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. Fucked By An Unseen Stranger

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Feb 18, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Fucked by an Unseen Stranger


    Injun Joe was moving his shaft a little deeper now, fucking up into her as Sherry was being pulled back against him. His lips were on her neck, and his tongue was flicking around, alternating between her neck and right ear. Chills were going up and down her neck and back! Thrills were going in and out of her cunt!

    Based on a true personal happening. By EroticWriter

    Readers: Some of this story about Sherry's adventure inside Injun Joe's cave is based on fact. I was in that 'cave' and the lights in one long section of the cave were out. I had an adventure with a woman, but only with hands, and I had a friend from Ohio who was visiting with me who was also in the tunnel, and he had similar luck.

    Both women had been with another man.

    Sherry Lovell watched her husband in the shower as she brushed her hair. Their bathtub/shower combo had clear sliding glass going from the tip of the tub to about six feet off the floor, and Sherry could see him reflected in her mirror. 'Tom has a nice body, there's no doubt about that,' she thought.

    He was tanned a golden brown from lying on the sand just two doors away from their Venice Beach home. A home situated right on the sand was out of their price range, but they only had to walk 100 feet to hit the sand.

    Sherry proudly eyed herself in the mirror. Not a hint of a stretch mark on her nude body! A girlfriend had advised Sherry to keep her skin softened by saturating it with oil during her pregnancy. Sherry wasn't sure if the oil was the reason her skin had come through the pregnancy unscathed, but she was thankful that she could still look good in a bikini.

    A bikini was still her choice of swimwear, despite the current one-piece style so popular with lesser women.

    Tom was washing his penis. Sherry watched as he soaped himself around the balls and then lathered the shaft. He seemed to be giving it the same loving attention that she sometimes devoted to it when she took a shower with him. Perhaps Tom was horny. She knew that she was. They hadn't made love in a week.

    The baby was teething, keeping them awake nights, and Tom recently had begun a new job that required him to be out of town on occasion. He was generally given an extra day of after each trip to compensate, and today was a weekday off for him.

    Sherry had taken to spending a couple of hours, two or three days a week, on the sand. Tom's mother liked to be with little Heather and would often drop by to baby-sit so that Sherry could get away for a while. At other times Sherry would place Heather under a beach umbrella or in a stroller to keep her out of the sun.

    Jake and Nigel, two aspiring young actors who shared an apartment nearby, would often join Sherry on the sand. They were both attractive, with nice physiques and friendly smiles on their faces. Jake and Nigel were so close that at first, Sherry had thought they were homosexuals. Now, after getting to know them, she wasn't so sure.

    Nigel was from England, which had not surprised Sherry to find out since it seemed that a lot of men named Nigel came from England as it would appear in the movies, and she had never met a man named Nigel that had been born in America.

    After they had grown more comfortable, Jake, Nigel, and Sherry often had conversations that centered on sex. Sherry still wondered if the stories they told about their sexual exploits with women were more fantasy than fact. It was possible the stories served as a cover for their real sexual preference. Sherry sometimes wished that she had had more adventure in her life so that she could match them, story for story.

    Sherry did know that she had seen the bulge in their swim trunks rising during some of the spicy conversations with her, and Jake and Nigel had turned over to hide their semi-erections. Sherry always pretended not to notice, playing the naïve housewife.

    They probably weren't fooled by her act of innocence. Despite the fact that she didn't have to hide a bulge in her bottoms, they would often glance at her bathing suit top, and her erect nipples would give her away.

    Sherry had never been able to disguise her curiosity about their sex lives, and she generally was able to share a new sex joke with them that she had obtained from one girlfriend or another.

    One occasion stood out in sherry's mind; She was propped against a folding backrest, starting to read a book written back in the 1950s and with a strong for the time sexual content that Jake had recommended; On The Road by Jack Kerouac, and Nigel had fallen asleep next to her. He was on his back, with his upper body under the shade of her umbrella. Rising, Jake announced that he was going for a walk 'to check out the lovelies,' as he liked to describe girl watching.

    Jake and Nigel had pointed out a certain detail to her that the current one-piece bathing suits for women featured. The suits were cut in such a way that in front they looked like a very short skirt at the bottom. So short, that the bottom horizontal line went across the hips at about the level of the middle of most women's pubic hair. Sherry had checked and learned that this section going across was called 'a modesty panel,' and the term dated back to the suits of the 40s and 50s.

    The inner portion of their suits, the portion shaped like a pair of panties, could be extremely revealing as they would fit up into the crack of almost any woman who wore them. Jake and Nigel said that this revealing feature, called 'Camel Toe' by some, was almost like seeing the women naked.

    Sherry finished a chapter in the book and sat it down beside her. She was idly watching the surf and a few beach goers that walked by between her and the water, when she gradually realized that Nigel's breathing was growing louder beside her.

    She glanced down at him, and was shocked, pleasantly, by the sight that greeted her eyes. Nigel apparently was dreaming, and he had a full erection! Sherry was surprised by his length. Most of it was hidden, of course, under his black bikini. It looked to no thicker than her husband's cock and because of the extra length, it looked somewhat skinny.

    The head of his penis had edged out of the top of his bikini and was completely exposed, along with about an inch of shaft. 'He either is circumcised or his foreskin is pulled back,' Sherry decided as she studied it. The head was round, like a plum, and purplish in color, and looked to be a little larger than Tom's. She estimated his full length to be 7 ½ to 8 inches.

    Amused, and slightly aroused, sherry sat with open book in hand, watching Nigel's penis as it throbbed under his bikini. Soon she began to see clear liquid, pre-coital fluid, oozing from the tip. The thought of placing her lips softly over the tip, to taste his pre-fluid, to even let him orgasm in her mouth while he slept, was going through her mind.

    Sherry had never really been sexually attracted to Nigel, at least not the kissing, have an affair type of attraction. Yet, seeing his erection, without his being aware that she could see it, Sherry wanted to suck his cock.

    Just a fantasy. If only it could be done without his being awake and aware. That way, if the owner of the erect member thought it to be a dream, it wouldn't quite be the same as if Sherry was cheating on her spouse, or would it? In real life Sherry had always been faithful to Tom. Her fantasies however, were another story.

    With her book down in her lap, Sherry sat staring at Nigel's cock. She was meditating on the pros and cons of what exactly qualifies as cheating when she felt a presence beside her. Jake had returned, and caught her staring at Nigel's erection! Sherry blushed and looked away.

    As Jake seated himself on the sand beside her, she picked up her book and stared at it, not seeing the words. A minute later she realized that she was holding the book upside down, and hoping that Jake had not noticed, quickly turned it over and again tried to read. "

    Then she chanced a glance at Jake, and he smiled at her. “It's all right,” he whispered loud enough for her to hear. “We all have our moments.”

    Sherry smiled back, and returned to her reading. She wasn't sure if Jake had been referring to Nigel, or to her. She did know that it had definitely been a moment for her. Since undergoing childbirth, her vagina lubricated more readily and wetter than before, and her bikini was soaked!

    Tom was still gently washing his penis. It looked to have grown just a little from the warm water and the attention it was receiving from his soapy hands. Sherry thought again of Nigel's staff protruding from his bikini, pre-coital fluid leaking. On impulse she placed her hair brush on the counter, and turning, walked over to the tub. She slid the door open and stepped through.

    Tom looked surprised and self-conscious to be caught with his favorite toy in his hand. He released it as Sherry squatted in front of him. The water flow was hitting the back of her head as she took Tom's golden colored rod directly into her mouth without using her hands.

    She softly began to ease her lips back and forth over his shaft while simultaneously caressing his head with her tongue. Gently. Just the way she had fantasized about making love to Nigel's pulsatingly long member, without awakening him.

    Tom began to grow. Not snapping to attention, but slowly, the way she wanted him to. She continued to suck and tongue as gently as she could, not wanting to 'awaken' him. Sherry was adjusting her height to match his as he grew.

    Tom became rigid, stiff as a board, and almost straight up. He spoke not. He started to move his hips a little, fucking into her mouth. Sherry removed her mouth, looked up at him and said 'No.” One word. It seemed to work, as Tom remained motionless.

    Sherry made love to his penis, very gently, not touching him with anything but her lips and tongue. Not a sound could be heard but the flow of the water. A minute passed, then two, and Sherry felt his shaft becoming even harder as his orgasm approached. He seemed to reach beyond his usual seven-inch length.

    The penis stayed in place. Another minute. The head of his cock expanded. Ejaculate was slowly beginning to ooze from the tip, tasting salty and mixing with the pre-cum that had already moistened her warm mouth. Sherry felt his body begin to tremble.

    His penis shot the first pulse of cum to the back of her throat! Several more followed, big squirts, six, seven, eight, and then the dribbles. Sherry continued to stroke lightly with her lips. She was touching his head with her tongue very gently now, she knew how sensitive it could be.

    She swallowed. Once. Twice. It was the biggest load her husband had ever given her in the mouth. Tom went completely soft almost immediately, not his usual reaction after cumming. Sherry had drained him, and taken it all with one simple, loving act.

    Sherry lingered, her lips still embracing him. She had lowered her height to match the angle of his dangle, and Sherry allowed the final love juice to ooze into her mouth. She tightened her lips and milked down, draining the last spoonful that would be dripping into his pants later if not dealt with immediately.

    Sherry stood up, and moving forward, kissed her husband as he bent to bring his five foot nine frame to her level. She touched him only with her mouth. He started to reach for her.

    “No.” He stopped, his hands at his sides. She had saved some cum and let it drip into his mouth, and for the first time he seemed not to mind. She stepped away, passing through the sliding door.

    Sherry let her husband watch as she dried herself from the shower for the second time of the morning. She stared into his eyes, and took extra time to dry her pussy, showing him that it was wetter than water. She hung the towel back on the rack and headed for the closet. Sherry was almost dressed before he finally stepped out of the shower.

    Tom looked dazed as he approached her. “What about you?”

    Sherry played dumb and looked into his face. “What do you mean?”

    Tom had a half-smile on his face. “Do you want to cum? I know you're hot, and I owe you a big one.”

    Sherry glanced at the clock on the dresser. “Your mother is due at 8 A.M. and she'll be here at 7:30. We have only ten minutes to get ready, and we have a long drive to Disneyland.”


    “No buts!” Sherry replied smiling. “I'm horny, but I'm also very content, so don't worry about it.” Her eyes met his.

    Tom looked at her strangely, as if seeing his wife for the first time. He spoke slowly, and distinctly. “That was the best orgasm I have ever had, even better than when I've been inside you, yet you barely touched me.”

    “I know,” Sherry smiled sweetly, “It was just a fantasy suck.”

    • Sherry groped her way through the darkened tunnel. She was in Injun Joe's cave at the California Disneyland. Disney had done a good job of recreating a cave. From the outside entrance and going through, it was identical to an actual stone cave, but this one was artificial.

      Their daughter Heather had wanted ice cream, and her husband Tom had stayed behind with his mother and Heather. When Sherry had first entered, small bulbs hidden behind screened alcoves in the walls had dimly illuminated the passageway. For some reason, the lights were out in this portion of the cave. This entire section, for as far as her eyes couldn't see, was black!

      Keeping to the right, she slowly crept forward by feeling the wall with her hands. Sherry could hear the sound of a family who had entered the cave some minutes before her. They were giggling and cracking jokes, their voices muffled by the twists and turns in the man made cave.

      Suddenly, from behind, Sherry felt a hand on her shoulder! She froze. The hand began caressing her neck and ears in a familiar pattern, and Sherry relaxed. It was Tom. He had decided to leave Heather with her mother and join her after all. She stepped back, leaning against Tom as he continued to caress her. Her neck was her weak spot, and Tom knew how to stimulate her.

      Sherry started to speak; "Not here, in the middle of Disneyland!" Tom quieted her by placing his hand lightly over her mouth and saying "Shhhh." He caressed her lips with his fingers, then lightly moved his hand down to caress a breast through her blouse. Sherry realized that it was payback time. Her husband was continuing what she had started this morning, in the shower. Even through her bra Sherry could feel the stimulus of his fingers on her erect nipple.

      Tom had his left hand on her hip. He slid it behind her, gently caressing her firm rounded buttocks through her skirt while his right hand caressed her breasts, moving from one to the other. He was leaning down, and Sherry could feel his warm breath bring the hairs on the back of her neck to attention.
    • Tom slowly began lifting her skirt while he caressed her behind. Sherry was moaning softly now, and moved her legs a little further apart. Even though it was totally dark, Sherry had her eyes closed as Tom raised her skirt completely above her panties with his left hand. He moved slightly to her right, and Sherry could feel his rigid manhood press against her right hip.

      Tom lowered his right hand and raised her skirt in the front, higher than her panties. His touch on her bare, slightly rounded stomach, sent a tremor through her entire lower region. He slid his hand down, over her pubic mound, and began caressing her soft furry bush through her panties. His left hand began simultaneously caressing her covered ass in back.

      The unexpected attention from her normally passive husband had Sherry highly aroused. She was actually more excited than she had been for years, in the privacy of their bedroom! Moving behind her, Tom began bending her forward by gently pressing against her shoulder blade with one hand while pulling back on her thigh with the other. 'What is he doing?' Her answer came a moment later as Tom grasped her panties with two hands and tugged them down around her thighs. He intends to do it right here!

      True, it was a quiet weekday morning in September. Most children were back in school, so there were few patrons at the park this morning. But even so...someone else could enter the cave from behind him or her, at any moment.

      Tom was easing his right hand up her inner thighs, sliding slowly toward her dripping pussy. His slow advance was much more erotic than a direct assault on her cunt. His fingers lightly caressed her pubic hair and then began to slide slowly through her slit. He was going from front to back, and back again, teasing her, without penetration.

      Sherry was on fire. She was halfway to an orgasm already. "If he puts his fingers in me..." Despite the fact that Sherry had wanted to maintain total silence in the darkened passage, just wide enough for two persons to pass, she groaned.

    • Tom was slipping one finger, than two, into her. Sherry moaned softly as Tom fucked her with the fingers of his right hand. She was bent almost completely over. Her ass was raised and pushed back, partially aided by the low heels she had worn instead of the flats she should have chosen for walking around Disneyland.

      Tom's other hand was on her left breast, her sweater and bra still in place between his touch and her smooth, firm skin. He moved slightly to her left side, and Sherry could once again feel his manhood pressing against her through his jeans. Sherry tried to hold back and to wait for Tom's next move. She tried, and failed. Sherry let out a loud groan as she felt her pelvic muscles begin to contract around his fingers. She was having the quickest and best orgasm she'd had since sometime before giving birth to Heather 18 months ago!

      Her vaginal canal had been stretched from childbirth, and though Sherry enjoyed sex more than ever, it now took her longer to reach orgasm during intercourse. She was aware that it also took Tom longer to come because she no longer fit him as snugly as before. They had discussed the looser fit during quiet moments after sex, and had agreed that though it took longer, it also allowed the pleasure to last longer. Unsaid, was the fact that their frequency of lovemaking had dwindled to about half the pre-parenthood rate.

      Sherry was gasping for air. The bent over position hindered her breathing a little, and the orgasm had doubled her pulse rate. She straightened up, trying to catch her breath. Tom's fingers were still inside her. He allowed her about 30 seconds before bending her over again. Sherry felt him move to a position directly behind her. His left hand released her breast and she heard him tug his zipper down. It was his turn!

      Tom eased forward, and Sherry felt his warm hardness lightly touch the area between her pussy and asshole. She reached under to guide him. He was going to have to remove his fingers. Sherry wrapped the fingers of her left hand around his cock, and knew immediately. He's not my husband!

      Shocked, disbelieving, wanting to confirm, she groped further, testing the length. This cock is much longer as well! Sherry knew that she should drop the dick immediately and get out of there. However, with her heart pounding, and her vagina being stimulated by the fingers inside her, Sherry could not bring herself to release her grip. Instead, she continued to hold the thick, long member in her hand.

    • In addition to being bent over, her panties had fallen down around her calves, preventing instant escape. The penis in her hand felt so big, so hot, and erotic. If she hadn't been previously stretched by childbirth she would never have tried it. Trembling, Sherry guided him towards her hole.

    • Sherry's unseen, mysterious lover eased forward, allowing her to guide him as he let his slippery fingers ease out of her pussy. She eagerly replaced his fingers with the head of his cock, guiding him with her fingers wrapped around his shaft.

    • Sherry realized that the stranger must have been holding back, allowing her to explore his penis and to discover that it was not her husband if she hadn't known already. How could I have been so fooled? Perhaps he had even allowed her the time to decide if she wanted to sample the giant log in her little five foot two inch body.

      The mystery man (could it be Injun Joe, perhaps?) eased slowly forward, holding her hips just above her thighs with both hands. Sherry gasped as the huge head split through her lips and lodged inside. She hadn't felt his cock head with her hand before aiming it, and apparently he was even thicker up front than the shaft.

      He held her for a moment, perhaps to allow her to become accustomed to him, or maybe to enjoy the feel of her tightness before beginning to pump. Sherry didn't know for sure, but at least he was being gentle. If he weren't, he would be extremely uncomfortable for her, possibly to the point of hurting.

      He began to pump slowly, going just a little deeper with each stroke. Sherry had a vision of herself as being like one of the fingers of a tight pair of gloves she owned as she tried to stuff her fingers into them.

    • She thought, guiltily, of Tom, somewhere outside the cave with his mother and taking little Heather to a restroom and then for snacks. They'd be back before long, and wondering where she'd gone after leaving the cave. Tom might even come into the cave to look for her!

      Injun Joe must be all the way in her now, because he was so deep. Sherry felt back with her fingers, and was surprised. He still had two to three inches to go! She caressed his balls, marveling at their size and the firmness of the bag that held them in place.

      She heard a noise from somewhere behind them. Someone is coming! Sherry started to straighten up, and to pull herself off him. Injun Joe tightened his grip on her hips, pulling her back onto his shaft.

    • He placed his hand lightly over her lips and eased her to the right. He was actually pushing her to the right by applying pressure to her with his huge cock. They sidestepped a few inches, and Sherry could feel her panties, now down around her ankles, stretch with each step.

      They silently waited with their right hips against the wall. Injun Joe continued to wave his tomahawk within her, just enough to let her feel her vagina walls and lips clasping tightly to the member that was stretching her so wonderfully. Sherry hadn't felt those stretching sensations since before giving birth. Even then, the fit hadn't been as tight as it felt now.

      The voices were drawing close. It was a young couple. They sounded like mid to late teens. The girl half was giggling good-naturedly as the boy was apparently groping her as they crept along in the dark.

      "Come on. Let me feel your tits. No one can see us in here."

      The girl giggled again; "I won't let you feel them at the drive in, so why should I do it here?"

      Frustrated, the boy replied, "I still can't figure you out. You'll play with my dick but I can't touch your bare titties, or your pussy."

      "Why are you complaining?" she said. "I always let you come. I've told you that no one gets me until I'm married."

      They were close now. It sounded to Sherry as if they were about to run into Injun Joe, who stood between them and her. She had a mental image of them bumping into Joe, driving his tomahawk deep, and splitting her in two.

    • Strangely enough, Sherry wasn't afraid of being discovered. It wasn't Tom in the cave, and Sherry knew that if the couple bumped into Injun Joe they would just go on around, possibly not even knowing that she was present, and being fucked.

    • They were beside her now! They slowly passed Sherry on her left, without knowing that she and Joe were there. They stopped just past Sherry, so close that she could hear them breathing. The boy was still begging to feel the girl's tits.

      "O.K., just this once," she said, "because I know that you can't do anything else in here. At the drive in you wouldn't be able to take "That's enough" for an answer."

      "Really?" he said, "You'll let me feel them?"

      "Go ahead", she said. "I'll lift my brassiere up for you, and don't squeeze them too hard!"

      Sherry listened, an unseen smile on her face. She was amused to the point of laughing, and filled to the point of coming. He was really beginning to feel good! Injun Joe grabbed Sherry under her shoulders with both hands, and pulled her upright, placing her back against his chest.

    • He kept his penis buried deep, spreading his legs wide to adjust his height to hers. Sherry could feel his hot breath in her hair, just above her right ear. He reached under her blouse and with one smooth move pulled her brassiere completely up and over her tits, leaving it on her upper chest.

      His hands were on her bare skin now, caressing her. They were just large enough to cover each pear-sized breast. Sherry was glad her breasts were still almost completely firm. They drooped only slightly after breastfeeding. She had been careful to always wear a bra during nursing, for support when she was laden with milk. They looked good enough that she could still go without a bra under her blouse and put up a good front.

      As Joe fondled her breasts, his fingers were sending waves of pleasure through each of her large, erect nipples. Sherry was on the edge. If he took just two or three full strokes with his magnificent thickness she would be coming all over the place!

      "They're really nice!" she heard the young man say. "I didn't think they'd be this big."

      "You're the only boy ever to feel them on bare skin. I hope you appreciate it," the girl replied, giggling.

      "Your nipples are really hard. What color are they?"

      Sherry couldn't see them, but she had a mental image of the young man holding the girl's tits in his hands, and she could remember the first time that she had let a boy feel her own breasts. And now, and now a stranger was caressing them so nicely.

      "That's one reason why I'm letting you feel them here, because you can't see anything. You'll just have to wait and see."

      Sherry thought about the unusual reverse aspects of what was happening to herself. Usually, when you entered into a relationship with a man, first came the kissing, and then the tit feeling, and his getting to feel the pussy last. This time, with Injun Joe, it was pussy, followed by tits, and no kiss!

      Injun Joe was moving his shaft a little deeper now, fucking up into her as Sherry was being pulled back against him. His lips were on her neck, and his tongue was flicking around, alternating between her neck and right ear. Chills were going up and down her neck and back! Thrills were going in and out of her cunt! Sherry could feel herself breaking into a sweat.

      Sherry wondered how long he could hold back. Weren't men supposed to come too fast the first time? She had already had one orgasm, and could barely hold off the second. The kids were still just inches away, and Sherry knew that when she came it would be difficult, if not impossible, for her to remain quiet.

      "That's all. You've felt enough. Let's get out of here now before I go blind in this dark," the young girl said. Sherry could hear her pull her bra back into place.

      "Will you jack me off tonight in front of your house when I drop you off?" the young man pleaded.

      "O.K." she said, "but you have to come into a hankie. The last time you came so hard you got it on my blouse and skirt."

      The young boy laughed, softly. "I know. You put your head down real close to my dick to watch me come and I thought for a minute that you were going to suck it for the first time. It really got me excited."

      They were moving away now. Sherry's eyes had adjusted to the dark, and she looked straight ahead and could just see them outlined against a dim glow in the tunnel as they rounded a corner. In the blink of an eye, they were gone. She looked behind her, wanting to see her mysterious lover.

    • It was still total blackness behind her. Sherry felt frustrated. He had probably watched her before she entered the cave. He may have seen her talking to her husband and mother-in-law before they had headed off to the restrooms and snackbar. He knew what she looked like, and she was in the dark about him.

    • "What color are yours?" Injun Joe asked, breaking their silence for the first time. He squeezed her nipples.

      "You mean my nipples?" she asked, glad to hear his voice. He sounded really nice, and masculine.

      "Yes. What color are they, and your pubic hair?"

      "My nipples are light brown. They used to be pink until I nursed my daughter. My pubic hair is the same as my head."

      "Natural light brown?" he replied.

      She knew now. He had seen her before she entered the cave. "Yes. I don't dye my hair. What you saw is what you're getting."

      "Good, now I know exactly what you look like, both dressed, and naked." He kissed her on the neck, and Sherry shivered. He bent her over again and began to give her longer strokes. Sherry gasped as he gave her full penetration for the first time. He held it deep inside, pulling her firmly back against him with his hands. He wiggled his penis back and forth, sideways. "Nine inches," he said.


      "Nine inches," he said, as he began pumping again. "So you'll know what you've been getting."

      "Oh." Sherry felt herself approaching orgasm. The cock and conversation was really turning her on. She began to tremble.

      "How does it feel compared to him?"

      "Who?" Sherry asked, feigning ignorance. She knew whom he was referring to, and guilt washed over her.

      "Your husband," the mysterious stranger said, while giving her a long, slow stroke and burying it. "How does this compare to his cock? I saw you with him outside."

      "You're bigger, of course. You're bigger than just about anybody, I guess. It...it feels wonderful, but it's your thickness that's turning me on. You could have a shorter cock and I'd still love it."

      "I want to feel and hear you come before somebody else comes through this tunnel." He began to fuck her a little faster, being careful not to hit her too hard while deep inside. His big balls were lightly hitting her clitoris in her bent over position, and he continued to squeeze her nipples between his fingers.

      In no time at all, Sherry went over the top, her pussy clasping his rod lovingly as she pushed herself back against him. Sherry was groaning loudly, not caring if anyone could hear. She had never before experienced such intense pleasure.

      "Yeah baby," he said, as he held himself deep inside while she throbbed around his hot shaft. "That's what I like to hear, the sound of a beautiful woman when she comes."

      Out of breath and unable to answer, Sherry remained bent over. She was feeling extremely weak, and only his long tomahawk prevented her from falling to the floor.

      Injun Joe began to stroke steadily into her now. It was his turn, and Sherry braced herself for the onslaught to come. He would speed up and pound into her as he came. Men always did. Tom did it. The two men she had fucked before marrying Tom had also done it.

    • Men just couldn't seem to resist coming that way. Sherry figured it left most women wondering what her man's orgasm would feel like if he would only continue to pump slowly.

      Injun Joe was hitting bottom on her, just at edge of hurting, and yet it felt so good. "Please don't hurt me," Sherry whispered to him over her shoulder. She reached back, and placed one of her hands on his as she spoke.

      "Don't worry. I'm going to keep pumping slowly so that you can feel me coming inside you. I can feel my dick hitting bottom on you and I don't want to hurt you. Just relax and enjoy it."

      Sherry relaxed, and let her mind concentrate on the huge shaft pleasuring her so wonderfully.

      Joe pumped her steadily, slowly, and Sherry felt him tense up as his orgasm approached. Incredibly, he seemed to increase in size. She bit her lip and moaned softly.

      "Here it comes baby."

      Sherry felt his shaft bucking inside her as his load began to soak her insides. She had never felt a man come so strongly, and his orgasm seemed to go on forever. He was groaning softly, almost a grunt.

      Sherry was almost there again. She felt his throbbing begin to decline in intensity. He was almost finished! He began to slow.

      "Don't stop. Just a few more, Please!"

      Joe tightened his grip on her hips and resumed pumping. It was just in time, and groaning, Sherry achieved one last orgasm. It was not as good as the one before, but still topped any she had ever experienced with any other man, including Tom. It was even greater than the orgasms she had enjoyed with Patty, her redheaded roommate in college.

      Joe held her upright. If he hadn't, Sherry would have fallen on her face. She felt so exhausted, and satisfied. She was glad when he continued to hold her for a moment, and leaned her head back against his chest.

      He slowly uncunted, and Sherry gasped as his cock head pulled at her lips on the way out. She suddenly felt so empty. He released her breasts, and Sherry was thankful as she felt him squat down and pull her panties up for her. She would have been hard pressed to pull them up herself in her present, weakened condition. He paused with her panties half way up. She could feel him wiping his penis on the seat of her panties.

      "I hope you don't mind. I don't have anywhere to wipe, and no one will be seeing your panties."

      Sherry giggled, "Well, it doesn't matter if you get them wet. I'll be getting them really wet before long, myself."

      Her mysterious lover slowly tugged upwards, and when he managed to get the panties around her waist, he let her elastic band snap. "There! Same way as I found you," he laughed.

      "Not hardly," Sherry giggled once again. "I doubt that I will ever be the same way again."

      On impulse, Sherry whirled around and wrapped her arms around him. He seemed surprised, but quickly recovered and tenderly hugged her in return. She raised her lips to his, and even in the dark he knew what she wanted, and kissed her gently. He was a good kisser, and his tongue firmly probed her mouth.

      He was still holding her skirt up, and Sherry could feel his warm member against her thigh. She grasped it, feeling him as they kissed. It had gone soft, at least supposedly, as it was hanging at a downward angle. Even so, it still felt huge. She lifted his testicles for just a moment, feeling the source of the wetness she could feel oozing in her pussy.

      "Glad you decided to try it?"

      "Oh yes, and thank you," she replied. "I came three times, twice with your cock. That's a first."

      "Thank you too." he replied. "You've got a great body, and your pussy is a perfect fit for my cock. That was the biggest load I've shot in a long time, maybe forever."

      He kissed her again, tenderly and slid his hands under her panties so that he could caress her ass. As he squeezed her cheeks, he whispered into her ear; "You're beautiful, and I envy your husband. Now I'd better let you go cause I'm getting hard again."

      Sherry reached out and felt him. "You sure are." She smiled, although in the dark he couldn't see it. Even so, the humor could be detected in her voice. "If you aren't careful, you won't be able to get it back into your pants."

      They released each other, and reluctantly, Sherry began to straighten herself. She pulled her brassiere back over her breasts, adjusting the cups. She adjusted her skirt, finger brushed her hair, and turned to him once again. She reached out. He wasn't there! She groped right, then left. No contact. "H...Hello?" she whispered. He was gone, as quietly and mysteriously as he had appeared.

      Sherry had wanted to tell him that he had her at a disadvantage. She didn't know what he looked like. She certainly knew what he felt like, but that still left a lot to the imagination.

      Groping with her hands, Sherry moved toward the exit. As she entered a portion of the cave that was softly illuminated by electric bulbs, she checked herself, possible stains on her skirt uppermost on her mind. Finding none, she exited into the bright sunlight.

    • Covering her eyes, she quickly scanned for her family. Not seeing them, she again searched the area, hoping to spot her mysterious lover. There weren't many males in the area, and the men she could see didn't appear to fill the bill.

      Sherry linked up with her family as they returned from the snack bar. She felt certain that her husband or mother-in-law would notice something askance, but they took no notice. Tom did comment that she looked "red," and Sherry replied that she was warm from groping through the cave.

      A few minutes later Sherry ducked into a lady's restroom. Her panties were soaked! In the stall she removed the panties and tried to dry them with toilet paper. She also dried her sopping pussy as best she could. Touching herself on her lips made her realize that they were very sensitive.

    • Sherry explored with her fingertips. Her inner labia were tender, almost sore from the stretching and workout she had received. She resisted the urge to masturbate while fantasizing and replaced her panties. There wasn't time.

    • Sherry stuffed several layers of tissue into the panties to catch the come that seemed to flow endlessly out of her. "He must carry really big loads in those beautiful balls" she thought, smiling to herself. She thought of her husband, and felt a little guilty. Well, at least it isn't like I had an affair with someone. It wasn't like I had loved another man.

      Sherry wished that she could share the tale of her fantastic fuck with someone. The closest friends she now had to talk to were Nigel and James, her friends from the beach. She wondered what story they could possibly come up with trying to top this one. Maybe she'd tell them, and see.

      Sherry spent the rest of the day at Disneyland searching the faces, and checking the bodies, of every man she saw. She even checked the men with families, after the realization hit home that her mystery man could have been married, and had just been away from his spouse for a few minutes, like she.

      She spotted only a few that could possibly have been her lover. Two of them caught her staring at their crotches. Sherry was embarrassed, and looked quickly away. She ended up fantasizing that her unknown paramour might actually have been Injun Joe, trapped in the cave as he was in the book Tom Sawyer. Now, after death, he was forever condemned to give gratification to unsuspecting, horny wives, who happened to pass through his haunts.
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