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GA wife new here

Discussion in 'Welcome to the new Dark Wanderer!' started by Bobby, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Bobby

    Bobby Bbc wife Author!

    IMG_5591. 3100-1523064735-cbc3d031fafa329faf0cf5dc98c0f6d7. 3109-1523070687-9c3d1689020444626e1fbbc519d2b994. Mwc love exposing wife to black men in public. Love sharing her with our black friends. IMG_5591.
  2. Bobby

    Bobby Bbc wife Author!

    Are there any Geogia Bulls here that might be interested in gangbang me? Young hung attractive preferred. 3-5 BBC wanted and I want to be filmed for your pleasure.
    Another other Ga. couples here?
  3. Bobby

    Bobby Bbc wife Author!

    IMG_0781.JPG IMG_0787.JPG I'm in Milledgeville seeking young black bulls.

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