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. Erotic Dreams

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, May 30, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Erotic Dreams

    by EroticWriter

    In her dreams, one man was black


    If this isn't my husband, am I now cheating on him? Surely I can't be blamed for this; it is just a dream. You can't be blamed for having dreams. The dream continued, and it seemed that she could hear him whispering into her ear... "Good pussy baby, really good pussy."

    Jeannie was placed in a semi-private room, with one other woman. The tonsillitis infection had come on suddenly, and Jeannie was taking time off from her part time job at the grocery store. Needing every penny that they could earn right now, her husband had gone on to work, as they had agreed.

    Nervous about going under the knife and wanting someone to talk to, Jeannie befriended the woman who was sharing her room. She learned that Mary would be going home soon, so she probably wouldn't be around to keep company with Jeannie after her surgery. They swapped stories, and the fact that Jeannie was having what was considered childhood surgery as an adult was joked about.

    Mary was still in the next bed when Jeannie was rolled away for surgery. It was late in the day. Jeannie had been scheduled for earlier in the day, but her doctor had been involved in emergency surgery due to an accident.

    After surgery, Jeannie was placed into her bed while still unconscious. Not knowing about the changing of the time of the operation, her husband came to visit her in the early evening. Thinking that she would be awake and ready for visitors, he had brought flowers. Jeannie remained asleep.

    When he expressed his concerns, the duty nurse said that there was nothing abnormal about that, some patients woke up quickly and others would remain asleep for hours. It appeared that Jeannie might be one of the latter, plus since it was night her body is probably in its normal sleep cycle, so the nurse advised him to head on home.

    The nurse promised that she would tell Jeannie he had been there when Jeannie awakened. As her husband left, the nurse was putting the flowers he had brought into a vase.

    When Jeannie awakened from a dreamless sleep, she tried to move, and couldn't. Something was holding her down. After a little while, Jeannie realized that someone was lying on top of her. Initially, she was too woozy to be scared. It was dark, and it seemed like a dream. Still under the effects of drugs, Jeannie was too weak to do anything but just lie there.

    Unable to speak, Jeannie looked over to the next bed for help. In the dim light coming through from the outside, Jeannie could see that the bed Mary had occupied was empty. Too bad, she thought, Mary could have told her if it was her husband that was holding her down. She couldn't see his face, but it seemed pretty sure that it would be him.

    The person holding her down, whom she now knew for sure to be a man, was sweating heavily even though he was unmoving. In her drugged state, Jeannie could not make the connection as to what was happening. She tried to reason it out. He must not be holding me down so that I won't fall off the bed-he must have some other reason.

    As Jeannie slowly became more aware of her body, she realized that she felt very wet down there. He might have been doing it to me. Yes, that is it. It is entirely possible that he has been on me for a while and has already ejaculated. That might explain the feeling of wetness. In any case, he is either soft, or he has a small penis, because I can barely feel him.

    After what might have been a minute, or an hour, she couldn't be sure, the person on top of her began moving his hips. Jeannie was aware of him drooling on her ear and neck. She felt a little better about it now. It must be my husband, because he sometimes drools like this when he makes love to me.

    It is probably good that Mary is gone now, she thought. After all, you aren't supposed to let anyone watch when you are making love. Sex between two people is a private thing, and meant only for the two persons involved.

    Her husband or whoever was still moving his hips. In a little while, Jeannie was able to feel more of his penis, probably because he was becoming erect. For the second time, perhaps? She didn't know, but it seemed like it might be the second time, or even the third.

    It seemed like she had awakened before to find him moving above her, or had she dreamed it? Is she dreaming now? Jeannie went in and out of consciousness. He was gone, and then he was there. Had he left and came back, or had he been there all along?

    The hardness kept thrusting, slowly, yet with a feeling of total power over her. Jeannie closed her eyes and concentrated on the penis, pushing in, and then pulling out. It was doing it over and over. It sort of felt good, but she was so tired. She tried to count the strokes, and fell asleep.

    It seemed so much like a dream, even when someone standing beside the bed, probably the nurse, opened her mouth while her husband was going in and out of her and gave her a taste from a glass of ice water.

    There must be some kind of medicine in it, she thought, because it doesn't taste like plain water. It hurt a little to swallow, but even so, Jeannie indicated with her hand that she needed more of the cold water which made her throat feel so much better.

    Her lover was hard now. Jeannie knew, because he was stretching her tight little hole and she could feel him in the same way that she felt her husband when they sometimes made love. But he seemed different somehow.

    Is this my husband? Jeannie held her breath and tried to concentrate on the way he was pushing himself into her. No. This penis feels different, yet the same. Besides, my husband doesn't move his hips like this. He would move them straight up and down, in and out. This man is moving his hips sideways.

    If this isn't my husband, am I now cheating on him? Surely I can't be blamed for this; it is just a dream. You can't be blamed for having dreams. The dream continued, and it seemed that she could hear him whispering into her ear... "Good pussy baby, really good pussy."

    Vaguely, Jeannie became aware that her man had gotten up onto his elbows and was squeezing her breasts. He began grinding his pubic mound against hers, and somewhere through her haze, she began to feel pleasure. When Jeannie reached up to wrap her arms around the mystery man, she could feel the sweat even through his shirt. He immediately laid his body against hers, as before.

    "You're dreaming, go back to sleep."

    Had the man said it, or had she dreamed it? While Jeannie was debating this question, his breathing became rapid. He pushed it all the way into her and she felt his penis begin bucking. It seems to be larger than my husband is now; but then again, my husband always gets bigger than always when he comes.

    The throbbing went on, and Jeannie pretended to be sleeping while trying to enhance his pleasure by tightening her pussy for him. His breathing slowed and his hips stopped moving. He was satisfied.

    Things were better now. He was lying with his full weight upon her and she could feel the roughness of his face against hers. His beard grows so fast; sometimes he will shave twice a day. His peter was shrinking in size now. It wasn't stretching her any longer. She had taken care of her husband. Jeannie did as she had been told and fell asleep.

    When Jeannie awakened a few minutes later, the dream was still there, and even more vivid than before. Her husband felt different this time. He had no shirt on and his skin felt dry to her touch. He was pushing against her, separating her lips, and his penis somehow seemed to have grown much larger. Jeannie continued to lie quietly and not wanting to awaken for fear the dream might become reality, or even worse, that it might end.

    Despite her wetness, he was having trouble getting it in. Why? He had just been in there a while ago, so there shouldn't be any trouble this time. It must be my fault. She remembered now, the last time I had tightened it up, so I have to help him. In a haze, Jeannie opened her legs wider in an effort to let more of him in. Her mouth opened to take in more air. She felt some pain.

    I'm wet and sloppy. Why is it hurting me? No, this one is bigger; so it's someone else, it must be. Doesn't this man realize that he's too large for me? I'm supposed to remain small for my husband.

    His hips were moving steadily now. She was slowly, painfully opening up and letting him inside. Further, further, he has to arrive there soon. There! His stomach is against mine. It is in at last. His hips are moving differently than my husband does.

    He was hurting her for a while, and then something magic happened and the pain went away, to be replaced by pleasure. Jeannie wanted to begin moaning, but her throat was sore. Instead, she kept her mouth closed and whimpered.

    He adjusted his body, shifting his weight to one side and onto his left elbow. Using his free right hand, he fondled her breasts, squeezing each of them and going from nipple to nipple. He pumped away for what seemed like ages, but in reality was probably only a few minutes.

    The strange pleasure of being stretched wide and penetrated extra deeply continued indefinitely, and Jeannie began cumming. It seemed as if she was floating beside the bed, detached from her body and watching as she grasped the man around his shoulders and dug her fingers into his back. She wanted to cry out her joy, but couldn't.

    In her dream, the man became her husband. He is sucking on my nipples. They are so hard and so sensitive. He really knows how to get me excited. 'Fuck me, fuck me!'

    She was thinking fuck, but the words never came out. Jeannie wanted to raise her legs and wrap them around his waist, but the sheet was holding her down and her legs were weak. Then he shifted his weight once again and laid his body full upon hers. He penetrated deep and began grinding his hips sideways, back and forth.

    If only this was real, Jeannie was thinking. Her new husband was a changed man. He was using new techniques, was wonderfully big and he was giving her the best orgasm that she had ever felt. The dreamy orgasm went on and on with every stroke. 'Oh baby, I love you so. You really know how to make me cum.'

    A while later, Jeannie opened her eyes. The strange man was still there and lying heavily upon her. Because he wasn't moving, pleasuring her, she was able to think more clearly. This isn't my husband; the phallus between my legs still feels huge, even with all of the wetness I can feel surrounding it. Did I dream that I reached orgasm twice, or had it just been one continuous orgasm?

    Her body felt sweaty, just like his. He was still hard as steel. Had he had an orgasm? She had to know. Weakly, Jeannie started moving her hips, trying to duplicate the feel from before to see if the wonderful feelings had been real or just a dream.

    Jeannie hadn't made any loud sounds during her two climaxes, but when she began moving under him, the man thought that she was awake, stimulated, and giving her consent for more. Instantly, he began working towards his next orgasm.

    In the midst of her enjoyment, Jeannie dozed off again. She began dreaming that it was her husband, making slow and gentle love to her. Her breasts were being fondled and kissed. The pumping seemed to go on and on. He is using such long strokes. They are long but also nice and slow strokes. In, and almost all the way out, over and over.

    Jeannie could feel her lips clinging very tightly to his shaft. She tried feebly to raise her legs, and her lover helped her by pulling them up and locking her knees behind his arms. The stroking felt better now and Jeannie began whimpering.

    "Oh fuck baby, this is going to be a good one!"

    He is talking, and his voice sounds so nice, so nice and deep and masculine. Suddenly, Jeannie felt her husband's body shaking and the powerful throbbing from down below as he ejaculated into her.

    Jeannie had never felt her husband throbbing like this before, and it scared her. She awakened completely, and when she realized that it meant the stranger had just climaxed, filling her with baby juice, Jeannie became even more scared. Breathing heavily, he continued to lie over her and the bigness kept stretching her. It is too late now to worry about pregnancy.

    Wanting him to continue, Jeannie hugged the man once again. She had kicked the sheet off and her legs were still up and around him, going almost as high as his shoulders as he held her with his arms.

    Suddenly, the outer door opened and light from the hall fell into the room! Jeannie's heart stopped, they had been caught! She waited for the light to come on and for someone to come to the bed and point an accusing finger at her and her husband. The light in the room was not turned on, but the bed was still being bathed in light from the hallway.

    Jeannie heard a voice. It belonged to a male. "Fuck man. With her legs up like that I can see it all with that light shining on you. You should see how her snatch looks with that fat cock of yours opening her up."

    "Can you get a couple of photos like we did last night?"

    "Sure man, got my cell right here. Raise up on your knees a little higher. That's right." (Click) "Now another while you're giving it to her at an angle. That's it, really makes her pussy bulge." (click).

    "Hey man, let me pull my cock out and hold it there while you get a shot of her opened pussy before it has a chance to close up."

    "That's it, raise up just a little higher cause the head of your dick is blocking the view of that pussy...there! Got it."

    Then Jeannie heard the strange voice say with a laugh, "Nothing like going back to black and white photos."

    Her husband, if it was him began pumping again, and Jeannie heard that strange voice speaking again.

    "I'm thinking I made a mistake letting you join up with me to fuck these women. You take too long. Shit that woman last night I was afraid you'd never get off her.

    You'd better hurry and finish fucking this one. The night nurse will be coming on duty in about thirty five minutes."

    'My husband fucked another woman? Last night?'

    Jeannie thought that her husband nodded his head from above her, she couldn't be sure. Nothing else was said. After a moment, the door closed and the room was dark again. Jeannie felt her husband relax. His penis had gotten softer, smaller. Even so, it was still very much there.

    She noticed that the sheet seemed to be over her again, or both of them. He seemed to be resting and catching his breath. That man, whoever he was, saw me and my husband having sex, and we didn't have any covers on!.

    In a minute he laid his head beside hers and started thrusting again. Dimly, Jeannie realized for sure this time that it was some other man and not her husband when a strange voice spoke into her ear and said that thirty plus minutes is lots of time.

    We have thirty plus minutes? That wasn't much time at all. Not when she wanted this to continue forever, over and over.

    Even though some stranger at the door had disturbed her weird and wonderful dream, Jeannie felt safe. It was O.K., after all. I'm not cheating, because we have permission. Because of the brief scare, she had become just a little more aware. The man, whom she pretty much knew for sure wasn't her husband, was pumping again.

    He wasn't really hard, she could tell. Still, even semi-erect, he felt huge. She could ask, just to be sure . . . "Are you my husband? I can't tell for sure because you feel different. Your penis feels much bigger somehow, and really good, even better than usual."

    Unknown to Jeannie, her speech was almost unintelligible due to her surgery. Her answer came after the man above her thought about what he had heard and reasoned out what she might have said.

    He sort of giggled as he whispered into her ear, "It's me Jeannie . . . You've got me all turned on, that's why I'm so big and it feels so good. Now, go to sleep, you need your rest."

    Jeannie was puzzled. That penis certainly doesn't belong to my husband. And that voice, it doesn't sound like my husband's voice, but he knows my name, therefore it must be him. That penis must be part of the fantasies I have had sometimes in the past.

    She closed her eyes and tried to sleep. Jeannie could feel him growing as he became harder. Smiling, she again wrapped her arms around her mysterious lover and kissed him on the cheek.

    Her peck on the cheek seemed to spur him on. He placed his lips over hers. Jeannie tried responding, but her throat was so sore. She was having trouble breathing while he ran his tongue around and around hers. He seemed to sense her problem and removed his tongue. He held his lips over hers, gently, leaving space between for her to breathe.

    Jeannie could tell that the kissing had affected him in one way. He is really big again, larger than ever, and super hard. Why can't he be like this all the time? Then he raised his hips and climbed onto his knees. This had the effect of raising the sheet above her, and she was finally able to raise her legs and place them around him.

    Now he was deep, really deep. He was hitting the end of her pussy. It was hurting just a little, and Jeannie didn't care. He leaned down, placing his head besides hers. She wasn't sure how he did it, but he was able to brace himself in such a way that both his hands were free without placing all his weight upon her. Reaching under, he grabbed both of her ass cheeks and pulled her tight against him.

    As best she could with her limited freedom of movement, Jeannie's hips went into a glide, matching him thrust for thrust. She felt a fingertip enter her asshole. Before long her pussy became really wet, and now all discomfort was gone. He was perfect, filling her wonderfully to the limit, and her natural lubrication was allowing him to slide in and out, in and out.

    Inevitably, all of her senses centered on her groin area. Her asshole felt good. Jeannie had never really thought a finger in there felt that good before, but now, it did. Her pussy too, it was feeling wonderful. The lips were being stroked and stretched like never before, and they responded gratefully by tugging on her clitoris and pulling it down with each stroke of his hips.

    She was building, building. It is going to be a big one. Now! Now! But that was not the end of it. With her pussy already throbbing and the wonderful penis still probing, it didn't surprise Jeannie when still another powerful orgasm came along; she had been expecting it. He was draining her, draining her pussy, draining her strength.

    She tried to say it, and surprisingly, his response indicated that he understood.

    "That was my best orgasm ever. Oh honey, the longer we're married, the better it gets."

    "I know baby. I could tell you were cumming hard. It's a bond that makes our marriage stronger. Now get ready while I fuck you one last time and get my rocks off."

    With that, the wonderful strange cock attached to her husband went to work, but Jeannie was too tired to cum again though she came close.

    Oh wow, this is so fucking wonderful. Happily, she waited for her husband, hugging him tightly until she felt him depositing one last load into her container, and promptly fell asleep.

    When Jeannie awakened, it was still dark, and she was alone. She struggled to a sitting position and drank from the water glass on the table. Trying to clear her head, she shook it. Ouch! She took another drink. It seemed to help her throat.

    Mythroat? Oh yes, that is right, I just had a tonsillectomy. Her arm began to wobble, and she sat the glass down before she dropped it. Where is that ice-cream after surgery that I had been promised?

    She had been having such a crazy dream. Jeannie thought back; part of it had consisted of a man standing above her. Jeannie closed her eyes and tried harder to remember . . . He was pulling her pussy lips apart with his fingers. He was using a towel of some kind and wiping her gently. He was wearing something white, so he must be a doctor. In between wipes, he was feeling her tits.

    Then, in the dream, another man appeared above her. She detected movement in her peripheral vision and turned her head. The second man was using the other end of the towel to wipe his dangling penis.

    His black penis. Her eyes widened. 'He's black?'

    The penis looked too big to be real, so it had to be just a fantasy within her dream. Without hesitation, she reached out and grasped it. It grew hard in her hand almost instantly, changing from dangling to pointing.

    "Wow," Jeannie heard the owner of the black dick whisper, "Will you look at this? She's got a hold of my dick!"

    "Told you she is one hot number. Best I've had in a long time."

    "Yeah, me too. I kinda wish she was married to me instead of some other dude." He laughed, “In her sleep, she told me that my dick is a lot bigger than her husband's and feels better than his dick."

    The other voice laughed. "Shit man, with that big black cock, you ruined that pussy for her old man."

    As they both laughed, unseen, Jennie nodded her head in agreement and kept stroking that cock.

    "Look at that, she's got me hard again. I wouldn't mind climbing on one last time."

    "No, there isn't time. The nurse will be here in ten minutes and start making her rounds."

    Jeannie was only half-awake, but she was finding herself being drawn to this huge hunk of meat in her hand. She was silently stroking it, trying to get him to stay and to climb on once again. As she tried to pull him towards her with it, the owner of the huge black cock gently removed her hand.

    She heard a voice saying, "Sorry honey."

    Jeannie had dreamed of being made love to by her husband's new penis, but the one that looked all wet and shiny from her juices couldn't have been it. She had felt it in her hand. No one could handle one that large.

    Jeannie squeezed her eyes tighter and tried to remember their faces. She drew a blank, but she knew that neither of the two men standing above her had been her husband. He must have left before the doctors came in to clean her up.

    The dream had been so real. Two men . . .one black. This was absolutely crazy. Had it actually happened? There might have been one. More likely, it had to be some kind of dumb fantasy caused by whatever they had used to put me to sleep before surgery.

    When she had lain down again, Jeannie realized that legs were still placed wide apart. She explored with her hand. Everything around her vagina was wet and slimy, and not just on her body, but the bed under her as well. It had been real, all right. Someone may have wiped me dry, but apparently, a lot had poured out after he left.

    Other than his penis size, which kept changing, and his color, Jeannie could remember little about the man who had been in her dreams. Her throat was bothering her now, and she pressed the button for the nurse. When the lone floor nurse on duty finally came in, Jeannie's voice was hoarse as she asked for ice cream.

    When the nurse came back with the ice cream, and fairly quickly, Jeannie had fallen asleep. The nurse awakened her and helped her to eat the ice cream. The coldness helped, and Jeannie reached out and touched the nurse with her hand as she croaked her thanks.

    The nurse wrinkled her nose as she stood close to the patient and acknowledged her gratitude. Some of these patients began smelling so strangely after a while. She had noticed the same odor coming from another young female patient, just last night.

    In the morning, it seemed even more like a dream to Jeannie. Fortunately for their financial situation, it was Saturday, so when her husband came to take her home, he didn't miss any work and they didn't lose any income. Unsure about how to communicate such an unlikely story to someone, Jeannie never told anyone about it.

    Three weeks later, Jeannie missed her period, but by then her husband had also ejaculated into her on several occasions. During her nine months of pregnancy, that dream had haunted her.

    Who is the father? Was it my husband, or that black man? Were there other men? When Jeannie's first child was born, a boy, she knew for sure by looking at him that he had come from her husband.

    It was another couple of years and her being a mother for a while before her erotic dreams became just a dim memory.
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