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. Ebony Tower Academics

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by CumSlurpingCuckold, Aug 8, 2018.

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  1. CumSlurpingCuckold

    CumSlurpingCuckold Well-Known Member Member

    Although not quite 'real,' the following events are in a very real sense true. The characters and setting are dreamlike, but the theme cums from all of our hearts, our collective unconscious, and cannot be denied. The setting is vague, in the near future, in a dreamworld, but like ours, it is feverish for BBC.

    Follow my haphazardly hypnotic train of thought, and reward your own inadequacies with me if you must, white boys. Revel in the inevitable, the triumph of African Phallus. Ascend with me to the pinnacle of Big Black Cock, and know that I'm just trying to be honest about its magnificence.

    I imagine there are many, many stories involving the Goldstein Lectures. This is just the first I'm throwing out there, as sort of an introduction, BBC Worship for Beginners...


    I fell in love with my wife Alyssa Swanson at a Goldstein Lecture. At the time, we were just casual friends, both beginning our academic careers. But like so many others, our journey in search of African Phallus was also just beginning. It was in the back corner of our minds, growing there with lurching, insistent pulsations.

    She'll always be the love of my life. The pale, spunky little ginger girl that swept me off my feet. She's pregnant with our third Black child now, so I want to tell you the story of how it all began back in 2019. I had never really thought of myself as submissive or bisexual, but as we got to know each other better, thankfully Alyssa realized I needed to be a cocksucking cuckold. And thats why she married me.

    We were both curious, and intimidated by, our growing sexual interest in Black masculinity. So many interracial couples on campus. So many white students and professors going Black. One Fall there were even Mandingo Manifestos printed and circulated by a clandestine student body (several white sororities were suspected), extolling the beauty and superiority of Black men.

    The ennui of post-modernism was increasingly searching out such fulfillment. It seemed like Black cock was giving purpose to so many White women and couples in and around academic circles, and it was definitely our own increasingly enthusiastic philosophical interest in Neo-feminism and Black Breeding that ultimately brought us together.

    We intuitively, subconsciously agreed with the thesis of BBC Supremacy -- aesthetically, and from the perspective of social morality, like so many others in academia. Of course, people were shy about it at first, scared to admit it.... but our urges were slowly going mainstream. We all wanted to out do each other in a race to end prejudice and social inequalities. Big Black Cock was like the finish line. Taking it would be absolution and redemption, a hedonistic ushering in of a New Age.

    “You're here today because you know in your hearts that the Black Alpha male is the pinnacle of human sexuality, and you wonder silently to yourself if BBC isn't something even more sublime.” After a pause, Prof. Goldstein continued, “I'm here to tell you that it is. Black Dick is God. This is our basic reality as Neo-feminists, and the subject of today's lecture.”

    The crowd was hushed with anticipation, eagerly seeking such rapture. Many students began taking notes while others simply stared at the slide projections, or at the beautiful lecturer herself. Alyssa and I were there together, in the middle of the not quite packed auditorium, really trying to concentrate and get to the bottom of this new worldview. All our little pink genitals were tingling under the facade of intellectual respectability.

    Dr. Diane Goldstein is a radiant brunette at the forefront of the Movement, and her words had the entire auditorium enthralled. Although her lectures on BBC weren't endorsed by the University openly, her talks were always quietly authorized, and the authority of her beauty was almost as captivating as her philosophical acumen.

    “African Phallus is the true God-head, and we all yearn to give ourselves over in Worship. This is the primal truth behind Tantric Torah and Big Dick Wicca, BBC Supremacy. Ladies, you feel it between your legs, in your nipples, the same as Eve and Mary. And gentlemen, or should I say, white boys, you are gradually cumming to the same conclusions, your crotches buzzing with the same impotence of Joseph and Adam. Thats what I'm here for, to guide you through this process.”

    I looked over at Prof Alyssa Swanson, for the first time that evening noticing the rigidity of her nipples under her silk blouse. Along with several other white boys, we just quietly chuckled at the put down. Alyssa's face was only slightly flush, and she gave me an understanding look that I returned. I tried not to be obvious as I rearranged my inflating penis underneath my khakis. I, I wanted to be hers. I felt it even then, under the shadow of African Phallus, in all of our giddy confusion, still, I wanted to be hers.

    No words were even spoken between us, but we had already communicated to each other our devotion to Black masculinity. It suddenly felt like I had always known her, but we had only met this semester. Alyssa was then the new Associate Professor of Philosophy. She was an obvious rising star, while I was losing job security fast, being unable to find publication of any of my writings. I knew I was unworthy to want her. I wanted to be hers.

    Alyssa's dissertation was a very successfully defended position against the historical concepts of European monogamy, and her career was really taking off now that Neo-feminism was becoming a thing. She was ready for the New Age way before me, and embraced African masculinity in her writings almost prophetically.

    It was like a fog was lifting over the department as we realized Black Alpha masculinity was the true Ideal the key to unlock every white marriage's potential... Taking Black cock was becoming the highest expression of existential diversity, and the biological yearned for the spiritual in this way.

    “When you take Black shafting to the face, getting fucked in the head by African Phallus, BBC, its a Joyous experience, full of Bliss and deep fulfillment for White women and couples. And it can no longer be restrained by outdated social taboos and racial injustice. That is simply key to Neo-feminism: Black dick thrusting through the obsolete gag reflex of social injustice -- reparations spewing atonement deep inside the White vessel.”

    “But its more than equality or diversity or any other traditional label can adequately embrace, so we have to forge ahead with new approaches to social justice and Black dick. Slobber all we like in religious devotion, the Black Alpha male deserves still more from us. And it is the intimacy of our womb that we then give him with utterly righteous abandon.”

    “To our critics, its not about ending the White race, its about re-purposing it in devotion to something higher, more sublime. This teleological impregnation happens again and again, over and over again in so many White marriages.... until the beautiful innocence of White women is completely given over, beyond all recognition. The edification is transformative, spiritually and biologically. Not just in the here and now, but through the generations.”

    This sent shivers through my spine, and Alyssa noticeably squirmed in her seat. And just like that, the lecture was over and we were brought back to the real world of fluorescent lighting, surrounded by a room full of privileged, well dressed White people hiding their weak and needy genitals behind a facade of respectable intellectualism.

    Alyssa and I started seeing a lot of each other. I would call it dating, but most of our flirting involved teasing each other about sexy Black men and BBC. As we became more intimate, we tried having sex, but it didn't work. I was too nervous about losing my job, and it was obvious she needed a much more masculine sexual partner. My white dick could only barely get hard, and not even very often.

    We continued attending Goldstein Lectures together and were often seen as a couple around campus, despite my impotence in the bedroom. But I knew she wanted to be a mom, and she needed a hard dick for that, of course.... One night she asked, “If we keep seeing each other, will you suck Black dick with me?”

    Breathless with gratitude, I simply told her, “Yes.” We almost made love for five minutes before my dick went limp and I rolled over next to her. We masturbated next to each other, kissing and whispering into the early dawn, and vowed to get married. No planning, no ceremony, just two lovers in each others arms... masturbating together, vowing to get married and suck Black dick together. As soon as possible!

    We were in a daze that week, waiting on our appointment at the Courthouse. We forgot about everything else, the feminist meetings and BLM rallies that were planned all went under our radar. We just wanted to get married, make ourselves an official couple, united for what BBC may cum.

    Thats when we met Professor Jerome Huxtable, the man who would inevitably change our lives forever. As we emerged from the courthouse man and wife, we walked right into a huge BLM event that was just getting started. We had totally forgotten about it in a rush to get married, but there we were. Let the fairy tale begin, my God it was perfect. So many strong Black men circling the Courthouse that just made us man and wife!

    Jerome immediately noticed us as faculty and came right up to us, putting his arm around Alyssa's midsection, and shaking my hand hard. We got to know him over the day long event, and he came home with us and smoked a bowl that afternoon. We were all professors, but it seemed like they had more in common. I watched my wife whole heartedly flirting with the object of her (and our) desire for the first time that night.

    Jerome is a big man. So strong and dark. Standing next to my petite, pale skinned wife, he was twice her size, and it made my knees weak. Seeing them sit next to each other and flirt together as equals was overwhelming in so many ways. I was speechless, but thankful.

    I was now definitely in the process of being let go by the University, but Jerome and Alyssa would soon be celebrating tenure. We all started hanging out a lot more together, with me feeling like a third wheel, a sort of incompetent hang along. They openly flirted and touched each other, but a sort of professionalism existed between the three of us at first.

    Of course, we fantasized about him at night. Masturbating together with him in our thoughts, my dick would get rock hard. But when I tried to put it in Alyssa, I went soft, and it was too embarrassing to even try very often. Day and night now, she would mention little things about motherhood or babies. Even though the act scared my dick soft, the thoughts of her swollen belly made me hard. Like so many white boys, I knew my place intuitively. My weak body and effeminate mind were in total agreement...

    “So now you begin to see what Neo-feminists mean when we say, 'BBC is the Categorical Imperative.' This Universal yearning, this fertile desire, will not be repressed by the White boy anymore. Its validity is a necessity. Black Cock demands joyful worship and absolute biological devotion. Neo-feminism and BBC Worship are quite simply understood to be the natural, unrestrained spiritual commitment to this primordial force of heaven and earth.”

    Although Jerome was a very liberal and very Black professor of Sociology, and an ordained minister of the BLM movement, this was his first Goldstein talk. I was glad he came with us. I held Alyssa's hand then, sitting on her left in the middle of the dimly lit auditorium, while Jerome sat to her right with his hand on her thigh.

    In this lecture, Dr. Goldstein went into much anthropological detail, discussing how Africa was the source of humanity, how Black men were the true patriarchs of our species. Biologically, historically, the white male was an aberration, an abnormal weakening of the gene pool. She read off a series of statistics showing basically that, compared to the Black Alpha, white males were weaklings, sissies and much more effeminate.

    White women therefore, were the product of generations of mating with such effeminate white men. They became the crystallized condensation of weakened sexuality beckoning for conquest. Tender purity, ripe and weak for true insemination. Their womanhood is actually reinforced by the femininity of their sissy white men, until after generations of mating with inferior males, they blossomed into the pink, innocent perfection sought after by something superior -- the Black man, the conqueror.

    “Nature always seeks balance. Gaia's needs never go unmet. This is Yin and Yang in the Garden of Eden. This is Natural Selection. Its both. We've called God by so many names, but in this case, ultimately, it is the work of Black penis we're dealing with. This ultimate reality penetrates all the pent up frustrations and inadequacies of sex in a vanilla marriage. Black cock becomes the ultimate metaphysical reality for us as Neo-feminists, white husbands and wives, lovers and servants of God.”

    As the pheromonal gushing of Alyssa's needy sex wafted through the air, lingering before Jerome's broadly flaring nostrils, her inherent lust to expand herself and the gene pool was our only salvation. White boys like me were useless. Dr. Goldstein's reasoning seemed both beautiful and irrefutable.

    The three of us listened attentively, often times nodding our heads in agreement. I noticed Alyssa cupped Jerome's massive hand in her palm as he stroked her thigh, smiling. She rested her head on his shoulder and looked over at me for only a moment, a content smile also on her face.

    We live in a home in a hip part of town by campus, a gift from her parents. By this time, I was expecting to be unemployed soon. She felt sorry for me, and wanted to be supportive in every way. But honestly, our nights were always bound up with fantasies of Black cock and bonded by social justice instead of my limp dicklette.

    I would work up a sweat eating her asshole or sucking her hairy ginger pussy, but it was very rare that my dick would get hard enough to be of any interest to her, and I was fine with that. I could always make myself cum in my hand when she licked my ear and whispered that she wanted to be a mother. We called it 'big dick eugenics.'

    Prof. Goldstein ended the lecture with a simple statement, “'Going back' IS 'Going Black'. There is no dichotomy, no comparison to be made with the white male. Black sex is the only real sex. White males are obsolete. The Black Alpha male fucked and bred our primordial past, and He is the worshipful object of our Blessed future emancipation. Amen.”

    As the lecture ended and the lights came on, the three of us didn't really speak. A few comments here and there, I don't remember. Then we separated, Alyssa naturally following Jerome to his SUV, with me following behind them in the parking lot to our compact car.

    He drove her back to our home, and when I got there a few minutes later, they were already in the bedroom with the door closed. I didn't knock or check to see if it was locked. I just sat in the living room and played video games until I fell asleep on the couch.

    The next morning I was a new man, I was a cuckold. We were a Goldstein Couple, as its sometimes called now. The morning never felt so right on my cheek. The sunshine coming in the blinds was perfection, like a brief moment of enlightenment as I was stirred by the sounds of blissful, early morning love making.

    The bedroom door was open, and I knew instantly what was happening, what had happened. How we would live now. I could smell it. They were making love. I was second best, waking up on the couch. It was fucking perfect. I cried a little. A good tear, a happy splash of salt glistening on my cheeks as I tip toed in to greet them.

    “You're so beautiful together.” Thats all I could think to get out as I stood there at the doorway. I knew from the softly sloshing squelches between her legs that her crotch must be soaked and overflowing with his sperm.

    Still mounting her, Jerome looked up from sucking her neck and gave me the handsomest smile in the world. As he kept holding her and fucking deep into my wife, I knew everything was going to be okay. More than okay. Perfect.

    Alyssa looked over at me with a mischievous smile as he fucked her missionary. “You know, its actually going to work out that you're getting fired. You'll make the perfect homemaker and nanny.” The smile at the end of that statement was so sincere, so warm, and followed by an equally heart warming moan of fulfillment.

    I started to cry again. So happy, so thankful, full of joy. Jerome hunched into her harder, bouncing her hips up and down against the mattress. Then he started to roar. Bellowing as he came inside her again, and for the first time, literally, I worshiped him. In my mind, he was the source of something so transcendental, so powerful, so superior over me. I worshiped him and I wanted to drink his sperm from my wife.

    We both felt it. She conceived his child in the early morning light, as I kneeled and took my Communion. Glory to God!
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