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Favorite themes/scenarios for cuckold stories?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AlfonsoAnon, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. AlfonsoAnon

    AlfonsoAnon Member Member

    Just a fun discussion thread.

    We all know that there is a massive variety of stories out there. How much does the husband want it? And what about the wife? How does the couple know the other guy(s)? Plus there are all the extra kinks: feminization, forced bi/gay, pregnancy risk (or intent), bondage, humiliation, 'remote' cuckolding (by video or phone), watersports and/or scat, violence, Dom/sub, creampies/cum eating, and so many others. Thats just what I could think of off the top of my head.

    And while I've been using husband and wife, lately I've been seeking out stories involving fiancees or just regular boyfriend/girlfriend couples. I know that technically it isn't cuckoldry if they're not married ... but so what? As long as its a couple where she fucks around on him, I'd say he's a cuckold.

    For me, I tend to prefer stories where the wife wants it more than her husband. Even if it starts out as his idea & she was hesitant, by the end she is calling the shots & demanding more. And I find it hot when the husband is helpless in some manner. Maybe he's tied up. Maybe he's 1000 miles away with his wife on the phone or in front of a webcam. Or maybe its a DVD or video on the computer that he's come across months after the fact. But no matter what: there is absolutely no way for him to stop things.

    So, how about you?
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  2. willobey

    willobey Member Member

    to me its all about the humiliation. not measuring up. no longer "man" of house. being forced to submit and display my inferiority.
  3. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    It was my idea that my wife fuck other guys. After very brief token resistance, she took it form there. Her first guy was black, and she decided then and there to go black cock only. I am allowed NO pussy. I've been force feminized under threat of castration. I have B-cup tits and live my life now as a chick with a dick 24/7. I am allowed to cum ONLY what there is a black cock in my asshole. I resisted that, but was given no choice. The scenario that was laid out pretty well fits my life.

    Now, in retrospect, I see it was foolish of me to resist any of it. I have always been effeminate. BUT I had no desire before to suck or fuck anyone's cock. Now, after having experienced it hundreds and hundreds of time, it has become addictive, and I crave it. My wife knew better than me what I should become.
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  4. jk1

    jk1 Member Member

    My ex started by "cheating" on me but once I confronted her she gave me a choice to accept it or leave. Fortunately I was raised as a wimp by my very dominate step-father so I agreed to become a cuckold. We never called it that because we had never heard the term. I spent the next six years learning my proper place in the world and have no regrets, except that I hadn't become a cuck much, much earlier. My experiences are a little extreme in some respects but I enjoy reading stories, hopefully some true, that are similar to my own experiences. I tried to resist, first sucking cock, second being sissified, and third being fucked. All of my resistance was met with beating, scolding, humiliation and finally acceptance. There was one other time I tried to put my foot down but that was also overruled. But the overall experience was totally positive and like I said I only wish it had started at a younger age and lasted longer.
  5. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    @jk1, I was married at 18 and cucked at 19, but while I was not a "sissy" at a younger age, I have been effeminate my whole life. Some people thought I was gay, even though I was not. I can appreciate your decision once told to either accept her cucking you or leave. I, too, initially tried to resist sucking cock and all that, to no avail.
  6. BlkBiCuckold

    BlkBiCuckold Active Member Member

    As a Black Bisexual cuckold..I hope to try my hand at writing stories of both my experiences as a black and from my very fertile imagination..Look forward to your feedback
  7. slutlover03

    slutlover03 Member Member

    I'm into the husband being all for it and the humiliation types. I prefer it when the husband is totally into it though. I mainly like when the wife ends up fucking more than one other guy. I think the best stories are when it starts with her fucking one bull then the bull brings a buddy over to join in. Then he brings another and the buddy brings another until the wife is a full on gangbang slut.
  8. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    My wife has a huge number of black boyfriends, and she prefers more than one guy at a time. I really enjoy watching her and her massive orgasms.
  9. BlkBiCuckold

    BlkBiCuckold Active Member Member

    I agree! My girl does as well. I like to be in front of her looking into her eyes as she is being stretched by a cock that is longer and thicker than mine. To see her eyes roll back into her head and hear her tell me how much better he is fucking her makes my cock rock hard.
  10. BlkBiCuckold

    BlkBiCuckold Active Member Member

    For me the path was a little different...in my younger years I played the role of a Bull very successfully but something was missing. I discovered that I enjoyed sucking a big cock before I embraced being a cuckold, but did not enjoy getting together with just a guy. When I realized and embraced being a cuckold (how this happened is a story I am working on now), I was able to enjoy both sucking a big bull cock and watch him claim my girls pussy...best of both worlds!
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  11. AllenJ

    AllenJ Well-Known Member Member

    I came close to cuckolding a guy I knew once, in part because he was being annoying at the time. His wife was attractive enough and as a nice looking brunette fit well within my type and she was quite responsive as I put my arm around her and held her next to me while the three of us chatted and drank. And she didn't flinch or run away when I took the chance to run my hand down and up her bare leg. Pretty soon after that though I had to walk away from the chance because I didn't want to be the guy who broke up a relationship and I didn't realize the possibility that this might have even been their thing. I'm here now because I started exploring the possibility of getting my wife into a threesome and enjoying a bigger younger cock than mine. Soon I was the one hooked as I realized that I've always been bi and always interested in crossdressing. Not normally submissive in daily life, I also realized that now I'm a bottom. Wife isn't interested at all anymore but I still find the possibility of hooking both of us up with a dominating bull arousing.
  12. The pharaoh

    The pharaoh Member Member

    There is a story here called the liberated housewife may matches what do you want
  13. Luvtowatchwifewbbc

    Luvtowatchwifewbbc Well-Known Member Member

    For me it’s the reluctant,shy somewhat conservative wife, who loves her husband. She is only sleeping with the black guy to fulfill her husbands fantasy. Then she sees the eleven inch long and extremely thick and veiny black cock. She gets so wet while sucking it. She can’t imagine how this beautiful cock that is more than twice the size of her husbands will fit. Her and her husband agreed on condoms for her bull, but after 20 minutes of taking his magnificent manhood, she tells him to take off the condom and cum inside her little pussy. Her husband objects, but she quickly shuts him up. She is now owned by black cock. Her husband will never fuck her again. His only job will be to eat the cum out of her. Finally the black god turns her over and she lets him put his anaconda in her virgin ass, because she has been completely dominated after only one fuck session.

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