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. Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 8

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Dec 29, 2017.

. Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 8 4.8 5 5votes
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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Day 8

    I awoke and returned to thinking about my wife the virgin who I had married and was now the biggest slut in the resort. As each day passed the more I regretted having arranged this holiday; a holiday that was supposed to be a dream reconciliation between us but had instead turned into a complete nightmare for me.

    I sat outside on the big sun lounger and looked out to sea and contemplated what another hot and humid day would bring. My thoughts didn’t go much further than guessing there would be more drinking with Sally acting the slut for any black guy who passed by.

    Some 20 minutes later Sally stood at the door wearing as she has every morning so far, another new swim suit. This one was a small black bikini with the top half cups pushing her breasts upwards and the bottoms so tiny that they could only be described as a small little piece of black material covering her pussy with two black ribbons tied at the waist. She put her hands on her hios and adopted a pose, “How do I look?”

    “Like a lady looking for some cock, any cock,” I replied. As always she just laughed at me in response.

    She looked at me, “Can we go back to the nudist beach today Mark?”

    She wasn’t really asking me, she was telling me, as normal. I just nodded, “If you want too.” What was the point in me saying anything else?

    We got our things together and headed off up to reception to order a taxi. As we waited there was silence between us; we clearly had nothing to say to each other and the silence was killing was killing me.

    I saw the taxi arrive outside as did the reception staff. Our names were called telling us our taxi was here and as we got near I saw it was the same driver as the other day. He smiled as he saw Sally heading his way and opened the car door letting her get in. As she slid in the backseat he looked down at her legs smiling to himself before closing the door.

    He started the engine and asked, “Same beach as last time?”

    Sally giggled replying, “You got it,” and as we set off just as the last time he adjusted his mirror so he could focus on Sally. She saw what he was doing so she played her part and sat back with her legs slightly parted so she could tease him.

    He began making small talk and told us, “My name is Jamal.”

    I looked at Sally as she told him our names followed by, “Nice to meet you again.” He drove a little slower this time, his eyes kept flicking from the road to Sally.

    We arrived at the beach and Jamal jumped out helping Sally out of the taxi all the while his eyes fixed on her tanned legs. “See you around 4pm?” he asked

    “Sounds good to me,” replied Sally giving him a wave as we headed off walking along the beach back to where we sat before. I guessed she was looking for that old bloke again.

    We laid out our towels and all the while Sally kept looking round. I laid down as Sally rested back on her elbows, “Shit, he’s not here today,” she said under her breath but just loud enough for me to hear.

    She sighed, “Oh well,” and then got up, unclipped her bikini top and placed it into the beach bag and then she sat back down. The sun was already high in the sky and I was pleased I had covered us with sun screen before we left the cabana as all the signs said it was going to be a very hot day and I didn’t want sunburn to be added to list of misery.

    As on our previous visit there were a few people around and some were doing that walking-along-the-water-edge-thing. I noticed a guy with a pot belly, trimmed beard with a very hairy back and chest who kept walking up and down all the while looking at Sally as she lay there with her pert tits on clear display. (I wasn’t sure but he looked an awful lot like one of the guys who had been standing by the rocks masturbating while watching Sally as she fucked with Harry the other day; Interesting.) Whoever he was I wanted to see what he would do if I wasn’t around so I offered to get some drinks. “That would be nice; thank you Mark,” Sally replied.

    I headed off wondering if he would try and make his move on her once I was out of sight. I kept looking back as I made my way to the beach bar and with my attention elsewhere it was with a shock that I bumped into someone as I neared the bar. It was the same beautiful lady who was here when we were here previously. I made my apologies and she just smiled.

    I smiled back to her, asking, “How’s your holiday going?”

    “Just fine thank you,” came her reply. I temporarily forgot why I had come up off the beach as we stopped and we began to talk, my eyes flicking up and down her sexy body.

    I was reminded when her husband appeared coming back from the bar with drinks. He saw me and said, “Hi man, like what you see?”

    I smiled, “Yes,” adding, “You’ve just reminded me why I’m here” gesturing toward the drinks in his hand. We shared a laugh and I continued on my way to the bar.

    Mission accomplished, I headed back towards Sally. As I passed the beautiful lady she smiled again to me and I winked back to her and continued walking down the beach.

    I passed Sally her drink and looking around saw the guy with the beer belly standing not far from us with hands on his hips looking out towards the sea. Sally sipped her drink, “That guy keeps walking up and down looking towards me.”

    I laughed, “I guess he wants and has designs on you.”

    “Well he can carrying on wanting. He reminds me of my Uncle Bert; lecherous old man he was,” she replied. Wow, Sally turning a guy down for the first time since being here.

    Sally stood up, “Time to lose these bottoms...”’ she said, “ ... and you too!” I shucked off my shorts and then watched as she slowly untied the ribbons and let the scrap of material slip down over her hips to fall down round her feet. She stepped out of them and put them into the beach bag and lingered bending over the bag whilst her tits hung down and her legs were slightly parted.

    She stood up hands on her hips and looked up and down the beach. The potbellied bloke turned seeing her standing there, his eyes moving slowly up and down her body. I had the impression that she had just provided what he had been waiting for; her to remove her bikini bottoms.

    He walked up towards us as Sally lay down on her towel; she pretended not to notice him as he stopped just yards from us hungrily eyeing her naked body up and down. His cock hung down between his legs and was covered with pubic hair. It wasn’t that big but looked to be fat and had a big girth. As he stood there I swear I could I could see it begin to stiffen. He noticed me looking and made a play of something in the distance catching his attention and so he resumed his walk making sure his path went by us.

    Sally laughed, “Oh my God I wouldn’t be able to breathe if he laid on me. Look at that belly hanging over, I bet he hasn’t seen his cock in a long while.”

    “I’ll take that as you don’t want him to try then,” I retorted.

    “Well, if that’s all on offer today....” she stopped short of telling me yes I guessed.

    Sally moved to her elbow turning on her side looked at me, “You know, it might be fun trying with him,” she said with a giggle.

    “What!” I gasped.

    “Why not?” she continued, “it would be a different type of guy to try; not like the normal ones I’ve had since being here,” giggling all the time as she spoke.

    He was now some twenty feet away down the shore but as if on cue he turned and slowly headed back towards us. Sally spotted him and as he got nearer she stood up, smiled to him and said, “Come here often?”

    The guy looked at her, lost for words, but his eyes moved over her body saying volumes. Sally moved closer towards him, their eyes now fixed on each other.

    Sally asked him outright, “How old are you?”

    He stammered, “58.”

    “So you like younger women then do you?” she continued.

    He smiled at her and bounced back to her, “Do you like older bigger guys then?”

    She blushed, “I’m not sure; never been with a guy like you before.”

    He took that as an invitation and made the first move and came over a laid on her towel looking up at her. She smiled at his blatant behaviour but not to be outdone she moved forward and placed her feet either side of his body. He looked up at her smooth shaven pussy and began tracing his fingers up and down her lower legs.

    Sally looked down at him and he smiled and reaching up took her hands in his and gently pulled her down over him. She sank to her knees and he was perfectly positioned to start licking her smooth cleft and lips. As he licked she rocked her hips rubbing her pussy harder over his mouth. Once they had got into some kind of rhythm she moved her hands up to cup a breast in each and began to pinch and stretch her nipples. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. I watched the guy move his hands to grip her firm ass and pull her even closer to his mouth and busy tongue, “Oh yes, right there, probe into me,” she gasped.

    The guy sucked on her clitoris as he parted the cheeks of her ass wider and Sally rocked harder over his mouth, “That’s it, eat my pussy,” she demanded.

    I watched as she moved round so that they were in a 69 position. She pushed her pussy over his mouth once more and reached out to stroke. It instantly came to life, growing larger in her small hand. Sally lowered her head and pulled the foreskin back to expose a large purple head. She didn’t hesitate and took him into her mouth. I swear I heard her giggled as his pubic hair tickled her face but it didn’t prevent her from taking him deeper and to suck him harder.

    The guy slapped her ass making her jump, “Ouch.”

    “Suck my cock harder and deeper bitch,” he ordered. I was nervous at how this thing was shaping up but Sally had no such concerns and she sucked him deeper slurping as she did.

    He moved her round once more this time placing her between his legs. She bent down to continue sucking him her head bobbing up and down, her soft hands caressing his balls. He rocked his hips as he started fucking her mouth a little harder.

    Sally coughed and started gagging as his cock grew even larger in her mouth, “That’s it, suck my cock slut.” He was now talking to her like the slut he recognised her to be and was acting his part for her.

    The guy looked so big compared to Sally’s small slim body as he pulled Sally up over him. His hands caressed her ass and I could see the red hand print on her cheek where he had slapped her. He turned and Sally slipped off his fat belly and almost fell onto the sand to end up on her back. He reached over and parted her legs with his chubby hands and soon his fingers found her pussy.

    He fingered her gently, his fingers easing back and forth as he lent down to suck hard on her pink nipple; he rolled her clitoris hard as he tipped her head sideways kissing her neck lightly.

    Sally sighed loudly lifting her ass off the towel as his fingers moved faster over her clitoris and then between along the lips of her pussy. She looked at him as he pushed his finger deeply into her and moaned out, “Oh yes ... feels so good .... Finger fuck me harder...” He obliged and pushed his finger fully into her, holding it still before easing it back so slowly.

    Sally rocked her hips as he continued her exquisite torture. He eased back again and then introduced a second finger into her then, after a while, a third; the lips of her pussy were being stretched so wide as he pushed them harder into her but Sally could only moan, “Oh god, I feel so stretched, finger fuck me you fat bastard.”

    The guy eased himself off her and placed his hands either side of her head resting on them to hold his weight off her. Sally parted her legs and he knelt between and his fat cock found the opening of her waiting pussy.

    She looked up at him, “Push it in Uncle, fuck me like you have always wanted to.”

    “God, she’s back into fantasy land again,” I thought.

    He eased back a little so just the tip just touching her pussy. Sally held his shoulders and as she lifted her hips a little higher to meet him he slowly pushed forward his cock entering her inch by inch going deeper. “Oh fuck, you’re bigger than I thought,” she cried. He didn’t seem to hear for he just eased back then slammed hard into her.

    She grunted and straightened her arms so she could put her hands around his fat neck and begin to run her fingers through the hair on his back. She pulled him deeper into her and moved her hips slowly to wank his cock with her pussy.

    He continued holding himself up keeping his weight off her as she hissed, “Fuck me Uncle, fuck me like you have wanted too since seeing me,”

    “Shh Slut, I’m going to give this pussy a good seeing to,” he told her and started to thrust hard into her, his belly wobbled under him rubbing against her slim flat tummy, his legs holding hers wider apart as his fat ass rocked up and down.

    The guy was pumping harder into her and Sally gasped in time with every thrust as his cock plunged into her. For a big guy he could sure fuck like the best of them and Sally squeezed his ass tighter pulling him so deep into her.

    I lay on my towel alongside them and subconsciously began to softly rub my own cock which, unaccountably, was as hard as a rock. I looked around and as had happened before there seemed to be a small gathering of guys standing around the adjacent rocks. All of them were naked and some of them were doing as I was, slowly wanking as they took in the scene before us.

    Sally moved her head from side to side, “Fuck me Uncle, fuck me, fill my pussy,”’ she cried out. He continued pumping and then unnoticed to her moved a hand under her butt. His hand caressed the crease between her cheeks and then he extended a finger to start playing with her puckered hole.

    Sally opened her eyes wide, “No, not there, Uncle please, no,”’ she cried as he pushed a finger into her tight ass and started fingering her ass. He took no notice of her protest and unrelentingly thrust his cock into her.

    The guy forced his lips over hers kissing her hard. I saw him push his tongue into her mouth and Sally just laid there letting him do whatever he wanted.

    He released his lips from hers, “Good girl, how’s your ass feeling?”’ he asked.

    In complete contrast to her protest of a few moments ago she answered dreamily, “It feels nice, keeping doing it, finger my ass; fuck my pussy Uncle.”

    Sally gripped him tighter round his neck, “Oh fuck yesssssss, I’ve cum on your cock Uncle, you have made me cum,” she cried out as she shook under him her legs gripping him tight.

    Some of the guys who were watching moved closer for a better look; two guys were stroking their cocks as they watched them fucking.

    “Uncle” held her legs upright by her ankles as he knelt between her legs, his stretched them as wide as they would go and with his fat cock thrusting harder back and forth, people moved even closer to see his cock slipping back and forth into her sopping pussy. It was a live sex show unfolding before them.

    Sally didn’t seem to acknowledge she had an audience and she screamed out once more as yet another climax thundered through her body, “Oh fuck Uncle, you have made me cum again over that lovely cock.”

    They both had droplets of sweat running over them caused by their hard fucking and the hot humid weather. His belly was really wobbling now as he thrusted into her his head tipped back and he cried out, “That’s it girl, lay there and take my fuck and spunk like a dirty slut.” The crowd standing around us murmured their approval.

    With one hard final thrust he fell over her and I could tell she was finding it hard to breathe as he cum hard inside her but she managed to gasp out, “Yes, Uncle, fill my pussy, flood my pussy.”

    He gave a final grunt of ecstasy and carefully lifting his fat body off her, his cock pulled out of her with an audible plop and strings of his cum stretched from her cunt as he picked himself up.

    Sally lay there on her towel panting with covered with a patchwork of sand, sweat and sperm. She looked up as the two wanking guys moved closer to stand over her. They pointed their cocks downwards and continued to stroke and until they both cum hard at almost the same time. They both spurted and covered her face and breast with their sticky white cum and all she did was laugh.

    Sally parted her lips as they held their still dribbling cocks over her mouth. She put out her tongue to catch the last few drops as they dripped down and took them into her mouth. Letting us see what she had collected she then closed her mouth and very pointedly made a show of swallowing their cum. I was spell bound at the sight and was also aware that my own hand was covered in my own spunk. I had cum without even realising it.

    The crowd moved away as did the fat guy. He looked back waving to Sally; she waved back with a smile on her cum-covered face. In fact as she lay there I could see she had cum everywhere, her face, on her tits and, most noticeable, her pussy leaking cum that had been deposited by the fat guy. We looked at each other and laughed.

    We both walked down to the sea to wash ourselves off. We dried off and as we put our costumes back on I told her we had to go soon so we got our things together before heading back up the beach. As we made our way, two guys clapped as we walked by; another couple called out, “Great show.”

    Jamal was waiting for us, “Nice day?” he asked.

    “Lovely day,” Sally replied, “Just lovely.”

    Jamal open the back door for Sally but she told him, “I’m sitting up front for a change.”

    He smiled, “OK madam,” he replied with mock formality.

    I got in the back and he slipped the gears and we set off.

    Jamal eased off the little side road from the beach onto the main road. From my seat I could see that he kept flicking his eyes from the road to Sally’s legs then back to the road.

    “Been busy Jamal?” she asked.

    “No, not been too bad today,” he replied.

    Sally eased back into the front seat and stretched her tanned legs out slightly parting them. Her wrap fell open and Jamal looked down to see the outline of the lips of her pussy against her bikini bottoms.

    “Very nice,” he told her.

    “You like?” Sally asked.

    Jamal nodded, “Very much so.”

    Sally slightly turned on her seat and moved her hand down over her slim flat tummy. The car wobbled as he found it hard keeping his eyes off her and on the road. She ran a finger over her bikini bottoms stroking herself against them, “I feel so horny,” she whispered.

    Jamal looked in the mirror at me then checked the road to find there was no traffic was coming along. He looked right then left and turned down a very quiet side road. He drove a little further along the dusty road until we were well out of sight of the road or anybody walking down the road.

    He pulled up and switched the engine off and turned towards her watching as she pulled the gusset of the bikini bottoms to one side. “This is what you’ve wanted to see, isn’t it?” she asked.

    Jamal looked at her, “Mmm, smooth shaven white pussy, that sure is what I wanted to see madam.”

    Sally moved closer and looking into his dark eyes she put her hand on his leg and slowly moved it up. Jamal held her gaze up to the moment when she found the string holding his shorts up. He opened his legs as she pulled the tie on one side undoing the string and slipped her hand inside the waistband and slowly pulled his shorts down.

    As she did so she turned to look at me sitting in the back seat, “Oh wow, someone here has got excited,” she told me with a little giggle. I leaned forward so that I could see through the gap and watched her as she moved her hand stroking his cock inside his shorts.

    He moved his arm round her shoulder as she tugged at his shorts. He lifted his ass upwards letting her pull his shorts down over his legs. She looked down, “Oh what a lovely looking black cock.”

    “Madam likes a black one then?” he replied.

    She stroked him some more, this time a little harder and then pulled his foreskin down letting us see the dark brown cock head. She opened her eyes wide as she lowered her head. Jamal lifted his ass a little higher as she started to run her tongue over the tip.

    She started stroking him even harder gripping his cock tighter with her dainty little hand. She dribbled some spit to provide a bit of lube and at the same time she ran her teeth gently over the tip of his black cock making him sigh, “Oh yes, take it into your mouth.”

    She looked up to him as she opened her mouth lowering her head taking the first few inches into her mouth.

    He moved his hand, gently gripping her hair pushing her head downwards. She took him deeper, sucking him hard, and in response he started moving his hips slowly and started fucking her mouth. She was moaning, “Mmmm,” as she took him even deeper into her mouth right to the base of his cock.

    “I’ve wanted this since the first time I saw you,”’ he told her.

    Sally released him from her mouth, looked at him and said, “Good, I’ve wanted your cock since I first saw you.”

    She moved over his cock once more and I sat and watched her head going up and down as she let him fuck her mouth. With one hand holding his cock she used the other to remove her bikini bottoms over her ass, kicking them off. Jamal was sure getting hard from the attention his cock was getting.

    She kept sucking, really deep-throating him. After the number of black cocks she had sucked in the past week and taken in her mouth, she had become expert at it. Her mouth was a perfect machine, really working his cock and bringing him to the edge of cumming, “Oh fuck Sally, go easy. Slow up a little,” he told her.

    Sally lifted off him and then moved back flipped the lever making her seat lay back almost flat. She parted her legs as Jamal lent down to kiss her nipples, his hand running down over her tummy until his finger found her pussy, “Wow, you’re so wet,” he said as his finger slipped into her.

    Jamal fingered her a little roughly but Sally just laid back taking it; enjoying it, “Oh yes, harder.”

    He obliged and his finger moved harder back and forth, “Yes, Jamal, just like that,” she told him.

    He finger fucked for a few moments more and then Sally pushed his hand away saying, “Oh Jamel, fuck me please, give me that fucking black cock.”

    He sat up and got out to walk round the car, his large black cock swinging obscenely until he got to her door. He opened it and taking her hand helped her from the car.

    He led her round and lifted her onto the bonnet and parting her legs moved between them. Sally looked at him, “Come on fuck me, give me that black cock.”

    Not wishing to miss anything I scrambled out from the car and stood to see Jamal positioning the tip of cock between her open pussy lips.

    The fat knob slipped into her and Sally took a deep breath, “Yeah, do it.”

    With a hard thrust forward he pushed his black cock hard fast and deeply into her to the base of his black cock. Sally screamed, “Oh fuck yes, give it to me, take me, fuck your slut.”

    He held still, his cock deeply inside her, and reached up lifting her bikini top over her tits. He lent down to suck her pink nipple and then began thrusting his black cock back and forth. It was now him just fucking her wanting to cum inside her.

    Sally stretched her legs round his waist as he slammed his cock into her cunt and she looked down at his large shiny black cock pumping into her. They were now just fucking each other hard; black cock fucking white pussy.

    I had my cock out and I wanked as I watched as they fucked thinking neither will last long at this rate. I was right for no sooner had I had the thought that Sally screamed out at the top of her voice, “Yes, fuck my married pussy, oh fuck yes, I’m cumming on your black cock.” Jamal grunted in response still slamming his cock into her and getting close to cumming inside her.

    Sally gripped him tighter with her legs her whole body was shaking, her breast were rocking up and down at the speed of his fuck, he was now just fucking her like she was his whore, and she was loving it and as was he.

    “Oh Jamel, fuck that spunk into my pussy, flood my womb,” she screamed out, her voice was echoing round the road, “Make me your whore.”

    I steadied myself against the car my legs trembling as I looked on enviously at another man enjoying my wife’s body. My stroking was in time with his thrusting and I felt my orgasm building as he told her, “I’m going to cum.”

    His cock plunged deep and their bodies slapped each time he hit home, “Oh Jamal your fucking me so hard,” a remark clearly intended for me to hear as she turned her head to smirk at me as she said it.

    “Oh fuck yessss,” he groaned, “I’m cumming in you.”

    I was in a daze as my own spunk spurted and dribbled out of my cock as I continued to wank alongside them, I didn’t notice that I had covered my feet with my own emissions.

    Sally lay back against the bonnet of the car and I could see him jerk and spasm as he unloaded his cum filled balls into her. He bent down and kissed her not moving just holding his cock deep inside her. Moments later he pulled out and droplets of cum dripped from the tip of his cock as he turned to lean back against the car.

    Sally slid from the bonnet and kneeling in front of him she took hold and stroked his cock, running her tongue up and down the length, cleaning it for him. He clearly enjoyed her attentions as she licked and sucked him clean. I didn’t know where to look, at her mouth giving him this special treatment or at her pussy which, as she squatted in front of him, was oozing and dripping globs of white cum onto the ground below.

    When she was satisfied that she had done all she could do she rose unsteadily to her feet. Without so much as a glance towards me they got themselves together and got back into the car. I had only just got myself into my seat when Jamal started the car and reversed back onto the main road. Finally Sally acknowledged my presence and looked back at me smiling, “Oh Mark he fucked me so good, my pussy is so full of cum. Did you like watching a real man fuck your wife good? I think you did, you naughty boy.”.

    I ignored making eye-contact and just nodded looking out the window as we drove along the road. From the corner of my eye I saw her ease her bikini bottoms to one side and with her other hand run her finger along the lips of her pussy and slip a finger into her cunt to finger herself slowly and gently. I couldn’t help myself and turned to see her lift a cum-covered finger to her mouth; licking it clean she told us both, “Mmmm, tastes so good.”

    We arrived on our resort pulling up outside the main entrance. We left the taxi and Sally looked at Jamal and said, “Thank you so much, I really loved it.” To me she said, “Pay him.”

    Jamal replied, “Good, pleased you are happy.” I don’t think he included me in that wish.

    We walked back to our cabana and as I followed her I could see even from behind that she had a very damp patch in her bikini bottoms. Once we got inside she removed her bikini completely and went and lay on the bed with her legs parted making sure I could see Jamel’s cum leaking from her pussy.

    “Fancy licking me clean?” she asked.

    “No way, you dirty slut, no fucking way,” I replied with as much spite as I could muster.

    “Oh well, what a pity because that’s the only time I will offer you my pussy on the holiday,” she said with a smile.

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