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. Ginny's Big Surprise

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lingus, Oct 10, 1999.

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  1. Lingus

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    Ginny's Big Surprise for Hubby

    Ken Carter realized Thursday morning that the week was shot. Since he met Betty Simpson at Casey's Tavern on Monday night he couldn't stop thinking about the great sex that they had together in her van. On Tuesday night Ken made his problems worse. He called the Simpsons and made a date to have dinner with them next Wednesday. It is understood that after dinner the three of them will go back to the Simpson's house and he will spend the rest of the evening fucking Betty while Dick watches and helps. Ken spent over an hour talking with Dick about what it was like to have Betty fuck other men. For the last two days Ken's head has been filled with images of boffing Betty and of watching his own wife Ginny fucking other guys.

    Ken has had fantasies of sharing his wife with other men for several years. Although he's talked to Ginny about it countless times she refuses to take the issue seriously. Ken has thought of a hundred different ways to persuade her. Each one has seemed at the moment to be overwhelming. However, every time he tries Ginny stops him short by saying this is a "really off-the-wall" idea that he has concocted just so he can have a chance to play around with other women. She refuses to accept his protests that he genuinely has no interest in that at all.

    Ken hadn't given much thought to bedding other women until the last couple of weeks. Two months ago when Ken was transferred, he and Ginny decided that she would temporarily stay in Toledo. She could keep her current job while their kids finished the school year. Ken has tried to get back home as often as possible but he hasn't been home for the last two weekends. He was getting very horny by the time he decided to go to Casey's to find some fun.

    What Ken found last Monday night was a lot of fun with a big bonus. He got laid plus he got validation that his idea about sharing his wife did work, at least for some couples. Both Betty and Dick gave rave reviews of their arrangement although they acknowledged that this sort of thing wasn't for everyone.

    "In fact," Dick said, "if everyone did this it would take a lot of fun out of it. Part of the appeal of letting Betty fuck other men is the fact that she's 'forbidden fruit'. Men take particular delight in fucking her just because she's married. When some of them find out that I know and approve of what she's doing, they lose interest."

    The chat with Dick and Betty had given Ken renewed resolve to persuade Ginny. He was going to give it his best shot tomorrow night when he got back home. "After all, with my being gone, she's probably been feeling pretty horny too. I sure hope that I can get her to give it a try," Ken said to himself as he sat trying to work. "She sure loves sex. And as Dick pointed out Ginny hasn't ever expressed any objection to fucking other men. She just seems hung up on the thought of my fucking other women."

    By 10:00 am Ken decided that he might as well give up trying to get any more work done. He had his secretary switch him to a flight that left a few minutes after noon. This would get him home before 2:00 pm to surprise Ginny when she got home from work. He would also be waiting at the house when the kids came home from school. Ken rushed back to his apartment to pack and then drove to the airport to catch his flight.

    The flight took about an hour and fifteen minutes. During the flight Ken was on cloud nine as he thought of his long weekend at home with Ginny and the kids. He got hard as he thought about fucking his favorite pussy tonight and about the chat he would have with Ginny as they were making love...the chat about her finding some cocks to meet her needs while he was gone.

    Ken knew that if Ginny agreed to try his game there would be lots of takers. Ginny Carter is a very cute although tiny woman. She is just five feet tall and weighs less than one hundred pounds but is very well proportioned. She has a 32" chest which on a woman her size looks perfect. She has light brown shoulder length hair which she tosses about sensuously when she's talking to someone she likes. She has a perky personality and over the last five or six years she has developed a very sensual manner of dealing with people, particularly men. This represents a great change from the very proper, almost stiff woman that Ken had married twelve years ago.

    Ken noticed a change in Ginny's attitude beginning with the birth of their first child and, although she wouldn't talk about it for a few years, she now acknowledges that "Ginny loves sex anytime, anyplace." It seems that every time the two of them go out she gets hit on by some guy. "Wait 'til she starts to give out signals that she may be available," Ken thought. "She'll have to fight them off with a pole...or make each one take a number."

    As the taxi approached the Carter's house Ken was surprised to see Ginny's car in the driveway. "I hope there's nothing wrong," Ken thought as he got out of the cab. "I wonder if Ginny or one of the kids are sick or something."

    Ken paid the cabbie, got his bags and went to the front door. He thought about ringing the doorbell, but decided instead to let himself in and surprise her. He didn't anticipate at all the surprise that was awaiting him inside as he slipped quietly into the front hall. He stood and listened for any sounds that might tell him where in the house Ginny was. When he heard nothing he took off his shoes and walked back to the kitchen. No one was there.

    "She must be upstairs..perhaps sleeping," he thought as he began up the steps. As he neared the top he heard muffled voices coming from their bedroom. One was Ginny. The other was that of a man. Ken froze.

    "Oh my gawd!" Ken said in a murmur. "Someone is with her." He noticed that their bedroom door was partially open and he silently tiptoed over to have a look.

    Just as Ken was about to peek in the door he heard his wife's voice. "Stick that thing in me! Fuck me, John. Fuck me."

    Ken peeked into the room. All he could see on their bed..his bed..was the back of a rather large man who was pumping vigorously into his wife's hot pussy. The guy was so large that tiny Ginny couldn't even be seen.

    "Awhk!" Ken gasped audibly at the sight.

    Ginny and her lover both heard him. The guy froze in mid-stroke. Ginny quickly peered around him and saw Ken as he was transfixed there in the doorway.

    "Oh! Gawd! No! It's my husband." she yelled as she scrambled out from under John. "You've got to get out of here. You've got to get out now," she said to John as she ran to her closet.

    Poor befuddled John didn't know what to do and he just stayed there on the bed on his hands and knees for a few moments. "John, get dressed!" Ginny scolded him. "Get dressed and get out of here."

    Ken recovered enough from the shock of what he'd just seen to leave the doorway and to go back downstairs. He went to the family room and collapsed on the couch.

    "Holy shit!" Ken said out loud. "I've been trying to get this to happen for years and suddenly it hits me square in the face. WOW!" He was still breathless and very confused. His feelings were raging and he had a hard time sorting them out. He entirely forgot that he had done the same thing just three days earlier..and planned to do it again in less than a week.

    A minute or two later Ken heard footsteps on the stairway and then the front door opened and closed. Then he heard the sound of a car start in the driveway. He got up and walked over to the window. As he watched he realized that the guy who'd just fucked his wife was now taking his wife's car and driving away. Slowly he made his way over to the stairway and started up to find Ginny.

    Ginny Carter had never been as scared or humiliated as when she realized that her husband Ken had caught her in bed with another man. She instantly knew that her marriage was over. The silly fling that she had not really intended to get into in the first place had just cost her her husband, her home and perhaps her children. How could she have been so foolish? After she got John out of the house, she put on her robe and collapsed in complete despair on the bed.

    As Ken approached the now closed door of their bedroom he heard Ginny sobbing inside. His conscience reminded him of his own recent time in another woman's bed. Ken suddenly sensed that this might be just the opportunity he had been seeking. Perhaps now Ginny would talk seriously about his special interest. Ken entered the room quietly and sat down on the bed beside Ginny. She was still sobbing so hard that she hadn't heard him enter. When she felt his presence she jumped up and moved away.

    "Don't hurt me, Ken! Don't hurt me, please. I'm sorry. God knows I'm very sorry!"

    Ken reached out and gently placed his hand on Ginny's arm. "Don't be afraid, sweetheart. I have no intention of hurting you at all. I love you. In fact I missed you very much. Please don't be so upset."

    "How can you say that, Ken. What you just saw me doing was awful. I am so embarrassed. I won't blame you for whatever you do to me..just please don't hurt me."

    "We can talk about it later tonight when you've calmed down. The kids will be home from school soon. It will frighten them to see you so upset. Can you pull yourself together and get dressed?" Ken then reached out and tried to take Ginny in his arms.

    "I don't see how you can stand to touch me," Ginny said as she pulled away. "I'm an awful woman..a terrible wife."

    "No, you're not awful..or terrible. I still love you in spite of the surprise I found when I got here."

    "I've done it. This time I've really done it," Ginny kept muttering as she got up and made her way to the bathroom.

    Ken straightened up the bed and then went down to wait for the kids while Ginny freshened up upstairs. In a few minutes he heard her go from the bathroom back to the bedroom. She was sobbing again. Ken ran up the steps and caught her as she was about to close the bedroom door. This time he took her in his arms and held her tight. "Ginny, darling, it's OK. I love you. I still love you. Do you love me?"

    "Yes, Ken. I love you," Ginny whispered. "I know that was a very dumb way to show it though."

    "Let's just say it was interesting," Ken responded. Then he loosened Ginny's robe and let it fall to the floor as he again pulled her tight against him."

    "Oh, darling, I do love you," Ginny said and they kissed passionately. "I've missed you so much." She felt Ken's hands moving down her back and holding her ass. As he pulled their bodies together she noticed his hard cock pressing into her belly. "Ummmm, that feels nice," she said as she reached down and stroked him. "Did you bring this for me?"

    "Yes, I sure did and you know something really weird?" Ken asked.


    "It's been that way since I and saw that guy pounding away inside you. As shocked as I was, that thing immediately jumped up to attention and hasn't gone down since. We're going to have to do something about it later. I'd do it right now but the kids will be home any minute."

    Ginny was able to pull herself together and get dressed before the bus arrived. The kids were delighted to see their daddy. The family had a great afternoon and evening although both Ken and Ginny were quite distracted. Ken found himself looking forward to his private time with Ginny. He hoped that Ginny might have a different attitude after what happened this afternoon but first he had to clear the air as to who this guy John was. Ginny, however, couldn't stop thinking that this was going to be the end of their marriage.

    Finally the kids were in bed and the house was quiet. Ken went to the family room and sat waiting for Ginny. She went to the kitchen to get the kid's lunches ready for tomorrow but she promised to join him in soon. For several minutes Ken heard sounds from the kitchen indicating that Ginny was busy doing something. Then the sounds ceased and Ken expected her any second. After several more minutes she still didn't appear so Ken went to find her. She was sitting at the counter with her head in her hands. She was crying softly.

    "Oh, Ken," she sobbed. "How can we go on? I've made such a mess of things. I can't come in there and just pretend that nothing happened."

    "I agree, darling, that we have some things to sort out, but I don't know of any reason why we can't go on. Come on. Let's talk about it."

    When they were settled on the couch Ken put his arms around Ginny and kissed her. "I love you, sweetheart, and I missed you very much."

    "I love you too, and I have missed you very much too. In fact I guess that I have missed certain things in particular more than I realized."

    "What do you mean," Ken asked.

    Ginny hesitantly tried to explain that her physical needs had been building up over the last few weeks to a point where she began to lose control. She found it difficult to explain these strong sexual needs to Ken because she didn't understand them herself.

    "Ken, I'm not sure how to say this. I know it will sound so bad..but, well, you know that I love being touched. I love physical contact and.." Ginny paused in mid-sentence.

    "Yes, darling, I know that and I know that you love sex. Is that what you're trying to say."

    "Yes...I guess so. But that sounds terrible..doesn't it?" Ginny said fighting back more tears. " wife isn't supposed to be like that, but I am and it got me in a lot of trouble."

    Again Ken put his arms around her. "You're not in a lot of trouble. In fact you're not in any trouble at all. I think I understand."

    I do need to ask about something though," Ken continued. "Who is this guy? Is he someone that you have feelings for..or is he just someone who..who seduced you?" Ken didn't know how to ask more delicately.

    "Oh, heavens no. I have no feelings for him. Actually I just met him yesterday. That's part of what's so terrible about all this. I wasn't just cheating on my husband. I went to bed with a man I'd just met and I was doing it strictly for sex."

    "Hmmm." Ken was relieved. "That's very interesting." He had hoped this was the situation but had to admit being afraid that Ginny might be romantically involved with the guy.

    "Interesting, why interesting?" Ginny replied. "How can you find it interesting that your wife decided to get laid by a virtual stranger? It's sick, that's more the word for it. Just plain sick and stupid."

    "Now, now, don't be so hard on yourself. This happens to people all the time. You're certainly not the first," Ken said thinking of his conversation with Betty and Dick. "In fact," he went on, "some people do this very deliberately and really enjoy it."

    "Yes..I've just been finding out that's true," Ginny agreed. "I remember your telling me that before. I couldn't believe it then..and I still find it pretty incredible."

    "So what has made you think differently..if you do?" Ken asked trying to disguise his delight.

    "Well, I've been chatting a lot with Denise Hutchins at work. I've mentioned to her several times that I was feeling pretty lonely. I guess she sensed that I meant it in a physical sense.

    "Finally last week she said, 'Ginny, I have a solution for you. My husband Jim travels a lot and I get to feeling pretty lonely sometimes too. Jim and I have a way to take care of my needs so they don't get out of hand. It's worked really well for a couple of years now. I think you should try it too.'"

    "I asked Denise what she meant," Ginny went on.

    "Ginny, she said, "what we do would shock a lot of people. It is not something that most married couples do. I hope you aren't offended by the idea but please understand that it's something rather unconventional."

    "A guy?" Ken asked. "I'll bet that's it. I'll bet that she and her husband have a guy come over and nail her to her mattress every now and then."

    "You guessed it," Ginny replied. "She and Jim found a couple of men who each come to their house once a week when Jim is out of town and they do it with Denise. In fact they have a regular schedule. One comes on Tuesday morning and the other comes on Friday at noon. They have been doing this for more than a year."

    "So, did Denise recommend one of them to you then?" Ken asked.

    "Yes, she did. She offered to introduce me to one of them..the one who comes to her house Friday noons.. when he came over last Friday. I felt like telling her that she was nuts, but I decided to just play it cool and said I'd think about it overnight."

    "So then what did you do?" Ken asked.

    "Well, that night I did think about it. I was feeling really horny last week and that made things even worse. I remembered the conversations that you and I have had about my having sex with other men. You know, I'd never really thought about what that might mean for me. I've always figured you just wanted an excuse to go to bed with other women. Suddenly I realized what I could get out of it. Denise had said that both men were really considerate and accomplished lovers and that she knew I'd like either one. I decided at least I'd meet one of them and see what he was like. In a foolish rush I called Denise and said I'd give it a try."

    "Wow! So you met him last Friday and made a date for this afternoon?"

    "That's pretty much it."

    "And I had to walk in on you right in the middle of it. That was really bad timing I guess wasn't it?"

    "Yes, you bastard," Ginny said as she kissed Ken on the cheek.

    "But why didn't you tell me anything?" Ken asked. "If there's one thing that bothers me right now it's that this was done on the sly. I've tried so many times to tell you that I'd like for you to do such things but with two conditions..I must know what's going on..and you must tell me all the juicy details later...unless, of course, I'm there with you at the time."

    "I meant to tell you," Ginny answered, "but there were a lot of things I wasn't sure of. First of all I wasn't sure that you really meant what you'd said. Second, I wasn't sure that I could actually do it, and finally I wasn't sure I'd like it if I did. Besides I didn't think this was something I wanted to discuss over the phone. I decided to give it a try and then if I liked it I'd find a way to bring it up with you this weekend."

    "I see," Ken said.

    "I'm sorry, darling. I know I've deceived you..and I've cheated on you..and I'm truly very sorry," Ginny said as she started to cry again.

    "Oh, don't cry. It's really OK. I'm just very surprised at this sudden turn of events. So tell me, up to the time I saw you were you enjoying it? Were you having a good time?

    "Yes...I guess so," Ginny answered.

    "How long had you two been at it when I arrived?"

    "About an hour."

    "Holy shit! The guy was banging you like he'd never done it with you ever before. Tell me something...did he make you cum?"

    "Yes, I came," Ginny answered meekly.

    "More than once?" Ken pressed.

    "Yes..three times. Oh, Ken.. I was so lonesome..so horny. I came the first time before we even got started. He reached under my dress and felt me up while we were standing in the hallway. We had just come in the house.

    Ken suddenly noticed that he was getting hard. He was experiencing the excitement that he had hoped for if it ever happened. "Then what did you do? I want you to tell me all about it..down to the last wet juicy detail."

    "John picked me up and carried me upstairs. He laid me down on our bed and lifted up my skirt. Then he just stood and looked at me for a minute. I felt terribly self-conscious knowing that this stranger was seeing me practically naked. I had on some very sheer white panties and I know he could see everything. Then he reached down, pulled off my panties, laid down between my legs and began to eat me."

    Ken was thinking how sexy his petite wife must have looked lying there in those revealing panties. He knew that her light brown beaver would show through them easily. Since she had cum just minutes earlier Ken knew that Ginny's pussy must have been very wet and her slit probably showed too. Then Ken imagined the man pulling off her panties and moving down to eat her. He thought about the guy's tongue in his wife's hot slit. By this time Ken's cock was as hard as a rock.

    Suddenly Ginny stopped. After a brief pause she said "Oh, Ken, I can't go on telling you about it. I know it must be very upsetting for you."

    "Do you want to know how upset I am?" Ken asked with a laugh. "Here, I'll show you." He took Ginny's hand and placed it on his throbbing cock.

    "Oh my!" Ginny replied. "Did I do that to you?"

    "You sure did. Now please continue."

    "Well, he ate me for a little while and then I told him to move around so that I could suck him. You know how much I like to suck cock and I did my best on him."

    "Did you make him cum in your mouth?" Ken asked.

    "Of course. Don't I always?"

    "Did you swallow his cum?"

    "Of course. It wasn't easy though because he came a lot. Denise told me that this guy had more cum than any other man that she'd ever known. I believe her."

    "You know sweetheart," Ken recalled, "it's only been a couple of years that you have been willing to swallow my cum. It hasn't been much longer than that since you sucked my cock for the first time. Now here you are telling me about how you blew another guy..a virtual stranger.. and swallowed his load. You've come a long way baby."

    "That's one way to put it. I find it hard to believe that you really don't seem to mind though. Are you wanting to get rid of me or something?" Ginny asked.

    "Not at all. I'm just hoping that now we can finally talk seriously about what I've been trying to suggest for a long time. This is all sort of ironic because I've spent a lot of time this week thinking about how I could get you to agree to at least try the idea of having sex with other men. I must admit I was pretty shocked to find that you were already trying it."

    "Well, I never gave the idea any thought," Ginny acknowledged. "I couldn't imagine having another man's cock in my pussy or my mouth...that is until last week."

    "I knew you must be getting horny," Ken replied. "In fact that's why I was so anxious to talk to you about it this weekend. I guess I had the same thought that your friend Denise's husband had."

    "Can we continue this conversation upstairs?" Ginny begged. "I'm getting as wet and hot as you are hard."

    Ken gladly accepted her suggestion and they went upstairs. It took them each less than thirty seconds to get undressed and into bed. As Ginny recounted her adventures with John of a few hours earlier there in that same bed, she and Ken reenacted them. They fucked and sucked each other for nearly an hour. Finally they collapsed into each others arms totally satisfied.

    "Sweetheart, it's so nice to have you home. I miss you a lot, especially at night when I'm laying here trying to sleep. I get so horny sometimes. I've even tried masturbating and using that vibrator that you gave me for Valentine's Day. Those help but neither one really fixes the problem. It seems to get even worse after I've talked to you at night and I realize that you can't be here to take care of me."

    "I understand, sweetheart," Ken replied. "Do you think you'd like to do what Denise is doing, at least until you can move to be with me?"

    "Are you really serious about letting me do that?" Ginny asked. "Could you handle knowing that I'm in bed with another man?"

    "Can you promise to always let me know what you're doing and tell me all the details each time after it's happened? That's very important to me. I would be very hurt if I was deceived again and it really is quite a kick to hear about it, you know."

    "Let's sleep on it and talk about it some more tomorrow," Ginny suggested.

    "Good idea," Ken replied. They both fell asleep still in each other's arms.

    The next morning as Ginny was getting the kids' breakfast the phone rang. It was Denise.

    "Ginny, are you alright?" Denise asked in a concerned tone. "John just called and told me what happened yesterday. He didn't want to call you because he was afraid he'd make matters worse. Is your husband still there? Did he get really angry?"

    "Well, I was pretty scared and upset for a while," Ginny replied. "But Ken was really a good sport about it. In fact I am amazed at how he reacted."

    "What do you mean?" Denise pumped.

    "Well, last night we talked about trying the sort of thing that you and Jim do. Ken says he likes the idea. In fact he's suggested something like that before but I never took him seriously."

    "Wow, that's fantastic," Denise responded. "You mean he wants you to keep doing this..with John?"

    "We really haven't gotten that far into it. We've agreed to talk about it again later today. The question of who I might do it with hasn't come up yet. Please don't say anything about this to John just yet. Do tell him I'm OK though...and by the way where does he have my car?"

    "Oh," Denise laughed. "He mentioned that he had to take it to get out of there. He is going to drop it off at the plant on his way to work this morning. In fact it should be there by now."

    "That's good. I forgot all about it last night. Too many other things on my mind I guess. I hope Ken will give me a ride to work."

    "Well, if you have a problem call me back. I could come by and get you. By the way, how was John yesterday? Did you enjoy him?" Denise went on.

    "Oh, yes! He was fantastic..every bit as good as you said he was. In fact when I told Ken about what John and I did...he told me I had to tell him everything...Ken said that John sounded like just the type he would want me to play with."

    "That sort of sounds like John may be just the one for you then," Denise said.

    "I'm not so sure how John may feel about that though. I think he was really upset and scared yesterday..probably even more scared than I was at first," Ginny replied.

    "You will all have to work that out I guess," Denise answered. "Look, I better get going. Call me back if you need a ride, OK?"

    "Will do, but I'm sure Ken won't mind although I doubt that he's realized yet that I need one. Talk to you or see you later. If I don't call you back in ten minutes don't worry about me...and thanks Denise..for everything."

    "Don't mention it, Ginny. I hope everything works out for you. It sounds like things may be OK..after a rather bumpy start."

    "Hope so," Ginny replied. "Bye."

    "Bye," Denise concluded.

    Ken had been about to enter the kitchen when the phone rang and he stood silently listening while Ginny and Denise talked. He grinned when he heard Ginny tell Denise about their talk last night. "It sounds like she still likes the idea," he thought to himself. He could feel his cock starting to get hard at the thought. Then when Ginny mentioned that John was "every bit as good as you said he was" Ken's cock became fully erect.

    "This whole idea is even more exciting in reality than it was in fantasy," Ken said to himself. "I hope we can get something more going before I have to leave town again Sunday night."

    As Ginny hung up the phone Ken walked up behind her and wrapped her in his arms. "Does my sexy little wife need a ride to work this morning?" he asked. He pulled her to him and placed his hands on her breasts.

    "Y..y..yes, I do," Ginny replied somewhat startled by his presence and unexpected touch. "How did you know?"

    "I saw John leave with your car yesterday and I haven't seen anyone bring it back."

    As Ken continued to draw Ginny to him she felt his hard cock pressing against the crack of her ass. It felt good..real good. She was about to turn around and kiss him when Ken said "A ride to work will cost you, you know."

    "What price do you have in mind?" Ginny asked.

    "A quick piece of this," Ken said hoarsely as he reached down and caressed her pussy through her clothes.

    "Oh, Ken, sure..if you want me. Just a sec and we can go upstairs."

    "Yes, I want you..but I want you here..right now." Then Ken moved Ginny over to the table where he leaned her over face down. He lifted her skirt up over her back and pulled down her panties as he unzipped his pants and released his raging erection.

    "OH! Ken!" Ginny gasped as Ken lifted up her ass and slammed his cock all the way into her already wet pussy. "Fuck me, darling.. fuck me." In just a couple of minutes Ken dumped his hot load deep into Ginny's cunt. He paused briefly resting gently on her back before he withdrew and let her back down.

    "That was a wonderful way to start the day," Ginny finally remarked. "Now I'd better get cleaned up so we can get going. I shouldn't be late today because I left early yesterday."

    She picked up her panties which had fallen to the floor and turned to head upstairs when Ken stopped her. "No, sexy one, you are going to go to work with my cum still in your hot little pussy. I want you to think about me this morning while you feel the cum dripping into your panties, so put them back on and let's go."

    "That sounds so wonderfully wicked," she said. "I love it!" She put on her panties, straightened her skirt and the two of them headed off to work in Ken's car.

    At break time Denise came to Ginny's desk. "Hey, Ginny, it's time for coffee..and I want to hear how things went this morning. Let's take a break."

    Ginny and Denise found a relatively private corner of the employee's lounge and sat down. "So how are things this morning?" Denise asked.

    "They're great! Just great, Denise. In fact they're so good that I got laid on the kitchen table before we left the house."

    "You lucky devil," Denise replied. I haven't had any since last Friday 'cuz I couldn't get away Tuesday morning, and I'm horny as hell. I can't wait 'til lunch time. I take it Ken is still in a positive mood about things."

    "He must be. We really didn't talk much. Right after you hung up he walked up behind me. He had a hardon already. He said that if I needed a ride to work it would cost me a piece of ass. Then he leaned me over the table, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and did it to me right there. He wouldn't even let me clean up afterward. He made me come to work with his stuff still in me. I hope I haven't got a wet spot on my skirt."

    "Hey girl, your guy is hot. By the way, I talked to John again and told him everything was cool. He seemed very relieved. He said that he'd never had anything like that happen before. What went wrong yesterday, anyhow?"

    "Ken came home a day early. In fact I wasn't really sure that he was coming home this weekend. He's called on Friday for the last two weeks and said he had to change his plans. If I'd known for sure that he'd be home this weekend I probably wouldn't even have thought about John..at least for now. I was trying to be really careful too. I didn't want a strange car in my driveway so I picked John up at his place. He had invited me to go there, or to a motel, but I just didn't feel safe going someplace unfamiliar with someone I didn't know. Everything was timed down to the minute too because I had to allow time to take him home before the kids got back from school. As it turned out we played for longer than I had expected and I may not have made it back in time. At least Ken's premature arrival solved that problem," Ginny said with a laugh.

    "I'm glad that it all seems to have worked out. I'm sure John will be happy to know that too. Speaking of John, I can't wait to get together with him at lunch time. I was horny to start with and all of your talk has made it worse. I guess we'd better get back to work so I can leave on time. See you later. Have a great weekend with Ken."

    "Thanks, Denise, for everything. I hope you have a good time with John. Tell him 'hi' for me and that I'm sorry for what happened. I'll try to call him when I can. I don't know if that will be this weekend or next week though. It depends on how Ken feels about it."

    Ginny and Denise went back to work. Denise left at noon for her rendezvous with John. Ginny had to work until 2:30. Then she rushed home to Ken. She still felt a sensation of wetness in her panties when she left. The feeling of cum dripping into her panties has kept her turned on all day and that has only added to the wetness. She couldn't wait to get home and have a quickie before the kids' bus arrived.

    When Ginny got home Ken was in the family room watching TV. He greeted her with a kiss. "Hi, sweetheart. Did you have a good day?"

    "It was OK," Ginny replied. "It would have been better though if I hadn't forgotten something this morning."

    "Oh, what's that?" Ken asked.

    "I didn't cum when we fucked in the kitchen," she answered bluntly.

    "Let's fix that right here right now," Ken suggested as he began removing his pants. Ginny slipped off her panties and they were soon fucking there on the family room couch. Before the kids' bus arrived they were even for the day. They both had cum twice.

    They were just recovering from their romp when the doorbell rang. Ginny quickly slipped her panties back on and Ken pulled up his pants.

    "I think that'll keep you 'til later," he said to Ginny as he patted her on the ass.

    "It will..as long as it's not a lot later," she laughed.

    That night after the kids were asleep, Ken and Ginny finally got a chance to resume their discussion of the night before. "I really had a good time this morning and then again when I got home," Ginny told Ken. "I don't know why but I have really been horny lately. It must be because we don't get to have sex very often lately."

    "Whatever the reason, you sure do seem to have developed an appetite," Ken replied. "Have you thought any more about what was said last night?"

    "You mean about having sex with another man?"

    "Right. Having John or someone else take care of you once in a while," Ken went on. "It seems to me that you really need it."

    "Are you really willing to let me do that? Really?" Ginny pressed.

    "Yes, really. I think it would be fun for me too..if..."

    "If you know about it and I tell you all the wet, gooey details, right?" Ginny went on for him.

    "Exactly. No secrets!"

    "I don't have a problem with that although I might find it a bit awkward at first telling you the details. But I wouldn't keep any secrets, you can count on that. By the way, you mentioned John. Would you let me see him again?"

    "Yes, if you want to. Just make sure he knows the rules too. After the surprise he got when I saw you two do you really think he'll try it again though?" Ken asked.

    "I don't know. That's a very good question. I guess the only way to find out is to ask him."

    "Well, why don't you do that. Do you have his number?"

    "Yes," Ginny answered. "Do you mean now..that I should call him right now?"

    "Why not? I'd like to have this settled before I leave again on Sunday. I'd also like to meet him, that is if he's willing."

    "It can't hurt to ask I guess," Ginny replied. "Denise did say that he has met her husband a few times. In fact she said that sometimes Jim comes home early so that they can do a threesome together. Now that's really weird."

    "Oh, I don't know about that," Ken replied as he thought about his date next week with Betty and Dick. "Actually that sounds like it could be a lot of fun."

    "For you maybe. I'm not sure I could go through with it. I'd feel so self-conscious with you right there."

    "Let me ask you something," Ken went on. "When we were fucking this afternoon right here on the couch, how would you have liked to have a cock to suck on while I was fucking you..or have someone fucking you while you were sucking me? I'll bet you'd think you were in heaven if that happened."

    "Maybe. I haven't ever really thought about it. I just can't imagine being that wanton..that slutty."

    "Where's that phone number? Let's give John a call."

    "My, you are single minded about this aren't you? If I call him what should I say?" Ginny asked.

    "Ask him if he's gotten over the shock? Tell him that you really had a good time with him in spite of what happened. Tell him that we've talked and that you'd like to see him again. Then ask if he would be willing to come over this weekend..perhaps tomorrow night. We could send the kids to your folks and have an evening to all get acquainted."

    "Hmmm, that sounds interesting," Ginny replied as she contemplated what Ken might mean by "get acquainted." She envisioned the two cocks that Ken had spoken of earlier. "You know that does sound like a lot of fun now that I think about it," she said out loud.

    "What sounds like a lot of fun?" Ken asked.

    "Two cocks," she replied. "In fact a woman is really made to handle two you know."

    "Yes, you're right," Ken said with a big grin.

    "You really like the idea, don't you, you conniving husband you?" Ginny said.

    Ginny got John's number from her purse and as she began to dial she could feel her pulse quicken. Ken was right beside her listening and hoping that John would be home.

    "Oh, hello John," Ginny said. "This is Ginny Carter. How are you tonight? I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time."

    "Oh, that's good," Ginny went on. Denise told me this morning that you'd asked about me and I wanted to let you know that everything here is fine..in fact it's terrific."

    "Oh, thank you John. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. I hope you've recovered from the panic yesterday. You know I really am sorry for the way it happened, especially in view of the way things are turning out. I hope that didn't spoil it completely for you."

    "I'm glad to hear that. I was really enjoying myself too. Denise told me so many things about you but you were even better than she said," Ginny went on.

    Ginny blushed at John's response. "Why thank you, John. I'd like that too. In fact Ken, my husband, and I have just been talking about that. I'd love to see you again and Ken would like to meet you. Would you be willing to do that?"

    "Ken has to leave town again Sunday so he's wondering if you might like to come over tomorrow night. That way we can all get acquainted."

    "Oh, John, you're awful," Ginny said as she blushed again. "I swear you men must all think alike. Ken just made some remark about that too. I don't know what kind of woman you guys think I am anyhow."

    "Pretty warm at least," Ginny replied again blushing. "How about coming by for dinner at around 7:00. We can have a few drinks, eat dinner and then..."

    "We'll see about that, John. You know you really shouldn't be talking like that to a married woman..especially when her husband is standing right here listening to everything I say. I don't wear socks, by the way..stockings yes..but not socks..at least not tomorrow night."

    "OK, see you then. I'm looking forward to it too...I think. Good night."

    "I guess it's all set," Ken said as Ginny hung up the phone. "You know, I can't wait."

    "Me either," Ginny agreed. "In fact the way he talked to me got me all hot and bothered again. He and you better deliver tomorrow night."

    "What was the deal about socks," Ken asked. "Most of the rest of the conversation I could follow, but that puzzled me."

    "Well, nasty John said that after dinner you and he would take me up to bed and fuck my socks off. How's that for being direct?" Ginny said with a wicked smile.

    "A man after my own heart," Ken said as he relished the thought of a threesome tomorrow night with his hot wife and another man. "This has gone much better than I expected," he thought to himself. "Who would have imagined that things could progress so quickly to such a great result."

    Before the evening was over Ginny arranged for her parents to pick up the kids tomorrow afternoon and keep them overnight. Ginny said that she and Ken were having some friends over for dinner.

    When Ginny and Ken went to bed Ginny was feeling horny again and wanted to play for awhile. Ken, however, wanted to save himself for the threesome Saturday night. They compromised with Ken bringing Ginny off again with his tongue. This was his wife's third orgasm of the day. "The woman is a regular sex machine," he thought to himself. "But who am I too complain. I came twice and I have something to look forward to tomorrow night that I have only dreamed about before." Visions of Ginny servicing two cocks bounced around his head as he feel asleep.

    The next day went very slowly. Ken and Ginny made sexy little comments to each other throughout the day but both of them were really keyed up in anticipation of John's arrival. When the kids were safely out of the house, Ginny wanted Ken to fuck her, eat her or bring her off with his fingers but Ken refused. "I want you to be so horny tonight that it will take all of the energies that John and I have to satisfy you," he said to her.

    "You bastard," Ginny replied. "You mean bastard. Come on upstairs and help me pick out something to wear tonight."

    When John arrived just before 7:00, Ginny greeted him at the door dressed as a bobby soxer. She was wearing a white sweater and a short blue pleated skirt. She didn't have on any underwear but as a joke she wore white socks. They were there as a challenge to John and Ken.

    "Ginny, you look terrific! And I love your socks," John said as he looked her over from head to toe. He boldly took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Since Ken was standing right behind her Ginny didn't know what to do at first but she quickly gave in and responded by putting her arms around John's shoulders and returned his kiss. As he pulled her to him she could feel that he already had a erection.

    "Oh, John, are you that way already? Or is that thing of yours always like that?"

    "It's been that way all day, Ginny, because I've been thinking about you."

    Ken was taking it all in and felt a rush when Ginny commented on John's erection. "This is going to be a fun evening," he thought to himself.

    Suddenly Ginny thought of Ken and she pulled back from their passionate embrace. "John, I'd like you to meet my husband Ken."

    "Hi John. Its a pleasure to meet you," Ken said as he extended his hand.

    "Hi Ken. The pleasure is all mine," John replied.

    After the formalities were complete Ken fixed them each a cocktail and they went to the family room to chat a bit before dinner. Ken was surprised to learn that he and Ginny were the sixth or seventh couple that John had done a threesome with. Besides Denise and Jim there was one other local couple that he got together with periodically. In fact he'd been with them last Saturday night. The other couples were tourists he'd met at local hotel bars. They came from out of town just for the purpose of picking up unattached men.

    "Wow!" Ginny said. "You mean married people go out looking for a man to go to bed with them. I find that very hard to believe."

    "Yes, Ginny. There seem to be quite a number of men who like to watch their wives get fucked by other men..and the wives seem to really enjoy it too," John answered. "I thought it was pretty weird the first time too..but I sure enjoyed it."

    "I've talked to husbands who like that too," Ken added. "Speaking of watching, I can't wait to do that so let's have some dinner."

    Ginny had fixed a great meal and both men seemed to enjoy it although everyone was preoccupied with the activities that were to follow. When Ken and Ginny were taking the dirty dishes to the kitchen Ken asked "Are you getting excited? Boy, I sure am. I've been as hard as a rock ever since John arrived."

    "I know," Ginny replied. "It shows. But that's OK. John's shows too. I'm really turned on too. In fact I'm so wet I think it's running down my leg."

    Ken reached under Ginny's skirt and ran his finger quickly up her slit. "Yes, you're primed and ready. Why don't you go out and serve John his dessert while I clean up a bit in here?"

    "Great idea," Ginny replied.

    "John," Ginny said as she stood beside his chair, "I've prepared a special dessert for you. I hope you like it." Then she stepped up onto the edge of his chair and the onto the table. Once there she sat facing John with her legs on either side of him hanging over the edge of the table. She slid her ass to the edge of the table, placed her feet on the back of John's chair and pulled her skirt to her waist.

    "Pussy ala Ginny," she said with her exposed cunt just inches from John's face. "I hope you like it."

    Before John could take advantage of her delicious offering, Ken appeared with a can of whipped cream and a bottle of chocolate sauce.

    "Would you like anything on that, John?" he asked. "As you know she tastes great plain but chocolate sauce and whipped cream add something special."

    Ginny burst out laughing. She hadn't known that Ken was going to do this. John accepted both which Ken generously applied.

    Ginny jumped slightly as John's tongue gently touched the inside of her thigh. Then she felt it move upwards. He helped spread her thighs further apart as his tongue moved toward her steaming cunt. Then suddenly she felt it jab firmly against her tight pink asshole. Again she jumped.

    "Ah! Oh, John, that feels so nice."

    John began to gently lick the chocolate and whipped cream from her slit as Ginny moaned softly and Ken watched.

    Ken noticed that Ginny was beginning to breathe in shorter more shallow breaths. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock to give it more room. When Ginny saw his hard cock she motioned him over to her. She reached over and began to gently caress Ken's hard tool, Finally she leaned over and took him in her mouth.

    Ken almost came when he realized that his wife was being attended to by two men for the very first time. He fought hard for control, however, because he knew that a lot lay ahead..if he and John were to get those socks off.

    With just another minute or two of John's loving attention to her twat, Ginny came. Her body stiffened and she completely stopped breathing for a few seconds.

    "John, that was wonderful..but don't stop. You know I'm not done yet..my socks are still on."

    John resumed eating her and she resumed sucking Ken's cock. Then John decided to change the pace a bit. He got up from his chair and removed his pants and shorts. Then he stepped forward and as he lifted Ginny's ass up he slammed his cock into her.

    Again Ken nearly came. Now his sexy little wife had two cocks in her. "Slow down a bit, sweetheart." "I'm almost there and I want to wait a bit. How do you like having a cock in each end? It sure is something to see."

    "I love it!" Ginny said softly. "I feel very trashy right now..but I love it!"

    It took just a few minutes for John to cum. He stopped ramming into her and held his cock deep in her cunt.

    "Ooohh, Ginny. Ohhh, your pussy is so hot," he said as he filled her with his cum.

    Ken withdrew from Ginny's mouth when he knew John was coming. He knew the very thought of seeing another man cum in his wife's cunt would put him over the top. He wanted to dump his load in Ginny's pussy too.

    As John was recovering, Ginny said "Alright, one of you guys better get back into action her. This girl isn't done yet."

    John moved aside and Ken took his place. His cock easily slipped into Ginny's cum filled pussy and as he began fucking her he saw John's cum oozing out whenever his hard cock plunged in. He continued to fuck her as he used his thumb to gently caress her clit. This was a sure fire way to make her cum and in just a few seconds she did. Then as her body was shaking from her orgasm Ken shot his load into her cunt as well. For the moment they were all spent. Ginny just laid there on the table gasping as the cum from two men mixed with some remaining whipped cream ran down her slit and past her asshole. She was an incredible sight and Ken loved her for it.

    Finally Ginny sat up. "Well, guys, my socks are still on. But I'm not going to do it anymore on this table. This is the second time in two days that I've been fucked on a table and although it was a lot of fun I still prefer doing it in bed." Then she headed upstairs as her loyal sex servants followed. She threw off her sweater and skirt as she climbed the steps and as he followed her Ken saw that there was a stream of cum running down the inside of her thigh.

    Ginny threw herself onto their bed and immediately reached over and took John's cock in her mouth while she gave Ken access to her hot dripping pussy. She worked at resurrecting John's tool as Ken began vigorously cleaning her cunt with his tongue. Knowing that he was sucking another man's cum as well as his own out of her was another erotic first for Ken..and he loved it. He felt his cock getting hard again as he ate her.

    "My hot little slut wife's cunt is dripping with cum..and it's not all mine," Ken remarked. "I think she's been fucked by another man."

    "She sure has," John replied. "And she's going to get it again in a minute.

    By the time Ken had all of the cum cleaned from Ginny's cunt, Ginny had cum one more time and John was ready to work on another deposit. He and Ken traded places as Ginny got up on her hands and knees. John slipped his larger than normal (about 7" Denise had said) cock easily into Ginny's well lubricated pussy. Then he and Ken rocked Ginny back and forth between them with first one and then the other burying themselves all the way in her mouth or cunt.

    "Reach down and rub her clit while you fuck her," Ken suggested to John. It's make her cum real fast."

    John didn't have to wait long for results. Ginny came again in just a couple of minutes.

    "That was wonderful John," Ginny mumbled, her mouth still filled with Ken's cock. "Stop for a minute, OK?" she asked.

    Ken knew that her clit must be getting very sensitive. He'd never seen Ginny take as much sex as she has taken in the last two days. "I'm surprised her clit hasn't fallen off, she's been fucked so much since Thursday," he said to John.

    "She's still got her socks on," John replied. Then he began pumping even more vigorously than before. John was about to cum again. He resumed rubbing Ginny's clit as his cock rammed into her. Soon he and Ginny went over the top again. This time they both collapsed in a heap of arms and legs on the bed while Ken looked on.

    Ken almost came from the sight of his fucked out wife and her fucked out lover laying there on the bed. He couldn't believe what was happening here tonight. From the very traditional wife that she'd been only a few days ago, Ginny has suddenly become a wanton woman who challenges a near stranger to a fuckoff. He wondered what might lie ahead once she got used to the idea that she could fuck any man that she wanted..as long as she told him about it.

    Slowly the pair on the bed started to come back to life. "Ken, does she still have those damn socks on?" John asked.

    "Fraid so, John. I'll give it a try. She can't take too much more."

    "Oh yeah," Ginny said. "It may not take much more..but I'm not done yet."

    "Well sit on this then," Ken said as he laid down on his back. He knew that in this position Ginny would have to do most of the work if she wanted to cum.

    Ginny did as Ken asked and slid easily down on his rock hard cock. Then she began rocking her pelvis back and forth while her clit rubbed against Ken's pelvis. Even as tired as she was Ginny came again after two or three minutes of action. Again she collapsed. She reached toward her foot and pulled off a sock. Then she reached over and pulled off the other.

    "Hey, we've done it Ken," John cheered.

    "I'm not done yet..she can't quit now," Ken replied. "Come on Ginny..just a little more...please."

    Ginny's cunt was too sensitive to fuck any more so she turned around and took Ken's cock in her mouth. It didn't take her long to finish him off and she eagerly swallowed his entire load.

    "That was fantastic!" she said as she laid back down. "This is one well fucked woman. One VERY well fucked woman. Thanks, guys."

    When they recovered Ken and Ginny had a brief private conversation to confirm that both of them wanted to continue this sort of lifestyle. Before John left everything was arranged. He would get together with Ginny on Thursday afternoons. All three of them were very enthusiastic about the idea. When John finally went home Ken and Ginny went up to bed and fell asleep almost instantly. They were both very satisfied..and very very tired.

    Sunday night as Ken headed back to work, he spent the entire flight thinking about all of the fucking that he and Ginny had done this weekend. He was still amazed at how quickly things had happened. "Betty and Dick will be surprised too," he said to himself. "It will be fun telling them about it over dinner..before we go back and fuck Betty."

    It had been a remarkable weekend and Ken had an exciting week to look forward to as well.
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