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. Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 7

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Day 7

    I sat out on our patio awaiting my wife’s appearance; she had already told me she was going to sleep in and not to disturb her. I knew better than to argue, that to point out we would be missing a beautiful day for she had become so dominant and, almost aggressive, whenever I challenged her these days. Better that I continued to act the submissive was my thinking.

    Mid-morning and Sally eventually appeared at the door. I eyed her up and down as she stood there in yet another new swimsuit looking as sexy as ever. This one was a dark blue bikini and, like the others she had worn, it didn’t cover much.

    “Well, you look Slutty again today,” I told her.

    She just laughed replying, “Well it’s not for your benefit, but I guess by now you know that.” Her words cutting so deep into me, hurting me and she knew it. “Come on; let’s go down to the beach.”

    She lay on her sun lounger and looking up and down the beach said, “Seems quiet here today.”

    “I think people have gone out for the day. I saw lots heading up to reception just before you came out,” I told her.

    Wesley the barman came over, “Not going out today?” he asked.

    “No, we were out all day yesterday,” she told him.


    “Yes please, something long and cool,” she replied.

    He took our order and went back to the bar. Sally whispered, “As the beach as so empty I think I’ll go topless.” With that she unclipped her bikini top, placed it beside the sun lounger and laid back stretched her arms over her head, her pink nipples sticking upwards already hard.

    Wesley reappeared, his eyes fixed on Sally’s breast, “Mmm nice.”

    Sally smiled, “Nothing you haven’t already seen.” If he hadn’t been so dark skinned I’m sure we would have seen him blushing as he walked away, it was hard to tell.

    “You fucking prick teaser,” I said looking at her lying there topless.

    Sally giggled replying, “I’m getting so good at teasing these guys.”

    I nodded, thinking, “I guess you are, you slut.”

    “Did you enjoy that wrinkly cock yesterday?” I asked.

    “Well I cum on it so guess I did,” was her curt reply, “might even go back before we go home to see if Harry is there.”

    “Why did you call him Daddy?” I asked.

    “I knew it would turn him on; it sure turned me on,”

    “But he was so old,” I continued.

    “Maybe but he sure knew how to please and satisfy me sexually...” she said forcefully, “.... more than you ever did.” That really hurt.

    One of the waiters came over and gave Sally a leaflet. She looked at it and said, “Oh wow, there’s going to be a beach party tonight and it’s fancy dress.”

    If it’s one thing I hate it’s fancy dress. “Where are we going to get something to wear?” I asked hoping that this might be an excuse not to participate.

    “It says costumes are at reception,” she replied.

    Damn, that’s that then.

    She stood up and put her bikini top back on and we headed up to reception to see row after row of costumes. We (or rather, she) picked out 3 for each of us we headed to the changing rooms. I came out wearing a pirate’s outfit but wasn’t convinced I looked the part. As I contemplated my sorry-looking appearance the curtain parted to the other changing room and I looked up in disbelief as Sally emerged wearing a “school girl” outfit.

    I looked at her, micro mini-skirt; white blouse opened but tied just under her breasts, black tie and white knee high socks. She gave a twirl in front of the full-length mirror and laughed saying, “I love it.” She glanced at me and said, “That’ll do for you. Let’s give these other costumes back.” I dutifully complied.

    We took our outfits back to our cabana and returned to the beach where we laid back on our sun loungers. Wesley wandered up to take our drink order and asked if we had found anything to wear. Sally smiled saying, “Oh yes,” before ordering two beers.

    After another day sitting in the sun and drinking we headed back to get changed for dinner. Dinner itself was nothing special which she didn’t really comment upon given her mind was elsewhere. As we walked back to our cabana Sally was laughing, “I can’t wait to change into my outfit.”

    I looked at her replying, “I bet you can’t.”’.

    We got back and started changing. Sally poured two rums and after passing one to me she removed the dress she had worn for dinner. She removed her underwear and as she bent over her underwear drawer I delighted in seeing her tits hanging down and gently swaying as she pulled out a collection of skimpy garments. She held up a tiny black thong, “This will do nicely,” she said to nobody but herself.

    After changing she stood in front of the mirror and began to apply her make-up, bright red lipstick, black eyeliner and mascara on her eyelashes that made them look even longer and lusher than usual. I looked at her thinking she looks so fucking slutty; some lucky bastard will be having her later.

    Her micro mini skirt only just covered her ass, the thong slipped up between her ass cheeks and as she moved I could see her bare ass cheeks. She turned toward me, “How do I look?”

    “Just like a Tart, Damn sexy,” I replied.

    “Good, that was the plan,” she said with a smirk.

    We headed down the beach towards the party and as we made our way along the path she was sure getting some looks. We found a table and as we sat down a waiter was there taking our drinks order. Sally sat there looking round as the music played her legs crossed her micro mini skirt raised up over her thighs.

    We sat drinking our drinks and looking around Sally spotted Leon with, she presumed, another staff member of the hotel social activities team standing by the edge of the party area. The pair of them was eyeing Sally up and down and from the way they were laughing coupled with the nudges Leon was giving him; I was thinking he was saying, “I’ve had her.”

    Sally glanced over and smiled at them. I thought to distract her and asked if she wanted to dance. She didn’t even look at me and said, “Not right now Mark.”

    Clearly being looked at was more important and enjoyable to her than giving me any attention. She turned on her seat a little letting them see her tiny black thong as she uncrossed then crossed her legs once more.

    I could see she was playing a game with them and they couldn’t take their eyes off her as they joined in. Suddenly another member of the team was standing over us (I hadn’t seen him before either). He lent down and asked Sally for a dance. She looked up into his dark brown eyes and nodded as she held out her hand. Without a glance at me they were gone leaving me to sip my drink and to watch them on the dance floor.

    They were dancing and laughing. Whatever he was saying to her as he whispered into her ear she seemed to like and soon he was gently easing her closer to him so their bodies were moulded together. They were looking deeply into each other’s eyes and I recognised the look on her face that said, “I’ve caught you.” I had seen this look a few times since being here and guessed she had now caught her prey.

    The music ended and he led Sally back to our table. She picked up her drink and gave me a smirk. “You looked like you were enjoying that,” I told her.

    “Oh shut up Mark, it’s his job,” came her reply.

    I drunk my drink and sitting there in silence I looked round at other couples who seemed to enjoying being together. “Shame we couldn’t be like that,” I thought.

    The DJ call out telling everyone to ‘form a circle’. Sally grabbed my hand and we joined guests, the social team, waiters and goodness knows who else on the floor to form a crowd. As we got milled around and got ourselves organised into the circle I found that Sally had managed to get herself next to the bloke who had danced with her moments ago. The music started up and there he was as we danced turning round in circles running his hands over her ass. Sally just kept dancing and giggling at him as she spun round.

    I was obviously of no interest to her so I left the dancers and sat down and ordered some drinks and waited for Sally to join me. She looked over towards me when the music ended but didn’t make any attempt to leave the floor but just stood there holding her new partner’s hand. Suddenly the music started up once more and, they were off, bumping and grinding against each other in time to the beat. She either didn’t notice or didn’t care that she was being looked by the staff and the waiters.

    As she twirled around her micro mini skirt was lifted up towards her waist letting them see her bare ass cheeks and her small black thong. Her rolled up blouse concealed little and her nipples looked hard as they pressed against the thin material. She was slowly swaying her hips from side to side and it was clear they were all getting quite a show.

    So I sat for the majority of the evening. From time to time Sally would return to the table her face flushed from all the exertion and excitement and would grab a drink. She really didn’t have too much to say to me before she would return to the floor where I watched her continue with her “performance” much to the delight of her audience.

    It was late when the call came for the last dance of the night. I just sat there drinking a rum on the rocks and I looked at the crowd, all jumping around laughing, whilst the best I could do was to try and keep my eyes focussed. It took me a little while to realise that Sally was missing. I stood up on unsteady feet trying to look through the crowd but still couldn’t see her.

    I walked round trying to find her as I got increasingly worried as to where she could be. I walked round the beach party area and then up towards the bar but still couldn’t see her. Leon noticed me and I asked, “Have you seen Sally?”

    He shook his head, “No, not seen her for a while now.”

    Not really sure what to do I decided to walk down the beach away from the crowd. It was after a few moments I spotted her laying on the sand with her new “friend”, the social guy, kneeling between her legs.

    I moved a little closer, keeping very quiet, and I heard her calling out, “That’s it, right there.”

    I held my breath as I watched him move his hands down to lift her bodily higher so that he could push his tongue into her. Sally reached down holding his head, “Oh my god, I’m going to cum, keep going,” she said as she breathed deeply. She began shaking, “Oh wow, I’m cumming; lick me; drink my juices.”

    He ignored her orders and instead moved up over her. They wrapped their arms round each other and kissed so full of passion. He moved a little bit closer and to her obvious surprise thrust his rigid black cock into her gaping pussy fully entering her. She screamed out, “Aahhhhhhh, oh fuck yes.”

    He didn’t pause at all but started thrusting hard into her. At every push her body moved upwards over the sand as he slammed into her. At each thrust she called out, “Fuck me, fuck me; give me that black cock.”

    He eased back from her and I heard him say, “Turn over,” and with his black hands on her waist he helped turn her onto her front. Still gripping her waist he eased her ass up towards the level of his cock, her breast and head on the sand.

    “Oh yes, that’s it, push it back in,” she cried as her hand moved down under her to begin moving back and forth. I guessed she was now playing with her clitoris as he thrusted into her from behind, “That’s it, just there, you’re so deep,” she gasped.

    He pulled her back hard onto his cock every time he thrusted powerfully into her. “Oh god yes, you’re so hard, fuck my pussy, fuck me harder ...” she groaned her body trembling as she told him, “... I’m cumming on your black cock.”

    He disappointed her again and pulled out before she could cum and, instead, pulled back turning her back onto her back. He moved back over her and she gripped his shoulders as his cock went deeply back inside her so he was now fucking her missionary style with such hard powerful thrusts. Sally lifted her legs either side of his waist letting him go even deeper into her.

    He gripped her legs holding them higher as he knelt between her legs. She looked up at him, “Go on you Black Bastard, do it, cum in me, flood my married pussy.” Her dirty talk had the right effect for he seemed to start thrusting as hard and fast as he could. “Fuck me, fuck me...” she continued calling out, he couldn’t last much longer I thought.

    Sally lifted her head and placed her hands round his neck to pull his head down, their lips came together and they kissed with such passion, “Mmmmm,” Sally moaned into his mouth.

    The guy slowed down and easing his cock back for the last time he then thrusted hard back deeply into her then held still. She gasped, “That’s it, cum in me,” and she laid there under him, kissing their tongues deep in each other’s mouth as he unloaded inside her.

    They laid there for ages holding each other and kissing whilst he was very slowly easing his cock back and forth. Sally moved her hips just as slowly meeting him in the same rhythm.

    Unspoken, their horizontal dance ended and their bodies parted. He stood and carefully pulled up his trousers over his semi-hard and dripping cock. Sally got to her feet and pulled her small black thong up over her hips and smoothed her mini-skirt and they both took time to dust themselves off from the sand that was covering their bodies. Before I could be noticed I headed back up the beach and sat back at our table pretending to look round as I saw them walking back up the beach.

    They parted and the black guy walked over toward the bar; Sally walked over to me, “Hi Mark, enjoying the party?”

    I looked at her, “Yeah, it’s been fun; where have you been?”

    “Oh Freddie wanted to show me something down the far end of the beach,” she told me as she looked over in his direction

    “Oh, it’s Freddie now, is it?” I said hoping she might catch the disdain in my tone. She didn’t show that she had.

    I looked over to see Freddie and Leon chatting, they were both laughing as Freddie pointed down the beach. I didn’t have to wonder what the topic of conversation was about.

    People were now starting to leave the beach party. I looked at Sally and said, “shall we head off’?”

    She nodded and as we walked away I saw her look over towards Freddie and Leon. She smiled and gave a little wave; they smiled back to her.

    Once inside our cabana I asked her outright, “Did he fuck you?”

    Sally looked at me then looked away, “Yes Mark he did, I wanted it, I wanted him.”

    “Sally how many black guys have you now fucked since being here?”

    She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know, who’s counting? I just love being a slut for once and, anyway, you’ve got no room to talk.”

    I knew there was no point in arguing so I got undressed before sitting on the bed looking at her, “Is this what you want, being the slut all these guys talk about?”

    Sally turned replying, “You know what, yes it is what I want. It’s exciting to have them all lusting after me; wanting me and, if they talk me into it, fucking me.”

    I had nothing to say so I got into bed and flicked my bedside light off. As I turned over, I heard Sally go into the bathroom to take a shower. She came back humming to herself whilst she dried off before getting into bed. The room was plunged into darkness when she flicked her bedside light off.

    “Night, night Mark, sweet dreams,” was the last thing I remembered her saying.

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