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. Father John Opens The Gates

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Mar 12, 2019.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Father John Opens The Gates

    Nun Blow Job.

    Mother Angela, after Father John had climbed off of me, his dangly thing was all soft and shiny looking. As I sat up, I looked down and saw blood on his bed where I had been lying.

    It was from me and it shocked me. Father John saw my tears and said it was nothing to worry about, that a little sacrificial blood is to be expected when a lock to the Gates to Heaven is opened for the first time.”

    by EroticWriter

    It was time for Father John's Saturday night bath. Angela, the mother nun at 56 was getting on in years so she decided it was time to allow a novice whom had just become a nun to learn the job. The lovely young nun, Sister Magdalene, had been at the monastery since the age of 10 and had never been exposed to men or their ways.

    Wanting to prove herself in her first official chore as a new nun, Sister Magdalene was preparing the bath for Father John as Mother Angela instructed her. "Keep two large towels here beside the tub. Fill the tub to this exact level, no more, no less so that Father John's legs will be under water. This is how warm he likes the water to be."

    Before Mother Angela left the room she warned Sister Magdalene not to look at Father John's nakedness if she could help it. "Men are made different than women," Angela told her. "You will see something long and dangly looking between Father John's legs. I know you won't know what it is, but do not stare at it. As you help him bathe, do whatever he tells you to do, and pray."

    Mother Angela took a last look at Sister Magdalene, who was nodding her head in obedience. The young nun had a slight smile on her face, and in all the years Angela had been 'training' her, Magdalene had never given the Mother nun any reason for concern. "You will do well, sister, as always. Just wait here and Father John will be in shortly."

    The young nun nodded her head in obedience. "Yes, Mother Angela."

    The next morning the old nun asked Sister Magdalene how the nightly bath had gone.

    "Oh, Mother Angela," said the young nun dreamily, " I think I've been saved."

    "Saved? And how did that come about" asked the older nun?

    "Well, as Father John disrobed, I tried not to look at him until he was in the water. When Father John was soaking in the tub, he asked me to pull a chair over, sit next to the tub, and wash him. I quietly came to the tub and though I tried to avert my eyes I could not help but notice that his long dangly thing you had warned me about was floating in the water and pointing out towards his knees.

    I pretended to not be aware of it but I couldn't help but stare. After I had finished washing his head, face, back and chest he guided my hand down between his legs where he said the Lord keeps the Key to Heaven.'

    Mother Angela knew exactly what Sister Magdalene was describing, for she had seen it over many years. Father John was very long between his legs, and his dangly thing would hang almost eight inches long when standing. When Father John was sitting in the tub, his penis looked almost like an aircraft carrier at sea.

    "Did he now," asked Mother Angela evenly? "He called his dangly thing 'the key to Heaven?'"

    Sister Magdalene continued, "Yes Mother. He said the Key to Heaven was floating in the water and needed to be kept clean. Below that I noticed that he also had something, it looked like two things floating in the water in a large bag."

    "Those were his testicles, some men calls those 'balls.'

    "Oh, I see. They were trying to come up and sort of wrap around his key, but when I lifted his key up a little they stayed floating in the water. When he had placed my left hand around it, his key, I felt my face flush. It was, it is so different than how a woman is constructed. I am sure my face was red when he handed me a bar of soap and told me to lather it up."

    Sister Magdalene paused, and her eyes seemed to look off into space as she continued her story. 'I held the key just out of the water with one hand and ran the bar of soap around and around in my hand to make lots of soapy lather. The water in the tub was right around his waist as he sat in it and the key to Heaven was just out of the water.

    I held his key with one hand and I washed it with the other." She paused, "But his key seemed to be changing. It was still soft to the touch but already felt larger in my hand and then he told me to pull back the skin that covered the end and wash underneath."

    Sister Magdalene paused again as she remembered: "I had to pull quite a ways because there was so much skin. I pulled the skin way back and down and the end of his key came into view. It looked, well, it was almost magical. I never dreamed that it would look so different from the rest of his key under there.

    The end of his Key was the color of a plum. It was all shiny and felt silky smooth as I ran my soapy hand all around it. As I did so his key was no longer as dangly as before. It was getting firmer and that shiny part on the end became much larger.

    It was now not just the color, it was the size of a plum as well because it seemed to fill my entire hand."

    Mother Angela nodded. "Father John's Key does tend to enlarge when being washed."

    The young nun sighed as she continued. "Father John told me to wash that area extra good because it is usually covered up. I was anxious to do a good job and please him so I used my left hand to hold that skin back and I went all around the big shiny part several times with my right hand to make sure it was nice and clean."

    Sister Magdalene paused; "And mother, there was more..."

    The mother nun sighed and asked, "'Yes?"

    'He told me to move my left hand and run the skin up over the end and then pull it back. I did that and then he said to do it several times in order to 'loosen any dirt' that might still be under there. I did as he asked, moving the skin back and forth and the key kept growing."

    "It grew right away, Sister?"

    "Oh no, Mother Angela. It was happening over time, three, four, five minutes I think."

    "Go on with your story Sister. It sounds like you were performing your duties in an exemplary manner so far."

    "Thank you Mother Angela. After a minute or so his entire key was now up out of the water and it looked and felt much larger, all of it. It was a little bit longer then when it had been floating in the water, but I couldn't help but notice how big around it had become.

    It was just magic. My hand..." she paused and held up her delicate left hand for Mother to see, "the fingers of my left hand would no longer go all the way around it."

    Mother Angela nodded, her eyes looking sad. “Yes, it gets quite large.”

    Sister Magdalene's eyes looked wide as she continued: "My heart was pounding and I asked Father John if I had done something wrong because the key, his key, had changed so much.

    Father John smiled at me, and I felt so relieved when he said that I had done well because a key has to be firm and straight in order to enter a lock. Then he said that if the Key to Heaven would fit my lock, the portals of Heaven would be opened to me and I would be assured salvation and eternal peace."

    Mother Angela looked surprised. "That is what he said, 'if his key would fit your lock?"

    "Yes. I was surprised, and I asked him what he meant by 'my lock?' Father John asked me to disrobe so that he could show me. All I could think of was how badly I was hoping that the key to Heaven would fit my lock so that I could find salvation. I have never been undressed before a man, but I remembered that you had told me to do as told, so I started undressing.

    As I was standing and removing my garments, he was sitting in the tub watching me and using his hand to keep moving that skin back and forth over the end. I had only my brassiere and panties to take off and I asked him if anything was wrong because he was staring at me so intently and his hand was moving faster on his key. He smiled and said he was using his hand to keep his key ready as he watched me prepare for eternal salvation."

    "You were being very brave and obedient. Your body is a temple of the Lord, and he was probably enjoying seeing it. Go on with your story," said the older nun.

    "I removed my bra, then bent over and took off my panties and laid them on a table along with my habit. I was standing there naked, and my body was shaking a little. He was keeping his key ready and seemed to be studying my body for a long time and then he said that I already looked 'heavenly' even before his key has been used."

    "Did he then stand up and face you," asked Mother Angela?

    "No. He remained seated in the tub and told me to sit in the chair next to him again so that he can show me where my lock is located. I sat down beside him and he told me to open my legs wider on the chair. I spread my legs as wide as I could and placed them over the sides of the chair. He leaned forward and looked between my legs, and his eyes seemed to, well, almost glow.

    Then he told me to use both hands to hold the doorway to Heaven open. I was not sure what he meant so he nodded his head toward my lower body and said, 'There, where your hair has an opening, use your fingers and pull it open on both sides."

    When I did, pulled myself opened, he took a long look and I could see that his hand on the key was moving, but real slow and steady. He kept moving that skin all the way up and then all the way down.

    Oh Mother Angela, I was holding myself opened wide for him. I wanted to do well and kept pulling myself as wide as possible. I knew there was something strange about all that, but I didn't mind because I couldn't take my eyes off his key. It looked so big, thicker than before even and it seemed to have shiny stuff running out of the end.”

    Sister Magdalene's eyes were wide as she seemed to stare off into space as she remembered.

    “Yes Sister, please go on with your story.” Mother Angela's eyes also, seemed to be wide, like she might have memories of her own.

    “Then he told me to hold his key in my right hand again. I leaned over and wrapped my fingers around it and then he used his right hand, it was all soapy, to feel between my legs. That shiny stuff was now between my fingers and it felt all slippery, but I wasn't thinking about that because when he touched me, it shocked me. A man had never done that before. It sort of tingled and then felt good as he used his fingers to feel me between...between..”

    She seemed at a loss for words and Mother Angela finished for her, "Remember that I have taught you words to describe your body parts. He was feeling you on your vagina and maybe touching you in the crack?"

    'Yes, that was it. Then he put one finger inside me. It felt big and I let out a little 'yip' type noise. He said 'Don't be afraid' and smiled as his finger went a little deeper and he touched me further inside.

    He said 'I can feel that your lock is still in place as it should be' and then he pulled his finger out and stood up in the tub. I had to let go with my hand but his key was so firm that it had started to lift me up. His key was pointing straight out, way out and it almost hit me on the face as he turned towards me.

    The key was just inches away from my face and I continued to look at it, and then up to his face, and back to his key. I could see now that there was an opening on the end and that is where the shiny fluid was coming from. Shiny fluid was running out from it and starting to hang down in a little string.

    My mouth was opened in wonder and he reached down and touched my lips. Then he smiled down at me and said, 'We'll save that for sometime later.'" Sister Magdalene looked at Mother Angela, "Do you know what he meant by that?"

    Unconsciously, Mother Angela licked her lips, then answered, "Father John sometimes talks in riddles, but he usually means well. You will just have to wait and learn and you will need to continue to pray. Always pray. Then what happened?"

    "He climbed out of the tub and told me to lie on his bed and open my legs.'

    Mother Angela nodded her head, but she looked sad. "I have been teaching you for eight years, so you, being the obedient nun, did exactly as he instructed?"

    Sister Magdalene sighed. "Yes. Father John didn't even ask me to use a towel to dry him. After I had done as he instructed, laid down and opened my legs, Father John got between my legs on his knees. He used both hands to push my thighs further apart and got closer to me. Then he used both his hands to touch and squeeze my breasts.

    His touch felt strange since no one, man or woman had ever touched them. They were sticking straight up from my body and he commented that they looked and felt like the two pillars that guard the gates to Heaven.

    I felt proud that my breasts are large enough to fill his hands. It was like my fingers going around his key and not being able to touch, his fingers around my breasts were not able to touch either. Then I trembled a little because I could feel his key begin touching me at the entrance to my 'lock' “

    "Sister Magdalene, did you sense that the portals to Heaven were about to open for you, and did you continue to pray,"' asked the old nun?

    "Yes. I was praying that that they would open and that his key would fit my lock. I was happy and hoped that my prayers had been answered when he said that my lock felt 'Heavenly' as he started guiding his Key to Heaven into my lock."

    'Is that a fact?' said the older nun even more evenly. Mother Angela shook her head slowly and Sister Magdalene wondered why she was looking so sad. Wanting to please, Sister Magdalene tried to talk with a happy tone as she continued, but the next part of her story was painful, both literally and because it had been.

    "He spent a long time guiding his key in. He would put it a little ways in, I would cry out because it hurt, and he would pull it back out. Two times he used his hand to hold his key and rub it all over my vagina. I could feel the slipperiness from that shiny fluid, and he said that it would help him to open my lock. I must admit that if felt good as he was doing that.”

    She sighed and continued. “He also kept feeling my breasts and telling me that these pillars are so beautiful and that I must think about them and ignore any discomfort I was feeling down below.

    Finally, he had that shiny part halfway in and he said it is time to unlock my gate and for me to say a prayer. It felt like, well, his key was so wide that it felt like my door, my 'gate' was already breaking.

    I could feel it stretching me open, way wider than when I had pulled it open with my fingers so that he could look at it.

    As I prayed heartily to the almighty Father, he pushed forward. I yelled out, I think loudly. His Key to Heaven was hurting me terribly, but Father John said the pathway to salvation is often painful and that the glory of God would soon swell my heart with ecstasy.

    He gave a firm push forward and I felt something tear. I began crying but felt happy and proud because I could feel that the end of his key, the shiny part, had gone inside. I was shaking and could hardly breathe. It seemed to affect Father John in the same way. He seemed to be, well, his body was shaking and he was holding his breath and when he began breathing again he said, 'Now I have opened your lock.'

    Mother Angela's voice sounded strained as she asked Sister Magdalene her next question. “Was his Key to Heaven all the way in?”

    “Oh no Mother Angela, He was only partway in, just the end, the shiny part was in.”

    “I see. You were being brave Sister Magdalene, I am proud of you. Go on, tell me more.”

    “He remained above me and still for a long time, maybe two or three minutes and looking into my eyes. He asked me if I was happy, and I said that it was good to be fulfilling my duties in such a manner. Then he said we still have a ways to go and told me to pray.

    He began moving his hips again, and as I prayed I could feel his key moving my lips back and forth. Even though everything was all wet he had to actually use some strength to push and pull because it was such a tight fit. I was afraid that he might turn me inside out.

    My body was shaking and I think he could sense my fear. 'Keep praying,' he told me. He kept moving forward and back a little bit, maybe just an inch or so. Finally he had his key further inside my lock and was taking longer strokes. He stayed up on his knees but laid his upper body down on top of me.

    Oh Mother Angela, that felt so strange. Before, with his Key to Heaven going in, Father John had been several inches away from me, but now, for the first time he seemed to be close to me, very close, more so than just having his Key to Heaven inside me.

    His body was still wet and soapy and it felt kind of good as he slid around on top of me. His chest would slide around over my breasts and it was, well, kind of interesting in the way my nipples were being rubbed by his soapy chest. And then he kissed me.'

    As Sister Magdalene's voice rose, Mother Angela could see that she was excited at revealing that part, the kiss.

    The old nun, for the first time, looked shocked. "He kissed you? Was he moving his 'key to Heaven' back and forth as he kissed you?"

    "No Mother Angela. At first when he began kissing me he was holding his key still. It was past my broken lock, but not all the way inside. When he kissed me, he," Sister Magdalene paused, "He placed his tongue inside my mouth and kept it there and told me to rub my tongue against his in the same way."

    "Oh Lordy," said Mother Angela, shaking her head. "And you touched your tongue against his?"

    "Yes, and then he began twirling his tongue all around, and I tried to do the same. I think, I think it made the way his key was fitting into my lock feel a bit better. Finally he did one last thing.

    He said he needed to adjust the angle of my lock and he pulled my legs up around his waist and told me to hold them there. His hips were still up in the air and off me and I had to use make some effort to keep my legs up.

    Fortunately Father John is skinny so I was able to lock my feet together around his waist. Then he reached over and placed a pillow under my rear, and that helped.”

    Mother Angela looked surprised. “He put a pillow under your buttocks?”

    “Yes Mother Angela. I should have said my buttocks. And then he began taking longer strokes. It, his key I mean, seemed to be going deeper now but not all the way and it felt...well, more 'Heavenly.' I was afraid that he would put it all the way in and it might hurt more, but he never did."

    “He never put it in all the way, Sister Magdalene?”

    Sister Magdalene sensed that Mother Angela wanted to hear every detail so she continued to describe everything that had happened to her.

    "No, not all the way. I could feel his heart pounding against my chest, and I feared that he might have a heart attack, but then I realized that my heart was beating just as fast. As I kept praying he kept kissing me and moving his body, his key I mean slowly and gently back and forth through my lock. Even though he did not have his key all the way in, his strokes still felt very long as he went way in and way back.

    Oh Mother Angela, his key is very wide and I was having a hard time getting used to it even though it was feeling good now. Before long, despite the discomfort I could feel, I felt like I was truly being saved.'

    "And did he mention anything about making or hearing 'Heavenly sounds,'" asked Mother Angela?

    'Yes,' answered the young nun, her face glowing with pride. "After he had moved his key back and forth with those long strokes...I estimate maybe 25 to 30 times, I felt his body stiffen.

    At the same time his Key did the same thing, it felt like, stiffen. I could feel his heart seemed to pound even faster and I felt a strange throbbing inside me coming from him and he made a long groaning sound.

    Oh Mother Angela. It was so strange, so exciting and yet I was scared. I didn't know what is happening because his body was shaking so, and his Key to Heaven seemed to be getting larger and then smaller between each throb.”

    She looked into Mother Angela's eyes. “Do you know what was happening right then, Mother?”

    Mother Angela sighed. “Yes, Sister Magdalene, Father John was having an orgasm.”

    “An orgasm, Mother Angela, what's that?”

    “I suppose I should explain it to you since you have never experienced such a miracle. An orgasm is when the human body achieves the ultimate place of pleasure, usually achieved with much work and sacrifice, sometimes not.

    Father John, being so old now, is lucky to still be able to reach that point of pleasure, and he probably has you to thank for that.”

    Sister Magdalene's face was bright as she looked at Mother Angela. “I did something good, Mother?”

    “Yes Sister, you did good. I am sure Father John was quite pleased with you. Now go on with your story. What happened next as you were feeling his Key to Heaven throbbing inside you?”

    Excited now, and pleased that Mother Angela seemed to be in approval as to what she had done with Father John, went on. “Finally he, Father John's key quit throbbing and he stopped moving his body. At the same time I could feel his key changing. It happened right away. It was getting softer and at the same time I felt all wet inside.

    He was shaking and seemed out of breath and I was afraid for him so I held him with my arms and legs and tried to console him. Everything seemed to be...I don't know, maybe 'done.' I asked him again if anything was wrong.

    He was catching his breath and finally he looked into my eyes and said that together we had not only opened the gates to Heaven but that he had heard the angels singing.'

    "He heard the angels singing after unlocking the gates to Heaven with his key? That wicked old bastard,' said the Mother nun loudly. “He told me that big long thing is Gabriel's Horn, and I've been blowing it for 40 years while he heard the angels sing!"

    Sister Magdalene was shocked at the tone of Mother Angela's voice. She had never heard her speak like this before. "Mother Angela, you are mad?"

    Mother Angela nodded, "Yes, but not at you. You did just fine, an obedient nun doing just as you were told. But I am upset at Father John!"

    "Why? Did he do something wrong? And what did you mean by 'that big long thing is Gabriel's Horn, and that you have been blowing it for 40 years?'"

    Sister Magdalene thought for a minute and then her face seemed to take on an air of understanding.

    "Do you mean that you were putting your mouth on it?"

    "Exactly." Mother Angela had controlled herself now, and needed to reassure the young nun so that she would not 'lose faith.' "It seems that his long dangling thing serves two purposes. I did not know that. He should have told me and not held anything back. Apparently it is known as 'Gabriel's Horn' and it is also 'The key to Heaven."

    "Oh, I see. Perhaps Father John knows that his long dangling thing is to serve nuns in different ways, as our Lord intended."

    Mother Angela seemed to agree. "Perhaps that is it. Now I need to examine you and see how much your 'lock' has been 'damaged' if at all. Remove your garments and I will inspect you."

    Without question, Sister Magdalene did as told, and because she had been inspected by Mother Angela a few times through the years to ensure that her maidenhead was intact, she knew the procedure. As Magdalene undressed, she remembered one last thing to tell Mother Angela about last night.

    "After Father John had climbed off of me, his dangly thing was all soft and shiny looking. As I sat up, I looked down and saw blood on his bed where I had been lying. It was from me and it shocked me. Father John saw my tears and said it was nothing to worry about, that a little sacrificial blood is to be expected when a lock is opened for the first time.

    Then he climbed back into his tub and asked me to join him. I climbed in, facing him, and he used the soapy water to wash me down there in my vagina while I washed his dangly thing. Then we climbed out together and after I had dried him, he used the towel to dry me. All the while he was drying every 'nook and corner' of my body and as he described what he was doing he kept talking about what a lovely 'temple of God' I had."

    "I see," said Mother Angela. "It was nice of him to help you dry off . Did he spend extra time drying that nook of your body called the vagina?"

    "Yes, he squatted down in order to see better as I stood spread-legged and I had to ask him to be very gentle because I was sore there."

    "That is what I thought would happen. Now we must take a look at you to see if all is as it should be. Lie down and open your legs."

    They had done this before, but today the procedure was to change. This time, for the first time, Mother Angela's touch caused Sister Magdalene's vagina to tingle as she used her fingers to open and look inside.

    "Yes," said Mother Angela, "I can see that your 'lock' has been torn asunder. It is now no longer covering your opening, and looks quite red and maybe a little irritated.

    Does this hurt a little," she asked as she touched what remained of the maidenhead?

    Sister Magdalene jumped a little. "Yes, it is quite tender. I could feel it even when I walked around."

    "No, I think what your were feeling is out here," and she touched Sister Magdalene on the outer portions of her vagina. "

    The little sister jumped when her lips were touched. “Yes Mother Angela. That's the place. I am tender out there.”

    “That is because the inner and outer lips of your vagina have been stretched so far by Father John's Key to Heaven as it was called as he used it with you. Your tender little lips have had quite a shock, and it will take another day or so before you are back to normal.”

    “Mother Angela, if I'm so sore, what about tonight, and Father John's bath?”

    “I will stay your duties for a day. I will do the chore with Father John tonight, give him his bath while you rest. Then maybe tomorrow night you can resume your new duties."

    "Oh thank you Mother Angela. You are so kind and understanding. I was worried that Father John would want to use his key again, and this time maybe put it in all the way. My vagina is so sore, and I was afraid I would have to do as he commanded."

    “He did not put it all the way in. After all that?”

    “No. I don't believe so. He said that could wait until the next time.”

    "Not tonight. But let me ask you. When he was, when you felt his Key to Heaven throbbing inside of you, did you hear the Angels singing as he did?"

    Sister Magdalene looked confused, but understood what Mother Angela was asking.

    "No. I almost heard the Angels sing, I think. Despite how much he was stretching me and the discomfort, it was beginning to feel better and better, but Father John heard the Angels sing before I did."

    "Perhaps I will help you to hear the Angels sing, then the next time Father John tries to help you hear the Angels, you will be able to do so. First I will feel your 'Pillars that guard the gate to Heaven' as Father John described them."

    Mother Angela began cupping and gently squeezing what were probably the nicest pair of breasts she had ever seen, or felt, and she had touched many through the years.

    "Yes, these 'pillars' are worthy of the name. Very impressive indeed."

    With that, Mother Angela lowered her mouth and placed it onto Sister Magdalene's vagina, but not on the parts that were tender. "Ooh! What is that that you just touched? It felt so good!"

    Mother Angela replied smilingly as she looked past Sister Magdalene's breasts and into her face. "I will now lick you on the part that Father John could not touch with his key last night because he did not go all the way into you and touch that part of your body with his.

    This part is not sore at the moment, and when this part is touched in the right way, it is called a 'clitoris,' and when it is touched, you too should hear the angels singing. The next time, or maybe over time, that Father John uses his key on you, you should be able to hear them sing. Now...listen!"

    And Mother Angela went to work with a very talented and experienced tongue. This was something she had only done with selected nuns through the years, very special nuns, and Sister Magdalene was the most special of all.

    "Oooh, ooooh. Oooo yes. It feels, it feels like when Father John was using his key, except this time there is no discomfort."

    "Listen for the angels singing." As she was speaking, Mother Angela slowly and carefully inserted a finger just a little ways into Sister Magdalene's vagina so that when the time came, she would feel Sister Magdalene's orgasm.

    "Oh I feel that finger, and it feels good too. Yes, yes, don't stop, please Mother Angela, don't stop!" It took only two minutes longer, and what Sister Magdalene had stored up inside her for all her short life burst forth.

    "Ooooh God. Lordy above. It feels so good. I can hear the angels singing!" As she was yelling out her pleasure, Sister Magdalene was holding Mother Angela's head with her hands and humping her hips into the air.

    When all was said and done, Sister Magdalene was lying quietly and Mother Angela had moved up and was lying beside and holding the young naked nun in her arms. Around her finger she had felt Sister Magdalene's orgasm bursting forth, and counted. Ten times she had twitched. A strong ten times, and then a couple of little twitches.

    They laid quietly together. After several minutes, Mother Angela pulled Sister Magdalene's body tight against hers and kissed her. Sister Magdalene seemed surprised at first, then responded back, and in the final seconds, their tongues touched.

    “Mother Angela. Am I still doing good, this time, my duties? That felt wonderful when you placed your mouth, and your wonderful tongue on me.”

    "Yes Sister, and perhaps, someday, I will teach you to do that for me, but for now your duty in the evenings is to give Father John his bath."

    "Yes Mother Angela. I have had my lock opened by Father John, I have heard the angels sing with you, and I truly feel that I have been 'saved.' Tell me, is there another name for what happens besides 'hearing the angels sing'?

    "Yes, there is another name, more than one actually. The medical term is having an orgasm, or a climax, but you should probably say that you are cumming."

    "Yes Mother. I remember you said that Father John was having an orgasm. But I should say it's cumming?"

    "Yes. You are feeling good, and when you are there, just say you are cumming. Father John will understand and know that you are hearing the angels sing. As I have said, tonight I will give Father John his bath, and tomorrow night shall be your turn."

    "Yes, thank you Mother Angela." Mother Angela smiled and caressed Sister Magdalene gently as she held her within her arms. 'Tonight, Father John,' she was thinking, 'tonight you and I are going to have a long talk.'

    Father John Opens The Gates Part Two

    Father John headed quickly to his quarters. All day he had been thinking about Sister Magdalene and how good it had felt to unlock her box with his key to Heaven the night before. She would be there, preparing his bath, and hopefully ready to try once again to see if she can be saved and hear the angels sing.

    'Tonight I shall bury my Key within her, all the way, and once she has adjusted, I shall give it to her harder while holding back until she hears the angels.'

    Father John was surprised to see Mother Angela preparing his bath. Instead of immediately removing his clothes, he hesitated. "Mother Angela? I was expecting to see Sister Magdalene tonight. I hope that nothing is wrong."

    "No, Father John. Sister Magdalene's 'lock' is feeling a little tender and sore from you using your 'Key to Heaven' on her, so I told her that I would relieve her of her bath duties for tonight."

    Father John stared silently at Mother Angela, then, "You called it my 'Key to Heaven? So she told you what happened last night?"

    "Yes, and I must say, Father John, that I wish you had told me years ago that 'Gabriel's Horn' is also the 'Key to Heaven.'"

    Mother Angela looked sternly at Father John and said, "I think it is time we knocked off this 'Horn and Key' bullshit and had a good talk."

    Father John was shocked. "Mother Angela, such language! I have never heard a nun utter such profanity."

    "You mean me saying 'bullshit?' That's what we, you and I, have been doing for almost 40 years, and now you want Sister Magdalene to wallow around in it."

    Father John nodded. "Perhaps you are right Mother Angela. Let's have a talk. What exactly did Sister Magdalene have to say about last night?"

    "She was quite descriptive, but I'll shorten her story. As she bathed you in that special way, your penis grew in her hand. Then you felt her vagina with your fingers, told her that your penis was the 'key to Heaven,' destroyed her virginity and began fucking her with it!"

    "The 'F' word? Well, it wasn't quite as crude as you make it sound Mother Angela. I was gentle with her and showed how the Angels can sing."

    "Yes, they sang for you, but not for her. Did you actually think that you could put your big cock into her tight little pussy tonight and make her hear the angels sing? She is quite sore and red. I gave her an examination this morning. She was red all around the edges, on her lips, and her maidenhead was very obviously torn."

    Father John seemed to have no immediate response, so Mother Angela told him to remove his clothes so that she could bathe him. As Father John removed his trousers, Mother Angela was surprised to see that his penis was already mostly erect.

    "Why are you hard, Father John? I hope you're not planning on having me blow Gabriel's Horn tonight? I fell for that shit from the first day I bathed you, when I had just become a nun after my eighteenth birthday. And by the way, hows come you never used your 'key' on me? I feel like I have been cheated, somehow."

    Father John's long shaft waved around as he climbed into the bath and settled into the warm water. "Pregnancy, Mother Angela. I was young, and so were you. I was afraid that you might become with child if I unlocked your gate."

    "And now? I understand from Sister Magdalene that she felt you throbbing and that she was quite wet inside from your load. Weren't you worried about making her pregnant?"

    "No. I was checked out by a doctor three years ago, and my sperm is no longer potent enough to impregnate a woman."

    "And why, Father John, would you be worried about making someone pregnant?"

    "Because of the Viagra."


    "I have been using Viagra for three years now, whenever I had a desire to become erect."

    Mother Angela stared at him for a long time. She was remembering now, how Father John had no longer seemed interested in having his horn blown. His penis had become limp, and oftentimes would not grow at all.

    Then, suddenly, after about three months of limpness had passed, every few days his penis would become quite hard as she bathed him and she would blow it until Father John heard the angels singing. That would be when he had taken the pill.

    "Did you use Viagra last night? I know that you were not expecting Sister Magdalene to prepare your bath, so you must have taken the pill for me."

    "No, I did not take a pill last night."

    "But your dick got hard, and quite quickly too according to Sister Magdalene."

    "I know. It was her. She is so pretty, and young, and her body..."

    "Yes, I know, her body is very nice. So you got a hard on just looking at her, and without Viagra. You are not as old as you thought, Father John."

    "Well, I was having a little trouble, even as beautiful as she is. I had to keep stroking my penis whenever she was not touching it because it was tending to get a little soft. But I was able to keep it up, thank the good Lord. She was, is so very beautiful and I wanted to perform well for her on her first night."

    Mother Angela walked over to the tub and looked down. "And tonight? It looks like you took your pill because you thought Sister Magdalene would be here. What did you plan to do with that?" Father John's penis looked like an aircraft carrier that is performing a 'wheelie' as it sticks up out of the water.

    Father John looked sheepish. "I have never 'wasted' a pill before." As he was speaking, Mother Angela noticed that he had begun holding his erect penis in his hand.

    "I think, Father John, that I would like to see if I can hear the angels sing after you have unlocked my box."

    Silence. Then..."You want me to bust your cherry? Do you still have it?"

    "Yes, Father John, I still have it, though admittedly I have heard the angels sing many times over the years."

    "With sister Carmen?"

    Mother Angela looked surprised. "You know about her, and I?"

    "Yes, of course. There is not much that goes on around her that I do not know about."

    Mother Angela decided to take another tack, rather than talking about how she and Sister Carmen found comfort with one another. "So you are taking Viagra. How long does the doctor say that will work?"

    "He didn't know. Maybe another two or three years. Even with the pill, I am having trouble sometimes. I was expecting that tonight, with Sister Magdalene looking so good and my taking the pill, that I would become like a young man again, at least for a little while."

    He studied Mother Angela's face and confided in her. "Sister Magdalene was trembling and seemed scared and I didn't want to hurt her too badly. So I didn't penetrate her all the way last night. I still don't know if she will be able to take it."

    When he saw that Mother Angela seemed to smile, he decided to open the gates and talk dirty to her, in a way that he had fantasized about for years.

    "All I have been able to think about all day is how much I want to put Sister Magdalene's legs up over my shoulders and fuck her as deep as possible and squeeze her lovely tits while she feels my balls hitting her ass! Also I have been fantasizing on licking her cunt, and teaching her how to blow Gabriel's horn."

    His use of the 'c' word shocked Mother Angela, but she chose not to say anything. Things had changed dramatically between Father John and Mother Angela. Now they were talking like two conspirators making plans on how best to fuck Sister Magdalene.

    “You forgot to mention kissing her. She says you were 'French kissing her last night, but she didn't use that word."

    "Yes. I didn't forget that. Every time she responded to my kisses I felt my cock get harder for a little while. I want to kiss her over and over again."

    "But most off all, you want to be able to fuck her like a young man, with a hard cock and being able to make it last, right?

    "Yes, that most of all, and if I can, shoot multiple loads into her. Deep into her if she can take me."

    Mother Angela also had a fantasy, recently developed. She wanted to get low and close and watch Father John use his penis on Sister Magdalene, and then when they were resting, she planned to 'comfort' Sister Magdalene in her own special way. "I gathered as much by what you have been saying. I don't think that you will have much trouble putting your cock all the way into her.

    She was able to take your width although it made her sore, so the next time you can probably go all the way to the bottom on her. But we must plan for the future, When the pill no longer works, and Sister Magdalene has become used to being satisfied by your big cock, what do you plan to do with her?"

    "I was hoping to be able to enjoy her for a couple of years, than either turn her over to one of the other nuns, or perhaps a priest."

    "A priest? Who? Brother Phillip is the only priest that we have who seems capable enough, and I suspect he likes little boys."

    "We are not supposed to talk about that. We have a new priest coming in soon, young and quite handsome I understand. Perhaps after I am no longer able to perform, and if you don't desire to keep her for yourself, I, or we could give Sister Magdalene to him."

    "Yes, if he likes women and fools around. Some priests actually honor their vowels, you know."

    Father John sighed. "Yes, some. Now, how about you? How do you want to do it, this opening of your box? I know, why don't you do as I had Sister Magdalene do last night? Take off your clothes and sit beside me."

    Sister Angela was surprised to find herself trembling as she undressed and watched Father John stroking his penis as he looked at her. When she had removed her clothes and walked towards him carrying a chair, Father John let out a low whistle. "Mother Angela. I am surprised. Your body is still quite nice."

    "Still? So you do remember seeing it when I had just become a nun and was giving you my first bath?

    "Yes. I asked you to remove your clothes and sit beside me. You were, and are, quite beautiful. Even your breasts are nice. Still firm and upright. I remember doing with you as I did with Sister Magdalene last night."

    Mother Angela placed the chair beside the tub and sat down. As soon as she had, Father John placed one hand on a tit. "You mean when you used your fingers to confirm her virginity as you had done with me that first night?

    I was shocked, Father John, but pleased that you, well that I had passed your 'inspection.' But I wish now that you had somehow allowed me to hear the angels sing. It was many years before Sister Carmen did it for me."

    Then Mother Angela decided to knock Father John down a bit. Why let him think that he would be the first to make Sister Magdalene hear the angels? "This morning, after Sister Magdalene had complained about how it seemed to hurt to walk, I inspected her, and in the process, I made the angels sing for her."

    Father John looked shocked. "You mean...?"

    "Yes, I licked on her lovely little clitoris. It was about the only part of her that was not red and raw after you had abused her pussy. Her poor little pussy lips, I felt sorry for them."

    "But, I told you, I was gentle with her."

    "Yes, I know. Her story sort of confirmed that. But using that monster horn of yours on a little virgin like her, with a pussy so tender and sweet, is abuse. It would seem that a small cock should be available to do the breaking in, and then a big cock can come along later to keep it satisfied.

    While I was doing my inspection, I taught her other words to use though if you can make her hear the angels sing. Since I gave her an orgasm, she knows what the word 'cumming' means now. It will be interesting to see if you can make her cum as easily with this hard dick of yours."

    Mother Angela was holding Father John's penis now, and she had begun washing it in that way he liked so much as she peeled him back and ran the soapy palm of her right hand all around his knob.

    “Fuck Daddy, I mean, Father. I haven't felt your cock get this hard in years. That Viagra must really be working for you.”

    “Yes Mother Angela, but to tell the truth, I have suddenly become interested in you and your body once again.”

    Since she planned to fuck him, Father John's penis looked different to her now, and like a young child with a new toy, she played with his foreskin, running it back and forth. Despite the fact that she had spent years doing this, it became exciting for her.

    Father John decided to ignore Mother Angela's comments about being the first to make Sister Magdalene come. "Open your legs." Mother Angela did as instructed and his fingers probed her. "Your pussy feels quite nice. Not as tight as Sister Magdalene on the outside, but..." Gently, Father John slowly felt inside. "Yes, I can feel it. You still have your lock in place!"

    Despite what she had told him, Father John was still amazed to find her maidenhead is still there.

    He smiled, a smug smile. "You know, Mother Angela, if I give you a good fucking, that I might leave you all sore, tender and red, just like Sister Magdalene?"

    She squeezed his penis, then gave it several strokes, pulling the foreskin back and forth over his giant knob. "Yes, I expect that. But can you make me hear the angels sing before you do it for Sister Magdalene?"

    And that is how they began the new aspect of their lives. Mother Angela, in a little while, would moan and dig her fingers into Father John's ass and enjoy having her box opened with a Viagra induced erection.

    She would place her legs high around Father John as Sister Magdalene had done and hump back at him, matching Father John stroke for stroke. Then finally, reach orgasm on her very first fuck and as a result become addicted to being fucked by him.

    Having her pussy fingered and sucked by a fellow nun was alright, but being fucked by Father John would become her number one desire.

    As Mother Angels drew close to coming, they had kissed, and then kissed again afterward. Feeling Father John reaching an orgasm inside her pussy had been an eye-popping experience for her, and she had managed, after blowing Gabriel's horn to get it up again, to have him inside her a second time that evening.

    Mother Angela would end up wishing she could be fucked more often, but she would have to use Father John's huge erection sparingly so that there would be enough for Sister Magdalene.

    After two weeks, and because she wasn't certain if Father John could maintain the pace, despite his enthusiasm, Mother Angela decided it would be most expedient to just have Sister Magdalene be there each time, and they could share his penis.

    Mother Angela would find, after time, a solution that worked best. She would have Father John fuck her first and give her two or three orgasms while Father John would hold off on having his own orgasm. Then Mother Angela would have Sister Magdalene take over with Father John.

    Mother Angela liked being satisfied first, and then not have to worry about being taken care of later because Father John seemed to have difficulty holding back once he had mounted Sister Magdalene.

    Sister Magdalene not only had that extra tight snatch that Father John seemed to enjoy, but as time went by, she also became quite noisy in showing her enjoyment and appreciation of what Father John was doing for her.

    Mother Angela most enjoyed lying on her stomach between Sister Magdalene's legs and watching as Father John was over her and fucking Sister Magdalene; It never failed to fascinate her seeing how poor little Sister Magdalene's pussy would have to stretch so far to accommodate that huge prick.

    It was the same every time. Once Father John had inserted his penis deeply into Sister Magdalene's snug pussy, he would end up cumming. Therefore, this fuck between Father John and Sister Magdalene always had to come last.

    Mother Angela would watch from close up, then she would slide up after Father John had slid out, and lick up Father John's juice, the juice that she had been tasting for over 40 years. And if Sister Magdalene had not reached an orgasm with Father John, or even if she had, Mother Angela would give her another one.
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