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. Feeding John Cunt

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Nov 9, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Mummy, don't be ashamed…I know that last night was a shock, that it unsettled you right? Barclay made you lick my sex. He made you to show you what the hierarchy would be in our house. I am top bitch, but you are his bitch too now. Barclay is a black man of ambition and huge talent. I don't just mean in bed. You know all about that, since he started fucking you this last month, right? You how how powerful he is compared with daddy, huh? Giving yourself to Barclay is the most necessary, the most natural, the most inevitable thing in the world, OK? It's like it was written on a holy script some place, white women will lie and open their cunts to black men with big dicks and arrogant attitudes. The more you get of that sweet master dick, the more you have to have it. Tell me, honestly, don't you crave it all the time? Don't you ache for it all the time when he doesn't have it up you? Listen, this is going to be fine. We're going to get along fine now, pleasing Barclay at every turn. We're going to make a new household. I promise not to snap or be nasty to you, just as long as I have first turns on Barclay's cock and you lick my pussy when he tells you to. I still respect all you did for me, all you taught me when I was a kid, but now I'm 20 and I'm instinctively a bitch. Barclay said that. So now I'm going to make you a bitch too. I'm going to teach you to be a bitch so that the household works exactly the way Barclay requires. That is what it is going to be about.

    You've may be been wondering what to do about John huh? I mean, after Barclay fucked you, some of what husband meant got ripped out didn't it? The sexual stuff, the equal partners, the man initiating sexual times together stuff? It would be crazy if that didn't happen. Suddenly realising that your husband wasn't what a man should be. Suddenly realising that he was inadequate. Daddy is nice and all, John is still John in other around the house sense, but he isn't the man of the house any longer is he? He isn't someone you can actually want or admire as a man? I know that he is forty, that you are like in your thirties too. Sex isn't dead then, I know that. But sex with his cock is dead now isn't it? Sex where he sticks that thing up you and hopes to make you climax, well that died in an instant didn't it? The first time Barclay made you scream, the first time he made you beg him to shoot his load in you, without a sheath, that was when daddy's dick died. So, I'm just saying now, that part of what I'm going to teach you these next months, is to use daddy. You're going to use daddy's mouth. You don't have to kick him out. No, don't do that. Barclay wants males like John, males like my boyfriend, Craig, well, bent to the new order of things. The more we come on Barclay, the more we push aside John or Craig, the hotter it is for an alpha like Barclay. Sex isn't nice Mummy, you have to hurt some men to please others. You have to be dirty and instinctive with the right men and bend the others into something else.

    The other night, down in the conservatory, when you were out in the garden, you spied me feeding Craig cunt didn't you? That's OK, honest….it is. We learn by watching, listening, feeling. That's how it is, when you become a bitch. You learn to control through feelings and needs, you train a male like John to be different for you. You learn how to manipulate daddy so that he needs the taste of your cunt all the time. He needs the taste of you….and Barclay….and to think about what that means for the future. Craig is desperate for my cunt. Desperate….does that shock you? That a man can be so addicted to the sight, the smell and the taste of your sex, that he will do anything to get his fix? Well, its true. A man can get into that state. Craig still wants us to marry, but he accepts now that it will be on a very unequal basis. Barclay will always be my man. So marriage will be humiliating for him. it will always hurt him, because of how I disparage him, how Barclay makes him suck cock. Craig has got that way because I addicted him to my cunt, and you are going to do the same with daddy. You are going to addict him to cunt and the realisation that proper sex, cock sex, you know, that is always, just always with Barclay or his black friends.

    I've told Craig that he must be very supportive to daddy, to help him to come to terms with his demotion. He is going to feel ashamed, we know that don't we? Even if he pretends that he is OK with you dating Barclay, he has to learn that this arrangement means that he is pushed down by you. Pretty soon, at a whim, wherever you want to exert more control, you are going to have daddy sniffing, begging and licking for sex, so that the control that Barclay has in our household grows and grows. You know it deep down don't you. Barclay is going to get us both in the family way. The house will become the nest and Craig and daddy will work themselves silly, out at the office, around the house, lining our nest so that Barclay's babies grow up in the perfect setting. You will lick my pussy, we will suck Barclay and the boys will slave for our cunts.

    'Cunt' is such a hard word isn't it? It's such a cruel and a crude word. It sounds dirty. It sounds instinctual. But that is how you must start to see your sex. It is not quimy now, not my 'privates', it is your cunt. A bitch uses cunt to rule one man and to serve a better one. Daddy will have to learn to relate to cunt, to worship cunt, to need cunt so that he thinks fervently about it just as soon as he wakes and before he sleeps. Have you seen how wan Craig sometimes looks? Have you seen how unsettled and uneasy he is? He was like that before I rode his face in the conservatory wasn't he? I had made him wait eleven days for a lick of my cunt. It was longer than usual because I like being licked out. I like being aroused on Craig's tongue. But there was a problem you see. A few days back Craig had resisted sucking Barclay's cock. He wasn't behaving properly so it was cold turkey for him. Normally I feed Craig cunt every second or third day, so waiting eleven days, well….imagine…it almost sent Craig nuts.

    Now it is time to train daddy to feed on cunt. I am going to supervise that, but so as not to shame daddy too awfully at first we will use some discretely placed cameras in your bedroom. That way I can check that you are doing as you're told and can tell you how to handle daddy. I want you to start tonight, after you get back from your date with Barclay. I know that you will smell and taste of him, but this is the only way, daddy has to get used to that. First, the licking will be a submission to your will, to the fait accompli of your new relationship. You needn't tell daddy that you are addicting him to cunt. That all come slowly, inevitably, once he breathes down your scent, once he swallows enough of your fuck juices. I want you to keep the lovely Tiffany lamp on by the side of the bed so that I can see things and daddy can see how pulled open your cunt is. He needs to see that lovely spunk oozing out of you. I want you to undress slowly, in front of him and then to lie on the bed. Slowly open your legs and let daddy see what Barclay has done to you. Don't say anything at first, just be proud and look at him with a 'so there' expression. Watch how uncomfortable he seems. He will want to look, he will want to ask about things. But tell him sweetly, you insist on his approval. He must lick your cunt. He must lick up what Barclay has squirted in there.

    I know what daddy will do. He will try to stand on ceremony. He is so proud isn't he?! But you must break him and have him come supplicant to cunt. So tell him, he must sleep downstairs on the sofa if he doesn't lick you out. He must be pushed out into the cold. He knows that will look bad. He knows that I would notice. So he will come to you. Draw him slowly in. He is not to kiss you, not to touch your breasts, his attention must be to that which will rule him. He doesn't deserve a kiss does he…not any more? He doesn't deserve to touch your breasts? He is there to acknowledge the pleasure you have through your cunt. He is there to accept the fact that Barclay owns you and will in due course own him, just as Barclay does Craig. No explanations then about your night out, no explanations about your adorable man, until daddy starts to eat where you require him. Then you can tell him how delicious Barclay is. Then you can tell him about how you shook against his huge black frame, clinging, clinging to him, when he serviced you.

    You know something Mummy, I think you are going to love having Johnny lick your cunt. You are going to love ruining him as a man! Does that shock you? Let me tell you, when he starts to run his little wet tongue up between your cunt lips, when his nose nuzzles against your clitty, you are going to be straight back there. With Barclay, his cock working you, his hands tightening on your buttocks, his arms pinning you against the ground whilst he enjoyed you. What daddy does with his tongue will signal conquest, that which Barclay did with you! The more daddy licks, the more daddy doesn't matter and the more Barclay looms huge in your waking life. That is what it is like. Not tonight, may be not tonight, but some night soon, I promise you, you will roll on top of daddy's face and demand that he licks your 'fucking cunt'. You will snarl like a Tigress, because that is what life is like too. Once daddy is licking nicely watch to see that he swallows it all down like a good boy. He has to feed on you. You see having something so hot and virile of Barclay inside him too, robs him of his sense of person. He's only a receptacle then. His mouth, well that is important. It is there to pleasure you both. He will learn to suck cock and cunt, he will learn to look up at you adoringly as you feed him.

    Tonight, may be tonight John will ejaculate when he licks you? Don't be surprised….men do…weak men do. Simply submitting to you, now that you are Barclay's is just so delicious! It is just such a relief to stop fighting, to stop pretending and to let his weakling instincts take over. Craig did. Craig shot all over the duvet. It's disgusting, of course it is! Daddy has to start thinking of his mouth as his sex organ. You see that don't you….only his mouth. So if that happens, you must be firm. Tell him he has been disgusting, weak, pathetic, shedding that which is in any case a useless embarrassment. Then make him lick that up too, off the sheet, off the duvet, wherever he has squirted. You must do that Mummy, I insist.

    Once you're done, you are to come to my bed. I will have you lick my cunt. Don't be ashamed. There has to be a pecking order. I promise you, it will ease that time. I will stroke your hair and tell you how nicely you have started to enslave daddy. I am your teacher, your mentor, you understand don't you? It will be easier again and again after that. For the first weeks I want you feeding daddy cunt on a regular basis. I want it administered always after Barclay has taken you. Feed him whilst the spunk is still warm. Feed him whilst you are still aroused and yes, if you care, use daddy's mouth to have a climax too, thinking about Barclay again. The more you feed daddy that sweet elixir, the more he will crave it. Your cunt, a drug, a tool, a cruel tool to bend daddy to your will. We will talk again then. We will talk about some weaning and some waiting. I'm afraid that daddy can't always have what he craves can he? The only man who has that is Barclay…..with both of us.
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