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. Even Trade ch. 3

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by dig420, Feb 4, 2019.

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  1. dig420

    dig420 HMFIC Staff Member Administrator

    Even Trade
    Part 3

    I held her ass cheeks spread as Aaron continued rubbing the tip of his cock against her hole, like he was smearing the lube around. He kept pushing in just slightly, making her asshole open just a bit, and every time he did it, I could feel her body tense up. Then he took hold of her hips and began to press forward, really slow by steady. I could hear her whimpering, and then a deep gasp as the entire head of his cock went into her ass.

    I think I whimpered a little bit myself as I saw it go inside of her. Knowing that was the first piece of cock she's ever had inside of her ass. I was almost lightheaded, I was so turned on. I took one hand off of her ass and snuck it under her, feeling how wet her pussy was and being instantly reminded that his cum from earlier was still finding its way out of her. I started rubbing his cum and her juice against her clit as he just held his cock-head inside of her ass. I wanted her to cum while he took her cherry, to make it as erotic a moment as possible for her.

    She had her head buried in her arms, so I couldn't see her face, but I could see the sweat on the top of her forehead. And she just began to move her hips slightly back and forth, pressing against both my fingers and against his cock, and she said "More. Please. Just fuck me. Get it all inside of my ass. Don't stop again until it's all the way inside me. Please, Aaron. Get your dick all the way in my ass."

    He once again pulled out the lube and poured more down her ass crack, letting it run onto his cock, then he began to push forward. She groaned, but he didn't stop. I was rubbing her clit back and forth, and her juice just kept coming out all over my fingers. And he just kept pushing deeper into her ass. And then he was all the way inside of her; I reached down a little further and begin rubbing his balls against her pussy … then went right back to her clit.

    Aaron hadn't even started fully fucking her yet, and once again she was trembling and I know her well enough to know that she was close to cumming.

    I looked at him and said "She's about to cum. Fuck her ass. I want her to cum with your dick in her ass."

    I could barely breathe and I was so desperate for it that I felt like I was slurring my words like a drunk. But he did it, his hands went back to her hips, taking hold of her … the one hand getting extra lube all over her skin, making her hip shine. And he just started fucking her ass.

    And I kept working on her clit, and I leaned down a little, whispering to her again. Telling her how sexy it was to see her give him her virginity that way, how sexy she looked with her asshole all spread tightly around his cock. How much I loved watching him take her. And I asked her, just because I knew what her response would be, and how much it would drive me crazy, "Can I fuck your ass when he's finished?"

    And in-between moans, she said "No. No you can't."

    "Why, baby? I want to fuck your ass. I've always wanted it."

    And with her head still laying against her arms, with Aaron picking up speed behind her, she said "Because I promised him that I'd only let him fuck it. And I won't break my promise. Not for anybody. He's the only one that gets to fuck my ass."

    And as she finished saying it, Aaron really let loose and started fucking her harder and her head came up, and her moaning got louder and I felt her tense up as she just started cumming all over my hand.

    Then Aaron pulled out of her. He had cum without me even noticing, and I guessed it happened because of what she'd said to me. As he pulled out, she rested again against the hood of the truck, and I looked down to see cum running out of her asshole. I looked at Aaron and he moved out of the way, and I couldn't hold back any longer.

    I dropped down to my knees behind her and began lapping at the cum coming out of her ass. Then licking down to get the cum that was still covering her pussy. All the wetness, all the tastes combined … my hand immediately went back to my pants and then I was cumming as I was licking up their cum.

    I had been scared that she'd freak out at me going down on her this way, covered in cum as she was, but she didn't even move. Aaron was leaning next to her on the hood of the truck and I could hear him speaking, but not make out what he was saying … I wasn't even trying to hear him, I was so focused on eating her pussy and her ass and all of their cum.

    By the time i pulled back, I could feel my face was a mess. And she looked out of it, completely. We all decided to call it a night and I wanted to get her home and get her cleaned up in our own bed.

    A little over an hour later, we pulled into our place and I helped her to bed and went down on her again, trying to clean her up even more. But she was so exhausted, she couldn't cum again and I eventually just let her go to sleep. I debated on fucking her, but honestly however much I wanted my dick in her pussy right then … I wanted her to completely belong to Aaron that night even more. And I didn't want to ruin that.

    Late Saturday morning, I woke up with my dick in her mouth. She had apparently showered, and decided to give me something nice. Once she realized I was awake, she climbed up on top of me and laid down against me, as she sunk my cock into her pussy. She began telling me how crazy the previous night was. How much she enjoyed it and how she was so glad that I enjoyed it … and how much her ass hurt. I asked her about it, why she had given her ass to Aaron after refusing me for so long. And she told me the story.

    Apparently on Wednesday, Aaron had called her cell phone while she was still at work and they began to talk about sexual experiences … what she had and had not done before, and anal came up. And Aaron told her that Friday night, he was going to be the first person to fuck her ass. And she had laughed it off at first, but the more he said it, with such authority, the more turned on she got. And while she didn't want to get fucked in the ass at all, when he got so dominant with her, she felt so submissive and out of the blue promised to let him fuck her ass. And thats when he began telling her that he wanted to be the only one in her ass, that he didn't want her to let me fuck her ass.

    And I asked her why she was ok with that, and she said "Because if you fucked my ass, you would ask me for it every day … and I'd hate that. But if Aaron took my ass, he would just take it when he wanted it and that would just make me want him to take it."

    And I asked her again if she'd let me fuck her ass, and she told me no and kissed me and started riding me harder. We didn't say anything else until we both had cum.

    Oddly, the rest of the day was very normal. Household chores, etc. Saturday night in. And it wasn't until yesterday, when we went to watch the game, that things heated up again.

    Thanks again for the comments and the PMs everyone. As mentioned she and Aaron had sex again Sunday night after the game. I won't go into a lot of details, but they left go to our house (which is about 3 blocks from the bar we watch football at) and I was asked to stay behind (by her). Because of the outcome of the game, and a bet they'd made, it was anal again. Aaron sent me a picture of her ass after cumming inside of her and told me it was ok to come back to the house.

    When I got home, he was gone, and she was in the shower. And then we worked on some more wedding plans before going to bed, and she didn't mention the sex to me at all.

    And I know that yesterday and today she had phone sex with Aaron during her lunch breaks. Aaron informed me first, but later she texted me to tell me it happened and asked if I was ok with it. And I, of course, told her yes, so long as she was enjoying it. I know she really gets off on dirty talk, so I imagine the phone sex in her office at work must drive her nuts.

    We still haven't had sex since last week, and while a huge part of me wants to throw her down and take her when she walks in the door tonight, another part of me is hoping Aaron specifically told her not to have sex with me until he fucks her again.

    He wants to take her out this Saturday night without me. I told him I'm fine with it, so long as she is. So I guess we'll see!

    Anal was really the only thing that we never did, that she's doing with Aaron. We've had phone sex a few times ... though never while she was at work. I have to admit, the fact that she's having phone sex with him, and making herself cum, while she's at work is a huge turn on. Aaron gave her a toy to keep at her desk, which I found out about when she sent him a video of herself at her desk fucking herself with it ... which he passed on to me.

    I haven't made an update in awhile, due to work and wedding prep ... but since she's out with him right now, I figured I'd stop in and make an update. I'll post it as soon as I'm done writing it up.

    The last time I posted, I mentioned that Aaron had told me he wanted to take her out the following Saturday without me. At this point, you'll remember he had only fucked her without me there just the ones (after the football game), which was just a quickie. This was going to be an entire night without me … and he let me know that his goal was to push her to see what all she'd do without me there. He knew, because of the anal thing, that she had a very obvious submissive streak that she was allowing him to take advantage of.

    The idea of them going out without me, and him spending the entire night doing whatever he wanted to her, was driving me crazy. Anyway, he told her the following day that he wanted to take her out to a club in DC and that he would bring her home the following morning. I was BCC'ed in the email trail, and he would forward along her responses. She didn't immediately take to the idea … and let him know that she was nervous going out without me--not because of him, but just because of the overall situation and that she wanted to talk to me about it before she made any decisions. He told her ok, but then immediately launched into what they'd do, where they'd go, what he'd have her wear … what he'd make her do, etc. And, of course, she got very caught up in it. And I must have masturbated a hundred times reading her telling him how much she wanted to do it, and how much she wanted him to take her out and fuck her.

    She came home that evening and seemed a little off … and after dinner, I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that Aaron told her that he wanted to take her out and keep her out all night. She didn't mention any of the details, just the idea of the date in general. She asked me how I felt about it, and I said something like "If he takes you out, and you spend the night with him … that means he's going to fuck you. Probably a lot. How do *you* feel about that?"

    She told me that she felt worried about the idea of having sex with him without me around, because then it didn't feel like something fun we were doing … but more like she was cheating on me with Aaron. I asked her if she wanted to go, and she said yes. And I decided to fuck with her a little and said "Ok, if you let me fuck your ass right now, I'll let you go out with Aaron Saturday night."

    Her eyes popped open and she said "I can't. I promised."

    And her saying that to me again made me throb. And I said "Then if you've already given him a piece of your body that I can't have, spending the night with him isn't exactly cheating, is it?"

    So, I told her to call Aaron and let him know she could go. And this was the first time I got to watch her having phone sex with him.

    Anyway, Saturday came and she was nervous all day. At about 6pm, she started to get ready. I watched her shave her legs and her pussy for him. Do her make up and curl her hair. And then she put on a pair of black seamed stockings and one of her lacy black garter belts and a matching bra. And a short black dress. The hem came up enough to show off the tops of her stockings and a hint of the garter straps. And I knew he was going to spend the night showing her off again.

    I hadn't fucked her for awhile at this point, since the previous week, actually. Aaron had been the last person to fuck her and he was going to be the next person to fuck her.

    Aaron came around to pick her up at a little after 8. When he came in, he put his arms around her and pulled her in for a kiss, and his hands pulled up the back of her dress to show me her ass. He whispered something into her ear, but I didn't hear what it was … then she kissed me goodbye, and off they went.

    Nearly an hour later, I got a picture from Aaron of Shannon sitting in the metro car against the wall, with her legs spread and her dress pulled up, showing off her pussy. About 15 minutes later, I got a short video of her sitting with her legs spread, with him fingering her. And then nothing else for quite awhile.

    Around midnight, I got another video. It was kind of dark, but Shannon was dancing on top of a large speaker (I think) with a few other women. It was an upskirt shot, and she had a drink in one hand and her dress in the other. It wasn't pulled up enough to really show everything, but every so often it moved enough to show her pussy. And considering the amount of flashes in the video, I assume other guys were taking her pussy home on their phones as well.

    And then I got a text from her telling me that his dick was in her mouth. And then a picture from him confirming it. The next message was a video of Aaron seated, with Shannon's dress pulled up to her waist, and her lowering her pussy onto him, and they began to fuck. It took me a minute to realize that someone else was there watching him, as someone had to be holding the phone.

    About 10 minutes later, another video. She was still fucking him, put whoever was recording it was now doing a close up … and then the guy's hand was on her, rubbing her clit. And I thought "Holy fuck, he's going to let someone else fuck her." and I exploded. I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out or have a heart attack.

    Another video came. In this one Aaron was telling her he was about to cum, and to hurry up and get on her knees. She knelt, he stood up, and seconds later he began cumming on her face. It was the first time I'd seen him do this … usually he made her swallow. But watching spurt after spurt hit her--on her forehead, on her lips, her nose--it was so fucking sexy that I knew I wanted to see it happen in person.

    And then no more videos for nearly another 3 hours. And I was fucking dying wondering what was going on. Nearing 3am, I got a text from her telling me that he was fucking her again, on the train. That their car was almost empty and he decided he needed to be inside of her.

    And then a video from Aaron of her sitting on his lap. He said "Are you ready?" And she began to pull up, and then the tip of his cock moved from her pussy to her ass. And he said "Record it, Shannon.", which should have confused me because he was the one holding the phone. I heard her saying something that I couldn't make out as she began to sit back down, taking his cock into her asshole. The video cut as soon as it was all the way inside.

    But another video came over almost immediately, from her. She was staring into the camera, and she was wincing, and said "He's going in my ass right now. He loves fucking my ass … and I love it when he does it. I love his cock in my asshole. I love that my asshole belongs to him and that you'll never get to fuck it." And she was bouncing up and down on him and I heard him say "I'm going to cum in your mouth … make you suck it, you fucking slut." and the video cut out.

    I came again thinking about him fucking her mouth after fucking her ass. And then I came again. And then again. And I've watched those videos more times since then then I can count.

    I don't know how I went to sleep, but eventually I did … knowing that she was at his house and he was probably fucking her again. I found out later, after she got home, that the ass fuck on the train was the last time they had sex that night. But that he'd fucked her again first thing when they woke up.

    All day Sunday she went on about how much fun it was. How much she had enjoyed it … and how she hoped I'd enjoyed it as well. I let her know that I had, and that as far as I was concerned, she could go out with Aaron again any time he wanted her to. We spent most of the evening talking about it in detail, her telling me exactly what happened, how she almost jumped out of her skin when the guy recording them for Aaron had touched her pussy--and how he'd asked for a blowjob and she was worried Aaron was going to tell her to do it.

    We finally had sex again that night. A few times. But I still couldn't get near her ass. The next day, she stayed home from work and we split the day between sex and wedding planning. But, as usually, she had her lunchtime phone sex with Aaron. And I got to watch again. But, this time, as they talked about what had happened Saturday night … I pushed her hand away from her pussy and went down on her. And I ate her the entire time they were on the phone. Licking her to orgasm while she talked to another man about how he had fucked her, etc, made me cum with barely a touch. And when she got off of the phone, she let me know that Aaron wanted us to go out again the following Saturday. And that night was a night of a few firsts as well.

    And tonight, she's out with him alone again. But I'll talk about that in another post.
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