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. Giving yourself to them

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Dec 30, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Anna asked as matter of factly as she could, whether Chloe was going to fuck the neat black guy in the white open necked shirt with the tailored cream chinos? She already knew the answer though. She already knew the answer. Chloe was a slave to black guys. She couldn't resist their charms. Even though she was married eight years, if the black wanted her, she was going to fuck him. She had dressed in the black leather, tight fitting, zip fronted hot pants to signal her heat. She had dressed to signal that she needed a good fucking. Now the suave black guy, the one who called himself 'Duke' (was that really his name?) was around her. He had kissed her lips, kissed her exposed throat and she had laughed gaily as they flirted. She was 'down here for some fun, was he?' Well, he was. They all were. The black guys came to the club for one thing only, to lay some white pussy. They came in preference to lay some white married pussy. That was part of the code. Corrupt the women, have them taste what a big black cock really did to a unexercised pretty white cunny. Then, when they were well and truly hooked, move in on the territory. Take the bitch as your own. Own the home. Beat down the husband or else kick him out on the streets. Have you noticed how many rough sleepers are white, male and often articulate? Have you wondered how they got there?

    It was a hell of a turn on to see how Duke handled Chloe. He was quietly spoken but insistent and he was good with his hands. The glancing touches suggested a myriad pleasures. The way he brushed his lips against her scented skin suggested a million submissions. Chloe was sinking beneath his mesmeric control. There came the moment and it was not long in coming when he started to neck his bitch. His mouth locked casually onto hers and his big hands cupped her buttocks through the soft calf leather of her pants. Chloe made little mewing sounds as he kissed her. Her skin shivered against his, pale white against ebony black. Her arms were tiny compared to his gym honed ones. She seemed like a bird in a bear's embrace. It was silly wasn't it? I mean, to say that a girl would fuck a man like that. He always fucked her. The black guy fucks the white woman. She never fucks him. She never takes charge as she might with a cute white guy. No, she always submitted and it was in the submission that the sex seemed so indescribably sweet. Somewhere deep inside ours souls Anna thought, we need to do this. We need to submit to the biggest and the best men. We need to surrender to the arrogant ones. We do a quick math, calculating their power against our husband's and know that the contest is already won. The black guy wins, the black guy conquers you. If you chose a stud alpha, a male as powerful as Duke someone like Neil, Chloe's husband, was never going to try and compete. He would get his lights punched out, end of story.

    Her own suitor, an equally powerful and very smooth black male called Lucien kissed the lobe of her ear and nuzzled his nose against the soft white skin of her neck. Lucien was measured but confident in his seduction. They had danced a little, he had bought her a couple of drinks and they had talked about fashion. Lucien liked fashion, he took it seriously. He knew the designer who had created the little leather skirt that she wore. Lucien, well, Lucien was not only drop dead gorgeous, but he was cultured too. He would know how to make a woman feel extremely feminine, he would know how to ease her into being a bitch. What had Chloe said about white men? In the face of it, when they saw a black guy fuck their wife, they were deep down, at heart, all wankers. They pulled on their cocks and wasted all that seed over the carpet because they couldn't do with you what the black guy was doing. They couldn't make you grind, moan and scream like that fellow could. So they tossed off, grunting, their faces creased with shame. They saluted the mastery of the black guy with you. Once they had done that, just once even, your respect for them evaporated. Neil wasn't a man. Neil was a cuck. Neil was a little tosser. Instinct drove women to judge such men and to respond then to the better able suitor. They didn't have to weigh the matter, they simply judged the weaker, the submissive male, surplus to coupling requirements. A selfish gene, call it what you will, that was what you did. As Lucien kissed her neck again Anna tried to imagine it. Chloe's Neil in the corner of the bedroom, tugging on his cock, whilst a black guy took his wife. She imagined his groans as he pumped his hand on that cock of his. She pictured his screwed up face as he wasted the load. And...and...the thought was delicious.

    'You married curious....I'd say so' Lucien said, answering his own speculative question. He had his hand between her thighs, stroking her soft white skin gently.

    She nodded. A flush of blood came to her neck as she did so. Admitting that you weren't as brazen, as experienced as Chloe, a hot wife, well it seemed somehow less.

    'What's the little guy called?' Lucien wondered.

    The little guy. It was assumed that he was smaller, less, short fall in some way. Else why was she here? Why was she dressed so vamp, putting pussy on a plate for the black man. In truth though her husband was smaller. He was cerebral, an accountant, who earned a considerable amount of money but who wasn't exactly masculine.

    'Edward' she whispered. As she said it she scrutinised his face. What would Lucien say next? What attitude would he adopt. He kissed her softly on the lips, a brush kiss no more. Lucien was confident and he had all the time in the world. Lucien wanted her. He wanted her and to keep her. Somehow she sensed that. Duke might enjoy Chloe and then move on. But this one, this one was curious about her, and her situation.

    'He asked you to take a lover yet?' Lucien continued.

    Calm, certain, but gentle too. Lucien spoke as if these things were the most natural in the world.

    'Not yet, ' she answered, and then, because that had not seemed enough explanation, 'but he stares at other men who meet me. He stares at the more masculine ones and he seems lost. He has....I suppose....he has an inferiority complex.'

    Lucien nodded and took her drink from her. His big hands encircled hers.

    'May be he is being honest with himself, may be he is being really brave in his own way..' he speculated.

    The suggestion puzzled her as it was meant to. Lucien, well, you know, Lucien knew. He knew what it took for a woman to think like a bitch. He knew what it took for a woman to want to become a bitch.

    'I guess that you're more beautiful than he is, I guess that you are more socially skilled, I guess may be that you are better bred than little Eddy' Lucien ventured.

    How did he know these things?! Had he quizzed Chloe? He was a friend of Duke's after all and this was Chloe's third date with the guy. Edward was a good wage earner. He had started from humble beginnings, he was a hard worker, but he lacked the graces that she had, those that ran out of a smart home, a polo pony upbringing and private school.

    'he's quite shy...' she ventured.

    Lucien nodded.

    'May be realises that you are too good for him. May be he accepts that it best you have a lover with more style, more masculinity, sometimes, sometimes it happens...'

    His words were so gently suggestive, so quietly speculative, that when he kissed her again, she opened her mouth to him. His tongue was agile, big and long and the feel of it against hers, inside her mouth thrilled her. The sheer audacity of the man, French kissing her that way so quickly, so directly awed her. He seemed to exude authority. But....but he was right. He WAS right. She believed herself too good for Edward. Edward was not, well...he was not complete. She opened her mouth more to Lucien, she surrendered to him and she felt his hand tease her, just beneath her skirt, against the flimsy material of her panties.

    'I can't just fuck with a man...' she rejoined after the kiss concluded, searching for integrity.

    'I agree' he whispered, 'sex, the best is in your head, what a cock does to you. The best sex in my head, is what feeling you on me, meeting me, dating me, side lining him, does to me.'

    The summary shocked her. It shocked her to the quick! But he was right. The sex, the dirtiest, the best sex, it was in a relationship. It was about changing something, expressing something, being something with the right man.

    'You'e very direct...' she murmured.

    'Yes' he said simply.

    'You like the idea of me shaming Edward, being a bitch to him....it's part of it for you?'

    He nodded. Well, it was. There was debt. He didn't want to rant about it, a race debt, but he felt it hard inside him, an implacable wrong to be righted.

    'What do you want to do with me?' Anna wondered.

    He kissed her again.

    'I want to see what you can learn about yourself, through me. I want you to try being a woman, that black man's way.'

    Her lip trembled. Chloe had warned her about it. Chloe had warned that it was the most thrilling ride of all.

    'You want to own me' she said.

    His eyes caught hers and wouldn't relent. She couldn't look away. She couldn't break contact. He kissed her again, exploratively, slowly, his tongue caressing hers. His fingers slid inside her panties and there yes, a thrill, now, she felt him explore her there too. She opened her legs a little more, submitting to his seduction, his deft and teasing touch. She felt his thumb roll her clitty. As he did so, she shuddered. It was not just the seductive touch of his fingers. She had risen a thought to her mind. A terrible thought. There, Edward open mouthed as she whispered, 'I have a boyfriend now, just get over it.' Lucien worked her sex. He moved his fingers into her and her thighs locked against him. the sensation....it was exquisite!

    'I need you to fuck me...to take me' she whispered trembling all over now.

    'Yes' he said calmly.

    'I need you to rule me...to train me.'

    'Yes babe' he answered.

    Lucien led her away from the bar. She glanced but once sweetly at Chloe and held his hand as he steered them to the stairs. The barman, 'hey man Carl', he didn't mind did he, there was a room upstairs, a bedroom where the duty bartender sometimes slept. Carl he was a brother. He understood and that little bitch Anna, the one with the neat slim figure and teasing arse, the one with a skirt hem almost touching her cunt, she was gonna ride sweet beneath that animal man Lucien.

    Lucien pushed open the door, showed Anna the brass bed and told her calmly,

    'drop the knickers bitch',

    She did as he bade, easing them down, over her stocking tops, down the length of her seamed stockings, before kicking them away from her high heeled shoes. Christ she wanted him. Christ she hoped that he wouldn't just take her the once. She wanted to insist, to demand, but she guessed that wasn't the black guy's bitch way. So she dropped her panties silently.

    She held up the hem of her leather skirt, exposing her bush to him, the neatly waxed and manicured sex that Edward spent so much time licking. Edward was good at that.

    Lucien looked down at his chino crotch. He gestured softly with his mouth. Unpack that fucker.

    When she moved to his command he watched her red nail manicured fingers unzip his fly and ease out a thick and a magnificent man hood. Anna tried not to gasp. She tried. Dear God, the man was huge! He dwarfed Edward. Edward had a winky, Lucien had a cock. Chloe had said, she had said about this.

    Lucien pushed her down, pushed her down onto her knees and then drew her face to it, her to face to that which she would learn to crave.

    'Suckle it' he said. The word seemed odd. Not suck. Suckle! She had to feed on it, to draw sustenance from it. Her bitchhood, her cruelty would draw from that. She moistened her red lips quickly with her tongue and began. He was hard, so terribly hard. His cock had no foreskin. There were times when Edward had winced when his glans were pushed out from his flabby flap of covering flesh. Not Lucien. His glans were dusky pink, atop a handsome black shaft. He smelled of wet earth, of steamy salt, a warm place, a fecund place. She started to lick and suckle his cock. He tasted of garlic, herbs, something more and there was always, always the overwhelming musk smell of the man.

    'Good girl, that nice' he purred, stroking her hair as she pushed her mouth back and forth on the head of his manhood. 'One day I gonna make tiny Eddy do this bitch, but a step at a time. You gonna worship first, you gonna get your belly filled.'

    He wanted to own her. He wanted to own him, to use him. The idea both shocked and thrilled her! It was like running an electric current through her spine. She tingled inside.

    When he told her to, she climbed up onto the brass bed and she splayed her legs. Her fingers slid down below and she pulled open her sex lips so that he could see the moist and peachy interior. Chloe said that you did that for a black guy. You submitted that way. You begged, in gestures, for their cock.

    'No sheath, I gonna fill you' Lucien growled firmly.

    I want you....your way, always your way' she whispered, her lips trembling still.

    He nodded. Then, he glanced his bulging glans between her soft wet lips. He ran it up and down, letting her sense the girth of the thing. She was going to squeal, he knew she was. But the bitch had it coming. She had it coming to her, dressing like that, begging to be seduced. He pinned her arms above her head and as he plugged his master seeder into her cunt he covered her mouth with his. There, there now, the sharp tension in her body, convulsing as he took her. It hurt. It hurt bad, but once you broken in a bitch, once you bin drilled out, she gonna gasp and grind rather than scream. Anna, the little bitch, she wriggling now, she really squirming, but hey man the length it up her. She taking it like a grateful little bitch.
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