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. Feeding Time

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Throne, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. Throne

    Throne Well-Known Member Author!

    by Throne

    Billy came into the bedroom hesitantly. His wife Rita had sent him to the laundry room almost two hours ago to wash a week's accumulation of her dirty panties. Unfortunately for him, before he could hand launder them, she required him to suck clean the crotches and, if needed, the seats. That second rule really upset him because it always looked like she intentionally created skid marks. And she made sure to 'accidently' get a few drops of urine in the gussets. Worse still, after she had sex with her lover Turk, she insisted on putting her panties back on to be certain there was a creamy mess waiting for Billy's tongue and lips.

    He had been in the laundry room, naked except for the tiny pink apron she made him wear, with six pairs of panties already done. It was time consuming work. His recently spanked bottom was on display. Last time he had tried starting with the least offensive panties. That was awful because he spent so long anticipating the extra bad ones to come. This time he reversed his strategy, beginning with the smelliest, most stained pairs. It had been horrible and his mouth tasted terrible. He was on the verge of breaking down and crying when Turk showed up. The big Black man came over and gave Billy's sore bare bottom a hard swat.

    "How you doing, snowflake? Your wife was really good today. Couldn't keep that pretty mouth of hers off my big blacksnake. I'll bet you really love it when she gives you a nice sloppy BJ. Right?"

    Turk has asked a direct question, so Billy had to answer. "No, Sir," he said quietly, carefully considering his words, not wanting to get into trouble. "My wife doesn't do that for me."

    "Not ever?"

    "Not... (sniffle) ... ever... Sir."

    Of course, the big man already knew that. But he never tired of tormenting the cuckold with his questions.

    "Anyway," Turk went on, "the Missus wants to see you. And maybe next time I won't be in such a rush. Maybe then you and me can have some fun time together."

    He gave Billy's soft rump a hard pinch and twisted until his victim broke down and wept. His idea of fun time would only be more of the same. Satisfied, Turk strolled away. Billy staunched his tears and got his breathing under control. He went straight to the bedroom, where his wife was stretched out on the bed, and knocked respectfully on the doorframe. Rita didn't respond at once, so he had time to take a lingering look at her. She was tall and had creamy skin. Her figure was voluptuous, especially her ass. She had flashing emerald eyes and cascading red hair that reached halfway down her smooth back. Despite the way she mistreated him and cheated, he lusted after her perpetually.

    When she finally deigned to acknowledge his presence, she wiggled her fingers lazily in the air to bring him closer. He scurried over, hands clasped meekly in front of his unmuscular tummy.

    Rita sighed and said, "Turk was even better than usual. I guess it didn't hurt that I kept licking his balls and sucking his cock. I hope you were thinking about us and what we were doing while you were busy with my panties."

    "Y... yes, Ma'am."

    "Good boy. And when my lover got to the main act, he was like a wild animal. It's amazing how he can get so into it and still not lose control. I mean, he changes speeds. Slows down and then slams me fast and hard. But never shoots until I'm well satisfied and he's ready. It got me so wet. And he pumped me so full of cum. In fact, Billy baby, why don't you lie down alongside me. Come on, husband dearest."

    He got into position. The scent of recent sex was strong in the air. He thought about what she and Turk had taken over an hour doing, and shuddered. She chuckled, easily guessing what was on his mind, and reached over. Rita toyed with one of this nipples and then the other. He was extremely sensitive there and his penis stood right up under the apron. It tented the fabric but not much. That was one of the many reasons that she was unfaithful. Her spouse had a dick that was so little it was laughable. She sat up, thighs tight together and, still unhurriedly teasing his nipples -- left, right, left, right -- moved her other hand above the apron It went slowly from side to side without making contact.

    Billy was instantly alert. He knew what that meant. She might be about to reach under and touch his yearning pecker. Maybe stroke it until he thought he would swoon. Perhaps even finish him. She kept it up for several minutes, occasionally dipping her arm until her fingers brushed over the apron tantalizingly. He squirmed his hips and whimpered with need. It was hard to stay still or remain silent. He risked being punished for overreacting. Or underreacting. It was all so unfair. And yet he had been conditioned until he craved it.

    But not this time. Her floating hand went away. The nipple diddling ceased. She rolled onto her back. Billy sobbed, which made her pussy tingle.

    Rita got onto her back again, spread her thighs and said, "Would you check me down there, lover? It feels like Turk's cream is leaking out. Take a look."

    He moved uneasily, suspecting the worst. Was she going to make him clean up the overflowing deposit... again? That was something he never got used to. It didn't become part of the long list of indignities he had been made to hunger for. Naturally, Turk's spunk was oozing out of her body. It always was. Turk had heavy balls, so much larger than Billy's small nuggets. He spurted prodigiously every time, even if they made love twice in one session. The nervous husband told his wife that there was, indeed, an overflow.

    "That's okay," she said with a hint of mischief in her pretty voice. "I know what to do. Lie back where you were, but just a bit lower down."

    He got back into position, now with his head aligned with her impressive bust. He could faintly smell the sour tang of perspiration drying in her armpits. Turk didn't like her to use deodorants. He preferred her to smell natural. And his word was law. As much as Rita relished running her husband's life, she also thrilled to surrendering to Turk's will. Billy lay there, anxiously anticipating what might come next. He watched as his bride extended her arm down the length of her body and placed her hand just above her vulva. What was she doing? He got the answer all too soon.

    Rita brought her hand back. She had her index finger extended and it was coated up to the second knuckle with Turk's semen. She had scooped it out of her vagina. Rita brought the messy finger to Billy's lips. She rubbed it slowly over them, leaving a generous coating, like the slime trail behind a tree slug. He made a small, sad sound of distress. Her hand went back below her waist and returned with another covering of thick potent sperm.

    She told Billy, "Open up that hungry sissy mouth. We both know how much you just love to eat Turk's messes. Hmmm? Don't you?"

    He grunted softly in the affirmative, but it ended with a gagging sound. Rita chuckled. She told him to ask for another taste, using the words she had taught him.

    Assuming a hint of an English accent, he requested, "May I have some more, Mum?"

    "Well, since you asked so nicely..."

    She slid her finger between his lips and ran it over his tongue. The stuff was salty. He was revolted and his throat clenched. She giggled prettily. The next portion he was required to suck off her digit. Then she acquired more and rubbed it over his twitching nostrils, reminding him unnecessarily that he wasn't allowed to clean it off. Billy would be smelling the faintly metallic scent of Turk's spunk for hours, maybe until tomorrow.

    Rita wanted to know, "Enjoying yourself, darling?"

    She loved to use affectionate terms while disgracing him. The irony was priceless.

    "Yes, Ma'am," he lied cooperatively.

    "Since you say that, let's give you more. Lots and lots. Until it's all gone. Delicious feeding time for you."

    It went on and on. Having to eat Turk's manly output from her pussy was terrible enough. At least that way he got to have his mouth on her slit, her fleshy labia, and his tongue running over her clitoris. This way he was denied even that contact with her body, insulting as those circumstances were. And this way it took longer. Much much longer. And Rita, not distracted by his busy and talented tongue, made many more comments, all of them calculated to add to his humiliation and loss off self-worth.

    When the finger feeding was finally over, she had him eat out her pussy anyway. He was grateful for at least that. His hands went to her well upholstered hips and clung to their plushness. He wanted to reach higher, to gently caress her inviting heavy boobs, but he wasn't allowed to touch -- or kiss -- her above the waist. Turk's rules. Billy kept his mouth working. When Rita moaned and wriggled her full bottom against the mattress, he knew he was eventually going to give her an orgasm. He slowed down, wanting to make her pleasure last as long as possible. And his too.

    Twenty minutes later she had a juicy, hip shaking climax. She excitedly rubbed her pussy against his lower face. He was delighted that he had made her happy. To satisfy his cruel and selfish wife was his fondest wish. It was everything to him. She had remade his mind, molded it like soft clay, until he was a cowering but eager-to-serve slave. And she had enjoyed every minute of psychologically training him. Just as she was relishing the results of her prolonged conditioning of her husband.

    And tomorrow was their first wedding anniversary.

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