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. Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 5

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Oct 29, 2017.

. Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 5 4.8 5 6votes
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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Day 5

    I woke up, looked at my wife who within four days had become a black cock slut; I was regretting ever booking this holiday and couldn’t wait to get home.

    Sally woke, stretching her soft body looking so sexy as she laid back naked on the bed, I headed towards the shower, I turned the taps but no water came out the shower.

    I picked up the phone and called reception who put me through to maintenance. I explained the problem about the shower and was told, “A plumber will be out this morning”.

    We changed into our swim wear and sat outside. For a change I had ordered breakfast to be delivered to us this morning so we could just sit here and chat. As we talked I noticed a guy with a bag of tools heading towards us. I did a double take, crap, it was the guy who had fucked Sally in the toilet at the nightclub last night.

    He came up onto the deck and with a smirk asked, “Are you the one’s who’ve got problems with your shower?”

    Sally just nodded but her eyes told me she recognized him as the guy from the nightclub. He held her gaze, “Hi there beautiful.”

    Sally blushed and seemed to turn to jelly.

    I led him into our cabana and he made his way towards the bathroom. He began poking about and looking over the pipes and stuff. All a mystery to me so I left him to it and joined Sally outside who was clearly agitated. I looked at her, “He really does something to you doesn’t he?”

    Sally looked at me, “Yes he does; he has something I can’t describe.”

    The plumber came out and told us he had found the cause of the problem but that he needed another part and would be back later. Sally tried not to look at him as has he walked away but couldn’t help herself as his muscular frame sauntered off and I swear I could hear her panting. I said, “He really has you where he wants you.”

    Sally shook her head, “No, he was a one off.” I was neither convinced nor fooled.

    We had lunch and through the afternoon had a few drinks, Sally must have had five rums and come late afternoon was decidedly a little tipsy. Her agitation from the morning about the shower had increased and she was getting upset, “I really need a shower and to get myself sorted out for tonight.” she told me.

    I replied in what I hoped was a conciliatory tone, “I know, I feel the same.”

    We returned to our cabana and I was a little pissed to find the shower still hadn’t been fixed. I called through to reception again and complained.

    The sun was just starting to go down, when the plumber reappeared, “Sorry for the delay, we had a rush job,” he explained as he looked at Sally with a smirk on his face. I led him back inside and as he made for the bathroom I returned to go and sit back outside with Sally; it was still very warm.

    He reappeared half an hour later and declared, “Job done.”

    Sally responded with something like, “Thank goodness,” and got up walked inside heading for the bathroom. He followed her and I could hear a muffled conversation between them that could have been him showing her what had been the problem and how he had fixed it .. or, then again, it could have been about something quite unrelated.

    He came back out into the bedroom and I thanked him for sorting it out. I thought that he would take that as a signal to leave but with the sound of Sally enjoying the shower, instead he put down his tool bag and said, “I’ll wait just to make sure everything is ok.” and with that he removed his overalls and sat on the bed.

    We heard the shower shut off and straightaway Sally walked out the bathroom with a large bath towel wrapped round her. As she rubbed at her hair with another towel she looked at me and asked, “Has he gone?”

    I nodded towards the bed. Sally turned and in a theatrical show of surprise stepped back as she saw him sitting there dressed in just his boxers.

    “I waited just to make sure the shower was working ok,” he said as he eyed her up and down. “Well, did it? You are certainly looking good and clean ... and wet.” He held out his hand and beckoned, “...come here.”

    She stopped drying her hair and as I saw the glazed expression on her face and I momentarily wondered would she go to him or not. I wasn’t at all surprised when she stepped forward and slowly walked towards him; it was all so contrived and clearly their conversation had been all about this moment.

    Sally stood in front of him as he sat on our bed. He held his hand out and she let him take her hand and eased towards him. She looked down at him and as their eyes locked on each other he reached up pulled the towel from her. She stood naked in front of him as he looked her over. I stood there helpless knowing exactly where this was going and how I was going to be humiliated by Sally as she played her part of being a slut wife with her Black lover.

    He pulled her closer opening his legs easing her between them, Sally leant down their lips coming together, his big black hands now caressing her firm ass cheeks, she whimpered into his mouth as their kiss before more full.

    He lowered her to her knees; she was letting him do whatever he wanted with her, she was like jelly in his arms. With her help he removed his boxers and he sat back naked with his large black cock bent sideways over his leg.

    Without a word being spoken, Sally took his cock into hand stroking it. He leaned back more and as Sally held his cock upright stroking it harder we all saw it grow in her hand. Little droplets of pre-cum began to leak from the tip of his cock and dribbled down running over her hand. She leaned forward with her mouth open and continuing to stroke his cock a little harder she flicked her tongue over the tip.

    It seemed whatever he was thinking she would then do; it was like she could read his mind. It seemed he had that much control over her and she didn’t even care I was being made to watch her yet again.

    Sally lowered her head and slowly took the tip of his cock into her mouth. The bulbous knob popped into her rose-bud mouth but she didn’t hesitate; she just continued lowering her head taking him deeper into her mouth all the while caressing his large hanging balls as she sucked on his cock. He moaned softly, “Good girl.”

    The more she sucked the bigger his cock grew; she was now deep-throating him and there was still 3 inches to go. “Keep going, take it all,” he told her. She lowered down even more, gagging, coughing saliva dribbling from her mouth, tears running down her eyes.

    Sally pulled back, “I can’t take it all, you’re far too big.”

    He stood and looking down at Sally reached down helping her to her feet. He turned her round and eased her onto her knees on the bed. She lowered her head onto the bed. She parted her legs wider and as he moved behind her he held his cock in his hand rubbing the tip over the entrance to her pussy. Sally buried her head into the pillow knowing what was going to happen.

    He eased his large thick black cock between the lips of her pussy and after a short pause he moved forward pushing the tip into her. She gasped and cried out, “Oh fuck,” as he pushed deeper into her. He didn’t stop and kept thrusting forward. I watched open-mouthed as his cock slid even deeper into her.

    Sally pushed back against him and inch by inch his large thick black cock entered her. She was rocking her head side to side as he now had his cock fully inside her. He held still for a moment then eased back so that about two inches still remained inside her. His exposed cock was slick with her juices.

    With another hard thrust he slammed his cock back into her. She screamed out in shock as he started fucking her and, just like he had last night, Sally knelt there taking all he was giving her.

    He reached under her taking a breast in each hand squeezing them, his cock pumping back and forth into her pussy; every time he thrusted forward his hips slapped hard against her ass.

    He pulled back and without fully pulling out his monstrous cock he eased her up the bed and turned her onto her back. She looked up at him and parted her legs wide for him. As he moved over her, his large dark frame made a complete contrast against her pale body. They kissed, his lips pressed hard on hers and they both totally ignored my presence as I sat there with my cock tenting the front of my shorts.

    Slowly he thrusted forward, his large black cock finding its target once more. He was again fully inside her and from where I was seated I could see her pink pussy lips turning white as they were being stretched so wide by this big fat black cock.

    Sally lifted her ass slightly off the bed as he eased back and as they continued kissing he thrusted hard back into her she screamed out, “Oh god, you’re going to rip me open,” as he pushed into her. , they were both now bouncing on the back as he thrusted to and from her.

    They were fucking so hard, Sally sighing loudly as each thrust forward hit home hard inside her, the plumber was now moaning as he felt her pussy stretching tightly round his cock.

    They laid there fucking, kissing holding each other, he pulled back easing her onto him, she moved her legs either side of his body, she reached behind her taking his cock into her hand guiding his cock back into her pussy.

    He eased his cock upwards and as she came down on him his hands reached up and began pinching her pink nipples. She groaned in ecstasy and placing her hands either side of his head she lowered her face and I could see her pushing her tongue into his mouth.

    She was now riding him deeply, moaning calling out, “Fuck me, with that big black cock.” He complied and pushed upwards hard and she screamed out, “You bastard, you fucking black bastard.”

    The plumber responded and called out, “Fuck my black cock you dirty white married whore.”

    They were fucking so hard and calling each other names, insulting each other. I sensed their obscene teasing was being played for my benefit and humiliation but whatever the reason Sally was loving it as much as he was now.

    He eased off her and standing up he reached down and pulled her to her feet gently pulling her from the bed. He turned toward me and I didn’t know where to look; at his big stiff black cock pointing straight at me all shiny and dripping with their combined juices; at her who was almost staggering as he pulled her toward me her cunt obscenely stretched open and displaying the wetness inside. I was transfixed and unclear what he intended to do next with her. I was left in no doubt as he led her towards where I was sitting and he pushed her in front of him and placed her hands on the arms of the chair where I was seated. She gripped the arms of the chair and with her face a few inches from mine she looked at me as he positioned himself behind her. He kicked her feet apart and without ceremony pushed his cock back into her. Sally kept her focus on me and as he thrust into her eyes opened wide and she said, “Unghh, Oh God, I’m sorry, but I love ..... need his black cock so much.”

    I didn’t believe for one moment that she was the slightest bit sorry as he began thrusting into her. Her head moved forward towards mine as he fully entered her and each thrust made her face come into close proximity to mine as I sat with my own cock straining against the restraint of my shorts. She kept her eyes on me the whole time as he fucked her from behind until the moment when her eyes rolled upwards and she informed me, “Oh god, I’m cumming ... on his .... black cock.” She closed her eyes and began shaking as he held her still gripping her waist tightly as she violently orgasmed leaning over me.

    With one final hard thrust forward he grunted and shot his load deeply into her. She opened her eyes and told me how good it felt feeling him filling her pussy with his hot black seed.

    He pulled back and sat back upon the bed. Sally stayed where she was holding the arms of the chair and breathing deeply looked down between her spread legs and whispered, “Look what he did.” She then pointedly looked at my tented shorts which now had a wet stain spreading across my front but made no move to touch me as I had hoped. Instead she just stood up, turned around and I looked to see his cum leaking from her pussy and run down her thighs. She smirked at me and turned towards the bathroom. Again I heard the sound of the shower running and it was a few moments later that she reappeared walking out but this time with no towel wrapped round her.

    The plumber eyed her naked body up and down, “I say it again, you are one hot lady.”

    Sally stood hands on her hips facing him smiling and as he got dressed she told him that she enjoyed the things he said to her.

    The plumber picked up his tools and still looking at Sally said, “When you need your plumbing sorted again just call.”

    Sally giggled loudly at the innuendo, “I might just do that,” she replied.

    He left without even acknowledging my presence. My humiliation was made even worse when Sally commented on how late it had become and that she felt very weary but couldn’t think why! “I really can’t be bothered to go out this evening. In any case it is now too late for us two to do anything else.”

    The hidden message to me was, “I’ve had my fun and I’m going to make sure you aren’t going to have any.”

    I nodded and picked up the phone and ordered room service knowing it was pointless to argue with her. I silently accepted that Sally would sooner stay in to recover from her excitement rather than tend to any needs I might have.

    It was also at that point that the thought occurred to me that this black guy had now fucked my wife to total satisfaction (for her) two times in succession and we didn’t even know his name!

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