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. Fucked While My Husband Watches

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Feb 7, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Fucked While My Husband Watches


    ByKay Dee with some changes and additions by EroticWriter

    Found this on another site readers. I added text and hotted it up for the wife and further humiliated the husband. EW

    I wasn't feeling over confident but, as what I was about to do was for my husband, I did my best to conceal my doubts and apprehension. I mean, it's not every day that you are about to be fucked by a stranger while your husband watches. Well, it's not for me. I was definitely nervous

    I had never fucked anyone but my husband, though I had done some heavy 'petting' in high school and had gone so far as to allow my naked breasts to be fondled while I had jacked them off. Only two boys, but it had been fun. Both boys, as it turned out, were smaller than my future husband, but not by a lot.

    Five years we had been married, and though I had acted very reluctant, I had eventually allowed my husband to 'talk' me into having this happen. He wanted to watch.

    The time had arrived and, as requested, I had dressed in high heels, silky hold up stockings and a small g-string with tie sides. Otherwise I was naked except for a dash of my favourite perfume.

    Because I did not want to do this in our marriage bed, my husband didn't seem to care where it was, I was waiting in one of our spare bedrooms until my 'date' arrived. I had no idea who he was other than my husband had promised that it was someone we could trust. 'Trust' meant that he possibly knew the man and maybe I did too.

    I did say that I was (supposedly) about to be fucked by a stranger, but maybe I knew him, maybe not. It was up to my husband to pick a man, and I was trusting him to have it be someone we did not know.

    How old he might be, how handsome or maybe ugly, it wouldn't matter since I would not be kissing him. Having only had one size cock, I was not into the cock thing, you know, big cocks and all that. I had heard and read the stories, but for the most part, cock size seemed to be more of a concern for men, than their wives.

    That was about to change, but of course, I didn't know that yet. How large or hopefully not too small he would be, that was all up to my husband. He might have checked out the man's penis in advance, or maybe not. It was all up to my husband. All I knew was, I would be taking some strange cock, attached to a mystery man.

    My pleasure would all be determined by two, no maybe three things. What his cock would feel like as far as size and shape would be, how he used it on me as far as his movements might be, and how it would end up affecting me mentally.

    I also had a code phrase of 'stop this pantomime' to use if I changed my mind, or didn't like anything that was happening. I was, however, determined to carry out what was required of me, no matter what. After all, I did love my husband and I knew he felt the same way about me. I also love sex!

    The door bell rang and my heart immediately started to pound. I heard my husband talking to another man. That's him! I held out my hands and they were slightly shaking but when I looked down I saw that my nipples were erect - and this wasn't due to the cold!

    At last my husband looked round the door at me.

    "Ready?" he said.

    "Yes," I whispered, "I love you."

    "He'll come into our bedroom now, but don't turn round when someone else enters the room. Just look at me. Okay?"

    "Okay," I answered.

    I waited in front of the bed in the bedroom and my husband sat in a chair in a corner. He was fully dressed.

    I heard footsteps behind me but stood looking into my husbands eyes. A scarf, or something similar, was tied over my eyes so that I couldn't see. Well, I thought, something over my eyes will make it easier. I won't have to keep pushing my eyelids shut.

    For what seemed an eternity I remained where I was until I felt something being fixed round my neck. I presumed it was a collar of some description.

    This was unexpected.

    All of my senses were now on overdrive as I waited to find out what would happen next. And then, there it was, a gentle touch of a hand on my cheek and then brushing downwards over my nipples and onto my tummy. I felt so sensitive, not a word had been spoken.

    The ties of my g-string were being undone and the garment was pulled from me leaving me completely exposed and feeling vulnerable. I knew, could feel it, that this man was studying my body intensely with his eyes.

    Someone is seeing me exposed, and I don't know if it is a man whom I know, or a complete stranger. I flet a gentle touch on one of my breasts. He was cupping it, feeling my size and firmness. Then a finger was on my smooth, shaven pubic mound circling the flesh and, moving slowly, it travelled to my pussy, gently caressing my private lips.

    My husband spoke, his voice appeared different and strained, "Finger your cunt and masturbate while we both watch." I wondered if my husband had already pulled out his six inch cock and was jacking. He had told me he planned to once things got going.

    I love showing off but this was something else as I could only imagine their expressions and whether I was turning them on.

    I spread my legs slightly and, pushing my pelvis forward, my fingers touched my pussy. I was amazed at how wet I was and I slipped my middle finger right inside my soft centre and began to move it in and out. It felt amazing even though I had done this thousands of times before.

    Soon I started using two and then three fingers. God, I was so lubricated. My cunt walls felt like soft velvet. I used my thumb to rub my clit and knew I was about to orgasm for my watchers.

    I groaned and came and, as I did so, I heard my husband utter a muffled, "Oh, yes!"

    I sucked on my fingers to taste my juices but was quickly ordered, "Stop, don't do that. Kneel down."

    I did as requested and could feel the warmth of a body in front of me, a naked body.

    "Reach and hold his cock," came the instruction.

    My aim was slightly off as I touched his legs first and then his cock. He was erect and it was enormous. Oh shit. I was almost wondering if it was real. I couldn't wrap my hand around the girth and come anywhere near having my fingers touch.

    Using two hands now I tested for length. I had both hands around the shaft and wasn't even coming into contact with the head. I moved one hand lower. His balls were tight and large.

    All the time as I was testing the size I was thinking: 'Does my husband really want me to be fucked by a cock this huge? Did he know what size it was before he brought this man to me?' I wanted to ask, and finally, I got up the nerve, sorta. “Honey? Are you sure about this? He's really big.”

    “I know baby, I can see it.”

    That still didn't tell me if he had known in advance, but I let it lie. Later, after the man was gone, I might ask him.

    I used both hands to do what I thought was a wanking movement and heard the first sound from my new lover.

    "Ahhhh," was all I heard, but it was somehow familiar.

    I wished they would take this stupid blindfold off so I could see his gigantic cock.

    I asked. “Honey? I want to see it.”

    I heard my husband chuckle softly. “Stand up again, baby.” I rose and then he told the man what to do. “While she keeps looking down, pull the blindfold just a little bit up so she can see it.”

    I kept my head down as instructed and as the man slowly raised my blindfold, it came into view. I stil had two hands wrapped around the shaft and I moved one. Son of a bitch, I thought. Just look at that.

    It was sort of a red brownish color and the head was more of a purple in shade. I could see veins along the side, and it had felt like it, and now I kenw, it was circumcised. I gave it a stroke best I could and saw a clear drop of fluid appear at the end. Another stroke and the drop had enlarged and lengthened into a string that was hanging off the end.

    I said two words, softly. “It's dripping...”

    I was about to kneel and take that st ring into my mouth when my husband said, “OK. Cover her eyes again.”

    The blindfold came down over my eyes. “Now baby, kneel down again.”

    The thought of it's size had almost made me cum but, before I realised what was happening, the helmet of his penis nuzzled at my mouth. I opened as wide as I could and felt this huge monstrosity trying to force it's way between my lips.

    Now I had that slippery string in my mouth, and with it, his cock.

    Me doing a blowjob? I had not thought of this possibility.

    I gagged at the size, my jaw was almost aching. I knew I couldn't deep throat this monster. I tried to suck as best as I could and there was a loud, "Ahhhh", again.

    "Shit," I thought as I sensed more than felt his trembling, "He's going to come already."

    And he did.

    The first spurt hit my throat with force and then another. I could hardly swallow before a further burst of cream flooded my mouth. I was sure I'd choke, and was about to panic, but the cock was pulled slightly away from my mouth allowing me to catch my breath. As this happened sperm spilled over my lips and trickled down my chin. I could feel hot droplets hitting my tits and my nipples tightened.

    I regained my composure, my mouth still full of thick, sticky, salty fluid. I swallowed some but most was running down my chin and onto the floor or my breasts.

    "What now?" I wondered, "Was that it?"

    My husband spoke, "Get up."

    My legs were getting sorted of cramped now from kneeling and I struggled to my feet and was pulled by my collar over to what I knew was the bed.

    "Bend over."

    I spread my legs and bent forwards, balancing with my hands on the bed. I thought I was about to be fucked, but it wasn't to be.

    Hands touched my bottom and spread my buttock cheeks. I was beginning to feel frightened. A finger probed my anus. I didn't really want this, but I didn't resist. The finger was pulled out, much to my relief but then something else was pushed into my rosebud. I remember I screamed out but the plug, dildo or whatever was pushed in fully and left there.

    I tried to relax my anal muscles and after a few moments I got accustomed to the feeling It must be some kind of butt plug with a round tip like a ball, because it wasn't trying to fall out after he had let go.

    "You are a dirty whore, aren't you?" said a voice. "You need to be punished."

    This wasn't what I wanted, it wasn't what I imagined. I expected to be fucked and that was it. This was something completely different. And then a hand smacked my bottom. Visions began going through my head of men or women wearing leather masks and using whips to punish their partner. That had never turned me on, the thought of it happening to me, but still, my pussy was tingling.

    I cried out but another slap contacted my other buttock and then another. And they were hard. They hurt. I clenched my teeth and another blow hit my bottom. Thwack! Thwack! Again and again the blows hit my cheeks. Tears were starting to squeeze out from between my eyes but I was determined not to give in. If this was what my husband wanted to see, it's what he could have.

    The smacking ceased and my bottom glowed and tingled. I then remembered the object in my anus. It was being turned, I could feel it being rotated, but thankfully it was also being withdrawn at the same time. My bottom now felt sore.

    "Please let it be over," I said to myself.

    "Onto the bed, and on your knees," I was told.

    I was praying I wouldn't be fucked in the ass, especially not with that massive cock.

    I felt his cock though, it slapped against my sore bottom and it was hard and erect.

    The penis, however, moved between my legs and, thankfully, to my cunt entrance. This I believed I could take, but I was worried about the size. He pressed slightly and my pussy opened, reluctantly. Phsyically it opened, and mentally, I was ready. I gasped, but it wasn't unpleasant and I could feel that I was very wet despite my punishment.

    I groaned as more inches were pushed into me. I spread my knees and adjusted my position, hoping this would widen my passage. It helped a little and I, yes, yes, I was able to take everything he had. My womb felt invaded, my cunt stretched to capacity. Again I wondered if my husband had known in advance how large this cock I was having to submit to was.

    He remained still once fully inside, we were joined by cock and cunt. His hands undid my blindfold and I looked towards my husband. He was seated in a cushioned chair and his hand was holding his erect penis, his trousers open. I don't know if he'd already cum but he looked as if he was ready to so now.

    My husband was openly displaying his penis, his smaller penis than the one now inside me.

    Whever this man was, the man very much inside me, he now knew that he was giving me much more than what my husband could give.

    "Hello", said the voice from behind me. Apparently he had decided to let his identity be known.

    Are you kidding me? I knew that voice.

    “Bill,” I asked, my voice soft?

    “Yes baby, it's Bill.”

    There was no doubt. I knew who he was - the accountant. I knew Bill from seeing him several times in my husband's office, but he had never appealed to me physically. Of course, I never knew about his cock, which was gaining my interest, big time.

    It had been determined in advance, the man who is fucking me knows who I am. My husband had chosen this man, a man who was now deeper into me, and stretching me more than he ever had been able to do.

    It was hard to believe, that my husband was allowing me to be known intimately, to be plundered and fucked by Bill, his huge cock wielding accountant, a man he had to see at work every day. But here it was, and it was happening. Strangely, at the moment I didn't care.

    No need to have the mask on any longer, I ripped it off.


    This wasn't a time for talking though, his monster was now beginning to fuck me. Bill was giving me his full length and I felt proud that I could take it all. Fuck, this felt good. I was about to tell my husband, and in front of the accountant, that he had no idea what he had done, allowing me to be fucked by a cock such as this.

    Did I say earlier that I was not concerned about the size of a man's cock? Forget that.

    Now I knew. This, in the future, is what I would be craving. Maybe not Bill, he still didn't turn me on, but a cock like Bill's. But I didn't say it, there wasn't time to say it because my husband was wanking and I shouted out in ecstasy as I saw him cum, his spunk spurting from his cock.

    The accountant pounded into me. I was groaning, swearing, sweating and wanted him to fill my whole body with his cock. I suddenly couldn't hold back and screamed, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You fucking bastards, I'm going to cum."

    My whole body shook as my vagina tightened, compressed and then opened as my juices were released and flooded my passage. I orgasmed so forcibly that my cunt seemed out of control and then I came again and again. My head was swaying from side to side, my tits were swinging as the accountant continued to thrust in and out.

    Then he too, couldn't hold back. I waired for his load in me, I was craving it, but instead his cock was pulled roughly out of me and he sprayed his cum onto my back and bottom. There seemed to be gallons of the stuff shooting over my skin and I came again at the thought.

    Maybe my husband had told him he wanted to see him cum, I don't know, but most of his load landed on the outside of my body. But he hastily shoved himself back into me before his orgasm had ended, and I was able to feel his final throbs, powerful throbs.

    Bill stayed inside me for another minute or so and stroking and draining residual cum out as I felt his hardness soften. Even so, he still felt huge. Then he spoke, and I believe it was to my husband and not me. “That was one fantastic fuck. A wonderful experience. Thank you.”

    The accountant pulled out and left the room. Just like that, it was over. I wanted to lie on my back and be fucked again, but he apparently was done or maybe was following rules my husband had laid down. I stayed on all fours like a submissive animal and looked at my husband. He moved over towards me and kissed me on the lips and then on my tear filled eyes.

    "Happy?" I asked.

    He nodded.

    The accountant had been in the bathroom washing his cock over the sink. Now he shouted, "Goodbye all," and left the house.

    I sat up on the bed and my husband and I hugged each other. It was time to talk, and I had so much to ask.

    “So it was someone we knew after all. I guess that was up to you, if the man knew me. But why didn't Bill shoot his big load into me,” I asked with my eyes wide?

    My husband confirmed what I had been thinking.

    “I told Bill in advance that I wanted to see his cum, and how much you managed to build up for him.”

    He giggled. “He shot quite a load on your backside.”

    “I felt it, but it seemed like a waste,” I replied. “All that going on the outside. Why didn't he stay for seconds? I would have done it again, and maybe on my back.” Now my husband knew that though I had done this for him, it had turned out to be for me as well.

    “Because I told him one time, and that was it. I didn't want a man kissing you or being eye to eye with you. He wasn't even supposed to touch your tits, but he snuck in a feel. I just wanted him using your body for his pleasure, your lower half only, that is what I wanted to see.”

    Bill still didn't turn me on, but I knew that had he been lying on me, that I would have ended up kissing him and probably passionately as that cock worked its magic. I frowned at my husband. “Bastard!”

    "I want to make love to you," he said, ignoring my dirty look.

    Ignring the cum that I knew would run down my back, I sat on the edge of the bed, my legs apart. If he wanted to take me, here it was. As it turned out, he did not want me just yet, not after seeing how his accountant had left me.

    He kneeled down.

    "God!" he exclaimed, "Look at your cunt! It's gaping. It's stretched open and your lips are swollen at each side."

    "What do you expect? With that bloody great big prick fucking me. I can't understand why you would want your wife to be fucked by something like that."

    Then it came out. “I...I didn't know he was big, like that. The way Bill talked, he was just average size.”

    I snickered. “Looks like he managed to fool you so he could have your wife, doesn't it?”

    “Yes,” he finally conceded. “But ultimately, that made it more exciting.”

    “It was probably as or more exciting for him as it was for you. He saw your cock and now he nows that he fucked your wife and gave me more, much more than you can.”

    I looked into my husband's eyes. “He must have felt so smug inside, when he saw you pull out your cock and was able to compare it to his own. Doesn't that bother you, that some man from work will know that he fucked me, your wife, with a cock much larger than yours?”

    My husband was still staring at my abused pussy, his eyes wide. “Look at me, what he did. And I got so noisy when I came, really hard. He knows that honey, how his cock affected me.” I waited.

    “Do you still love me,” my husband asked as his eyes raised from my pussy to my eyes?

    “Of course,” I answered.

    “Well then, it doesn't matter,” he said with a grin.

    Shaking my head over his weird thinking, and with cum running out, I got up and went to the bathroom.

    I looked into the mirror and removed the collar. What make-up I had was smudged, my hair was a mess, there were stains on my face, my bottom cheeks were red and sore, remnants of spunk were on my back and, yes, my cunt was gaping open.

    I touched the labia and groaned. This was ridiculous. I'd been well and truly fucked yet my cunt was wanting more. I pushed fingers into my wetness and with only two thrusts, I orgasmed. I felt sure I could have pushed my whole hand inside.

    “Fuck the draining and wiping,” I thought. “Let him fuck me the way I am.” I left the bathroom and lay on the bed, my legs apart, my knees raised.

    "I didn't bother with a shower so it's getting on the sheets. Now fuck me."

    My husband crawled between my legs and his cock entered my cunt easily. It felt as if he was hardly touching the sides. I tightened my pussy muscles and squeezed with all of my might and tried to hold onto his penis but everything was too slippery so I just relaxed and let him fuck me the best he could.

    He paused. “Did you at least drain him while you were in there? You feel pretty damned wet.”

    “No,” I replied, my tone not the friendliest since I was still upset that I had only gotten to fuck the accountant one time. “ I left it in there and you can swim in his cum.”

    “Do I still feel large enough for you,” my husband asked as he used his cock on me for another several minutes?

    I decided to let him have it, since he had let someone else have me. “No, right now you don't. You feel small at the moment. Too small.”

    For some reason, a sick one perhaps, this seemed to turn him on and he began fucking me harder. As he moved in and out I pushed my tits together and then pulled hard on my nipples. This sent me over the top once more and as my husband ejaculated I came and could feel my own cum squirting from my cunt in hot streams.

    It had not been as intense as the one I had been given by the accountant, but it was one of the better ones given me by my husband.

    "I might feel small now, but you still managed to cum a good one,” he said, laughing.

    “It was alright,” I answered reluctantly, still wanting to punish him for sending such a huge hunk of meat to abuse my pussy.

    “I really do love you," he said, and I thought I could detect the worry in his tone. "We won't do anything like that again."

    "Mmmm," I replied, wanting to punish him, "I've a feeling that won't be true. I mean, once a woman has had a giant cock can she be satisfied with just the ordinary?"

    I ended up in the shower of course, and as I washed evidence of the accountant away, it was like I was ending one phase of my life and entering another. I knew now, I wanted to do this again, either with the same man, or if with another, he had to be big.

    That night I was restless in bed and was awake in the early hours fantasising about an enormous penis. My hands went to my tits and then down to my clit which was hard and erect. I moaned softly but it awoke my husband who saw what I was doing.

    "You bastard," I shouted at him and straddled his thighs.

    I pulled my nightshirt over my head and massaged my breasts. I wanted him to see how ripe they were, how my nipples were swollen and how I was pulling and stretching them. I could feel his cock getting hard and with one hand guided it into my soaking cunt.

    My husband didn't feel so small this time. Still little yes, but big enough to make me cum, in time.

    I sat on him with his penis buried deep inside me. I had one hand on my tits and the other rubbing my clit. My juices were flowing and I began bouncing up and down on his cock while being savage with my tits.

    “What are you thinking of right about now,” my husband asked, gasping? I guess he wanted me to keep torturing him with the truth.

    “Him,” I answered, “Bill and his big cock. Once was not enough. I want to ride him like I'm riding you.” Now he knew.

    “Think of him and ride my cock baby!”

    "Fuck, I'm cumming," I cried. It was that quick.

    “Watch me.” I lifted off him and pulled my pussy lips apart and as I continued to orgasm liquid was expelled from my cunt and over his stomach. The flood gates had been opened, in more ways than one. I could see my husband's face and knew he was wondering if perhpaps he had created a monster in me

    Gasping, I laid down over my husband and stuck a tongue in his mouth. Then I asked, “When is your accountant coming over again?”

    I heard him sigh, but he had no ready answer for me. I knew my husband had to make a decision, allow me my big cock again, or to put an end to it now.

    I knew what I wanted.

    Would I ever be the same person?
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