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. Glorious Glory Hole Gals

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Mar 12, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Glorious Glory Hole Gals



    I began fucking. She moaned and grabbing my head, began kissing. “Baby,” I whispered, “In this position I can only get about half of it in.”

    That’s enough. It’s just what I need.”

    This shall be two stories under one title. Both are true, both happened to me and have not been exaggerated in any way. Listen up readers and I shall give you a brief history lesson of how an adult store was in the eighties. Quite frankly I have not been in one in years but they are probably the same.

    Once in a great while I would stop by an adult video store to check out the products and also maybe drop a few quarters just to see what they had on tap. Usually though, I would not go into one of those booths because Denver still had, this is back in the eighties, some really nice full size movie theaters you could attend to see adult films projected on the big screen.

    This was before the internet, and about the time that VCR tapes and the sale of movies that a guy could pick up for a few bucks and take home became big business.. Once those tapes came into play, the large adult movie theater went by the wayside.

    There was a great movie made about this subject, of a movie maker (Played by Burt Reynolds) who kept making full scale adult movies when all his distributors were trying to get him to switch to VCR. That 1997 movie was called BOOGIE NIGHTS and is worth a look see.

    I will cover a really exciting adventure I had in one of those full size adult movie houses in another story I shall title TWO COCKS, TOO TIGHT TWAT. I have again posted it on this site 30 March 2018. Look for it.

    But for now, allow me to tell you of two adventures I had in one of those adult stores on the West side of Denver.

    She looked quite attractive when I spotted her. Maybe 25-26 and of medium height and build. It was a little hard to do a full analysis of her body since it was late fall in Denver and she was wearing a light jacket into the adult store.

    A jacket yes, but below, she had on a skirt and not jeans. For what I was thinking she needed to be wearing a skirt.

    I was lucky to have spotted her first, or maybe I was just the first guy to have enough nerve to approach her. I saw that there were at least three guys in the area and I could see that she was aware of their stares and seemed nervous. She was alone it looked like and she was wandering around the store, looking at rubber dildos, VCR movies and other paraphernalia.

    So what did I do, nervy me? I walked right up to her and said, “There are a lot of guys checking you out so if you like, you can pretend to be with me and then they will leave you alone.”

    She eyed me intently and asked, 'But what about you? Will you leave me alone?”

    I shot right back. “Well, I'd rather not, but if I can't make things click with you I'll leave you alone but not before I make sure that you get out of here safely if it comes to that.”

    “I'm not safe, in here?” She looked concerned.

    “Truthfully, you probably are. But when you go into the parking lot you need to be careful. I presume you came in a car.”

    “Yes, but I did come alone.”

    “Ever been in an adult store before?”

    “This is my second time in this store. I was here once before.”

    “With a guy?” I smiled.

    “Actually, I came with a girlfriend. We felt safe being here together.”

    “And I am sure had a lot of guys checking the two of you out.”

    “Not really. It was a quiet night.” (I would realize later why the two women together had probably not been bothered).

    We were standing at the end of one counter where there was a doorway to an aisle that housed, I honestly do not remember how many exactly, ten or so movie booths lined up on both sides of the aisle.

    How they worked was you go in, close the door, and there is a little bench the width of one heavy man. Try to get two on it, and they had better be skinny. When you went in and closed the door, the door became the movie screen, and the projector was in the wall above your head.

    Drop a quarter and you get about three minutes, max, of play. Then to see more, drop another quarter. You can spend a lot of money very quickly to see not a whole lot of film. But the idea was, a guy could go in, drop a few quarters, jerk off, and leave.

    Now this is the truth. Every hour or so one of the employees of the establishment would come along with a bucket and mop out the floors of the booths. Yes, it was that obvious the intended purpose.

    Glory holes? Not legal, supposedly, but there were holes rough cut into the walls between a few of the booths. Not all, but some. Supposedly the customers had made the cuts and the store owner was not aware. But I figured that the store themselves had made the cuts.

    Every customer knew exactly which booths had the holes. As you sat or stood in one of those booths, you might have a hole on one side, or both. I imagine most of the action in or through those holes was homo or bi-sexual. Me? I had other designs.

    If no one was in the booth, the door was designed to stay open. It would only stay closed when you were inside and had the lock latched.

    If a door is closed, someone is in there. As you were in the booth, the attendant outside could tell if you were actually dropping quarters or not by a red light that was on the outside and above each door. If the booth was occupied and a light was on, the customer was dropping quarters. If the light was off, the customer was not spending money but rather, playing with or being played with by someone through one of those holes.

    The establishment did not care what the action was behind those doors, all they cared about was that the quarters were needing to be dropped.

    No light, he would bang on the door. “Drop those quarters or come out!”

    That little bit would come in handy for me later when I tell my second story. But for now, let's get back to this attractive gal I am picking up on.

    “Have you ever watched any of the dirty movies in one of the booths in the back?”

    “Is that what's through that door? We wondered about that but didn't go in.”

    “Want to see a movie? It's pretty crowded in there but we can squeeze in. You might have to sit on my lap.” I winked at her.

    “Does it cost anything?”

    “Of course. But I have plenty of quarters on me.”

    She eyeballed me, and I knew that her mind was doing flip flops as to whether she should do this or not. “O.K. Let's do it.”

    Oh boy oh boy. Now think about this, readers. There you are in an adult video store. You have just met a very cute lady much younger than your own age, and she is going to go into a little booth with you. The door will be closed, and there will be a dirty movie showing everything right there in front of you.

    Shit, I am almost getting a hard on writing this as I am remembering. Needless to say, my dick was hard before we got to a booth of my choice. You might be wondering, which booth did I pick?

    Was it a booth with no glory holes? Did I select a booth with one, or maybe, two?

    I chose a booth with one hole. I figured that if she needed some additional outside stimulation that one side would be enough; we did not need to confuse the issue with stereo holes.

    I had no doubt as I led her into that little cubicle, squeezed back against the wall so that there would be room for her to get in and allow me to close the door, (Yeah it was that tight) that someone would be watching and immediately be occupying the booth on the side of us that had the hole.

    They would be able to watch, display their goodies, or both. If a guy was lucky, he might even get to reach through and do some feeling around. If he was really lucky, a pussy or yeah, those too, an ass would be shoved up against that hole and if he was long enough, and hard enough, some penetration could occur.

    Obviously if it was a pussy being shoved up against a hole, she would have to be bent over in the doggy. With her facing front, very few guys would be long enough to come through that hole and reach her snatch.

    I sat down, had her sit on my lap and I handed her several quarters. “Each time the movie quits, stick in a quarter.” If I was lucky, and I figured I was going to be, I too would be sticking something in.

    “Can I pay in advance so it keeps going?”

    “Yes, but let’s watch for a minute first to make sure the projector is working.”

    Three quarters later I had exposed her B cups, fondled, kissed her neck, had her turn her mouth to mine, and also watched as she had looked at but not touched a strange circumcised cock that was hard and sticking through the hole on her left.

    There were two good things about that cock. One, she didn't seem to be interested in it, and two, it was a bit smaller than mine. Of course she didn’t know that yet since mine was still in my pants.

    Two quarters later I had raised her skirt, fiddled around, and fingered the round.

    It we obvious, she wanted to be fucked, but how? These booths were designed for sex, but only solo sex. That seat was too far off the floor for me to get on my knees and face her, and besides, you do not want to put anything other than shoes on that floor, or maybe a shot of cum.

    Put her on top facing me? No room. The bench was too shallow and it would be very difficult to hold her in place. So I decided to try taking her while standing and facing her while she was seated. That meant I had to place my feet back behind me, actually using the door to prop against.

    I stood upright, blocking her view of the screen, but she didn’t care about the screen, she was staring at my erect almost seven inches of warm meat. We had the panties off now and tucked in my pocket.

    With her ass out on the edge of the short bench I tried to reach her to penetrate. She leaned forward off the seat and I pushed my hips forward. Success! Well, sort of. I could only get the first half in. In that position I could manage no more.

    I began fucking. She moaned and grabbing my head, began kissing. “Baby,” I whispered, “In this position I can only get about half of it in.”

    “That’s enough. It’s just what I need.”

    My legs starting to shake in the unnatural and uncomfortable position, I pumped. Oh boy she came, and hard! Loud too, loud enough for the face now showing in that hole to hear as well as see.

    It was so quick that it surprised me. Using only half of a seven inch dick was enough and I guess she was right, she needed it!

    Well, I needed to cum too, but mainly because of this ridiculous position I was in. I pumped her full of cum, halfway in, and I was thinking, ‘I hope she has some tissues because this won’t be staying inside her for long.’ And then I remembered, she was carrying no purse, or at least I had not seen one.

    Trembling, I pulled out and had a quick flash of her opened and shiny wet lips from the light of the screen as I moved to one side.

    Know what I did? What I really wanted to do was hold and kiss her for a minute. But we had an audience and her pussy was on display. I deliberately moved further off to her right, my left, allowing our spectator at the glory hole to see her half-used pussy. Now she followed my gaze and saw that he had replaced his cock with an eyeball.

    She remained in that pose for perhaps 30 seconds, either because she was winding down or wanted the guy who had been displaying his cock for her to have a nice display of her pussy for him. When she saw him she opened a little wider I think after having had closed her legs slightly when I had slid out from between her legs.

    “Do you have any tissues with you?”

    “I left them in my purse, in my car.”

    She was still sitting spread legged and since the quarters had run out, I stuck in another one, lighting up the screen behind me, and her pussy. “I guess your panties will be getting very wet then.” I retrieved them from my pocket and handed them to her.

    Two men watched as she opened the panties out before her, then raised and put one leg through, and then the other. And oh yes, her snatch opened even more for our viewing pleasure as she made her moves.

    Cum was dribbling out now. Some of it, not all, and she no sooner had the panties against her crack and they were stained wet.

    “Let’s go out to my car,” I suggested.

    I was thinking she might say No but I guess she trusted me now. I opened the door and looked up and down the aisle. There was one guy waiting in front of the booth next door, the one with the hole next to mine. I figured that he knew there was a couple in this booth and was hoping to get beside us.

    Our guy, apparently, had decided to remain in his booth. He probably wanted to finish jacking off. Besides, if he came out now, we would see the face of the guy who had been displaying his cock to my mysterious sex partner.

    I was correct in my assumption. As soon as that outside guy saw us exiting our booth, he moved away.

    I needed to get her out of there, either to further get acquainted or to fuck again under more comfortable circumstances and also to get her away from the onlookers.

    I didn’t take her far enough away. I screwed up and failed to observe my own rule. That rule is to not take any woman you have out on a first ‘date’ to places where she knows people.

    Take a first date to a place she says she likes, and you risk running into her girlfriends, her previous men, anyone that might cause distractions. If she has been having problems with some man you risk having a confrontation.

    For similar reasons, you probably need to avoid taking her to places where you are known as well.

    I was not on a ‘date’ with this gal, but we had fucked and I wanted to do her at least one more time, and do her better. But I should have driven out of the lot first. But who knew she would have someone looking for her there?

    We were sitting in the car and after giving and receiving a very passionate kiss, I was beginning to learn more about her while caressing her leg under that skirt but not going way up yet, because she had not gone to the tissues. Remember, they were in her car, sitting right over there.

    “Oh Oh!”

    “She said it and my heart dropped. I sensed trouble. I looked where she was looking and here coming past her car and towards mine was a bull dyke type. The lesbian had been searching for and then had spotted her sweet little girlfriend and was coming to take her home.

    Apparently I had just given the quiet side of a lesbian couple some warm meat, something she probably preferred over the other choice, some fingers and a rubber dildo.

    I didn’t want to get into the middle of an argument, other than telling my temporary woman that she was welcome to stay with me. But of course the dyke had this power over her and she reluctantly climbed out of my car.

    “I need to take my car,” my gal stated to her.

    “No, leave it here. We’ll get it later.” The dyke was giving me dirty looks

    So off they went, and I was thinking, ‘She left her tissues behind.’

    I have often wondered what went on in that car and at home later. “What were you doing in that man’s car? Were you about to go home with him?”

    “No, we were just talking.”

    “Were you going to fuck him?”

    “Of course not, I love you.”

    “Well then why did you sneak off? As the dyke talks she slides her hand up under her girlfriend’s skirt.

    “WHAT THE FUCK?” (Sniff) “That smells and feels like cum!”

    I have a hunch that whatever happened after they drove away, that relationship was going to fail.

    When she had mentioned being in the store before with a girlfriend and no one had bothered them? Well, now I knew why.

    Story two.

    I have one more story I want to relate. Same exact place, same exact two booths, different evening.

    They came in after me, this gorgeous woman and some guy. Maybe I shouldn’t short change him. He looked like a decent guy. They wandered around the adult toy section for a little bit and eyed some of the very revealing covers on some of the VCRs for sale.

    I had a hunch though, where he planned to take her and I had a couple of rolls of quarters already in my pocket. When he led her into one of those booths in the back, I planned to be in one next to them. Hopefully they would choose one that only had a glory hole in one side.

    That was exactly what he did after having her see a variety of VCR covers featuring big cocks, stretched pussies and other such stuff. She seemed to be embarrassed being led around since there were maybe six guys including me hovering in the area.

    But why not? When you have a lovely gal with reddish hair that looks like she might be sporting a set of C cups, you’re going to look at her, especially if she is in a dirty movie store.

    I am pretty sure he had been there before because he led her right down to the last booth on the left. The door was open and the light above the door was out, indicating that no one was using the booth or were just sitting in there and not dropping quarters, which in a matter of minutes would have that person being told to drop quarters or leave.

    I was the first to follow them down the aisle because I had been expecting this move. But I was fucked when, just as he proceeded to take her into the booth that I knew only had a hole on one side, a man started coming out of the booth on the left. He saw the couple going in and immediately stepped back inside his booth and closed the door.

    Fuck! I was on the outside, and he was on the inside and looking through. I knew what was undoubtedly going on with that couple. He was feeding the quarters of course because that light was on. He was probably doing his best to get her stripped to some degree because he knew that hole in the wall was there.

    She, at the moment, may or may not be aware of that hole because he might be standing over there on the left side and sort of blocking her view. Once he gets her going, you can bet that he will not only be having his fun, but making sure some unknown spectator is too.

    Whatever was happening in that stall, I knew what was not happening in the other. The red light outside was not burning! ‘Yes,’ I thought, 'that guy was just coming out and he has used up his quarters.' I looked around and sure enough the store clerk was making his rounds.

    I can be so mean and I did it now. “Hey man. That door is locked and the light is not burning.”

    Right away he banged on the door. “You have to keep dropping those quarters.”

    We waited. Nothing. He banged again and reluctantly, out came the guy. He had lost his place, no quarters. I didn’t waste any time. As he came out, I went in.

    I locked the door and first thing, dropped a quarter. Then, without even looking at the screen on the door, I sat on the little bench and peered through the glory hole on the left. I was greeted with a sight that was worth spending money on. I put three more quarters into my slot in advance and resumed my viewing.

    He had her skirt up and either had removed her panties or she had came in wearing no panties. Whatever, her pussy was exposed and in the reflected light coming off their screen, it was wet and glistening. I don’t know if the ejected now dejected guy had seen what I was now viewing, but he was losing out.

    I think the guy with the gal had slowed down his moves when he sensed and probably had heard the other guy being told to leave. Now I was there and he went back to work. He was rubbing her pussy and I reached through, waited long enough for him to see my hand, and when he did not move her or my hand away, I slowly ran my hand up her inner thigh.

    When I reached her pussy, he actually moved his hand out of the way and allowed me to take over. But from my angle reaching through and up, I could not do a masterful job of pleasing her clitoris so eventually he gently moved my hand out of the way and took over. I had, however, besides feeling how hard her clitoris had grown had also managed to finger her for a minute and enjoyed feeling her fitting snugly around my finger.

    I was hoping to see him pull his cock out but it stayed in his pants. I was thinking that maybe he had a small dick and did not want to display it. Whatever, since my giving a hand was now out, I figured it was time to offer my cock.

    Out it came, and through that hole it went. I waited, then felt a hand, maybe two or three fingers wrap around my head. It might have been his hand, I wasn’t sure. And then came more fingers and these felt different. Leaving my hips shoved forward and my cock thrust through that hole I leaned back and tried to see who was holding my cock.

    I saw delicate fingers with red tipped nails.

    She stroked slowly at first, then faster. It might have been the fact that I have foreskin, but I sensed that a cock like mine was new to her. Then, oh joy, her fingers pulled my skin back, and just then I felt a tongue touch the tip of my dick.

    At that moment her hand was sort of pushing my cock off to one side and it was very possible that she had moved it over to where her man could get his mouth over me. The mouth felt warm as it totally enveloped my head and beyond. I hoped it was her mouth I was feeling, but whatever.

    I sort of leaned back and tried to see who was on my cock. Sure enough, it was him. If he wanted to suck it while she watched, well, that’s alright too. But only if she is there, which she was.

    Using a little bit of tongue he sucked my cock for perhaps thirty seconds and then I felt his mouth leave and that hand was no longer holding my dick off to one side. Now my rigid prick was pointing straight ahead and after three or four seconds I felt a mouth again embrace my cock with delicious warmness.

    This mouth felt different. I was pretty sure it was her and as those lips and tongue went to work, I leaned back and took a look. Oh yeah, that’s her face!

    Normally I hold back, but I sensed that this time I’d better not. If this was sample this cock for a little bit time for my girlfriend going on, it would not last long. He will say, ‘That’s enough,’ and I’ll be left hanging.

    Of course there was always the possibility that he might be waiting for her to build me up and then replace her mouth with his so that he could take my load, but that was a remote possibility. No, I knew I needed to concentrate and enjoy her mouth.

    So I enjoyed the work her flicking tongue was doing and allowed my load to build. To give her a little warning and to show her how much I appreciated what she was doing I reached in and lightly caressed her face on the cheek. Then, with just a slight push forward, I erupted!

    It was a mighty blast, and I don’t know if she was caught totally by surprise, but she caught the full first shot in her mouth and she was not real quick in coming off and caught most of shot two in her mouth as well. She finished me by stroking, and I had no way of knowing if she had swallowed the portion she had received in her mouth or dribbled it out, putting another load of cum on a floor that had probably received hundreds of loads.

    When I had finished throbbing she held onto my cock for a while and slowly stroked it. I think she might have been surprised that I was not immediately going soft. When she released my cock I squatted down and looked through. If I was met with her face I wanted to kiss her. But instead I saw that she was now standing and facing forward and he was standing beside her and rubbing her clitoris what looked like too fast and hard to me.

    Thump thump thump as his hand was banging into her. I was pretty sure that he was rubbing her clitoris, but he might have had a finger or two in as well, I couldn't tell.

    I could see her pussy past the blurred movements of his hand because it was right in the reflected light from the screen and partially turned in my direction, but with their bodies partially blocking the projection from the rear onto the screen there was not a whole lot of light, but some. Because she was standing with her legs wide apart I could see the bottom of her pussy and how her lips were parted and dripping.

    Above that his hand was working her clitoris and moving fast and for the most part blocking my view.

    Then I heard her make a funny sound and saw her legs quiver. After several seconds he stopped and I heard him say, “Did you make it?” And I heard her answer “Mmm Hmm.”

    I finally got to see the clitoris I had been rubbing earlier for maybe two seconds, and then she straightened up and her skirt either fell or was released and it came down.

    It was time to leave. I waited, peeking through the hole. When they went out I gave them a few moments to go past my door and then out I came. I did not want to embarrass her by my being right there when she came out.

    When I opened my door, of course there were still a couple of men standing around, but the couple was already out of sight, around the bend and into the store. I hurried, knowing that they for sure would be going outside. They were. I went out quickly and sure enough, he was driving a Corvette.

    I actually had to walk past them to get to my car. As he opened the door for her, I spoke to them from my car which was twenty feet away.

    I don’t know if they knew I was the man she had blown and I didn’t want to embarrass her. So I made my conversation ‘neutral.’

    “If you guys would like to come home with me, I have a spa we could play in.”

    She looked at him like, ‘Want to?’ But he smiled, nodded and said, “Thanks, but we have to go.”

    Now she I would have loved to bring home. My wife was there of course, but if I invited a couple home to romp in our spa she would not have minded. My wife probably would not swap if she thought we were trying to lead things in that direction.

    My wife was the spontaneous spur of the moment kind of adventuress. So she may or may not have swapped at that time, but she always enjoyed getting naked with others.

    Of course if I had ended up playing with that glorious glory hole gal in front of her, who knows? In that case my wife would have already seen what cock, if any, that guy carried. The decision would have been hers. [​IMG]
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