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Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Marco Lease, Nov 2, 2016.

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  1. Marco Lease

    Marco Lease Member Author!

    “Go deeper,” I moaned.

    Without intent, that evening revealed what I longed for sexually.

    My husband made no comment which made me think he either ignored my confession or was too lost in arousal to hear.

    A few days later though he had quite a surprise for me and the surprises have kept coming over and over.

    One evening, while we halfheartedly watched another episode of CSI, he suggested we rent a porno from our cable television.

    “Absolutely no!!” I was reluctant since I considered it immoral. Supporting the porn industry was not on my list of good deeds; however, the suggested caused my nipples to poke out.

    “It’s not a sin, we are married. Lots of married couples watch porn to spice up their sex and besides I know about those erotic romance novels on your Kindle,” he said.

    He had me there. "Alright, we can give it a try but it won’t do anything for me,” I answered as though I was not thrilled with the idea though secretly I was feeling excited.

    My husband scanned the lured titles on our High Definition television screen.

    “How about this one, Seduced by black cock."

    I couldn't believe what he just said. I rolled my eyes in disgust. “What-EVER,” I answered.

    To my shock he began to select the pay per view skin flick.

    “FIFTEEN dollars for that smut!!” I yelled in objection.

    “Let’s try to be open minded,” he answered calmly.

    I decided to work on my knitting so I wouldn’t seem to interested in such debased sexual activity. My pussy was like a rain forest though soaking my panties like a slut wife.

    Within five minutes I watched in a trance as the lovely women allowed big black cocks to devastate their pretty pink pussies. By the last scene I was stripping off my clothes. I was seduced BIG TIME!

    I never realized the debauchery buried in my mind. My husband encouraged me to express myself and my dirty talk really turned him on.

    “Oooh yeah I’m a big cock slut wife!, get it, get! GET IT!!!

    My husband didn’t have any stamina once I moaned naughty nothings in his ear. I began to realize the power of suggestion.

    “I need a big cock to pound my pussy,” I whispered in his ear. My comments were turning into a suggestion. Perhaps if he really loved me, he'd allow me to stretch my pussy on a long, thick, black cock. I was beginning to wonder how far this could go. Well, not much further because all the excitement had him prematurely ejaculating.

    A week later.

    The next surprise came when he gave me a package from an adult novelty store. I opened the package and pulled out a large black plastic cock. It had veins running along the shaft and a large helmet shaped head that flared out at the base. I could barely close my fingers around the shaft. It was pure wickedness and I was eager to see how deep I could take it.

    “The power of suggestion,” I remembered. The best thing was it wasn't cheating on him with another man, so it was perfect.

    “What do you think of it?” he asked.

    “It's ridiculous but it does appear…so lifelike,” I pretended to disapprove but I knew I'd be sinking that big plastic cock deep into my honey pot.

    “It will add spice to our love making,” he reassured.

    I put the item in my panties drawer. “Your cock is just fine,” I lied trying to build his ego. The truth was he was on the small side and I often imagined what it would be like to be fucked silly by a big cocked stud. I never acted on my curiosity though I had been hit on since being married. I almost cheated once with a young stud but I got cold feet and just couldn't commit adultery.

    One day I discreetly found a tape measure to get the dimensions of my new toy. “Ten inches long and six inches around,” I choked as I laughed. I realized it could ruin my tight married pussy. I decided to wait until hubby suggested we use it so again, I hid the devilish item deep under my panties and closed the drawer.

    Another week went by without so much as a word about my new toy but finally the next surprise came. As we were preparing to make love, my husband suggested we fantasize about inviting a dominant black man into our bedroom.

    “That’s crazy! no way!” I answered trying not to sound like an utter whore.

    "Oh loosen up a little bit, we need to spice things up." He could be quite a salesman and I noticed he found where I had hid the dildo.

    “You’re not using that on me, are you?” I asked innocently but my spread legs gave away my desire.

    He positioned the huge head of the dildo to the entrance of my tight pussy. “I’ll take it slow,” he said.

    "UH, you better," I warned. I took about half of the length which drove me wild and gave me multiple orgasms. My husband enjoyed watching me struggle to insert the big black dildo. It was all innocent fun and for once we were both enjoying sex again. We were up to three times a week having sex using the big black plastic cock on my pussy.

    I thought the surprises were over but one night while my husband was surfing online, he asked me to look at something. He showed me an adult dating site. For fun we looked at pictures of men available for one night stands. We came across a picture of a Jamaican man named Devonte. He was muscular, handsome, and completely naked. My husband and I particularly noticed his thick cock hanging down to his knees. My imagination was running wild and my pussy lips were swelling with desire. My cunt was opening like a spring flower.

    “Would you fuck his big cock?” my husband asked.

    I tried to read his facial expression. “No way,” I lied. Better safe than sorry.

    I suppose my husband wondered how far I'd actually go because eventually we began to chat with Devonte online. We even went so far as to send Devonte a pic of me in my intimates.

    I was afraid he’d find me a forty year old woman unattractive. Though I maintained a nice figure, I had a little extra padding in my ass and my breasts were rather large. I concealed my anxiety and quieted my nerves with a glass of wine as we sat at the computer and began to return instant messages to Devonte.

    I waited for his response. I didn’t know why I cared about this young man’s opinion of me half a world away. My pulse raced as I waited for his response.

    Devonte: "VERY FUCKING HOT."

    My heart jumped to my throat. I felt dizzy and squirted in my panties.

    I could see Devonte beginning to type more letters, slowly the letters formed into words then a statement.

    Devonte: "I’ll fuck that Bitch."

    His lewd comments and lack of manners caused me to burn with lust.

    Husband: "She appreciates your compliment."

    Devonte: "What does your slut think of my big dick?"

    Husband: "It’s too big, she’s afraid it would hurt."

    Devonte: "Bullshit, it would only hurt at first until she gets used to it."

    My husband and Devonte chatting about me had me feeling like a seductive and desirable woman. I couldn’t deny it felt good to be the center of attention.

    To push the envelope further, my husband asked Devonte if he would face time with us online.

    Once we had Deonte skyped in, we decided to act out our lured fantasies in the safe confines of our home. I suppose cybersex wasn’t exactly cheating. Like I said before, my husband and I were in this together going deep and ever deeper.

    “Pull on those nipples and get closer to the camera Bitch!!,” Devonte ordered.

    I obeyed his orders while glaring at my husband while he masturbated.

    “Stick out your tongue and show some love to those jugs!!” he demanded.

    Like a trained puppy, I did as was told. I pushed my nipple up toward my stretched tongue. Until now, I’d only licked my nipple in complete privacy. I was secretly proud of being able to accomplish the naughty feat and now was excited to reveal it to my husband's and Devonte’s delight. I noticed my husband watching like a wide eyed child on Christmas morning while his hand vigorously stroked his hard dick.

    “Hell yeah, now show me that married pussy,” Devonte said.

    I got on the bed and spread my legs open. I positioned my pussy toward the camera. I felt sexy and seductive pulling my knees up and open. I gave Devonte what he wanted, a clear view of my womanly goodies.

    “Doesn't look like its even been fucked much at all.” he commented.

    “Finger fuck that pussy,” he growled.

    My index and middle finger parted my labia and slipped into my cunt. I could feel juice leaking out of my pussy and dripping down my ass.

    “Is this making you horny baby?” I asked.

    “Would you like my big cock to fuck you right now,” his deep voice was seducing me.

    “Oh, yes, please do it,” I moaned. I had forgot my husband was in the same room with me.

    I pushed the big plastic cock into my pussy and began to fuck myself. Slowly in and out stretching my labia to the max.

    “You know the real thing would be much better,” Devonte said.

    “I’ll just pretend it’s your cock,” I answered.

    I could see Devonte stroking his magnificent cock on the computer screen.

    “Oh my, I’m going to come,” I whined.

    “I will fuck you in person someday,” Devonte assured me.

    “It’s only pretend,” my husband raised his voice from the corner of the room.

    “HA HA HA You both are in denial,” Devonte laughed. “It’s already happened in your mind. It’s going to happen for real, it is your fate,” Devonte said.

    “This is only role playing!” my husband explained with his face reddened with either anger or lust. As they chatted with each other, I continued to plow my pussy with the big fake cock and began to orgasm.

    “You say its only role play but I know what you both need and eventually you will come to admit you both are addicted to it,” Devonte said.

    “I think we need to end this conversation,” my husband said.

    “Please keep stroking that cock,” I moaned.

    My silly husband sat on the chair and began to stroke his dick thinking I was referring to him. My eyes fixated on the computer screen as Devonte stroked his magnificent cock.

    “DEVONTE’S GOING TO NUT,” he yelled.

    As I watched his huge throbbing cock explode thick white juice into the air. I was hooked like a crack whore.

    “You are soaking the bed sheets,” my husband informed me.

    I had several powerful orgasms jolt my body. I didn’t care about the mess I was making. I didn’t care that Devonte was witnessing my untamed desire. From that moment forward, I knew Devonte was right. The sight of Devonte’s big throbbing cock exploding like a geyser had turned me from a faithful wife into HIS SLUT.

    I licked at the screen revealing my urge to taste his throbbing cock and large balls. I never dreamed I’d act like such a dirty slut and in front of my husband.

    “See that wimp, your wife wants my big cock!!!” Devonte announced to my husband through the computer speaker.

    “No, she won't cheat on me,” my husband answered.

    “Suck my cock whore!” His deep voice boomed from the computer.

    My head bobbed up and down as my mouth lubricated and slobbered the plastic cock. I could taste my pussy on the plastic cock as my tongue glided up and down. I tried to deep throat all of it until I choked. My saliva coated about half of the shaft lubricating it enough to slide easily into my pussy.

    “See that wimp. Your slut wife does exactly what I say. Are You ready meet in person slut?” He asked but it was more of a demand.

    “I’m ready,” I answered.

    “Hear that hubby. Now go eat your slut wife's pussy...wimp,” Devonte said.

    “I don't think so, that's rather nasty.” My husband was never much of a pussy eater but he quietly got between my legs.

    “Your pussy is wide open,” my husband informed me.

    “Get in there and start licking,” I suggested.

    "Now honey, you know I don't like doing that."

    I could barely feel my husband’s cock as he entered me.

    “It feels so slutty,” he said.

    “You like my slutty pussy?” I asked.

    “Yes, I love your used cheating pussy. You’re a big cock slut,” he answered.

    “Work it hard. Get it. Show me I’m yours,” I encouraged him.

    My hands grabbed his ass as he thrust into me. I pushed him down into me as I bucked my pelvis upward to meet his thrusts. Soon we were in a nice motion.

    Just as I was beginning to enjoy myself, he began to climax.

    “Sorry, I’m just so horny,” he said.

    I watched the computer screen. Devonte was stroking his oily hard cock vigorously. Oh how I longed for that big beautiful cock.


    "Oh my God," escaped from my lips.

    “Devonte probably thinks he’s going to get lucky with you?” my husband nervously laughed.

    "Tell him slut. Tell your husband what you're going to do with me!!"

    I couldn't speak as my body quivered with orgasms.

    “For GOD SAKE!! Tell Devonte you don’t want to meet in person...WELL? TELL HIM!!! Do you?” my husband's voiced began to quiver.

    “Devonte is in Jamaica where he belongs,” I answered.

    My husband laughed nervously. “Hear that Devonte, she said you are where you belong." he gloated before turning off the computer instantly removing Devonte from our room.

    “I never imagined we’d be doing this,” he confessed as he gave me a tender kiss. "I can't believe how hot you are. This has been a great experience but I think were done with Devonte." He said.

    “I have a surprise for you dear.” I answered as my body tingled and goosebumps spread across my torso.

    “Wha, Say What???” my stunned husband struggled to read my facial expression.

    "I've decided to become a cheating slut wife and cuckold you." I coldly stated.

    "Honey, this isn't you," his voice quivered. "You're just teasing...I'm too tired for more role playing sex, darling.

    "It's time to take the next step and I will let Devonte have me and you are going to watch." My voice was matter of fact.

    My husband smiled awkwardly at me. "WHAT??? You're joking,?"

    “Look on the night stand,” I pointed my finger to the side of our bed.

    He walked to the small table and discovered the brochure displaying an all-inclusive vacation resort. His trembling hand picked up the brochure with the picture of a beautiful beach with beautiful people and two airline tickets.

    “Ocho Rios, Jamaica,” I whispered the words as I lay back on the bed and opened my legs.

    “What the fuck?” my husband was stunned. He looked at the two airline tickets and dropped them to the floor.

    "I think you're going to be spending a lot of time watching me ruin my married pussy with Devonte's big bad cock."

    I scooted my ass to the edge of the bed and pulled my knees back revealing my wet open pussy. "You have a small dick and it's time we both face the truth. I want to get fucked by a big cock and often."

    In a daze my husband fell to his knees between my legs. His tongue began to lick my pussy.

    "You're married to a big cock slut," I moaned.

    He didn't bother to say anything. He was too busy thrusting his tongue into my cunt and sucking my clit like a man possessed.

    I could literally hear the faint beat of a distant steal base drum and waves crashing on the shore.

    “Go deeper,” I suggested wickedly.

    The End

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