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. First date rules

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, May 16, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Carla, goodness, she was only eighteen still. Yet her head was older, her mind stronger, more assured than any other college girl that I had been out with. Carla was goddess beautiful too as well. Long flaxen blonde hair and a curvy figure, the sort designed to sell tight fitting jeans. Her robin egg blue eyes seemed large, inquisitive, soulful in a way that you could get lost in them. I was working by then and earning a very good salary. The college campus was near where we did our real estate business and I'd made partner quicker than a star falling from the sky. So I was feeling bright and positive, worth something you know, life was that good. I first saw Carla at a club down town. She was dancing with girlfriends, and she moved those hips of hers like she knew how to fuck. You know that kinda dancing? You know what I mean, as regards how a young woman thrusts and gyrates her hips? Sex, fuck sex is inside a pair of size 10 tight denim jeans, probably without hindrance of panties beneath. We watched Carla dance, Roy and I and we knew that she was too classy for us. Over the beers we watched and we thought, and we knew that a girl that in touch with her body, how it could move, she was going to be so discerning. That night neither of us had the nerve to go and ask that girl for a date.

    A week on and I met her in a diner, fetching coffee to drink on a stroll along the river front. She was buying coffee too and I insisted on paying for hers. I didn't ask her name, I didn't try to learn where she lived, and that surprised her, that the admiration, the gift was unadulterated in any way. She said OK, I could buy her the coffee and we might walk those ten minutes by the river, but then she had classes to go to. She told me her name and she volunteered that she was studying psychology. She said that she was curious, about what minds could be made to do. I said stuff like advertising, marketing, fan loyalty, branding and that stuff and she smiled. Yeah, she supposed, 'that stuff too.' I told her about selling property and she said she worked in the diner Saturdays to help with college costs. I didn't ask her out or anything, I couldn't, she was that beautiful, that poised. You know how when you see a particular girl and she mesmerises you? You know that dryness in your mouth when you watch her walk, Hera her talk, well, it was like that alright. It was like that a lot!

    After the coffee walk I couldn't stop thinking about that girl and it gnawed away inside of me. May be I should dare to try and date her? May be I was worth more than a ten minute coffee together? I worked myself up to it. She was a college kid, right? I was a real estate partner, and I drove a Mustang. Alright, it was preowned, but it was wheels. I thought, shit, you have to do this and go in bold. You have to get her interest. So I bought something, I spent a crazy sum on a Cartier tank Americain, something emblematic of our country. It came in a red leather box with gold tooling and the shop wrapped it up all smart in a great paper and with ribbons and all. Then they asked would I take it, or should they courier it to the lady? The watch, it cost near eight thousand dollars, you know. Crazy, so crazy, but I had to try for that bitch. She was so gorgeous and my bonus covered it. I said to courier it to the diner on the Saturday, and they looked at me like they knew I was crazy then. Any message, they wondered? I just had them put down Rob, and coffee walk and my mobile number.

    On the Saturday Carla, she rang me and told me I was a fucking fool. She just said that. She said that messing with her would be like getting in so deep, as she was a ice queen inside her head. She said that. I didn't refute her observations, I just said, 'We could go down to a bar, tonight, you and I, if you wished. The watch, the gold bracelet watch isn't conditional. You should wear something that classy.' I heard her giggle. She thought that line so lame. Still, she said OK. We would meet at Brady's bar, it was down by the river too. I got to the bar about eight and she was there, seated on one of the high stools. Fuck man, you ever see a beautiful blonde in tight jeans and black cavalier length boots. She wore a black blouse that showed off her cleavage and she wore that watch on her wrist so chic, and so casual and so eighteen. Fuck! I kissed her cheek, so kissed mine said that I was stupid buying her things so soon. She would drain my wallet later, but as I'd started already I could buy the drinks too. We both laughed but her pale blue eyes studied me. It was like she was assessing me some. I tried not to stare, in between our chat, but I couldn't help it. She smiled shyly, and asked why I looked at her that way? I blushed, I knew I did. I could feel my cheeks go red. She laughed, 'you've never been out with someone cunt beautiful have you?' I didn't know what she meant and of course, you know, it showed.

    'I mean out with a woman who knows that she is beautiful and isn't afraid to use that' she answered disarmingly.

    'No' I admitted, and I felt stupid. I felt really lame.

    'We hurt men, we exact a terrible price' she warned and I laughed, it was a college game right? It was part of her psychology kick.

    'Yeah right. taken a few bruises in my time' I answered, you know, with a smart look back into the baby blue eyes.

    She studied me. I hadn't fooled her, really I hadn't.

    'Look, ' she said resting her hand on my leg, letting that new watch of hers slide down her pretty wrist, 'I'd consider owning you, just for college. But you'd never be allowed to fuck me. You're not man enough.'

    I smiled. 'You're may be nineteen, twenty, ain't that a bit young to pretend to be such a bitch?' I asked. I remind you, remember, I have a Mustang. I can a great salary. She fucking well didn't. She was a college kid.

    She returned my quizzical gaze. Her hand was still there. It slid higher, so it rested on my crotch. Her fingers moved, gently, they moved.

    'I'm eighteen, spoilt, I always get my way, save from that bastard father of mine who insisted that I should work through college.'

    That resonated real. I could imagine a father like that, if your daughter was pretty, fucking spoilt, with polo ponies or something.

    'We'll date and see where it goes' I said, 'I'll take my chances with you.'

    She watched me intently. May be she was judging just how much of a fool I was. May be she was judging my strength of conviction. Well, I like a headstrong woman.

    'Alright, if you're dumb enough' she concluded.

    After a couple more drinks, after we watched the sun go down over the West Bank of the river, she checked her watch. It was a little before nine. She seemed expectant of something, like a riot would break out or something. I started to worry that may be she was tiring of me. She still brought her hand back to my crotch though, casually, playfully, touching the surface of my chinos there, reassuring herself that I stirred beneath. She watched me idly, like I was the river itself, flowing inevitably one way.

    It was then that Nathanial came in. She called him that, with a smile, accepting the kiss from his big black lips. The guy was built like a teamster or something, he did manual work, that was for sure. His fucking shoulders looked like he played football without any of the bod armour. Fuck, that man had a chest on him! I watched him sit down beside her at the bar, next to me. His hand landed gently, easily, on her crotch and it was like now the jester hat had been planted on my head.

    'Buy Nathaniel a drink Rob' Carla said. She said it was like an instruction and one that couldn't be refused. I looked at the man and he said 'a beer'. Who the fuck the guy was I wasn't sure. He just seemed pretty confident about her.

    'Nice time piece, ' observed the black guy, 'Cartier...jewellers to the French court weren't they?'

    Carla laughed, ' I don't know! It was something that Rob gave me. He would like to be my boyfriend'. She looked at him then like she was checking out whether he approved. I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Her eyes danced with pleasure, the excitement of what I assumed now was a complicated game. I thought shit! I thought shit, this guy is fucking her! Look at the size of him! He must make her scream! No wonder she is such a confident little bitch!

    I'm not a fucking ass, I'm not. I started to shift on my stool and checked the time on the bar clock. May be it was time to go, and to cut my admittedly expensive losses.

    'You guys, you have a prior engagement I guess, Carla, may be another time' I whispered.

    Nathaniel glared at me. His fucking hazel eyes narrowed and his big hand caught my upper arm. When his fucking fist closed tight it was like a vice.

    'Fucking sit still' he snarled beneath his breath.

    He looked across at Carla who was herself still studying me. It was like she was examining my pain. Forensically...

    'You like to use him babe?' the big guy wondered.

    Carla scrutinised me again. 'Yes' she said.

    'Then you're going to be her 'boyfriend' Nathaniel said with a leer. Boyfriend. Boyfriend? You know. Well. I didn't. I didn't right then.

    'Let's get some air' said Nathaniel and and the three of us walked out to the river front. The noise of the bare was left behind, the swinging lantern lights and the music there. Conversations within became dull murmurs, mumbled back drop. We walked a few steps, there amongst the trees, those beside the river walk.

    'Kiss the bitch' said Nathaniel.

    Carla waited. Her weight on one leg, her hip slightly angled, she challenged me with that pose. It said well? It said I warned you. It said, do as he says.

    I went to kiss her, on the lips and she kept her eyes open. She kept her eyes open as if I was just an experience or something.

    'Kiss the bitch properly' Nathaniel snapped.

    I returned to her casually disinterested look. Her head, it was with his. it was beneath his head and they were fucking their brains out. I put my lips next to Carla's and she opened her mouth to mine. She opened it and our tongues did that dance. But man, yo kiss that way with your eyes closed and she didn't. That bitch wanted me to know that she thought nothing of me. I felt her arms slide up around my neck, I felt her watch glide over my ear and she started to kiss with me open mouthed, open eyed. I couldn't hold that gaze, I couldn't. She was so beautiful, so I closed my eyes and tongued with her gratefully. When I did that, she seemed to relax. She started to rub her crotch against mine, I could feel her leather boot cuffs catching against my trousers. Nathaniel watched. He fucking well watched us.

    'Finger her' said Nathaniel, smiling now.

    Carla looked at me, her face was so superior, so aloof. It said that you're not good enough for me. But she waited and so I pulled the zip fly of her jeans down. I felt inside and her cunt, oh fuck, I was so big and so wet and so pulled about. It was like an army of black cocks had drilled her out. She stated to move on my fingers so they slide inside her. I could feel the wetness and the size of her hole. Her cunt was a cavern. The Christ's sake, the girl was eighteen!!! She started to move on me, using my fingers to masturbate herself.

    'Lick the bitch up' ordered Nathaniel.

    It was dark now, but there were lights strung along the water front. We weren't exactly hidden! I saw Nathaniel clench his fist and glancing down the path, seeing no one there, yet, I dropped to my knees. Carla undid the top button of her jeans she edged them down and turned to rest her arms on the nearest tree. Now, in the swinging lamplight, I saw her wet cunt.

    'Fucking get on with it' Nathaniel prompted stepping closer.

    I put my mouth to the eighteen year old's perfect cunt. I put my lips against hers and tasted her. Salt and musk, the smell of a woman who was used to fucking. She mewed as I licked her. She mewed like a cat that was pleasured by the sun, lying on a window ledge.

    'He licking nice?' Nathaniel asked her.

    'Yes' she whispered, 'he licks very humbly'.

    I was fucking terrified of being seen. Terrified of looking the fucking fool. Nathaniel waited as calm as you please. After a seeming age, during which Carla started to moan for cock, he got his fucking prick out. It looked inhuman. When he nudged me over it was with his knee to my ribs. I rolled left with a sudden spasm of pain. I watched him wipe his dirty green glans up and down her moistened slit and then shove on in. She squelched. She took that fucking huge cock with a sucking noise, like something mucus, something oyster like at the bottom of the fucking river. Listening to Nathaniel breath then, I heard how nasal he was, grunting as he took her. He fucked her with gritted teeth, spreading his legs wide so no matter ow she moved he had an angle up her. Carla couldn't fight it. She had to have it and he loaded her big time. Now I saw a different look on her oh so pretty face. Her features hardened, so was taking it fucking deep.

    'Yeah...fucking bitch, you're having it' he sneered and he spunked into her. He spunked into her and instantly there was an explosion as excess of it ballooned out around the sliding shaft of his cock and started to run down the back of her legs.

    'Tomorrow night, you go to Erroll, understood?!' he snarled emptying into her, ' take the pasty faced with you'.

    Carla was gasping. She was gasping with he mouth open like a fish. I....I....was 'pasty faced'.

    'You hear me bitch?' snapped Nathanial.

    'Yes sir....yes!' Carla gasped, her voice trembling. Fucking hell, he looked as if he was working her joints loose. The jeans would were down around her thighs, over the cavalier boots, so there was only so much leeway she had. She felt every fucking inch he gave her!

    I knelt in the grass. Fuck, down the path two women were walking, slowly. They must have been able to see us. They must!!

    Nathaniel dragged (yes dragged) his cock out of her and the thing came free with another sucking sound. Now Carla's cunt oozed cum, thick gloopy slugs of the stuff.

    Nathaniel glanced at me and then towards his bitch's pussy. I was to do it. I was to lick the bitch clean.

    'Know where you work Rob bitch, know where to find you son' he warned. I looked panic struck at the women who drew closer.

    'Please no!' I begged.

    'Boys could drop by, tomorrow may be. Or may be you tongue the bitch and take her out tomorrow and buy her the Gucci bag she always wanted. You chose' Nathaniel intoned.

    I didn't know the women. I didn't know the women, I insisted that to myself in my head. I got up on my knees and started to lick her. She was awash with his alkaline tasting semen.

    'Taste good?' he asked darkly.

    I lied. 'Yes'.

    'Lick it all up then, don't leave any!'

    The women approached. They had seen us now for sure. One giggled and whispered something to the other. Th other pointed. Thy could have diverted their path, but they didn't.

    'Keep licking my bitch' warned Nathaniel, sensing my panic.

    I licked. I sucked.

    The women approached, feet away now.

    'Hi Nathaniel' one of the girls said. 'Carla owning a guy now?'

    Nathaniel laughed.

    The girls giggled, looking at Carla as she got tongued clean. They looked kind of enviously.

    'Nice watch' said one of the girls.

    Carla smiled. My tonguing though, well it was kinda nice, kinda distracting.

    'See you in class tomorrow Carla hun. You're such a lucky bitch!' said the taller of the strollers.

    'Night girls' said Nathaniel. He looked down at me, 'did I tell you to fucking well stop?!'
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