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    A number of years ago my wife and I went to Hilton Head Island for a relaxing vacation. As a background we had often fantasized about another well hung man to be part of our love making but she would not at home.
    We had a game we would play on the beach where we would crotch watch to see who would have the big package. One day we were sitting in our cabana and a fellow came toward where we were sitting and he was limping. He sat in the cabana next to us. We said hello and asked him what happened to cause the limp and he said he turned his ankle on the golf course and as such could not attend the course so he thought he would relax on the beach. My wife was a nurse so she asked if she could take a look. She provided some ice from our cooler to relax the injury.
    We got on with him well that afternoon and he and I wandered toward the water and went in up to our chests.
    When we exited the water Ann was there to meet us. She was looking intently at our friend. She asked how he was doing and he responded he was ok. We had some first aid supplies up in our room so Ann asked if she could wrap it for him. He said ok.
    On our way up to the room our friend was a little behind us so I asked what Ann was looking so intently. She said, you will see, if I am lucky.
    Ann was about 5"5" with dd breasts and full hips.
    When got to the room Ann got out the wraps and wrapped his ankle. She was providing a massage to his leg to reduce the swelling. I went to get a round of drinks for us and when I returned it would seem that Ann had started a different swelling and it was considerable. Ann was talking quietly with him when I returned.
    To make a long story a little shorter he turned out to have well over 10 very thick inches of fun between his legs. Turns out he was turned on by Ann's nursing. Good for us!
    Ann suggested that she relieve that swelling by removing his shorts, which she did. I happen to have 6 thick inches so this would be awesome to watch Ann work this cock.
    He was certainly large and Ann, who was not sexually shy, reached up for his snake. She stroked it and it grew larger. I helped her out ogfher beach clothes as she slid up his leg to suck his cock. He looked at me and I said it was ok.
    Ann sucked him to life and I fingered he very wet pussy.
    Ann laided back on the carpet and pulled him toward her. I hurried to the bedroom and got some lube. I returned in time to see he was ready to enter her so I applied some lube to his cock and her pussy and I then guided his cock into her tight pussy.
    What transpired next was more than I could have hoped.
    As he entered Ann and stretched her open she started to cum. The deeper he went the more she came. It was tooo much. By the time he was all the way in her she was beside herself. She was speaking a language I have never heard her speak before. It was so awesome watching this man pleasure her. We saw him a coulpe of more times during the trip. We now look for large packages on our vacations.
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    Quick to the point without a lot of "foreplay" but a very interesting story. I liked it.
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