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. From Innocent Teen To Hot Housewife

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, May 23, 2016.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    From Innocent Teen To Hot Housewife

    by EroticWriter

    (I know the gal in the photo above has an almost unbelievable figure, but I photographed and fucked a gal years ago in Hollywood who was very close to that gal. Her tits were not quite as large. In the photo this gal is wearing a Star of David, a Jewish symbol. My real gal who was built like this gal was named Alice, and she too, was Jewish. This bit of info has nothing to do with the gal in my story as follows, just giving you a bit of my past history.

    Note readers: In this story, the person this gal eventually marries is named James, and James is the young man told about in my story Hudson Rendezvous With The Church Lady. If you have not read that story it would be best to read it first.

    Also you will see Frank in this story. He is the older man written about in the Hudson story, and he is also the man in the bunkhouse with Becky. At the end of the Hudson story, our man Frank was going to Korea. He went to Korea, was wounded, returned and before going back to his original traveling representative job, took a temporary job at a farm near where he had originally fucked a woman driving a Hudson so that he could be with her a few more times.

    By co-incidence, Becky, the farmer's daughter Frank gives some basic sex instruction to happens to be the girl that the boy running the gas station a few years earlier ends up marrying. EW

    It was 1957 in Kansas as Becky Renfro removed laundry from the washer, and piece-by-piece, inserted the clothing into the electric wringer mounted atop the machine. Each time she threw the switch, the wringer would pull the clothing through the rubber rollers and the water would drain back into the washer. This was a real labor saver for Becky. A few months ago she had been using her mother's old machine, and wringing each piece out by operating a hand crank.

    Becky was careful with the electric wringer, and treated it with respect. It had almost caught her a couple of times. It could suck part of an careless person feeding wet clothing through the rollers right on in, squeezing the part big time until the clamp holding the top roller against the bottom roller was released, in the process freeing the pinched hand, human hair, or whatever had been trapped.

    A standard joke among farm boys was often bandied about when they were having fun and one of them would say; "I haven't had so much fun since granny got her tit caught in the wringer!" Becky didn't want her tit(s) caught in a wringer because they stuck right out there.

    There normally wouldn't be a lot of laundry to do on a wash day, just the usual amount for James and herself, but she had allowed several days' worth to pile up. She preferred to do the washing every other day, cutting down the amount of time she spent beside the machine, and hanging clothing on the line in the hot sun.

    Starting in June, her husband had asked her to do the laundry just once a week until September to conserve water, "just in case." There could be a shortage of rain and they might have to draw on their wells if the drought lasted.

    After the death of James's father, they had purchased this farm and several hundred acres from his mother at a bargain price. Saying that she "preferred not to live with her memories," Mrs. Renfro had gone to live with her sister. Originally the family had ran the farm and operated the gas station at the end of the lane, but when James needed to run the farm alone, he had closed the station. The gas station had never generated enough business to justify a year-around operation anyhow.

    The farmer next-door was growing elderly, and couldn't handle as much acreage as he used to. Now, based on his lifelong friendship with James's father, the farmer was finally willing to sell a small portion of it, 40 acres, to James. This was prime farmland that James's father had always coveted, but it hadn't been for sale. James and Becky figured that they would eventually own both farms. Indicating that he would be back sometime after one, James had gone to town to fill out papers and begin the purchase.

    Becky had been raised as a farm girl, and her father raised cattle as well as growing crops. James preferred growing crops, and Becky figured that he definitely had a case of green thumb since he was so good at farming.

    Becky missed the barnyard atmosphere. She had always had to feed chickens and milk a bunch of cows as a kid growing up. James preferred not to have a bunch of "dirty" chickens running around and as a result her outdoor chores were at a minimum. They had a half dozen hens and one rooster for eggs, and two milk cows. James purchased their meats in town, or from two farmers who attended their church.

    One of Becky's amusements, when he'd let her, was riding the tractor behind James. Lately she didn't get many chances to ride, because they had hired a part time hand named Juan to work three days a week, and James divided tractor time with the farm hand.

    When Becky did ride with James, she'd sit behind and jammed against him on the large metal, bicycle style seat, as he drove up and down the rows. Sometimes she'd find herself getting stimulated from having her legs wrapped around James and would allow her hands to drop into his lap, resting over his masculine bulge. She enjoyed tickling him through his jeans with her fingernails, and if he became aroused, he'd tell her to stop, because he had plowing to do.

    Becky had her own plowing in mind and sometimes would masturbate when James was out in the fields. She would often use fantasy in her "private times" but so far, her fantasies had little personal experience to draw on.

    Being basically shy and raised very conservatively, Becky had only allowed two boys to kiss her before she entered high school. One had kissed her at a Grange function, and another boy had caught her in the cloakroom of her church during Sunday school.

    In high school Becky had only gone on a few dates, usually doubles. She and a girl friend had decided that double dating was "safer" and they chose this method to avoid having to fight guys off. Some of the girls in school had "reputations" even though they denied doing anything. Possibly a few had earned their reputations, but more likely they had reputations because boys often made untrue "claims" about their dates. Double dating would provide a convenient "witness" for the defense if either girl ever had to deny that some guy had "scored" with her.

    On dates they usually went to the "passion pit," and almost all the boys had clumsily tried to grope her breasts. Becky had only let one boy actually get his hand inside her brassiere and onto her bare skin. He had been fairly aggressive and even managed to sneak his hand under her dress and onto her ass before she regained control. None of the boys had succeeded in placing his hand on her pussy, even on the outside of her panties. Becky had seen to that!

    Sometimes, while fantasizing during masturbation, erotic bits and pieces of something that had happened to Becky after her graduation from high school would come back to her. Having occurred not long after she met James, Becky had tried to put the memory of it out of her mind. She had tried, but couldn't. That event had been the reason Becky had started masturbating in the first place! She had never disclosed it to anyone, not even her husband, and especially not to her husband.

    It happened when Becky had just turned 17, and was fresh out of high school. She had been dating James, her future husband, for two weeks. He had attended a different school, and Becky's younger sister, who had met James at a drive-in restaurant, had introduced them. James had ended up as her husband, but someone else had been involved with her to a very intimate degree before James had gotten his chance.

    Her father often hired summer help, from the local area when possible. If they came from elsewhere, he would permit the hired hands to bunk in a shed next to the barn. Actually, it was more than a shed; it had electricity and was fixed up quite nicely with two roomy double decker bunks, a small refrigerator and cook stove, shelves, and curtains for the windows.

    Just inside the barn, the farm hands could take a shower under a shower head installed over a wooden floor. The water line had been connected to the same electric pump that provided running water to the farmhouse.

    Becky's bunkhouse adventure.

    A couple of years after the installation of the water line, replacing the outside hand pump, Becky's father had spent some money on the family farmhouse and they finally had an indoor sink and shower, but still no indoor toilet. That would have required the installation of a septic tank. "Maybe next year," daddy would say.

    Most farms had a one or two-hole outhouse and all members of the family shared the outhouse. Because of the need for increased help as their farm grew in size her father had dug a pit for an extra outhouse, placing it just a few feet from the existing one, and closer to the bunkhouse. The farm hands shared the men's outhouse with the male members of Becky's family if the outhouse marked Ladies was being used by Becky, her sister, or her mother.

    Early one weekday morning, Becky had just finished using the lady's outhouse, and leaving it, she noticed that the door to the bunkhouse was slightly ajar and swinging in the wind. The three farm hands and her father were all in the fields to the west plowing or working the cattle, and the wind was blowing the dust toward the farmhouse.

    Intending to close it, Becky walked over to the bunkhouse door. She reached the door, and glancing inside, noticed that the farm hands had posted nude calendars on the walls of the bunkhouse. Curious, Becky went inside to have a closer look, closing the door behind her.

    Becky had never seen nude photos of women before. The women in most of the calendar photos were all posed in such a way that no pubic hair showed, whether standing, seated, or lying down. There were a few that showed the women from the front, and it looked like they had shaved their pubic hair off. When Becky studied the photos closer, there was no pussy slit. Not knowing about the process called airbrushing, Becky wondered why their slits did not show.

    Many of the photos showed the women with their arms raised, fingers interlocked behind their neck, and Becky figured that style of posing was designed to raise their bust higher.

    She lifted some of the pages, looking at the photos underneath. Becky had already proudly noted that her own breasts were larger than most of the ones being displayed in the photos.

    Becky moved around one of the bunks to look at a calendar on the other wall and heard a voice; "I'll bet your titties are just as nice as anything in those calendars."

    Horrified at being caught, and embarrassed by his language, Becky whirled around. One of the farm hands was dropping down from the top of the bunk behind her, the one that she had passed as she entered the bunkhouse, and he was in his underwear!

    Unsure as to how to react, Becky stood motionless. She knew this farm hand only by sight. As this was only his second week on the farm, she had never really looked at him before, not until this minute as he moved closer to her.

    Her eyes quickly scanned him. He was wearing only white underpants, cut like a man's bathing suit, and the whiteness of the underpants contrasted strongly against the dark tan of his upper torso. She could clearly see a bulge in the lower portion as he walked, limping, toward her, and it looked sort of like a tennis ball had been placed in the tight briefs and was rolling back and forth.

    If she had been older, perhaps more experienced, Becky would have pretended 'not to notice' his obvious bulge as he walked towards her. But she was innocent, inexperienced, and she stared openly at what seemed to be huge and rolling around in there as he moved.

    Unaware of her total innocence, he saw her looking and felt proud that he had enough to be putting on a show for her.

    Becky recalled overhearing her father telling her mother that the new farm hand had recently returned from Korea, where he had been wounded. Becky glanced lower, past his prominent bulge, and saw scarring across his right knee. His legs were also untanned, and were almost as white as his briefs.

    His face was pleasant, almost fatherly. He looked to be in his early thirties, and his brown hair was shaved into a crew cut. His powerful looking, bare chest was covered with a thick layer of dark brown hair.

    He stopped less than a foot from her. Close, very close, and Becky trembled. He was large, very wide, with just a trace of gut, and he towered over Becky as she looked up at him. Her face was red with embarrassment from being caught, and from seeing him almost naked!

    He grinned down at her. "Looks like you caught me in my underwear," he said with a hint of laughter.

    Her face was red as she tried to recover. "You...you won't tell anyone I was in here, looking at the pictures, will you?" Becky stammered.

    "I won't tell on you if you don't tell on me!" he said, and without warning, he pulled her to him by reaching around her and grabbing both cheeks of her ass!

    Becky raised her arms in front, trying to stop him, but it was too late, and her chest was pressed against his. He leaned down and pressed his lips over hers, smashing them. Becky thought she could taste alcohol. She recognized the taste from sampling bottles kept in the refrigerator, to be consumed by the farm hands when they came into the house to play cards with her dad every Friday night. Her father didn't drink, but he allowed the hands to drink in moderation during their poker games.

    This wasn't Saturday morning though, and the farm hand must have been doing some drinking on his own. He didn't seem to be drunk, as he had dropped from the top bunk and walked to her with a steady movement, despite the limp.

    He was squeezing her ass with both hands, massaging her cheeks. Pushing against his chest with her arms, Becky silently resisted, afraid someone, another farm hand perhaps, would come to the outhouses nearby, and hear.

    He was very strong, and placed Becky's arms behind her without even breathing hard. He crossed her arms, locking them together, and used his left hand at her wrists to hold them in place against the small of her back while he raised her skirt in front with his right hand. Becky felt his right hand slip under her dress and caress her belly before he shoved it inside her panties and directly onto her pussy!

    He broke the kiss, and Becky gasped. No one had ever touched her there before, not even on the outside of her panties! He began moving his hand up and down, caressing her soft pubic hair at first, and then using a finger to slide up and down through her slit. She gasped again when she felt one of his fingers start to slip into her hole.

    "Feels pretty dry, honey. Maybe I'd better lay you down and get you wet before I do any more." He scooped Becky off the floor like she was a kitten and laid her on the bottom bunk. He immediately placed himself alongside her by lying down on her right.

    Becky was in shock at the sudden situation that had been thrust upon her. More confused than scared, she didn't know what to do. Her father would be mad at her if he found out that Becky had gone into the bunkhouse on her own, Becky was sure of that.

    The farm hand pulled her blouse up and shoved his hand inside her brassiere. He cupped her left breast with his hand while his fingers squeezed her nipples between them. He raised himself to look at her breasts while he pulled the top of the brassiere down, leaving her breasts uncovered. "Just what I thought, your tits are really nice. Even flat on your back you've got more than enough to fill my entire hand, and I'll bet you do some more filling out before you're through."

    He again pressed his lips to hers and Becky felt his hand return to her pussy. He began to rub her gently, above her hole. Becky felt her little knob stiffen, and his touch began to send strange, electric currents of pleasure throughout her pussy. Involuntarily, she opened her legs wider. He kept rubbing, and Becky whimpered. For the first time she began to return his kiss with some feelings of her own.

    Encouraged by her sounds and the movement of her lower body as she responded to his touch, he pushed a finger partially into her. When he penetrated her pussy lips, Becky said "Oww!" Her mouth opened wide to let the exclamation of pain escape past his lips.

    The big man stopped kissing her, and held his finger motionless. He looked into her eyes with his mouth open, and exclaimed; "I'll be damned, you've never been fucked before. You're already out of high school and still a virgin! I figured with your face, tits, and that beautiful ass, someone would have gotten to you before this."

    "No! Please, I've never even been kissed before," Becky fibbed. "Let me up. I won't tell anyone, I promise. I'm saving myself for marriage."

    Having gone this far, he wasn't about to give up now. Not with a dick as hard as his was. He again began to rub her clitoris. Despite her fear, Becky allowed her legs to open slightly more than before. She had never rubbed herself there. Becky started moaning softly, and opened her legs even wider. She pushed her cunt up against his hand.

    He placed his mouth over hers again, this time more gently, and Becky felt his big tongue slip inside her mouth. He was French kissing her! Becky had heard other girls talk about it in school but never knew for sure exactly what it entailed. Becky wanted to meet his tongue with hers, but she was afraid to. She deliberately held her tongue back, out of reach.

    Becky's body was responding to his touch, and her mind was racing. She didn't know how to handle this. Becky had been careful to remain a virgin throughout high school, and now, without any real experience at dating, or petting, a strange man was trying to do it to her! Becky knew this was very, very wrong but she didn't want the rubbing on her clitoris to stop. His hand on her pussy felt good, and his kiss now seemed...pleasant.

    He removed his hand from under her panties, and Becky briefly felt disappointment at the loss of his gentle touch. Her heart stopped when she felt him tug his penis out of his underwear! She stiffened in fright, and he sensed it immediately.

    Wanting to calm her, he said, "Don't worry Missy, I'm not going to fuck you."

    Becky was shocked at his use of the F word. Even though he was fondling her vagina, and had felt her tits, the word still came out sounding raw and dirty to her. He continued, "I'd want my wife to be a virgin too, so I understand how important that might be for you.

    I'd never be able to fit my fat dick into your little hole anyhow, and if I did, you'd bleed all over the place. I don't think Sam would like his bunk all bloody unless he was the one that caused it."

    They were laying on the bunk normally occupied by Sam, another of her father's farmhands.

    He laughed at his own joke, and Becky smiled slightly, more in relief that he didn't plan to fuck her than at his joke. "I've got a little plan though. I can tell you like this, so since we've gone this far, let me pull those panties off so we both can have some fun. I know some things we can do without hurting your little cherry."

    Becky wasn't sure why she was doing it, but she shyly helped him by raising her hips as he pulled her panties down to her thighs. Then she raised her legs, folding them at the knees to aid him as he slid the panties up her thighs, and down her calves. He slid one half of the panties off her right foot, leaving them wrapped around her left ankle.

    "And now, this," he said, breathing thickly. He grasped her left hand and placed it on the rigid member sticking out of his underwear.

    Shocked, Becky pulled her hand away. Laughing, he gently placed it back on his cock. "Feel it. Move your hand back and forth to see what a man's peter feels like."

    Becky wanted to explore his cock, the trouble was, she didn't want him to know she was thinking that way. She had always been curious, but still, she had to maintain an air of innocence. She tried to look indifferent, but her hand was wrapped around his thing, and it felt warm, almost hot to the touch. Besides that, it felt really big around!

    Excited now, she slowly began stroking him. As she did, Becky deliberately allowed her hand to shake a little to display nervousness.

    "That's it, baby. Good job. Now you'll remember my prick as the first one you ever touched, even if I didn't get to put it in you."

    He rose up on his elbow, "Now spread your legs. I plan to rub it up and down your pussy and get you good and wet, and then I'll come on your tummy so you can see your first man shoot jizz out of his dick."

    He climbed off the bunk and stood up. As he removed his shorts, Becky actually saw his penis for the first time. She stared openly.

    He laughed softly. "That's right baby, take a good look. Fix it in your mind and you will remember it forever."

    Becky was doing just that. Fully erect, it pointed almost straight out in front of him. It was circumcised, though Becky didn't know the difference, and was surrounded by a thick coat of dark curly hair. Underneath, it had a baseball sized, hair-covered sack. It had felt big around in her hand, and it looked big, but having never seen a penis other than on little boys when their diaper was being changed, Becky had nothing to compare it to.

    Trembling, Becky was forced to spread her legs wider as he got onto his knees and climbed between them. His legs were pressed against the insides of her thighs. She wasn't sure what was happening to her. Becky knew this was wrong, that this man was doing things with her that should be reserved for marriage, and she felt powerless to stop it. Yet, judging by his change in demeanor, from aggressive to gentle after discovering that she was a virgin, Becky believed that he would stop if she just said she wanted to quit.

    Walking on his knees he moved in, getting closer to her. He pushed down on his penis, aiming it towards her pussy, and Becky could see wet shiny stuff dripping out of the end. He looked at her face, saw undisguised excitement in her eyes, and said, "You're enjoying this, aren't you? Why don't you get up on your elbows and watch?"

    Becky did as he suggested. Fascinated, she watched as he placed the slippery penis against her pussy. He parted her lips with the head and began to move it slowly up and down through her slot. Becky yelped at the strange sensations as she felt his penis beginning to send shivers from her pussy to her shoulder blades.

    He did this several times, and Becky could feel extreme wetness from her own juices combined with the pre-coital fluid flowing out of him. The wetness was drenching her entire slit with a slippery coating. Becky opened further, going as wide as her legs could go.

    She was opening up for him. Trusting him, perhaps, or wanting him? He knew that he could fuck her now, if he wanted, and oh yes, he wanted. He could just ram it in, before she had time to fight him off. He could take her cherry and make her cry out in pain.

    Then later he could get her to sigh with pleasure. But, she was the boss's daughter, and she was a virgin. He respected that. Not so much the fact that she was the boss's daughter, but that she was a virgin. "You said you've never been kissed, do you have a boyfriend right now?" he asked.

    Becky could only manage a weak "Uh,Uh," while shaking her head sideways.

    "Some lucky young man is going to put his peter inside that little hole someday, but at least I'm getting the pleasure of seeing and touching it with my dick first." He paused with his penis directly over her hole, "I'm going to open you up a little bit with the head of my cock." He paused when she looked up at him with a frightened look.

    "Don't worry, I'll go in just enough to let you feel the pleasure of being spread by a warm dick. I promise, I won't push it inside and break your cherry." He smiled reassuringly at her, "Lay down again."

    Wanting go trust him, Becky complied.

    He eased his hips forward slightly, and Becky looked into his eyes as she felt him begin to spread her. He stretched her wider than she thought she could go, though only the narrower front half of his cock head was inside her. "Wow, baby, you've really got a tight little hole! I'll bet the guy that gets his dick into you for the first time comes in less than a minute. Now, mark my words, and remember."

    Comes? Comes in less than a minute? What did he mean by that, thought Becky?

    He eased slightly out, and then went in again. He repeated this maneuver carefully three more times, and Becky gasped as she felt him go just a little deeper on the last stroke. He paused, using pressure from his hips to hold his penis in place. "Now honey, raise up a little higher and look at how much your pussy is stretched around my dickhead."

    Becky already could feel it. Curious, and wanting to learn, Becky rose higher by using her hands. It looked like his head was almost completely inside her. Her pussy was tightly stretched around the widest part of his head, but the ridge had not yet gone inside. He was really stretching her, and despite the fact that it hurt a little, Becky was tempted to tell him to put it in and take her virginity.

    She didn't have a boyfriend to save it for. Well, she was dating a new boy, James, but nothing serious was happening there, at least, not yet. Sex was the only thing that boys wanted anyhow, so if she did it, she would just be doing what boys did.

    "That's enough," the farmhand said, bringing her thoughts back to her present situation. "I don't want to risk tearing that little cherry I felt with my finger." He pulled his penis back out, and relieved, Becky exhaled, breathing rapidly.

    Becky had been holding her breath almost the entire time he was partially inside her hole, and she hadn't realized it. Becky knew that she had not been holding her breath because she was afraid of being hurt if he put his big thing in her. It had been because of anticipation, the thrill of the unknown. This was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her.

    "Now I'll show you a little of what it will be like when you're fucking someone. Lay down." As Becky complied, he leaned down to caress her breasts with his hands, and then he kissed and sucked on each nipple. They were erect, very hard and sensitive, and the touch of his lips on them sent shivers down her back. When he used his tongue to flick her nipples, Becky's entire body shook.

    "Your tits are really, really nice, Becky. You take good care of these things. Your body is not the skinny type, so watch your weight as you get older. Watch your diet and don't get fat and maybe they'll last a long time." Reaching down with his right hand, he again placed his peter against her hole.

    He continued to hold it there, applying just enough pressure to keep her spread slightly and to keep his dick from slipping out. He moved down and laid his upper body completely on top of her, keeping his hips off of her and his penis out of her by staying on his knees. Her erect nipples pushed into his chest. "Now, put your arms around me."

    Becky complied by wrapping her arms around him and placing her hands on the back of his shoulder blades. She felt dwarfed by the size of his body, he felt so big and powerful!

    "Now your legs, raise them up and wrap them around me,"

    His cock was started slightly into her vagina, and by raising her legs now Becky was placing a lot of fiath in his keeping his word. Becky raised her legs, placing them around the back of his legs.

    "No, higher, up around my waist, that'll get your ass up in the air where it belongs."

    Becky raised her legs and as she wrapped them around his waist she could feel her pussy shifting around under his cock, sending wonderful sensations through her vagina.

    "Now I'll do some fucking motions for a little bit without putting it in. You can get an idea of how good it's going to be after you finally lose your cherry."

    Placing his lips over hers again he began to move his hips very slightly in and out. He was being careful, going just deep enough that she could feel herself begin to spread and close with each movement. He did this several times, slowly, and Becky for the first time pressed her tongue against his. She began responding with passion as she forgot who he was, and where she was.

    This was frustrating! Becky wanted to know what it would be like if he was inside her. There was a feeling of being unfulfilled. She groaned very loudly, clamped her arms and legs tighter around him, and almost pulled him into her!

    Somehow, he maintained his respect and concern for her virginity and pulled himself back, just in time. She was even hotter than he was! He removed his lips from hers and began to stroke a little gentler, trying to calm her so that she wouldn't lose control again. "God, she's so beautiful. She's like an angel."

    He couldn't take his eyes off her face. Becky had her eyes closed, and a smile on her lips. He gave her several more strokes, with variation, moving his hips sideways, giving her new sensations at the entrance to her cunt.

    "I'm letting you save your precious cherry for when you get married. If I do that, you have to promise me you won't give it to anyone but your husband. That's his right, to take your cherry. If I allow you to keep it now, will you promise me you won't throw it away with some kid on a date?"

    Becky knew that he was right, and she trembled as she answered, "Yes, I promise."

    He smiled down at her. "Then, someday, after you're all happily married and broken in, maybe I'll come back and visit you, and we can see what we missed today. Would you like that?"

    Becky knew that he was probably just joking, but she answered honestly. "Yes, I would always wonder what I," she paused, "what we, had missed." How little Becky knew of how true that statement would be in years to come.

    The man between her legs was excited now, and close to losing control. Becky could feel him trembling. Not wanting to risk shooting on, and possibly into her hole, he raised himself off of her. As he did, Becky slowly lowered her legs, placing her heels on the bunk on each side of him.

    "I want to make sure I have it in my hand when I come so that you can watch it." He held still, looking down at her until his penis lost a little of the pressure, so that he could control it again. On her own, Becky rose onto her elbows once again so she would better be able to see where his juice would land.

    Using his hand, he resumed rubbing his cock up and down her slit, a little deeper than the first time, applying more pressure. Using the head of his cock, he was going over her clitoris, down over her hole, spreading and going into it slightly. As he moved further down, he was just touching her little pink asshole, which was coated with pre-coital fluid and her own juices, and then he would go up again.

    This was the most exciting thing that he had ever experienced as well! He was rubbing his cock through the lips of the prettiest cunt he had ever seen, and she was the prettiest girl, with the best body, he had ever touched. Hell, she was probably prettier than all the girls he had never touched, and to cap it off, she was a virgin.

    This gal might even be better than the woman he was meeting next week. He had fucked her one time behind a gas station a couple of years ago, and she had given him a phone number of a girlfriend. Then his National Guard unit had been activated and he had gone to Korea to fight a war.

    Now back in the area, he had managed to contact that housewife through her girlfriend, and they were meeting in a motel next week. And in the meantime, he had this little cutie to help pass the time. This farmhand job was just what he needed. It didn't pay much, and he had a far better job waiting to return to, but in the meantime, he had a place to stay so he could fuck a certain very special housewife.

    Realizing that he had a free hand and was letting a great pair of tits go to waste, he reached out with his left hand and starting cupping her breasts, going back and forth from one to the other.

    The farm hand continued stroking up and down, sending strange, heretofore unknown sensations throughout her vagina and asshole, and Becky was moaning in response.

    "Oh, baby. Do you ever have a beautiful cunt. I've never seen a prettier pussy wrapped around my dickhead." He was saying it softly and with genuine appreciation for her sexual beauty.

    Cunt? Is that what men sometimes called a girl's vagina? Becky could feel her outer lips being pushed out on each side of his wide cock head as he slid up and down. It felt good, and Becky was disappointed when he suddenly removed his cock from her slit.

    He rose a little higher over her, pointed his dick past her pubic hair and began stroking vigorously. As he grew close, he aimed it down towards her belly button.

    "Watch this, baby." His voice sounded strained, and far away.

    Becky raised herself higher onto her elbows, and her mouth dropped open. His penis looked bigger than ever. The gorged head was almost red in color, and his balls were rocking back and forth violently from his strokes.

    He grunted, and Becky gasped as white stuff suddenly erupted from his pee hole. She could feel the heat from it as it landed on the cooler surface of her belly. The first huge blast was immediately followed by several more spurts. He lost control of his aim from shaking, and two of them landed on her uncovered right tit. Another spurt splattered across her bra, which was still pulled below her breasts.

    Becky could hear him groaning, and quickly looked up at his face. His eyes looked like a wild man's, and his mouth was opened wide as he watched his come flooding her body. Fascinated, Becky alternated her eyes between watching his face as it underwent changes, and his cock as it spurted. The spurting stopped, but he continued stroking. Eventually he stopped masturbating and his face slowly returned to normal.

    Becky moved her eyes downward once more, and watched as he squeezed more come out of his prick The come wasn't shooting out now, it was just dangling from the tip of his dick in strings about two to four inches long. One string dropped off his dick and onto her body just at the top of her pubic hair. That string was followed by yet another shot.

    Becky got up enough nerve to ask, "Am I going to get pregnant? You got your stuff all over and inside my hole when you were rubbing it."

    He laughed gently. "No, that clear stuff wasn't come, that's just meant to get your pussy good and slippery so that you can take a dick. The thick white stuff all over your body is what can get you pregnant, and I stayed high to make sure it didn't get into your pussy. I didn't mean for it to get on your bra. If I hadn't been aiming down I might have got it on your face."

    Becky felt relief. She had been certain she was going to have a baby. The big farm hand leaned over and kissed her. Now he did it gently, with his tongue probing her mouth. She felt tender toward him, and a close kinship at sharing something special. Becky touched her tongue to his, giving a "French kiss" for the second time. She could feel his penis lying on her stomach. When he climbed off her to stand on the floor, his penis was all shiny from his juice.

    Becky said, "You got come all over your...yourself when you kissed me."

    "Yeah, I was afraid of that," he said. "That was maybe the biggest load I've ever shot. It's been several days since I've come, and you really turn me on."

    Turning, he walked over to his own bunk, grabbed a towel and walked back to Becky. Becky stared openly at his semi-erect dick as he approached her, and felt no shame at doing so. She hadn't moved off her back because her stomach was coated with come, and some of it was running down her right side and onto the bunk.

    He wiped her with the towel, turning it several times for a dry section until he finally had wiped her breast, bra, and stomach clean. There was a lot of come, and a large section of the towel was wet. "Raise your legs and pull them back."

    With her legs spread wide, and her pink little hole visible to him, Becky watched and enjoyed the tickling sensations as he tenderly toweled her pussy. Then he wiped the crack of her ass and on into her anus ever so slightly, and again, she enjoyed his touch. Becky hadn't realized she was wet that far down.

    "I missed some wetness. Not come, just your wet pussy juices and some of my pre-coital fluid." As he was speaking, he used the fingers of his left hand to open her lips, and then he gently wiped her pussy dry with the towel in his right hand.

    Becky looked into his eyes, an unspoken question on her lips.

    He could see that she wanted to say something... "What is it, honey? I can tell you've got something on your mind. I want you to be as happy as me"

    "You were doing something to me before, rubbing me. Would ...(she paused, and took a breath) would you mind doing it some more?"

    He looked at her, surprise in his eyes. "You've never done that before, played with yourself?"

    Becky shook her head. "I never played with myself, and if I did, I don't think it would feel as good as if you were doing it."

    Smiling, he laid himself beside Becky again, placing his left arm under her neck to hold her. He began by kissing her while caressing her breasts, and then he slowly moved his hand down her belly and onto her vagina. Becky opened her legs wide as he touched her, and moaned as she felt her clitoris stiffen once again under the tender touch of his talented fingers. He removed his finger from her dry button for a few seconds and ran it around the outer rim of her hole, getting it slippery from her juices. Becky was already flowing, and her pussy was soaked.

    "Oooooh." If ever a woman was ready to be taken, and be possessed completely, Becky was at that stage now. It would be years before she would once again reach the stage of excitement and total surrender to a man that she was feeling now. Her eyes were closed, her mouth, and legs, were opened wide.

    He began stroking her again. "Now you can learn how to play with yourself, and how to come, then you'll know why I was so excited a little while ago."

    Becky began moaning a little louder. She reached down and placed her hand on his arm as if to guide his movements, while not hindering him in any way. A minute went by, then two.

    The farm hand sensed Becky was getting close, and placed his lips gently over hers. He began probing her mouth with his tongue while leaving space for her to take in the extra air she was going to need.

    Becky suddenly tensed, raising her pelvis to push harder against his hand. "Oooohhhh! Becky let out a loud groan as her first orgasm began racking her body. She clutched at him, grabbing his head with her left hand to kiss him harder as the strange, electric convulsions went through her in waves.

    "Oooohhhh!" Becky continued to groan as the orgasm worked its way throughout her body, making her nipples erect, increasing her pulse rate and causing her body to shake violently. He held Becky tenderly until she regained control. Her body was shiny with sweat. The sweat was partially from the early summer warmth in the bunkhouse, but mostly it was from the intensity of an orgasm that had been waiting for years to happen.

    "I guess I've waited a long time to experience that. I had heard about orgasms, but I had no idea it would be like that," Becky said as she stared somewhere into space.

    "I'm glad I was here at the right time. A lot of girls have their first experience with a young guy that doesn't know what to do, and the guy usually ends up coming too fast while the girl is still wondering what it was all about."

    Becky nodded that she understood and believed him as he reluctantly released her and climbed off the bunk. Using the towel, he gently wiped her again, including the wet spot his penis had left along her thigh. She sat up as he handed her the towel. "Now wipe me," he said, looking down at her.

    Her left hand trembling slightly while she used it to lift and shift his semi-erect penis around, Becky wiped him gently with the towel in her right hand. The bottom side of his shaft was still soaked from lying on her belly. Becky could not help but to notice that each time she lifted his penis off his thigh, it felt heavy even though one end was connected to his body. She got him dry and he said, "Now milk it like a cow, and wipe the rest of the juice off it."

    Becky knew how to milk a cow. She had done that for years. Becky wrapped her left hand around his shaft, which had grown a little from her touch. As she squeezed him and pulled down, Becky noted that her thumb and middle finger wouldn't touch together because of his thickness even though he wasn't completely hard. She squeezed harder until her two fingers touched.

    "Not so hard, honey. Just do it easy, and milk anything inside out to the end. That's it. See that juice hanging on the end? One more wipe and you've got it."

    Two minutes later Becky had replaced her panties and straightened her skirt and blouse, but not before the farm hand, now with a name, Frank, had let her feel his hairy balls and lift their weight. While she explored him Frank explained to her that balls were a "storage container" for come, and had to be treated gently. He said that she had really caused him to "drain them" today.

    While Becky sat on the edge of the bunk and watched, Frank put his pants on, saying that he "felt better" now and was going to join the others out in the field. At his direction Becky put his soft penis into his jeans for him and slid his zipper up. Frank asked her if she would like to "aim" his penis for him while he took a piss, and Becky excitedly agreed, thinking that would be fun to do, and see.

    They looked out the windows of the bunkhouse, and seeing no one around, left together. Frank and Becky were still in the area between the bunkhouse and the outhouses when one of the other two farm hands, Sam, came out of the men's outhouse and walked towards them!

    Sam looked a little perplexed when he saw Frank and Becky walking together and coming from the direction of the bunkhouse. Sam stopped, an unspoken question on his face.

    Frank was quick; "Hi Sam, Becky came over to close the bunkhouse door when she saw it open in the wind. I was just getting ready to come to work. I think I feel a little better now."

    Sam apparently accepted the explanation and, though his smile might have been intended for Frank, he was looking at Becky. "Glad to hear you're feeling better. I was coming to check on you. I'm going to get my sunglasses while I'm here," Sam finished with a grin, and went on into the bunkhouse.

    Frank gave Becky a smile, squeezed her hand, and said, "I guess we'll have to pass on the aiming while I pee. As far as the rest goes, It'll be our secret. You have nothing to fear from me."

    Becky returned to the farmhouse. Her mother and sister had gone shopping so there was no one to miss her, and that was why Becky hadn't been too concerned about being discovered.

    It wasn't until a little later that she remembered-because of holding and kissing each other after they were dressed, she and Frank had forgotten to straighten Sam's bunk, and Becky was pretty sure there had been wet stains on the blanket! It was too late to go back now and try to make up his bunk.

    Though she wanted to have more adventures with Frank, Becky stayed away from the bunkhouse for the remainder of the summer. This was more in fear of being caught than the fear that something may happen.

    Becky would have let Frank fuck her, taking her cherry, if he had persisted. She had felt ready when he was showing her what it would be like, and had been a little disappointed when he didn't. When Frank had gone deeper into her on some of the strokes, almost getting his head through her inner lips and the pleasure had greatly outweighed the discomfort.

    Becky smiled at Frank sometimes when he looked at her. She was letting him know that it was all right, and he seemed to sense that their adventure was a special, one-time thing.

    Sam, on the other hand, would sometimes give her a knowing look, and Becky would blush and look away. Sam never said anything, but Becky was certain that Sam had instantly spotted his wrinkled bunk, with the still-wet stains, and had known. Sam thought that Becky had been fucked, and she hadn't been. Well, almost hadn't been!

    Sam and Frank hadn't returned the following summer, and Becky heard her Dad mention that Frank was in college on the GI Bill and had gotten married finally, to some gal over in Dodge City. Becky wondered if Frank had managed to marry a virgin.

    After that one moment of weakness, her strict moral upbringing took over again and Becky was careful to observe the values of abstinence until marriage. No one managed to touch her physically, after Frank, until James came along.

    James had been raised with the same moral values and they went no further than having James fondle her bare breasts under her bra before they were married, and even then Becky made him wait until they were engaged.

    Becky was determined to bring innocence and purity into her marriage, and she knew that James was expecting the same from the woman he wanted to marry.

    On their wedding night, Becky mentally compared James's penis to Frank's as best she could from memory, and she determined that James was not as long as Frank had been, nor was he as thick. She remembered how her thumb and forefinger had not touched one another when wrapped around Frank's penis, and that was when Frank had already started to go down.

    With James, she could touch the two fingers together, even when James was fully erect. Because he was smaller, James's penis started through her tight lips a little easier than Frank's had but there was a struggle with her strong maidenhead, and it hurt!

    Becky had been thinking of Frank, on her, while James was pushing hard into her, and she was glad that James was actually the first man to be inside. It wasn't just that it was nice to be a virgin for her husband on their wedding night; it was also because the pain might have been unbearable with Frank.

    Frank's prediction came true. Once James finally managed to get his penis into her, tearing her cherry asunder, he came in less than a minute!

    Becky Does The Chores

    Becky pulled the last of the laundry out of the washer and ran the pieces through the electric wringer on top of the machine. She placed the clothes into the wicker basket, and as Becky arose, she spotted herself in a mirror. Setting the basket back down, she studied herself in the mirror, which was vertical, and permitted a view of her from mid-thighs up. On impulse Becky turned and went into the bedroom next to the kitchen.

    James and Becky used this room for sleeping. It was smaller than the main bedroom at the front of the single-level house. They preferred it because it was easier to heat in the winter, and it was cooler on a summer evening since it was situated on the East side of the house and away from the setting sun. An added benefit was that the rising sun would awaken them if they overslept for any reason. They planned to move into the larger bedroom when children came along.

    Becky had decorated the room as much as their budget would allow. The large brass bed, (a wedding present from her grandmother) was located to the right as you entered the room, and a seven-foot-tall armoire that had been in James's family for over a hundred years was on the left, against the wall. The east-facing window was to the right of the bed, and looked out upon the barn, and some of the lane that led to the highway.

    Becky turned to the left, going to the armoire, which was hand carved from oak. This was where she kept her nicer "Sunday-go-to-meeting" clothes. She pulled a white, lacy dress out of the center of the rack and placed it against herself, looking into one of the mirrors installed on the inside of the armoire doors. Becky had purchased the dress two months ago and it was still waiting an occasion to be worn. Placing the dress on the bed, she tugged her pullover off and dropped her jeans to the floor.

    Except for white panties, she stood nude before the mirror. The two doors could be adjusted to allow a view of her from different angles, from the sides and rear, as well as the front.

    Becky studied herself. She had matured nicely, and Becky looked even better than she had at eighteen. Her silky, light brown hair was below shoulder length when down, which was much longer than the current popular style. James had asked Becky to let it grow, and she had done so since their marriage over three years ago. Her hair tended towards split ends at this length, and Becky kept it trimmed and curled at the end.

    James didn't seem to notice that it never grew longer, and she didn't tell him that she was trimming it. It was up at the moment, held in place by two bobby pins and a barrette in back.

    Becky eyed her breasts. They were very firm and about the size of small grapefruits, which meant that they looked quite large on her five foot three, 102-pound frame. She turned sideways in order to look at her breasts again. So far, no signs of sagging. Her breasts were topped by large pink nipples placed high on the globes so that it appeared her breasts were actually pointing up. Becky grasped the nipples in both hands and tweaked them, and then she studied herself in the mirror with erect nipples.

    Her waist was small. Becky sucked her stomach in, and though it did nothing for her already flat and firm waist, her breasts jutted even further out. Becky turned completely around and looked over her shoulder. Her butt was nicely rounded, high, firm and smooth.

    James often told Becky that except for her secret part, her tight pussy, he couldn't decide which feature of her body he liked most. James said that her other body parts, usually covered by clothes, were still visible to others on the exterior, and men didn't always like the same things.

    James said that on most women he personally liked legs, because he could view them on a woman more often than the parts that were usually covered, and legs were especially sexy when a pair of seamed nylons covered them. He had even admitted one day, after they had seen a woman slide out of a booth at a diner and expose the garter belt on both of her legs, that he felt that a woman in a garter belt was the sexiest thing of all.

    Becky studied her legs. She had nicely shaped thighs, well rounded and shapely calves. She knew that tall women with long shapely legs had an advantage when displaying them but her legs always seemed to draw admiring looks from men (and women) when she wore shorts.

    James never seemed to mind when men stared at her. As a matter of fact, she suspected that James enjoyed it. Despite her movie goddess appearance, Becky was not conceited about her looks, and she was well liked by her closest female friends.

    Becky lifted the white lacy dress from the bed and raising her arms, placed it over her head and lowered it over her body. She adjusted it and eyed herself in the mirror. Just as it had looked in the mirror at J.C. Penney's, it displayed her body to advantage. It was low cut, and despite her large chest, it hung loose across the bodice. This allowed a generous display of the crevice between her breasts to anyone tall enough, or close enough, to see.

    Becky hadn't yet worn the dress in public, and James had not seen her in it. She was awaiting the right time. During the past two months they had done no more than go to the drive-in movies, to see Rebel Without a Cause, and some western not worth remembering. Becky didn't feel that a drive-in was the place for this dress, although Becky knew that she'd probably create a stir in the snack bar line.

    The drive-in was like a window-to-the-world for Becky. They could only receive two local television stations from Wichita, and Becky didn't spend much time in front of their black and white television set. At the drive-in Becky saw not only how other people lived, in exotic places like New York and California, but she also got to see how Kansan's lived in their cars when they were away from home.

    Becky often watched discretely as couples gradually "disappeared" in the cars around them. Their 1953 Chevrolet pickup sat a little higher than most of the vehicles and Becky would sometimes see a couple disappear, only to reappear later in the form of knees, feet, or a bare pair of buttocks moving up and down in the glow of the screen or moonlight.

    Becky had commented to James about them being "out of swing with the times" and James had replied that those couples were being immoral, and when they eventually got married their spouses would be disappointed to learn that they weren't the first. This exchange had occurred between them before marriage, and James still seemed to think that way. Becky noticed that James sometimes stole glances at the sweating couples in the cars next to them when he didn't think Becky was looking at him.

    One time at the drive-in, Becky was sitting in the middle of the pickup's front seat, which was a bench, and James was on her right, in the passenger side. They, and most young couples, sat this way at the drive-ins so that the steering wheel was not in the way, and also because most men were right-handed, and needed to be on the right side of their woman.

    While seated beside James, who was involved in watching the battle scenes in some war movie, Becky was supposedly laying her head on his shoulder and watching the movie, but in actuality, she was looking behind James's neck and watching the couple parked to their right. Since their pickup was higher, she could see down into the Nash Rambler, and watch all the goings on. Nash offered folding seats that made into a bed, and the couple beside them were taking advantage of this feature, big time.

    Becky couldn't see the intimate parts unfortunately, like penis, tits and vagina, but she could see the guy's ass in the air, and the girl's legs wrapped around him. The boy, or man, seemed to have good control, because his ass kept pumping, up, and down, up, and down, over and over, and this went on for at least 15 minutes, maybe longer.

    Becky wanted to fuck right then and there, but she knew better. James was involved with his war movie, and Becky had not said a word about what she had been watching.

    Becky took one last peek at herself in the mirror. "I guess the first time I'll get to wear this will be at Mary Lou Parker's wedding shower next month. The trouble is, the shower's just for women." Then she thought, in passing, 'I wonder how our farmhand, Juan, would react if he saw me in this dress."

    Their farmhand named Juan.
    From his position of concealment in the west window of the barn, Juan watched his boss's wife Becky hanging clothes on the line. Each time Becky bent over to retrieve an article of clothing from the basket, Juan caught a glimpse of her breasts!

    The barn stood between the farmhouse and the highway located about one-quarter mile away to the South. Anyone approaching the farm from the highway was not visible from the farmhouse until his or her vehicle passed the barn.

    Juan usually parked on the backside of the barn to pick up the tractor or implements he may need for the day's work. As a result, his employers, James and Becky Renfro, were usually not aware of his arrival until he made his presence known by driving the tractor out of the barn and past the farmhouse.

    The clothesline ran from the center of the yard and attached to the wall of the barn just two feet from the window at which Juan now stood. The elevated wooden floor of the workshop in this portion of the barn placed him several feet above Becky's level, permitting Juan to look down at her without much danger of being spotted.

    At nineteen, Juan Moreno was strong, and worked fast and hard. This usually allowed him to take a "siesta" in mid-afternoon when the sun was hottest, in the tradition of his grandparents, who still lived in Mexico.

    Though Juan was known as "The Mexican farmhand," at the two Kansas farms where he was employed part time, he was first generation American. His parents had legally immigrated into the United States from Mexico before Juan was "in the oven." He lived with his parents on the farm they were still paying off which was located a few miles west of the Renfro farm.

    Juan had finished in the top one-third of the Class of 1956, and he was the first in his family to have been graduated from high school. Farming was his chosen method of support for now, but college would come, with money. He planned a degree in Animal Husbandry, and hoped someday to raise horses, though everyone told him that Kansas was "cattle, corn, and grain country." Nonetheless, he was saving one-half of everything he earned, keeping a portion out for his everyday needs, and giving the rest to his parents for room and board. His parents had instilled in him the wisdom of frugality and hard work, the same values that had enabled them to make the transition to the United States.

    One advantage to living at home was having the free use of a vehicle. His parents allowed him to treat their 1951 Chevrolet pickup as his own, keeping the 1953 Chevrolet wagon for themselves. Juan used the pickup for commuting to work and to take Jackie Davidson, a former junior classmate from high school, on dates, usually to a drive-in theater, each Friday or Saturday night.

    Jackie's parents didn't approve of her dating a "Mexican," so Jackie would usually leave her parent's house with her girlfriend, Carrie, and meet Juan at the drive in, parking their vehicle next to his. It had never been discussed openly, but Juan always reimbursed Carrie for her movie ticket, as well as paying Jackie's way. Juan appreciated Carrie's help in enabling Jackie to see Juan as often as she did, and quite frankly, Juan liked having Carrie around.

    Sometimes Jackie and Juan would sit together in his pickup, parked next to Carrie's 1951 Studebaker, but more often than not, they would both sit with Carrie in her car. Juan would slide into the passenger seat of the Studebaker, placing Jackie in the middle. Inevitably, during the less important selection of the mandatory double bill, Juan and Jackie would end up "making out" in front of Carrie. Jackie seemed to like this arrangement, and Carrie never complained. Juan suspected that Carrie enjoyed watching and listening to them, though she supposedly kept her eyes on the screen.

    Juan had never fucked a girl, and he didn't know if he would ever get to fuck Jackie. So far, Juan had progressed with Jackie to the point where she would let him fondle her small, but nicely shaped breasts on the inside of her brassiere, and caress her pussy on the outside of her panties. If they were sitting in his car she would masturbate him to orgasm. As far as Juan knew, Jackie had never had an orgasm, though Juan always offered to "help her" if she would let him.

    On one occasion he managed to pull his rod out while he was kissing Jackie in Carrie's Studebaker. Jackie was in the middle, keeping her back to Carrie while she slowly stroked his cock, and thought she was blocking Carrie's view of Juan. Juan kept kissing Jackie, pretending to have his eyes closed, and watched as Carrie leaned forward over the wheel and ogled his penis in Jackie's left hand. Juan saw her eyes widen in surprise, and her face evolve into a smile. Juan didn't know if her look of surprise and delight was just from seeing a penis, or from seeing his thick, over eight-inch-long, dark-skinned rod.

    Juan had not climaxed that night. Cleanup would have been awkward, at best, with Carrie present. His orgasm had been accomplished later, alone in his own bed.

    Now that eight-inch plus rod was in his hand, and the woman of his dreams was hanging laundry on a line outside the barn's window.

    Becky had started at the end of the clothesline closest to the house, keeping the basket in front of her, and as a result she kept bending over in Juan's direction as she worked toward the barn. .

    This was the second time Juan had surreptitiously watched from the window as Becky was hanging clothes, and this time the viewing was much better. Becky was wearing a white, V-neck, button-down-the-front blouse, the kind that only had three buttons and the first button started between her breasts, in the valley. Each time Becky bent over to pick up clothes or wooden pins most of her breasts were visible. It was obvious, even from where Juan stood, that these were the breasts of a woman, not a seventeen year old like Jackie. Hell, Jackie would never have a set like that.

    Becky was drawing close now, and so was Juan. Even though he was only holding it, without stroking, his cock was on the edge of exploding. She bent over, six feet from the wall below the window, and lingered, shaking the wrinkles out of a few blouses prior to hanging them. Becky wasn't wearing a bra, and Juan could see both breasts clearly, and for the first time, her nipples!

    His throbbing rod began blasting several jets of come onto the wall and floor in front of him. If he had not suddenly pushed his cock downwards, his come might have flown over the window ledge and landed on Becky. The orgasm had been almost involuntary. Juan began to stroke it. His rapid stroking extended his pleasure and two more long range bursts shot out, followed by several smaller blobs of come that oozed out and fell straight onto the wooden floor.

    Juan was breathing hard as he watched Becky walk away, empty basket in hand. His penis was still as hard as a rock. He used his shoe to rub the come on the floor into the floorboards until it had almost disappeared. Looking around, he walked over to the storage shelf where some of the farm tools were kept. Juan picked up a loose rag, returned to the window and wiped his huge load off the wall as best he could.

    He returned to the storage shelf, his erect penis still pointing the way, and tossed the rag into the bottom of a barrel. Smiling and shaking his head at his predicament, Juan waited a few minutes, thinking about work, cars, sports, and horses, anything but Becky. Eventually his penis dwindled enough that he could stuff it in his jeans.

    Juan returned to the fields, and worked his butt off for the rest of the afternoon. It was Friday and Juan didn't have a date with Jackie until tomorrow night. He planned to call Jackie and see if he could move the date up. Even if all she'd do was jack him off, it still felt good to have a female hold it with her warm hand.
    James has his eyes opened.

    James Renfro stood in the hayloft. Since James had closed the family gas station at the end of the lane, the loft was mostly used for storage of items from the station. He had given up raising cattle and switched to growing wheat and corn. James had retained a small area for hay to feed their two milk cows.

    James had gone into the loft to retrieve a case of oil, and he had watched quietly from above as Juan had entered the barn and gone directly to the West window. He had seen Juan pull his penis out, and it had taken James a little while to realize that Juan was watching his wife. Becky also came into James's line of sight as she drew close to the window, and though James couldn't see Becky's breasts from his angle, he knew exactly what Juan was seeing.

    James studied Juan's penis as best he could from a distance of maybe 30 feet away. Juan's right hand was in the way as he masturbated, but as best James could tell, it looked like Juan had a dick that measured at least eight inches in length, maybe more. Juan's hand was big, and James could clearly see cock showing on both sides of Juan's hand as he stroked his penis. It looked thick too, as best James could tell from seeing one side of it.

    James watched as Juan shot his load over a foot in distance, hitting the wall at the same level or higher than his penis. James wasn't mad. He felt excited and a little proud over the fact that Juan had been ogling and fantasizing (about) Becky. After all, he himself had taken plenty of occasions as a teenager to do the same with other females by peering through holes he had drilled in the gas station outhouse.

    After stuffing his penis into his jeans, James used his foot to rub his own load into the floorboards of the loft before descending the ladder. As he walked across the dirt floor, James heard the tractor fire up and start moving.

    "Hi Juan, and good morning!" That was Becky, greeting Juan with a smile as he carefully drove the tractor past Becky on the way out to the fields. "Good morning, ma'am. I'll see you at lunch time."

    James paused before going through the door and out into the yard where Becky would see him. Since Becky was still hanging clothes, James wanted to see exactly what Juan had been seeing from that lower window. He climbed the ladder and crept over to the window, and when he looked down, a glorious sight greeted him. Becky was right below his window, and she was bending over and digging a wet article of clothing from her basket.

    Tits! A beautiful display of tits was what greeted James as he stared down at his wife. No wonder Juan had shot such a glorious load if that was what he had been looking down at! Even though he had already blasted a load up in the loft, James whipped his penis out and began stroking. No need to wait for it to grow, it was already there.

    Becky was working at the end of the wire though and it looked like her basket only had a couple of items to go before she would be finished hanging clothes. James hurried, his mouth wide open as he looked down and ogled his own wife's breasts. Those were breasts that he knew exactly what they looked like when uncovered. Breasts that he had fondled and sucked on, but now it was like he was seeing them for the first time because he was seeing them through Juan's eyes as he had masturbated while seeing another man's wife's tits.

    'Oh Becky, you are so beautiful, like a dream, the prettiest face and body in the whole world.' James almost groaned out loud as he followed in Juan's footsteps, blasting a load against the wall and floor of the barn. It was just in time too as Becky bent over one last time, picked up the empty basket and headed towards their farmhouse. She was done, and so was James.

    'Becky, I wonder what you would think if you knew that eight and six-inch penises had just blasted away within 10 feet of your head. Would you be disgusted, or proud? Would you want to see that eight plus inch dick on the other man, or would you deny any interest and look the other way?

    I don't ever want another man to know you in that way, but I can't help but wonder what it would be like to see you in bed with a man like Juan, with a penis that is noticeably larger than the man you married.'

    James walked over and dug out the rag that he had seen Juan use to wipe his come off the wall of the barn and, being careful not to touch the sticky wet areas, used it to wipe his own come off the wall. Then, still holding the rag with one hand, he used his right shoe to rub his own come into the floorboards, almost exactly over the spot where Juan had deposited his load. He dropped the rag back into the same barrel and climbed down the ladder. He needed right now to talk to Becky.

    "Oh, hi James. I thought you had already gone out to the fields." Becky greeted her husband in the kitchen with that ever-present warm smile that endeared her to so many.

    "I came back to pick up some tools and saw from all the clothes on the line that you have already been a very busy girl this morning."

    "Yes, and Juan drove by me on the tractor not long before I finished hanging the clothes."

    "Did he pass right by you?"

    Becky frowned, "Why yes, he drove between the clothesline and the barn when he went by. Why do you ask?"

    James smiled. "I was just wondering because that dress you are wearing is cut a little low, and if you were bending over when Juan went by, he might have gotten an eyeful!"

    Involuntarily, without thinking that it didn't matter now, Becky's right hand went up to the top of her dress and she pushed it inwards into the valley between her two tits as if to keep anyone from looking down the front. She looked flustered. "I didn't think of that. Do you suppose he saw something? I'm not wearing a bra under." Her face even seemed to redden as she looked at James with concern.

    "He probably didn't see anything, but if he was looking down in your direction, his imagination probably went wild." James smiled, "I know that mine does anytime you wear a dress like that."

    "I wasn't trying to look 'sexy' or anything like that," Becky said defensively, "I was just doing my chores." Becky looked concerned, as if she had committed some kind of crime.

    James smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry about it. Juan has been with us for several months now, and I am sure that any thoughts he might have about you he would keep to himself. But he's a normal man, and I can't blame him if he happened to try and get a peek if he thought you didn't know."

    "Well, I'll be more careful in the future."

    "I love you, you little cutie." James grabbed Becky and wrapping his arms around her waist, gave Becky a quick kiss on the lips before she had a chance to set herself in response. "I'll see you at lunch, bye."

    "Bye dear." Becky watched as her husband walked away. She frowned to herself. 'Did Juan see my breasts? Does he think of me in that way? He has never shown anything but respect for me, he never looks directly into my eyes, and he always refers to me with 'ma'am.'

    Besides two men masturbating over the sight of her breasts, with her husband having done it twice, something else of significance had happened today. Becky had started to wonder, about Juan.

    Tractor Ride

    Juan was squinting as he headed east on U.S. 54. The Kansas sun had just broke the horizon, and was hitting him square in the face. It was late June, and the days were getting quite warm by mid-afternoon. Because of the heat, Juan and his employer, James Renfro, had agreed to get early starts for the rest of the summer.

    As Juan turned left at the now closed family gas station and headed toward the Renfro farm, he saw James approaching in his green 51' Chevrolet pickup. Juan pulled to a stop, rolling down his window as the truck came alongside.

    "Morning, Juan. I'm heading into town to pick up some fertilizer and shop around. The tractor needs an oil change. Why don't you take care of that first, and then you can putt on out to the 40 acres we just bought and turn the soil. I think there's still time to get a crop in if we plant right away. I should be back in three, maybe four, hours."

    "Sure, Mr. Renfro. I checked the oil on the tractor last Friday and noticed it was down almost a quart. I held off adding any because I had planned to change it today."

    "That's good thinking, Juan, we don't need to be adding oil just before we change it. I think the new acreage will be worthwhile. It's good bottom land right next to the creek, and I have a feeling old Mr. Jenkins will be selling me all the rest of the land along the creek within the next year or two."

    "You think so? I figured he'd be giving that land to his boys."

    "No Juan, I guess it's a sign of the times. His sons don't want to farm, and his grandchildren plan college, so Mr. Jenkins says he just plans to give them some of the money from the sale of the land to pay for their schooling. I hate to say it, but maybe you ought to forget ranching and horses and just use your savings for a degree in business, or something."

    "You may be right, I don't know. I talked to the university, and they said I could just complete some of the requirements toward a degree the first couple of semesters, and decide on my major after I've been in college a while."

    "Well, whatever you choose, Juan, I'm sure that you'll do well. You've been a good worker this spring and when you hit college in the fall you can keep working part time and you'll be welcome back here next summer." James put the truck into gear and waved as he started to drive off.

    Juan yelled "Thanks," as James pulled away and headed down the lane.

    Juan parked his pickup next to the barn and as he was walking to the barn doors he noticed that the light was still on in Becky's bedroom. Because the barn placed most of the house in the shadow in the early morning, it was not hitting her window yet. He knew that it was their bedroom but Juan liked to think of it as hers. Regardless, it was the place where his boss got to fuck the woman that existed in most of Juan's fantasies when he masturbated, during the nights between dates with Jackie.

    Juan saw fresh hay in the corral behind the barn and knew that Becky had already completed her morning chores. He was just about to enter the barn when he saw Becky walk past her bedroom window. It looked like she was wearing a pink nightie and was headed toward the bed. Juan figured that she planned to catch a few extra winks while James was gone to town.

    Juan was familiar with the bedroom layout. He had peeked through the bedroom window when he knew Becky was riding in the fields with James. He had even sneaked into the house once and found a pair of panties that Becky had worn the day before, or maybe she had worn them while sleeping, he couldn't be sure. The panties were still damp because they had been balled up under other clothes in the hamper, and Juan had been able to get a good smell of her womanhood.

    Juan had resisted the urge to jack off while sniffing them, or to take the panties. He was sure that Becky would miss a pair. She would hang them on the line like clockwork each week, 14 panties, all in a row. Sometimes she would hang a few additional pairs, and Juan figured that Becky had just finished her "monthly."

    Juan knew a lot about Becky. He knew her habits. What she liked to cook. What she wore. When her period was due. She would never hang a brassiere on the line though. Either Becky never wore one, or she washed them by hand and would hang them to dry inside the house. Maybe she didn't hang her brassieres outside so that he, the hired farmhand would not see what size brassiere she wore. That was the most likely scenario. He did know that she hadn't been wearing a bra a couple of weeks ago when he had watched her hanging clothes while wearing a revealing blouse.

    Juan was tempted to creep toward her window and peek in. He wanted to know if Becky was sleeping on top of the covers in the early morning warmth. Hell, he didn't even know if she slept in the nude. He thought not, because she also would hang nighties on the line. There was still a lot to learn about her.

    Juan didn't head for her window. The sunlight from the east would be shining into that window in just a few minutes, and Juan knew that his shadow would show in the room if he weren't careful. Someday, he figured, he would bring a pair of binoculars and arrive early. If he climbed up into the loft, he would probably be able to look right into her room and see Becky when she walked from the bed to the bath. Of course if she were wearing a nightie he wouldn't see all that much. Unfortunately, the view from that barn window did not look down upon the part of the room where the bed sat.

    He went into the barn, and gathered the pan and tools he needed to drain the tractor. He hated to pass up a possible opportunity to peek at Becky in bed. James was gone, but Juan valued his job too much to risk jeopardizing it. James was an employer who treated Juan with respect, almost as an equal. He busied himself with the tractor.

    If Juan had only known. Becky was lying nude on top of the bed covers, waiting for Juan. The right door of the armoire had been carefully opened to the point where she would be able to see Juan at the window through the mirror in the door from her position in bed. She had never seen Juan walk up look into her window directly, but she had seen him glance over and appear to try to see in whenever he drove by on the tractor.

    Today, with her husband gone to town, Becky had deliberately left her lights on and walked by the window when Juan was out there. She waited patiently, hoping he would show, and planning to display herself to him. She was going to spread herself wider for him as he watched, and masturbate until she reached orgasm. Then she would fall "asleep" with legs still spread, giving Juan time to reach his own orgasm, if he hadn't already.

    Juan had been working seasonably at the farm for several months now, and Becky had slowly became aware of how Juan was looking at her when he thought no one was looking at him. Since her husband had mentioned the possibility of Juan looking down her dress as he drove by on the tractor when she had been hanging the washing, she had really become aware of Juan and what he might think of her.

    When Juan ate lunch with them now, every day when he put in eight hours or more, she would feed him at their kitchen table, passing within inches of him as she poured warm soup into his bowl or brought a drink over and sat it down near him. When she felt his gaze upon her when he would look up at her and say "thanks," she would start feeling warm inside. At first it had been from embarrassment. Later, she found herself becoming more and more attracted to Juan. Of course, at lunch time her husband was always there too. At least, so far he was.

    James had gone into town. Becky would have ridden in with him under normal circumstances, but she told him that she just wanted to lie around and take it easy since she had worked so hard the previous two days. Also, she wasn't feeling real well, she claimed. James suspected nothing as he kissed his wife on the cheek and drove off with a wave.

    Unknown to James, Becky had already masturbated to orgasm on two occasions while thinking of Juan. If she controlled her fantasy, she could make things happen the way she wanted. Becky also had discovered, that if she just let her mind wander, it was filled with a strange mix of images. The most vivid images were of James warming her up by loving on her for a few minutes with his hands and lips, and then Juan taking over, fucking her hard and heating her pussy until it burned while James watched.

    The only problem with that fantasy was that Becky did not know what Juan had to offer between the legs, or if Juan even knew how to kiss. In her fantasies she wanted Juan to have a larger dick, but mostly so that he would feel 'different' from her husband. As far as how good a larger dick would feel in her pussy, she didn't know.

    Becky heard Juan start the tractor, then drive the tractor out of the barn and stop. He would get off to close the barn door. It didn't look like Juan was going to come to her window after all. Disappointed, Becky jumped out of bed. She was horny from lightly playing with herself while she waited. On impulse she threw a dress on, there wasn't time for panties, stepped into a pair of flats, and went out onto the porch as Juan neared the house on the tractor. She smiled and waved, and Juan stopped.

    "Good morning Juan. Are you going out to the new parcel?"

    Juan nodded politely. He was trying not to stare at Becky's chest and finding it hard even to look into her lovely blue eyes. She was "Muy Benita" (very beautiful) and he averted his eyes, looking down and pretending to be concerned about the mechanical workings of the tractor.

    Becky was amused. She knew Juan to be very polite, and shy. She doubted that he had ever had a woman, though she knew that he dated a girl in town sometimes. "I haven't seen the actual acreage that James purchased. Would you mind giving me a ride out to look it over, then I'll walk back."

    Juan couldn't believe his ears! Becky wanted to ride with him, on the metal bicycle seat meant for one, but large enough for two. Two that sat front to back and very close together, that is. "I guess that'll be all right. It's a little far to walk both ways." He was trying to be casual about it.

    Trying not to show his excitement, Juan climbed down to let Becky get on first. He wanted her to ride in front, so that he could hold her breasts while she drove. He wanted her to feel his rigidity pressing against her ass, so that she would know how strongly he wanted her. That's what he would have liked, in his fantasy. He knew she had never driven the tractor. She always rode behind.

    Becky climbed up, and while still standing, delicately positioned her left leg over the gearshift levers located in the center between the foot pedals. She squatted and slid backwards into the seat, female style, unlike James and Juan, who always threw their left leg over the seat and turned frontwards, like mounting a bicycle. Juan caught a flash of inner thigh as she squatted and slid backward. His heart raced.

    "Come on," she said, cheerfully. "I promise not to cover your eyes while you drive."

    Juan climbed up. He couldn't throw his leg over the seat because Becky was sitting in it, so he used the same method she had chosen and prepared to sit. Becky spread her legs to make room for him, and lifted her skirt a little. Nothing really showed as he glanced down. Her skirt was still covering her thighs, but it was the thought of it, he was going to be between her legs. Of course, he'd be facing the wrong way, but at this point, he'd settle for anything. This was a dream coming true!

    As Juan squatted with his back to her, Becky pulled the skirt higher across her thighs so that Juan wouldn't wedge the skirt down between her legs. He eased into her, and Becky felt her pulse quicken.

    Juan's pulse quickened, as well. Her legs were astride him, and uncovered as far back as he could see out of the corners of his eyes on each side of his hips. "Ready?" he asked. "You may have to hang on to me."

    Becky placed her hands on his shoulders. Juan leaned forward to shift the tractor into gear as his left leg engaged the clutch. Becky leaned with him, staying close. The entire process of starting the tractor moving was erotic electricity in motion for both of them. The outside of his left thigh rubbed against the inside of hers as he engaged the clutch and moved the selector into low. He gave it throttle and the tractor began to move.

    Juan slid further back from the force of the acceleration, wedging Becky into the metal lip around the back and sides of the seat. Their bodies were pressed tightly together, and Juan could feel her breasts against his back. In his imagination they were burning two holes into his shoulder blades.

    Neither spoke as they drove. The noise and wind would require speaking in a louder than normal voice and Juan would have to turn his head to ensure Becky could hear him. He drove slowly, wanting to extend the time she would be with him. They struck a couple of deep ruts as they crossed an access road. They bounced fairly hard and Juan felt Becky's arms go around his waist.

    They all too soon reached the new plot, and Juan reluctantly stopped. "Here it is." Becky made no immediate move to climb off; her arms remained locked around him. Wanting to prolong the time where Becky was pressed up against him with her arms around his waist, Juan hurried on; "You can see the boundaries," he pointed, "From that row of trees over there and extending down to the creek on the right."

    He moved his arm from left to right as he pointed, and he could feel Becky's breasts shift behind his back as his body slid against hers. It looks like a good, fertile, hunk of land. Level, windbreak on the west, water to the north,"

    "And me sitting on the seat behind you," Becky added, and began giggling.

    Juan laughed with her. Her joke had put him more at ease. Until now her sitting behind him had been "business." He was driving the boss's wife to view property. Her joking about it put it more in perspective. She was a female, seated very close, body to body with a man. He didn't know if he should make any comment about their closeness. If he said the wrong thing, it could ruin the mood.

    Becky saved him from having to find an innocent, yet "cute" reply. "Are you going to plow the old corn stalks under now?" Becky asked, attempting to engage him in conversation.

    "That's what the boss wants me to do," Juan replied. He was dreading the moment when Becky would climb off and be gone.

    "Would you mind if the boss's wife rides with you a while? I like to see how a man plows."

    Juan couldn't believe his ears. She wanted to stay on the tractor with him. Also, there was her phrasing of the second sentence, "I like to see how a man plows." Was a double meaning intended? Juan turned his head to look at her. No, there couldn't be a double meaning to her words, her face looked like an angel's. It had to be just innocent, farm conversation. She probably didn't know that men sometimes referred to "plowing" when they meant, "fucking." "I'll have to get off and lower the blades."

    Becky opened her arms, and Juan climbed off. He could feel her eyes on him as he set the blades in place. He could have done this while seated on the tractor if she hadn't been behind him. He glanced up at her. She had closed her legs, but not as far as she could have. Her pointed breasts were beautifully accentuated against the blue sky, while being contained in a white blouse that seemed to highlight, rather than conceal.

    "She seems to wear white blouses a lot," he thought to himself, "Sort of like, to show off her purity." He thought of her almost as a virgin. In a way, Juan actually worshiped her. Juan figured that Becky was practically a virgin. He was sure that James was the only one to ever bed her. James seemed as shy as she was. He didn't talk or joke about sex like most men did, or at least he didn't to Juan. Maybe it was because of the employer/employee relationship, but Juan figured it was probably just religious Kansas upbringing.

    Juan had made it a point to piss in the fields a few times in front of James, and James had taken the cue, or answered the call, and pissed with him. James had surprised him and written Becky in cursive script in the dust of the cornfield one-day, the Kansas equivalent of yellow snow. Taking the challenge, Juan had written Jacki, in cursive, and had run out of 'ink' before completing the "e". They had laughed about it, and Juan had cried "foul", as he had to write six letters to James's five. Juan had promised to have more ink in his pen the next time the subject of penmanship arose.

    Using their equipment as a writing instrument had been the closest thing to sex that he and James had ever discussed. Juan had been provided adequate opportunity to observe the equipment that James operated, and had proudly observed that his own appeared to be more suited to plowing wide and deep rows. Of course, the appearance of equipment at rest was only a partial indicator of how it would perform when fired up. Juan figured that the odds were in his favor, as he had a head start out of the gate, and he wondered what Becky would think if she ever saw his larger "plow tool."

    Becky spread her legs for Juan as he climbed back into the seat. Juan put the tractor in gear, and set the hand throttle to a steady, slow speed, suitable for turning the corn under. He watched over his shoulder as he started, ensuring that the blades were set to the right depth. He went down one row, reached the end, and turned back to do another, repeating this in sequence.

    With her arms around his waist, Becky rode silently. His stomach felt firm, almost rock hard. Becky knew that continuing to ride while Juan plowed was going just a step beyond the relationship she should maintain with her husband's employee. It had been all right to ride out to the new land with him, that was a valid excuse, but she didn't really have justification now, other than she liked to ride.

    She figured that Juan wasn't complaining, so no one was being harmed. Becky wondered which was worse, openly riding with Juan when he knew she really shouldn't be here, or pretending not to know he was watching while she performed on the bed.

    It was peaceful, quiet almost, but for the sound of the tractor. Juan went row after row, almost forgetting that Becky was with him. The sun was growing warmer. Juan checked his watch, almost two hours since James had headed to town. His time with Becky would soon be ending. He figured that it would be best if Becky was not on the tractor with him when James showed up. She might feel that it was O.K., but Juan wasn't sure how James would react. Becky had seemed unconcerned, and she was the best judge of how James might react. He plowed on.

    Juan could feel Becky's head resting against his back. Is she asleep? He had seen her appear to be asleep when riding behind James. Her arms slowly relaxed, and fell into his lap. Was it by accident? Juan figured that Becky was asleep, and it was not intentional.

    Two minutes later Juan felt Becky stir a little and shift her position slightly. Her hands turned over, palms down into his groin area, and one was directly on top of his penis, which was hanging down inside his left trouser leg!

    Juan continued plowing, all senses instantly alert. He had been running the rows automatically, each movement performed without thinking. Except for the U-turn at the end of each long row, he could have probably dozed off, like Becky.

    Now Juan had to think about each bump under the wheels, each clod of dirt. Turning became a chore requiring deep thought. It was like breathing. You never thought about it. It was automatic, until something caused you to go on manual, having to draw each breath consciously.

    His penis was erect and throbbing directly under her left hand. All Becky had to do was close her fingers slightly, and she'd be wrapped around him. Is she asleep? Her breathing was slow and even. None of her movements had seemed deliberate. Another minute went by. Two minutes followed by another turn. Her hand still rested on his penis, fingers lightly curled around it, in the natural position for a hand to be in when asleep.

    Juan couldn't hold back any longer. He raised his hips off the seat as if stretching his back, and pushed his bulge up into her hand. He slowly lowered himself into the seat and the hand stayed firmly around his penis. Not squeezing it, just gently holding.

    Pre-coital fluid was pouring out of him. His heart pounding, Juan looked down, and saw a wet stain at the end of his bulge. If she just gave it a good squeeze, or a rub, he'd really have a stain on his pants. Becky stirred a little and turned her head against his back, replacing her left cheek against him with her right. She yawned, and her hand tightened around his penis, squeezing it ever so slightly.

    Juan's heart was pounding in conjunction with the throbs in his penis. Becky is sleeping. She has to be! She had looked this way with James, when Juan had seen them from a distance. Becky's hand began idly caressing him, such as she might do in her sleep thinking she was behind James. Her hand was sliding back and forth, feeling his length, his thickness, and his heat!

    Her hand moved left, to the end of his penis. Two fingers began sliding back and forth at random directly over his wet spot, as if feeling it. Her fingernails were caressing him just hard enough to send tickling sensations through his jeans and into the head of his cock. James held his breath, trying not to come. Suddenly, he erupted!

    His penis began blasting, pumping shot after shot of come into his jeans under her fingers. The come was soaking her fingers as well as a huge area of his jeans. Despite his efforts at remaining still and quiet on the moving tractor, Juan groaned. Her thumb and forefinger tightened around his shaft, while her palm remained covering his head.

    In a minute his breathing had returned to normal, and Juan continued driving to the end of the row nearest the farmhouse. He stopped, and checked his watch. James was due home within 30 minutes to an hour. Becky stirred behind him, and yawning, she lifted her head off his shoulder. Her hand squeezed his bulge a little harder for a few seconds, and she suddenly awakened with a gasp, jerking her hand away from his penis.

    "Was I asleep? What time is it?"

    Juan had already forgotten the time. He glanced at his watch again, "It's almost ten, James will be home soon." He looked down at her left hand. It was still in his lap, but the palm was turned upward. It was soaked with the shiny portion of his come. How will I explain that?

    "I'd better get off and get back, Becky said. "I didn't mean to fall asleep. Was I a burden to you?"

    "Not at all. You were light as a feather, like a papoose on an Indian woman's back," said Juan. He shut the engine off, and as he climbed down, Juan was very aware of the semi-hard penis going down his left leg, and the huge, wet stain. Juan helped Becky down. He was on the right side of the tractor, and thankful that he could hold her right hand as she came down. Maybe she wouldn't notice her left hand.

    Becky reached land, and looked down at her sticky left hand as if seeing it for the first time. She rubbed her fingers together, feeling the slipperiness, and glanced at his wet and stained left leg, with the still obvious bulge. Her eyes met his. Embarrassment registered on her face as she turned red. "Did I do that?" She pointed to his leg.

    "You were asleep, you didn't know," Juan blurted out.

    "I'm sorry. I must have thought I was with James. I don't know, I might have been dreaming. I've never even done that to him."

    "It's O.K. Please don't be embarrassed or mad. I promise not to tell anyone, ever. I like working for you very much." Juan had genuine tears in his eyes as he looked at Becky.

    Becky felt sorry for him. She pulled a hanky from a pocket in her dress, stepped in close, and dabbed at his eyes. "You're very sweet. I believe you when you say you won't tell anyone. I didn't know I was doing it. I..I .don't remember doing it. Becky had tears in her eyes as well. She dabbed at them with the hanky, then, looking down at his bulge; she handed it to Juan. "Here. You'll need this."

    As Juan stood holding the hanky, and feeling sheepish, Becky looked into his eyes. Now that it had happened, she kind of wished that Juan would pull his penis out and wipe it in front of her. Of course, he would never do that, and she didn't have the nerve to suggest it.

    Becky smiled and said, "You don't need to start "avoiding" me, or anything, in the future. It will be just like nothing happened."

    Becky started to walk away, then stopped. She turned around, "Well, not quite like nothing happened." She walked up, stood close against him, and before Juan could react, she raised up on her toes and placed her lips on his. Becky held them against him just a fraction of a second long, the time required to define the difference between genuine affection and just a peck on the cheek. "I like it when you're around," she said, and was gone.

    Becky could feel Juan's eyes on her as she walked away and she allowed her hips to sway a little.

    It had all been on impulse, riding with Juan to the field, and so on. She had actually fallen asleep. She and James had awakened in the middle of the night and made love, then James had gotten an early start so that he would "meet" Juan coming up the lane. A loss of sleep, combined with the warm sun shining on her while she was wrapped around Juan, had caused Becky to doze off almost immediately.

    When Becky had awakened, and found her hands in Juan's lap, only then did her moves become deliberate. When she felt his penis harden, and then became aware of his size, she had been very stimulated herself. It had taken a lot of control on her part to caress him lightly, using only her fingertips.

    Becky wasn't wearing any panties, and her legs had been opened wide, with her pussy pressed directly against Juan. She didn't tell him of course, that she had seen a large, wet stain on his backside as he stood up in front of her and climbed off the tractor. It would dry in the sun, he'd never know.

    Becky's tears of concern for Juan's feelings had been sincere, but her surprise and embarrassment had all been an act. 'Maybe my girlfriends in high school had been right, she thought, "I should have been an actress!'
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