me how much she loves driving you insane and teasing you when you're locked up."

    "Kylie has taken that kind of tease to an art-form," I remarked.

    "So I gather. What about her and Matt right now, then - is that a tease?"

    Once again I pondered the question. "Well, for me I guess it's the ultimate tease - knowing that she is giving some other guy what I want and crave so desperately. Like she's doing the kinkiest thing she can ever do to tease me, and make me wait."

    Michelle smiled softly. "And that excites you?"


    "Even if Matt has a bigger cock than you?"

    I felt my face redden in the darkness. "That just adds to it, I guess."

    "That Kylie may be getting off on a guy who has a bigger dick than you?"

    My face flushed further. "Uh-huh." I nodded.

    Michelle swiveled her head towards me and changed tack slightly. "And the toy that you wear is making you smaller?"

    My hand clenched hers slightly tighter. "Yes."

    "Kylie teases you about that too, doesn't she?" Michelle inquired softly.


    "And that makes you hot? Hearing her tease you about being smaller?"

    "Yes, for some reason it does - a lot."

    Michelle felt my hand quiver again as it clenched hers, and her smile broadened. "Does it excite you that I'm asking you about it?"

    I lowered my eyes. "In a way it does, yes," I muttered.

    "And what would you do if I teased you about it?"

    I turned my face towards her. "Shake a lot harder than I am now."

    Michelle laughed softly. "Well I wouldn't want that; you'll probably be shaking enough in a few minutes. But I can't promise that I won't pick at you before the night is over, though."

    "Yep - you're just as evil as your sister!" I muttered softly.

    "I sure am - little one." Michelle giggled softly as I clenched her hand tighter and drew a sharp breath. "Kylie told me that was one of the wicked names she calls you. Speak of the devil, we'll probably know what's going on back at the apartment in a minute. The spare bedroom light was off when we left. Won't it be interesting to see if it's on now?"

    I simply nodded. I found that I was waiting breathlessly for us to approach the apartment building. Michelle's high-heels clicked hypnotically on the footpath as we made our way closer. As we passed a neighboring hedge Michelle craned her neck and peered ahead. She gave a low chortle and came to a halt.

    "Well, well, well," she began. "The spare bedroom light is on." She turned to me. "See it?"

    I could see it, alright - the spare bedroom curtain was indeed brightly illuminated from behind. I uttered a low moan as my cock quivered inside its prison again. As Michelle and I watched, the brightly-lit curtain suddenly went much darker, but not completely black.

    "Someone just turned off the main light, and now only the bedside lamp is on," Michelle informed me.

    "Oh, Jesus Christ," I gasped. I gripped her slender hand tighter.

    Michelle turned to me. "How's the excitement level now?"

    "Screaming!" I huskily replied.

    Michelle smiled. "I bet it is, sweetie. And you are shaking worse than ever."

    I could only swallow what little saliva I had left and nod in reply.

    "Come on - let's go inside," Michelle murmured. "The spare room is at the far end of the apartment - but we might just be able to make out what your frisky little wife is up to."

    Her high-heels began clicking sensually on the footpath again as she lead me towards the apartment.

    Chapter 15: Listening in, and a tasty treat.

    My heart was pounding as we returned to the warm lounge-room; the couch was empty, and there was no sign of Kylie or Matt. With a final warm, powerful rush, the reality that my wife was up in the spare bedroom with a lover crashed over me. I was panting slightly, and I realised that I was poised with my head cocked, trying to discern any noise from up the hallway over the soft music still piping from the TV. A flutter tingled through my groin, and my pulse quickened.

    Michelle smiled softly as she took note of my posture. She switched off the table lamp, and the room was plunged into almost total darkness, lit only by the glare of the TV screen. Michelle then sank onto the couch and snaked out her long legs. She gestured to me and patted the cushion next to her. I sat shakily beside her, my cock now swelling tightly inside of my tube.

    "Getting a lot hotter now, sweetie?" she asked me quietly.

    "Yes," I hissed sotto voice. "Jesus, she's up there with him, isn't she?" Michelle seemed to understand my need to ask the redundant question; she nodded and gave me a soft grin.

    "Yeah - she's up in the spare room with another man. We might even hear her soon."

    I gasped softly again, and my cock once again sent its impatient message through my loins. Michelle leaned back on the couch and crossed her long legs. Her skirt rode up, revealing her smooth, tanned thighs. Once more her right foot began sensuously working its way in and out of her high-heel.

    "Kylie told me that you love my legs," Michelle announced softly. "And that you love my feet, too. Is that true, little one?"

    I slight jolt passed through me. Kylie had told Michelle the unabridged version of her wicked little scenario.

    "Yes," I said in almost a whisper.

    "She also told me that while she's busy you'd love to massage my feet for me - and even lick them."

    My heart and my cock both quivered. Bereft of speech, I simply nodded.

    Michelle smiled, and she slipped off both her shoes. "Then why don't you kneel down and massage them for me, sweetie. I doubt that Kylie and Matt will be disturbing us anytime soon."

    Almost on cue a brief feminine moan of pleasure wafted faintly from the hallway. My cock spasmed as the full realisation that it was Kylie's voice tore through me.

    Michelle turned her face towards me and smiled gently. "See? I think my little sister and her new friend will be busy for a little bit. They won't hear us at all if we're quiet. So why don't you start massaging my feet, sweetie."

    Trembling I sank to my knees and sat cross-legged, and took her right foot in my hand. Another soft female moan drifted faintly from the hallway, and I feverishly wondered if Kylie was at that moment arching her back as Matt's cock joyfully explored my wife's warm, creamy pussy. My hands shook as I massaged Michelle's slender foot. Like Kylie, she had long slim sexy toes, and her toenails were neatly painted bright red. My cock spasmed again as I glanced down at them.

    Another series of Kylie's muffled moans floated from the other end of the apartment, and Michelle looked down into my face.

    "Mmm..." she said in a soft, sultry voice, "Sounds like my little sister is letting him give it to her. Is that making you all nice and hard inside your toy, little one?"

    "Jesus, yes!" I practically whimpered. Sexual tension hung like a vapor in the dimly lit room.

    A faint muffled tapping noise suddenly started - and with a hot masochistic rush I realised that it was the bed-head in the spare room knocking against the wall. Kylie punctuated the carnal sound with another series of moans - louder this time.

    "Oh dear," Michelle playfully intoned. "I forgot how that bed bangs against the wall. I should have fixed that, hmm, little one?" Michelle giggled, and lifted her left leg and rested her foot on the coffee table to my right. This caused her mini-skirt to pull tight, forming a taut roof over her crotch. My gaze was drawn up the length of her smooth, long legs to the apex of her thighs - and I nearly gasped in shock. In the dim glare of the TV, Michelle's neatly trimmed pussy was just visible under her skirt. Michelle saw my transfixed stare, and she giggled softly.

    "Yeah - I'm not wearing panties anymore," she murmured, "I took them off and popped them into my handbag when I went to the restroom at the service station. Naughty of me, huh?" Michelle wriggled her toes and sent me a soft, sexy grin. "Lick my toes now, sweetie. I want to feel your tongue sliding between them."

    I shakily lifted her foot to my lips, and I hungrily drew her big toe into my mouth, sucking it as my tongue slithered over its underside. Michelle arched her back slightly, and emitted a soft sigh of pleasure. She slid slightly lower on the couch and twisted her left leg further outwards, pulling her short skirt even higher. Her pussy now became clearly visible in the soft glow of the TV screen. Her right hand drifted downwards and rested briefly on her thigh. It was soon heading northwards - under her skirt. My cock ached inside the tight metal cylinder as she spread her legs further. A soft warm sensation danced up my groin.

    Kylie's muffled passion laden voice drifted forth once more. This time I could just make out words: "Yeah, fuck me... Fuck me! Unghh! Unghhhh! " The staccato tapping of the distant bed-head increased in volume and tempo. My balls contracted tightly against the steel ring that entrapped them.

    Michelle lowered her eyelids, and her fingers slid upwards to the apex of her thighs. My tongue was now eagerly sliding between each of her slender toes, and I sucked and slurped them with a frenzy born from pure lust. I could feel my cock straining impatiently in the tight tube as the tip of Michelle's index finger slid briefly between her pussy lips. Her finger then moved upwards and she gave a soft, gentle moan. I knew she had found her clitoris.

    "Mmm, keep licking my toes, little one," she murmured. "That feels so good! Lick underneath each one... That's it! Ahh... That's making me so hot..."

    In the background Kylie uttered several more muffled exhortations to her lover as Michelle rapidly tweaked and stroked her clit. My eyes were glued to her ministrations - her circling fingertip was almost hypnotic, quickly swirling in a steady rhythm, almost keeping time with the soft, urgent knocking of the bed-head against the wall. My imprisoned cock again throbbed urgently, and I felt a trickle of pre-cum dribble from its tip.

    I slid three of Michelle's toes into my mouth and sucked them, and they wriggled in delight. She tilted her head back and sighed quietly as my tongue slid wetly back between her first and second toes.

    "Fuck, yeah!" Michelle panted huskily. "Keep doing that! Keep sliding your tongue in there - in and out, just like that! It feels so good! Your tongue is so warm... Mmm..." The TV suddenly flared, and in the bright light I could clearly see her fingertip rapidly tweaking her engorged button. Her legs began to tremble.

    The carnal tap of the bed head again increased in tempo. A sharp vision of Kylie's stocking-clad legs clasped around Matt's hips flashed before me. My thighs suddenly felt hot, and my lower stomach tightened. A hint of climax tingled in my loins.

    Michelle foot was twitching as I held it to my lips. "Keep going, sweetie!" she panted urgently. "Keep sliding your tongue in and out. Fuck, that feels so good!" Her finger swirled over her clit even faster, and her body shuddered softly in response.

    Kylie's distant ethereal voice suddenly rose in pitch. Her words were clearly audible through the walls: "Oh, yeah... Do it... Do it! Give it to me! Jesus! I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum! Oohhhhhh! KEEP FUCKING ME! PLEASE! NOW! NOW! YESSSSSSSS! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I'M CUMINNNNNG!"

    "And Christ, so am I!" Michelle rasped.

    Her long legs shuddered, and she closed her eyes, arched her back, and her toes curled in my mouth as orgasm rippled through my sister-in-law. She choked back several long, soft moans; her eyes clenched shut, and her sensual mouth hung agape. The TV glared brightly once more, and her pussy seemed to quiver and pulse as a glistening rivulet of her cream trickled slowly out of her spasming pussy and slithered sensuously down the crack of her ass. She held her rigid pose for several seconds before slumping back into the couch with a final satisfied grunt.

    All the while, my wife's cries of ardor had wafted from the distant bedroom. I could just hear husky male grunts adding to Kylie's cries of ecstasy, and I realised that Matt's cock was probably throbbing triumphantly as his own orgasm sent his thick cream deep into my wife's pussy. The heat in my loins went white hot.

    I knew that Kylie would have made him wear a rubber, but at that moment the thought of his raw unprotected cock exploding deep in my wife's hungry pussy sent ripples of deviant pleasure through me. A sudden waft of Michelle's musky scent assailed me.

    It was suddenly all too much for me - I stifled a thin wail, and for only the second time in my life I spontaneously ejaculated. I choked back several groans as a gentle, almost disassociated orgasm pulsed sympathetically through me. My cock throbbed almost painfully inside of the tight metal as I felt my semen splatter wetly inside of the domed end of the tube. I sucked on Michelle's big toe like a baby sucking at a teat.

    Michelle half opened her eyes to glance down at me, perhaps guessing what had just happened, either by my stifled moans, or by the way my hands shook as they grasped her slender, trembling foot. The urgent cries of passion from the spare bedroom dwindled, and finally ceased altogether. I was breathing heavily through my nose, still watching Michelle's finger gently circling her swollen clit as my tongue caressed her big toe.

    "Mmmm, that was yummy, sweetie," she murmured placidly, withdrawing her hand from under her skirt. "I've always loved having my toes sucked. Kylie must've given you a lot of practice - 'cause you're a very good little toe-sucker!"

    I let her big toe slip from my lips as Michelle slowly retracted her foot from my grasp. She slowly sat up on the couch and closed her legs, and in the dim light I saw her glance pointedly down at my crotch and smile softly.

    "Did you cream your jeans, sweetie?" she asked me quietly.

    I hung my head. "Yes."

    Michelle's smiled deepened. "Mmm! You must be a very, very horny boy! You'd better go get that cleaned up, sweetie. Don't worry - the other two won't be coming out for a while yet. Trust me."

    I reach down to feel a small warm damp patch where the drainage hole in the tip of my tube had been pressing against the crotch of my jeans. Almost in a daze I clumsily arose to my feet, and headed for the bathroom. I glanced back to see Michelle's long, sexy legs still splayed out in front of her on the couch. In the bathroom I dried my soaked briefs and jeans as best I could, and I was hopeful that in the dim light of the lounge-room that the damp evidence of my lapse wouldn't be noticed.

    When I returned to the lounge-room, Michelle immediately arose and made her own trip to the bathroom. As I sat in the dark room, I wondered what was occurring in the spare room. Was my wife playfully kissing her lover, perhaps gently stroking his cock as the pair engaged in soft post-coital conversation? The surreal nature of the evening had begun to assert itself again. Was this really happening? Did I just listen to Matt fucking my wife 30 feet away? Did I just suck my sister-in-laws toes as she masturbated to the sound of their coupling?

    When Michelle returned from the bathroom she turned the small table lamp back on and smiled softly as she sat down beside me. She looked as composed as ever, although she still had a satisfied flush to her face. She picked up the remote control for the TV and raised the volume slightly.

    "Did you enjoy that, sweetie?" she asked in a quiet voice.

    "I loved it," I replied truthfully, almost in a trance. "All of it. It's the hottest, most erotic thing I have ever experienced. Hearing Kylie, knowing she's up there fucking him. Watching you - everything. I'm tingling all over." And I was tingling.

    "I enjoyed it too," Michelle said softly. "I'm not usually into sex as a spectator sport, but to listen to my horny little sister getting nailed as her hubby sucked and licked my toes was too good an opportunity to pass up! Your wicked little wife had it all worked out."

    "So you and Kylie had it all planned, huh?" I asked. Again the bizarre surrealism of what had just occurred flashed through me.

    "Well, we'd talked about it a little, so yeah - you could say that. I'm not usually an exhibitionist, and I've never done that in front of anyone before, but when Kylie told me about it - well, I thought it sounded hot. And it was." Michelle lit herself a cigarette. "Tell me something - just exactly how long is your cock now after wearing those nasty little tubes?"

    I blushed. "The last time Kylie measured me I was just less than four inches. She measures me again next Saturday night - and it might be a little bit smaller again."

    Michelle raised her eyebrows. "Under four inches erect?"

    I nodded slowly.

    "Whoa!" she exhaled. "That is a little one! I've never seen one that small. You think Kylie would let you show it to me?"

    My eyebrows arched in embarrassed surprise, and I swallowed. A ripple of masochistic pleasure surged through me as I imagined Michelle grinning as she peered at my shrunken shaft. "Maybe you should ask her."

    Michelle simply smiled softly.

    Chapter 16: Back at home, and a surprise announcement

    Michelle arose and refilled our glasses as we waited. I listened again for any more sounds from the bedroom, but there was only silence from the other end of the apartment. I idly wondered if Kylie was naked. Michelle returned and handed me a full glass.

    She again divined my thoughts. "Wondering what she is doing up there, sweetie?" she asked.

    I sipped my coke and nodded.

    "I'm sure that she's safe and sound," she said. She lit another cigarette. "My sister is a smart cookie. She knows that it's much better for her to be with a guy here than at his place - you know what I mean?"

    I nodded. I hadn't considered the safety angle. "So you can keep an eye on her, you mean?"

    Michelle nodded. "Yep. Kylie even had that all worked out."

    We watched TV and somehow made small talk for the next fifteen minutes or so. I still found it hard to believe that what had just occurred had really happened. I glanced down at Michelle's slender right foot. Had I really sucked her toes as she masturbated only minutes ago? Did she really cum to the muffled sound of my wife being fucked? The weird unreality of the situation asserted itself again.

    Michelle and I suddenly heard the spare bedroom door squeak open, and a few moments later Kylie and Matt strode softly into the lounge room. Kylie greeted us with a broad smile, but Matt looked subdued and sheepish; maybe he figured that Kylie's cries of pleasure had been all too audible. In any case, he quickly bade Michelle and I goodbye, and then Kylie saw him to the front door. I heard them kiss briefly, and then Kylie shut the front door behind him and returned to the lounge room as we heard Matt's car roar into life outside.

    Kylie's had apparently combed her hair, and it looked like she had attempted to fix her smudged lipstick - but her glazed eyes and flushed complexion had all the hallmarks of a lady who had just been well and truly fucked. She sent me a deep smile and her eyes softened as she gazed at me.

    Michelle grinned at her. "Have a good time, Sis'?"

    Kylie's face reddened, but she beamed back at her sister. "Yeah - I did, as a matter of fact. What about you?"

    This time Michelle blushed, and assured Kylie that I had been very good company. Kylie glanced at me, and her expression told me that she was well aware what might have occurred whilst she was otherwise occupied in the bedroom.

    "And are you ready to go home, Lover?" Kylie asked me. I nodded; I already knew that Kylie would unlock me tonight, and that she would then tell me all about her steamy romp with Matt as my little cock slid into her deep, still moist pussy. I was tingling in anticipation.

    Kylie asked me to call for a cab as she and Michelle sat talking. The cab was tooting ten minutes later, and we bade Michelle goodbye.

    "Thanks for a mind-blowing night," I told Michelle as I kissed her cheek.

    Michelle smiled. "The pleasure was all mine."

    "Mine too," Kylie quipped.

    As we walked to the awaiting cab, Kylie pinched my ass. She giggled at my sudden jolt.

    "Eager to get home, Lover?" she asked me softly.

    "Very much," I answered truthfully.

    Kylie grinned. "It's nice to cum home."

    I couldn't restrain a smile. We climbed into the warm cab and were soon coasting through the moonlit night.


    When Kylie and I arrived home I was again shaking in anticipation. Kylie sensed my excitement, and she grinned impishly and told me to go for a quick shower.

    Ten minutes later I was eagerly sliding my little cock into Kylie's fervent pussy. She was still soaking wet, and I knew that I would struggle to last more that a couple of minutes inside her. Kylie had elected to keep her stockings and suspenders on, and her smooth, silky legs locked around my back as she excitedly asked me if I had heard her and Matt fucking.

    I stammered that I had. Christ, she felt so loose! My hips pumped up and down rapidly, driving my cock into what felt like a bucket of warm yogurt. "Did he have a big cock?" I asked in what was almost a whimper.

    "Mmm, yes he did, Lover," my wife replied smoothly. "A lovely big, thick cock. Much bigger than that tiny little thing that's inside me now, my little Cuck-eeeee."

    "I am your little Cuckie, aren't I?" I blurted involuntarily.

    "You certainly are, little one!" Kylie panted. "You heard me tonight, didn't you - you actually heard me cuckolding you again?"

    "Yes!" I gasped. My balls tightened. "Did you enjoy it?"

    "Enjoy it?" Kylie giggled. "I fucking loved it! And I'll love it just as much next time!"

    I moaned loudly. "You're going to keep cuckolding me?"

    Kylie gasped and her sparkling eyes bored into mine. "Oh, I certainly am, Needle-dick! Over, and over and over! From now on I might only let you fuck me if another guy fucks me first! How would you like that? If I only let you have sloppy seconds from now on, hmm?"

    "You'd cut me off?" I pantingly asked. My hips furiously sped my desperate thrusts into her. The squelchy sound of my cock sliding loosely into her fermenting cunt drifted over us. I could feel her juices coating my balls.

    "Mmm, cut you off - what an interesting phrase! That's a good idea, Needle-dick! Just imagine - no blowjobs, and no pussy for you until some other guy gets them first, hmm?" Kylie giggled again underneath me.

    "You'd stop giving me blowjobs, too?" I almost wailed.

    "That I would, little one." Kylie replied in a voice that was as slick and syrupy as her pussy. "Wouldn't that be so nasty of me - to only suck that thin little cock of yours after I had given some other guy a nice, long, warm, wet blowjob!" She tilted her head in thought for a moment, and then winked up at me. "Maybe I should kneel down naked in front of him and suck him off, making his cock so very wet and slippery. Then maybe I'll ask him to tit-fuck me, hmm? I bet he'd love me to hold my tits together as he slides his big cock between them, wouldn't he, Cuckie?"

    "Yes! Yes, he would!" I panted.

    "Do you know what I'll do, little one? I'll lick and suck the head of his cock as it pokes up between my tits as I cup them around him. Then I'll beg him to cum right there, Needle-dick - right between my tits as I'm holding them together for him! Then I'm going to leave his cum there just so you can see it later on, Cuckie. How would that be? If I showed you that soft, warm little cleft between my tits, all wet and slippery with his sticky cream. I might even make you slide your tongue between them, and lick it all off!"

    "Oh my God!" I shrieked.

    Kylie writhed under me, and her face curled into another teasing smile. "Aww, is that kinky little idea making you hot, my little Cuckie? Imagining me letting him tit-fuck me until he explodes all over my big tits - and then me making you lick them clean before I'll let you cum?"

    "Yes!" I moaned loudly.

    Kylie locked her silky ankles over my back. "Or maybe I'll let him lick my big, juicy tits as he fucks me instead, hmm, little one? Just imagine not being able to cum for weeks, your desperate little pecker all locked up, and then having to listen to me moaning and begging and screaming as he fucks me!"

    I moaned loudly again, and hooked my palms under her shoulders, thrusting my cock desperately inside of her.

    Kylie continued her wicked commentary. "Just think - no handjobs for you. No blowjobs for you. And no fucking for you, either. Nothing for you - not until some other guy gets to slide his big, hard, thick cock inside my pussy - my married pussy!" Kim uttered a wicked chortle. "Maybe we should've left out the part about me being faithful in our wedding vows, hmm, little one? Because I certainly haven't been faithful, have I? Have I?" Kylie giggled again, and slid her nails down my shuddering back.

    "No, you haven't!" I bellowed. My tight balls slapped wetly against her ass.

    "That's right - I haven't," Kylie leered up at me. "I've already let two different guys fuck me in the last week, haven't I? But you don't mind waiting for me while I'm out getting a decent fuck, do you Cuckie?"


    "You want your wife to be satisfied, don't you?"


    "As you wait for me - all locked up?"


    "You don't mind waiting for me with your balls all full and aching, do you?"

    "No! No, I don't mind!"

    "So I can cuckold you anytime I like? I can sleep with any guy I want to, little one?"


    "Mmm, good! I'm sure plenty of other hot guys at the nightclub would've loved to get a piece of what Matt got tonight. Maybe I'll have to start going out with Michelle every Saturday night, hmm? And maybe every Friday night, too! How would that be, little one? If my hot, juicy pussy was on offer two nights each week! And you'd have to sit there, your little pecker all locked up in your toy, and hope that I hooked-up again - otherwise you wouldn't be getting any!" Kylie closed her eyes and giggled again. "Maybe I'll give you a mercy fuck after a man with a real cock has had me - maybe!"

    "Oh, Jesus!" I moaned loudly. The loose, wet confines of her drenched cunt teased my thrusting cock.

    Kylie opened her eyes and grinned wolfishly up at me. "Even better? Why don't I stop letting you fuck me completely! What if I told you that this is the last time that I'll ever let you fuck me, Cuckie? Its not like I'll be missing anything, is it? How would you like knowing that my hot, creamy cunt is just for other men from now on, hmm?"

    "Do it! Do it!" I heard myself screech thinly. Climax slithered along my loins like a coiling snake about to strike.

    "Mmm, don't tempt me, Needle-dick! After sampling Matt's beautiful long, thick cock tonight, I wouldn't take a lot of convincing to cut you off - totally! I didn't know what I was missing! You do realise that Matt's lovely big cock reached twice as deep inside me tonight as your little three-inch pecker is right now, don't you? Twice as deep!"

    "Yes!" I moaned loudly. My upper thighs melted into liquid as orgasm teetered on the brink.

    Kylie uttered a low, carnal chortle. "Then I guess you'd understand if I never bothered letting you fuck me again, hmm? That from now on I might only let other men with real cocks fuck me! Mmm, that idea makes me hot, Needle-dick! That I may be married to you - but my pussy certainly won't be! Wouldn't that be so nasty and bitchy of me? To make you my permanently cut-off little Cuck-eeeee! So why dont you hurry up, and blow your tiny little load inside me for the last time!"

    I arched my back and screamed as a powerful climax tore through me like a runaway train, booming like a thunderclap as my body twitched and contorted - a puppet manipulated and controlled by my wife's warm, slippery sex.


    Later, as we lay in afterglow, Kylie rested her head on my chest and gently inquired which parts of her lascivious narrative I found to be the most erotic. I told her that I loved all of it, and that everything she had suggested had driven me insane. She confessed that her threat to cut me off completely was naturally just that - a kinky threat. But she did find it interesting that the notion turned me on so much, and added that it could end up as another wicked little ploy that she might 'fiddle with'.

    She wanted to know the details of what Michelle and I had done whilst she was in bed with Matt. I told her that Michelle had gotten me to lick and suck her toes, and that she had masturbated as we listened to her fucking. Kylie chuckled, and called Michelle a kinky bitch. I also somewhat shyly told her that I had spontaneously ejaculated inside of the tube as I had listened to her climaxing. Kylie was delighted to hear this.

    "Michelle asked me something," I told Kylie. "She said she wanted to ask you if she could see what the tube has done to me."

    Kylie nodded. "Yeah - I know. She already asked me."

    I blinked in surprise. "Really? And what did you say?"

    "I told her that if it's okay with you to let her to see it, then it's fine with me."

    A tremor passed though me.

    Kylie giggled. "That idea kinda make you hot, Lover? My big sister taking a quick peek at that little pecker of yours?"

    "Yes," I replied softly.

    Kylie smiled. "Okay - Well, one of these days we might have to arrange to show her just what those tubes are doing to your little dick, hmm?"

    The bedroom echoed to my gasp and Kylie's evil giggle.


    A week later I was again laying on the bed, my eyes closed as I felt Kylie press the ruler to my erect cock. I breathlessly waited for the measurement to be read out to me.

    "Three inches, and eleven sixteenths," Michelle announced slowly. "Just a little over three and a half inches. Oh my fucking God! Sweetie? I have to tell you that's the smallest cock I have ever seen!"

    The two sisters giggled as my stiff little cock trickled pre-cum.

    Chapter 17: One year later - deeper into the game.

    Life one year later is very different for me then it was when Kylie cuckolded me for the first time. I am still Kylie's 'little slave', and to a great extent I have also come to serve Michelle in a similar capacity - much to Kylie's amusement. The relationship and sexual dynamic between the three of us has changed enormously, and I have to admit that I have been a willing participant in all of the lascivious events that have since transpired. I will describe what has since occurred in brief detail.

    Immediately after Kylie's romp with Matt twelve months ago, she didn't 'cut me off' - but she did decide to extend the interval between my orgasms to once every three weeks. Kylie naturally kept me 'locked up' in the interim. The extra seven days secured inside of the tube consequently heightened my libido even further, and Kylie took full advantage of my frustrated excitement by getting me to please her long and often - both orally and with her dildo.

    This kinky game was now an open topic between Kylie and her elder sibling, especially since Michelle had been present when Kylie last measured me. Michelle seemed to be getting a great deal of vicarious enjoyment from the situation, and she was soon offering advice to her younger sister. Upon learning of my new three week regimen, Michelle suggested that on the night of my release every third Saturday, the three of us could again first hit a nightclub. This would allow Kylie to reprise her role as the unescorted (but married) younger sister out looking for some illicit 'fun', whilst Michelle and I would once more masquerade as a couple.

    Kylie quickly realised that this situation would give her scope to carry out another of her lascivious threats - for her to deny me intercourse until another man had sampled the goodies in her panties. She accepted Michelle's proposal, and so for the next six months I remained locked and without climax until the three of us went out to a club every third Saturday night (missing out only twice when Kylie was on her 'time of the month'). There was no shortage of guys who were eager to get a taste of some hot and available married pussy, and Kylie never failed to hook-up with a guy who was keen to engage in some casual sex with my attractive and very willing wife.

    When Kylie was successful in finding a male who had taken her fancy, she would inveigle him to join us back at Michelle's apartment. Once again Michelle would use the pretence of needing cigarettes, ask me to escort her to the service station, and crack the same tongue-in-cheek joke about Kylie and her paramour not 'steaming up' her couch when the nearby bedroom was more practical. By the time Michelle and I got back from our ten-minute stroll to the service station, Kylie and her new partner had always disappeared into the spare bedroom.

    Michelle would then sink into an armchair, snake out her long sexy legs, slip off her shoes, and tell me to lick and suck her toes. When Kylie's faint moans and cries of ecstasy began floating down the hallway, Michelle would lean back into the armchair and part her long legs, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. She would then smile sweetly down at me, and simply say: Lick me.

    My wife had told her that it was perfectly okay to 'use' me as a 'pussy-licker' whilst she was otherwise engaged in the spare bedroom. In my locked state, Kylie was also aware how much this would intensify my excited angst and increase my 'tease factor' - having to orally please Michelle as I listened to Kylie being pleased up in the spare bedroom. Michelle - being as fond of receiving oral sex as her sister was - hadn't needed much prompting to take up Kylie's generous offer.

    I admit that I didn't need much prompting either, and in my hyper-frustrated state I relished the chance to lick and suck my sister-in-law's steamy cunt. As we listened to my wife enjoying her latest conquest in Michelle's spare bedroom, Michelle would often tease me as I ate her creamy pussy, telling me how excited Kylie sounds, or how much she must be enjoying his big, long, hard cock. Michelle had also learned many of the 'pet' names that Kylie had for me, and just how much these wicked tags turned me on. Michelle became just as adept (and possibly more so) at verbally teasing me as her sister was, and to hear Michelle call me Cuckie or Needle-dick in her soft, drawling voice as I dutifully suckled her moist pussy never failed to get me hard inside of my tight metal tube.

    When Kylie's faint cries of ecstasy reached a crescendo, Michelle would grasp my hair with both hands, and pull my face hard against her sopping pussy, and she would climax in my mouth.

    After Kylie and I returned home from Michelle's apartment, Kylie would unlock me, and let me penetrate her. The carnal events of the evening had naturally turned me into a shaking, trembling ball of pent-up desire and lust. Being locked for three long weeks also meant that my penis was ultra sensitive, and the intense pleasure of sliding it into the molten confines of Kylie's creamy pussy was indescribable. Kylie would, of course, tease me about her latest romp, and about how much bigger his cock was. I rarely lasted longer than thirty seconds before I stiffened and exploded inside her.

    Our subsequent pillow talk was always intriguing; Kylie would lay with her head on my chest, and softly probe my feelings about recent events. In the euphoria of afterglow, I candidly told her everything she wanted to know. She once asked how it made me feel to lick her sister's pussy as I listened the sounds of her passion floating down the hallway. I told her that it was a mind-blowing tease, and that feeling my little cock harden and throb impotently in my tube as I orally pleased her sister added to my feeling of 'sub-space' - especially when Michelle added to the verbal teasing.

    This engaged Kylie's curiosity, and she asked me if it would further turn my crank if Michelle became even more assertive with me. Without thinking, I admitted that it would. Kylie just smiled softly, and steered the conversation on to other topics. At the time I didn't think a lot about this disclosure, but it would soon come back to haunt me. I had forgotten how close the sisters were.

    The next time the three of us went to a club and Michelle got me alone, she smiled demurely at me, and leaned over to whisper in my ear: "Tonight, as your horny little wife is fucking, you're gonna lick my cunt for as long as I tell you to. In fact, you're gonna lay on the floor, and I'm gonna to sit on your face, and you're gonna tongue-fuck me until I cream in your mouth. Kylie tells me that you get off thinking about being my little slave? Well - tonight you'll be my little cunt slave!"

    It was all I could do not to drop my glass.

    She meant what she said; later that evening as Kylie's moans and gasps of ardor floated down the hallway, Michelle ordered me lay on my back on the lounge-room floor, and she then straddled me, riding my face as my eager tongue pistoned frenziedly into her moist cunt. All the while she kept a wicked commentary going - telling me that I was just a mouth and a tongue for her to use, and how I had my mouth glued to a cunt that I would never get to fuck, and that if I didn't please her properly she would tell Kylie not to unlock me after we got home tonight. Hearing this from her nearly made me explode right then and there.

    As Kylie's familiar cries of passion reached a crescendo from up the hallway, Michelle's hips began rocking, sliding her button over my rapidly flicking tongue. She then also climaxed, pressing her cunt firmly down upon my gaping mouth. Her warm cream poured forth as though from a tap, and I had to swallow several times. The was again too much for me - as I listened to my wife's orgasmic moans and gasps, and as Michelle's cream slithered moistly into my stomach, I spontaneously climaxed inside of the tight steel tube for only the third time in my life.

    Kylie was delighted to later hear how her sister had ridden my face, and that I had once again became so excited hearing her climax that I had again shot my load inside of my tube. From then on, Michelle became increasingly dominant with me when we played this game, and I had to admit that I loved her assertive and imperious attitude.

    The situation altered about six months ago; Michelle found herself another steady boyfriend, and while this curtailed the kinky three-week routine that the three of us engaged in, it certainly didn't cease altogether. Michelle's new boyfriend worked as a technician on an oil-rig - two weeks off, and two weeks on. This gave Michelle a fourteen-day window where she was alone while her boyfriend was working offshore. She told Kylie that she would be more than happy to continue our sojourns, but that the only Saturday she had free each month was in the middle of her boyfriend's two-week absence.

    My wicked wife had perhaps been looking for an excuse to extend the period between my climaxes even further, and now Michelle's changed circumstances gave it to her. Kylie informed me that since we could only go out with Michelle once a month, then the period I would remain locked and without orgasm would also be extended to once monthly. I protested feebly, but a latent part of me was excited at the bitter-sweet prospect of delaying my climaxes even more. Kylie sweetened the deal by telling me that I could have 24 hours once a month to fuck her as many times as I could - but only after she had picked-up a guy at a club and judiciously 'cucked' me.

    And so the lascivious game between the three of us continued - but once monthly instead of once every three weeks. The first time Michelle and I returned from our stroll to the service station to find the couch typically devoid of my wife and her new lover, I had expected that there would be no physical contact between us - simply because she was again in a steady relationship. But Michelle showed no such restraint. She smiled, slipped off her high-heels and, wriggled her slender toes in silent invitation, and I duly sank to my knees and began sucking them. When Kylie's carnal pants and moans started drifting down the hallway, Michelle soon parted her smooth thighs and softly instructed me to slide my tongue inside her pussy.

    I once asked Michelle if she felt that she was betraying her boyfriend by getting me to orally satisfy her. She replied that my lips and tongue simply performed the same task that her own fingers could have done, and since I wasn't able to fuck her, or to use my cock on her in any guise whatsoever, then it wasn't an issue of betrayal in her opinion. She smilingly mused that her boyfriend might even approve of the situation if he knew, since it meant that she wasn't tempted to 'stray elsewhere' during his absences - because she had a perfectly safe, harmless, and essentially cockless little 'pussy-licker' at her disposal who was totally unable to fuck her.

    And speaking of my cock? Well - I am still wearing my little 'toy' practically seven days a week, and consecutively smaller and smaller tubes have finally reduced my penis to just over two inches long when fully erect. The rate of shrinkage each month has decreased over the last year, but it is still steadily becoming smaller. It is all mainly head now, and the stubby shaft is only about three-quarters of an inch thick when I am totally hard. In fact a few months ago I had to get a PA piercing, as my little cock became so short that it would often slip out of the metal tube. The PA ring is now anchored through the domed end of the tube, and this keeps my little pecker securely wedged in its tight steel tunnel.

    Both sisters are fascinated to discover how small I can actually become, and Kylie suggested that I carry on wearing ever shorter and tighter tubes to see if I reach only one inch long, or even less. I have to admit that the thought of becoming even smaller still sends that familiar masochistic ripple though me - and so each month I again make a tube a little shorter and sometimes a little narrower than the previous version. Michelle was often present when Kylie measured me, and she now teasingly refers to my penis as my 'little clit'.

    In fact, about three months ago one of the most erotically humiliating (and exciting!) things that I experienced was when I overheard Kylie telling Michelle that I couldn't fully penetrate Kylie's pussy anymore, and that I could just barely 'tickle her lips', and that my cock 'just falls out'. Michelle had giggled when Kylie described my frantic but ineffective thrusts into her, and she suggested that Kylie had better get a regular 'fuck buddy', seeing as I was unable to 'fill her up' anymore.

    Kylie later discussed Michelle's proposal with me. She pointed out that if she found a regular lover whom she could trust, and who became aware of our kinky little game, then this could lead to her fulfilling more of my fantasies - especially if he was comfortable with the situation. For example, she stated that she could carry out the story of her sitting on our couch with her lover, openly letting him kiss her and fondle her tits in front of me before she led him to our bedroom. She added that if he was adventurous and a little kinky himself, then he may get a kick from taking her in front of me on our marital bed.

    I had thus far only surreptitiously watched my wife kissing her lovers on Michelle's couch, and listened to their faint coupling; the prospect of being able to openly observe Kylie and her paramour with no duplicity involved tantalized me. I was now so hooked on the 'cuck drug' that I excitedly urged Kylie to proceed. She told me that she would start looking - but that she would need to find a guy who was both discreet and trustworthy before she made any commitments.

    As it turned out, it seemed that fate had decreed that my sister-in-law would again play major role in subsequent events.

    Chapter 18: Kylie finds a 'fuck buddy'

    About two months ago Kylie had dropped in to see Michelle at work in her office building, and Kylie was introduced to one of Michelle's co-workers - a good-looking single guy named Brad. Michelle later told Kylie that Brad had a discreet reputation in her office as a well-endowed 'stud' who had a liking for large-breasted women. The rumor floating around her office was that Brad and a friend of his had engaged in a hot and fervid foursome with a pair of young receptionists after the company Christmas break-up party the previous year. Michelle added that the rumor was fueled not by Brad himself, but by one of the receptionists involved - a buxom blonde by the name of Yvonne, who had furtively described Brad as being 'hung like a horse'.

    Brad had admitted privately to Michelle that the wild foursome did indeed occur, and that he was annoyed at Yvonne for blabbing about it. He stated that though he enjoyed the single lifestyle and liked playing the field, he preferred to keep his sexual conquests private.

    On the day Kylie had dropped in to see Michelle, she had been wearing a tight blouse that revealed the curvy swell of her large breasts and a generous valley of cleavage. Michelle had taken note of how Brad's gaze drifted down to my wife's ample bosom, and how he had gently flirted with Kylie during her visit. She later speculated to Kylie that he might possibly fit the bill as a regular 'fuck buddy' for her, seeing that he obviously fancied her, and that he had a desire for discretion. She also pointed out that if he had participated in a foursome, then he was at the very least sexually adventurous. Kylie admitted that she thought he was extremely attractive, and with my full and excited approval she told Michelle to investigate the possibility.

    A few days later Michelle reported back that Brad had described Kylie as a 'well-stacked Honey', and that it was a shame that she was married. Michelle had in turn intimated to him that although her sister was married, that didn't stop her from indulging in a little extra-marital 'fun'. Brad had raised an eyebrow at the heavy hint.

    Events rapidly unfolded from there. Kylie visited Michelle at work on several more occasions, flirting more intently with Brad each time. Brad soon extended a tentative invitation to Kylie to join him for a drink one night, and Kylie quickly accepted.

    My wife met him at a bar two nights later whilst Michelle 'baby-sat' me at home. Michelle's boyfriend had just started his two-week stint away, and this gave Michelle all the freedom she needed to aid her little sister. She even gave Kylie the keys to her apartment and told her that she could invite Brad back there if the pair hit it off. Michelle spent the evening teasing me, wickedly telling me that Kylie would more than likely wind up eagerly fucking her co-worker before the night was out. Michelle naturally made good use of me as a 'pussy-licker' that evening.

    It turned out that Brad and Kylie did hit it off, and they did spend the night at Michelle's apartment, fucking several times. Kylie called Michelle's cell phone and asked her if it was okay if she stayed there until the morning, as she was exhausted after 'fucking her brains out'. Michelle quickly gave her approval, and she asked Kylie if the rumors regarding Brad were true. My wife eagerly confirmed that Brad was indeed very well endowed, and that he was an 'incredible fuck'.

    Michelle passed the news on to me with a wicked leer, and a request that I once more get my tongue busy at her insatiable crotch. As I drifted off to sleep that night, Michelle's dried secretions still coated my face, and I greedily inhaled her musky aroma. My tiny cock throbbed inside my tube as I wondered if at that very moment Kylie's smooth legs were again locked around Brad's pumping hips.

    Brad subsequently bedded my wife on three more occasions at Michelle's apartment during her boyfriend's regular absences while Michelle stayed at our house with me. Michelle seemed to get a huge vicarious kick from this situation, and I got just a big a kick from the assertive and imperious manner in which she treated me whilst Kylie was at Michelle's apartment with Brad. Michelle had come to relish playing the Domme with me, with Kylie's full approval - and Kylie had even told her how she would sometimes secure my wrists behind my back with the leather cuffs as I orally pleased her.

    Michelle wasted no time in duplicating this stratagem, and adding some variety to my oral ministrations; she loved to cuff my hands behind me and tell me that I was now truly her little cunt slave. She would then get me to do things like lick her long legs from toe to upper thigh over and over again, until she commanded me to shift my attention to her pussy. She likewise grew fond of having her gorgeous ass licked, and she loved to lay face down on our lounge-room floor reading a book, her shapely rear propped up on a cushion and her shapely legs parted into a wide inviting 'V'. I would lay face down between her outstretched legs, my wrists cuffed behind me, and begin licking and rimming her puckered rosette.

    She would have me softly lick and preen that most intimate part of her for over an hour, until I could feel her begin to shake with excitement. She would then reach down to caress her clitoris, urgently telling me to 'tongue-fuck' her asshole. This always gave her mind-blowing orgasms, after which she would tell me to shift my tongue from her asshole to her pussy, and for me to 'lick her clean'. As I lay there with my hands bound behind me - my tongue lapping her dripping cunt and my nose pressed to her asshole - I wondered how I could ever have thought of my sister-in-law as 'staid and proper'.

    Brad had naturally worked out that if Michelle was spending her evenings with me, and offering Kylie the use of her apartment as a venue for their trysts, then there was something unusual going on between the three of us. After their latest romp last Wednesday night he finally asked Kylie what the deal was. Kylie by now had trust in Brad, and she explained circumstances more fully, telling him that she and I had a somewhat one-sided 'open' marriage, and that Michelle aided her infidelities by 'baby-sitting' me whilst they met at her apartment.

    Brad had raised an eyebrow, but other than that he evinced no surprise at this revelation, apart from mentioning that he had previously known several married couples who had a similar lifestyle. He did suggest to Kylie that I could likewise be fucking Michelle. Kylie had laughed and assured him that though Michelle might have a little 'fun' with me, it wasn't possible for me to fuck her since my cock was safely locked up in a steel chastity device. Kylie went on to outline my submissive kinks, and she mentioned that I had a strong fetish to observe her making love to another man.

    This engaged Brad's interest, and he told Kylie that he would eagerly participate, and that he would get immense satisfaction and enjoyment bedding her as her helpless husband gazed impotently on. He announced that two of the couples he previously mentioned who had 'open' marriages had invited him into their bedrooms to satisfy the wives involved, and that one husband in particular had shown a similar desire to witness his own cuckolding - which Brad had apparently accomplished in thorough style.

    And so Brad is coming over to our house next weekend, and I have no doubt that I will finally get to witness my wife cuckolding me in intimate detail. After further discussing the idea with Brad, Kylie has even asked me if I wanted to fulfill another fantasy of mine - for me to be securely tied to a chair in the bedroom as they fucked, unable to interfere or participate. All I will be able to do is watch as the pair make love in front of me.

    Kylie also wickedly suggested that right after she has bound my wrists and ankles securely to the chair in our bedroom, she will teasingly lift her skirt and show me her lacy panties. She will then lay back on our bed and call Brad into the bedroom, and then force me to watch as he strokes and caresses her pussy through her skimpy panties, making sure I see them become semi-transparent as her juices slowly seep through the thin material.

    When they are totally soaked with her creamy secretions, she will then arise from the bed and slide her drenched panties off, roll the damp material into a moist ball, and pop it into my mouth. She will then complete the kinky makeshift gag by placing a wide strip of duct tape securely over my mouth. She will then sink back onto the bed, spread her smooth, shapely legs, and tell Brad to mount her. I could then do little but sit tied to the chair, sucking my wife's pussy juice from her discarded panties as Brad triumphantly slides his large cock into the fresh, creamy source of this syrupy morsel.

    Kylie admitted that if she heard me sucking her sodden panties behind my gag, it would simply heighten her own ardor and excitement, and that she would probably exhort Brad to fuck her even harder as she listened to my muffled sucking and slurping. She has even promised to look over his shoulder at me and wink, and to ask me if I like getting a mere taste of the hot, juicy pussy that Brad is currently enjoying to the fullest.

    I truthfully told her that I would relish this wicked scenario, and yesterday I bought an old, sturdy wooden chair for that very purpose. I also made sure to get a fresh roll of duct tape. So - we will see what happens next weekend; I am greatly looking forward to watching Kylie and Brad fuck, and no doubt I may have a lot more to add to my unusual tale at a later date - especially if Brad wants to continue to enjoy my wife's intimate charms on a regular basis. But that, as the saying goes, is a whole other story.

    In many ways I count myself blessed - not only do I have a beautiful and loving wife who has made all of my fantasies come to life, but also I have a dazzling sister-in-law who is keen to participate in our kinky games. While this lifestyle may not be for some, I am more than happy serving and servicing the two gorgeous women in my life. Sure, I might have a very small penis now - but my climaxes are more intense and powerful than ever (when Kylie lets me cum, that is). It's opened up a whole new sensual and erotic world for me, and I have to say that I wouldn't have it any other way.

    As Kylie often tells her friends - it's the little things that make our marriage work so well.

    "After all," she adds. "Good things come in small packages."

    THE END.

    Author's note:

    I hope you enjoyed reading this lurid little tale. As I stated in a previous post, I have tried to highlight the erotic power of 'tease', and simple verbal communication and conversation versus the more raw 'physical' aspects that seem to dominate the genre. I guess the old saying 'the biggest sex organ is the brain' is a cliche, but, to me at least, it is true nonetheless - especially since cuckoldry seems to be as much a state of mind as it is a state of body.

    I am lucky enough to have a wife who understands the power of verbal teasing, and she is well aware that she can reduce me to a trembling, lust-filled wreck with a few well-targeted sentences. She has not cuckolded me (not in the traditional sense of the word, anyway), but this doesn't stop her from using the full scope of her formidable feminine wiles trying to make me think that she has done, or will do. Many of the wicked things that the character of Kylie states to her hapless hubby in the above tale are based on remarks that my wife has made to me at one time or another.

    The kinky sisters in the story are based on two very attractive real-life siblings whom I have known for a while. Although they are both in stable long-term relationships, this doesn't stop the pair from regularly attending dances together without their respective partners, and 'hooking-up' for the evening if the opportunity presents itself. I am fairly certain that "Kylie's" significant other is well aware of her infidelities, and that he possibly encourages them - and so I simply 'borrowed' the pair for the characters of Kylie and Michelle (naturally changing the names to protect the kinky).

    If my style of writing is familiar to any of you, it may be because I would occasionally contribute stories to that 'other' forum, now recently deceased, under another nickname. It was also interesting to see that some of you had suggestions for how the tale should end. I guess that since it hasn't really ended, it would be interesting to see what some of you think should happen next between Kylie and her hubby, and how Brad and Michelle would work into events. Please don't hesitate to offer suggestions... *grin*

    Anyway - thanks for reading my rather long-winded tale, and I hope that more than a few of you guys (and girls!) got your rocks off reading it! (Please let me know if you did! *grin*).


    Micky ;)
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