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. Fate Chose A Black Man For My Wife

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Aug 11, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    a.k.a. He Was Black, My Wife’s First Strange Fuck


    Subtitle: The Perfect Cock.

    By EroticWriter

    “Baby, you choose one.”

    “No Ray,” my wife said, “You choose.”

    I frowned as I looked around the bar. “Shit Sally, there are so many guys and no matter who I choose it probably will be some guy you’d prefer not to fuck.”

    My lovely little wife with the pixie face sighed. “Ray, if I pick a guy you will be jealous of him from the first moment and be suspicious and wondering why I chose him, so I prefer that you do it and that way you can’t come back and accuse me later.”

    My wife and I, over a period of several days, had been discussing my wanting to see her fuck another man, and it seems, Sally had been thinking of it around the same time and had been afraid to broach the subject.

    But that first day, or rather night, when I had talked to her about it while making love, Sally had admitted that , since we have been married for seventeen years, she had been wondering what it might be like to ‘sleep with’ another man. “Just a fantasy,’ she had emphasized.

    We had an almost equal desire for her to get laid, but we also had an equal desire for it to happen with a man that does not know, or is not connected to us in any way. Not at work, not at play. We also decided that the internet might not be the best way to go. People can lie about everything, including where they live.

    What we need, Sally suggested, is for ME to meet a man, maybe give him an interview in advance, and if he seems nice enough, and discreet, then she will go along with my decision and fuck the man.

    Perhaps I should interject here. Don't take me wrong. I love my wife dearly, and I literally worship her body, her mind, her very being. But she is so fine, her body, her personality, her thinking, her attitude, and especially in her love of me, and her loyalty to me, that I found myself wanting to share all that with some other man, just for a little while.

    Share her with a man, allow him to know and enjoy her most intimate thoughts as he enjoys her body, and she enjoys his, and then have her 'disappear,' never to be seen by him again. The safe way to do this, I was thinking.

    After much discussion, most of which had been started by me each time, we had finally agreed to go to another town, rent a motel room, and choose a random man from a local bar. Now we were there, in another town eighty miles from home and we had rented a room and chose a bar.

    A bar seemed like the easiest and most natural way to pick a man. I had parked and looked into two bars before this one, and they seemed to have nothing going on. We lucked out on the third bar. Came in,got our eyes adjusted to the low light, and found a nice table right on the edge of the dance floor.

    While at the moment only two or three couples are dancing, I figured that if I can get a couple of drinks in her and then some man comes over and asks her to dance, that once Sally is in his arms half the battle might be won. She has found our man.

    She's on her second drink and she is chickening out it seems. I sighed. “So, the way it looks, you are backing out?”

    No! I want to do it,” Sally said with her voice raising a little in order to be heard over the loud music that had just started up again. Then she calmed down a little.

    “Look Ray. “We’ve come this far, rented a room and everything, so I think we need to do this, and like I promised, if we do this, I also agree to have a threesome with you and some gal.”

    I picked up on this instantly. Until now, the subject of my getting laid by someone strange had been discussed a couple of times and put on hold. Put on hold mainly because I was being careful to keep my wife thinking that her pleasure is my main intent, which it is.

    Her pleasure, I was pretty sure, will also be my pleasure.

    But now that she has mentioned it, and we have made the commitment for her to be getting laid, why not lay the groundwork for me in the future? We of course, knew who that woman might be.

    “You mean with Jackie,” I ventured, hoping my wife won't get hit with an attack of jealousy or suspicion.

    Sally nodded. “Yes, with Jackie, if she’ll do it, and she probably will.” Jackie was one of my wife’s closest friends and quite well-built. Sally knew that I had long admired Jackie but that was it, I had admired her but never said anything about it.

    But Jackie and my wife had talked intimately about things one evening and the subject of women with women had come up. The end result was that both Jackie and my wife had admitted a certain curiosity about what it might be like.

    Before the possibility of the two of them trying it out the conversation had ended but my wife had confided with me and I had told her that it was fine if I could be there and watch or…

    “Join in,” my wife had finished for me. “You’d like to fuck Jackie, wouldn’t you?”

    I backpedaled. “Only if you were there and it was O.K. I’d never do it behind your back.” I had sounded scared almost at what she might think and Sally smiled and re-assured me. “Don’t worry, I trust you. If it ever happens, Jackie will have to agree you can be there.”

    “Do you think she would fuck me?”

    “I think so, but her husband must never know.”

    I giggled, “Her secret would be safe with me.”

    Sally leaned forward and kissed me. We were lying on the bed and I had a hard on. Sally looked at my prick and said “Jackie might like what you have since she indicated to me, sort of hinted, that Biff is rather small in that department.”

    I grinned, and was not afraid to express my feelings. “Biff has a small cock? That’s great to hear since he is always walking around in a T shirt displaying his muscles.”

    I knew Jackie pretty well since she was always coming over to visit with Sally, but I had never really cared for Biff. He had this…’attitude’ of superiority and now that I knew he might have a smaller cock than me, I knew that at least in that department I am maybe superior to him in the eyes of my wife. But how about Jackie?

    “Did you ever tell Jackie that I have seven inches?”

    Sally giggled and grasped my now like a rock cock. “Not in inches did I tell her, but I held my hands apart this far (she illustrated by placing her palms about seven inches apart) and I said you are about this long. I think she was impressed.” My wife gave me one of those impish smiles of hers that I like so much.

    Then Sally really made me excited when she held her hands apart again and said, "Then Jackie held her two hands apart about this far, and said, "This is about how long Biff is."

    I could see that Sally's hands were only about five inches apart. I said it. "That looks like about five inches."

    "Oh. Maybe I'm holding my hands too far apart." She moved her palms closer together.

    "Four inches?"

    "Not that short." But Jackie said his penis is not much longer than four inches."

    "That's pretty short" I said, while laughing inside. "How about thickness? Did she say?"

    Sally nodded. "She said that too, told me, that Biff is kind of skinny in his weenie." She giggled. "That's what she called it, his 'weenie.'"

    I had a thought. "Were you two, since you got this personal in your discussion, thinking maybe in the back of your heads that we might swap mates?"

    Sally shook her head. "Goodness no." Then she thought on it. "Maybe Jackie was, at first, because I think she has always been attracted to you, but once she told me about Biff's little weenie, that pretty much killed that."

    She sighed, "Besides, Jackie knew that I considered Biff to be a turn off anyhow, with his attitude."

    "Baby," I said, laughing, "I'm glad to know you saw through his B.S. just like I did."

    Sally looked at me. "If you and Jackie really want to make it with each other, I suppose I'd do it with her husband. I'd be doing it for you and Jackie. Maybe I could teach him how to eat me."

    I visualized it in my head. Biff with his head between my wife's legs and maybe his hands on her breasts at the same time. He would still be getting something out of it, he'd be seeing, feeling, and knowing my wife's body, intimately, something I really didn't want him to do, even if it meant I can be fucking his wife.

    I tried to make light of it, although the chances of it really happening, at that time, was still just fantasy. So I kept going along, feeding the fantasy. "Great deal for me. Both women know I'm bigger and want me, and no one wants Biff. How can I lose?"

    “You can't. I think that Jackie would really like to be fucked by someone larger, and it looks like you might be the perfect candidate.”

    Then, I was so excited that we fucked, and while doing so I was talking to my wife and saying things like, “You’re getting more cock than Jackie does, you lucky girl.” I know it sounds silly, but it was fun.

    The next morning it was back to normal. What we had discussed is just that, fantasy.

    I had never made it a requirement that I get to have a threesome with Sally and another woman. That had been her idea, maybe as a ‘reward’ for me allowing Sally to try a strange man. Now we were at a stalemate. We are in a strange bar, Sally wants me to choose, and I, well, you know.

    Opportunity knocks.

    Then, finally, it happened. I had been thinking of getting Sally onto the dance floor with me and maybe someone might see her and break in. But before I could ask her to dance, a man came over and with only the slightest look at me, asked Sally if she cares to dance?

    I gave him the same once over I am sure Sally did. On initial inspection, he looked alright. Maybe a little younger than her, a bit taller than me, and slim.

    With only a glance at me, and I made sure to nod it is OK, Sally immediately got up and allowed him to head her onto the floor. He wasted no time, drawing her into his arms and up against his chest. 'She's had two drinks,' I thought. 'Maybe that will do it.'

    Reality, no longer fantasy.

    Just like that, in only half a minute, a strange man has my wife so close to him that her breasts are pressed against his chest, and if he gets an erection, she may be feeling it.

    Personal space. Her personal space. Your wife's personal space. For some women, it might be three feet away. For others, the hug me type, even with strangers, it might be just a foot or so at times. For most women, about three feet or more right in front of them is their personal space.

    Interesting, this primitive ritual called dancing. It is a way for any man, if a woman agrees, for him to be inside her personal space immediately and be close to, and maybe fondle her. Any man can target some other man's woman, their girlfriend, or their wife.

    And she usually and willingly consents to this. The man asking could be someone she knows, maybe a friend of her husband's, and he gets to handle her.

    It could be someone her husband dislikes, or is jealous of, or does not trust, and if her husband is not there at that particular time, she might, being ornery, allow this man to be inside her personal space and intimately be close to her.

    Or maybe she is secretly attracted to him and possibly even considering cheating. She is unhappy with her husband at that time for some reason, so why not get back at her husband by letting someone he does not like to be inside her personal space so he can be intimate with her, on the floor, and maybe more?

    Or it can be a total stranger, and he too, just like her husband's friend, can be inside her personal space in just a couple of seconds as he gets to handle her.

    Handle her. The most obvious way is to bring her in close to your body while wrapping one arm around her waist and the other holding her by one hand. Usually that equates to one bare skin contact and the other with some kind of material in between

    But even that basic concept can be made more intimate by just how close he holds her, and if he brings their two bonded hands in close to their bodies, that automatically gets her in close, real close, on top. Below, his hand on her waist can control just how close they get below.

    The man can, if the lights are low, and preferably if the floor is crowded so they can not be observed that well by a husband sitting on the sidelines, even fondle her ass, and maybe more.

    If the man has been smart enough to ask the woman to dance during a slow number, that number will most likely have a romantic tone. A song designed to bring man and woman together.

    Of course it might help if the woman has had a few drinks, and is even just a slight bit attracted to the man.

    It is happening now. The song is slow, and romantic, and I could see right away just before I sort of lost sight of them on the floor that he had placed his arm tight around her waist, and drawn their two hands together.

    Some stranger is now alone, in effect, with my wife. I tried to see Sally, but he had wasted no time getting her into the center of the floor and far from me. Now, some time having passed and a good song playing, there were enough people on the floor to keep me from seeing my wife that clearly.

    It was a long, smoochy song. I wasn't complaining. Long as he keeps her on the floor and they don't disappear.

    I was able to catch a glimpse of them from time to time, and I could see that now, he is right up against her and she has her head against his shoulder. She has no personal space left because he is using all of it. That close. Is this the man that gets her tonight?

    I couldn't see them when the song ended, and he didn't bring her back as another song started. "That's a good sign,' I thought, 'she didn't make him bring her back.' Now I was having visions of my wife back in the motel room and with that particular man between her legs.

    He had looked tall and slim, younger than my wife by maybe 10 years, and he had given her a very warm smile as he had held out his hand to Sally. She had immediately taken it and risen to her feet. I'm not sure she even took a good look before doing so, and again, I was thinking, 'she wants this to happen.'

    So I watched through the second song, and right at the beginning of the music an opening appeared in the group, and I got a quick glimpse of my wife, and I saw as they made a turn that not just one, but both of his hands are on her ass. Her skirt was in the way, but still.

    In order for him to be doing that, he would have to release her hand, and Sally would have to do something with her hand, like place it somewhere on him. Meanwhile, he has two hands free to go...everywhere.

    He must have moved her further away from me, over to the other side of the floor, because I couldn't see them. 'He had his hands on her ass. What next? Is he planning on getting her off the dance floor and maybe off to the other side of the room where he can try more?

    I had read stories, on the net, of men getting a wife away from their husband, maybe offering them a drink, and slipping something into it. Then, out of sight of the husband, the man or a group of men fondle her, and worse.

    How long does it take to slip a hard cock into a woman that is willing, or maybe, too weak or aware to resist? Fuck, in the time it takes for a song to play, what, three minutes maybe, he can
    get his nut and maybe hers too.

    It's my job to protect her. I began formulating plans in my head. If she doesn't come back, do I go looking, or trust her and give her a few minutes to maybe, get more acquainted?

    I visualized it in my mind, Sally coming back to the table, man in tow as she continues to hold his hand, and saying, "Ready to go to the motel?" That thought made me jealous. I was having visions now, since he has her out of sight, of them talking, maybe saying intimate things, and making plans. I had not planned it this way, actually. I wanted it to be right up front, with no behind the scenes stuff.

    At the end of the second song, Sally came back by herself and I breathed a sigh of relief. As she sat down I saw that her face looked flushed and sort of red and she had sort of an annoyed look. Something told me there will be no third dance.

    "What happened baby? You look unhappy. Did he take liberties with you or something?" I knew he had been grabbing her ass, and I wanted to see if she will admit to it.

    She did. "He was nice, seemed nice, the first dance, so I stayed with him for another. I don't think we exchanged more than two or three words since it was hard to be heard over the music. Then on the second dance I guess he assumed I am available and started feeling my butt. A little at first, just subtle like.

    I sort of acted like I am not aware he is doing it because I had been drinking. When I didn't pull him away, then he started squeezing my cheeks, even going so far as to slip the fingers of both hands into my butt crack and pulling them apart, my cheeks."

    "Pulling them apart? Was he under your dress?"

    "Oh, no. He was doing it, able to do it because my skirt fits loose."

    My cock tingled, then started to grow as I listened.

    "I almost stopped him but decided, 'Well, the song only has a little ways to go, so no use making a fuss.'

    Sally looked into my eyes, like she is about to confide a secret. She was. "I guess that was a mistake because then, without warning, he put his right hand up under my skirt in the front and got his hand right onto my pussy."

    Damn! He got his hand on her pussy. This I want to hear. My cock reached full stature as I frowned and acted kind of disgusted. I said, acted. "The nerve! Right on your pussy? Aren't you wearing panties?"

    "Yes. But they are the ones you like with the narrow cut, so his hand landed mostly on bare skin."

    Bare skin? I imagined his fingers landing directly on her pussy lips. "Did he manage to finger you?"

    "He started to, he was that quick about it. But just as his finger penetrated me, just a little ways, the song ended and I immediately pulled away from him and came back to you."

    "You didn't say anything to him?"

    "No, just left him there on his edge of the floor."

    I studied her face. "So after that he isn't the one then? The one that goes back to the motel with us? I mean, like, he had a head start."

    "Absolutely not. He was taking too much for granted with no conversation, and I didn't like that."

    "So we keep looking then?" I hoped she is not turned off now to this entire thing.

    "We can try again. There will be more men I am sure since I saw a couple of men on the sidelines checking me out as we were dancing."

    I knew probably more than a couple of men, probably every man in the bar since she looks so hot. "OK., baby, let's see who else comes along."

    At the moment a fast song was playing, and the few couples on the floor were dancing three feet apart, so she was probably going to be with me for a few minutes.

    My hard cock was tingling as I reached out and held her hand. "Just out of curiosity, you said he almost managed to finger you, did actually, a little ways, so, when he did that, how far, truthfully, did he get his finger in, and were you wet?"

    "You mean when he did it, was I wet from his doing it? No. I pulled away first."

    "But how about from the dancing, and when he was squeezing your ass, did you get wet beforehand"

    She sighed, as if not wanting to admit it. "Well, yes, I was wet, but only because of being close to him and it all seeming so intimate, but he, himself, did not turn me on."

    "You didn't do any talking and had already decided he didn't turn you on? How does that work?"

    "I don't know, We women have a sixth sense kind of thing about that."

    Again, I thought of her personal space and how he had managed to be inside it, with all the benefits that go along.

    "You didn't answer all of my question baby. How deep did he get with his finger?"

    She turned red. I could see it even in the low light. "All the way, it felt like. His entire finger went in because I was wet and when he did it, my legs happened to be opened wide since I was in the middle of a dance step."

    "Fuck baby. Do you realize that he is the first man ever to touch your pussy besides me?" I had wanted to say, 'Felt your pussy inside' instead of 'touched it,' since it sounded more intimate, but it was too late.

    "Yes. But he didn't get to see it, and he was in me for such a short time I doubt he had much time to fix the feel of it in his memory."

    "A short time? How short? Right in and right out, or...longer?"

    She hesitated, then decided to be honest. "Longer, I guess. When he went in, it surprised me, but it felt good and for just a few seconds I quit moving and just stood there with his finger in me."

    She reached over and placed her hand on top of mine. "I felt so weak that I had to hang onto his shoulders with my arms to keep from collapsing on the floor. Then when he started stroking me with it, I came to my senses and pulled away from him."

    "That's long enough for him to have the feel of your tight pussy fixed in his memory baby. I'm sure he did. I know how tight you are and he won't forget that little bit of luck!"

    She took it wrong. "You're happy about that, that he got to finger me?"

    "No. Just commenting since I know how men think."


    The slow music started up again. I might not have much time and I wanted to get all the details from my wife for obvious reasons.

    I had a hard on, and since this might end up being the only thing that happens tonight, I wanted to prolong this conversation. If nothing else, if we get back to the motel we can re-hash this and maybe have a good fuck.

    "Did he have a hard on? Could you feel his cock against you since you were dancing so close."

    "You could see?"

    "Yes, at times. The first song mostly."

    "I think I felt him, there, sometimes, but I wasn't sure. He seemed more interested in grabbing my ass and I think he was planning on going under my dress in the front so wasn't staying in close on the second dance."

    Suspicious that maybe my wife is not giving me the full story, I went for more. "When you said he shoved his finger all the way in and you felt weak and couldn't move and had to hold onto his shoulders to keep from falling, were you kissing?"

    I saw a tear come to her eye. "You know me better than I know myself sometimes. Yes, we were kissing and standing there just before he shoved his finger in. It did feel good, and I think that had I remained there, I might have cum. But like I said, he didn't attract me and as soon as I came to my senses, I immediately got away from him. I hope you're not mad."

    Women are weird. He didn't attract my wife but she stopped dancing on the floor and tried a kiss, and he managed to finger her. Some not attracted. I guess those two drinks were doing as intended, as I had intended.

    "No baby. I'm not mad. Why should I be when the whole purpose of our being here is for you to find a man to fuck. You were just testing your feelings, that's all."

    Relieved that I am not mad, Sally giggled. "Yes, I was testing his feeling me while I was testing my feelings."

    We both laughed.

    "He never touched your boobs?"

    "No. Only below, and my lips with his."

    I smiled, making sure she can see it. "Then he doesn't know what he missed."

    He hadn't missed much. Nice as Sally's tits are, getting to finger her pussy would be considered to be a much bigger, and more intimate, accomplishment.

    A man, a total stranger, using the dance method of getting inside my wife's personal space had managed to hold her, fondle her ass, kiss and finger her. Finger her good maybe, more so than she is admitting to. The kiss might have been longer than she admitted, the fingering might have gone on longer than she admitted. Maybe she had orgasmed and not admitted it to me.

    All in the space of two songs. All that, and they were never to meet. Meet in the manner intended for this night.

    With my cock hard, I sighed. Now, we had something to talk about later if nothing else. "OK. So dancing didn't work out. Let's keep looking for a man for you." I looked around the bar again. "See anyone that looks interesting?"

    "She looked, or pretended to. "No. Not now."

    Back to square one. "So it's like before. If I choose, you might not like my choice, and if you choose, you think I'll be suspicious and jealous. So what do we do now?"

    We Come Up With A Way

    It was Sally that finally came up with a solution. “See that empty stool over at the bar?”

    “Yes, I answered.

    “Well, the next man that sits himself down there will be the guy, except I have to lay down some slight requirements.”

    “O.K.” I agreed. “The next guy, but what are the requirements?”

    She giggled. “The guy needs to be at least decent looking, not really ugly or dirty or anything, and not way fat or anything like that. Is that alright?”

    “That sounds reasonable to me. Let’s see who sits down there. Hey wait! So who goes over and invites him to the motel?”

    “You do,” my wife answered with her eyes wide. “I’ll stay right here and when you put the subject to him and he asks where I am, you look my way and I’ll wave.”

    Finally, it sounded like Sally really planned to go through with it. First we had made the trip over here, and then I had laid out $120 for a nice motel room with an outside entrance, and finally, the choosing of her first man. It was going to happen.

    But I wanted to hear her say it. “You are going to do this, fuck whoever sits down there if he meets those requirements, is that right? No backing out even if he turns out to be a runt and kind of homely?”

    Sally nodded. “And you have to go along, is that right? Let me fuck him, even if he turns out to be tall, dark and handsome. No backing out.”

    She was tossing it right back at me. “I agree. Now let’s wait.”

    A couple of minutes later, she was feeling the effects of her drink, she giggled. “What if he is gay? Does that mean that you make it with him?”

    “No dear. I don't think so. We pick another stool and wait.”

    She was giddy from the alcohol. "Awww, come on Ray. That I'd love to see. My Ray being gay. Be fun to see you making it with a man and sucking his cock." She giggled, kind of loud, and I looked around. No, no one heard, not over the noise.

    We were served a second set of drinks before someone finally took the stool and he turned out to be tall dark and handsome. A black man is who plunked himself down there, and neither of us spoke for a minute as we stared in dis-belief. I waited to see if Sally will ask for additional requirements, but instead she said, “Go get him.”

    I turned my head to speak at her and she shook her head. “Now go!”

    Slowly I slid out of the booth and giving Sally one last glance and then moving forward when she pointed her finger firmly in the black man’s direction, I headed to the bar. All the way over there, fifteen feet, I was wondering, ‘Is my wife still doing this to keep her word, or is she excited at maybe getting to fuck a black man?’

    My heart was beating hard and I was wondering how to broach the subject. Fortunately the stool to his right was now available. This, I felt, is going to be awkward.

    I slid in and giving me a nod, he glanced at me and then turned his attention back to his drink. I decided to come right out with it and the easiest way will be to tell the truth. I did not want to be in the position of being a white man asking a black man to fuck his wife because she has specifically chosen him. No, the truth was much easier.

    “Got a minute to talk?”

    I guess that was not the best opening line but he acted friendly. “Sure man, what’s up?

    “My wife and I could not agree on who should do the choosing, so we agreed that the next man to sit on this stool,” I nodded my head down to where he is seated, ”will be the man she takes into her bed tonight.”

    Surprisingly, he didn’t react with any outward show of shock or dis-belief. “Really? Point her out to me.”

    I quickly added beforehand. “We had to wait almost 20 minutes for someone to take this seat.”

    I turned on my stool and nodded towards Sally. Before I could say ‘She’s the beautiful brunette sitting alone in the booth’ Sally waved and he commented. “Fuck, she’s a fox!”

    He turned his head to look at me. “Has she ever fucked a black man?”

    I gulped at his blunt language. “Actually, she’s never fucked anyone but me. We’ve been married seventeen years and now she’s curious.”

    “She’s curious about black men?”

    “No. It’s like I said. We couldn’t agree on who would choose her first man so we agreed that the next man to sit here in that stool you’re on would be the guy.”

    He said it again. “She’s a fox. I’d say about 35 and from the looks of that chest she must be a D cup."

    “She’s a nice firm D cup," I said proudly, "and she’s 37, but don’t tell her I told you her age. You know how women are about that. Now, are you interested? Are you available, because we’ve rented a room?”

    Inside I was thinking how silly it is to be telling a black man that my wife would be concerned about his knowing her age, when she is about to fuck him and show all.

    “How about you," he asked? "You going to sit over in a chair and watch like some husbands like to do or what?”

    “You’ve done this before?” I was shocked.

    He heard the surprise or maybe consternation in my voice and replied. “I’ve fucked a few white wives while their husband watches. It seems to be a big thing nowadays. They look at sites on the internet like ‘Slutwives’ or 'Dark Wanderer' and then they want to see their old lady taking a black dick.”

    I filed the name of the two sites he had mentioned into memory, and went on.

    “Are the wives, those wives, into it too, or is it mostly the husband's idea?”

    He laughed. “The wives, most of them, act like they are doing it for their husband, but as it turns out, fucking a black man is something they always wanted to do, or decide they want to do.”

    I wondered if he is right. Has my wife always wanted to fuck a black man, and I have just provided the opportunity?

    I wanted to learn what my place in this should be. Do I watch, or join in? I was actually the man in charge, but this guy seemed so knowledgeable that I sensed if I just allow him to take charge that things might be much easier to do.

    “I'd like to do more than just watch, if that's alright with you?” Unbelievably, I was asking.

    “The husbands set it up, or they think they are, and I just concentrate on the wife. Sometimes, if the husband wants to get in close, I might let him aim my cock for me or even help his wife suck on it.”

    I was shocked at what he is saying, but at the same time I felt my cock tingling, and yes, even dripping. He had brought out what had been a fantasy of mine. My helping out by aiming a man's cock and maybe even seeing what it would be like to suck a cock, but of course, only with my wife there.

    And a while ago, Sally had joked about me making it with a man, and seeing me sucking his cock.

    “You wouldn’t mind? I never thought about that. All we discussed was letting her have, fuck a strange man and then later, at her suggestion, we might have a threesome with some gal.”

    I had told him that because I wanted him to know that my tastes run more towards women than men, but inside my mind was reeling. Aim his cock? That sounded exciting. Suck it? That I didn’t know, but if my wife is doing it too, maybe. But first I needed to say something.

    “My wife’s pussy,” I hesitated and then decided to go on, “Is nice and tight but…” I hesitated again and I think my face was turning red, “But she can’t take a really long one I don’t think. I’ve got seven inches and I hit bottom on her in some positions, so if you are longer than that you have to promise me that you’ll be gentle. I don’t want her hurt.”

    Before he could reply, I added: “ Like I said, she's never been fucked by anyone but me so she's kind of reluctant.”

    He smiled, and I hoped he was telling the truth with his answer. “No sweat man. I’m around seven, maybe a little more, but if it feels like I’m hitting bottom I’ll be careful.” He looked from me over to my wife. “What say we head for the motel?”

    That was it. No, ‘Let’s meet in the booth and get acquainted,’ just, ‘Let’s go to the motel.’ Well, I guess that was the plan, and besides, my wife has agreed to fuck the occupant of that stool, and basically, no matter what, so she didn't need to be interviewing him in advance.

    “Do you have a car?”

    “Yes, it’s in the lot.”

    “We’re in a blue Lexus four door. I’ll fire it up and stop out at the exit towards town. When you pull in behind us you can follow us to the motel.”

    "How far's the motel?"

    "About three miles. We'll get to it before we hit downtown."

    "Holiday Inn?"

    "No. I wanted more of a motel not hotel so I got one with an outside entrance, where we can park in front and not have to go through a lobby and elevators, things like that."

    He smiled. "Got it. You wanted more privacy, so I'll bet you picked the Paradise Inn, where you can park in back."

    It surprised me. "Exactly. How'd you know?"

    He laughed. "Live here man, know all the motels. I've been in that motel with two different white couples. Good motel, all the rooms have a King size bed with a firm mattress made for fucking."

    It is looking not only like Fate has picked our man, but also our motel and bed.

    "Don't walk out with us. Wait a minute after we head out and then come on out." He nodded, understanding that I did not want anyone, even though we are strangers, to see us leaving a bar with a black man. Old prejudices die hard.

    He had a nicer car than me, a silver Mercedes AMG, one of the hot ones. I was wondering if he is also hot with that cock of his. He knew the motel, but now that this has been arranged, I wanted to make sure he gets there with us.

    We were moving now, and I happened to look over at Sally and saw that as she was staring out the windshield she had a funny looking grin on her face. I wanted to ask her what she is thinking, but waited. Before we get to the motel, she has to ask, I know she will.

    I drove slowly to the motel, making sure he is staying with us, and my wife finally asked, she had been quiet till now. “Does he seem nice?”

    “Very. I like him O.K., so you should too. Don’t let the way he talks sometimes turn you off though. He uses the F word a lot.”

    “Maybe because that is where his mind is, like mine is about now.” Sally giggled softly and reaching across that stupid console, she rubbed the area of my crotch. “I feel something happening there. Did you two make any plans?”

    I nodded. “He doesn’t mind if I watch or join in. Of course, that would be a requirement of mine in any case.”

    “To watch or to join in?”

    I sensed that my wife is very turned on now to this whole scene. “I might aim it for him, into you.”

    She was silent as she mulled that one around in her head. “I guess that way you can be up close and personal, right?”

    Feeling aroused, I wanted to get her in the same mode. “Very close. I plan to be right there and watching when his black cock opens your tight little white pussy for the first time.”

    Boom! Just like that I had brought in the interracial aspect, and then I added to it. "My innocent, faithfully married one man white wife is about to be fucked by a black man."

    I looked over at her. "Think about that baby."

    "I am."

    Then Sally sighed as, I guess, she thought about it. . “Wow. I guess that's what will happen. Ray, do you think he might be big? I’ve heard stories about black men and I don’t want it to hurt.”

    I didn’t want to spoil any surprise for her but felt that she needed reassurance. “I told him you are little and how long, what size I am and that I sometimes hit bottom and he says he is about the same, seven inches, maybe a little more.”

    “Oh.” She nodded, but from her face I could not tell if she was relieved, or perhaps disappointed to hear that he might be no longer then me.

    “He promised to be careful and not hurt you just in case,” I added.

    “But what about width? You know how tight I am”

    “Shit. I never thought to ask.” I looked at her. “It should be O.K. If he is about my length he’s probably no wider or not much wider, if at all.”

    I was rambling now as my excitement grew. We were getting close to the motel.

    “I hope so.” I could tell that she was really getting excited now because Sally was still rubbing the stiff bulge going down the left inside of my trousers as I pulled into the motel lot and in front of my door. The lot was wide and our new friend was able to park close to us without blocking other numbered spaces.

    “What’s his name? Did you ask?”

    “Shit, I don’t know. Does it matter? I don’t want him to know our last name so just use your first.”

    He waited until we had climbed out and were heading to our door, and then he joined up with us. “Hi, I’m Dwayne,” he said to Sally with a warm smile and holding out his hand. But he was holding out his hand to Sally, and she took it. “And I’m Sally.” She returned Dwayne’s smile, and I experienced a first pang of jealousy.

    I walked in front of them and used a plastic card to open the door. The motel was an older one, but had been remodeled apparently and though the doors are the old carved wood style the locks had been updated. I held the door open to allow them to pass, my wife and the very lucky man fate had chosen.

    We were in the room now and suddenly, things seemed very awkward, to me. Not for Dwayne however, or it seemed, for my wife. Dwayne had held onto her hand after she had taken it, and now he used it to draw her towards him. Just like that, he was bending down several inches and my wife was raising her face to his as they began kissing.


    My wife was already swapping body fluids with him, and within seconds of entering the room.

    It surprised me. I had thought there might be some getting acquainted conversation first. For them, not needed.

    I watched my wife responding passionately to his kiss and I wondered how she can just do this, jump right in with her lips even before he has begun to fuck her. Yes, I know that sounds weird, fucking before kissing, but this was a pre-arranged fuck session.

    My wife seemed to be going along, allowing the kiss to drag out, and I started to feel nervous and wondering why the fuck have I arranged something like this? It seemed that, had fate chosen a white man, I would be running things. Now, not so much.

    They broke the kiss and Dwayne spoke first, again ignoring me. “Do you need to use the bathroom or anything first?”

    Trying to look useful, I was adjusting the lighting just so as she answered, more casually than I had expected. “Maybe I should. I’ll just freshen up a little bit.”

    I interpreted that in my mind as; ‘She’s going to wash her pussy.’ I watched as my wife, looking very excited I might add, wasted no time as she headed into the big bathroom and closed the door. She had not so much as looked at me. I was alone with Dwayne now and feeling very strange.

    With my wife there with me, it seemed there is a reason for all this. With her out of the room, it was a very strange feeling. I didn’t know what to say to Dwayne, the strange man who is about to initiate my wife with his black penis.

    Dwayne knew. He has been here before. I wondered: 'Has he been in this very room before?' He detected my nervousness and pointed.

    “For now, just sit in that leather lounger and let me warm her up. It's up to you if you want to get naked. Most of the men who watch their wives taking my black cock end up naked.”

    He smiled as he saw me sit down and start stripping by pulling off my shoes. “Once I get your wife naked, you can get in close if you want.”

    Dwayne has taken charge.

    Sally came out of the bathroom and shocked me. She had stripped down to her black panties and bra, and still had on her black garter belt and stockings! Her panties were cut very narrow in the crotch, and on each side a little bit of lip was showing.

    Yes, lips, not hair. Unknown to me in advance, my wife had shaved her normally soft and thick furry bush off for this night, and Dwayne will not only be the first strange man to fuck my wife, but also be the first man to enjoy her with a shaved pussy.

    I had hinted to Sally a few times that I'd kind of like to see how she looks and feel shaved, but she had said that it would be annoying to have to keep it shaved, and that being shaved might cause irritation. But now, for some other man, he gets the bare goodies!

    I could see that Dwayne is staring, right there.

    Then it occurred to me that he might like hearing about her pussy. “Sally shaved it just today, and you'll be the first man ever to have her shaved...” I hesitated and added so that my wife will know that he knows, “the first man besides me to ever have her, period.”

    I was seated in the lounge chair now and Sally hardly gave me a glance. I guess in that chair is where she wants me for now. Dwayne took Sally by the hand and moved her to the bed.

    Really strange, this. My wife, being led willingly to the bed and by a black man while I'm just sitting here. It still seemed like a dream. Then, as she laid herself flat, he looked down at himself and said, “Now I’ll get comfortable.”

    Dwayne was peeling off his shirt and then undershirt when I realized…”Shit, I left my cell phone in the car.”

    This I didn't want, not now. I didn't want to miss a single second of the most important thing to ever go down in my marriage, so far. But keeping my phone available is critical.

    Dwayne, his under shirt pulled up to his shoulders, had paused in his getting naked.

    “You’d better go get it,” said Sally, “in case anyone calls about your dad.”

    My father is a heart patient and doing poorly so I wanted to be available in case my mother needs for me to come. It would really be a bummer if that phone should ring for such and even now, tonight, here in this this room. If it did, no way would I leave my wife alone with him. Besides, there's the matter of us being 80 miles away, well more than an hour's drive on the Interstate.

    “Yes. I’ll get it. Don’t start without me.” I quickly, after putting my shoes back on, headed for the door. I knew that Dwayne wouldn't just stand there, so I generously added, “You can be kissing her or something till I get back.”

    What I really wanted to see is his cock, and Sally's face when she first sees it too.

    I headed for the door. 'Shit, my card.' I moved back to the dresser and picked up the key card. I saw now that Dwayne was kicking his trousers off and raising his legs to get them past his feet.

    I walked quickly out to our car and using the key clicker, reached in and grabbed my cell out of the center cup holder. 'Damned cell phone. Sometimes it can be so inconvenient.' I checked it for any messages. There was one from my sister but nothing from my mother.

    I took 20 seconds or so to listen to my sister’s message, nothing important except she is wondering why we have gone on a trip and only eighty miles away. Last thing I wanted was to get into a family discussion now. I used a text to say, 'We just needed to get away for a day,' and I headed back into the room.

    Total time elapsed, less than three minutes.

    Fuck, the door locked itself, of course. Fortunately, I had brought the card. I slid it into the slot. All told, I couldn't have been gone more than three or four minutes.

    My eyes bulged as I saw a bare black ass and one of my wife's hands tugging on it.

    'Fuck! Dwayne is already naked and between my wife’s legs, just that quick.' I stared as I saw his ass move, and she moaned loudly.

    'He's got it in? They sure haven't wasted any time! Why didn't she wait for me?'

    As I headed quickly towards them I was watching those firmly rounded buttocks of his as he was on his knees and moving over my wife. Those movements of his confirmed it.

    “He’s already fucking my wife!’

    'Shit, they didn't even take any time for foreplay.'

    As I came up to the bed, all I could see from behind were his tight black balls. His upper body was down low, almost lying on her, and their faces were side-by-side. Not kissing at the moment but they might have been just before.

    Sally still had her garter belt and panties on, and he had moved the narrow strip of her panties to one side in order to leave her panties on and make penetration. When Dwayne realized that I am back in the room, he rose off my wife and leaned back so I can better see the action.


    Son of a bitch! What I saw both thrilled and killed me. Like my wife, Dwayne was shaved. His black cock was wide, very wide, and my wife’s tight little pussy was being stretched way out and had turned red from the stretching and friction he is creating as he moves slowly in and out.

    'Fuck! Look at her pussy!' I had never seen Sally's lips looking all red like this and I could only gulp and stare in disbelief. Come to think of it, of all the porn photos I have seen through the years, both with black cock and white, I had never seen a pussy looking like my wife's is now.

    I took note that he has her lips stretched so tight that her clitoris is being pulled down and is right there, so close to his cock that he is almost touching it direct.

    Dwayne had neglected, I am sure on purpose, to tell me that his cock is so thick, and I, like an idiot, had failed to ask. It is too late now. Grinning up at me, Dwayne waited long enough for me to get a good look and then he laid himself down over her again.

    He flattened her breasts between his body and hers, and as his lips came into contact with Sally's, he began pumping again while staying up on his knees so I could see it all from behind and underneath his ass.

    Of course I immediately moved toward the foot of the bed and looked under him. His cock still looked to be mostly dry down at the base, and I knew he has not as yet, penetrated my married pussy all the way.

    'I don't know how much is already in her, so I don't know how long he is. Dwayne's got to have more than seven inches because with five or more inches showing, his head is already buried out of sight.'

    My wife began moaning and digging her fingers into his shoulders and as Dwayne penetrated her deep, yes, just past seven inches deep I would learn, she gripped his ass and moaned louder.

    I was pissed, but mostly I was pissed because Dwayne had not waited for me to aim it. Maybe he was afraid I would refuse to allow him to enter my beautiful wife once I saw that cock, so he had gone ahead and taken aim for himself.

    I had not been given a chance to aim it, and even worse, I had not been able to see first penetration, the stretching, and any sounds my wife might have made.

    And then Sally surprised me.

    “You weren’t here honey, so I aimed it for him.”

    “You aimed it? You felt how wide he is and let him put it in anyhow? Doesn’t it hurt?”

    She looked confused. “Hurt? Oh no, as long as he doesn't go too deep, it feels good, really good.” She sighed and reaching up for Dwayne’s head, pulled it down. They kissed a long one as Dwayne continued to pump slowly. Her legs rose higher around him, around his ass as she locked her ankles together.

    Then she looked at me. “Honey, you can return to your chair if you like, or get those clothes off and I’ll suck you between kisses.”

    I think my wive would have preferred that I stay out of the way so she can give her concentration to the pleasure she is receiving. But I was not about to just sit back and watch. No way. Based on the way she is responding not only to his cock but his kisses, I am not about to allow my wife to be totally involved with this man with the huge cock.

    I went over to my designated chair and used it to hold my pants and underwear as I quickly pulled everything off, starting with my shoes again.

    My stiff prick leading the way, I moved over to where my cock is alongside my wife's face, and she, probably reluctantly because she wanted to totally enjoy Dwayne's meat, took my cock into her mouth.

    I saw Dwayne smile as he took in what is probably a familiar sight for him, a smaller husband cock in the little wife's mouth while he stretches her married snatch with something better.

    That is how my initiation into being the cuckolded extra guy while my wife is being fucked by a real man came to be. Dwayne fucked, Sally fucked and sucked, and Dwayne made my wife cum multiple times while I tried to hold back.

    I am sure that with my wife having to move her head back and forth between Dwayne's offered lips and my offered cock, that she was unable to give her full concentration to Dwayne, his cock, and what he is doing to her.

    I'm glad that Dwayne was not bothered by having my wife go from my cock to his mouth. I had read a story or two about how the man fucking the wife won't kiss her if she is sucking someone else's cock at the same time.

    It's probably a good thing, for the sake of saving my marriage, that I was able to interrupt her concentration because my wife's little pussy was receiving a workout to top all workouts.

    It turned out, once Dwayne withdrew for a bit and I could see his full cock with that fat head, that Dwayne has more length than me. His 'maybe a bit more,' had turned out to be a full inch or more. He never fucked her really hard, as in bang bang, so maybe that's the reason, but Sally is able to handle his length, no problem.

    Dwayne is equipped I would say with the perfect cock for my little wife. Not ridiculously long and perfectly thick. I say perfectly because that is what Sally called it later when I asked her about it. “Perfect.”

    And she had said it twice. Once, when it first came out in response to my question, and a little later when I saw her sort of staring off into space and she sort of whispered it to herself, “The perfect cock.”

    Perfect? That thick? Shit, it looks like he is stretching her so much that it should be uncomfortable. I can't believe how she changes color for his cock.

    After seventeen years of happy marriage my loving wife has finally found her perfect cock. I guess, one way to look at it, I am now less than perfect. But for the time being I was perfectly happy to spend a lot of time behind and under Dwayne as I watched my wife's pussy turning sort of a dark red each time she has another one of those wildly intense orgasms.

    I guess I can claim one first for myself that night. Sally had her first strange man, her first big cock, her first black cock, and her first groupings of intense multiple orgasms. Me? I got to cum in my wife’s mouth and have her swallow for the first time.

    Maybe she had no choice but to swallow, that's why she did it. My cock was in her mouth and Dwayne was over her and grinding away. The only thing she could do with my cum is either swallow it, or allow it to run out and onto her chest and throat.

    Maybe I forced her, but I figured, based on how much she is enjoying Dwayne's cock, she owed me.

    After that, Dwayne wouldn’t kiss my wife for a long time, not until they had taken some drinks I had stashed in the little refrigerator, and then had started fucking again. I wonder why.

    Dwayne I don't think ever ended up tasting my cum, but I am pretty sure I tasted and swallowed some of his that time when I went down on her for a few minutes while he took a break. She had already gone to the bathroom and 'freshened up' again, but there was some still in her, that placed deep cum that drains out slowly.

    With my hard cock digging into the mattress under me, I laid between her legs and slobbered and slithered all over her pussy. I teased her clit. I licked her tight inner lips, and I reached in with my tongue. At one time I had to run my tongue down low, almost to her anus, and used my tongue to scoop up a blob that had ran down her ass crack when I was busy on her clit and had not seen the blob ooze out below.

    It was easy to do, swallow some of his cum. After all, I had already participated in the sucking of that perfect cock as she shared it with me.

    Yes, I sucked a black man's cock. I think, her seeing that, made my wife happier than she being fucked by Dwayne. No, not really, but she acted like it.

    i know that Dwayne really enjoyed having me suck his cock. He reached down and held my head at one point and said, "Yeah, Ray. I'm liking this. Your bigger man mouth fits around my cock better than your wife's does. All she can do is lick around the sides for the most part, but you can suck it, and..." he looked at me inquisitively, "you seem to really like doing it."

    "Yessir, I do." Like I said, Dwayne had taken charge, and that included me.

    Dwayne finally left around four A.M. Sally was totally satisfied, and I, having cum twice, once when she was jacking me after me having already came in her mouth, felt no need to attempt another erection. So Sally did not get a chance to try me right after enjoying Dwayne's magnificent member, but she did get it at around 9 A.M.

    Amazing. She still felt tight.

    "You still feel good Ray. Just as good as before."

    Right. 'Just as good as before,' I wondered? But not as good as Dwayne. I didn't ask. Not then.

    I finally get my crack at some strange crack.

    Remember that threesome with Jackie that Sally has promised? Biff is off on a trip and it’s going to happen tonight. But something is bothering me. My wife had asked me for permission to get Dwayne’s number before he left that night.

    I had agreed, thinking that maybe we could get together with Dwayne at some future time and this time I will get to aim him and help her suck. But my wife might have other plans since I overheard her using some words to Jackie in a whispered conversation on the phone.

    I thought I heard Sally say ‘foursome’ and then I think she was saying things like ‘really thick, and he knows what to do with it.’ I don’t think my wife was talking about me or just the three of us.

    It's four PM so I'll put my typing off for a while and see what happens.

    Sure enough, Jackie arrived at eight as promised. I had just given Jackie a first drink, waited a while, kissed her, got some feels with my wife watching before heading off to the bedroom with her when the doorbell rang.

    “That's Dwayne,” Sally said excitedly without meeting my eyes. She had not discussed this with me in advance, Dwayne being in on our threesome now to be a foursome.

    Dwayne had driven about eighty miles to be here.

    Remember what I said at the beginning of me telling this story, of how I love my wife, treasure her mind, her fine body, her loyalty and love for me, and how I wanted to share that with another man, one time, and then have her disappear from his sight forever? My wife has just tossed that all out the window. Of course, I had never told her of that desire, not directly.

    I was at the bedroom door and still holding Jackie's hand and I barely had time to yell out, “I get her first,” before Jackie responded with, “Yes, we had already planned it that way,” at the same time Sally was opening the door.

    Jackie knew that Dwayne was coming?

    Surprisingly, I guess they had discussed and planned this all out in advance, the two women were stripped almost naked before Dwayne and I could get our clothes off. There they were, the two of them, wearing a black garter belt. high heels and nothing else.

    And both with shaved pussies. My wife's shave freshened up by my eager hand earlier today, and Jackie's pussy also shaved just today, and her husband Biff has never seen her shaved. Like Dwayne had been with my wife's shaved pussy, I wanted to be sure to be first with Jackie.

    I got my pants off quicker than Dwayne, and I was fully erect when Jackie saw my cock for the first time, and she had this biggest smile. Then I saw Jackie glance towards Dwayne and his almost erect cock, rapidly rising, and reaching while she continued to stare at his development, she gripped my cock and said, “You get to break me in first.”

    I knew right then that Jackie also plans to fuck Dwayne.

    For a little while, about forty five minutes, I would be giving Jackie the biggest cock she has ever had. Just for forty five minutes or so. I must say, she was having what seemed like some rather intense orgasms with me, and they were happening with regularity.

    "We want to watch you two together first before we begin," Sally had said. I was quick to agree to that because I knew that if my wife is fucking Dwayne at the same time I will not be able to give my full concentration to Jackie.

    So as my wife sat, or rather, somewhat laid beside Dwayne on one side of our king mattress and he held her breasts while they watched us, I began making love, I'll call it that since I had known her so long, to Jackie.

    "I want to see Jackie suck your dick first." I looked over at my wife, who was on the mattress with us, and at the same time Jackie smiled up at Dwayne and said, "Dwayne wants to see it too."

    Jackie, bless her heart, put on a good show for five minutes, sucking my dick, top, bottom and sides, and even running her tongue over my head and lapping up some pre-juice. Then Jackie said, "I really want to feel him inside me."

    I was surprised to hear my wife telling Dwayne as Jackie laid back on the bed and opened her legs. "Watch now when my husband first gives it to her. He's longer and thicker than her husband and I just know Jackie's going to love this."

    I heard Dwayne ask: "Your husband's bigger than her husband? How do you know, did you fuck him?"

    "Oh no, never. Jackie and I compared notes, that's all."

    I took note at that moment that my wife was stroking Dwayne's impressive member. Since they were waiting to see the action and penetration, I did not spend us much time on the foreplay with Jackie that I might otherwise have done.

    As I walked on my knees up between Jackie's opened legs, I think that I gave Dwayne and my wife the show they hoped to see. Jackie moaned a good one as I broke her in, it felt like, as I slowly entered her while making sure to stay up on my knees so Dwayne and Sally can see it all from behind me.

    Also, up on my knees, I was able to look down and see how Jackie's lips, her shaved lips, are stretched around my hard cock. Since Jackie is not built like a little pixie like Sally, her lips would not assume that tight little hole look like my wife's does with Dwayne in any case.

    Jackie's pussy did not look as stretched as my wife had looked with Dwayne of course, but still, nice to see.

    Damn she was feeling good. Better I think, than my wife, but then, Jackie was new to me, and now, also tighter. Only having been fucked for a few years by a skinny five inch hunk of Biff dick had kept Jackie tight and ready for me.

    Yes yes Jackie was tight, and I knew that tightness was now being expanded to a greater degree by me than her braggart husband had ever managed to do. I began fucking her good, the best I knew how.

    Getting lower with my upper body while keeping my lower up high, I kissed her, I fucked her, I loved on her, and I think Jackie knew what I am doing. That special attraction Jackie had for me had always been there, and I had been careful never to let on with my wife.

    But Jackie could tell, I could tell, and she responded in kind. We are making love while trying to make it look like we are fucking for Dwayne and my wife.

    Jackie had told my wife, and she had repeated it for Dwayne to hear but I still wanted to hear it confirmed as I whispered a question into her ear. “I heard my wife say that my cock is larger than Biff's. Is that a true story?”

    I was surprised at her language and honesty, but I think that Jackie was not getting along with Biff all that well at the present time. So out it came. and fairly loud. “Fuck yeah Ray you're bigger, and making me cum better than I've ever cum before.”

    My wife giggled. "I'm glad for you, Jackie. You need this."

    Being funny, I had whispered it into her ear, but Jackie had made no secret of her answer. Like I said, she must have been mad at Biff for something.

    'Yeah Biff,' I was thinking. 'I wish you could see me with your wife now., or better still, see your wife with me.'

    Still, I knew. Soon she will have Dwayne in her, and my special place in her heart will have to move over and leave some room for him.

    Jackie grabbed my head and pulling it down, kissed me madly. I returned her feelings of desiring a closeness with another soul. I probably shouldn't be saying this since this is a story of lust, but Jackie and I fell in love. But that's another story. Shhh, don't tell my wife.

    I never did get a chance that night to thank Jackie for the compliment, because my being the best was not to last all that much longer.

    A couple of times I looked down to see what her pussy is doing as she gripped me and moaned. As I moved slow sometimes so I can feel her contractions during her orgasms, it was turning a bright pink.

    Just like my wife with Dwayne. Her orgasms were intense and happening with regularity. I want to say it again. Was her pussy tight? Oh yeah. It's nice to have the biggest cock a woman, especially someone else's wife, has ever taken, even if it's only for a little while.

    Plus, this was Biff's wife in the buff, and for tonight, for a little while, she is mine. With Jackie, I was enjoying that knowledge, just like Dwayne had enjoyed having my wife in the motel and knowing he is the biggest.

    My wife, I know, has set this up deliberately. Sally is allowing me to fuck Jackie, yes. But mainly, my wife is getting to do what she had wanted to do that night in the motel. Now she is getting fucked by Dwayne, and not having to entertain me at the same time.

    Dwayne was taking my wife first, before taking Jackie away from me. Great deal for him. I give him not just one but two women, two lovely white women, and he gives me...what? The knowledge that my wife and my new lover love to love on his cock?

    I made sure that at one point, Jackie saw how red my wife's pussy lips turn when being stretched so far by Dwayne's abnormally wide cock. As Jackie stared with wide eyes, I got some vicarious pleasure from saying: 'That's the way your pussy might look when you take your turn and he's in you."

    We both got down onto our bellies and laid side-by-side between Dwayne's legs and watched Dwayne manhandling my wife's tortured pussy. Sally had her legs high up around Dwayne's waist and I felt Jackie's body tremble slightly as she watched from a distance of only a foot away.

    I think she was fibbing, or maybe during that moment believing it, when she whispered into my ear, "You'll still be the best."

    Jackie said that before taking her turn. I'd like to think that what she predicted is true, but I know better.

    Then came a break, some drinks, and a swap. Or perhaps I should say a break for my wife and I while we laid beside them on the bed and watched as Dwayne began his demonstration of the 'perfect' cock.

    Jackie had a harder time than my wife had when taking Dwayne for the first time. I guess her being used to little Biff and then having me feel so big to her, had the effect of making Dwayne feel too big. A woman of larger stature than my wife, and less able to handle the big one, at first.

    Jackie ultimately, with the aid of some K-Y, took Dwayne. She got pretty noisy. Louder than with me, and sometime later Sally told me that Jackie said she had never been noisy with Biff, and I had brought it out, and Dwayne had confirmed it.

    My being 'the best' with her had lasted all of about half an hour.

    Sally, as Dwayne was now in a go slow mode and kissing Jackie at the same time, moved her head in close, maybe to say something to Jackie, and Jackie reached out and pulled Sally's face to hers.

    They kissed, for the first time far as I know. When it was over, that long kiss, Jackie smiled up at Sally and said, "Thank you for everything."

    My wife knew, but at that moment Jackie didn't know. I was behind Dwayne, and holding his tightly wrinkled and sizeable balls up so we can better watch her lips being stretched. That turned into a fun thing, because then Sally took her turn and held Dwayne's balls up so that we could watch.

    The entire thing turned into one big physical in nature orgy, with discussions of how cocks compared, and felt, and even who seems to be putting out the most juice from their cock. I won that one, who puts out the most pre-juice. Inside, during orgasm, we couldn't tell.

    Jackie likes being fucked with more than her husband's five thin inches. She said it to me, she said it to Dwayne. Jackie had also commented, once she had me and then Dwayne, that we are both thicker than Biff as well.

    Why is she so down on her husband?

    Jackie's pussy was now shaved, and I could see as Dwayne worked her over with some expert moves, that she too, just like my wife, has lips that will turn red as she orgasms around that perfect cock.

    For me, she turns pink. For Dwayne, she turns red. Just like my wife.

    Jackie's clitoris is located a bit higher on her vagina than my wife's, so as Dwayne stretched her his cock was not actually touching her clit like he does with Sally, but still, Jackie had no problem reaching orgasms with him. Yes, that's orgasms with an s on the end.

    For a little while, maybe forty five minutes, I had been Jackie's perfect lover, her perfect cock. Now, I have to settle for just being her second best. I'm happy though, as that still puts me in front of Biff.

    Dwayne made a request, he actually asked me, surprisingly. "I've never had two white women suck my cock at the same time. Do you mind if I borrow both your women for a bit?"

    I guess, for the first time he had to ask me because I had my wife back with me for a while.

    "Go ahead Dwayne. Glad to please the man that so pleases my women." I was beginning to like Dwayne, despite his competitive nature. I don't know, it's all how it comes off I guess. He sort of had the same attitude as Biff, but in a good way, like 'Hey, we can compete, but we're both here enjoying these women, and they're enjoying us, so that makes us equals, right? Something like that.

    My women, I call Jackie my woman now, had a great time doing a number on Dwayne's member. Moving his thick shaft, more like the thick head, back and forth and taking turns, and of course, since Dwayne is so thick there was plenty of cock to share between them at the same time as they both sucked, and I am sure twirled their tongues around one another's.

    Twice, two times Dwayne started to rise his hips off the bed. Knowing he is nearing orgasm, my ladies eased off both times. They did not want him to cum. No, not yet as they are enjoying this so much. I was busy jacking my cock slowly, so they knew I am content, for now.

    Ten minutes. Then fifteen. "You decide ladies who gets it all, but this time, I want to cum!"

    They didn't have to fight over who gets his cum as they both stayed on that head as Dwayne groaned and raised his hips clear off the mattress and drove his cock deeper into both their mouths.

    'They've both got their mouths over his head, but when he blasts, just one of them is likely to get the direct shot down her throat. The first one. Then, if they keep moving their mouths around his head, maybe the other lady will feel a blast down her throat.

    That's what I was thinking, so I voiced it out loud in order to make this two women sucking a cock bit seem all the more sexual in nature.

    "When he starts to cum, one of you is going to get that first blast. Take it down, enjoy it. but don't hog it. Move your mouth over a bit so the other lady can feel a blast or two. OK?"

    Yes, I actually said that.

    Both my wife and Jackie kept sucking as they met me with their eyes and tried to grin while having their mouth full. My eyes met Dwayne's, and we grinned as he gave me a thumbs up.

    "Here it cums girls." Dwayne raised his hips off the bed as his orgasm began it's journey up his shaft, and making the announcement was not necessary.

    Neither woman pulled off, and both sucked him dry, though I don't know which woman took in the most cum, of which I am sure there was a lot.

    Then, having received his cum, Sally and Jackie raised their heads from his shiny cock and completed their kiss, this time with no cock in between. Since neither woman had yet swallowed completely, it looked like, they must have been doing a simultaneous dance of tongues in a river of black man cum.

    All told, Dwayne spent well over four hours with us including having a pizza delivered and shared. When he left, both women kissed him long and passionately. Our handshake, me and Dwayne, seemed almost anti-climatic. It was a friendly shake though, and I hope respectful for me on the part of Dwayne.

    The fact that Dwayne lives eighty miles away and has a daytime job cuts down my worry of maybe my wife and Jackie having some secret orgy with Dwayne behind my back. I'm pretty sure that they would love to just be there, the two of them with Dwayne, and be able to give him their full attention, and be receiving it.

    Both women have said that they would enjoy having Dwayne back, but the problem is, Jackie can never be sure when Biff will be around or not. He goes out of town on jobs sometimes, and usually on short notice, and that's how she managed to be over the first time.

    More, maybe?

    Something wild has come up though. Jackie has told my wife that she wants to swap, she and Biff with Sally and I.

    "Why," my wife said she asked her?

    Jackie said that she knows I would enjoy showing Biff my larger cock, and also enjoy showing him how much more she enjoys my cock.

    Sally, surprised, said, "You'd do that in front of Biff, jealous as he is, let him see how much more you would be enjoying my husband?"

    Jackie had giggled and said, "Ray is quite a bit larger than Biff, noticeably so, and I would love doing that in front of him."

    Then, Sally told me, she added this. "It'd be interesting to see if I could get Biff to suck Ray's cock in the same way your husband sucked Dwayne's."

    I guess Jackie is pretty much turned off to Biff. I'm good with that, but my wife also is not interested in Biff, or his smaller cock.

    Since Sally won't go for it, Jackie is talking of maybe somehow having a threesome, just she, me, and Biff. I'd love it, but that, I don't think, Biff will go for.

    I Learn Why Jackie Cheated.

    Oh, I just found something out. Jackie told Sally, who relayed it to me. The reason Jackie has been feeling cool toward Biff is because she happened to walk up behind him a couple of weeks ago, and he was so engrossed with what he is reading on screen, that he did not know she is there.

    He was looking at a sex site, with a photo on the page of a black cock in a white woman, and then, realizing she is standing almost beside him since she had moved closer for a better look at that photo, he had quickly hit a button and made the image disappear.

    But she had seen it, a good long look, and without saying a word, had walked out.

    To her, Biff is cheating on her by looking at porn online.

    But that image had been burned into her brain. A big black cock in a tiny white woman. He had been on top, in the missionary, and her face obviously showing pleasure and the stretching of her pussy had been clearly visible. Jackie had even commented to Sally that there had been about six inches of black dick on the outside, and who knows how much on the inside?

    It was a photo Jackie said, with a lot of text around it. Biff had been engrossed in his reading, his fingers rubbing his bulge, and that is why he had not realized she is there.

    The offer from Jackie about Dwayne and myself, had come along one day later. How about that?

    I wonder: The photo had been accompanied by text. Since Dwayne had mentioned it in the bar, I had gone to the two sites. Wow. Some of those writers, many claiming to be husbands, have some imagination, or maybe it actually happened to them, and their wife.

    Had Dwayne been looking at maybe, Slutwives or DarkWanderer? Has he been reading those erotic stories and having fantasies perhaps, as had I, of seeing his wife with a black man? I had sometimes thought of that with me having seven medium inches.

    Biff with his skinny 'less than five', no doubt would be having his fantasies as well. Too bad. His fantasy has already happened, with two men, big and bigger black, and he wasn't there to see it.

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